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Free Career Test Matches Your Personality to Your Ideal Job


Q. How does this test determine what career is right for me?

A. This career test measures your personality traits, strengths, values, and interests, and uses those scores to match you with a list of ideal careers. The career assessment is based on two scientifically validated models for career planning: The Big Five model of personality traits, and the Holland Code model of career interest assessment. Using a unique combination of these two powerful career matching systems, the career test will determine which jobs are most likely to match your aptitude and satisfy your individual personality and motivational factors.

Q. What type of career test is best?

When looking to decide what career is best for you, there are various types of career tests you can choose, each with their own benefits. These include:

  • Personality assessments. This type of test can help you find a career that suits your core personality traits and innate talents. A personality career test will measure your personality traits, and then show you what careers people with similar personality traits have chosen. Common career tests of this type include the MBTI® assessment and Keirsey Temperament Sorter.
  • Interest assessments. This type of career test can help you find a job where the day-to-day requirements are a good match for the tasks and activities you enjoy doing. A career interests test will measure how much you like various categories of work tasks, and match you to jobs that are a good fit for those tasks. Career tests of this type include the Strong Interest Inventory and Self-Directed Search.
  • Career aptitude tests. An aptitude test can measure a variety of determinants of job aptitude, including personality and interests, as well as skills like reasoning ability, reading comprehension, or intelligence. Skills-based aptitude tests are more often found when being evaluated for a particular job role, while more general aptitude tests can help you figure out what careers suit your natural inclinations.

If you are planning a new career or making a career change, the best career test is one that will give you a comprehensive assessment of your personality, interests, aptitude, and strengths. A multi-dimensional career assessment will help you to consider all the important factors that drive career satisfaction, and plan your career path in a holistic way. The Career Personality Profiler assessment evaluates both your personality and interests, so that you can choose a career that suits your natural talents as well as your real-world experiences.

Q. How long does the career test take to complete?

A. The career assessment consists of 94 questions. It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Q. What will my career test results look like?

A. When you complete the Career Personality Profiler test, you will first be shown a brief, free summary of your results and career recommendations. Then, you may choose to unlock your full report for a small fee. To see what you can expect from your full report, check out this career test sample report.

Q. Is this career test appropriate for adults making a career change?

A. Yes, this test is ideal for adults who may be changing careers or planning their next step. This career test will allow you to reference your past career experiences, as well as your knowledge of what you have liked and disliked on the job, to better understand how to plan a career move that suits you. In addition, the personality assessment included in this career test will ensure that your career recommendations are tailored to who you truly are, not just where you've been so far.

Q. Is this career test appropriate for students?

A. This test can provide useful career guidance for students over the age of 14, with parental guidance and support. Students who are mature, self-aware, and have had experience with a variety of activities and hobbies will experience the best results from this career assessment.

This career assessment is not recommended for children under the age of 14.

Q. Is this career test really free?

A. You do not need to purchase or register to take this career test and view an overview of your results. If you would like, you can purchase a more comprehensive full report for a small fee.

Q. Is this career test printable?

A. Yes. If you purchase your full carer test report, this can be downloaded to PDF for easy printing and sharing.

Q. Is the career test accurate?

A. This career test has been researched extensively to ensure it is valid and reliable, using a variety of statistical methods. It is based on two established theories which have conclusively been shown to impact job fit and satisfaction: psychologist John Holland's theory of career interest assessment, and the Big Five personality model. While no career test can perfectly predict which career will suit you, an accurate career test like the Career Personality Profiler can show you how your innate talents and individual interests can map to your ideal career.

Q. How can I access my career test results?

A. After you take a test, you will have the option to create an account by entering your email address. If you create an account, you can view your test results at any time by returning to and logging into your account. We do not email your results to you.

Q. Do I need to complete this career assessment all at once?

A. If you’ve created an account, you can click on ‘Save’ at the bottom of the screen, and your responses will be saved. If you do not log in to a Truity account before starting the test, you won't have the option to stop and save your responses and will need to complete the test all at once.

Q. Are you going to sell my data?

A. . We do not sell your email or other personal data to any third parties, and we have a zero-spam policy. We carefully comply with applicable privacy laws in handling your personal information. You can read more in our privacy policy.

Career Test — What Job is Best for You?

Career Test — What Job is Best for You? | Psych Central
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Medically reviewed by Karin Gepp, PsyD — By Andrea Rice and Jennifer Chesak on February 3, 2022

This quiz is based on the six basic personality categories of the Holland Codes: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional (RIASEC). Your answers will help match your dominant personality type with various occupations that might be a good fit for you.

Who am I… and what do I want to do with my life? We’ve all asked ourselves this existential question at some point.

Knowing where to begin on your professional journey can seem overwhelming, especially if this is your first job search.

Maybe you’ve taken a personality quiz to get a better sense of what makes you tick, or you’ve read your career horoscope for additional insight. But finding the right career path for you is about balancing your persona with your passions, while also drawing on the unique skills you already possess.

Keep in mind that the job you do doesn’t necessarily have to define you, but anyone can benefit from doing work that’s fulfilling. Research shows that having a meaningful career is good for your mental well-being.

This brief, time-saving questionnaire is designed for anyone who is looking for a new job or is interested in starting an entirely new career path.

It can help hone your interests and expertise, regardless of where you’re at in your career.

While there are countless online resources available to help you decide what’s next for your professional journey, our career test can help you make a sensible, practical, and informed decision in a matter of minutes.

This online screening is not a definitive tool. Your quiz results don’t necessarily have to dictate what you should do with your life, either.

Think of your results like a compass pointing you in a new and exciting direction to help you find your calling.

Last medically reviewed on February 3, 2022

1 sourcecollapsed

  • Allan BA, et al. (2016). Meaningful work and mental health: Job satisfaction as a moderator.


Medically reviewed by Karin Gepp, PsyD — By Andrea Rice and Jennifer Chesak on February 3, 2022

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