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The Funniest Personality Types Ranked

Today we rank the 16 personality types from least to most funny. We also take a look at what makes each type funny. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but some of us are just more likely to be funny than others.

There are many characteristics that can make someone funny. There’s the ability to be self-deprecating, to have a great deadpan delivery, to be able to pull off physical comedy, or to simply have a knack for telling jokes. There are dry and sarcastic senses of humor or the more goofy and lighthearted type. Some people are even funny without meaning to be. What makes it great, is that our sense of humor varies from person to person and there’s always someone out there who will find us hilarious, even if nobody else does.

We all have our own unique qualities that make us funny and we should embrace them. It’s what makes us special and it’s one of the things that can make life more enjoyable. So, if you’re feeling a bit down about yourself, just remember that there’s someone out there who thinks you’re the funniest person in the world. Embrace your inner comedian and let your funny side shine through.

So, without further ado, here are the 16 personality types ranked from least to most funny. If you don’t know your personality type, you can take our free 5-minute personality test.

Least to most funny personality types

16. ISTJ

ISTJs are the least funny personality type. They are known for being quite serious and reserved. ISTJs are not typically the life of the party and prefer to stick to more low-key activities. They work hard and take their responsibilities seriously. However, they can definitely be funny. ISTJs prefer more dry and sarcastic humor. And they are also good at deadpan delivery, which can make even the driest comment hilarious. It just takes the right person to bring it out of them. If you can get an ISTJ to let their guard down, you’re in for some good laughs.

15. ISFJ

ISFJs are another personality type that isn’t typically funny. They are more serious and introspective than most. However, they can still be funny. ISFJs are highly adept at reading people. This means that can make a few lighthearted jokes to get people smiling. ISFJs can also be very sweet and innocent, which can make their humor even more endearing. ISFJs just need to be careful not to take themselves too seriously. If they can learn to laugh at themselves, you will be able to share some laughs with them.

14. INFJ

INFJs are not the funniest personality type, but they can still be funny. INFJs are thoughtful, introspective, and often quite serious. They are also private and reserved individuals. However, when they are with people they trust, they can be quite funny. INFJs are clever, and they use their wit to make observations about the world around them. They can also be quite sarcastic, which can add a bit of humor to their comments. Given their high EQ and IQ, INFJs alter their humor to fit their audience, which means they can be quite funny in a variety of situations.



INFPs are the thirteenth funniest personality type. They are unique individuals who have a quirky sense of humor. As highly imaginative and creative people, they often come up with hilarious ideas and perspectives that others find amusing. They are often deprecating and comfortable making fun of themselves. People appreciate this about them. INFPs are typically good-natured and have a strong sense of empathy. This combination of factors means they usually don’t use their humor to hurt others. In fact, their childlike innocence and wonder at the world mean that they can come across as endearing to others.

12. ESTJ

ESTJs are another personality type that isn’t typically funny. They are known for being hardworking, practical, and straightforward. ESTJs often prefer to stick to more serious topics of conversation. However, they can still be funny. ESTJs have a sharp wit and they’re not afraid to use it. They’re also known for their dry sense of humor. ESTJs are the type of people who are always ready with a clever comeback. Even though they might not be the most extravagant jokers, they can still make people laugh.

11. ISFP

ISFPs are the eleventh funniest personality type. They are not necessarily known for their wit. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be funny. ISFPs are creative people who are often able to see humor in everyday situations. They are also highly observant, which means they often have a keen understanding of other people’s foibles. This combination of factors means ISFPs can make surprisingly funny remarks. ISFPs are also typically good-natured people who don’t take themselves too seriously, so they are often able to laugh at themselves. This self-deprecating sense of humor can be quite appealing to others.

10. ESFJ

ESFJs are the tenth funniest personality type. They are known for their bubbly personalities and kind personalities. ESFJs are always up for a good time and their positive outlook on life is contagious. They use their people skills to make everyone around them laugh and feel comfortable. ESFJs are highly aware of social cues and know how to work a room. You won’t find an ESFJ crossing the line or being offensive with their joke often. And if they do, they will be sure to worry about offending anyone for weeks after. ESFJs want everyone to have a good time and their humor is usually lighthearted and inoffensive.


ENFJs can be funny if they want to be, but they often don’t see the need. Their natural charisma and ability to make people feel good about themselves are usually enough to get people on their side. However, ENFJs are also very good at reading other people, which means they can often come up with jokes that are specifically tailored to make someone laugh. They know who can take something a little bit edgier, and who needs a more gentle approach. They can be goofy and silly when they want to be, but their humor is usually more subtle.


INTJs are the eighth funniest personality type. Their humor is often dark and sarcastic, but it is also intelligent and thought-provoking. INTJs tend to be very quick thinkers, and their sharp minds often come up with clever retorts on the spot. They are also unafraid of using their wit to point out the flaws in other people’s thinking. This can sometimes make them seem arrogant, but it can also be very funny. Provided you aren’t overly sensitive, an INTJ can be a great source of entertainment.


The seventh funniest personality type is ENTJs. ENTJs are quite serious individuals who are often mistaken for being unamused. However, ENTJs have a great sense of humor, they just don’t always show it. Because they are highly intelligent and quick-witted, their sense of humor is often very dry and sharp. ENTJs are the type of people who often make jokes that big themselves up and put others down, but usually in a harmless way. Harvey Specter is a great example of a witty ENTJ who makes jokes at Mike’s expense but nobody is ever offended.


ISTPs are the sixth funniest personality type. What makes ISTPs’ humor so great is that they’re not afraid to be a little naughty. Their jokes are often risque, and they’re not afraid to push boundaries. ISTPs can also be charming and flirty when they want to be. So they will have you giggling away. They can sometimes use their words sparingly, which is why their words hit even hard when they do crack a joke. James Bond is an ISTP who loves a flirty and charming one-liner.


There’s no denying ENFPs are one of the funniest personality types. ENFPs are charming and gregarious, two qualities that make them naturally funny. They are known for their bubbly, enthusiastic personalities. And their lively personality means they’re always up for a good time. ENFPs spontaneous and enthusiastic, and they have a very playful side. This, alongside their natural curiosity for the world, means they’re always coming up with new and funny jokes. So it’s no surprise that their humor is just as original and inventive.


The fourth funniest personality type is ESTPs. ESTPs are the life of the party, always ready with a witty comment or a funny story. They’re natural entertainers who love to make people laugh. ESTPs are also quick thinkers, able to come up with comebacks and retorts on the spot. Plus, their improvisational skills are on point. An ESTP’s sense of humor is blunt, sarcastic, and sometimes even a little naughty. But that’s all part of their charm.


INTPs are the third funniest personality type. They’re intelligent and quick-witted. But what sets INTPs’ humor apart is their love of puns and wordplay. They’re often the ones making jokes that go over people’s heads. But that’s part of their charm. INTPs are also very sarcastic and dry, which adds to the humor of their jokes. And because they’re not afraid to speak their mind, they’re also not afraid to make fun of people. So their humor can sometimes be cutting. But if you can take it, an INTP’s humor is definitely worth enjoying.


As the natural entertainers of the personality types, ESFPs are the second funniest type. Their love of being in the spotlight and their outgoing personality make them great at making people laugh. ESFPs are fun-loving and spontaneous, always up for a good time. They’re also very good at reading people and knowing what will make them laugh. Their observant nature means that they often have funny stories to share, and they won’t shy from acting out a scene to really get their point across.


It won’t be a surprise that ENTPs win the title for the funniest personality type. ENTPs are constantly looking for new ways to have fun and enjoy life. ENTPs are intelligent and quick-witted, people who know lots of things about many different topics. They’re also natural-born pranksters who love to make people laugh. So when it comes to humor, this is their greatest strength. Their jokes are clever and original. And because of their natural charm and confidence, their delivery is also on point.

So, which personality types are the funniest? ENTPs and ESFPs are the funniest. ENTPs are quick-witted and original. Whereas, ESFPs are all about performance and delivery. When it comes to humor, they are both very different but both of these personality types know how to put on a show.

But, as we’ve seen, even the less traditionally funny types can have their moments. It just depends on what you find amusing. So, don’t worry if you’re not a natural comedian. With a little effort, anyone can learn to be funny. Just remember to be yourself and have fun with it!

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3 Funniest Myers-Briggs Personality Types To Date, Because Humor Is Sexy


by Rebecca Strong


There's something magical that happens when you and your date both happen to laugh at the same thing — it's an instant spark And if you're looking for the funniest Myers-Briggs personality types to date, it's worth noting that those with an Intuitive or Perceiving preference have some serious skills for making people laugh. Why? Because the Intuitive trait means you look for the deeper meaning (and humor) in everyday things, and Perceivers tend to be less cautious and more open-minded.

It's important to note that sense of humor is a subjective thing, and what makes one person chuckle might not have the same effect on another. So, ultimately, it's all about finding someone who happens to share your same definition of what's hilarious. That said, certain types tend to have a consistently comedic perspective on things, and a knack for finding humor in almost any situation.

Laughter is not only a natural de-stressor that can ease the tension on a date, but it also serves as a phenomenal compatibility test, and a way to find common ground in how you view the world. And if you date one of following types, you can skip the core workout because these Myers-Briggs personalities will have you giggling 24/7.


It’s no surprise that the ESFP is a natural comedian — after all, this type has earned the nickname “The Entertainer. ” ESFPs are naturally curious, social creatures, and they love being in the spotlight. Once they make you laugh, it only fuels their motivation to keep the show going.

ESFPs are hyper observant, and this quality contributes to their comedic finesse. In picking up on the little nuances about how you behave, or what’s going on around them, they can find and exploit the humor in things that might have gone unnoticed by others.

Energetic, talkative, and playful, they can turn almost any situation into a good time. And thanks to their sharp wit, the ESFP is bound to have you ROTFL at some point.

This personality type’s superpower when it comes to comedy is their rich knowledge on a wide range of subjects. From politics and sports to science and the arts, their insight into a wide range of current topics allows them to infuse some levity into even the most serious discussions.

Certainly, their confidence and charisma also come in handy for delivering a humorous comment or story. The ENTP is truly an out-of-the-box quick thinker, which means they can instantly come up with hilarious comebacks on the spot.

The Debater is also a non-conformist through and through, so they’ll likely have you in stitches when they’re poking fun at social customs and traditions.

Fun fact: Both Sarah Silverman and Sacha Baron Cohen are supposedly ENTPs. So, it’s safe to say that this personality type is born to push boundaries — and crack you up in the process.


In high school, the ESTP may have very well earned the superlative "class clown." That's because this type is self-assured and bold, with a blunt sense of humor and a penchant for being the center of attention. All of those qualities combined may get ESTPs into trouble sometimes, but they also make them one of the funniest personality types.

Energetic and sociable, The Entrepreneur is often seen as the life of the party. So, they won't just have you laughing — they'll have your whole squad on the floor, too.

Due to their ability to think on their feet and their flexible, adaptable nature, the ESTP's improvisational skills are off the charts. As long as you can handle their irreverent sense of humor, you'll definitely appreciate this type's unfiltered jokes.

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Imaginative, strategic thinkers with a plan for all occasions.


Creative inventors, with a strong belief in the power of knowledge. nine0009


Brave, resourceful and strong-willed leaders who always find a way - or make a way.


Smart and curious thinkers who never turn down an intellectual challenge. nine0009



Quiet and mystical, but inspiring and relentless idealists.


Poetic, kind and altruistic personalities, always ready to stand up for a good cause. nine0009


Charismatic and inspiring leaders who captivate their listeners.


Enthusiasts, creative and sociable free minds who always find a reason to smile. nine0009



Practical and factual people whose reliability is unshakable.


Very responsible and kind protectors, always ready to protect their loved ones. nine0009


Excellent administrators, unsurpassed specialists in process and people management.


Extremely caring, sociable and popular people, always ready to help. nine0009



Brave and practical experimenters, masters of all kinds of techniques and tools.


Flexible and charming artists, always ready to explore and experience something new. nine0009


Smart, energetic and very receptive people who truly enjoy risk.


Spontaneous, energetic and tireless merry fellows - where they are, it's never boring. nine0009

MBTI and communications


How to choose the key in communicating with people
in accordance with their type according to MBTI

You must have noticed that it’s easy for you to talk to some people - you easily select the right words, you see a positive feedback, and the conversation is mutually enjoyable. Whereas with others, the conversation for some reason does not stick. Your arguments do not sound convincing, you are worried and feel embarrassed. And all this because before you are representatives of different types of personality. And if you are intuitive and irrational, then you will easily find a common language with a representative of your type, while it will be more difficult for you to come to an agreement with a rational sensory. nine0008 Finding the key to mutual understanding is not so difficult. The main thing is to determine what type of representative is now in front of you and, depending on this, choose the right methods, how to interest, convince and motivate the interlocutor.

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Key to ISTJ

ISTJ are logics and rationals so to be persuasive:
- Tell your story or theory in sequence. If this is an event, then from beginning to end, as if traveling from point A to point B. If the theory, then your speech should contain an introduction, essence, justification and practical application.
- Give verified facts, statistics, details and characteristics
- Keep it as simple and accessible as possible, using simple and concrete examples. nine0009

Things to avoid:
- Even if you feel "rushing" from emotions, try to minimize their manifestation in a conversation.
- Do not abuse the means of expression, the abundance of epithets and metaphors can only discourage the interlocutor.
- Do not brainstorm your interlocutor, trying to lead him to solve the problem himself.
- If during the conversation a new idea dawned on you, do not rush to interrupt the narrative outline to share it, it is better to save the thought for later. nine0113 - Do not require the ISTJ to make an immediate decision. He needs to think carefully before acting.

The key to ESTJ communication is organization, concreteness, facts, the ability to follow instructions and not break agreements - Express your thoughts directly, frankly and confidently. Be sure that the interlocutor will repay you with the same coin. nine0113 - The message should be built logically, consistently, with a description of specific facts and examples.
- Demonstrate objectivity in your judgments and respect for the rules - points of instruction, planning and routine.
- Show a desire to be proactive and take responsibility for decision making.

Things to avoid:
- Be careful not to be driven by emotion when talking to an ESTJ. They feel this and tend to perceive the conversation on an emotional level with distrust. Especially if your interlocutor is a young or middle-aged person. At an older age, such people become more tolerant and somewhat inclined to make decisions based on feelings. nine0113

The key to ISFJ communication is mindfulness, responsiveness, demonstrating adherence to traditional values ​​

The key to ISFJ

ISFJ are sensitive and participatory natures why the topic you are about to discuss is so important.
- Make sure that your instructions and recommendations are step-by-step, have the form of a clear algorithm of actions. nine0113 - Give an example of how your recommendation has had a positive impact on people, this will be very encouraging for the ISFJ.
- Be responsible for the fulfillment of your obligations and promises.
- Keep your communications confidential.

Things to avoid:
- Do not ask questions about the other person's private life. Only when you feel his willingness to share this kind of information with you, you can show participation.
- Do not put pressure on the interlocutor if he hesitates in making a decision. Give him time to understand his feelings. nine0113

Key to ESFJ communication - talking about feelings, specific requests and instructions

Key to ESFJ

ESFJs are very social, open and cheerful people so to be persuasive interest and respect for the life values ​​and beliefs of your interlocutor. Most often, he will be happy to discover them in a conversation.
- State your plan of action in a logical manner and consistently present reliable facts and data. nine0113 - Demonstrate a personal attitude to the topic under discussion.

Things to avoid:
- Do not jump from five to ten in conversation, keep the narration and discussion of questions consistent.
Don't start a conversation with criticism. First, focus on your points of agreement and the positive aspects of the interlocutor's position.
- Do not neglect the feelings, emotions and values ​​of the ESFJ. It is on their basis that their decisions are based.

Key to ISTP in communication - concreteness and facts, without intrusion into the emotional sphere

Key to ISTP

ISTP are logics that quickly move from words to deeds , so to be persuasive:
- Tell topic of your speech immediately and without delay.
- Be logical, consistent, support the theory with facts and examples.
- Avoid emotional evaluations and manifestations on your part.
- Try to immediately get feedback in the form of an understanding of what you said and the interlocutor's opinion on this matter. Usually these are people of few words, so ask them additional questions, but without violating their personal boundaries and listening carefully to the answers. nine0009

- Avoid direct questions that involve the ISTP's personal interests. If they deem it necessary, they themselves will share information about themselves.
— Do not try to compensate for their reticence or silence by your expressive speech without pauses, this will only tire the interlocutor.

The key to ESTP in communication is concreteness and facts, the ability to respond flexibly

The key to ESTP

ESTP - rational and entrepreneurial people , so to be persuasive:
- State the essence of the matter in detail and consistently, citing facts, figures and evidence.
- Knowing the ESTP's propensity to make quick and sometimes risky decisions, prepare arguments that will not allow them to immediately choose not the best option.

What to avoid:
- Try not to impose your vision of resolving the issue, ask the interlocutor to express your opinion and offer their options, since ESTP does not always like to act strictly according to the instructions. nine0113 - Don't take ESTP's wit and jokes as a frivolous attitude to your words. This is how the ability of your interlocutor to see the situation from different angles is manifested.

Key to ISFP in communication - attentiveness, care for its feelings, goodwill

Key to ISFP

ISFP - caring and active , but not loving publicity people, so to be convincing:

- Show interest and respect for their feelings, life values ​​and attitudes. nine0113 - Honestly and consistently state the essence of the topic and your attitude towards it.
- Ask for the opinion of the interlocutor, show that it is important to you.
- When making a request or offer, focus on its benefits and positive value for others.

Things to avoid:
— Don't push the ISFP to take on the role of organizer or talk it out publicly.
- Do not put pressure on the interlocutor with intonations of voice, do not rush to make a decision. nine0113 - Do not try to strictly adhere to the positions of objective logic, give free rein to your feelings and emotions.

Key to ESFP in communication - humor and ease of communication

Key to ESFP

ESFP are sociable and friendly people details. ESFPs easily recreate a picture of what is happening by describing colors, shapes, sounds ...
- If you are inspired, do not hide it from the interlocutor. The sincerity of your feelings will find a response in his heart. nine0113 - When talking about the benefits that your idea or project will bring, do not be abstract, talk about the specific effects that you want to get.

Things to Avoid:
- Avoid setting long-term goals for ESFPs. They tend to live by solving the problem of the current moment.
- Try not to make hard recommendations. ESFPs are masters at finding spontaneous solutions.

The key to INTJ communication is consistency and organization

Key to INTJ

INTJ - logics and strategies so to be persuasive :
- Show them how your proposal fits in with the strategic vision or structure.
- To gain trust, be authentic, respectful and calm and focus on logical reasoning.
- Propose a challenging task with a long-term perspective.

Things to avoid:
- Don't overload the INTJ with a bunch of specific details. INTJs will ask for specific details if needed, but they want to see the "big picture" first. nine0113 - Do not try to influence with emotional arguments, it does not touch them.

Key to ENTJ in communication - the ability to think strategically and make decisions quickly to yourself, state the situation openly, logically, consistently.
- Outline a long-term program in front of the interlocutor with a description of specific thoughtful steps, otherwise he will consider you a projector. nine0113 - Be objective, appeal not to feelings, but to an understanding of the global benefits of the chosen strategy.

Things to avoid:
— Do not overload the other person with unnecessary details and details. But keep them ready if he shows a closer interest.
- Don't beat around the bush, be direct and precise.
- Do not fawn or show signs of self-abasement, avoid flattery and appeasement. Otherwise, the sharp mind of ENTJ will instantly expose you. nine0113

The key to INTP in communication is high intelligence, being a worthy opponent for them and a non-trivial interlocutor

Key to INTP

INTP are philosophers and lovers of puzzles , therefore to be convincing in a conversation, the situation is like a puzzle that requires a wise, balanced solution.
- Appeal to the logic and prudence of INTPs, because they can consider feelings as an unreliable adviser in resolving issues. nine0113 - If you feel that INTP is neglecting the interests and feelings of other people, try to gently draw his attention to this, emphasizing how important this is for the effective and well-coordinated work of the team.

Things to Avoid:
- Don't force INTPs to go the traditional route. They are innovators by nature. The beaten path is initially boring for them.
- Don't rush them to make a decision. INTPs like to consider different options and possibilities in their mind before choosing the one that suits them best. nine0113 - Do not try to establish close friendly contact from the first meeting. INTP needs time to open up in the manifestation of personal qualities and feelings.

Key to ENTP in communication - the ability to discuss ideas and without criticizing them to discuss rational grain

Key to ENTP

ENTJ - real ideas generators , therefore to be convincing:

- BE for discussion and brainstorming.
- Discuss new ideas and theoretical possibilities with ENTPs, so you will win their hearts. nine0113 - Offer many different options for discussion, be logical and consistent in your sayings.

Things to Avoid:
- Don't try to avoid brainstorming and idea generation with ENTPs, that's their natural way of thinking.
- Do not overload with a lot of details, let them ask when they need it.
- Do not try to use emotions and appeal to them.

The key to INFJ communication is attentiveness, slowness, ability to listen to unusual ideas and their feelings

Key to INFJ

INFJ are strategists and thinkers, therefore, to be persuasive:

- Don't limit yourself to setting a short-term goal in front of the interlocutor, always give him.
- Try to decorate your speech with bright epithets and metaphors, make it bright and figurative.
- Emphasize the benefits to humanity that the implementation of your plan will bring.

Things to avoid:
- Don't rush the INFJ into making a decision. They need to carefully weigh everything and think before acting.
- Do not try to talk to the interlocutor, find out the details of his private life. At the right time, having experienced trust, he himself will gladly tell you about it.

The key to ENFJ communication is empathy, attention to the feelings of others

The key to ENFJ

ENFJ are inspirational speakers and leaders , therefore, to be convincing:

- First of all, try to convey the global meaning and benefit of your idea.
- Be sincere, friendly, show personal interest in resolving the issue.
- Show trust and respect for the interlocutor, carefully listen to his opinion about the situation.
- When criticizing, let's understand that you care about improving the process, be constructive and friendly towards the opponent.

What to avoid:
- Try not to go into details and details. This can only tire and scatter the attention of the interlocutor.
— Never put out the interests and feelings of the people involved in the situation. For ENFJs, they are of paramount importance.
- Don't rush ENFJ decisions. They need to think carefully about their plan of action.

The key to INFP in communication is gentleness, attentiveness, kindness, responsiveness

Key to INFP

INFPs are incorrigible idealists so to be persuasive:
- First of all, reveal to INFPs the beauty and usefulness of your idea. If you manage to captivate them, then this is already 99% success.
- Be extremely sincere. INFPs are very sensitive to falsehood.
- Use expressive means in speech, tell a joke or a parable. INFPs have a well-developed sense of humor and imaginative thinking.
- Try to set a clear time frame for decision and action before the INFP without undue pressure. This will “ground” the flight of their fantasies and direct them into the mainstream of activity. nine0113 - INFPs are great listeners. But they may not take the initiative to express their opinion about what you said. Don't forget to ask them what they think about it. This is how you gain their trust.

What to avoid:
- INFPs should not be forced to act strictly according to instructions. Because they will immediately begin to look for maneuvers on how to get around it.
- Avoid harsh criticism. Try to start the conversation by praising and acknowledging that the INFP is right on positions you agree with. nine0113 - Do not try to be objective and detached. INFPs will perceive this as coldness and indifference. Do not hide your emotions and feelings.

Key to ENFP in communication - Empathy and admiration for them

Key to ENFP

ENFP are enthusiasts who see an infinite number of capabilities , therefore to be convincing :
that the conversation will not go according to plan at all, but in a direction unexpected for you, be prepared for a brainstorming session. nine0113 - Initially, consider the points that must be discussed in this conversation in order to return the conversation to the right track from time to time.
- Let ENFP unleash on you the indomitable energy of their wit and fountain of ideas, and then proceed to discuss concrete steps in the right direction.
- Try to set specific deadlines and achievable plans, but not so much that ENFPs feel boxed in.

- Do not focus on details and unnecessary details, it is enough to create a vivid image for ENFPs to understand the situation.

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