Traits of dominant men

11 Signs of Dominant Man Are Super Attractive

There are times when someone’s dominant behavior puts you at ease — not because they’re literally dominating you but because their strength of character and presence makes them feel safe to be around – and safe to connect with.

You’ve been warned about bullying or manipulative partners.

But dominance isn’t always about making another person submit to you.

And if you’ve ever been attracted to a dominant man, you know few things are as compelling as one who uses his power for good. 

What exactly does that look like? 

What’s in this post:


What Is Dominant Behavior? 

Look up “how to be dominant male,” and you’re likely to find a mix of attitudes regarding what it means to be dominant and just how dominant a man should aspire to be.

Dominant behavior, by itself, doesn’t make anyone a leader or someone to admire or emulate. 

Dominance, at its best, is a means to an end that does as much good as possible; it’s not an end in itself.

It’s a tool.

The person wielding it should try, as much as possible, not to be one. 

Since some women want a more dominant man and some do not, it’s important to know the signs of dominance and how they contribute to a man’s overall character. 

What are the best possible results of dominant behavior? 

  • You make worthy goals and take daily, purposeful action to meet them. 
  • You leave the people you love in no doubt of your regard for them. 
  • You go after what you want with single-minded, dauntless determination.
  • You make good things happen for people you love (including yourself).
  • You get your points across clearly, calmly, and memorably. 

How do you know if someone is dominating you?

Or what are the signs of dominance in a relationship?

And when can they be beneficial rather than harmful?

As you’ll see in the following examples, being dominant in the best sense can make relationships better.  

1. He exhibits self-control and self-discipline.

The dominant man is not a slave to his passions or to his appetite.

He practices self-discipline to dominate his own body and its inclinations because he knows this is necessary for his success and happiness. 

Because of this, the dominant man is more likely to be physically fit and strong than someone who only fancies himself dominant but has no real self-control or self-discipline. 

When the dominant man indulges in something, it’s always with mindful moderation. 

2. He knows (and uses) the power of body language.

He recognizes and appreciates body language that puts others at ease and makes them feel appreciated. Look for the following body language signals of someone comfortable in a dominant role: 

  • Strong, confident posture (no slouching or hiding the neck)
  • A calm, confident smile 
  • A firm but respectful handshake 
  • A smooth, confident stride (not a swagger, lumber, or stomp)
  • An alert and observant but unworried glance about the room


He knows he’s a work in progress, and he does the work. 

The dominant man doesn’t pretend to have everything figured out. He leads others not because he knows everything but because he’s always learning and improving himself. And following him is the best way to learn how he’s doing that. 

He knows he’s not perfect, and he doesn’t expect others to be. That said, he does have high expectations of himself, and he strives to meet them.

But he doesn’t obsess over how he compares to other men. He doesn’t need to. 

He knows most people are doing their best to learn and grow, and he respects those who are humble enough to admit when they’re wrong and learn from their mistakes.

4. He doesn’t waste time or energy complaining. 

When he stumbles or gets knocked down, he gets back up. And rather than waste time complaining or blaming someone else for the obstacles he has to overcome, he just gets down to it. 

He knows when to keep moving toward the same goal and when to pivot. And when he makes mistakes, he learns from them and keeps going. He expects others, including his partner, to dust themselves off and do the same. 

And he respects those who can do that with a sense of humor. 

5. He knows what he wants.

He has goals, and he takes purposeful action toward them every day. When he identifies what he wants, he makes a plan and breaks it down into tasks he can undertake. 

He’ll also identify people he can learn from, who can help him along the way. 

The dominant man doesn’t use people without regard for their well-being, though. Whenever possible, he’ll find a way to return the favor and to pay it forward. He knows the value of gratitude and shows it in his words and demeanor. 

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He’s patient but relentless. 

He doesn’t give up or let setbacks weaken his resolve. He sees purpose (not defeat or “bad luck”) in every detour and obstacle. If anything, he’ll smile, wink at the universe, and find new ways to get to where he wants to be. 

He doesn’t expect instant gratification, and he doesn’t need it. He gets the ball rolling and patiently guides it in the direction he wants it to go. 

He doesn’t take setbacks personally or talk as if the world is against him. He just reassesses the landscape and finds another way to win. 

7. He leads by example. 

When he enters the room, his presence commands attention. He radiates confidence, good humor, and wisdom he’s earned by being observant and humble enough to learn from others. 

He can spot false bravado a mile off and calls it what it is — a pathetic trumpery.

People follow him because they see in him what they want to see in themselves. He takes everything that happens with equanimity and is quick to step up when help is needed. Many would love to be like him, but few are as ready to do what it takes. 

8. He takes risks. 

He’d rather be wrong than to hang back and watch others take risks. 

He overcomes his fears by facing and, ultimately, conquering each fear. He’d rather face a fear than allow it to hold him back or stand in the way of reaching one of his goals. 

And when he’s in a relationship, he’d rather take a risk to show the one he loves how he feels about them than to fake nonchalance and “play it cool” to protect his ego. He’ll risk humiliation to go after what — or whom — he wants in his life. 

9. He knows when (and how) to say no. 

No one can pressure or manipulate him into doing something he has no intention of doing. He’ll give each request the consideration it deserves and offers a clear, decisive answer. 

Needling him to change his mind rarely (if ever) yields encouraging results. He gives thought to his answers and when others might be wringing their hands, he’s already moved on.  

He keeps track of the time he has and honors his commitments to others and to himself. He won’t sacrifice those or flake out on someone to please someone else. 

10. He speaks with clarity, confidence, and calm.

When he has something to say, he says it. And he says it without rushing and without unnecessarily elevating his voice. Every sentence is measured, thoughtful, and clear. 

He also knows how to use a silent pause and facial expressions to his advantage. Others may notice he has a way of getting people to talk without pressuring or intimidating them. 

People naturally open up to him, only later wondering why it was so easy to do so (or so difficult to stop).

Not only does he attract people to his side, but he also makes them want to impress or amuse him. And while he’s gracious, he also knows when it’s time to leave.

11. He has zero tolerance for bullies. 

He’s not a bully himself and has no tolerance for those who use quasi-dominant behaviors to bully others.

He sees right through them for what they are: weak, insecure, loud-mouthed man-babies (i.e., losers). 

The only people who mistake such bullies for dominant men are weaklings who don’t know the difference between healthy masculinity and its toxic counterfeit. 

The truly dominant man doesn’t have to point fingers and compare himself to the bully to draw people away from him; all he has to do is provide a superior example by walking into the room and being himself. 

Do you recognize any of these signs of a dominant man?

If you’re reading this to learn what it means to be a truly dominant man, we hope you’ve noticed some of these traits in yourself. Now you know which ones to work on. 

If you’re reading this because you’re attracted to dominant men (not self-centered wannabes), we hope this post helped you recognize the qualities that make them so magnetic and difficult to ignore.

What qualities do you admire most? And which will you start to cultivate this week?

10 Traits of DOMINANT Men That Women LOVE! – Alpha M

July 23, 2021

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In this world, there are two types of dudes: dominant and submissive. The dominant man controls his environment and himself; whereas, the submissive man takes the dominant man’s sloppy seconds in everything (i.e., career, friends, spicy senoritas). The dominant will win; the submissive man will not. These traits that I am discussing today will take any man from submissive to dominant (which also means more success to boot).
What makes a man DOMINANT
  1. He doesn’t lie to make himself look better — he doesn’t act like something he’s not. He is true to himself to dominate in life.
  2. He speaks his truth — and he owns his opinion!
  3. He doesn’t whine, complain, & bitch — if the dominant man wants something, he takes it without thinking life is not fair. He controls his life and his destiny.
  4. He takes what he wants — he doesn’t wait for it or ask for it. He believes it’s his job to grab any & everything he wants. He doesn’t sit and think about what he wants; he takes action.
  5. He doesn’t neglect his personal presentation — he knows that within 3-seconds, somebody has formed an opinion of you based on non-verbal communication. Thus, he knows it’s critical to take care of non-verbal communication such as personal packaging & branding (i.e., well-groomed, straight style, smells amazing).
  6. He exhibits self-control and discipline — he knows these are the #1 aspects of success; because if he’s ever expected to be successful, he has to focus and have self-control.
  7. He leads by example — he knows other people are watching, so he walks the walk. He has a responsibility to himself and others.
  8. He can say ‘no’ — submissive men are too worried about upsetting others that they often say ‘yes’ (putting their self-interests in jeopardy) when they should have said ‘no.
  9. He’s happy, but he’s in constant pursuit of better — he is always striving for more (by working harder) and is not comfortable with the status quo like submissive men.
  10. He has integrity — he has an excellent moral character and compass, which no one can steal from him. He does what’s right as opposed to what is easy. He holds himself to a higher standard, which is rare in today’s world.
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Dominant men excelled in quick decision-making

Swiss scientists found that dominant men tend to make decisions faster and more accurately, regardless of the context of the situation. After conducting a series of behavioral experiments and a small EEG study, they showed that the predisposition to respond quickly can serve as a kind of dominance biomarker. The article was published in the journal Cerebral Cortex .

Social hierarchy is common in many species, including humans. And if in animals it is often reflected by phenotypic differences (for example, color or communication features), then in humans it is due to many different factors, in particular, socioeconomic status and upbringing. High position is also expressed in some behavioral features: for example, people at the top of the hierarchical ladder talk much more, interrupting others.

In many ways, a high position in society is determined by a person's predisposition to dominance, which is most often assessed in the context of competition. Little is known about how dominance affects human cognition.

Researchers led by Carmen Sandi of the École Polytechnique Federale of Lausanne have suggested that a predisposition to dominance will influence decision-making outside the context of competition. In order to test this, they conducted a series of experiments in which 240 male students took part: their predisposition to dominance (low or high) was assessed using a standardized questionnaire, on the basis of which they were assigned to two groups.

The main indicator of the decision-making speed of the volunteers was the reaction time when performing tasks, as well as accuracy. In the first experiment, participants were shown black-and-white photographs of faces with neutral, angry, and happy expressions. They needed to identify the emotion as quickly as possible and press the corresponding (previously known) button. In the second experiment, participants had to memorize a set of 15 photographs of faces, and these photographs were then randomly shown along with new faces. The task of the participants was to correctly recognize those faces that they had already seen. The third experiment was similar to the second: the participants were shown a route on a map for a certain time, and then they were shown either the same route or a different one. The challenge was to recognize if this route had just been shown, or if it was a different route. The fourth experiment was a control: by pressing a button when a square appeared either on the right side of the screen or on the left, the reaction time of volunteers was studied, regardless of the decision-making tasks.

The first three experiments showed that those participants who fell into the group with a high dominance score, on average, made decisions much faster and were more accurate. At the same time, the reaction time in the fourth experiment did not differ significantly between the groups, which indicates approximately the same reaction rate, if there is no need for a decision.

The fifth experiment was carried out using electroencephalography methods: with its help, scientists decided to test whether it was possible to determine neural activity specific to people with different indicators of dominance. As the main task, the scientists took and slightly adapted the task from the first experiment: the participants had to distinguish faces with different emotions.

The researchers were able to detect an increased amplitude of brain activity in participants with a high score for dominance approximately 240 milliseconds after the stimulus was presented. In addition, during the task, increased activity in the dominant male group was observed, for example, in the insula, which is involved in sensory information processing, and the anterior cingulate cortex, which is responsible for decision-making.

The authors of the work came to the conclusion that, regardless of the social component of the decision-making situation, people predisposed to dominance generally react faster in the decision-making process and process sensory information that comes to them faster. In the future, scientists plan to study in more detail the role of the received evoked potential in the interval of 240 milliseconds in dominant behavior, as well as conduct a similar study involving women.

Two years ago, scientists showed that dominance can also affect health: they found that the social status of macaques affects their immunity. However, this effect can also be reversible.

Elizaveta Ivtushok

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Dominant Men Manual : evo_lutio — LiveJournal

In addition to the post about marriages and the analysis of the last letter, I want to write something about the treatment of dominant men, that is, men who take over the territory of a woman and want to completely control her .

Dominant men are paternal and son types.

Many women who dream of dominant men have in mind the paternal type (and often run into sons). This type dominates, because he cares about the woman, considers himself obliged to provide her with complete security and maximum comfort. Yes, he has his own ideas about it, but he really does not mean anything bad.

He simply cannot admit that something bad can happen to a woman whom he considers his (his) because he did not foresee and intervene in time, although he could. Therefore, he prefers to check everything in advance. But he provides for everyone. Sometimes a woman for such a man is really hardly the goal of life (especially with children - a family), that is, it is impossible to accuse him of using her and somehow asserting himself. He would have asserted himself differently and quite successfully if he had not loved this woman with all his soul and felt obliged to solve all her problems.

If a woman resists the control of such a man, he first fights and then leaves her. It is easier for him to decide that this woman is not his, that she chose freedom, than to sit quietly on the sidelines and watch how she puts herself in danger (and a man of this type is convinced that without his control and guardianship, a woman will face many dangers, she is not protected) , therefore, he prefers not to see this, rather than passively watch with his heart breaking from this spectacle. I am writing all this not to approve the perception of dominant men (they are not good with boundaries, of course), but to explain to you how they see it.

In order for such a man to become attached to a woman, he must immediately gain confidence that he can control her, otherwise he does not want to become attached, it is too senseless and dangerous for him. There will be a lot of pain, but there will be no opportunity to influence. Why does he need such love? He will try to strangle her at the very beginning. Otherwise it's a trap.

Not many people know that dominant men are not only paternal, but also son-like. These are irresponsible tyrants, charming infantiles, often daffodils who expect love and care from a woman, but want to command themselves, like spoiled children with mothers. I will talk about this wonderful type next time. In the meantime - about the paternal dominant type.

It was this type that the predator codenamed Ira specialized in and she has many interesting observations that I want to briefly retell to you. I am writing all this, firstly, for women who have recognized this type in their husband (by writing me a sea of ​​messages) and want to reduce the number of conflicts, and secondly, for men of this type, so that they have an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bits weaknesses that can be used by women of a predatory type and not very predatory, but they can also be used.

How are these two things connected?

As long as a woman is in conflict with a DMOT (conditionally dominant male of the paternal type), she will not be able to use him in any way. Most likely, he will break it, trying to squeeze it into the framework of his control, or expel it if he realizes that it is impossible to squeeze it in. Therefore, you first need to learn how to live with DMOT without conflicts, and only then you can somehow manipulate it, taking advantage of the fact that it is attached and does not care.

I believe that the dreams of most women end with a conflict-free life with their husbands and receiving minimal benefits and comfort from them. To drive DMOT crazy and manipulate it, most women not only cannot (and will never learn), but also do not want to (fortunately).

However, the DMOTs themselves should remember that they are not that difficult to manipulate, if you adjust to them correctly. You need to know and protect your weaknesses so that they are not used for selfish purposes.

Due to the fact that DMOT is not very good with boundaries in personal relationships, sometimes even very bad, they constantly have conflicts with women who protect their boundaries, and vice versa, if a woman is perfectly adjusted, they merge with her, appropriate and can no longer live without it. If such a woman is a predator, she can manipulate quite imperceptibly to the eyes of DMOT. And then it will not be clear to him how it is, he is so reasonable, so prudent, who has done more than one business, turned out to be a sucker here. And just boundaries are bad in personal relationships. That's the whole point. At work, everything with borders and locus is excellent, everything is perfectly divided, in compliance with all legal and economic nuances, with partners his brain is clear and powerful, but with his “baby” it is buggy, because he recognizes her as his own part.

Therefore, I have not seen so many bitterly weeping men as I saw among DMOT among any other category, even among infantiles and mama's sons. They may never cry at all, even burn them with a red-hot iron, but when the woman they love leaves them, they cry because they cannot understand how this happened. That is, they can be strong absolutely everywhere, except for love relationships, because they have bad boundaries there - they appropriate a woman if she has passed their thresholds. And any DMOT quickly acquires thresholds, especially if he is rich.

What interesting things did Ira tell about this type (well, not only she, many, but she included)

She said that the pure type of DMOT can be recognized from the descriptions of the ideal type of a woman. He will definitely say the word "feminine" immediately, in the first line. No other type will name this quality first. This type is frightened by any androgyny in appearance (although they can fall in love with an androgynous woman, but at first it will be fear and rejection) and aggressiveness. Therefore, if a woman is looking for a 100% DMOT, she should look feminine and gentle, in no case aggressive. Young or not very or not at all so young, they often do not care at all. The main thing is to be gentle.

Since a real DMOT knows himself well and his tastes are distinct and constant, he does not want to get involved with a woman with whom he will obviously have a fight. Fighting doesn't interest him at all. He is already ready to do everything and even more for her, he does not plan to take anything from her, he is not going to use her in any way, this is all below his manhood, so any attempts to protect the territory cause him sadness. From whom are you defending yourself, thinks DMOT, I don’t need anything from you, I wanted to give you myself.

Here again I am not praising DMOT and not justifying it, I am impartially describing their picture of the world, through their eyes. In their picture of the world, they want to patronize and protect a woman, but she must fulfill certain conditions.

1 condition

She does not argue with him. Never.

Since DMOT always thinks about the welfare of his loved ones and puts this welfare in the first place (as a true parental, guardian type) and a woman is potentially or actually considered to be the closest to him, he does not endure disputes. Arguments are his suspicion that he wants to chop off something for himself, this is unfair, it offends him so much that he is ready to immediately tear.

In addition, disputes are doubts about his competence. And he needs full recognition of competence. Either they believe him, or nothing at all is needed.

2 condition

She is happy with everything, ideally happy.

For a person who is ready to get out of his skin to give the maximum, seeing discontent is very unpleasant. Well, yes, he can not always do everything, but he does the maximum. If this is not enough, then it is not on the way.

3rd condition

She doesn't ask for anything, let alone demand anything.

All for the same reason. He will do everything himself, and if he does not, then he considers that it is not yet possible or necessary, or he is going to do it and is preparing a surprise. But there is no need to extort and pull. Especially demand. You can sometimes hint transparently, but very transparently, so that he could, as it were, not notice, and then do it himself.

4 condition

She understands that she is a part of him, his face, his image.

If she somehow offends his interests publicly, somehow comes out on a side other than him, everything is over. He won't forgive. Or he will forgive with great difficulty, only if he already binds a lot. After all, he considers her a part of himself, a very close person and will not forgive any opposition, any sovereignty will be considered as a betrayal and set-up.

5 condition

Still, she is not completely zero (in society, in life), he is somehow reluctant to invest so much in complete insignificance.

She also needs to have and be able to do something. Otherwise, he will doubt whether it is worth contacting her so firmly, spending so much mental and other strength on her.

These are difficult conditions that are very difficult for an ordinary woman to fulfill, and for a predator with experience in handling DMOT, it's a piece of cake.

But even an ordinary woman, if she realizes that such conditions are not selfishness or whims, but such a specificity of not very good boundaries, she will be more loyal to her DMOT. Since I got involved with this and I'm not going to quit.

How to bring relations with DMOT towards equality, if not completely, then at least in part, I will continue to write. This is good and useful for both (it is generally useful to form and develop your own boundaries), but you cannot approach this radically, you must take into account the characteristics of the type. However, it is important to understand that the dominance of such a man does not mean that you cannot be in balance with him. More as possible. He can even be in the red and in the big. And in a huge minus even (especially with a predator).

That is, balance has nothing to do with dominance. DMOT can merge much faster than the woman herself and her significance will be huge for him. At the same time, he will control, do everything for her and decide everything.

More precisely, he will formally decide everything, but he will act in her interests, against himself, and she will deftly manipulate him.

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