People inspire me

10 People That Inspire Me And Will Inspire You Too


Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms. For me, it comes from people from various walks of life; some of them I know personally, and some I remained in awe of from afar. From family members to doctors to celebrities, there have been many people who touched and influenced my life for the better. Here are ten people that inspire me and is sure to inspire you as well.

1. My mother

This one is a given. A single parent who worked hard to bring me up and provide me with everything I needed, and even some things I didn’t need but simply wanted. How can this wonderful person- the very reason for my existence- not feature on my list of inspirations? No matter how many people come and go from my life, my mother will forever remain my role model. She is another one of the people that inspire me.

2. My great-grandfather

K.N Kurup, a philanthropist- with a road named after him in his hometown- who provided a home to many who needed it and gave love to everyone, and my great-grandfather. I’ve only ever heard of him through anecdotes that my family shares when everyone gets together, but he left an indelible effect on me. A true giver, who gave not to receive anything in return, I can only hope to emulate him in some way or form. He is another one of the people that inspire me.


(Image Credit; India NEW England)

3. My grand uncle

A Hindu spiritual leader and teacher, my grand uncle; the world-renowned Chinmayananda. A wild freedom fighter turned journalist who then went on to inspire millions with his teachings, there’s a lot to say about him. I can only hope to be a shadow of who he was and what he achieved, but I’m proud that I’m able to share the tag of being a journalist with him and even prouder when people tell me we have the same eyes. He is another one of the people that inspire me.


4. My paediatrician

When you’re young you’re always afraid of the person with the needles. Your doctor. But for me my paediatrician, Dr.V. Pushpa remains an amazing inspiration. A strong, independent person that never married and dedicated her entire life to her work, she remained a calming presence for the entirety of my childhood and continues to remains it even now. To me, as long as she was near anyone sick, nothing could go wrong. She could fix everything. Maybe that was childhood naïveté but she’s almost always proved it right, so maybe it wasn’t after all.

5. My English teacher

My middle school English teacher. Roshmi Paul, she wasn’t everyone’s favourite but she was mine. She was the reason I realised my love for the English language. Writing was my passion-one that I kept hidden away from everyone- but she was one of the first people to realize my potential and encourage me. If you ever ask me about a teacher who changed my life, I will always name her.

(Image Credit; Metro)

6. BTS

Up until this point, my inspirations were all people that touched my life on a personal level, but there a few who I’ve never met, and yet they’ve changed my life for the better. The seven-member Korean band BTS is now world famous, but to me, they’ll always be seven people that came into my life at my lowest and pulled out of it into a better, more fulfilled life.


7. Bonander

I came across Swedish singer Ellinor Bonander when I interviewed her. An artist who breaks stereotypes and goes against conventions, she was instantly one of my favourite artists and soon after my friend. With music that breaks boundaries and norms, she definitely inspires me to step up own my game; to actually write things that matter.

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8. Jazz Mino

Another singer who inspires me with her musical mental health campaign is British pop artist Jazz Mino. Good, meaningful music and a wonderful personality, she inspires me to reflect on my own mental health. She, through her relatable lyrics and music, makes me feel like I’m understood.


(Image Credit; Indian Express)


Vaikom Vijayalakshmi

Besides writing, music is my other love. So it’s not a surprise that most of my inspirations happen to be musicians who’ve changed my life in some way. Vaikom Vijayalakshmi is an immensely talented artist who never let her disability become an obstacle. As a person who often crumbles under my own insecurities, she remains a charming ray of hope.


10. Dan Howell/Phil Lester

They are two people, but they have the same effect on me. They make me happy, simple as that. What’s more inspiring than people who have the ability to bring you happiness? British Youtubers Dan and Phil instantly put a smile on my face no matter what I may be going through, so how could they not feature on my list of inspiring people.

These are the people that inspire me most. Let us know who inspires you in the comments.

Featured Image: weheartit
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6 Powerful Traits Of People Who Inspire Others To Become Their Best

Part of the series "Thought Leadership and Impact"

In my role as a professional writer, I hear from over 400 PR firms, celebrities, thought leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs and other impacters every month. They all hope to be featured and highlighted, to help their own endeavors and to share their messages.

Some have made a large positive impact, some have taken only several steps along that path, and others haven’t yet “made it” but believe in their heart they have a story or something to offer that will make a difference and inspire others. And others just want their moment in the limelight - it's all about them.

As a researcher and storyteller about people who make a large positive impact in the world and what they do differently, I’ve seen that individuals who have the real “goods” to inspire others have something that other folks don’t. In fact, they demonstrate six critical traits and behaviors that enliven us, light a spark inside of us, and make us want to be better, stronger, bigger, and more of who we are.

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Those six traits are:

They Have Immense Courage

People who inspire us to be better are not weak, scared or stuck.  They’re bold and have the fortitude and courage to push through their fears, and take a stand on what they believe. They’ve done what I call “brave up” – honing the 10 ways to develop the bravery required to become positive, strong, and influential in the world today. These inspirers have faced great odds and challenges, and they’ve turned “their mess into a message” to help others overcome their challenges too. They’re warriors, and courageous fighters for what they believe in and how they see themselves and the world. They've figured out that if you want to make a difference in the world, you have to address your own demons first.

They Have Deep Empathy For Others

In my former work as a therapist and now as a coach, I’ve seen that millions of people around the globe have suffered at the hands of narcissists, or from mentally disordered or morally-corrupt individuals -- either in their families, upbringing, or in their professional lives. In my view, the most crushing aspect of narcissistic behavior is the total lack of empathy. It’s very scary (and damaging) to be in relationship with someone who is totally incapable of empathy, because they’ll do anything to you and against you without remorse. They simply cannot put themselves in your shoes or understand or accept what you feel.

On the flip side, those who inspire us to be better are fully capable of experiencing empathy, and they openly express their ability to understand our personal “stories” and who we really are and what we feel, deep down.  They don’t coddle or overprotect us, but they validate and appreciate who we are inside, which makes us feel safe to be more authentic, and expand on our own identity even more fully, without worrying that we’ll be crushed or humiliated in the process.

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They Express Love And Appreciation Openly, And Foster Equality

The people who inspire us the most are not full of hate, bigotry, or racism and they don’t harbor or encourage thoughts of who is “better” than someone else, or who deserves more.  They model equality. They are full of love and appreciation, and aren’t afraid to share it openly at work, at home and in their communities.  They use loving, accepting language, and are inclusive not divisive, and share their thoughts and beliefs around love, acceptance and equality in their narratives. Love and acceptance is at the basis of what they do. Look at those who’ve made the biggest positive difference throughout history. Invariably, there is love, understanding, compassion, and appreciation at that heart of who they are and what they stand for.

Many who have made a real positive difference have been compelled to fight hard for radical change and for a cause bigger than themselves. But even in their fighting, they never stop openly sharing love, compassion, and care for humanity.

They Are Emotionally Healthy And Healed

There’s a powerful expression, “Hurt people hurt people.” Truer words have never been spoken. If you’re hurt, wounded, distraught, overly-reactive, or emotionally dysfunctional in any way, you’re just not in a position to make the positive impact you long to, or to inspire people at the highest level. Why? Because your open wounds get in the way -- of how you see yourself and others, and how you relate, experience and interact with the world. The wounds you experience color everything.

People who inspire and uplift others have done the work to heal their wounds. They’re not necessarily pain-free (life regularly doles out painful experiences), but they’re not inflicting or projecting their pain onto others. Every human on this planet has experienced deep trauma and pain at some point in their lives. But those who inspire and positively influence have done the work to clean up their wounds , recover, heal, move forward in healthier ways, and stop hurting others with their own hurt.

They Believe In Collective Power

Those who inspire others believe in collective power – in uplifting others (and not just a select few) so that positive change can happen more quickly. They’re not focused intensively and solely on amassing their own wealth, power and influence. They want to see others rise, grow, and expand. That’s what fuels them and motivates their actions, and their business and growth strategies. In doing so, they can become very wealthy, powerful and influential, but that’s only a by-product of their focusing on expanding collective strength, power and positive impact.

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They’ve Used All Of Themselves To Make A Difference

When I look at those folks I personally have a “biz crush” on – people I would like to emulate because they’ve changed the world with their positive messages -- I see one consistent theme: these individuals have used all of themselves (their past pain, their “quirks” and idiosyncracies, their raw experiences, their unique voices, their isolation and shame, and their past and current struggles) to uplift the world.

Look at the most popular TED talks that have gone viral and touched millions of people (including those of Amy Cuddy, Brené Brown, Tony Robbins, Shawn Achor, Elizabeth Gilbert, Susan Cain, etc.) and you’ll see people who struggled in their past, but decided to use what they personally experienced to learn more, dig deeper, and finally, to help facilitate positive change for others.

These inspirers have grown comfortable being totally authentic and open about who they really are deep down (warts and all). They no longer worry that they’ll be rejected, scorned and put down. They’ve grown beyond feeling they have to hide or suppress parts of themselves to be accepted. They realize that it’s the universal plight to want to hide those parts of us that make us feel ashamed and vulnerable. And it’s that very readiness to use all of themselves - openly and courageously - that inspires and encourages us to do the same.

Which of these six traits inspires you most to be more of yourself?

To become more of yourself and inspire the world, visit the Amazing Career Project.

People who inspire me - Verochka — LiveJournal

People who inspire me

I have been meaning to write this post for a very long time. I wanted to write it so much that for a long time I did not write anything else on LiveJournal, because there was not enough time for this important one. So, I want to tell you about the people who inspire me.

It happens that for hundreds of years, for thousands of kilometers, a thread is stretched that connects you with someone. This person may not know you at all, and may not even be aware of your existence, just at one fine moment you see someone or something, and you understand that it is you, only better, more perfect, more beautiful, the way you are I would love to be someday. And it is something or someone that inspires you to become better yourself. And that's great.

I have several such people.
And the first of them Vera Minina - http://ve-ktor.

I first saw her in one-my-day, in LJ. She made a very strong impression on me, although many wrote about unnaturalness and pretense. I went to read her diary, and it seemed to me that there was no pretense in her, she really lives like a sad fairy in a strange fairy tale. She personifies for me everything airy, lyrical, fragile, like a butterfly, lacy, but at the same time alive and creative. Once I learned her poem by heart. Although for me this is something out of the ordinary, I do not really like female creativity. When I open my friends feed, I always hope to see her post there. When I feel sad and want to feel the magic, I reread her diary. If she were a man, I would say that this is love. She hardly knows about me, but I would like to say a huge thank you to her for the world that she creates.

I will write you a poem that I once learned by heart. It still touches me to the core.

Ace is ten, the world is simple -
all dolls for dramas, soldiers for war,
she strikes a ball against the wall, the ball bounces off the wall,
a friend goes out into the yard, after shouting out the window: “Come out!”
she says: “Love!”, and love grows from her chest,
she knows neither the measure nor the price of this

Ace is twenty, the world is simple -
parents are fast asleep, she goes out secretly0013 carries sandals in his hands, sneaks through the garden barefoot,
a friend goes out into the yard, after short knocks on the window,
they run away, laughing and joyful notes
become music, and their language

Ace thirty, the world is simple -
what fairy tales to be maybe in this wilderness?
Everyone here is as one, they get up before dawn, forge for pennies,
no one breathes in without fear, no one breathes out without fear,
she puts down an easel, removes brushes and paints,
paints a world where there are a lot of people, but not a soul.

The second one is completely different. Natalia Medvedeva , author of the blog about vegetarian food.

This is a man with an amazing sense of humor. Thanks to her, I am sure that you can write well, fun and witty about anything. And her recipes are amazing, by the way. Lucky, probably, her family and friends, because next to such a person you will never get bored!

Another one whose blog I open every day - Olga Malysheva ,

Supporter and promoter of a healthy lifestyle, author of columns in Yoga Journal and Woman's Health. But I started reading it long before it became so popular. Sweet, cheerful, and so active that she charges with her energy even through the monitor. Although I am not so energetic and slender, her views on life are very close to me. I am also very pleased that Olga, although she adheres to a certain way of life, does not promote it frantically, she is not a fanatic, but only addresses those who want to hear her.

There is another girl, Yuralga Nord , who does absolutely amazing things. Check them out here, you won't regret it.

I don't remember at all how I found it. Probably, she saw some kind of link in the jungle of contact, and disappeared. She makes absolutely amazing shaman jewelry, with history, with spirits, with fairy tales. I believe that our world is not as simple as we think, and that somewhere nearby lies a world of spirits and winged ghosts that guard our sleep, confuse our headphones, light wandering swamp fires and paint spots on the moon. And there are people who see this ghostly and foggy world, the world of fairy tales and legends, where everything is possible, and this girl is one of those people.

Another one I even know personally. Her name is Katya Zuzu and we met her in a photography course. She is a photographer, and she has her own group

She came to class, all red, curly, not like everyone else, and sat down at the same desk with me. If I were more courageous, I would say that she is cool and I would like to be friends with her. But we're all getting older and it seems to us that the methods that were good in the sandbox are no longer suitable for adult small talk. She soon stopped going to classes, because she knew more than they could tell her there. This is a person who subtly feels, understands and loves nature. Another fairy of forests and swamps. When she shoots trees and flowers, it seems as if her photographs live and breathe, as if the bud, taken by her, gradually blossoms, as if the spider continues to weave a web, and the sun goes into the sunset, illuminating the world with the last rays of the sun. I admire her talent. It is unlikely that I will ever dare to write - you are cool, let's be friends. Yes, and she is unlikely to understand me correctly. So, thanks to Katya just for being her.

And another wonderful girl - Anya Koroleva .

She says she takes pictures of fairies and you know I believe her. Her work looks like she really accidentally photographed the life of fairy fairies, they have soul and mystery. Now, when everyone who has a camera can call himself a photographer, there are a lot of beautiful, bright, happy, but faceless photographs. You look at them, they are all nice and pleasant, but there are thousands of them, and the author is not visible behind them. Anya has a style, and looking at her work it is clear who their author is.

You know, when I wrote this, I was very worried. After all, inspiration is an incomprehensible and mysterious process. When you meet someone who answers the subtle voice of your soul, it's like magic. This entry turned out to be very personal, but I will not close it. I think the talent deserves to be recognized. I hope you like my fairies too)


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