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Take A Self Love Quiz: Do You Love Yourself Unconditionally? - Abundance Coach for Women in Business

(Note: I am reposting my Self Love Quiz as I have decided to host it on a new quiz platform. It’s now working more beautifully than before. Hence, if you are seeing this post for the first time, you can take the all-new Self Love Quiz (check it out below). While the format is slightly different, the quiz comes with the same questions today!)

Do you love yourself unconditionally?

Do you face challenges with accepting yourself completely – warts, moles, blemishes and all?

Well, when I first started on my healing journey, I have had little idea that I had challenges with loving myself in the first place. I was not very conscious back then.

It’s the reason why I created the Self-Love Quiz after gaining some important insights. I had hoped that it could help someone else out there too…..and…judging from previous feedback, it did!

Hence, if you are wondering how the relationship with yourself is like, take the Self Love Quiz below…

Share Your Results Below

What did the results from taking the Self Love Quiz indicate for you? Share your finding below.

Facing difficulties with loving yourself unconditionally? Learn more about how you can love yourself fully and holistically – in mind, body and spirit.

Love always,

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  • February 24, 2018
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    Do I Have Low Self-Esteem? I Psych Central

    Self-Esteem Quiz: Do I Have Low Self-Esteem? I Psych Central
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    Medically reviewed by Jacquelyn Johnson, PsyD. — By Ari Howard on October 13, 2022

    Self-esteem has to do with how you perceive yourself and how compassionate you are toward yourself. It’s not about viewing yourself as perfect or better than others.

    Instead, people with high self-esteem accept their flaws, are kind to themselves when they make mistakes, and believe they have worth in the world.

    For some, self-esteem doesn’t come naturally. You may find self-compassion and self-confidence challenging to achieve. The first step to developing higher self-esteem is becoming aware of where your insecurities lie and how they manifest.

    Typical signs of low self-esteem include:

    • comparing yourself to others
    • judging yourself when you make a mistake
    • engaging in negative self-talk
    • experiencing self-doubt or impostor syndrome
    • worrying about what others think of you
    • avoiding taking risks or trying new things
    • feeling the need to be perfect
    • feeling like you don’t really know yourself

    Once you know what you need to work on, you can begin taking steps toward becoming a more confident and self-accepting person. In fact, you can view self-esteem as a skill that you can improve upon and develop. It’s a journey about understanding who you are and what makes you unique.

    Once you’re able to develop a true sense of self, what others think of you and the small mistakes you make throughout your life won’t feel so important.

    This brief questionnaire is designed for anyone who wants to evaluate their levels of self-esteem. You can use these questions as a way to begin reflecting on your insecurities and the things about yourself you may want to work on.

    This test consists of 18 questions about how you view yourself. Your responses will help determine whether you may want to work on building your self-esteem and what your starting place looks like.

    If you’re interested in therapy, this quiz is a good starting place for communicating with a therapist about the ways you may have trouble with self-esteem and what specifically you want to work on.

    This self-esteem quiz is not meant to be a diagnostic tool. Instead, it’s a resource to begin thinking about your self-esteem levels and what your insecurities might look like.

    You may not have realized that some of your thought patterns or behaviors may be linked to lower self-esteem.

    In the case of a low score, you may consider talking with a mental health professional to help determine the next best steps for you.

    Last medically reviewed on October 13, 2022


    Medically reviewed by Jacquelyn Johnson, PsyD. — By Ari Howard on October 13, 2022

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    Quiz: How Much Do You Love Yourself? Determine the level of self-love

    in Psychological tests

    published Psychologist

    It is known that one of the necessary conditions for good relationships with others, satisfaction with life and success is self-love. It is impossible to live without self-love, but everything is good in moderation. Check - is it time for you to change your attitude towards yourself? nine0009

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    Love test

    Love test was developed by Prof. Nestor D. Kapusta and his colleagues. The primary test is associated with numerous mental health parameters and is considered an important indicator of psychotherapeutic practice. The test also proved to be psychometrically valid and valid on six factors related to a person's ability to love. nine0003

    Can you love? For each following statement, indicate how much you agree with it.

    The IDRlabs Love Test (IDR-CTLT) was developed by IDRlabs. This test is based on the work of Dr. Nestor Kapusta and his colleagues, who developed a questionnaire on the ability to love. The IDR-CTLT test is not affiliated with any specific psychology research or specific research institution.

    IDRlabs Loving Test is based on the work of Dr. Nestor Kapusta and his colleagues: Kapusta, Nestor & Jankowski, Konrad & Wolf, Victoria & Guludec, Magalie & Lopatka, Madlen & Hammerer, Christopher & Schnieder, Alina & Kealy, David & Ogrodzu, John & Bloom, Victor. (2018). Measuring the Capacity to Love: Developed by CTL-Inventory. Frontiers in Psychology; Margherita, G., Gargiulo, A., Troisi, G., Tessitore, F., & Kapusta, N. (2018). Italian validation of capacity to love inventory: Preliminary results. Frontiers in Psychology. nine0003

    Sample test result: Interest: A person with a high score on this parameter needs to know the details of the life of his significant other. Genuine interest in a partner includes emotional closeness, shared plans, and a sense of support. Moreover, for these people, communication is a key factor in a good relationship, so frequent conversations that show genuine interest in each other are important to them.

    Trust: People with high scores on this parameter are able to openly express their feelings and needs, do not keep secrets from their partners and do not experience any restrictions in relationships. Thus, they believe that they are heard, seen and perceived as they really are. nine0003

    Gratitude: People with high scores on this parameter are grateful for the very fact of their partner's existence. They express their feelings by doing everything possible to make their significant other feel more comfortable and meaningful. They greatly appreciate their loved ones, and express their gratitude in many ways, for example, by giving compliments, helping, sending letters or messages with words of gratitude.

    The work of Dr. Kapusta and his colleagues formed the basis of their Capacity to Love Inventory. Our test provides information for educational purposes only. The IDR-CTLT test is not affiliated with any of the above research institutions or scientists. nine0003

    This test is based on a well-known questionnaire that assesses the ability to love on such factors as interest in a partner's life, elementary trust, gratitude, reciprocity, constant passion and disappointment. However, all free online tests like this one are only introductory materials that will not be able to determine your characteristic traits with absolute accuracy and reliability. Therefore, our test provides information for educational purposes only. Detailed information about your mental state can only be provided by a certified specialist. nine0003

    As the authors of this free online test to measure your ability to love, we have made every effort to ensure that this test is reliable and accurate through numerous checks and statistical data control.

    Learn more