Six word sentence

English sentence-bank: 6-word sentences (583)

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  1. I had two cups of coffee.
  2. I am going to the store.
  3. The teacher is in the classroom.
  4. I will give it to you.
  5. I would like to be there.
  6. I will buy one of each.
  7. I will do it right away.
  8. I will go if you go.
  9. I would like to be there.
  10. It was not what I wanted.
  11. There are two boys playing.
  12. Will she go with her family?
  13. We made it in art class.
  14. He will go if you go.
  15. They will think about buying it.
  16. The children went out to play.
  17. He and she will go then.
  18. The plane went over the mountain.
  19. I'm going back to my house.
  20. She got in line after you.
  21. There's a good show on television.
  22. That is a very large boat!
  23. That was such a good dinner.
  24. Why do you ask these questions?
  25. We will read this book together.
  26. I can't wait to go home.
  27. He was a very kind man.
  28. I like to breathe fresh air.
  29. Can you say that word again?
  30. I am going through the tunnel.
  31. Are we going the right way?
  32. She would also like to go.
  33. That is a very small school.
  34. He left because he was bored.
  35. I wonder what I should do?
  36. I am about to go to work.
  37. Please be kind to each other.
  38. He made me dinner last night.
  39. Do you like to drink coffee?
  40. I want to buy the other one.
  41. Yes I am related to her.
  42. Nobody can make you do anything.
  43. Are you going out for lunch?
  44. I think these belong to me.
  45. It costs more for that car.
  46. I drove my bike to school.
  47. It is time to go now.
  48. Did you like the long weekend?
  49. There are four seasons in Canada.
  50. Has the mail come in yet?
  51. I am going to work now.
  52. You are my number one fan.
  53. She walked right by my side.
  54. Will you be at my wedding.
  55. You look good with blond hair.
  56. I better not tell you now.
  57. We had very nice weather today.
  58. You and I are good friends.
  59. I started my job last week.
  60. That was a very good story.
  61. How many miles away is Toronto?
  62. I can do without my books.
  63. That is a very good idea.
  64. Can we swim in the river?
  65. Can you watch that for me?
  66. I like being at the pool.
  67. Every day I go to work.
  68. You can keep it for yourself.
  69. Can I help you with something?
  70. I have been waiting since lunch.
  71. It is usually very good.
  72. Are you sure it's all right?
  73. Today will be a better day.
  74. She is good at problem solving.
  75. The sun is hurting my eyes.
  76. I like to run every morning.
  77. It is very cold outside today.
  78. I would like to travel south.
  79. I love to listen to music.
  80. I have become a proud parent.
  81. How many questions did you do?
  82. Black is the opposite of white.
  83. You have to measure the ingredients.
  84. I reached out to grab him.
  85. Make sure you watch your step.
  86. That looks like a Roman numeral.
  87. How much money do you have?
  88. He is going to school today.
  89. You can listen to the radio.
  90. I have a really good plan.
  91. The snow has covered the grass.
  92. How long will you stand there?
  93. We will cover the full area.
  94. How many birds did you see?
  95. She told me to do it.
  96. That was a very big ship.
  97. I began to work out today.
  98. They will come at four p.m..
  99. Would you like a second one?
  100. That will be enough, thank you.
  101. How far away do you live?
  102. Will you let me help you?
  103. I have to go home soon.
  104. We need to save the trees!
  105. We get wiser over the years.
  106. I like to give people presents.
  107. Hope you have a good day!
  108. Do you have anything to say?
  109. We have different cultures in Canada.
  110. How do you spell your name?
  111. That was a long time ago.
  112. I like to play this game.
  113. It is very warm in here.
  114. The clothes will hang to dry.
  115. How did you get that equation?
  116. Will you stay for a while?
  117. Put the fruit into the bowl.
  118. It is as white as snow
  119. The book is on the table.
  120. I have a brand new car.
  121. My dog was killed last year.
  122. There's a hole in the wall.
  123. I know exactly what you mean!
  124. My chair is made of metal.
  125. The storm affected the whole nation.
  126. The pipes are made of lead!
  127. I just had a new baby!
  128. He likes everything on his pizza.
  129. It's hard to get something free.
  130. My daughter is six years old.
  131. Some birds can fly very high.
  132. She uses a lot of force.
  133. My aunt died on the weekend.
  134. My son is five years old.
  135. He stood there for two hours.
  136. Spring is just around the corner!
  137. What section are you seated in?
  138. You weigh yourself on a scale.
  139. You are as good as gold!
  140. That is a lot of cake!
  141. She said yes to the offer.
  142. Ontario uses a lot of power.
  143. What shoe size do you wear?
  144. Does this contain any chemicals?
  145. That is a very tall building.
  146. Please line up in a row.
  147. She grew her hair very long.
  148. I suppose I can do that!
  149. That is a very nice garden!
  150. That is a very popular design!
  151. She has pain in her shoulder.
  152. Let's walk to the corner store.
  153. We live in a rich country.
  154. He is the chief of police.
  155. I don't eat meat on Fridays.
  156. How is your sense of smell?
  157. Girls grow up to be women.
  158. Did you see the tennis match?
  159. He is especially busy on Mondays.
  160. Are you afraid of the dark?
  161. He stretched to catch the ball.
  162. She does not have any fear.
  163. What is the plural of man?
  164. I think that's a fair price.
  165. A gun can be very dangerous
  166. She won't allow that to happen.
  167. He can't wait until March break.
  168. The opposite of "wrong" is "right."
  169. He is neither young nor old.
  170. I settled for a different one.
  171. The truck almost hit my car.
  172. There are people working ahead.
  173. She was born in southern Australia.
  174. There are more planets besides Earth!
  175. My mother was in the army.
  176. Why won't you listen to me?
  177. Milkshakes are really good and thick.
  178. Most children like to blow bubbles.
  179. Board games are a lot of fun.
  180. Santa lives at the North Pole.
  181. Parties are a lot of fun.
  182. I'm lucky to have my sight.
  183. Have you read the current news?
  184. He works in a big industry.
  185. It's not nice to hit people.
  186. Look at the dog's curly tail!
  187. Who does this bag belong to?
  188. I like various types of music.
  189. Half of her family is British.
  190. My shirt is made of cotton.
  191. We will have corn with dinner.
  192. I love my sister very much!
  193. We both agreed on the decision.
  194. We all prepared the meal together.
  195. I guess I'll go with you!
  196. My car has a flat tire.
  197. Addition is taught in math class.
  198. Her eye has a blind spot.
  199. What size shoes do you wear?
  200. I think the bird is dead.
  201. I need a very long rope.
  202. Who wants to provide the dessert?
  203. We like to eat chicken wings.
  204. Which church does she go to?
  205. Please go talk to the chief.
  206. Ottawa is the capital of Canada.
  207. Did he eat the entire cake?
  208. You should go see a doctor!
  209. Who wants to cook dinner tonight?
  210. Would you rather watch something else?
  211. Don't forget to wear your hat!
  212. Do you have a medicine supply?
  213. "Yes" is the opposite of "no".
  214. A potato is a root vegetable.
  215. We need a heart to live.
  216. She went to the General Hospital.
  217. The moon comes out at night.
  218. We are very happy for you.
  219. Windows are made out of glass.
  220. The weather is very nice today.
  221. I love the smell of flowers!
  222. I would like to visit Europe.
  223. How do you like your eggs?
  224. I will meet with him later.
  225. That is a very good reason.
  226. My brother is taller than me.
  227. The store is around the corner.
  228. The sky is very blue today.
  229. It doesn't really matter to me.
  230. I moved out west last year.
  231. I need to paint my house.
  232. What region do you live in?
  233. Is it going to rain today?
  234. Would you like to sit down?
  235. Don't get lost in the forest.
  236. We get our energy from food.
  237. Let's go swim in the lake.
  238. Can I go on that ride?
  239. Someone told me about the party.
  240. I wonder who's going to win?
  241. We won a trip to Africa.
  242. Are you able to help me?
  243. I built this house by myself.
  244. Perhaps I will see you later.
  245. He is stranded on an island.
  246. The class is filled with students.
  247. Can I have the cheque please?
  248. That is a very tall lamp.
  249. I hope to win the lottery.
  250. Stay within this area, please!
  251. She came inches from my car.
  252. I need to get some rest.
  253. It is very cool outside today.
  254. I like to wear nice clothes.
  255. Can you fill in this report?
  256. Do you take the express bus?
  257. The car rolled into a ditch.
  258. Is that a 45 degree angle?
  259. That is a very nice melody.
  260. My French class is after lunch.
  261. Good things come in small packages.
  262. There are four people here today.
  263. So what are we doing now?
  264. Fries are usually cooked in oil.
  265. Can you give me some information?
  266. The letter "R" is a consonant.
  267. That is a very good rule.
  268. It is very dark in here.
  269. The stars are very bright tonight.
  270. I jumped higher than everyone else.
  271. I need a second copy, please!
  272. How many instruments do you play?
  273. Do you need some new clothes?
  274. A square is another common shape.
  275. They have written many books together.
  276. We enjoy spending the holidays together.
  277. What terms are you talking about?
  278. How much experience do you have?
  279. Please wash your hands before dinner.
  280. The bridge is made of steel.
  281. What are you doing this evening?
  282. Watch out for those toxic substances!
  283. Can you provide me with information?
  284. Our guests came by train yesterday.
  285. He lives at 32 York Road.
  286. "Do you smoke?" - "I used to. "
  287. Tables are usually made of wood.
  288. Where can I find Chestnut Street?
  289. Neither of them was any good.
  290. He drank half glass of milk.
  291. They all live in this village.
  292. They paid me for the books.
  293. The Dutch live in the Netherlands.
  294. I wish I had a car!
  295. It's tiring running round this field.
  296. You buy petrol by the litre.
  297. He asked his father for money.
  298. "How far did he travel?" - "1,600 miles."
  299. She spoke to me at last.
  300. My husband caught five small fish.
  301. I finished writing my book report.
  302. She talks faster than I do.
  303. A mouse is similar to a rat.
  304. Furniture is often made of wood.
  305. Tell Joe not to close the door. (=I want you to tell Joe...)
  306. Joe wins every time. He always beats Bill.
  307. I hope to see you there.
  308. Peter is not angry, and neither is Mary.
  309. What sizes shoes do you wear?
  310. She told me everything about herself.
  311. One hundred years make a century.
  312. I am interested in building ships.
  313. He accused the man of stealing.
  314. They say that he is ill.
  315. Peter hasn’t finished his work yet.
  316. He was lying on his bed.
  317. I noticed him cutting the grass.
  318. One must protect oneself against gangsters.
  319. The English are fond of sport.
  320. This man always wears black shoes.
  321. You ought to have come yesterday.
  322. I bought an English book to read.
  323. Jane has some money in her bag.
  324. Please excuse me for being late.
  325. Who is your favourite English writer?
  326. Keith never understands anything his mother says.
  327. He played well yesterday, didn't he?
  328. Was the baby sleeping when I phoned?
  329. We enjoyed ourselves during the holiday.
  330. Most crimes take place at night.
  331. Will you be among the 5000 winners?
  332. My brother can swim very well.
  333. Have you ever made a cake?
  334. Wine is usually made from grapes.
  335. Neither of my parents speaks Spanish.
  336. A year consists of twelve months.
  337. Apples are sold by the pound.
  338. Sick people must stay in bed.
  339. John is a great friend of mine.
  340. I come here to learn English.
  341. Look out! A car is coming.
  342. A saucepan is for cooking in.
  343. I laid the table for supper.
  344. You must do your work carefully.
  345. This is a plan of Middleford.
  346. We’re in a library in Middleford.
  347. Is Mary there? - Yes, she’s here.
  348. Ah, you’re here. - Yes, I am.
  349. We aren’t in the library now.
  350. He’s at home with Mrs Harrison.
  351. They’re at twenty-one Gladstone Avenue, Middleford.
  352. She’s quite old and rather fat.
  353. There’s a cat under the table.
  354. Are you thirsty? - Yes, I am.
  355. The glasses are on the shelf.
  356. Mrs Harrison hasn’t got any food.
  357. Yes, Bruce has some money tonight.
  358. Arthur hasn’t got a gold watch.
  359. He has only a cheap watch.
  360. Bruce has got lots of money.
  361. We haven’t got any wine now.
  362. Have you got a full one?
  363. These potatoes aren’t hot, they’re cold.
  364. Yes, it’s not bad, is it?
  365. I’ve only got 2 pounds 10.
  366. He is tired, cold and miserable.
  367. Perhaps they are in Bruce’s car.
  368. But is my bedroom window open?
  369. It’s not mine; it’s Mrs Harrison’s.
  370. Well, ring it. Ring the bell.
  371. Is it hers? - Perhaps it is.
  372. Look at all those people, Mary.
  373. I’ve got the radio here, Arthur.
  374. Listen, Mary, they’re playing our song.
  375. Well, you aren’t drinking my coffee.
  376. Mary is also there with him.
  377. He is giving them to Mary.
  378. Arthur is climbing the ladder again.
  379. This is hard work for him.
  380. You’re getting those new books ready.
  381. Arthur’s putting them on the shelves.
  382. Show me some of them, please.
  383. Here’s a good book for Arthur.
  384. Arthur is getting out of bed.
  385. He is waiting for the bus.
  386. Now it is twenty to ten.
  387. He must go to work immediately.
  388. Arthur is standing at the bus-stop.
  389. What can I do? Tell me.
  390. You mustn’t stay for another minute.
  391. Arthur’s letter is from his parents.
  392. I must try the next carriage.
  393. Where’s Kate? Ah, here she is.
  394. Bob! What are you doing here?
  395. They don’t always wear pretty dresses.
  396. That’s very kind of you, Bob.
  397. Do you know my brother Arthur?
  398. I don’t like it very much.
  399. I only eat good food here.
  400. I don’t know many people here.
  401. There’s an accident up the road.
  402. Somebody’s standing in front of me.
  403. Somebody’s going to the car now.
  404. I’m going to examine him first.
  405. Haven’t you got anywhere to go?
  406. I’m going to take your pulse.
  407. Two of your ribs are fractured.
  408. He isn’t anybody from the village.
  409. You can read it after lunch.
  410. Don’t you want to see Mary?
  411. You haven’t asked either of us.
  412. She is always early for work.
  413. He’s still standing near the door.
  414. Have you had a good weekend?
  415. What have you done this morning?
  416. How long have you been here?
  417. I’ve had them since last Wednesday.
  418. I’ve waited six weeks for it.
  419. Come into my office at once!
  420. Arthur is happy about this too.
  421. Mr Steele has just gone home.
  422. I‘ve just got this one letter.
  423. I’m in no hurry at all.
  424. I expect it’s still quite warm.
  425. Now I really must go home.
  426. No, really, I must be off.
  427. Saturday? That’s the twenty-nineth, isn’t it?
  428. Well, he’s in hospital, isn’t he?
  429. There’s Sheila and her brother, Michael.
  430. After breakfast he rang Mary up.
  431. The others were not there yet.
  432. It was a very hot afternoon.
  433. All right, then I can steer.
  434. We can have our picnic there.
  435. Have you got enough room, Shelia?
  436. Do you want some pickled onions?
  437. Yes, there are some over there.
  438. No, thanks, I’ve got one already.
  439. What about Mary, Shelia? And me?
  440. Oh, haven’t you got any? Sorry.
  441. Have you been here before, Mary?
  442. It was you, Arthur, wasn’t it?
  443. I’ve come for my driving lesson.
  444. Sorry, what was your name again?
  445. Do sit down for a minute.
  446. You are a bit early, actually.
  447. How do you do, Mr Newton.
  448. Make sure it’s in neutral first.
  449. Don’t worry about reverse just yet.
  450. I need a car like that.
  451. So you passed your test. Congratulations.
  452. Nothing wrong with that, is there?
  453. Well, that’s out of question then.
  454. Yes, I suppose so.
  455. May I look at something else?
  456. We’ve got one or two inside.
  457. Not for you really, is it?
  458. How much are the monthly installments?
  459. Now what about this one here?
  460. You’ve got a bargain there, sir.
  461. Yes, it doesn’t seem too bad.
  462. So Artur now has a car.
  463. It’s a pity Mary isn’t coming.
  464. She’ll be with Bruce, I suppose.
  465. It’s a fantastic castle, isn’t it?
  466. It’s round the corner, isn’t it?
  467. Shall I sit in front now?
  468. Well, why did you come, then?
  469. Arthur doesn’t know anything about them.
  470. Has he ever won a race?
  471. Don’t put any money on him!
  472. Most people are smaller than her.
  473. Well, have you decided anything yet?
  474. So Arthur was lucky for once.
  475. In fact it was the worst.
  476. It’s very crowded today, isn’t it?
  477. The crowd seems to like him.
  478. He kicked that Didcot player deliberately.
  479. Well, he kicked that poor chap.
  480. So Arthur got a black eye.
  481. Radios aren’t allowed in the library.
  482. What do you think you’re doing?
  483. This is a library, you know.
  484. Will you come into my office!
  485. They're a doctor and a teacher.
  486. It's a postcard in my suitcase.
  487. It's a stamp on my envelope.
  488. I want to live in America.
  489. My brother has a new girlfriend.
  490. My grandmother and grandfather are old.
  491. I have a park at home.
  492. I am happy in the evening.
  493. My house is small and friendly.
  494. My mother and father are old.
  495. Nine hundred is a large number.
  496. My address is 8, Flower street.
  497. Her husband is a horrible man.
  498. I like to drink mineral water.
  499. My sister has a new boyfriend.
  500. We have to catch a train.
  501. Certainly I like noodles with poppy-seed.
  502. I’d like to learn to drive.
  503. I never go to football matches.
  504. Fortunately I know him / her.
  505. I go to a nearby school.
  506. I have a very good hairdresser.
  507. I was five days in hospital
  508. I know a very good interpreter.
  509. He leaves for school at six.
  510. She looks after my son carefully.
  511. I’d like to see the sea.
  512. Can you see that beautiful flower?
  513. I was child in a village.
  514. When do you go to beaches?
  515. I like cooking with my friends.
  516. I always have a big dinner.
  517. What do you like to eat?
  518. How many friends do you have?
  519. This is not my favourite game.
  520. I don’t like getting up early.
  521. Do I have to go shopping?
  522. I went swimming two years ago.
  523. I have never tried ice skating.
  524. What do you know about it?
  525. Would you listen to me, please?
  526. Blood is red because of iron.
  527. Relax! Don’t do this (this way)!
  528. The short way is this way.
  529. Don’t smoke here – children are here.
  530. This spring has been very hot.
  531. And then I suddenly saw her.
  532. What will you do in summer?
  533. What do you take photos with?
  534. The traffic is very busy here.
  535. Where have you bought this tree?
  536. I don’t usually answer this question.
  537. I think I’ll never try windsurf.
  538. I am thirsty and also hungry.
  539. I can’t go into the bathroom.
  540. My bedroom is in the attic.
  541. I don’t have too much clothes.
  542. We have to mend our cooker.
  543. What’s this mess on your desk?
  544. Dogs don’t like me – it’s mutual.
  545. There are no kings in Hungary.
  546. You have a very futuristic lamp.
  547. What is in your left pocket?
  548. Do you know the latest news?
  549. My PC is on my desk.
  550. Do you have any other ideas?
  551. Do you have a red pen?
  552. I love plants in my home.
  553. I haven’t broken many plates yet.
  554. I’d like a brand new radio.
  555. Where’s the nearest toilet? … Quickly!
  556. My whole day is very busy.
  557. I was born in this town.
  558. Where and when were you born?
  559. Well, let's stop this conversation now.
  560. There is something in my eye.
  561. What would be your last wish?
  562. Do you go to football matches?
  563. My friend wanted to study medicine.
  564. What has happened to your nose?
  565. What are you thinking about now?
  566. Have you ever ridden a poni?
  567. Can you translate it for me?
  568. Take a cake from my tray!
  569. What do you want to become?
  570. Is there anything in your bottle?
  571. I like that character. Do you?
  572. Most people like Christmas very much.
  573. I have to clean the house.
  574. What do you want to get?
  575. Can you give me the direction?
  576. I kissed her and I left.
  577. Where did you lose your cap?
  578. I don’t have a favourite novelist.
  579. The past few years were difficult.
  580. I know some pretty girls there.
  581. I have never visited a prison.
  582. When do you want to retire?
  583. Why did you send him there?


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100 6 word sentences | Teen Ink

1. Why whisper what you can shout?

2. I love with all my heart

3. Life is a box of chocolates

4. I'm weird just deal with it

5. I eat, sleep and speak music

6. I don't follow. I always lead

7. People will shout my name worldwide

8. You don't like me? Don't look?

9. You take risks when you love

10. Pluto is still a planet!!

11. Know what's better than 24? 25!!

12. What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!!!!

13. Money can buy anything except respect

14. Om nom nom me like cookie

15. Laugh all day for no reason

16. Live, love, and write amazing songs

17. I love love but it hurts

18. Moms cookies make everything feel better

19. I hate the thought of marriage

20. I hate him but I love him

21. To be or not to be

22. Love is a very complex thing

23. Keep calm and draw anime people

24. My room is an organized mess

25. I lived through the year 2012!!!

26. Sour candy makes my face twitch

27. The odds are not "in my favour"

28. When Fiddler died so did I

29. Home is where the heart is

30. I stand up for what's right

31. I am terrified of tall people

32. There's always gonna be another mountain

33. Your the apple to my pie

34. The letter Q is so dumb

35. I like big, fat, wrinkly pugs :)

36. Everybody knows bird is the word

37. My life is a blond moment

38. Follow me every thing is alright

39. Scrabble is nerdy but so fun

40. Add "in my pants" after every song

41. Yeah I'm that kind of girl

42. Where you think your goin baby?

43. You can hide or be seen

44. Normal is boring weird is fun

45. Six words can mean the world

46. Know me before you judge me

47. Lovers gonna love haters gonna hate

48. Spongebob is my one true love

49. Bright and colorful amazing and wonderful

50. Cuz it's the best day ever!!!

51. Insomnia gives me time to think

52. I woke up today for you

53. Live like there is no tomorrow

54. Congrats! Your at number 54 now!

55. Say something nice or don't talk

56. Inspiration slaps me in the face

57. Don't wait for it to happen

58. Make it up as you go

59. Last chance for one last dance

60. I feel funny when your around

61. I'm in my own little world

62. Cancer took my Pappy. Cure it

63. They died so we could live

64. Sometimes she wishes she wasn't born

65. You are my one and only

67. Your mine all mine. Remember that

68. He's mine he just doesn't know

69. I make mistakes because I'm human

70. Sleeping with a giant teddy bear

71. Can you tell that I'm bluffing?

72. With you I can do anything

73. How is being suspended a punishment?

74. I don't want to fit in

75. Dreams don't happen unless you try

76. With great power comes great responsibility

77. Home alone. Hears noise. Calls mom.

78. Girls just want to have fun

79. Together we'd make the perfect team

80. I eat soup with a fork

81. There's no place like grandmas house

82. Straight up pimpin my home slice!

83. Earth without art is just "eh"

84. I do it because I can

85. I never use a public bathroom

86. Finn and Marceline belong together forever

87. I'm proud to be an American

88. Got some Popsicles in the cellar.

89. Frosty the snowman is a boss

90. The sky is not the limit

91. Ill love you no matter what

92. Tis the wind and nothing more!

93. You are my everything and more

94. You meant so much to me

95. You broke my heart. It hurt

96. Dancing around the flames of love

97. I think of you every day

98. I loved everything and lost everything

99. I got it from my mama


Once Ernest Hemingway bet that he would write the shortest story that could touch anyone


Zhenya Kuzmin

The story of a literary legend that has become a meme — in social networks for many years they have been writing their poignant parodies like “Beer is over, so is the money.

Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway is one of the most famous writers of the 20th century, author of The Old Man and the Sea, Farewell to Arms and For Whom the Bell Tolls. The American received both the Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Prize in Literature for his work. But on the Internet, Hemingway is better known as the author of "the shortest story that can move anyone."

True, there is no evidence that the writer actually invented such a story. It is believed that this is a legend invented already in the 1990s. But Hemingway's legacy lives on: for one "shoes, never worn" story, there are several hundred sad sequels that turned the bike into a meme.

The story, which you can still come across to this day, has been circulating on social networks for many years in the form of text or pictures. Sometimes the details change, but the "classic" version in Russian sounds like this.

Ernest Hemingway once bet that he could write the shortest story that could move anyone. He won the argument: “Children's shoes are for sale. Never worn" (in the original - "For sale: baby shoes, never worn").

Sometimes the argument is replaced by a kind of "short story competition" or simply "Hemingway was asked." But the essence remains the same: the author in six words (in Russian - in four) described a sad story about the loss of a child, after which the parents had to sell the shoes that had become unnecessary.

The most detailed account of the Hemingway controversy was given in his book by the literary agent Peter Miller, relying on the words of an "authoritative newspaperman". The writer allegedly invented the story about the shoes at the Algonquian Round Table. This was the name given to an influential group of New York writers, actors, screenwriters and comedians who dined together at the Algonquin Hotel almost every day from 1919 to 1929.

True, they called themselves differently - "Vicious Circle". The Algokin Roundtable is considered the most famous literary circle in US history. Over lunch, the band members had numerous arguments and challenges. Miller claims that the story about the shoes appeared there - Hemingway won the dispute and took all the money wagered (about $ 10 per person).

Algokin Round Table. A painting hanging in the restaurant of the Algonquin Hotel

It is believed that this case epitomizes the whole Hemingway style: short, but full of meaning. The problem is that this story is almost certainly a fiction. And if it’s true, then the American writer was far from the first to think of “the shortest touching story”.

In 2010, Johns Hopkins University lecturer Gregory Sullivan launched Quote Investigator. His idea was simple: check the popular quotes of famous people on the Internet and find out if they said something similar or not. At some point, Sullivan reached Hemingway and the "boots".

The creator of Quote Investigator studied the archives and realized that "the most touching short story" occurred long before the start of Hemingway's career. For example, in 1910, The Spokane Press published an article entitled "The Tragedy of the Death of a Baby Revealed During a Sale." At that time, the future Nobel Prize winner was only 10 years old.

The world is an interweaving of joy and sadness, a continuous play of comedy and tragedy. And even in everyday life there are small details in which touching stories are woven.

Last Saturday an ad appeared in the local newspaper: “Selling handmade baby clothes and a crib. Never been used." Perhaps this means little to the average reader. But for a mother who spent hours looking for things for her unborn child, this means great bitterness.

In 1917, the author William Kane wrote an article about "powerful short works" in a magazine for literary workers. One example was a four-word story: "Little Shoes, Never Worn." In this version, the shoes were given away for free: so the owners tried to make up for the loss by giving at least another child the shoes.

In 1921, the story appeared as an example of "poignant drama" in Life and the Boston Globe. The connection with Hemingway appeared only in the book of Peter Miller in 1991 - 30 years after the death of the writer.

The authors of the Snopes website, where they refute Internet fakes, also did not find any real connections between the “shortest touching story” and Hemingway. And the creator of Quote Investigator in 2017 published a book with his investigations called “Hemingway didn’t say that.”

Against all odds, the writer's legend has inspired numerous jokes and memes on social media. In 2007, The Guardian asked contemporary writers to come up with their own touching stories. There is also an English-language site, "Six Word Stories", referring to Hemingway's "argument".

In Russia, the story about the writer is remembered when they see something very sad. For example, dramatic correspondence, advertisements or news.

Threads are also periodically launched, where users are asked to tell a sad everyday story in four words. You get stories worthy of Hemingway. For example, "The beer is over, the money too."

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Complex sentence in Russian - types, types, examples

Today we will analyze a topic that is relevant for many 9th grade students. Namely: what sentences in Russian are called complex, what groups they are divided into and how to find them in the text.

What is a compound sentence

A compound sentence is a sentence that consists of two or more grammatical bases.

An example of a complex sentence:

According to the connection between the parts, complex sentences are divided into two types - allied (compound and complex) and non-union. In the first case, the parts are connected by unions and allied words, in the second - by meaning.

In total, there are 3 types of complex sentences. Let's look at them in a table.

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Compound sentence

A compound sentence (CSP) is a complex sentence that has two or more independent simple sentences in its composition. This means that they can be broken with a dot, while the meaning is not lost.

Parts of such complex sentences are connected by conjunctions and allied words: connective (and, yes, also, etc.) , adversative (a, but, but, etc.) , separating (or, then ... then, not that ... not that, etc.) or combinations thereof.


  • I wanted a pie, and the apples are already ripe.

  • I wanted a pie, but the apples weren't ripe yet.

  • Either mother will bake pies, or grandmother will come with buns.

Sometimes parts of compound sentences are connected without a coordinating union and a union word - in meaning. Such proposals are called non-union.


Punctuation marks in compound sentences

In sentences with conjunctions and, yes, however, either, etc. it is customary to put a comma. Except when:


If the parts of a complex sentence have a common minor member or subordinate clause, but they are connected by a repeating conjunction, a comma must be used.


In non-union compound sentences, parts are divided not only by commas, but also by dashes, colons and semicolons. We discussed this topic in detail in the article on compound sentences.

Compound sentence

Compound sentence (CSP) is a type of complex sentence in which one simple sentence is subordinate to another in meaning and intonation. In this case, the dependent clause is called the subordinate clause, and the independent clause is called the main clause.

An example of a complex sentence:

Types of connection in a complex sentence

Usually parts of NGN in Russian are connected with each other by subordinating conjunctions, for example:

There are complex sentences in which the main clause is related only in meaning and separated by a punctuation mark, but a subordinating conjunction can still be inserted between them. Such proposals are called non-union.


Values ​​of subordinate clauses in NGN

Compound clauses are divided into groups, and then into subgroups according to the meaning and type of connection with the main one.

You can read more about the differences between clauses in a complex sentence with examples in this article.

Types of subordination in a complex sentence

Sometimes in a complex sentence there are not one, but two or more subordinate clauses. This type of complex sentences is called polynomial. They have different types of submission.

We have already discussed this topic in more detail in the article on complex sentences.

Punctuation marks in complex sentences

It is customary to put a comma between the main and subordinate parts of a complex sentence. If one part is in the middle of another, it must be separated with a comma on both sides:

  • When we returned to the city, all the sorrows were left behind.

  • Now that we have returned to the city, all the sorrows are left behind.

If sentences with the words only, only, still and, above all, precisely, obviously, are probably connected by a compound union, it is divided. Then a comma should be placed before the word that should be put:

If we highlight indicative or conditional clauses with intonation and put them before the main sentence, a dash is placed between them:

If it is clear from the main clause that the subordinate clause will explain it, you need to put a colon. The same rule applies to non-associative complex sentences:

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Test yourself

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  1. Mother had already cooked for the morning and went to bed when I returned from the theatre.

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