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Stories About Child Abuse, Domestic Violence and Animal Cruelty – Short Story Guide

Stories with all forms of abuse—physical, sexual, psychological, emotional—will be placed on this page. The stories about animal abuse or cruelty are in a separate section at the bottom. See also:

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Stories About Abuse or Domestic Violence

“Nightmare” by Barb Goffman

Mary Ellen is jolted out of sleep by a recurring childhood nightmare—a fire-breathing dragon closes in on her. She goes out on the front porch, careful not to wake her mother or older brother. The combination of the rain, the dream, and an image of her brother brings an old memory to the surface.

“Nightmare” is the first story in the Amazon preview of Don’t Get Mad, Get Even.

“A Jury of Her Peers” by Susan Glaspell

When a farmer in Dixon County is found dead in his bed—strangled—his wife is held on suspicion of murder. The local authorities investigate while two of their wives collect some items for the accused.

This story can be read in the preview of A Moment on the Edge: 100 Years of Crime Stories by Women.

“Alyosha the Pot” by Leo Tolstoy

From childhood to the age of nineteen, Alyosha works hard on his family’s farm. Then, he’s sent to town to work for a merchant. He is overworked and mistreated his whole life, but he bears it well.

This is the third story in the preview of Classic Short Stories.

“The more he did the more he was given to do . . . all ordered him about, and sent him from one place to another.”

—Alyosha the Pot

“The Devil’s Club” by Peggy Rothschild

Jessie doesn’t like visitors or talking about her past. The man at her door, Al, has managed to track her down in Alaska. He insists on coming in. He wants money.

This story can be read in the preview of Heartbreaks & Half-Truths: 22 Stories of Mystery and Suspense. (58% in)

“Vanka” by Anton Chekhov

An orphan apprenticed to a shoemaker surreptitiously writes a letter to his grandfather, asking to be taken to live with him, so he can escape his life of deprivation and mistreatment.

This is the third story in the preview of Great Short Stories of the Masters.

“What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” by Raymond Carver

Two married couples sit in the McGinnis’s apartment, drinking and talking about real love. They use their own, and second-hand experiences, to try to define it. (Analysis & Themes)

Read “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love”

“The Washing” by Christopher Fowler

Linda and Miguel are new to the building. She becomes acquainted with the woman who lives above her, Pippa. Pippa tells her about some of the other residents. She points out that you can figure out a lot of what is going on by paying attention to the clotheslines. One of the residents, a pretty woman named Maria, marries an older man who controls her movements.

This story can be read in the preview of Invisible Blood. (52% in)

“Memories of Youghal” by William Trevor

Miss Ticher, an elderly woman, is relaxing on a hotel terrace when she’s joined by an untidy man, Quillan. He’s a private detective who’s watching a couple in the hotel. He starts telling Miss Ticher his history, which included the death of his parents when he was only five months old and his difficult upbringing. He has a lot of unhappy memories. Miss Grimshaw, returning from her walk, is annoyed to find a strange man talking to her friend.

This story can be read in the preview of The Collected Stories. (40% into Kindle preview)

“Lamb of God” by Patricia Abbott

Kyle’s mother first tried to kill him when he was nine. He was afraid every day. She had a mental imbalance and was always trying to keep him close to God.

This story can be read in the preview of Kwik Krimes. (30% in)

“The Goblin Hunter” by Chris Beckett

Sergei is showing a newcomer, Janet, a little bit of Lutania. It’s very quiet; the native creatures use telepathy to communicate. They live in the sea, which is just a meter below the ground’s surface. They emerge at night from small ponds. Janet looks forward to seeing an indigene, but Sergei warns her it’s not usually pleasant. They’re able to bring people’s dark thoughts to the surface. A local girl, Anna, is particularly sensitive to them. She lives in terrible circumstances. Her family also uses her sensitivity to hunt the indigene.

Some of this story can be read in the preview of Solaris Rising 3. (65% into preview)

“Born of Man and Woman” by Richard Matheson

An unidentified narrator, a child, tells their story through diary entries. The child is chained up in the basement, and has to keep out of sight or be beaten.

Read “Born of Man and Woman” (first story in Amazon preview)

“Keela, the Outcast Indian Maiden” by Eudora Welty

Little Lee Roy is sitting on his porch. His children are out picking plums. Two white men approach his place. One of them points to Lee Roy and asks if he’s the one. The younger of the two men is still talking excitedly. He used to sell tickets for a circus show—Keela, the Outcast Indian Maiden—where the subject would eat a live chicken.

Read “Keela, the Outcast Indian Maiden” (fifth story in Amazon preview)

“Hot Pants” by Elaine Kagan

Lucinda visits her father in a group home for people with dementia. She works as a waitress at Sorrentino’s, a popular restaurant. She needs the job to pay for everything, which is why she stays there despite a problem with Sal.

This story can be read in the preview of At Home in the Dark. (22% into preview)

“The Proof of the Pudding” by Peter Lovesey

Frank brings a big turkey home on Christmas morning. His wife, Wendy, pretends to believe his story about winning it in a raffle. Challenging him will only result in a beating. Frank has just returned from the war. His brother Ted was killed in action. Their son, Norman, is called downstairs. Frank presents his son with a gift, meaningful to him but underwhelming to the boy. Wendy’s present to Frank is met with anger, and he roughly pushes her against the cupboard. Wendy has to prepare dinner for their guests.

This story can be read in the preview of The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries. (72% in)

“The Boy Who Disappeared Clouds” by Lawrence Block

Jeremy is in Ms. Winspear’s sixth grade class. She’s concerned about him, knowing he comes from a rough home. He doesn’t have friends and doesn’t seem to have any hobbies. She’d like to help him in some way. Her boyfriend, Cory, says she should teach him how to disappear clouds.

This story can be read in the preview of Enough Rope. (48% in)

“Spurs” by Tod Robbins

Jacques is a dwarf employed by a circus. He has no friends. He becomes infatuated with a fellow performer, Jeanne, a bareback horse rider. One day, Jacques inherits an estate after his prosperous uncle dies. He uses this gain to attract Jeanne.

“Spurs” can be read in the preview of The Best American Noir of the Century.

“Wilderness” by Dean Koontz

Addison, a boy of eight, has a lonely life. He lives with his mother in an isolated house surrounded by forest. He’s never seen another person. His mother banishes him from the house for days at a time. He’s comfortable in the woods and with the animals.

The beginning of “Wilderness” can be read in the Amazon preview.

“The Molesters” by Joyce Carol Oates

A six-year-old girl recounts an experience at a creek with a stranger. A man with a fishing pole arrives and starts talking to her. He says that in the city kids have two dads, one who goes to work and one who stays home to play. He could be her second dad. They get closer and he says they should keep their meeting a secret. She tells a similar story two more times, adding more details.

This has been printed as a short story in its own right, but it’s part of the novel Expensive People.

“Rest Stop” by Stephen King

John Dykstra, a suspense novelist, drives home from a writer’s meeting. He thinks about who he is at different times—John Dykstra or his writing alter-ego Rick Hardin. He had several beers before leaving and desperately needs to stop somewhere. He pulls off at a rest stop he’s used before. There’s only one other car there. As he walks toward the men’s room he hears a commotion from the women’s room.

“The Gold of Tomas Vargas” by Isabel Allende

Tomas Vargas is a miserly, adulterous, and abusive man who is disliked by everyone in town. One day a young woman, one of Tomas’s affairs, comes looking for him. His wife is furious and finally takes a stand against him.

“Galloping Foxley” by Roald Dahl

A man’s morning routine commute to work is disturbed by a new train passenger. He eventually identifies the newcomer as an old school mate.

“Sweat” by Zora Neale Hurston

Delia supports her abusive, cheating husband by washing clothes. He comes up with a plan to get rid of her, to take up with his mistress.

Read “Sweat”

“Woman Hollering Creek” by Sandra Cisneros

Cleofilas marries Juan Pedro and leaves her family in Mexico to live in small-town Texas. She soon finds herself trapped in a lonely, unsettling life with an abusive husband.

Read here

“Customs of the Country” by Madison Smartt Bell

A young mother tries to get her life back together after her husband is sentenced to twenty-five years in prison and her son, Davey, is taken from her when she injures him.

“The Answer Is No” by Naguib Mahfouz

A new headmaster is appointed at a school. One of the female teachers is dazed after hearing the news; he had been her private tutor when she was fourteen.

Read here

“Skipper” by Alden Nowlan

Ethel and Rupert have five sons. Skipper is the youngest son, and Ethel wants to keep him from his father’s world, the world that claimed her other four sons—working at the mill, getting drunk, and abusing his family.

“Hop-Frog” by Edgar Allan Poe

The king loves jokes, especially practical jokes. His court jester, or “fool”, is a dwarf and a cripple named Hop-Frog. The king treats him badly, but Hop-Frog does his best to get by. A great state party is approaching, so the king turns to his “fool” for some costume advice.


“The Whore’s Child” by Richard Russo

The narrator is the professor of a university fiction writing class. An elderly nun who lives nearby, Sister Ursula, shows up in class although she has neither registered nor completed the prerequisite courses. She writes her memoir, beginning with her childhood in a Belgian convent. Her mother was a prostitute, so she becomes known as the whore’s child and is mistreated due to her low social status.

Read “The Whore’s Child”

“A Municipal Report” by O. Henry

The narrator goes to Tennessee for a meeting with Azalea Adair. He represents a literary magazine that is interested in publishing Adair’s work. Adair is poor and frail.

Read “A Municipal Report”

“Created He Them” by Alice Eleanor Jones

Ann Crothers is up early to get the children out of the way and prepare her husband’s breakfast. She’s careful about everything she does because she knows her husband will complain. Food and other supplies are low.

Read “Created He Them”

“The Moths” by Helena María Viramontes

The narrator tells the story of when she was fourteen and her grandmother, Abuelita, asked her for help when she started to deteriorate. She agrees because her grandmother often looked out for her. The narrator doesn’t feel close to her immediate family. Her father is angry and abusive.

“One Holy Night” by Sandra Cisneros

The narrator relates her experiences with Chaq, a man who claimed to be descended from Mayan kings. She was selling produce from a cart when she met him. She’s was much younger, but she was attracted to this mysterious man.

“Graveyard Shift (Day of Reckoning)” by Richard Matheson

Luke sends his father a note saying the Widow Blackwell has been murdered. Her son, Little Jim, is scared and hiding. He tells his father to send the sheriff and coroner right away. In the next letter, Luke’s father, Sam, informs the Widow Blackwell’s brother of the tragedy.

“The Chef” by Andy Weir

Doris wakes up in a hospital. Her doctor tries to find out what she can remember. She knows there was an explosion, and that she had been visiting her father, but is hazy on the other details. She can remember that she’s a professional chef, and she tells the doctor about her work.

Read “The Chef”

“The Child Who Favored Daughter” by Alice Walker

A girl gets off the school bus and walks toward her house. Her father sits on the porch watching. He knows about the letter. She’s sure of it, but she doesn’t know how he knows about it. He has a shotgun within reach. He thinks back to his own sister and how things went for her. His daughter reminds him of his sister.

“Hey, You Down There” by Harold Rolseth

Calvin and Dora Spender need a new well. They’re digging one, but so far it’s still dry. Dora is careful to do everything Calvin says, because he’s unpleasant and violent. She has to do a lot of work. They get a surprise while digging.

Read “Hey, You Down There”

“Peter Two” by Irwin Shaw

Peter, thirteen-years-old, watches action programs on T.V. where the hero always overcomes danger no matter what the odds. He thinks back on an incident from school when he defended a weaker student. Peter feels he will become a hero whom others can turn to for help.

“In a Grove” by Ryunosuke Akutagawa

A woodcutter finds the body of a samurai in an out-of-the-way grove. It had a single sword cut to the chest, and the blood was dried. There was no weapon present, only a rope and a comb. Further testimony reveals an assault on the samurai’s wife.

Read “In a Grove”

Animal Cruelty Stories 

“The Cats of Ulthar” by H.P. Lovecraft

In the town of Ulthar, an old couple takes pleasure in killing any cats that stray onto their property. The townspeople are afraid of them and stay away, but when a kitten from a group of travelers goes missing, they take action.

This story can be read in the preview of The Great Old Ones: Complete Lovecraft. (select in table of contents)

“The Revenge of the Dog” by Luigi Pirandello

Three years ago, a foreigner with a wooden leg informed Jaco Naca that he was the owner of some land. The man was interested in it and offered to pay the official appraisal price. They made the deal. A year later, Jaco was upset to see that two small villas had been built on the property, which would bring their owner a nice income. He devises a revenge which involves mistreating a dog.

This story can be read in the preview of Stories for the Years. (38% in)

“Coco” by Guy de Maupassant

The Lucas Farm is the largest and richest in the neighborhood. A old white horse, Coco, is kept because it was a favorite of the mistress. A teenager, Zidore, is assigned to care for it. His fellow farmhands laugh at him over this undesirable job. He takes his frustrations out on Coco.

Read here

“Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell

The narrator is a British colonial policeman in Burma. He gets a report that there’s an elephant loose, causing damage in the marketplace. While looking for it, he comes across a dead Burmese man, crushed by the elephant. This escalates the situation and he’s not sure if he will be able to avoid shooting the elephant.

Read here

“The Stray Dog” by Sadeq Hedayat

A Scottish setter hangs around the town square. It suffers from hunger and fatigue. People kick it and throw rocks at it to drive it away. The dog still has memories of its old, happy life but they’re fading.

Read “The Stray Dog”

“A Dark-Brown Dog” by Stephen Crane

A dog follows a small boy home, even though the boy tries to scare the dog away with beatings. They become close, but the other members of the family continue to treat the dog badly.

Read “A Dark-Brown Dog”

“In the Zoo” by Jean Stafford

A visit to a zoo reminds two sisters of a childhood friend, an alcoholic with a lot of animals, who gave them a puppy. Their foster mother had a bad effect on the dog.

“The End of Old Horse” by Simon J. Ortiz

Two brothers, Native American boys, go to a creek to fish and keep cool on a hot day. On their way, they see Old Horse, a dog, tied up, straining excitedly against his rope. They tell the owner, but he says to ignore it.

“Twilight” by Wladyslaw Reymont

Sokol, an old horse, lies dying. He is neglected, aside from an occasional visit from the hunting-dogs. Sokol is miserable and afraid as he dies alone.

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The theme of cruelty in literature - examples in works

The theme of cruelty in literature is of great importance. In almost every work you can find an example of a cruel attitude, however, in the following works, cruelty has no boundaries: the story of N. V. Gogol "The Overcoat", the story of A. I. Solzhenitsyn "Matryona Dvor", the story of A. I. Kuprin "The Miraculous Doctor" , novel by A. S. Pushkin "Dubrovsky".


Among literary works, NV Gogol's story "The Overcoat" was one of the first works devoted to the theme of cruelty. The author shows that the people around Bashmachkin are very angry and cruel. Colleagues always mocked the main character, made fun of him. When Akaky Akakievich bought himself an overcoat, it was stolen the same day. But the most important cruel act was that no one began to help him in search of his dear thing. The cruelty of people leads to the fact that Bashmachkin falls ill and dies.

Matrenin Dvor

In fiction, AI Solzhenitsyn's story is one of the brightest works devoted to the theme of cruelty. Matrena is a kind and merciful woman who is used to helping everyone. However, the people around her only used her good. Thaddeus, her ex-fiance, acted cruelly with Matryona. Returning after the war, he learned that Matryona had married his brother. Thaddeus did not even begin to listen about the fact that everyone considered him dead.

He forever held a grudge against Matryona and tried all his life to make her life difficult and unbearable. The hero gave his daughter to her to raise, and when she grew up, he contributed to the fact that Matryona gave her her home. The main character died while trying to help move her chamber over the rails. Thus, the cruelty of fellow villagers and especially Thaddeus led to tragic consequences.

Miraculous Doctor

People are also shown as cruel in AI Kuprin's story "The Wonderful Doctor".

The writer shows the terrible conditions in which the Mertsalov family has to survive. However, people around do not care about the problems of others. Emelyan is expelled from work, without thinking about how he will feed his large family. Of the entire society, only Dr. Pirogov took care of the Mertsalov family. He became a spark of kindness in a world of cruelty.


Examples of cruelty in the works of AS Pushkin are among the brightest. In the novel Dubrovsky, the writer showed Troekurov's cruelty towards his former friend Dubrovsky Sr. Kirila Petrovich ensured that his estate was taken away from Dubrovsky. Vladimir's father could not bear it, so he soon dies. A. S. Pushkin shows what human cruelty leads to.

Troekurov acted cruelly towards his own daughter as well. He initiated her wedding with Prince Vereisky, although Maria herself asked Kirila Petrovich not to do this, since she could not love this man.

This article, which will help write the essay "The Theme of Cruelty in Literature", will consider works of Russian literature that raise the problem of cruelty.

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Free of charge

Said's property

Olga Dashkova

You didn't tell your daughter? - What didn't he say? Dad! “I take what is mine!” The voice echoes through the hall and rings in my ears. – And will belong until... more

The text contains: violent domineering hero, coercion, emotions on the edge

In progress: 22 Nov 31 page

29183 2481

119 RUB


Emilia Green

Rich. Domineering. Unscrupulous. A cruel beast in the stone jungle and an incomparable favorite of women. No one knows what dark secrets his past holds. In... more

The text contains: from hatred to love, cruel domineering hero, passion

Full text 206 page

298466 3119


Venganza. Capital punishment

Ulyana Soboleva, Yulia German

Fate smiled at me with a devilish grin in the face of the man with whom I was obsessed. I resisted this madness for as long as I could, and when I gave in, he took away... more

The text contains: revenge, difficult relationships, cruel domineering hero

Full text 232 page

866491 9844


Venganza. Castling

Julia German

He robbed me of everything: my family, my position in society, my self-respect, my dignity, my freedom, and my ability to feel. The only thing that this monster could not take away was... more

The text contains: revenge, difficult relationships, cruel domineering hero

Full text 388 page

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109 RUB

Red for bandit

Kotorova Olga

He is a rich man with a criminal past who mourns the death of his wife and son. She is a single mother with a difficult fate and moves from penny to penny in order to pros... more

The text contains: a strong heroine, a cruel domineering hero, very emotional

Full text 153 page

59937 1629

299 RUB

Assigned by the Devil

Ulyana Soboleva

THE BOOK IS FINISHED! READ THE SUMMARY! Her father sold her before she was born in exchange for gold. Lyuba, a student at the Pedagogical University, is going to a party with her friends. And in the morning... more

The text contains: cruel domineering hero, virgin, fatal passion

Full text 154 page

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Dance of death

Masha Drach

Adele is a dancer in one of the most elite clubs in the city. She was always accustomed to adhere to the rules and strict order. Zane is the head of a criminal gang. They are afraid of him... more

The text contains: love and hate, cruel powerful hero, action-packed novel

Full text 261 page

309321 4368


The Dark World, or a Slave for a Demon (Book 1)

Yulia Fadeeva

“Don’t, please, don’t!” the girl shuddered in sobs, kneeling. “Don’t do this! As soon as she sank down, bracelets were put on her hands, shackling her wrist... more

The text contains: a cruel domineering hero, a virgin and a domineering hero, very frankly

Full text 245 page

310878 3303

119 RUB

Love, under the yoke of revenge

Karina Volk

Sasha enthusiastically examined the exotic animal, which caused a feeling of uncontrollable panic and endless horror in people. – Sasha, – addressed the maiden... more

The text contains: love and revenge, cruel domineering hero, frankly

Full text 479 page

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Ada Love

VERY CRUEL, FREE!!! I lost my parents early and lived in an orphanage from the age of 7. Everyone said that this is the best place for children without parents, but the manager does not like me... more

The text contains: violence, violent hero, coercion

Full text 114 page

134049 1154

99 RUB

My Alien

Olesya Egorova

He knows my terrible secret, and demands an even more terrible payment for its safety. I will have to accept the rules of the game of this cruel, cynical man, because from no... more

The text contains: very frank, from hatred to love, cruel domineering hero

Full text 138 page

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Named Beast

Aurora Groff

Until recently, I was an ordinary girl dreaming of escaping from the oppression of my aunt. I wanted to finish college, get a diploma and go to warmer climes. But ... more

The text contains: cruel domineering hero, virgin, pregnancy

Full text 152 page

944119 5099

299 RUB

Khan's wife

Ulyana Soboleva

- If I find out that you are lying to me, Angaahai, I will tear your chest with my bare hands and devour your heart. My circles of hell were just beginning. Being the bride of the devil is nothing... more

The text contains: cruel domineering hero, husband and wife, hatred and love

Full text 157 page

662076 6451

149 RUB

Bait for Alpha

Tatyana Chashchina

I am the bait for the wild animal from the dead forest. He is cruel, treacherous, fierce... And he will come after me to... Kill me? Or… Is this predator really my true one? What ... more

The text contains: werewolves, very frank, violent domineering hero

Full text 203 page

16722 963

179 RUB

And with a taste of salt on the lips

Rin Sky

I did a lot of bad things in my life... But fate gave me a second chance. Now I am a respected businessman and the owner of a huge corporation. However, the ghosts of the past haunt... more

The text contains: cruel domineering hero, coercion, from hate to love

Full text 151 page

637361 11246

99 RUB

Dangerous werewolf

Tatyana Chashchina

What will you do when a monster kidnaps you? What will you do when the flames consume your home? What can you do against a brother who has power and does not have . .. more

The text contains: very frank, violent domineering hero, werewolves true couple

Full text 160 page

29034 827


Director of your tomorrow

Nari Orlan

A series of strange events - and my measured life flies into hell. What or who is to blame? An absurd accident, a curse, or someone's malicious intent? I will know. And did... more

The text contains: love triangle, violent domineering hero, mysticism and love

Full text 211 page

93940 1594


Forgive me my sins

Lana Meyer

IS FREE! She says she sees the devil in me. This is very good... After all, I see my victim in her. And if she doesn't like to grovel before others... Well, before m... more

The text contains: students, violent domineering hero, sexual games

Full text 200 page

149224 3836


Toy - I - part.

Rusya Shchigel

TOY (English) - Toy! She, by chance, got him in the form of a "gift". And the man, without even thinking, made her his "sex toy", simply outrageous over the girl...... more

The text contains: violence, very frank, cruel domineering hero

Full text 324 page

891582 5362


Sakura at the edge of the volcano

Tori Langrain

Fate plays strange games with us.

Learn more