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"Only Fools and Horses" Time on Our Hands (TV Episode 1996)

Only Fools and Horses


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  • Episode aired Dec 29, 1996
  • TV-14TV-14
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Things aren't too good at Nelson Mandela house. Raquel's parents are due to visit for dinner and will be meeting Del for the first time, causing her to panic. Dinner is ultimately ruined aft... Read allThings aren't too good at Nelson Mandela house. Raquel's parents are due to visit for dinner and will be meeting Del for the first time, causing her to panic. Dinner is ultimately ruined after Albert unfortunately mixes up the gravy and coffee jars. Meanwhile, Rodney appears to b... Read allThings aren't too good at Nelson Mandela house. Raquel's parents are due to visit for dinner and will be meeting Del for the first time, causing her to panic. Dinner is ultimately ruined after Albert unfortunately mixes up the gravy and coffee jars. Meanwhile, Rodney appears to be struggling to come to terms with Cassandra's miscarriage, causing Del to take extreme st... Read all





    • Tony Dow
    • John Sullivan
  • Stars
    • David Jason
    • Nicholas Lyndhurst
    • Buster Merryfield
    • Tony Dow
    • John Sullivan
  • Stars
    • David Jason
    • Nicholas Lyndhurst
    • Buster Merryfield
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    Top cast

    David Jason

    • Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter

    Nicholas Lyndhurst

    • Rodney Trotter

    Buster Merryfield

    • Uncle Albert Trotter

    Tessa Peake-Jones

    • Raquel Turner

    Gwyneth Strong

    • Cassandra Trotter

    Roger Lloyd Pack

    • Trigger

    Kenneth MacDonald

    • Mike Fisher
    • (as Kenneth Macdonald)

    John Challis

    • Boycie

    Sue Holderness

    • Marlene

    Paul Barber

    • Denzil

    Patrick Murray

    • Mickey Pearce

    Michael Jayston

    • James Turner

    Ann Lynn

    • Audrey Turner

    Seymour Matthews

    • Auctioneer

    Jamie Smith

    • Damien Trotter

    Lennard Pearce

    • Grandad
    • (archive footage)
    • (voice)

    Peter Woodthorpe

    • Reg Trotter
    • (archive footage)
    • (voice)

    Jotham Annan

    • Tony
    • (uncredited)
      • Tony Dow
      • John Sullivan
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    The finest 1 hour of comedy ever made

    John Sullivan delivers the finest hour of comedy gold. It helps if you're an only fools fan, but nonetheless, the build up to the auction scene is acting and comedy perfection in equal measure.

    The Sotheby's scene is out of this World and is a fitting end to the Trotter story. Yet it wasn't the end... although it should have been.



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    • Mar 20, 2022


    • Release date
      • December 29, 1996 (United Kingdom)
      • United Kingdom
      • English
    • Production company
      • British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
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    • 1 hour

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