Significant other quizzes

A Quiz To Test How Well You & Your Partner Really Know Each Other

Once you've asked and answered all the questions and got your final tally ready, you can calculate your score and read about what your results mean for you as a couple below.

Warm-up questions:

  1. What's their favorite movie?
  2. What food would they never get sick of?
  3. What color do they never wear?
  4. What's their go-to drink?
  5. Would they rather go out on Friday night or stay in?
  6. What's their favorite book?

Questions about the past:

  1. Who was their best friend growing up?
  2. As a kid, what did they want to be when they grew up?
  3. What was their favorite subject in school?
  4. Did they have any part-time jobs as a teen?
  5. Did they have a good high school experience?
  6. Did they have a good relationship with their family as a kid?
  7. What's their favorite place that they've traveled to?
  8. What's their biggest regret?
  9. What do they miss about their childhood?
  10. Do they have "someone that got away"?
  11. What's the most spiritual experience they've ever had?

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Questions about the future:

  1. What is the most important factor in their future?
  2. What's the No. 1 thing on their bucket list?
  3. Where do they want to live in the future?
  4. What's their next career move?
  5. Do they want kids?
  6. Do they ever want to move back to their hometown or never go back?
  7. Would they ever be open to a long-distance relationship?
  8. What is a big goal they have in their five-year plan?
  9. How do they feel about marriage?
  10. What's their biggest fear for the future?

Questions about sex:

  1. What is their biggest turn-on?
  2. What is their biggest turnoff?
  3. What's their biggest fantasy, kink, or fetish?
  4. What is their favorite position?
  5. Are they into quickies, or do they prefer to take their time?
  6. Where is their favorite place to have sex?
  7. How do they like to be teased?
  8. Do they like to use sex toys?
  9. Do they watch porn?

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Questions about values:

  1. Which social cause do they most care about?
  2. What quality do they value most in others?
  3. What are their political views?
  4. How important is money to them?
  5. What's a more worthy investment to them: experiences or objects?
  6. What are their thoughts on open relationships?
  7. How are they working on self-growth and self-improvement?
  8. What influences their decisions the most?
  9. What's a nonnegotiable for them in relationships?

Questions about communication:

  1. How do they like to give love?
  2. How do they like to receive love?
  3. Are they more passive or confrontational?
  4. How do they like to be apologized to?
  5. Do they respond quickly or need time to process in an argument?
  6. Are they more logical or emotional?
  7. Are they more introverted or extroverted?
  8. Do they prefer structure or going with the flow?
  9. What is their preferred form of communication (that's not in-person)?
  10. What do they like most about you?

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What the results say about you as a couple.

Here's an idea of what the results might mean about your relationship:

  • 30 or fewer correct: Hey, don't worry. Odds are you haven't been together that long or just haven't prioritized some of these bigger conversational topics. You definitely have room to get to know each other better—and that's exciting! Time to start digging in.
  • 30 to 40 correct: You know plenty about your partner, but there's still more to find out as your connection deepens.
  • 40 to 55 correct: You know your partner like the back of your hand, and that's great! You've probably been together for a while, or you just really prioritize conversation and curiosity with each other.

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As licensed marriage and family therapist and sex therapist Holly Richmond, Ph. D., LMFT, CST, tells mbg, you're usually going to do better on this quiz the longer you've been together. Don't fret if you didn't do as well as you may have liked to—this just means you can make getting to know each other better a bigger priority.

Ways to get to know each other better if you're not content with your results.

According to therapist and relationship expert Ken Page, LCSW, quizzes like this are fun, of course, but having a daily practice of checking in with each other is "a really wonderful thing to do." He recommends finding time for each other every day and thinking of a thoughtful question or two that can help you both root in your connectedness—whether something from this list or something you come up with on your own.

Page is also a fan of the 36 questions to fall in love, developed in the 1990s by psychologists Arthur Aron, Ph.D.; Elaine Aron, Ph.D.; and other researchers. This set of questions has been found, on many an occasion, to cultivate intimacy and connection between strangers—so it certainly couldn't hurt to cover those questions, Page says.

In addition to that, Richmond suggests simply getting curious with each other on a regular basis. "Sit down at least once a week, where you have each other's undivided attention, with eye contact, and you aren't distracted." Ask each other questions, have genuine curiosity for each other, and just enjoy the process of getting to know each other. (Here are some conversation starters for couples to get you started.)

Whether you aced this quiz or there's still more to learn, the bottom line is, it's important to understand who we're with. When we take time to consciously learn about our partner, not only do we see them more and more as they truly are, but we give them the gift of being seen and understood.

101 Questions To Determine How Well You Know Your Partner


You know your partner best. It seems so, but how well do you really know your partner? Whether you have been together for a few months or several years, your relationship has stood the test of time. You might not know everything about your significant other, though. So whether you want to know more about your partner or test your understanding of them, we can help.

Let’s begin by saying that not knowing everything about your partner is fine. After all, certain conversations and situations take time to unfold. It is all good! Test the extent to which you understand your significant other with this quiz. The responses to these questions will help you determine how well you really know and understand your partner. If you don’t know the answer, you can ask them for more information! The questions on the list are about their beliefs, childhood, and favorite topics. There may be some serious and some playful questions. Let’s get started!

How Well Do You Know Your Partner?


A. Childhood And Family Questions

  1. What is your partner’s zodiac sign? Does he believe in astrology?
  2. What is his mother’s maiden name?
  3. How many siblings do his parents have? Can you name them?
  4. In what town/city did your guy grow up?
  5. What was the name of his primary school? Where was it located?
  6. What was his favorite dish as a kid?
  7. What did his parents do for a living?
  8. Does your partner have any nieces or nephews? If yes, how many? Can you name them?
  9. Is he more like his mom or dad?
  10. What was the worst trouble that your guy got into as a child? What was his punishment?
  11. What was his favorite subject in school?
  12. What was his least favorite subject? What did he dislike about it? Did he ever fail it?
  13. Has he ever performed on stage? If yes, what did he do? Was he scared?
  14. What were his hobbies in school? Was he boisterous or shy?
  15. Did he play any sports when growing up? What was he good at?


  1. Is he close to his extended family? Do they meet at family gatherings?
  2. Who is his oldest friend? Who were his best friends through the years?
  3. Did he ever repeat a grade in school?
  4. Is he close to his parents?
  5. Are his grandparents still alive? What are their names?
  6. Does he have any siblings? What are their names?
  7. Did he have a favorite teacher? What is his/her name, and what did he/she teach?
  8. What is his fondest childhood memory?
  9. What was his first pet? What was its name?
  10. What was his favorite cartoon show as a child?
  11. Is he religious? Is his family religious?

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Travel And Activity Questions


  1. What are the three best places that he has been to? Would he love to visit again?
  2. Does he prefer to travel alone or in a group?
  3. Does he prefer to travel by plane, train, or car?
  4. Where would he go if he could get free tickets to anywhere in the world?
  5. How many countries has he traveled to? Did he travel alone?
  6. Has he ever gone camping? If yes, how old was he?
  7. Can he change the tire on a car?

C. Food Questions


  1. What is his favorite ice cream flavor?
  2. What is his favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
  3. What is his favorite thing to drink? Does he prefer Pepsi/Coke, Sprite or Orange Squash?
  4. Does he like vanilla or chocolate better?
  5. Does he prefer his coffee hot or iced? Or is he a tea person?
  6. Does he prefer spicy or bland foods?
  7. What is the name of his favorite restaurant?
  8. Does he drink alcohol? If yes, what is his favorite alcoholic drink?
  9. Does he prefer ice cream in a cup or a cone?
  10. Would he choose whipped cream or chocolate syrup on his ice cream?
  11. What would it be if he could have one food for the rest of his life?
  12. Does he like regular pizza or pineapple pizza?
  13. What is his favorite kind of cake? Chocolate, vanilla, pineapple…?
  14. What can he not eat? What is he allergic to?
  15. If he could have dinner with one person (whether dead or alive), who would that be?
  16. What is his favorite meal of the day?
  17. Has he ever snuck food into a movie theater? If yes, what was it?
  18. Does he like to cook? If yes, what is his most popular dish?

StyleCraze Says

The ideal time to ask food-related questions would be when planning a surprise meal or a date night for your partner. It will help you curate a menu that melts them.

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D. Relationships And Love Questions


  1. How old was he when he had his first kiss?
  2. What are the three things that he likes about you?
  3. Where did you both take your first picture together?
  4. What is the best gift that you ever gave him?
  5. How many girlfriends did he have before you both got together?
  6. Was he ever in a serious relationship before meeting you?
  7. How have things changed since you have gotten together?
  8. Between the two of you, who is better at making financial decisions?
  9. Does he get easily jealous?
  10. How and why did his last relationship end?
  11. What is that one thing about him that can make you weak in the knees?

StyleCraze Says

While asking relationships and love questions, ensure that your partner is comfortable sharing intricate details about their love life. Avoid way too personal topics during the initial phase of your relationship.

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E. Work Questions


  1. What does your partner love about his job?
  2. What does he hate about his job?
  3. Has he ever quit a job?
  4. When and what was his first job?
  5. Does he love what he does for a living?

F. Random Questions


  1. Does he know how to do his laundry?
  2. Has he ever been awake for 24 hours straight? What was he doing?
  3. Does he prefer cats or dogs?
  4. What is his favorite color?
  5. Does he prefer store-bought gifts, gift cards, or handmade presents?
  6. Would he rather do laundry or dishes?
  7. What is his favorite sports team? Who is his favorite sportsperson?
  8. What kind of music does he listen to?
  9. What kind of music does he loathe?
  10. Does he prefer reality television, sports, or news?
  11. Has he ever had surgery?
  12. Has he ever broken any bones? If yes, which one/ones?
  13. Would he rather watch a movie at home or in the theater? With friends or alone?
  14. Would he rather watch a horror movie or a comedy? Or a romantic sob fest?
  15. Does he believe in ghosts? Has he seen any?
  16. Is he organized or messy?
  17. Does he curse a lot?
  18. Does he like watching documentaries? Which is his favorite one?
  19. What is his least favorite household chore?
  20. What would he want his superpower to be if he was a superhero?
  21. What is the name of his favorite book?
  22. Has he ever dyed his hair a funky color? If yes, what color did he opt for?


  1. Has he ever been arrested? If yes, for what?
  2. Does he have any phobias? Is he afraid of insects?
  3. Did he vote in the last election?
  4. What is his dream car? What color does he want it to be?
  5. If he could learn a new language, what would it be?
  6. Does he want kids in the future? If so, how many?
  7. Does he still watch cartoons? If yes, which ones?
  8. Does he know how to swim? Where did he learn to do it?
  9. Does he have any birthmarks?
  10. Does he have any tattoos or piercings? If yes, what and where?
  11. Has he ever been to a bachelor party? What was the naughtiest thing he did there?
  12. Does he still have his wisdom teeth? If not, at what age did he get them removed?

Remember, it doesn’t matter if you can’t answer most of these questions! The important thing is it will allow you to start a conversation and get to know a lot more about him.

Having a heart-to-heart conversation will not just make your bond stronger but will also help you understand each other better. Also, you will get closer to his family and friends because you will get to know more about them and, eventually, build better relationships with them.

A few questions about childhood, family, preferences, likes, and dislikes can reveal a lot about your partner’s personality and give you a sneak peek into their life. Whether you have been together for decades and exhausted all topics of conversation or are still in the initial phases of getting acquainted with each other’s lives, we are sure the above list will have something new for you. It will help determine how well you know your partner and unravel new and exciting stories about them. So, why wait? Get the hot seat ready!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should couples know about each other?

Couples who wish to create a long-lasting relationship should know if they are emotionally, spiritually, sexually, physically, and ideologically compatible. They should also know that if they were to live together, will they be able to adjust to each other’s lifestyles and schedules.

How do I connect with my partner on a deeper level?

Knowing about each other’s personal histories and vulnerabilities, accepting each other despite that, and being willing to grow together will make you deeply connect with your partner.

What makes a man feel connected to a woman?

Men in our societies are used to not verbalizing their vulnerable thoughts and feelings. Women who can bring this out in them and show them love and appreciation by offering words of comfort, encouragement, and love make them feel connected to them.

How do you know if you have a real connection with someone?

When you know someone deeply, even the ugliest parts of them, and do not feel the urge to run, and they feel safe with you too, it is a significant sign of a real connection.

What triggers emotional attraction in a man?

Men wish to appear reliable, trustable, and dependable to those they care about. When someone openly trusts them, it can trigger an emotional response. If they are already physically attracted to this person, their emotional attraction will be stronger.

Key Takeaways

  • Whether yours is a new relationship or one that has survived the test of time, you always want to know more about your partner.
  • These questions can open up new conversations and help you understand each other better.
  • You will also get to know his family and friends better and develop deeper bonds with them.
  • Take turns in answering these questions – and be prepared to be surprised!


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Inappropriate quiz

A quiz dedicated to the defense of Moscow was held in one of the Moscow schools. However, in our time, the linguistic construction "at school" does not necessarily mean a spatial location. The quiz was held on the school's Instagram account.

The event went beyond the school walls and was supported by the Metropolitan Department of Education. Which is not surprising: now there is a lot of talk about the return to schools of patriotic education. There are plans and reports in this area, and the quiz on the topic of the Great Patriotic War fits perfectly into the required statistics. School “for activity” gets points that are taken into account in the current system of motivation and eventually somehow flow into money. Even other schools, if their students join the event, will receive significant benefits. nine0007

The quiz was dedicated to the events of December 5, 1941. Then, 80 years ago, the offensive of the Soviet troops began, pushing the Nazis back from Moscow. The enemy came close - only 25 km remained to the capital, and to survive that winter was, without exaggeration, a feat. The years take their toll, and the war slowly fell out of the actual memory of the people, turning into dry chapters in a history textbook. To revive that time, to open it anew for a child, so that he sees his compatriots in a moment of terrible trial and tries to recognize himself in them, is a good thing. But, turning to something lofty, our contemporary must be especially vigilant and crush the postmodernist in himself, who is trying to come to the fore and solve the problem in his own way. nine0007

It seems that the right words were said on the page of the school website dedicated to the quiz: “ these days we again remembered that war. But not in order to hate those who brought death and suffering to our land, but to always remember those who did everything so that we, who live now, could laugh and cry, rejoice and grieve, study and work, and just live. ! ". However, it seems that the authors of the quiz were somehow too preoccupied with avoiding relapses of hatred, and moved as far as possible from the main thing that our compatriots lived and breathed then - from the battle with the enemy itself. Despite the fact that our counteroffensive was chosen as the reason for the event, there was not a single question about what happened at the front in the quiz. The focus of attention has been shifted entirely to the rear. But I must say that the life of the home front is presented in it rather strangely - with “edges”, some details, tugged at without any system. nine0007

The quiz consisted of five questions. Two of them look quite decent. The first - “Zinaida Petrovna Troitskaya - a participant in the defense of Moscow. What is she famous for? (the correct answer is the first female driver in Russia). And the second - “The inhabitants of Moscow dug so-called“ cracks ”in the courtyards of houses - long trenches. What were they for?" Another question is clear how it got into the quiz - he asked "children's flavor": "Where in besieged Moscow were Christmas trees for children?" Is it possible to call the military situation 1941 years of siege around the capital is a separate issue. Careless handling of concepts is reprehensible, but in this quiz - this is far from the main problem. Speaking essentially, holding Christmas trees in wartime conditions is an interesting touch, but when there are only five questions, giving one of them “for Christmas trees” is wasteful. If you dig deeper, then, of course, New Year trees are evidence of a feat: in conditions of anxiety and deprivation, Muscovites have the strength and time to organize a children's holiday. Even under the bombings, they are trying to save at least a piece of childhood for children. But does a modern child catch this moment, for whom the Christmas tree is a kind of constant, an invariable attribute of the New Year? Even though they moved the Christmas trees somewhere deeper, they could not have been missing ... The very wording of the question creates the following feeling: the option of the absence of children's holidays is not expected. nine0007

In general, the quiz as a method has a significant drawback: you have to choose the correct answer from those offered. And this means that the organizers of the quiz need to offer several ready-made answers, each of which could seem suitable. In some cases, the correct answer sounds like a clear note, and against its background, alternative answers look far-fetched. For example, to the question about the trenches-"slots" that Muscovites dug in the yards, the following answers were offered: for defensive battles in the event of a breakthrough by the Nazis; for mining Moscow; for storing food in the winter - it is obvious even to a schoolboy that none of them can be right. nine0007

The other extreme are questions, the answer to which is deliberately random. This is another question of the quiz: “The first fireworks in Moscow thundered on August 5, 1943. How many hours were given for its preparation? The correct answer is 5 hours. Is it a lot or a little? Why is it important for a child to know how much time it took to prepare a salute? Why is this more important than, for example, what the salute was given in honor of?

However, all these bewilderments could be considered nit-picking, if not for the fifth question: “Why were fines imposed on the residents of Moscow in the evening in the fall of 1941 years? Answer options: “for walking under the moon”, “for going out without a dog”, “for any uncovered light source from the apartment”, “for visiting a public place without a mask and gloves”.

Someone obviously wanted to joke. Perhaps he was weary of having to come up with this quiz. Perhaps he sought to reduce pathos, to do something less formal, more like a game. But there are things that are not joked about. There are topics in which pathos is appropriate and its reduction looks like profanity, and even blasphemy. The quiz turned out to be an anti-pedagogical act, educating schoolchildren to talk about the war with stupid giggles and almost with a scornful grin. nine0007

But that's not surprising. There is a postmodern person in each of us who can suddenly arrange a performance, starting to juggle with words and concepts that, in theory, should have weight and undoubted value. Anyone can carry. It is surprising not that such a quiz was made, but that it was given a go. It has received approval at the school level and informational support at the level of the Department of Education.

There are two possible explanations, and both are bad. The first is that the people responsible for the educational work through which this quiz went through are hardened postmodernists themselves (they read the answers, laughed at them and found them suitable). If so, who can they raise from our children? The second explanation is that the event was done solely for show (as the people say - "fuck off"). No one was seriously interested in what they would ask the children about the quality of all this material. I managed to fit it to the theme of the battle for Moscow - and it's wonderful. Participation was credited to everyone, the coefficients by which their work is evaluated have grown. The process is important, but no one cares about the real result. So in this case, there is no need to talk about normal upbringing. It is not even known which of these two options is worse; the third is probably not. nine0007


The historical quiz "Do you know the city?" in honor of the 800th anniversary of Nizhny Novgorod

May 17, 2021

"Vremya N" RIA

The best participants will receive diplomas "Connoisseur of Nizhny Novgorod", signed by the mayor of the city.

Photo: "Vremya N" RIA "Vremya N" RIA

On May 17, the quiz contest "Do you know the city?" started on the portal "Card of a Resident of the Nizhny Novgorod Region". The project is dedicated to the 800th anniversary of Nizhny Novgorod and will last until May 21. The results of the quiz will be summed up in the last week of May. nine0007

Video of the day

The quiz was developed by Konstantin Lashkov, history teacher of the Nizhny Novgorod school No. 22, and supported by the Department of Education of the Administration of Nizhny Novgorod, the Nizhny Novgorod Regional Charitable Foundation "Nizhny Novgorod Land", the association "International IT Cluster of the Nizhny Novgorod Region" (iCluster) together with the State Agrarian University of the Nizhny Novgorod Region " Center for Coordination of Digital Economy Projects.

The competition contains 30 questions about the history of the Nizhny Novgorod region. The best participants who answer all the questions correctly will be awarded with Nizhny Novgorod Connoisseur diplomas signed by Mayor Yuri Shalabaev. “This is already the second quiz, which was created in preparation for the celebration of the anniversary of Nizhny Novgorod. More than 6.9 participants of the first competitionthousands of people! After the NN 800 quiz, we received many requests from Nizhny Novgorod residents asking us to repeat the contest. The head of the city supported this initiative. And with our organizational support, before the start of the summer holidays, everyone had the opportunity, on the one hand, to test their knowledge about their hometown, on the other hand, to learn something new, since some questions will require delving into historical facts. I would especially like to thank Konstantin Lashkov, a teacher at school No. 22 in Nizhny Novgorod, for developing the content of the quiz,” said Vladimir Radchenko, director of the education department of the Nizhny Novgorod administration. To participate in the quiz, you need to register on the portal and go to the "Events" - "Quizzes and Polls" section on the top panel of the main menu. Participants have the opportunity to answer questions in a sequence convenient for themselves and without a time limit. You can only take the quiz from start to finish once. nine0007

“All questions were selected in such a way as to cover various areas of the city's development: from historical events and personalities to art and significant places in Nizhny Novgorod. I especially want to thank the developers, partners for digital and material support,” said Alexander Serikov, Chairman of the Board of the Nizhny Novgorod Land Foundation, Head of the I Discover Nizhny Novgorod project.

“We are always happy to support projects that are interesting and significant for the region. We are sure that the participants of the quiz will be interested in answering all the questions correctly and receiving a special diploma "Connoisseur of Nizhny Novgorod" signed by the head of the city. In addition, this time there is also a team classification for different classes,” said Vladimir Raspopov, Director of the State Autonomous Institution of the Nizhny Novgorod Region “Center for Coordinating Digital Economy Projects”.

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