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Looking your partner in the eye and professing love to them the morning after a night full of erotic dreams can be exhausting. For one, you may have to deal with that nagging voice in your mind that keeps reminding you of what your dreams the previous night were.

This may make you begin to question your loyalties because dreams about cheating are stressful on many levels.

Although it may be a bit difficult to accept, having dreams about cheating on your spouse doesn’t make you a bad person. You may be surprised to find out that it is pretty much common, as a study carried out in 2018 revealed that almost 60% of women had some sort of dream about cheating on their partners.

So, cheer up already. You aren’t alone in this.

However, here’s where it gets interesting.

Although dreams about cheating can cause you to begin questioning yourself or your partner, one practice that can help you is always looking at things from a holistic viewpoint. Yes, your subconscious may be trying to tell you something, but sometimes, you may just need to adopt a different approach.

Taking a few minutes to analyze these dreams of infidelity can reveal many things about your relationship to you and help put your mind at ease.

Do you have dreams of infidelity? This article will tell you what you should do with them.

What do dreams about cheating mean?

First off, dreams are a series of episodes that happen during sleep. Usually, they seem real at the time but are mostly forgotten a few minutes after you wake up. Dreams are those images, thoughts, or feelings you experience while you sleep.

Although there’s every tendency to chuck them off as unnecessary, your dreams could serve as a major pathway for your subconscious to communicate with your conscious mind.

Dreams about cheating have occurred when in a dream, a person has an affair with someone other than their partner. It could go both ways; the person either has a dream where they cheat on their partner or sees their partner cheating on them in a dream.

In any case, dreams about cheating can mean many things, and recurrently having these dreams calls for close attention from your end.

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Why do one have dreams about cheating?

Although a lot of controversies surround the subject, having cheating dreams always leaves a question in your mind; the question of ‘why.’

Why do these dreams occur? Are there specific reasons you may be seeing either yourself or your partner cheating in the dream?

These questions can hound you for a long time, and if you do not find answers immediately, these dreams can plant a seed of doubt in your mind and may even cause your relationship a lot of damage.

Here are a few reasons why you may be having dreams about cheating. 

1. It may be a reflection of your paranoia

Although the conversation is still mostly ongoing, psychologists, dream analysts, and other scientists postulate that dreams are autobiographical thoughts that are centered around your recent activities, conversations, or scenarios you have been in the past.

By implication, it is safe to say that your dreams can sometimes be a reflection of what is going on in your life and your mind. Going by this, your dreams about a cheating partner could be the result of your paranoia.

If you are in a relationship with a person who makes you doubt their intentions towards you, you may spend a reasonable amount of time worrying if they have sexual conquests outside the relationship. These thoughts can find their way into your dreams and begin to present pictures to you while you sleep.

This implies that although it is not always the case, your dreams about your spouse cheating could be a result of a personal challenge you may be dealing with.

It also means that not every cheating dream you have means that your partner’s doing a dirty deed behind your back.

2. You feel insecure about the relationship

This is a spin-off of the last point. If you’re in a relationship where you feel insecure; about what you mean to your partner, how committed they are to making the relationship work, and about any other thing, you may find yourself having dreams about cheating on your spouse.

In addition, the insecurity that comes with a low sense of self-esteem can also cause you to have dreams about cheating. When you see yourself or your partner cheating in a dream, one thing to do is to carefully self-evaluate and ensure that those dreams aren’t the result of low self-esteem.

3. You have past experiences of infidelity

If you have had past experiences of infidelity (maybe you cheated on a partner before or a partner did it to you), memories from the past may begin to manifest themselves as dreams, especially when a sense of paranoia or inadequacy begins to set in.

If you have had a partner who cheated on you in the past, an excellent way to ensure that the cycle doesn’t repeat itself is by being honest with your current partner. Converse with them and let them know what’s going on in your mind.

Bear in mind that you have a role to play if those fears would be forever obliterated from your mind.

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What do dreams about cheating imply?

Now that we have quickly examined what it means to ‘dream about cheating’ and looked at possible reasons for having these experiences let us quickly look at the implications of these dreams.

We would examine this from two perspectives; what dreams about cheating on your partner mean and what dreams about your partner cheating on you could mean.

Having dreams of being cheated on by a spouse/partner could mean a lot of things. Some of these include: 

1. A feeling of being cheated out of spending quality time with your partner

If you have ever seen your partner cheating with a stranger in the dream, it could be your mind’s way of telling you that you feel cheated in the relationship. Maybe, your partner is beginning to spend more time with other people than spending with you.

This could be time spent at work, with friends or family, or even online.

What to do:

Assess the status of your relationship and have an open conversation about it.

Do you think your partner is giving more attention to something that isn’t you? Communication is a major tool that can help you navigate these trying times in your relationship.

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2. You feel inadequate because you believe your partner’s ex has something you don’t

If you have a dream where your partner cheats with their ex, it could be that deep down within, you feel inadequate due to the knowledge that their ex has something that you don’t.

Dreams about cheating with an ex could result from something as significant as the fact that the ex was your partner’s first love, or it could be their sense of style and mental drive.

What to do:

Taking out some time to have a heart-to-heart with your partner can strengthen your trust in them. Find creative ways to remind yourself of why your partner chose you and the things they love about you. If you’re not sure about these, please ask them.

Also, practicing self-love and the use of positive mantras can help you overcome these feelings of inadequacy. 

3. You want your partner to get along with someone you know 

This may be the case when you have a dream about your partner cheating with someone you know. This dream reveals that you want your partner to start getting along with that person somewhere deep down.

This is usually the case if the person in your dream is your loved one, a close friend, or a family member.

What to do:

Again, communication is vital. Talk to your partner and let them understand how important that person is to you. 

4. Your imagination may just be running wild

Not all dreams about a cheating partner mean that your partner is doing something fishy behind your back. This is usually the case if the dream features your partner with a random person.

Also, past experiences of infidelity may contribute to this.

What to do:

When this is the case, consulting with a professional may be the right step to take. The professional would help you sort through your past experiences and find the needed support to move on. 

5. You feel betrayed in other areas of your life 

When a partner you truly love cheats on you, feelings of anger, betrayal, and distrust should arise. While this is what happens in real life, dreams about a cheating partner can elicit such feelings.

When these happen, it is essential to self-examine and determine if there’s an area of your life in which you feel betrayed or resentful. While these dreams may play out in strange ways, they may be suggestive of much bigger situations than just the dream you have had.

What to do:

Introspection sessions would play a major role in helping you pinpoint exactly what is going on in your mind and help you draft a strategy to overcome these challenges.   

6. Your relationship needs some TLC

While it may be a bit difficult to accept this, dreams about a cheating spouse/partner could indicate that your relationship needs some work. It could mean that you’ve started drifting away from yourselves or that there’s just something that needs attending to.

What to do:

Communication would be the bridge between the old and the new as far as your relationship is concerned. Brainstorm with your partner and come up with new and exciting ways to spice up your relationship. 

7. You’re battling with a sense of loss, or you feel that something is missing from your life

If you find your partner cheating in the dream, it could indicate that there’s something you believe to be missing in your life. This could be something you can quickly point out or something a bit more intangible.

The intangible ones could be the love and attention of your partner or their time and care.

What to do:

A timeout with yourself would do you a ton of good. As you prepare for this, go with a journal and think critically about your past and present life. Is there something you would have loved to have (especially with your partner) that you don’t?

If yes, you may benefit from a heartfelt conversation with the partner. 

8. Your sexual fantasies may be coming to play

If you have ever talked to your partner about trying out a sexual kink and they refused to go down that route with you, you may have a weird dream where they engage in that sexual fantasy with someone else.

What to do:

Trying to repress your sexual desires (especially if they do not hurt your partner) may be counterproductive. Hence, you may want to have the conversation once again and see how you can reach a compromise.

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9. Fear of the unknown

This is one of the major reasons why you may find yourself having these dreams when everything in your relationship is going smoothly.

When your partner is picture-perfect, attends to you the way you want, and even satisfies you emotionally and sexually, you may still have dreams of a cheating partner.

This is because you are created to love and hold on to whatever makes you happy. When this finally comes your way, the fear of losing it may cause images to begin to run wild in your mind (both conscious and unconscious mind).

What to do:

Reassure yourself of your position in the relationship.

Remind yourself frequently that your partner means a lot to you and that you mean a lot to them as well. As much as possible, try to spend quality time with your partner as well. 

10. Your partner is cheating on you

As far as this convo goes, this is the hardest truth of them all. Dreaming of your partner cheating on you could be your subconscious mind’s way of telling you that something is wrong in the relationship; your partner is cheating.

While this may not always be the case, when you’ve had these dreams over time, and they’ve refused to go away, you may want to take a step back and ask yourself the hard question; “is my partner truly cheating on me?”

What to do:

When these dreams just wouldn’t go away, open up to your partner about them. If there’s truly nothing to fear, they won’t get defensive and should be able to help you allay your fears.

In addition, critically analyze the relationship and point out the triggers that could be causing suspicion in you.

Do you want to know more about what cheating dreams mean? Watch this video.

Dreams where you find yourself cheating on a partner, can be as uncomfortable as the dreams where you see a partner cheating on you (if not more uncomfortable).

This is because these dreams often leave the bulk of the responsibility on your shoulders, and you would have to address some underlying issues if your relationship would proceed unharmed.

Here’s what dreams about cheating on your partner could mean. 

1. There’s something you’re ashamed of (and hiding from your partner) in real life 

Most times, the messages in your dreams come as metaphors. This means that although it may not be wise to take these messages the way they come, completely disregarding them may not be a brilliant decision as well.

A dream where you’re cheating on a partner could mean that there’s something that you’re trying to keep away from them in real life.

What to do:

You may have to be completely honest with yourself. Is there something of importance in your past that you’re doing your best to conceal from your partner?

If yes, your subconscious may be trying to let you know that it is time to get it out in the open with your partner.

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2. You’re feeling guilty about something

Similar to what is discussed in the first point, dreams, where you are the cheater, could suggest that there’s something that’s gone down in your life that you feel guilty about.

In all honesty, it doesn’t have to be about your romantic life or relationship; it could be about something completely unrelated.

What to do:

You would benefit greatly from introspection sessions.

When you have identified whatever you’re feeling guilty about, take the time to figure out your emotions and get rid of that guilt. If you think it’s necessary, please visit a professional (therapist) to help you. 

3. You’re giving too much time and attention to something/someone else

If you find yourself cheating on your partner in the dream, it could suggest that there’s something out there that’s been taking a lot of your attention lately.

It could be your job, your family, or even the world online.

What to do:

Take a while to count the cost and decide exactly who is worth more to you. Your partner? If so, consciously begin to create time to be spent with them.

Block out time from your schedule, spend it with them, have fun, communicate, and do things that make you happy. This would also help to spice up the relationship. 

4. Your partner feels insecure in the relationship

If you’ve cheated on your partner in a dream, it could mean that your partner feels inadequate or insecure in your relationship.

This could be as a result of perceived factors (stuff that’s all in their head) or because of things you’ve made them feel.

What to do:

Make it a point of duty to show your partner (both with your words and actions) how important they are to you. To effectively accomplish this, you need to know your partner’s love language and try your best to speak it.  

5. A part of you is looking for some extra fun

If you’ve ever dreamed that your partner goes with you and some friends on a double date (and things spiral out of control from there), it could mean that deep down, you feel there is something that has messed up your relationship.

Furthermore, if you have ever dreamed of yourself in an orgy, it could be that your body seeks the thrill that comes from trying out something exciting.

What to do:

As difficult as this may seem, this isn’t the time to start feeling ashamed of yourself or trying to repress your feelings. If you have an active sexual life with your partner, you may want to broach the subject and let them know that you’re open to trying out new things.

Look out for ways you can reach a compromise so that your relationship doesn’t take a beating in the long run.

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6. You want to get close to someone your partner is close to

Having a dream where you’re cheating on your partner with someone they’re close to could be an indication that deep down, you want to get close to someone who means a lot to them.

What to do:

Evaluate your partner’s relationship with this person and know if getting close to the person would make your partner happy or not. If the person is a close friend/relation of your partner’s, getting close to them may be a good idea. 

7. You feel physically attracted to someone else

If you’ve had a dream where you’re cheating with someone you’re actually attracted to in real life, it may be a call from your subconscious for you to tread with caution.

What to do:

Honest conversations with yourself would help you navigate this slippery slope. Ask yourself some of the hard questions; what’s it about this person that’s attracting you to them?

Do they have something your partner doesn’t (a better paying job)? If yes, you may want to be honest about this with your partner.

Also, you may want to see a professional who can help you unpack your emotions and offer expert advice on how to make it through these times without making your relationship suffer.

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8. There are some qualities you wish your partner had that they don’t

If the dream is about you cheating with someone who’s in a stable relationship and whom you aren’t physically attracted to, it could mean that there are qualities they have that you wish your partner had.

It could be their sense of style, fashion, or humor. It could also be their charisma or charm.

What to do:

Communicate with your partner and develop creative ways to help them become the person you want. Remember, however, that your partner wouldn’t become everything you want them to be.

Hence, compromise is necessary.

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9. You may not be entirely averse to the idea of having an open relationship

This is mostly the case if you dreamed about partner-swapping with another couple you know. If this is the case, it could be that you want to try out other things except for monogamy.

Also, look at it from a broader perspective. Could it be that this couple has something you don’t have with your partner? Yes? That may be the answer you seek.

What to do:

Again, communicate with your partner.

If it feels like the spark in your relationship is dying, plan something fun and exciting with your partner – like a getaway or vacation at a lovely location. Spending quality time together can help you find that spark once again.

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10. Could it be a warning?

If you have a cheating dream when you’re at the brink of making a huge decision about your life with your partner (like getting married to them or moving across the country), you may want to focus more on the feelings you had in the dream.

Was it excitement, dread, or terror? It may be that your subconscious is trying to pass a symbolic message to you.

What to do:

Focus more on the emotions you felt in the dream. Journaling can help you sort through these emotions and figure out exactly what’s happening deep down.

If you felt dread or terror, you may want to place your feet on the brakes and carefully analyze that decision you’re about to take with your partner. Think about the long-term implications of that decision.

Do you think they would be pleasant?

Also, having a third opinion (from someone you trust and respect) can be a blessing because they can help you see things from an entirely new perspective.

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Is it a great idea to talk to your partner about these dreams?

There isn’t a one-word answer to this. On some occasions, it would be great to tell them, and some other times, you may not want to tell them about it.

However, before you make the decision of whether to tell them or not, here are a few things you should consider.

  1. Consider the message the dream is trying to pass across to you. We’ve analyzed about 20 different scenarios where you may have dreams of infidelity and what each of them means. Is the message in the dream meant for you (something you should work on)?

Yes? You may want to focus on sorting out your emotions first. If you must talk to your partner about it, you can consider leaving out the part where you tell them that you had a dream about cheating.

  1. Has your partner done something to make you suspicious of them?

You may want to consider talking to them about their actions that make you wary while still leaving out the ‘dreams of infidelity’ part.

  1. Consider talking to your partner about the dreams if they are recurrent and you believe your partner should know about them. Infidelity (whether real or perceived) is a sore subject, so you may want to think carefully about this before letting your partner in on these cheating dreams.
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The bottom line

Having dreams of being cheated on can be a lot to wrap your head around. However, this article has revealed that it isn’t all about the dreams but the messages in those dreams. Pay closer attention to what your mind is trying to communicate to you than to the dreams you’ve had.

Remember, not all dreams of infidelity mean that you or your partner are bad people.

It could just be your mind trying to do a number on you.

If You’re Dreaming Your Partner Is Cheating On You, Here’s Why

Ever wake up from a dream that felt so real it took a second to recover and come back to reality? Never is this more true than when you dream about your partner cheating. Even though your partner didn’t actually cheat, these dreams can feel so vivid they make actually you angry. Nothing beats the mental image of your partner going behind your back to start the day.

So what does it mean to dream of your partner cheating, and why does your brain do you dirty like that? As dream analyst Lauri Quinn Loewenberg tells Bustle, being cheated on is one of the five most common dreams her clients report. And, while potentially disturbing and upsetting in the moment, they’re often meant to reveal underlying issues in your relationship that might go unnoticed during the daytime.

That’s why it’s helpful to analyze cheating dreams for hidden messages or things yet to be discussed. "Your dreams will always serve as a guide to every part of your life, letting you know what is wrong and what is right, what direction to take, and what direction to avoid," Loewenberg says. She suggests looking at your dreams as a “second brain” — one that is more honest than your waking brain.

It’s possible that this dream about your partner cheating is trying to reveal one of the issues listed below. Use it as a jumping off point to talk with your partner, figure out the root cause, and come up with ways to help you feel better.

1. You Feel Insecure

Westend61/Westend61/Getty Images

Do you have a running dialogue in your head that your relationship might not work out, or that your partner isn’t totally happy? Loewenberg says this type of ongoing worry is the most likely cause for cheating dreams. All it takes is a tiny sense that things might fall apart, and just like that, your brain transforms it into a vivid, worst-case-scenario cheating dream.

While it isn’t always easy to have tough conversations, it might help to get these worries off your chest by letting your partner know what, exactly, has got you feeling insecure. From there, come up with things you can both do to create more trust and support within your relationship.

2. You’ve Been Cheated On Before

It makes sense why you’d have cheating dreams if your partner cheated in the past, especially if you haven’t processed what happened or rebuilt your trust. If you decided to stay together, it’ll be up to your partner to follow through and do all the things that would make you feel more secure. But they’ll only know what to do if you're honest about your needs.

If an ex cheated on you in the past, these dreams may indicate that you’re afraid your current partner will do the same. “It is normal to have dreams based on fear and anxiety from negative past experiences that we don’t want to reoccur,” Katie Ziskind, LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist, tells Bustle. “If you were cheated on previously in your last relationship, you might be bringing this fear through your dreams into your current one even if there is true relationship security.”

3. You’re Processing The Past

On a good note, a cheating dream might also mean you’ve finally come to terms with the fact an ex partner cheated on you. “It may just be your brain’s way of processing your trauma,” says therapist Cassandra Lange, LCSW, MEd. “If this is the case, I would talk this over with your therapist or with friends to continue working through it.

4. There's A "Third Wheel" In The Relationship

Even if your partner doesn't have another partner or romantic interest, this dream may indicate that someone or something is getting between you. It could be a friend of theirs, a job, a new dog — really anything that makes you feel "cheated" out of your partner’s time and attention, Loewenberg says.

The dream will serve as a message from your subconscious that you’re feeling lonely or rejected, or that your relationship is currently unbalanced. Again, the best course of action is to talk to your partner about your loneliness, and then come up with ways to prioritize each other again. Purposefully scheduling dates and extra time together might be exactly what you need to feel more loved.

5. You Worry About Being Abandoned

Richard Bailey/Photodisc/Getty Images

Cheating dreams may also point to an underlying fear of abandonment, says psychotherapist Alex Ribbentrop, LCSW-QS, CFTP, CCTP-II. You might worry that your partner will leave you for someone else. You might also worry that, if your relationship were to fall apart, you wouldn’t know where to turn or how to comfort yourself.

“The dream content is really the tip of the iceberg in terms of exploring further meaning both real and symbolic for each individual,” Ribbentrop tells Bustle. Therapy may be a big help as you figure out why you have a fear of abandonment. And talking to your S.O. won’t hurt, either. “Be honest, and if you feel as though you can't be honest then it may be time to look at that as a primary issue worth considering further in the relationship,” he says.

6. You Have An Insecure Attachment Style

Similarly, this type of dream could indicate you have an insecure attachment style, says Dr. Carla Marie Manly, a clinical psychologist and author of Date Smart. “Those with an insecure attachment style — especially those who are more anxious — may be more prone to cheating dreams,” she tells Bustle. “Such dreams are often the psyche’s way of saying, ‘Let’s work on this issue so that you feel stronger and more secure.’”

7. You Feel Betrayed

Cheating dreams may also crop up after other kinds of betrayals, so take a second to think about any recent arguments or misunderstandings you might’ve had. In this case, the message from your dream may be that you feel “cheated” out of understanding, out of good communication, or out of respect from your partner, Loewenberg says. Once you talk about it and officially see eye-to-eye, you’ll notice that this type of dream goes away.

8. You Don’t Trust Each Other

“Dreams are metaphors,” says Michael Ceely, LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist. “And a dream about your partner cheating represents betraying trust.” So think about the areas of your relationship where you don’t fully trust each other.

Do you feel uneasy regarding shared finances, family dynamics, or plans for the future? If it doesn’t feel like you aren’t on the same page, it might help to be more open and honest with one another as a way of bolstering this area of your relationship.

9. You Haven’t “Defined The Relationship”

It’s possible to have cheating dreams at any stage of a relationship, but if they happen early on, it may be because you don’t feel secure just yet, Lange says. Maybe you haven’t defined the relationship, or you’ve gone exclusive but haven’t fully committed. If you keep dreaming about infidelity, it may be time to have a heart-to-heart.

10. Things Feel Uncertain Right Now

katleho Seisa/E+/Getty Images

A cheating dream might also crop up at uncertain or significant junctures in your lives, Lange says, like if one or both of you is moving, starting school, or changing jobs. It could even happen during smaller changes, like if your partner makes a new friend or starts a new hobby. “It may reflect insecurities around new or different levels of independence from you,” Lange says. “Maybe you’re concerned they’ll have less time or energy for you, or that your relationship will change in some way.”


You Haven’t Hung Out Recently

If you’ve been too busy to chat lately — even if it’s just a quick catch-up after work — that lack of time and attention could trigger a cheating dream. According to Manly, healthy relationships rely on genuine emotional connection, which is why a cheating dream may be a signal from your psyche that you need to spend more time together in order to feel safe and loved.

Think about things like extra busy schedules, long work hours, or other obligations and how they might be affecting you as a couple. But also think of the day-to-day. If it’s been a minute since you carved out genuine time for each other, then you know what to do.

12. You’ve Been Unfaithful

According to Manly, cheating dreams may also indicate that you’re being unfaithful or misleading in some way. Perhaps you’re the one who’s been having an emotional affair, holding back, or keeping big secrets from your partner. The cheating dream may represent that, deep down, you realize these actions are a way of cheating on your partner.

13. They Actually Might Be Cheating

Cheating dreams rarely mean your partner is actually out there cheating. These dreams can happen to anyone, even folks in the most secure relationships. But if you keep having them — or if none of the other reasons seem to fit — consider the possibility that your partner really might be having an emotional or physical affair.

It’s easy and convenient to ignore signs of cheating — like the fact your partner hides their phone, goes out more often, or seems closed off emotionally — because you don’t want to face the reality of cheating. But since it’s tougher to suppress emotions while asleep, Loewenberg says these little signs might start to bubble to the surface as your mind pieces everything together and is more “honest” with itself.

Whatever the cause of your cheating dream may be, use it as a starting point to discuss concerns in your relationship, or whatever else might be weighing heavy on your mind. If you and your partner start to have honest discussions about boundaries, respect, and honesty, you might be able to return to your regularly scheduled dreaming.

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Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, dream analyst

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Some things you don’t want to see even in a dream, for example cheating on a husband. Such dreams are negative and do not bode well.

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Let's tell you what the dream about cheating on your husband means.

Contents of the article

A dream about your husband's infidelity can mean both that you are a very trusting and naive person, and that problems at work can await you. Let's analyze the interpretation of this dream according to the most popular dream books.

Cheating husband according to Miller's dream book

A dream about cheating on your husband is a “bell” that you are too trusting, naive and insecure person, which others often use. You should reconsider your life principles and priorities and think about which of the people around you should stop communicating with in order to avoid set-ups and troubles. And yes, learn to say no, it will help you more than once in life. nine0003

A dream about her husband's infidelity can also be dreamed by those women who in reality suspect their beloved of infidelity, but cannot prove it in any way and constantly think about it. This may be, for example, a dream in which the husband called his mistress in front of you.

Dream Interpretation: why do you dream of fallen teeth

If in a dream you clearly realize that your loved one is unfaithful to you and he commits treason so that you do not know about it, then in reality this means well-being in your relationship.

Did the husband cheat in a dream, and then began to repent? This is a symbol of the fact that you are not satisfied with the state of affairs in your family, personal relationships or at work. nine0003

Cheating husband according to Freud's dream book

A dream about cheating husband reflects your real worries about this. Perhaps these suspicions are unfounded, but you should definitely talk to your spouse about this topic in order to “calm down” your unconscious.

If you dreamed of your betrayal, then most likely you were thinking about it in reality. Before doing this, think about what you will get from this betrayal, how you will hide it and live with it further.

Cheating husband according to Vanga's dream book

Cheating husband in a dream is a warning about the destruction of all plans and the possible onset of a prolonged depression. If in a dream the husband wanted to cheat, but changed his mind at the last moment and admitted it, then this means that in real life you will show fortitude and endurance that will help you overcome serious difficulties.

If in a dream your husband cheated on you with your girlfriend, in reality you will have a quarrel with this very girlfriend. Perhaps you should limit your contact with her, as she is trying to destroy your marriage on purpose. nine0003

Cheating on your husband according to Loff's dream book

An unpleasant dream in which your husband cheated on you for the sake of revenge, in reality may mean that your relationship will strengthen and become more trusting. Harmony and mutual understanding will reign in your family.

Dream Interpretation: why do kittens dream? nine0003

Did you dream about cheating on your ex-husband? In real life, he may again appear in your life and ask for help. But you can't interact with him in any way.

youtube. If you learned about your husband’s betrayal in a dream through a note received from a stranger, then this reflects your distrust of your beloved in reality and problems in the family. And be careful: perhaps a woman will appear in your life who will cause discord with her husband. nine0003

Did you see a lipstick mark on your husband's shirt in a dream? Get ready for a real quarrel with your spouse, in which, however, you will need to show restraint so as not to say too much.

Cheating on your husband according to the dream book of Nostradamus

Dreams about cheating on your husband portend serious changes in your life. If in a dream you saw your spouse in the arms of another woman, then this indicates that in real life you strive for independence and self-sufficiency and are not ready to put up with the authority of your husband. nine0003

Also, a dream about your husband's infidelity can symbolize your resentment towards your beloved due to frequent quarrels with him. You definitely need to talk and sort out all issues in order to eliminate omissions and misunderstandings.

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Cheating husband according to Tsvetkov's dream book

Cheating spouse in a dream - to various kinds of problems and a fire in your house. Be careful!

Cheating husband according to the esoteric dream book

If your spouse is cheating on you in a dream, then you can be calm: in reality, everything is the other way around. You should not doubt the loyalty and reliability of your chosen one. If in a dream you yourself are cheating on your husband, then in this way your conscience is trying to remind you of something that happened in the past and for which you should be ashamed. If a friend or colleague betrays you in a dream, then you should take a closer look at them in reality. Perhaps someone close to you will really betray you.

Why dream of cheating on a husband in a dream book: interpretation of dreams about cheating

Cheating husband in Miller's dream book

The dream in which you see cheating suggests that you are a very trusting, naive and insecure person, so people use you for personal purposes. Reconsider your life position, be attentive to your surroundings in order to avoid unpleasant situations. There may soon be a moment when you need to gather your strength and finally say "No".

It is not uncommon to have a dream when you clearly realize that your husband commits adultery consciously, so that you know about it. This means that everything will be fine in your family relationships. nine0003

The dream in which the husband cheated and then repented portends dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs at work and in the family.

A dream in which you witnessed his call to his mistress speaks of distrust in your man. Clarify many issues that concern you in order to improve relations with your spouse.

Husband's betrayal in Vanga's dream book

Vanga predicts the destruction of all plans and deep depression to the one who saw her husband's betrayal in a dream.

A dream when a husband was one step away from cheating, but stopped at the last second and admitted he was wrong, means that in reality you will be able to show willpower and endurance. This will help you get through serious difficulties. nine0003

A dream in which your husband is cheating with your girlfriend is a harbinger of a quarrel with your girlfriend in real life. Take a closer look at her, perhaps she is deliberately trying to destroy your marriage union out of envy. Keep calm, temporarily protect yourself from communicating with this woman.

Cheating husband in the Islamic dream book

When you dream of cheating, then there will be an invasion into the usual course of life. It will affect the moral and ethical side of your life.

If you dreamed that someone planted a note with information about her husband's infidelity, then this reflects your distrust of your husband and the misunderstanding that prevails in the family. Beware of the appearance of a woman who can cause a scandal with her husband. nine0003

A big scandal with your husband is predicted by a dream in which you saw another woman's lipstick mark on his shirt. You should have a serious talk with your husband about what worries you. Try to control yourself and not offend your husband, otherwise a break in relations is possible.

Cheating husband in Freud's dream book

A dream in which you are being cheated on reflects your anxieties about this. Most likely, they are completely unfounded, so you better talk frankly with your partner. Own betrayal is dreamed of by those who in reality, if they did not have time to go left, then thoroughly thought about it. For you, such a dream should be a signal: think about what you will get from relationships on the side, how to hide them, how you will live with it further. After all, it will be difficult to keep a secret, and an honest confession can destroy your family. nine0003

Cheating of a husband in Loff's dream book mutual understanding and harmony.

If the betrayal was discovered unexpectedly (you saw your husband in the arms of another, or someone blabbed that your lover went "to the left") or the husband himself confessed his infidelity, then such a dream indicates that you are dissatisfied with mental and physical relationship with your husband. nine0003

If in a dream you saw how your ex-spouse is cheating on you, then this may portend his appearance in your life, he will ask for help. Remember that in no case should you help him and try to improve relations.

The dream in which you are being cheated reflects your anxieties about this. Photo: pixabay.com.

If a woman in a dream saw her husband in the arms of another, this indicates that in real life she is trying to be too independent and independent and is not ready to accept her husband's power. Also, a dream may indicate that, due to frequent quarrels with her husband, a woman harbors a grudge against him, and this negatively affects the situation in the family. After such a dream, many issues should be discussed with the spouse in order to eliminate misunderstandings and improve relations. nine0003

Cheating husband in Tsvetkov's dream book

Cheating in a dream promises you personally various kinds of problems, and your house - a fire.

Cheating husband in the Esoteric dream book

If in a dream the other half is cheating on you, then in reality you can be sure of its reliability. If you yourself are cheating, then this conscience is trying to reach you through a dream: you have done something for which you should be ashamed (not necessarily in relation to your husband or wife). Dreams about other types of betrayal (friend, oath) are a reflection of your insecurity in some person. By the way, your suspicions are not in vain. nine0003

Psychologist's comment

Olesya Kalyuzhina, family psychologist, MAC-therapist, specialist in psychosomatics:

You dreamed that your husband cheated on you. The first thought when awake is to kill the bastard! The second is to interrogate with passion and then kill! Or ... But let's not rush to execute an unsuspecting man and try to figure out why the betrayal is dreaming. If in reality you don’t feel like an attractive woman and, perhaps, you think that for some reason you are unworthy of your husband changed after childbirth, stopped earning, etc.), then it is quite natural that your fears come to the surface at night so that the brain somehow processes and completes them.

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