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18 Sad Spring 2019 Movies That’ll Have You Tearing Up With More Than Just Seasonal Allergies


by Trish Bendix

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Who doesn't love a good cry? And spring is actually the perfect season for shedding tears. Dr. John Sharp writes in Psychology Today that "emotional discomfort and even despair can ... increase during springtime," and encourages having a game plan for this time on what he calls the emotional calendar. If you find crying cathartic, like many people do, then there are some specific release dates you should also add to your emotional calendar this spring: 18 tear-jerking movies guaranteed to make you tear up, weep, or just plain pour.

This March, April, and May are ripe with sad or happy-sad films, from features based on heart-tugging true stories to a documentary about one of the most horrific school shootings in American history. There's a handful of animals, romance-driven dramas, and redemption tales, as well as a new animated offering about chosen family and miraculous recoveries and realizations. Whether you prefer mainstream movies with recognizable faces or smaller indies with grit and dark themes, there all kinds of viewing options in theaters or the comfort of your own home.

Spring 2019 is ready and willing to make you wail. Here is a list of the best tearjerkers to check out in the next three months.


'We Are Columbine'


Four survivors of the Columbine shootings return to their high school and recount personal memories from before, during, and after the horrific attack that took place on April 20, 1999. The documentary is especially poignant as it's directed by Laura Faber, a fellow survivor who was a freshman at Columbine at the time of the shootings.

In theaters now.



Walt Disney Studios on YouTube

This live-action retelling of a Disney classic has Tim Burton at the helm. It's the same plot (a baby elephant with big ears has a secret talent and therefore gets exploited by evil humans), but this time, Colin Farrell and his on-screen children (Nico Parker and Finley Hobbins) are the ones looking out for little big guy, who is computer-generated.

In theaters now.



IFC Films on YouTube

Mary Kay Place stars as the titular Diane, a 70-year-old woman who stays busy taking care of everyone but herself. But at night, she's left alone with her thoughts, her guilt, and her loneliness. Writer/director Kent Jones has been winning festival awards and accolades for this thrilling drama that keeps viewers wondering what Diane is trying to make up for having done to deserve such a punishing existence.

In theaters now.


'A Vigilante'

Saban Films on YouTube

Olivia Wilde leads this drama as the eponymous vigilante looking to avenge women who have been abused and violated by torturing their perpetrators. A survivor herself, Wilde's Sadie is simultaneously processing her own trauma while helping other women process theirs.

In theaters now.


'The Best of Enemies'

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

Taraji P. Henson and Sam Rockwell co-star in this real life story of unlikely friends: a black mother and grassroots activist Ann Atwater and Durham, North Carolina-based KKK leader C.P. Ellis. This retelling has the blessing of friends and family members, so you can feel good about watching the drama unfold.

In theaters April 5.


'Storm Boy'

Sony Pictures Releasing Australia on YouTube

This Australian drama based on a children's book details the friendship between a young boy and the three orphan pelicans he saves and befriends. In the vein of Old Yeller and Free Willy, the story is about the cycle of life, and is therefore made to make you cry.

In theaters April 5.


'The Public'

TIFF Trailers on YouTube

Emilio Estevez gathered a group of stars to join him in his film about a group of homeless people who take over a library to get out of a deadly cold front. Estevez and Jena Malone play librarians caught in the crossfire when Michael Kenneth Williams's character stages a sit-in. Alec Baldwin is the detective who attempts to mediate, while Gabrielle Union is a local reporter detailing the struggle from outside. Taylor Schilling, Jacob Vargas, and Jeffrey Wright are also part of the timely drama that comments on race, class, and human decency.

In theaters April 5.



New Movie Trailers on YouTube

Josh Stewart writes, directs, and stars in this film about opioid abuse in Appalachia. Waylon (Stewart) and his wife (A.J. Cook) lose their daughter in a devastating accident, which leads Waylon into a pain killer addiction he shares with his sisters (Agnes Bruckner). This family story is grounded in the real-life struggle of opiate addiction in West Virginia where Stewart was born and raised.

In theaters April 5.



Amazon Studios on YouTube

Mike Leigh's British historical drama tells the story of the Peterloo Massacre that killed 18 people and injured several hundred. The fictionalized version of true events stars Rory Kinnear as Henry Hunt, the leader of the leader of the calvary that infamously charged into a crowd of 60,000–80,000 demanding parliamentary reform in Manchester in 1819.

In theaters April 5.


'Missing Link'

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

A new animated film from Laika (Coraline, ParaNorman) has big names like Hugh Jackman and Emma Thompson lending their voices to the hunt for Bigfoot's long-lost family. Jackman's Sir Lionel Frost and Adelina Fortnight (Zoe Saldana) joins Bigfoot (a. k.a. Mr. Link, voiced by Zach Galifianakis) for the search, which no one else seems to believe in. Together, the trio find family, love, and support in each other.

In theaters April 12.


'Girls Of The Sun'

UniFrance on YouTube

Eva Husson directs this French drama based on a true story of Kurdish women who escaped ISIS capture and fight back. Their stories are horrific, but they are heroic.

In theaters April 12.


'Mary Magdalene'

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix are Mary and Jesus, respectively, in this retelling of a Biblical tale that memorably includes some tragedy.

In theaters April 12.



Rapid Trailer on YouTube

Based on real events, this movie stars Chrissy Metz and Josh Lucas as the parents of a young teen who falls into a coma after a close-call with broken ice and freezing cold water. The family must look to God, who comes by way of Pastor Jason Noble (Topher Grace) and Tommy Shine (Mike Colter), the first responder who saved their son from what otherwise would have been certain death.

In theaters April 17.


'Bright Ones'

Christian Songs on YouTube

If you love preteens performing like pop stars, Bright Ones is for you. This uplifting, Christian-based film is all about overcoming all challenges and persevering to to share your talents with the world.

In theaters April 22.


'Fearless Faith'

Green Apple Entertainment on YouTube

This movie from Atonement Pictures has two white male cops finding their way back to God after questioning his existence due to their daily line of duty.

In theaters May 7.


'A Dog's Journey'

Universal Pictures on YouTube

Another dog movie you say? This dog keeps on living and living and living (but also dying and dying and dying, so, as long as you can handle that).

In theaters May 17.


'The Sun Is Also A Star'

Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube

Ry-Russo Young directs this adaptation of Everything, Everything author Nicola Yoon's other best-selling YA novel. Natasha (Yara Shahidi) has only 24 hours left in New York City before her family is deported to Jamaica. In a case of either perfect or terrible timing, this is the fateful day she meets Daniel Bae (Charles Melton). Is the universe messing with them, or is it simply planting some seeds?

In theaters May 17.



Amazon Studios on YouTube

This Indian-American love story has two strangers connecting over a chance meeting in Mumbai when Rafi (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) takes Miloni's (Sanya Malhotra) photograph. In an not so unfamiliar plot, Rafi asks if he can pretend Miloni is his girlfriend to please his grandmother. What starts as a ruse builds into a relationship and unlikely romance.

In theaters May 17.

Have your tissues handy this spring, and get ready to feel your feelings.

Best Sad Movies of 2019

Films can at times be overwhelming for your emotional threshold to bear. Once that is crossed, tears gush out like water from a faucet. Certain movies manage to tap into that side of your heart and conscience that houses your gravest fears and insecurities.  Films like ‘Terms of Endearment’ and ‘Toy Story’ have the unanimous vote when it comes to the saddest movies ever made. But the beauty of cinema is its ability to be accessible to a marge spectrum of people and their different personalities.

A sad movie doesn’t necessarily have to kill people to evoke compassion. A director’s craft in bringing out his story’s weighty tone through a character or the visual tapestry also matters. Here we bring you the list of top 10 sad movies of 2019.

10. A Dog’s Journey

‘A Dog’s Journey’ comes with a statutory warning for dog lovers (and otherwise): it will make you weep. Although the notion is true with almost any dog movie where the lovable canine creature dies, ‘A Dog’s Journey’ is special as its protagonist Bailey changes bodies quite frequently. In an impressive concept, director Gail Mancuso narrates Bailey’s story through several lifetimes as he intends to keep his promise. His journey starts off with Ethan and Hannah on their play farm. He meets and befriends CJ, their newly born granddaughter, but separates due to her mother. As he leaves his body, he promises Ethan to forever take care of her beloved granddaughter.

The followup to ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ is based on the 2012 novel of the same name. While the spirit of love and affection remains contagious with the second installment, the struggle to escape the trappings of a genre movie also persists. The execution might be a bit lacking but ‘A Dog’s Journey’ has its heart at the right place.

9. Harriet

‘Harriet’ is the much-awaited biography of Harriet Tubman, the revolutionary protagonist in America’s political history of struggle against racism and slavery. Cynthia Ervio portrays the titular character in Kasi Lemmons’ sincere narration of Tubman‘s extraordinary life journey. The striking visual scale of the film captures slavery with sincerity and provocation. The representation gets better with a decent background score and technical soundness of the three-act structure. Despite being rough around the edges, ‘Harriet’ pulls through on the back of its deeply inspirational subject-matter and a celebration of the life of Harriet Tubman.

8. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Hollywood’s darling and America’s sweetheart, Tom Hanks plays one of the most loved and cherished television personalities around the globe, Fred Rogers, in Marielle Heller’s narration of the relationship Rogers shared with journalist Tom Junod. Heller, after her wildly successful romp with ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me’?, assumes charge to navigate Junod’s herculean task of profiling Rogers, at the time holding reverence akin to the POTUS.

While the primary focus remains the Junod’s assignment and how the bond between him and Rogers evolves, the film provides keen insights into the mission that Rogers set out to spread optimism and invoke kindness in American youth. Heller’s sensitive take and Hank’s poignant portrayal of Rogers ultimately strike hard at the larger picture of empowering little children and making them realize they’re special. Set for a release just within the time for Academy previews, expect ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ to steal a lot of gold come February and, of course, your hearts.

7. Diane

Mary Kay Place’s central act in ‘Diane’ as the titular character might possibly the most deeply affecting and observant character study this year. ‘Diane’ revolves around the life of Diane, a single mother whose attentions and energy go into caring for her addicted son and bedridden cousin. Her efforts to establish an emotional hallway in her relationships bring back repressed memories of her past life choices, aging, and loss of friends and family. Diane’s inner turmoil is almost masked by her outward appearance of being compassionate and helpful to others around her.

Kent Jones, a former film critic-turned director, pushes the boundaries of realism in film and greatly impresses with his maturity and organic narrative. His trained eye and instinct steadily bring out Diane’s quandary and remorse to great impact. When Diane writes in her journal, “My loved ones are gone and I’m left to be”, it takes her (and us) closer to her soul than any soup kitchen possibly could. Casserole dishes can only heal so much, and a lead role for a respected actress serves us all.

6. Peterloo

Mike Leigh’s highly political and deliberative ‘Peterloo’ recreates one of British history’s most infamous and controversial events. The Peterloo massacre of 1819 is remembered as a black chapter in British socialist literature and resonates through the 19th century as a significant movement. Leigh, a native of Manchester, the ravaged battleground of the massacre, maintains historical accuracy in his depiction of the events. He has conceded that the massacre remained “a well-kept secret” for many long years, highlighting the perversion of history and attempts to hide the government’s brutality.

Leigh’s passionate account of the events is not only an important reminder of the fundamental promise that democracy offers with its system but also a wake-up call for those silently watching powerful, omnipresent States trample down on the voice of the people.

5. Toy Story 4

The usual gang is back yet again as the ‘Toy Story’ juggernaut continues. The highly reflective and innovative characters embark on a road trip in the latest presentation, only to surprisingly reunite with an old friend and discuss musings on their lives as children’s most prized possession. Woody and Buzz come together with Bo Peep, their long-lost comrade, invoking instant nostalgia and emotion. Pixar’s crown jewel retains its status as its most successful venture and continues inspiring future filmmakers. Sagacious observations on parenthood and remarkable attention to detail in recreating the Pixar magic makes Toy Story 4 one of the best family movies of the year

4. Joker

Calling ‘Joker’ a comic book movie will be a gross injustice to Phillips’ personal vision and Phoenix‘s Oscar-worthy performance. Serving as the eponymous character’s origin story or thereabouts, ‘Joker’ takes a hard-hitting look at a mentally ill man’s torture at the hands of the society. Arthur Fleck loses his job after he brings a gun to a children’s hospital as a clown. He lives with his mother who is apathetic to his existence and herself delusional. His life changes one fateful night as he finally tips over and finds a new, empowering identity of the Joker.

There is so much to admire about the effort Phillips puts in terms of the background score and tone. There are hardly any bright colors used either in the characters’ dresses or otherwise; there are almost no shots in natural sunlight- in fact, you probably don’t even see the sun for the majority of the film. The set up is immensely exploited by Phoenix, who takes to Arthur’s skin with masterful craft and honesty that makes a villainous character heroic. The control he showcases over his facial expressions and body language is matched by his ambitious swipe to be as carefree as he possibly can.

The moment of epiphany happens when Arthur bids farewell to his adopted identity through a graceful swansong and assumes Joker’s is when the film truly relishes. With its clear-eyed and loud message about mental illness and society’s institutional neglect, ‘Joker’ is an electrifying and haunting experience, embellished by the vision of its creator and the theatrics of its driving force.

3. Avengers Endgame

The Russo brothers make a painstaking attempt to make the last two Avengers films the most emotional you’ve gotten watching Marvel movies. ‘Endgame’ draws curtains on a generation of superstars portraying iconic characters and a franchise that forever changed the landscape and ambition of the superhero genre. The film continues in the aftermath of Thanos’ snap of fingers, as the world comes to terms with their new fate. Antman, of all the caped crusaders, relays his discovery that could potentially undo the decimation of half of the universe.

Great sadness dawn on you as an aged Captain America makes way for Falcon by giving his shield. That moment encapsulates the mood that pierces through at the end. For loyal franchise fans, ‘Endgame’ is going to be one bumpy ride.

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2. Marriage Story

Noah Baumbach‘s ‘Marriage Story’ is a sharp and sympathetic gander at a marriage breaking up and a family remaining together. While we streak through significant and every day circumstances, we hear Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) clarify what she adores about her better half Charlie (Adam Driver). Charlie cherishes his role as a father, and how it’s practically irritating how much he adores it. He’s almost an antithesis to the traditionally accepted and perpetrated idea of masculinity; he cries effectively in films; he’s exceptionally focused, unflinching and is extremely clear about what he needs. Charlie’s description of her significant other lays a platform for the two central characters.

She’s an extraordinary artist – irresistible; he’s a devoted, selfless mother. And she always astonishes by the choice of her presents. While we hear this couple present what they’ve recorded, we get the opportunity to get them post-break-together in a marriage go between’s office. The purpose behind the recordings is revealed to be the pair’s attempt to understand why they married each other; a revisit to the vows and the excitement of a new life produces a harsh, heart-breaking reality about relationships and love.

What pursues at that point is a sincerely crude voyage into growing up, while attempting to make sense of how to make due alone. Bliss is an individual inclination and can’t be veiled as something as insignificant as washing dishes or overlooking a basic food item list on your way to the grocery store. We become more acquainted with minimal about Charlie’s adolescence, however, Nicole’s family and home are something that is directly trying to everything.

Johansson and Driver are majestic in their roles. The latter will truly be a contender for the Best Actor award come February. Johansson gives a career-best performance playing a selfless mother, whose ambition to realize her dreams is as important as her family. A melancholic, heavy-hearted yet joyously bittersweet story about marriage and its unfortunate path to severance in order to find happiness. No cheek will be left dry.

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1. Waves

Trey Edward Shults’ surely has made some amazing progress since ‘Krisha’, his low spending presentation where he recruited relatives to make a generally welcomed yet a rather one-note contemplation on a family pariah. However, here with ‘Waves’, his universe has extended exponentially, to the point where he’s currently thinking about headier topics including aggressive behavior at home and the enthusiastic eventual outcomes of misfortune. ‘Waves’ principally centers around secondary school senior, Tyler Williams (played by Kevin Harrison Jr). Tyler’s dad Ronald (Sterling K. Brown) goes over the edge in pushing his child to turn into a star wrestler.

Before long a progression of occasions causes Tyler to wind crazy, prompting an awful catastrophe which influences the Williams family, yet the whole network also. Tyler’s descending direction starts when he harms himself while wrestling and gets desperate anticipation from a specialist who advises him that his profession as a competitor is finished and he ought to experience the prompt medical procedure.

Shults uses a heart-beating score, blending both electronic and rap music, to annal Tyler’s emergency. It’s an instinctive encounter, much the same as observing a portion of the better music recordings which get you from the beginning. This is exactly how disasters happen especially including youngsters and abusive behavior at home and Shults is totally on the imprint, demonstrating how such tragic occasions essentially go down.

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The saddest films - selections of films on Film Pro


In the power of the elements Adrift

2018 / Drama, Adventure, Action / USA

To favorites

Tami and Richard embark on a perilous yachting adventure across the Pacific Ocean. Young people who decided to get married planned to travel from Tahiti to the coast of California, but got into a terrifying storm. The boat capsized. When the ocean calmed down, Tami spotted a badly wounded Richard in the water. There was nowhere to wait for help - the radio did not work, so the girl decided to sail on her own towards Hawaii. A strong story about how a cruel joke of nature makes you survive in harsh conditions.


Hachiko: The most loyal friend Hachiko: A Dog's Story

2009 / Drama, Family movie / USA, UK

To favorites

A touching story of a dog named Hachiko, based on real events. University professor Parker Wilson finds Hachiko at the train station and temporarily takes him in, but no one comes for the dog. Months, years go by, Hachiko grows and becomes more and more attached to his master every day. The dog escorts the professor to work, and then meets him at the train station in the evening. And then one day the professor dies ... Many people know about Hachiko - the monument erected to this dog in Japan was repeatedly told on TV. But it's only when you start watching the movie that you realize how deep the story is.


hurry to love A Walk to Remember

2002 / Melodrama, Drama

To favorites

The film is based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks. High school student Landon Carter is one of the most popular students in the school. Another prank costs Landon very dearly - against his will, the young man is forced to do socially useful work: now he will have to help those who are lagging behind, and also take on one of the roles in the upcoming theatrical production of the local drama club. So he meets a nondescript girl, Jamie: in normal times, he would have passed her by, but in the current situation, she became his only option for solving the problem. Jamie agrees to work out with Landon, but in return asks not to fall in love with her - a high school student easily makes this promise. In fact, it was this film that popularized the genre of teen drama.


The stars are to blame The Fault in Our Stars

2014 / Drama, Melodrama / USA

To favorites

Hazel Grace found out at a young age that she had cancer. Now the girl always carries an oxygen tank with her, because without it she will simply die. The life of the heroine is boring and everyday. But only until the moment when she meets Augustus Waters, who, as it seemed, managed to get rid of cancer. Relationships are formed between them - and they will lead to unexpected results.


The Notebook The Notebook

2004 / Drama, Melodrama / USA

To favorites

The love story of Ellie and Noah, young people from different social strata who lived in South Carolina, is carefully recorded on the pages of a battered notebook. Fate brought them together - a summer full of passion, they will never forget, but soon Ellie will have to leave these parts and return to her usual life, and Noah will remain here, in a rural settlement. They were separated by their parents and the Second World War, but when the horrors are over, the girl finds herself a new guy, whom she is going to marry. Will Noah be able to stop this ridiculous decision of his beloved?


Romeo + Juliet Romeo + Juliet

1996 / Melodrama, Drama / USA

To favorites

The action of this story has been moved to the present day, and swords and swords have replaced pistols. The picture, according to director Baz Luhrmann, was initially a risky idea: the studio was not eager to allocate money for filming, so Luhrmann had to look for investors. Leonardo DiCaprio, who played the role of Romeo, flew at his own expense to the director in Australia to audition there. Natalie Portman originally claimed the role of Juliet, which was eventually played by Claire Danes, but at the time of filming the actress was 14 years old, and DiCaprio was already 21, so the authors decided to pair a child and an adult young man.


Monster voice A Monster Calls

2016 / Fantasy, Drama / USA, Spain

To favorites

Fantasy drama about the difficult life of thirteen-year-old boy Connor, who feels like the world around him is collapsing after his mother is diagnosed with cancer. An old yew tree comes to his aid - it comes to life and turns into a huge monster that tells the boy entertaining stories at night.


See you Me before you

2016 / Drama, Melodrama / USA

To favorites

This melodrama is based on the book of the same name by writer Jojo Moyes. The main character - cheerful Lou Clark - knows exactly how many steps from her house to the bus stop, she likes to work in a cafe and she does not like her boyfriend Patrick. But Lou cannot even guess that she will soon lose her job and that incredible problems will fall on her in general. At the same time, Will Traynor does not want to continue to live anymore - Will was hit by a motorcyclist and is now confined to a wheelchair. He is sure he knows how to end his suffering. But he cannot be prepared for the fact that very soon Lou Clark will appear in his life, who, with her smile and the story of bee-striped tights, will make him take a different look at the world.


P.S. I love you P.S. I love you

2007 / Drama, Melodrama / USA, Ireland

To favorites

Holly and Jerry are madly in love - they say about such people "they lived happily ever after and died on the same day." By chance, Jerry dies much earlier, and Holly is left alone. Unable to overcome the loss, she sinks into depression. However, Jerry was able to predict that it would be very difficult for his beloved, so he prepared seven messages for her, which should support the girl in this difficult moment. She will find each new message only after she has followed the instructions from the previous one. At the end of each letter there is a postscript - "I love you." The film, starring Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank, is based on Cecilia Ahern's bestseller of the same name.


Impossible The Impossible

2012 / Thriller, Drama / USA, Thailand

To favorites

This picture is based on real events that took place in December 2004. Then a powerful earthquake occurred in the Indian Ocean. According to official data, the magnitude was 9.1 points. As a result of the earthquake, a giant wave formed in the ocean - a tsunami, which headed for the coast of Thailand. No one expected this - neither the locals nor the vacationers. The main characters of the film are a family of five people who come to this country on vacation. The wave that hit the beach separated them from each other in one second.


Titanic Titanic

1997 / Melodrama, Drama / USA

To favorites

James Cameron's film, based on real events, tells about the fate of two lovers - Rose and Jack, who found themselves on that ill-fated night from April 14 to April 15, 1912 on board the giant cruise liner Titanic. The moment the ship collided with the iceberg, panic set in. 1492 people died and only 712 managed to escape - they were picked up by the steamer "Carpathia" passing by.


Manchester by the sea Manchester by the Sea

2016 / Drama / USA

To favorites

After the death of his older brother, irresponsible plumber Lee Chandler suddenly becomes the guardian of his 16-year-old nephew. Now the inveterate slob will have to return to his hometown, which he left many years ago. Here he will face his past, in which his parents, friends remained - everyone with whom time divorced him.


Up Up

2009 / Comedy, Animation, Adventure / USA

To favorites

The pretty old man Carl Friedriksen has been a fan of the Paradise Falls explorer Charles Muntz all his life, and therefore he also dreamed of seeing a unique place with his own eyes someday. With his wife - Ellie - he met in childhood. Ellie, just like Carl, really wanted to visit Paradise Falls, but fate decreed otherwise. The time for this appeared only in old age, but shortly before the trip, Ellie died. Then, in memory of his wife, Karl decides to go on a trip. In order not to lose his house, he ties a lot of helium-filled balloons to it. The building is lifted off the ground, but the old man does not yet know that a plump scout named Russell flew with him.


One meter apart Five Feet Apart

2019 / Drama, Melodrama / USA

To favorites

Willa and Stella, who met in the hospital, initially have only one thing in common - cystic fibrosis. Given that their bodies are not able to independently remove the mucus accumulated inside, as well as resist bacteria, doctors forbid them to be closer than 1.5 meters from each other. But what do you do when you really want to break this rule? After all, touching is so pleasant, and hot hugs, when you love, you want more than anything in the world. This is a love story doomed to failure. The authors of the film collaborated with an organization dedicated to helping those who are struggling with this disease. Interestingly, the original book, which is the basis of the film, has a completely different ending.


Marley and me Marley & Me

2008 / Family movie, Drama, Comedy

To favorites

The main characters of this film, John and Jen, are considering having children. But first, in order to fully understand what awaits them, they decide to get a dog. When Marley appears in their house, everything around turns upside down: the mischievous dog, which they themselves chose, not only does not obey the owners, but also tries to re-educate them. 22 Labradors, puppies and adult dogs, who played Marley throughout his life, took part in the filming of the film.

Good Will Hunting good will hunting

1997 / Drama / USA

To favorites

Will Hunting is 20 years old and a child prodigy. But, contrary to various clichés, he does not sit still, but constantly gets involved in various troubles. Having once again fought, he ends up in the police - then the professor of mathematics decides to take him under his wing, but he sets one condition: you need to undergo a course of psychotherapy. Will, who resists any change, finds it difficult to find a common language with a mentor, but he will have to try ...


One day one day

2011 / Drama, Melodrama

To favorites

Dexter and Emma are complete opposites. She is light and romantic, and he believes that the whole world belongs to him. For the first time, young people meet at Graduation on July 15: after spending only one day and one night together, they decide to remain friends. But is this the right decision, because their feelings are actually much deeper. The film will show the main characters in a year, in two - on the same day they met ... Anne Hathaway - the performer of the role of Emma - had to persuade the director to give the role to her: for this, the actress flew to London.


Dear John Dear John

2010 / Melodrama, Drama, War movie

To favorites

This is the love story of Savannah and John. A young man who dearly loves a girl decided to join the army. Savannah's letters were the only thing that kept him warm during the cold evenings in the war. And so, when it was time to return, he decided that after the September 11 attacks, he simply had to serve his country further ...

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