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  • as inex post facto
  • as inretrospective

synonyms for retroactive

  • attendant
  • done afterward
  • post factum
  • posterior
  • postmortem
  • retrospective
  • sequent
  • subsequent
  • succeeding
  • remembering
  • backward
  • reviewing

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How to use retroactive in a sentence

The House has passed two bills allowing the workers a presumption that their illness from the coronavirus was work-related if they dealt directly with infected people, and made the benefit retroactive to the beginning of the pandemic last March.


Such changes rarely happen quickly, but changes to tax law have sometimes been retroactive to the beginning of the year in which they’re enacted.


One significant outstanding question facing lawmakers is whether the unemployment benefits will be made retroactive to cover prior months when jobless benefits were not being paid.


When questioning Bélanger, he wondered how the requirement for a unanimous conviction must be retroactive, when the court’s decision about the need for a jury trial in some cases was not.


His problem with Maloney’s proposal is that it’s not retroactive, that it doesn’t force insurers to pay out for this pandemic.


An inscription on a tomb, showing that virtues acquired by death have a retroactive effect.


Therefore, said they, there was no question for them to consider, their powers not being retroactive.


The matter is so generally recognised that it has a sort of retroactive effect upon the historical ideas of the masses.


The claim that humanity is born saddled with this retroactive obligation requires more convincing proof than has yet been offered.


More than once laws were passed with retroactive effect—truly one of the grossest abuses possible for a civilized Government.



  • attendant
  • done afterward
  • post factum
  • posterior
  • postmortem
  • retroactive
  • retrospective
  • sequent
  • subsequent
  • succeeding
  • backward
  • remembering
  • retroactive
  • reviewing

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

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proactive prospective

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The Supreme Court ordered to pay under the CMTPL policy purchased “backdating”

The fact of buying an OSAGO policy "retroactively" does not in itself prove the bad faith of the insured, the board of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation decided. She ordered AlfaStrakhovanie to pay compensation under the OSAGO policy acquired after an accident.



The Collegium of the Supreme Court issued an unusual verdict on an insurance dispute. nine0008 Around 10 a.m. on August 11, 2017, the owner of a Honda Civic, without an OSAGO policy, collided with a parked Kia car. An hour and a half after this accident, he came to the AlfaStrakhovanie office and bought an OSAGO policy. The fact of acquiring the policy "retroactively" - after the accident - has been established by the courts and is not disputed by anyone.

AlfaStrakhovanie refused to reimburse the owner of the Kia car for the cost of restoring the car (327 thousand rubles) under this policy of the culprit of the accident. The insurance company indicated that at the time of the accident the OSAGO policy was not valid. The victim filed a claim with the insurer. nine0011

“Regulation and consumer rights – how to find a compromise? ” – one of the sessions of the upcoming Insurance Market Leaders Forum on October 31 will be devoted to this topic. Among the questions - how to separate the "white" market of auto lawyers from the "gray", among the speakers - Alexander Kolankov (Central Bank of the Russian Federation), Evgeny Ufimtsev (RSA) and others.

By the decision of the Leninsky district court of St. Petersburg this claim was satisfied, and the insurer was obliged to pay. The court indicated that the OSAGO policy was issued at about 11:40 on August 11, 2017, after the accident. However, the policy itself indicates that its validity period is from 00:00 on 08/11/2017. In this case, the policyholder paid the insurer the premium in full. nine0011
Appellate ruling of the Judicial Collegium for Civil Cases of the St. Petersburg City Court overturned the decision of the first instance. The appeal indicated that the civil liability of the perpetrator of the accident was not insured, since he bought the policy after the accident.

The Presidium of the St. Petersburg City Court canceled the determination of the appeal, and the verdict of the Leninsky District Court regained force. The cassation office indicated that, according to the data specified in the policy, it begins to operate from 00:00 on the day of the accident (08/11/2017). “At the same time, the validity of the specified policy and the fact of payment of the insurance premium were not disputed by the defendant,” the cassation document states. nine0003

On August 27, 2019, the Judicial Collegium for Civil Cases of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation upheld the acts of first instance and cassation. Thus, she obliged the insurer to pay compensation under the policy purchased after the accident.

In the cassation appeal, AlfaStrakhovanie stated that, according to paragraph 1 of article 9 of the law on the organization of insurance business, an event considered as an insured risk must have signs of probability and randomness of occurrence. “The event that happened before the conclusion of the contract loses the property of probability and chance, as a result of which it cannot be recognized as an insured event,” the insurer pointed out. The company adds that the insured acted in bad faith and abused the right by purchasing the policy after the accident. nine0003

Collegium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation , however, the insurer's arguments were not convinced. She pointed out that:

  • Good faith of participants in civil legal relations is assumed a priori, until the opposite is proved (clause 5 of Article 10 of the Civil Code).
  • It follows from Article 3 of the OSAGO Law that the “mandatory motor vehicle citizen” is primarily aimed at increasing the level of protection for victims. This dispute arose between the victim and the insurer. nine0039
  • From Article 15 of the OSAGO law it follows that the insurer is liable to the victim, even if unauthorized use of the policy and violation of the procedure for issuing it is established.
  • It follows from Article 957 of the Civil Code that an insurance contract, “unless otherwise provided in it”, enters into force at the moment of payment of the insurance premium. According to the AlfaStrakhovanie policy, the insurance period began at 00:00 on August 11, 2017, the court indicated.
  • AlfaStrakhovanie did not report unauthorized use of the policy, the insurance contract was not disputed and was not invalidated. Therefore, the court of first instance and cassation had no grounds for recognizing this OSAGO policy as void, "only in connection with the defendant's arguments about the inconsistency of this contract with the provisions of the law on the concept of insured risk and insured event." nine0039

The court of first instance reasonably satisfied the claim of the victim, the board of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation pointed out.

At the time of publication, there were no comments on the situation from AlfaStrakhovanie and other insurers interviewed by the ASN.

Extremely negative precedent

Victoria Aleksanyan, executive director of Benefit-Litigation law firm, told the ASN that this position of the Supreme Court is extremely negative precedent and could provoke a new wave of car fraud cases. In her opinion, the very behavior of the insured has signs of insurance fraud. nine0003

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The court explained how to circumvent the financial ombudsman
The Supreme Court: consumer protection law and art. 395 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation also apply to DSAGO

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Links with Navalny will be punished retroactively

“Even the Nuremberg trials, and that one was held differently - there each Nazi criminal was tried separately,” exclaimed the deputies from the opposition. © Photo by IA Rosbalt, Alexandra Polukeeva

The State Duma on Tuesday supported in the first reading a package of three bills on further restrictions on the public participation of citizens in Russian politics. We are talking about the deprivation for a certain period of the right to be elected to the State Duma "involved in the activities of extremist and terrorist organizations", as well as a direct ban on participation in the activities of undesirable organizations outside of Russia.

All three bills were developed by the State Duma commission to investigate the facts of foreign interference in internal affairs. They did not directly say that the new restrictions are intended to hit, first of all, the structures of Alexei Navalny and Mikhail Khodorkovsky and prevent their representatives from participating in the upcoming parliamentary elections, but spoke in the spirit of combating external threats. nine0003

This is especially true for foreign and international non-governmental organizations, whose activities in Russia are recognized as undesirable. Currently, there are 31 of them on the list of the Ministry of Justice, while more than 10 of them are “actively acting against Russia” and are mainly located in the countries of Eastern Europe, as well as some former Soviet republics like Georgia and Ukraine, chairman of the above-mentioned commission Vasily Piskarev said at the meeting. .

The activity of such organizations (mainly financed by the USA) was called subversive by the deputy. “At the seminars and trainings that they arrange outside of Russia, they prepare and teach how to influence election campaigns, they teach the technologies of the “color revolutions”, as well as how to hold protests, they are promoting the legalization of soft drugs, in addition, they are training falsifiers of history," the deputy said. nine0003 The problem is no longer Navalny

Nikolai Ryzhak, deputy chairman of the commission and reporter on the draft law, suggested not to stand on ceremony with such organizations because of their "destructive influence on Russian society, thereby excluding political infantilism." As a result, the deputies decided to punish the leadership of such organizations for up to six years, and for participation in their work, including in the form of trips to foreign seminars, up to four years in prison. True, in the latter case, criminal liability will occur only if the person has already been brought to administrative responsibility for a similar act. nine0003

As a “snack”, the deputies decided to recognize as undesirable also intermediary organizations that are used to transfer money or any property to “trainees”. After that, Piskarev assured that the new laws "will ensure the progressive development of the country."

The other parliamentarians did not particularly object to him. Only Liberal Democrat Sergei Ivanov spoke out sharply against it. “You will establish even stricter responsibility for who knows what. Well, someone is learning there at these seminars how to catch you by the hand in elections if you falsify them ... And as for the legalization of drugs, hemp has already been legalized in a huge number of countries, what's terrible about it, where is the threat to national security ? Vodka is allowed to be sold, hemp is not, although both of them cloud the brain. You are not protecting the country's security! You are protecting your bright future and the current state of affairs,” the deputy said. nine0003

In approximately the same spirit, the deputies discussed the ban on participation in elections to the State Duma not only for leaders, but also for all those “involved” in the activities of banned extremist and terrorist organizations in Russia. Only A Just Russia and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation refused to vote in support of the relevant bill. These deputies said that the proposed norms have problems with "legal purity", and therefore would not like to participate in their approval.

They were especially embarrassed by giving the law retroactive effect, as well as the uncertainty in identifying "involved" and their subsequent exclusion from the elections. “He painted the walls in an organization later recognized as extremist, is he involved? Or he worked there as a driver…,” Valery Hartung suggested the Socialist-Revolutionary. “Yes, I just came and drank some tea,” someone from the audience added. “That is, even a court order for a specific person will not be needed to prove his involvement. Even the Nuremberg trials, and that one went differently - there each Nazi criminal was tried separately, but here the contribution of each will not be established, ”Hartung was upset. nine0003 These elections will no longer be peaceful.

Communist Yury Sinelshchikov (former prosecutor's office investigator) was horrified that even those who had once been associated with organizations later recognized as extremist would not be allowed to vote. “In the entire history of our domestic law, there was only one single case of giving retroactive effect to a law that clearly worsens someone’s situation - this is the law on the protection of peace in the 1950s, which provided for liability for war crimes, but it was a justified exclusivity. The law being adopted now must be declared unconstitutional if the Constitutional Court shows at least a minimal will to live,” the deputy said. nine0003

But United Russia stated that they do not see any contradictions in the new norms of the Constitution, as well as the current law. “As for involvement, in criminal law it is interpreted as involvement in a crime and is not complicity,” deputy Andrei Alshevsky assured. He also referred to rulings by the Supreme and Constitutional Courts in 2011 and 2013 that indicated the right of "federal legislators to impose increased requirements on persons holding public office.

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