Things to think about before bed

6 Positive Thoughts That Help You Sleep

1. Think about your favorite part of your day

Cast your mind back to a feel-good moment from your day. Something that made you feel proud, something you did to help someone else or simply night-time stories and cuddles with your favorite little people.

Surrounding yourself in a warm glow of calming thoughts before bed will help calm your brain and help it to drift off. So snuggle up under your comforter, and think soothing thoughts…

2. Picture the most beautiful place you can

Hit up Instagram for some inspiration (earlier in the day of course – no screen time straight before bed (!)) and picture those calming blue waters lapping the edge of a white sand beach littered with conch shells. Feel the warm softness on your toes, smell the scent of tropical flowers, imagine sipping coconut milk direct from the fruit and enjoy the sun on your skin.

It doesn’t have to be a beach, the idea is to fill your mind with happy thoughts before sleep, if you long for a walk in the mountains, the desert or even on the moon, go there instead. Floating off into peaceful sleep with a lovely scene in your mind will surely lead to restful sleep.

3. Try positive affirmations

Affirmations are great for interrupting those negative thought patterns. Repeating the same positive thought over and over to yourself will create a belief within you that you are allowed to release the stresses of your day and relax into sleep. Choose whichever statement below feels most relevant to you and concentrate on repeating it either in your head or out loud as you close your eyes and settle ready for sleep:

  • “I choose calmness and peace”
  • “I give myself permission to close my eyes and fall asleep”
  • “I have done my best today and now deserve to rest”
  • “I am strong. I know that I can achieve anything I want to achieve.”
  • “I am proud of myself and the person I am”

4. Think about nothing but your breathing

Try positive meditation before bed by concentrating on your breathing. Simply count your breaths in and out. Breathe in through your nose for four counts and out through your mouth for eight. If your mind wanders gently bring it back to your breath, immediately forgive yourself and continue.

There is even a yoga technique that suggests that breathing through only your left nostril can help to lower your blood pressure and ease you into sleep. Try lying on your left-hand side with your right index finger closing your right nostril and breathe deeply.

5. Focus on one positive thing for tomorrow

What do you have going on tomorrow? We often get caught up lying awake worrying about all the things we have to do the following day and how we’re going to achieve them. These are not good thoughts before sleep. In fact, they can have a detrimental effect on not only your ability to drop off to sleep, but your quality of sleep too. Instead focus on just one thing that you’re particularly looking forward to, to banish the worries and fill your brain with positive thoughts before bed.

6. Think: “I will stay awake and I’m OK with that.”

Sometimes, simply lying in bed unable to sleep can cause so much anxiety that it makes it impossible to fall asleep. Step forward one of the more surprising thoughts that help you sleep. Many psychologists claim this can work simply by tricking the brain using a form of reverse psychology.

By opening your eyes wide and repeating over and over, “I will not sleep and that’s OK”, your brain will take it as a signal to fall asleep – it’s called a sleep paradox.

Sound unlikely? Why not try it.

We hope we’ve given you some ideas, but feel free to come up with more of your own. You could try positive reading before bed to help think of other thoughts to help you sleep. Whatever you decide on, happy thoughts before bed are a powerful way to clear your brain of negativity, drift off to sleep calmly and enjoy a wonderful night’s rest.

Looking for more ideas about how to sleep better at night naturally? Visit our Sleep Health & Advice hub.


by megala
26 Jan 2022

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01 Oct 2021

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i have been having nightmares and bad sleep lately that’s giving me anxiety going to bed so i’m trying new things and have this website bookmarked! :)

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by hannah
29 Sep 2021

"Helping With Sleep"

i have been having nightmares and bad sleep lately that’s giving me anxiety going to bed so i’m trying new things and have this website bookmarked! :)

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I love self kind words they are so necessary we forget to love ourselves and put Us first , thank you :)

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This article really helped me get to sleep. Thanks.

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6 Things To Think About Before Bed That Won’t Just Send You Into A Stressful Spiral


By Julia Guerra

Thais Ramos Varela/Stocksy

Some nights, no matter how relaxed you are physically, your brain doesn't wind down. And it's kind of ~meta~ to think about how you can’t stop thinking, isn’t it? But you can't help it: You go through your bedtime checklist to make sure you've showered, dimmed the lights, set your bedroom to 64 degrees Fahrenheit exactly, and you even managed to meditate a little before crawling under the covers. You've done it all, yet the second your head hits the pillow, your mind's racing, and never about anything positive, either. The right things to think about before bed are almost never the things your subconscious wants to focus on, so it’s up to you to switch from stressful to restful thoughts if you really want to get a good night's sleep.

Trust me, friends, I’ve totally been there. It’s almost as if the moment your physical body is ready for sleep, mentally you’re running a marathon, skipping all the water stations because your brain’s perfectly fine just running on responsibilities that could, theoretically, be dealt with tomorrow. But no, your busy mind has to bother you by worrying about a 1 p.m. meeting, at 10 p.m. the night before.

If you're anything like me, then you've probably tried every solution you can possibly think of: sipping on warm milk, adding adaptogenic powders to your hot cocoa, listening to music for sleep, the whole nine. Unfortunately, our brains are sometimes just plain stubborn. However, your thoughts are pretty powerful, and you do have the power to change them, if you're willing to put in the effort. Here are some expert-approved, restful thoughts to help you drift off to sleep when slumber just won't come on its own.


Think About Being Awake

Even if you’ve never heard of reverse psychology, I’m willing to bet big money you’ve fallen for it time and again, or that you've knowingly used it yourself to get what you want from other people. If you're not familiar, though, reverse psychology is essentially a method of persuasion people use sometimes to get someone to do something, by innocently suggesting the person does the opposite. So, in the context of you trying to fall asleep, instead of telling your body over and over again to doze off, try convincing yourself that you’re wide awake.

Dr. Sujay Kansagra, Mattress Firm’s sleep health expert, refers to this way of thinking as “paradoxical intent,” in which you focus on quietly staying awake, instead of worrying about not falling asleep. “Simply say to yourself, ‘I’m going to lay here awake, and I’m fine with that,’” he tells Elite Daily. "This helps relax an overly anxious brain and paradoxically makes it easier to fall asleep."


Focus On Your Breathing

Meditation can be a miracle worker when it comes to winding down the body and mind, but it does take a little extra effort to achieve that sense of mental clarity. If channeling your inner zen seems to do anything but relax you, rather than paying too much mind to any negative or worrisome thoughts that might pop up, Christian Blatner of Serta Mattress suggests redirecting your focus to really hone in on your breathing, instead. “Breathe deeply, and concentrate on the sound and sensation of your breath," Blatner tells Elite Daily. "You can even count the breaths you take."

Though it's pretty simple, he explains, this method words because “the practice of meditation includes bringing the mind to a singular focus.” So, in other words, if you’re hyper-aware of your breathing, and are able to tune out any other thoughts that might not be serving you, calm will come, and in turn, so will sleep.


Review Tomorrow’s To-Do List

Obviously I’m a writer, so I might be biased on this one, but personally, when my mind is cluttered with all the responsibilities of tomorrow, writing out a physical to-do list helps relieve some of that lingering stress. According to Chris Brantner, certified sleep science coach and founder of SleepZoo, putting thoughts to paper is a great way to literally write off your worries and get to bed on time. “Something about having those tasks sorted on paper helps your brain rest easier,” he tells Elite Daily.

Pick out a special journal to keep at your bedside, invest in a pen that glides across the page, and jot down anything and everything that’s keeping you up at night. Make a list of to-dos, or even take the time to just flush out any thoughts that have been taking up space in your mind. Once it’s all out on paper, review what you’ve written once or twice, and simply let it go for the night.


Explore Your Hobbies

Generally speaking, bedtime isn't the best time to work on your painting skills or practice an instrument, and while I wouldn’t exactly recommend you practice your hobbies at 11 p. m., Dr. Nate Watson, SleepScore Labs advisory board member, does suggest you think about the things you're passionate about while getting cozy under the covers.

You know how counting sheep is supposed to lull you to sleep? Well, if that strategy’s not working out for you, why not think about something you’re genuinely interested in, instead? “The key is to find something positive, but not crucial, to your life and well-being, and to focus on that,” Watson tells Elite Daily. For example, if you’re an Ariana Grande fan, reciting the lyrics to “No Tears Left To Cry” might help you drift off to sleep. Or, Watson suggests, if you like to knit, you could “think about new design options or yarns you may want to use on your next creation.” Basically, anything that brings you joy and is low-stress is fair game here.


Imagine Your Bedroom As A Retreat

In theory, your bedroom should be a calming oasis you can retreat to after a long day of work life, school assignments, and any other responsibilities life piles on, right? So, on the one hand, you should definitely be picking out decor that makes you feel at ease (think fluffy pillows, cool temperatures, the right mattress, etc. ), but according to Brantner, you should also try to actively think of your bedroom as a soothing atmosphere: “For a positive sleep mantra,” he tells Elite Daily, “I recommend something simple like ‘My bedroom is my retreat. I enjoy deep, relaxing sleep in this bed every night.’"

As much as sleep is about the physical decor of your bedroom, it’s also about how you approach the space, as well. If you think about your room as — and truly believe it to be — a relaxing space, those positive, soothing vibes will soon catch on and transform the way you snooze throughout the night.


Accept That You Can’t Control What Already Is

Say you’ve written down a cohesive list of every little thing, down to even the most insignificant details, that you need to accomplish tomorrow. You’ve set your journal aside, dabbled in a little meditation, and yet you’re still worried about everything that's to come the next day. These are the moments when you need to dole out a little tough love and tell yourself to live, let live, and let it TF go.

As far as Dr. Danielle Forshee, LLC, doctor of psychology and licensed clinical social worker, is concerned, the best thing you can do for a busy mind is write down your concerns in a journal and, literally and figuratively, close the book: “If your brain continues to think about these things, you need to simply tell yourself in your own mind that there’s nothing you can do about it right now,” she tells Elite Daily. “You’ve already written a priority list for tomorrow.”

In other words, do yourself a favor, girl: let it go, and go to sleep.

9 nice things to think about before bed to fall asleep faster

And no sheep and 1,2,3,4,5 ... 1000!

We all have nights when we can't sleep. Even if it seems to us that we are falling down. And the reason for this is our anxious thoughts. Counting how many sheep or rams jumped over a fence is certainly fun, but not always effective.

Below we will tell you about effective techniques that will help you fall into a pleasant sleep faster.

1. Imagine that you are walking to your favorite place

Paramount Pictures /

Everything in this method is related to the visual component, which eliminates any negative words that may pop up in your thoughts. To start, think of a place that you have extremely positive associations with: your best friend's house, your partner's bed, a movie theater, a beautiful place in the park - the possibilities are endless in this regard.

Then imagine all the movements that are required to get to your destination: focus on the smallest details, like tying your shoelaces. And if you get to the place before you fall asleep, don't worry! You can choose a new path. Overly focused on falling asleep can distract you from the most important thing in this business, namely from a relaxed state of mind.

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A simple breathing trick can help you fall asleep almost instantly: working advice from the Web


Make a mental list of everything you like about yourself

Touchstone Pictures /

Each of us can be too hard on ourselves. This is especially often manifested before bedtime, when we begin to analyze all our actions over the past day. Instead of lying around going over all the negative things, try to remind yourself of your good qualities. If it’s difficult for you, then here’s a sample: “I am kind, I am smart, I am important to other people.” This is the perfect start to a monologue about your virtues. This action will not only help you fall asleep, but will also increase your positive mindset for the next day.

3. Think of all the things you are grateful for

Another way to list blessings that really works! There comes a point in each of our lives when we begin to take the things that surround us—family, friends, or health—for granted. But closing your eyes every night and thinking about why you're so grateful for it all (even your favorite shoes or a gym membership) is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Believe me, you will fall asleep long before you reach the end of this list.

4. Or remember those moments and things that made you happy that day seen on the way to work, enough to start a stream of pleasant thoughts.

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How to sleep in a car


The idea is that if you have, say, a talent and passion for tennis, you must go through every step of your hobby: from picking up a racket to hitting the ball in the direction of an opponent. Perhaps you are a fan of puzzle games. Then imagine turning the pieces over one by one and putting them back together.

6. Or think of a topic you know well and try to remember all the details

Nickelodeon /

Let's say you're a geography buff. And when you feel that your thoughts before going to bed are busy with something wrong, then just try to imagine and name every country that comes to your mind.

If geography is not your forte, then mentally name all the Oscar winners in different categories, list all the subjects of the Russian Federation, the possible colors of nail polishes, or remember all your school teachers.

7. Recreate the most memorable day of your vacation

, surrounded by friends, reading your favorite book. Or maybe curled up on the couch in front of the fireplace, while snow flakes fall outside the window, and your favorite scented candle burns on the table. Perhaps you are traveling the winding streets of Lisbon with the love of your life. Whatever your ideal day off, you will surely feel much better when you remember it.

8. Plan your ideal day in minutes

Young Money /

on constructive things in a certain sequence. So, imagine individual moments, such as choosing a beautiful mug for aromatic coffee or tea, calling a distant friend whom you really miss, a gala dinner at a restaurant, and much more. A day will never be perfect until it sounds good to you.

9. And when all else fails, imagine being surrounded by lots of puppies or fluffy kittens

Any animal will do, as long as you feel happy!

Cover: 1Gai.Ru

Something to think about before going to bed. | Signs

Hello friends!

Today I planned to write about plant nutrition, growth stimulants and compost, but in the search for information on my VK page -, I found a very interesting and useful article, 5 years ago.

I will give it in the author's version:

I want to immediately warn the reader that the information that you read below can change your thinking, regardless of your desire. Therefore, I recommend that you be very careful and focused before further reading.

What do you think about before going to bed? What thoughts are you spinning in your head?

I'm willing to bet that you don't realize that your state in the morning depends on your thoughts before going to bed.

What you think about before going to bed determines your future, models your life tomorrow.

It's like a domino effect. The chain reaction of your thoughts creates neural circuits in the brain, during 8 hours of sleep, information is processed in your head that you don’t even know about. Speaking quite roughly, while you are sleeping, a process is going on in your brain that determines your tomorrow's existence. Depends on this process:

How you will feel.

Will you sleep or not.

What mood will you be in?

How much energy you will have.

How will your body recover - quickly or slowly.

What will you do in the morning/afternoon/evening.

When you wake up, you are one hundred percent sure that you control yourself, that you make decisions. But you are wrong. Because everything is already taken for you. For 8 hours of sleep, a program was recorded that you will follow throughout the day, from which you deviate only if an unexpected event that is not in the program breaks into your usual and measured life.

When something extraordinary happens, the program goes wrong, the brain is reprogrammed in a split second and starts looking for a way out of the unusual situation.

But that's not the point.

What you think about before going to sleep is important in your future.

The biggest problem lies in human ignorance. An ordinary person does not know how the brain works, does not feel his thinking, and in general does not know a damn thing about himself, except for his weight, height, the number of fingers on his left foot and the size of his chest.

That's why everything goes by itself. He just thinks about his problems before going to bed, looking for ways to solve them, dreams of a pipe dream. And in the morning he gets up and starts a new day. Which is already modeled from last night.

For example, during sleep, the brain replays the next day to the smallest detail. A possible meeting with an ex-girlfriend, a hot water outage, a meteorite fall, pies poisoning, or casual sex scrolls. Everything to the smallest detail. Our brain runs through all possible situations. And based on the most possible situations, it gives you your condition in the morning.

If the program "sees" that it is more important for you to be distracted, then you will be distracted. If the program wants you to be cheerful and cheerful, then you should be. And it does not depend on your desire.

The brain chooses evolution

The most important thing for the brain and the program that determines your future is the best possible survival. On one condition. If the brain thinks that evolution needs you.

If the brain thinks that evolution does not need you, then it turns on the destruction mode. You start destroying your life. The body cannot kill itself and for the brain, biological time is calculated in other parameters. You just age faster, get sick more. And how to make you grow old and get sick faster? Very simple. You are given a bad mood, you are constantly unlucky. You are in the wrong place at the wrong time. You are drawn to alcohol. You are nervous about trifles. Your brain is slowly killing you.

It would be easier for the brain to kill you faster, wouldn't it? For example, turn off your attention on the highway or at a pedestrian crossing. But evolution also requires invaluable resources. You need the so-called fuel. You need to help babysit your grandchildren, you need to do menial work. You need to take on all the blackness of negative energy in space. You need to be a buffer between an aggressive environment and a valuable resource needed for the development of the species.

Everything is very confusing, but it only seems so. It's all about your ignorance. If you watched TV shows less or sat in contact, and learned more about your inner essence, then everything would seem obvious. And you would know that everything matters. Every little thing and every thought in your head.


What defines a program? Where does the foundation for every day come from?

The answer is very simple.

The basis is your thoughts before going to sleep. What do you think about before going to bed - there is food for the brain, who you are - a valuable resource for the development of the world or a useless product.

I want to write right away that thoughts are taken not at the time when you just lay down and lie down and think about something, but when you have already fallen asleep, in the first phase of sleep and no longer control your thoughts. They run their course. In a couple of seconds, the whole white day sweeps by, and this is the basis. This is the foundation.

If you practice lucid dreams, then you are the ruler of your tomorrow, you can write the program yourself. In a lucid dream, you cross out your old program. As far as I know, everyone who has ever controlled sleep has changed their life for the better in one way or another. And those who often wake up in a dream have radically changed themselves. Beyond recognition.

So what do you think about before going to bed?

3 important rules.

There are some simple rules that will make your new day more efficient. If you try to implement them before going to bed, then you will immediately feel the effect of them the next day. Your day will be easier, your head will be clear.

One way or another, all rules will work as an exception method.

1. Calmness

The most important rule is calmness. You don't need to experience anything. All emotions must be excluded. Both positive and negative.

The fact is that the brain can mistake your positive emotions for their lack. No need to cheer yourself up before bed. And I do not recommend dreaming! Emotions determine your thoughts in the first phase of sleep. If you are calm and measured, then the program makes a blank sheet as a guideline. Simply put, the brain programs you to act according to the situation the next day. And gives extra strength to your body.

2. Absence of thoughts.

Try not to think. Turn off your inner chatter and listen to the silence. Silence has its own sound, if you listen often, you will hear this sound. It is wonderful.

During sleep, when the past day is analyzed, the lack of thoughts before going to bed will crash the program. For the brain, this is a stalemate. For the brain, thoughts cannot exist. Therefore, the program crashes and it is transferred to the next night. In the morning you will feel great and very cheerful!

3. Relaxation.

When we go to bed, our back, arms and legs are not completely relaxed. You can feel it. When you go to bed, relax completely. When you are completely relaxed, try to relax some more. Get even softer. Then more and more. You will be surprised when you realize how tense your body is. We all fall asleep very stressed. As a result, we get busy days.

In principle, this is sufficient.

Remember what you need to think about before going to bed.

1. Remove emotions, experiences.

2. Remove thoughts.

3. Remove tightness of the body.

Learn more