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60 Monthly Journaling Prompts to Help You Make the Most of 2023 – Silk + Sonder

Leigh Weingus •

Monthly journal prompts can be a great way to make the most of a new year. And as 2022 winds down and January creeps up, there’s no question that the upcoming year is on all of our minds.

By taking some time to plan ahead with a handful of monthly writing prompts, you can kick off each month with an energized, intentional attitude—which is something we always try to do here at Silk + Sonder. So bookmark these monthly journaling prompts and get ready to use them all year long.

January Writing Prompts

  • If I was only able to accomplish one thing this year, what would I want it to be?
  • What are some things I really love about winter?
  • How can I spend time outside this month, even with the cold weather?
  • What indoor activities do I enjoy?
  • When do I feel the most cozy and cared for?

February Writing Prompts

  • What do I like most about having a shorter month? What do I like the least?
  • What’s my favorite thing about the month of February?
  • What does my perfect mental health day look like?
  • When do I feel the most loved?
  • What are some ways that I express love?

March Writing Prompts

  • What am I most looking forward to about spring?
  • How will I take advantage of the extra hour of daylight coming up?
  • A time when I felt really lucky was. ..
  • How am I doing on my goals for this year so far?
  • Write about one thing that's been really tough about this year, and one thing that's been really great

April Writing Prompts

  • How can I best take advantage of the spring weather?
  • What’s my favorite flower, and why?
  • Make a list of things you want to do this month
  • Who is my closest friend? What do I love about them?
  • What’s something I'm feeling anxious about right now?

May Writing Prompts

  • What does my ideal summer vacation look like?
  • What’s my favorite thing about the month of May?
  • If I could change three things about the world, what would they be? 
  • Write about a time when you had a really difficult conversation. What did you learn from it?
  • What does happiness mean to me?

June Writing Prompts

  • Make a summer bucket list
  • How can I channel that “school’s out for the summer” feeling I had as a kid, and bring it into my adult life?
  • Write a letter to your teenage self
  • What are some things I can do to help me better cope with my worries?
  • What are my pet peeves?

July Writing Prompts

  • We’re halfway through the year. How do I feel about how this year is going so far?
  • Think about someone you love who you haven’t talked to in a while. How can you connect with them this month? 
  • Write a letter to your future self
  • What new habit do I want to bring into my life this month?
  • Am I an early bird or a night owl? How can I better honor my rhythms?

August Writing Prompts

  • Think back to a summer vacation you went on as a kid, and write out your favorite memories from it
  • Something great that's happened to me this summer is...
  • What’s your favorite season? Why?
  • Something I want to accomplish this fall is...
  • What is your biggest insecurity, and where do you think it comes from?

September Writing Prompts

  • I feel the most motivated when...
  • September is all about “starting fresh.” What can I do to start fresh this month?
  • What does my relationship with money look like?
  • What does my "dream job" look like?
  • My perfect morning looks like. ..

October Writing Prompts

  • My favorite thing about fall is...
  • What feelings does fall stir up for you? 
  • What does your perfect mental health day look like?
  • List the things, activities, and people that tend to make you feel anxious
  • Who do you feel most like yourself with?

November Writing Prompts 

  • Write down five things you’re thankful for
  • How can I prioritize self-care this month?
  • Something I wish I could say to a family member but haven't had the courage to is...
  • Make a list of things that will make you happy as the weather gets colder and the days get darker
  • My happiest Thanksgiving memory is...

December Writing Prompts 

    • My favorite memory from this year is...
    • What feelings do the holidays bring up for you?
    • My favorite holiday foods are...
    • How can I carve out time for exercise this holiday season?
    • What do I want to accomplish next year?

With the right journaling prompts in your back pocket, you can make 2022 your best year yet. Looking for more journaling prompts? Check out these 50 Journaling Prompts for Self-Love and these 40 Journaling Prompts of Beginners.

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Journal Prompts 2022 — Rachel Greig


Written By Rachel Greig

Looking for some journaling prompts for the year? I’ve created a monthly list of journal questions and prompts that you can use for your journal writing! I will upload the new prompts in this blog post each month. Feel free to share or save the prompt images for reference. I’ve also included a free printable of each month for you to download below.

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You are welcome to use these prompts in a way that suits your journaling style. You might like to journal each day, or only use a couple each week, or switch the prompts around if another journal prompt resonates with you on that day. Do whatever suits you and your journal practice. There’s no right or wrong way, the best way is to simply journal!

You can also download a free printable copy for each month here:


I’m also sharing these prompt images on my Instagram page. If you’d like to share your journal pages on Instagram, please use #rgjournalprompts so we can encourage each other along the way.

Here are some flip through videos where I share my journal pages using these prompts! I hope it inspires you to keep journaling and try some art with your journaling!

Enjoy the prompts!


Journal PromptsJournaling

Rachel Greig

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"5 Wheel" (2022) Popular Russian monthly magazine about cars. Published since 1993 in glossy format. The subject of the magazine is novelties of the world and Russian auto industry
, car dealerships, motorsport, history, car service.

"1000 Secrets" (2018-2019) The magazine is created on the basis of tips sent by the readers themselves, which means that all the tips have been tested by time and experience. Cooking and life, repair and interior design, needlework and creativity, health and beauty, family and country chores - all these important topics are covered in an accessible and interesting way. The publication cooperates with experienced lawyers and psychologists who answer the most urgent questions of readers. Each issue contains a fascinating children's page, a prize-winning scanword, as well as thematic photo contests.

"1000 Tips" (2017-2022) In the magazine you can find tips for all occasions, there are many tricks and useful little things that will ease everyday worries and chores. Everyone can share advice on the pages of the magazine. The publication brings together very different people. Each of them has their own knowledge. Someone knows the perfect recipe for preserving zucchini, and someone knows a set of simple exercises for weight loss. Here you can find information about gardening and horticulture, cooking and interior design, needlework and a healthy lifestyle. When preparing each issue, a mandatory consultation with relevant specialists is carried out.

1000 tips for summer residents (2019-2021) A magazine for gardeners and gardeners, for land owners, as well as for those who breed pets or are fond of floriculture. Expert advice in the publication will help you choose the right days for planting and other work, get rid of pests, and protect your pets from diseases. On the pages of the magazine you will find site design ideas, design finds and practical recommendations. Here you have the opportunity to share your own unique experience with other readers, so the magazine combines the experience of all readers, forming a real encyclopedia of a summer resident for all occasions.

Burda (1996–2022) Popular in many countries around the world, the German magazine Burda is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the latest fashion and popular fashion trends. The undoubted advantage of the magazine is the obligatory insert with patterns for each presented model. Every year the popularity of this magazine is growing. Its pages reflect all the latest fashion trends, it is constantly expanding, covering not only sewing, but also knitting, embroidery and other types of applied art used in the manufacture of clothing. There are headings with culinary recipes, the basics of makeup, rational nutrition, as well as fitness instructions. Today, the magazine is published in 16 languages ​​of the world, and the magazine itself is freely sold in more than 90 countries of the world.

"Woman's Joy" (2018) Magazine for women. The pages of the publication publish women's secrets of happiness, health, youth, wealth, good mood.

Be Healthy (2015–2020, 2022) Publication for those who are interested in health issues. Among its regular authors are doctors, healers, those who can share their own experience of overcoming diseases. The magazine contains many practical recommendations.

"Verena" (2005-2009) A popular knitting magazine presents collections of current models of women's clothing and accessories for every season. Thanks to the magazine Verena (Verena), any woman will become a stylish fashionista and learn to knit. The magazine publishes not only knitting patterns, but also detailed instructions. Schemes of unique drawings will complement the collection of craftswomen.

Vse dlya zhenschiny (2017-2022) A weekly women's magazine of practical ideas and advice designed to make life easier and brighter for its readers. Gives original, but simple and relevant advice on all aspects of the life of a modern woman. Enriches readers with the experience of other women and the best experts. The magazine inspires women, making their life rich and comfortable.

"Knitting-your hobby" (2008-2010) Monthly magazine on knitting and crochet. Each issue contains the super hits of knitted fashion for each season - the most fashionable, the most elegant, the most extravagant, from new types of yarn, with exclusive decor. Along with models that are difficult to perform and require skill and patience, there are models for beginner needlewomen.

Daria (2017-2022) Popular magazine for women, contains all the most important topics: fashion and beauty recipes, health and psychology, recommendations from doctors, nutritionists, gardeners, designers, family and children, home life, fan shui, cottage, flowers, needlework, recipes, pets, life stories, crossword puzzles and much more. Published 2 times a month.

Deko (2004-2010) A unique magazine about materials and ideas for those who want to realize their design and artistic talents. The issues of the magazine contain articles on various areas of arts and crafts, master classes in needlework, tips on interior design, and much more. etc.

"Diana Creative" (2013) Monthly magazine on needlework: crochet, knitting, embroidery and more.

Good Advice (2015-2018) Monthly magazine for women. Its main themes are the secrets of attractiveness, well-being, home comfort and harmony in relationships with loved ones. Each issue of the magazine opens with an interview with the star - about her personal life, professional success, home, family and children. The magazine tells about everything that interests a modern woman: stylish ideas and fashionable accents; novelties of cosmetics; health menu and beauty recipes; children and parents; wallet and career and others. Every month, original recipes are published in the magazine - in the home collection of signature dishes!

Domashniy (2021) Magazine for the whole family! Each issue contains articles on the secrets of beauty and health, home comfort, culinary tips, astrologer's recommendations, advice on pet care, family psychology, legal advice, life stories and much more. Also on the pages of the magazine are waiting for interesting interviews with their favorite stars of show business and cinema, where they share the secrets of their personal lives and professional success, talk about home, family and children.

Home Doctor (2015-2020) People's health magazine, unique and unlike other medical publications. The journal is based on letters from readers. Includes recipes, tips, life stories about the treatment of diseases in folk ways.

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Health (2018-2022) The most popular magazine about healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, medicine, beauty and fitness.

Za Rulem (2014-2022) The most popular monthly magazine in Russia about cars and everything connected with them. Leads its history since 1928. The magazine tells about the innovations of the traffic police, prices in the car market. The magazine has a lot of life hacks for any driver, a lot of entertaining content and prize draws.

Winter Cherry (2018-2022) Popular women's magazine. Articles are published here on how a woman can remain beautiful and desirable, carry love in marriage through many years, prolong her youth and much more.

"Ideas for your home" (2015-2016, 2020, 2021) The leading Russian publication on renovation and interior design, published since 1997. The magazine tells how to: furnish the kitchen, bedroom, living room, how to achieve comfort in the country, and how to do it on a budget. Everything for those who start and continue repairs.

The Caravan of Stories (2015-2019, 2022) An illustrated publication featuring celebrity stories. It began to be published in 1998 and immediately became very popular among readers, ahead of many well-known women's magazines.

Cosmopolitan (2015-2017) Monthly international women's magazine. Content includes articles on relationships and sex, health, careers, self-improvement, celebrities, and fashion and beauty.

"Wizard" (2018-2022) A popular women's magazine that reveals the secrets of beauty, fashion and style, the harmony of family relationships, gives advice on nutrition and diets, caring for indoor plants, home improvement and gardening.

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Lisa (2018-2021) Popular weekly magazine for young women about fashion, beauty, health, relationships, love, show business stars, The publication provides great ideas for the home. Romantic stories about true love, readers' stories about different life situations and expert advice are published.

I love flowers (2018) A popular magazine about garden and home flowers, ornamental plants. All 68 pages of the monthly are written by the readers themselves - amateur flower growers. Therefore, each issue contains invaluable experience in growing, caring for flowers, and pest control. A lot of practical advice is devoted to the role of flowers in the interior of a house and the landscape of a summer cottage, the healing properties of plants, “flower” cooking, and the art of a bouquet. Magazine "I love flowers!" - indispensable for every summer resident and lover of home flowers.

"Craftswoman" (2014-2016, 2021, 2022) Magazine on different types of needlework. It presents: sewing, knitting, cross-stitching and ribbons, decoupage, other needlework, felting, handmade with children, review articles and master classes.

My Beautiful Garden (2016-2019) Russian edition of the most popular ornamental gardening magazine in Europe for amateur gardeners and owners of country houses, dachas and villas. The central themes of the publication are garden planning and design, landscape design and garden styles, the optimal choice of plants and their care, seasonal practical advice to gardeners. Much attention is paid in the magazine to indoor plants, which are used to decorate residential and office premises, winter gardens, terraces and balconies.

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My Cozy House (2018) Monthly magazine with advice on interior design of a country house or apartment. The magazine tries to cover all aspects of the home: from organizing space and storage to relationships between households. The publication will help the reader to make his dream house out of his home, where purity, love and harmony will reign.

My Favorite Dacha (2018-2019) Monthly illustrated magazine dedicated to the most popular and important dacha and horticultural topics. On the pages of the issues, gardeners will find advice on caring for plants and trees, professional expert opinions.

"My beautiful dacha" (2013-2022) Monthly magazine consisting of letters from readers - gardeners and gardeners, in which they share their experience: the arrangement of a summer cottage, home and lawn, folk signs, the lunar calendar and much more.

“What doctors don’t tell you about” (2020-2022) Russian version of the popular magazine about complementary and alternative medicine “What doctors don’t tell you”. The subject of the publication is useful information and practical advice on health, nutrition, and lifestyle. The journal is supported by renowned doctors and scientists who specialize in alternative medicine, the environment, lifestyle and nutrition. Many of them participated in pioneering research and were literally pioneers in the creation and implementation of new treatment methods.

"Hunting and Fishing - XXI Century" (2022) Magazine about wildlife, wildlife conservation, hunting rules, fishing.

"First-class parents" (2014, 2015) Monthly magazine about psychology, health and education of schoolchildren.

"Homestead" (2015-2022) The publication introduces gardeners, gardeners, florists with modern technologies and folk experience in the cultivation of vegetable, fruit, berry and medicinal crops, with a huge variety of garden and indoor flowers, with new and undeservedly forgotten varieties . The owners of home farms are not ignored either - here they find answers to many questions about keeping animals and poultry.

"Rybolov" (2015-2018) Monthly magazine dedicated to all types of fishing, talks about baits, baits, rod testing and much more.

Sabrina (2005-2022) The monthly issue of the magazine is filled with bright and unique knitting patterns. Each number corresponds to a specific theme. For example, summer issues are dedicated to tops, capes made of fine yarn. Winter, on the contrary, warmer products in the form of jackets, pullovers, sweaters made of massive and woolen yarn.

"Your own master" (2015-2017) With this magazine, solve the problems of arranging and repairing everything in the household, on your own and at the lowest cost.

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"Matchmakers in the Country" (2018, 2019, 2022) A popular magazine with tips on how to easily, quickly and without incredible effort to achieve high yields and equip country life. There are 300 tips in one magazine: the most effective and affordable methods for sowing and planting horticultural crops, caring for them, and controlling pests and diseases.

"Physical Culture and Sport" (2015-2022) A magazine for those who want to accumulate, maintain and increase their health by non-drug methods and are interested in sports. The pages constantly publish materials about the best of our and foreign athletes and coaches. Their experience is truly unique and invaluable, and their achievements demonstrate the limitlessness of human capabilities.

"Flower Gardens" (2015-2018) A magazine for those who really love life, for all connoisseurs of beauty and flower lovers, whether they are amateur gardeners or professionals, owners of small plots or modern cottages. The magazine will become an indispensable assistant in the design and development of flower beds, help you choose the right flowers and plants for decorating the site and serve as the basis for bringing your ideas and fantasies to life, making it more colorful and brighter.

"How to entertain guests" (2003-2022) A monthly publication that will help to hold any event, holiday, birthday, anniversary, wedding, New Year or party in such a way that all participants will remember them for a long time. You can use all the materials both in a large audience and at a youth party, in your family, in the circle of friends and colleagues.

"Erudit" (2018) A magazine for active, businesslike and purposeful people who are only interested in moving forward and keeping up with the times. Each issue contains exclusive interviews, the most interesting and relevant topics: health, sports, beauty, fashion, style, gossip, food, cultural capital, interior and much more.

Duplicate of "Arctic" magazine? What are the scammers famous for?


A successful domain purchase helps scammers deceive scientists. How to distinguish the original from the "magazine hijacker"?

Edition page Fraud page

Fraudsters create a website and duplicate information on it from the website of the original publication in whole or in part. The goal is to be as similar as possible to a real magazine in order to cunningly take money for publication from the authors. Fraudsters undermine the reputation of this publication, deceive scientists and harm science by publishing an unknown quality of work.

The heroes of our today's article are the scientific journal "Arctic" ("Arctic") and its duplicate. Using the example of a fake, we will analyze how scammers operate.

Arctic is the premier journal for northern studies in North America. For many years he has published articles from any field of science related to the polar and subpolar regions of the world. It is owned by the Arctic Institute of North America at the University of Calgary. The works published in this edition are original articles that have undergone serious peer review.

Unfortunately, the magazine was not lucky - it had a duplicate a few years ago. When the University became aware of this fact, it took a number of measures, but the “hijack magazine” (the second name given to the fraudulent publication) still exists and actively conducts its activities.

What is this duplicate famous for on the Internet?

  1. The journal publishes all the articles that are sent to it, without respecting a specific topic.
  2. Publication is very fast, without strict peer review.
  3. Fraudsters purchased a domain that matches the name of a real publication. But the original operates on the Institute's website and domain.
  4. The instigators of this scam produce dozens of fake scientific publications on their own to keep up with the monthly releases.

If you find two sites of the same magazine, what criteria help you understand which of them can be the original and which one is a clone?

Check database indexing

The duplicate writes on its website that it is indexed in the Scopus database. But, of course, it was not in the database. There is an original. The error of the real "Arctic" journal is that there is no "Homepage" button in the journal's profile in Scopus - a transition to the journal's original website. This could be used by scammers.

The real journal is also available on the Scimago Journal&Country Rank website. On this platform, a link to the original site is present, unlike Scopus.

Study all the data on the site

Subject of the magazine. Duplicate collects articles from any scientific field.

ISSN . Fraudsters unceremoniously use the ISSN number of the original publication.

Log indicators . The duplicate completely copies the metrics and data of the real journal regarding its indexing in different databases.

Contacts and editorial address . The deceiver writes on their website the same contact details as the original.

Publication fees. Each serious journal specifies a policy for paying publication fees. A duplicate of this information does not provide. But on the other hand, the site has information regarding access to his archive, a kind of premium membership that costs $2,000.

As you can see, scammers from different countries practice incorrect activities that introduce an imbalance in the development of scientific thought. Therefore, before submitting your work to a journal, check its data using the tips we described above. Protect your article, time, money from unfavorable cooperation.

If you have any stories related to the dishonest activities of any company, journal in the field of scientific publications, send them to us by mail: info@publgate.

Learn more