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How Well Do You Know Your Boyfriend? - Quiz

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How well do you know your boyfriend? Take this boyfriend quiz to find out how well you REALLY know the man in your life. Can you read him like a book, or do you prefer the mysterious type? Take the boyfriend test now!


Relationship Questions About Your Boyfriend

How well do I know my boyfriend? Answer these questions about your relationship to find out how well you know him. Tell us about your boyfriend, his friends, and your favorite dates together. Answer every question to find how well you know your partner.

Follow Your Heart and Have Fun!

Our boyfriend test is all about the things you know about your boyfriend, but it isn't supported by scientific research. Answer the questions honestly, but don't think too hard about them. As with all matters of the heart, it's best to follow your intuition and have a little fun!

Answer Honestly to Find Out How Well You Know Your BF

Are you asking yourself, 'How well do I know my partner?' Take this quiz about boyfriends to find the answers. Online relationship quizzes give the best results when you answer honestly, so don't let insecurities get in the way of your results.

Share How Well You Know Your Boyfriend!

How well do your friends know their partners? Share this online relationship quiz to find out if you or your friends know your boyfriends better. You'll also see a pie chart showing where you compare to other quizony quizzers.

This online relationship test is more than just 'things you should know about your boyfriend quiz'. Every relationship is different, and some of us know our boyfriends in different ways than friends do. Whether you're just starting a new relationship or have been with your boyfriend for years, a little insight into how well you know him will make your relationship stronger.

If he wears his heart on his sleeve, or if he is the brooding silent type, find out how well you know your partner in this online quiz. You might learn that it's the mystery that makes you two exciting! But you'll never know for sure until you take a few minutes to answer the questions in this relationship quiz.

Think candidly of your relationship and answer from the heart. Honest answers will get you the most meaningful results, and you can use what you learn about yourself and your significant other to build an even more supportive relationship.

How well do I know my boyfriend? Find out now! Knowing your partner is more than just their favorite color and their favorite band. Learn how deeply you know your boyfriend in this fun relationship quiz and share your results with friends.

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Your opinions

Yes! I love him and we've been together for 10 months! Apparently, I can read him like a book, which is true!

I love my boyfriend and mine said I know him better than he knows himself lol

Wow apparently I know my boyfriend better than he knows himself!! But then again we’ve been together for 8 months

It says I can read him like a book's kinda true though, I can usually tell what he's thinking whe he says 'u know what I'm thinking' and we have been together for 1 and a half years❤

A Quiz To Test How Well You & Your Partner Really Know Each Other

Once you've asked and answered all the questions and got your final tally ready, you can calculate your score and read about what your results mean for you as a couple below.

Warm-up questions:

  1. What's their favorite movie?
  2. What food would they never get sick of?
  3. What color do they never wear?
  4. What's their go-to drink?
  5. Would they rather go out on Friday night or stay in?
  6. What's their favorite book?

Questions about the past:

  1. Who was their best friend growing up?
  2. As a kid, what did they want to be when they grew up?
  3. What was their favorite subject in school?
  4. Did they have any part-time jobs as a teen?
  5. Did they have a good high school experience?
  6. Did they have a good relationship with their family as a kid?
  7. What's their favorite place that they've traveled to?
  8. What's their biggest regret?
  9. What do they miss about their childhood?
  10. Do they have "someone that got away"?
  11. What's the most spiritual experience they've ever had?

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Questions about the future:

  1. What is the most important factor in their future?
  2. What's the No. 1 thing on their bucket list?
  3. Where do they want to live in the future?
  4. What's their next career move?
  5. Do they want kids?
  6. Do they ever want to move back to their hometown or never go back?
  7. Would they ever be open to a long-distance relationship?
  8. What is a big goal they have in their five-year plan?
  9. How do they feel about marriage?
  10. What's their biggest fear for the future?

Questions about sex:

  1. What is their biggest turn-on?
  2. What is their biggest turnoff?
  3. What's their biggest fantasy, kink, or fetish?
  4. What is their favorite position?
  5. Are they into quickies, or do they prefer to take their time?
  6. Where is their favorite place to have sex?
  7. How do they like to be teased?
  8. Do they like to use sex toys?
  9. Do they watch porn?

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Questions about values:

  1. Which social cause do they most care about?
  2. What quality do they value most in others?
  3. What are their political views?
  4. How important is money to them?
  5. What's a more worthy investment to them: experiences or objects?
  6. What are their thoughts on open relationships?
  7. How are they working on self-growth and self-improvement?
  8. What influences their decisions the most?
  9. What's a nonnegotiable for them in relationships?

Questions about communication:

  1. How do they like to give love?
  2. How do they like to receive love?
  3. Are they more passive or confrontational?
  4. How do they like to be apologized to?
  5. Do they respond quickly or need time to process in an argument?
  6. Are they more logical or emotional?
  7. Are they more introverted or extroverted?
  8. Do they prefer structure or going with the flow?
  9. What is their preferred form of communication (that's not in-person)?
  10. What do they like most about you?

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What the results say about you as a couple.

Here's an idea of what the results might mean about your relationship:

  • 30 or fewer correct: Hey, don't worry. Odds are you haven't been together that long or just haven't prioritized some of these bigger conversational topics. You definitely have room to get to know each other better—and that's exciting! Time to start digging in.
  • 30 to 40 correct: You know plenty about your partner, but there's still more to find out as your connection deepens.
  • 40 to 55 correct: You know your partner like the back of your hand, and that's great! You've probably been together for a while, or you just really prioritize conversation and curiosity with each other.

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As licensed marriage and family therapist and sex therapist Holly Richmond, Ph. D., LMFT, CST, tells mbg, you're usually going to do better on this quiz the longer you've been together. Don't fret if you didn't do as well as you may have liked to—this just means you can make getting to know each other better a bigger priority.

Ways to get to know each other better if you're not content with your results.

According to therapist and relationship expert Ken Page, LCSW, quizzes like this are fun, of course, but having a daily practice of checking in with each other is "a really wonderful thing to do." He recommends finding time for each other every day and thinking of a thoughtful question or two that can help you both root in your connectedness—whether something from this list or something you come up with on your own.

Page is also a fan of the 36 questions to fall in love, developed in the 1990s by psychologists Arthur Aron, Ph.D.; Elaine Aron, Ph.D.; and other researchers. This set of questions has been found, on many an occasion, to cultivate intimacy and connection between strangers—so it certainly couldn't hurt to cover those questions, Page says.

In addition to that, Richmond suggests simply getting curious with each other on a regular basis. "Sit down at least once a week, where you have each other's undivided attention, with eye contact, and you aren't distracted." Ask each other questions, have genuine curiosity for each other, and just enjoy the process of getting to know each other. (Here are some conversation starters for couples to get you started.)

Whether you aced this quiz or there's still more to learn, the bottom line is, it's important to understand who we're with. When we take time to consciously learn about our partner, not only do we see them more and more as they truly are, but we give them the gift of being seen and understood.

What is the name of your future boyfriend?

How would you like your friends to describe your couple?

He is a protector, and I am behind him, like behind a stone wall

Two absolute romantics

Our couple is an adventure team

Lovers of calm and quiet evenings

What kind of music do you usually listen to?

Something that will play in the background and not distract from work

Jazz or something like that

I like music that makes you dance

Something very calm

What kind of relationship do you find ideal?

Strong and reliable

Gentle and romantic



How do you feel about the open manifestation of feelings on the part of a guy?

How would you like to spend your free time with him?

Having a cozy time at home

It doesn't matter, as long as we're together

Having a great time

Somewhat romantic

Why do you need a relationship at all?

To feel support and support

To feel love

To be my companion in all undertakings

To feel peace and quiet joy

Where and how would you like to meet your boyfriend?

No matter where, but he must come to me first

Somewhere at a friendly party

We would meet at an exhibition, in the cinema or in the theater

Just at school or college

Will you introduce him to your friends?

I don't think so. He will not be very interested in it

Most likely, yes. With the closest

Yes, of course! We will communicate all together

I don't have many of them, so yes

Have you already thought about marriage, family?

No, it's too early

Yes, I've planned everything

I'm too active for family life

Yes, I've been thinking about a strong and friendly family for a long time

Choose the profession of a guy that seems most attractive to you?





"Winter" name

Winter gives the guy the character of a real man. He is strong-willed, determined and courageous. Your future chosen one will most likely be called a "winter" name - for example, Semyon, Arseny, Alexei, Stepan, Valentin. They sound melodious and beautiful, so they will soften the stubborn and tough disposition of men a little. And you can truly appreciate these qualities! Share this quiz with your friends! They, too, will be able to know their fate!

"Spring" name

Spring gives birth to dreamers, romantics, actors, poets and musicians. Such sensitive and emotional guys with a rich inner world are most often called Timur, Rodion, Bogdan, Valery or Ruslan. They are not afraid to show their feelings and experiences, they subtly feel beauty. And you can truly appreciate these qualities! Share this quiz with your friends! They, too, will be able to know their fate!

"Summer" name

Summer gives birth to lively, energetic and bright personalities. The name of your future boyfriend will be just as bright - for example, Gleb, Lev, Makar, Vladislav, Igor. These names charge their owners with activity, give them creative power and creativity. And you can truly appreciate these qualities! Share this quiz with your friends! They, too, will be able to know their fate!

"Autumn" name

Autumn endows guys with balance and a penchant for analysis. Most likely, your future boyfriend will be called Oleg, Dmitry, Roman or Mikhail. These names give their owners insight and sensitivity. And you can truly appreciate these qualities! Share this quiz with your friends! They, too, will be able to know their fate!

The character of your FUTURE boyfriend - Tricky - tests for girls

Hello everyone! This test is only for those girls who do not have a boyfriend or are looking for one. Ready? Go!

Question 1.

Suggest the appearance of your future boyfriend (summer clothes)

He has brown hair, brown eyes, blue T-shirt with white lettering, sneakers, light pants

He has yellow fluffy hair, green eyes, he wears a white sweater with a black T-shirt, jeans, and white sneakers

He has black hair, blue eyes. He likes black colors

Don't know/ Other

He has dyed hair, a mohawk on his head. He walks in a T-shirt and shorts, in boots.

Question 2.

Hello again! Let's get acquainted! My name is Marina, what's yours?









My name is also Marina!




Arina (Arisha)

Other (sorry if your name is not on the list)




I don't want to meet you0003



Question 3.

Can you call yourself cheerful?

Don't know

I am the goddess of fun!

I don't know, I don't know anything... No girl, no man can understand a girl.... Girls are a whole science!



Question 4.

Last question! Have you ever fallen in love?




Question 5.

Describe yourself (no clothes here)!


I will not talk about my appearance!

I have dark brown fluffy hair, I like to paint my lips in dark shades: burgundy, black, etc.

I have blue eyes, yellow hair, red lips and a small neat nose

I have short brown hair, gray eyes, pink lips

Question 6.

Do you wear jewelry?

I wear earrings and rings

I wear earrings, bracelets, rings

I wear earrings and bracelets


I wear earrings

No, why are they?

I wear bracelets, rings

Question 7.

Describe your character


Always sad, tired, bored

Cheerful, responsive

Kind, modest, romantic

Cool, with friends, count on the roof of the garage once climbed!

Question 8.

Can you call yourself a little narcissistic?


Rather no than yes


Rather yes than no

Oh, not even a little.

Learn more