Masterbation makes you blind

Masturbating Causing Blindness: Debunking the Myth

No, masturbating doesn’t cause blindness. Let’s debunk this myth and highlight some other common misconceptions about masturbation.

Masturbation is often a natural part of a healthy sex life for single people and couples alike. But there are lots of masturbation myths out there that might try to convince you that masturbation is unhealthy or dangerous.

For decades — and maybe longer — these misconceptions and urban legends have perpetuated stigma, shame, and fear around a common practice of self-pleasure.

For example, some people might believe that masturbating “too often” can negatively affect the eyes. But can you actually experience vision loss or blindness from masturbating?

Losing your vision or going blind isn’t a common side effect of masturbation.

“This unfortunate myth about masturbation — causing blindness, acne, or other health hazards — is quite untrue,” says certified sex therapist and resident sexologist for Adam & Eve Jenni Skyler, PhD, LMFT. She explains that this is an “old myth made to control the masses with a fear that sexual arousal would cause out-of-control behaviors and the collapse of society.”

Masturbation can cause damage to the eyes in very extreme cases, such as an instance reported in this 2014 study.

“On a rare occasion, vigorous activity of any kind — including masturbation — can increase blood flow and heart rate and pop a blood vessel (to include in the eye),” Skyler explains. However, eye injury from masturbation is extremely rare and requires excessive force.

So, if you’re regularly masturbating with moderate force and vigor, it’s unlikely that your self-pleasure could lead to a popped blood vessel or loss of eyesight.

Going blind from masturbating is just one of many masturbation misconceptions. Some other common myths surrounding masturbation include:

  • masturbation is bad for you
  • masturbation causes health hazards
  • masturbation should never be done with a partner
  • masturbating with a vibrator will damage your genitals
  • masturbation will ruin your marriage
  • masturbation is considered a form of cheating
  • there are no health benefits to masturbation

Where do these false beliefs come from? According to Skyler, they’re typically perpetrated by:

  • older media messages about sex and sexuality
  • religious messages that claim masturbation is dangerous
  • cultural messages or family beliefs that stigmatize self-pleasure and sexual expression in general
  • ineffective or rigid sex education programs that promote sex negativity

Despite these claims that masturbation is unhealthy or harmful, the truth is that the side effects of masturbation are generally positive.

Masturbation and self-pleasure can offer a rich opportunity to build an intimate relationship with yourself and your body, Skyler says.

With masturbation, you can explore and experiment with:

  • your erogenous zones
  • desire and arousal
  • how your orgasms work
  • your imagination and fantasies

Skyler argues that masturbation may be essential to sexual health and wellness. “If we don’t know about our own pleasure spots, how are we going to be able to tell a partner where to find them?”

Self-pleasure can also be great for your overall sexual health. You can experience the benefits of sex with a minimal chance of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) or becoming pregnant.

“If a person masturbates multiple times a day, it can make the body feel fatigued and tired,” she adds. “[But] the most common side effect of masturbation is a deep sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.”

Masturbating is perfectly healthy and natural. Self-pleasure won’t cause you to go blind — unless you do it so intensely, you pop a blood vessel in your eye, which is extremely rare and unlikely.

But if you were taught growing up that masturbation is wrong or dangerous, you might experience feelings of guilt and shame when you masturbate, Skyler says.

In rare cases, you could also experience self-pleasure patterns that are difficult to control, such as the urge to masturbate at work or in public places.

When you’re conditioned to see masturbation as unhealthy, your body may “shut down” in response to self-pleasure, as well as desire and arousal, Skyler adds.

If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

Skyler recommends permitting yourself to craft a new narrative embracing masturbation as healthy, enjoyable, important, and welcome.

Seeking support from a sex therapist or mental health professional can also help you unlearn sex-negative messages — including these myths — and reframe your beliefs around pleasure.

“Don’t forget: Self-pleasure is our birthright,” adds Skyler. Once you examine these unhelpful beliefs, you can start to feel good and enjoy all of the wonderful benefits that masturbation offers.

Can Masturbation Make You Go Blind? And Other Ridiculous Questions

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The answer to this question  –  NO, masturbation will not make you go blind. Unless maybe if you get copious amounts of jizz in your eye, many times. JK, Maybe not even then.

As ridiculous as this question sounds, it points to the plethora of myths surrounding masturbation. Myths exist to create fear and taboo. Want to demonize something? Surround it with myths, add some stigma and stir! However, beware that if it’s done excessively, masturbation might indeed create problems for you. Read more on The idea of pleasure scares the powers that be in a patriarchy, and the idea of self-pleasure, of women of female identifying bodies experiencing that, on their own  –  oh! there is nothing deadlier than this. * insert exploding sounds*

Truth is there is nothing more empowering that realizing the potential of your own pleasure. Your pleasure is in your hands (pun intended) and when you take the time to explore your own body – what you like, what you don’t like, where your boundaries are – you will be a better position to communicate those to your partner(s). And good communication means good sex, so hey! Everyone wins.

So let’s get the bottom of these masturbation myths shall we?

Myth 1: Only sad people who ‘can’t get some’ with a partner, masturbate.

First of, it is impossible to ‘be sad’ while masturbating. Secondly, this myth propagates the problematic view that people in relationships do not masturbate.

Masturbation is good for you. It helps discover volumes about yourself and not just with regards to your sex life.

Truth: Everyone deserves pleasure and exploring your own body can be really good for your sexual relationships with others. 

Masturbation is good for you. When you take the time to explore your own body, at your pace, you can discover volumes about yourself and not just with regards to your sex life. Sex with a partner can often performative, especially for women and female identifying bodies. Instead of being present in the moment and enjoying the journey we are on, we can become distracted by how our bodies look while having sex, if we are making the right sounds, or faces, if our hair is falling over our shoulders the right way. This distraction can stand in the way of us following our bodies call to pleasure, especially if we don’t know what makes us feel good. When you take the time to practice some solo-self-love, you can let go more easily and the insights you gain will be good for your sexual relationships with partners.

Myth 2: Masturbation/Vibrators can ruin sex for women.

Does eating lunch ruin eating dinner? If you can eat different things on the same day and still like eating, why can’t you enjoy both masturbation and sex?

Truth: Masturbation/vibrators help women have better sex.

Women who masturbate are more likely to be comfortable with their bodies. Women who masturbate are more confident in bed because they know what they like and are also more likely to be open to communicate this to their partner. Basically, female masturbation can only ruin sex for men who don’t want their female partners to feel pleasure. And girl, trust me, you are better off without these kinds of men. Also, vibrators are aides that allow women to feel pleasure in different ways or faster. They are not a threat to sex, they could very easily be incorporated into partnered sex and add to the pleasure. Also, masturbating together with a partner can be very sexy.

Myth 3: Masturbation can damage your genitals.  

Not unless you masturbate with a sledgehammer.

Truth: Masturbation is safe for your genitals. 

Some touch themselves every day, some a few times a week and some never. All of these are normal. Masturbation does not cause any physical, emotional or psychological damage to your body. In fact, it is good for you. Masturbation can become ‘ too much’ if it gets in the way of your daily life responsibilities, job or social life. In this case, you can get help from a therapist and treat it like any other addiction.

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Myth 4: Masturbation causes hair growth, infertility, acne, mental health issues, *insert your own scare*. In short, masturbation is BAD for you. 

Myths around masturbation are propagated as a result of ignorance, lack of information and fear around human sexuality and pleasure. Masturbation is not bad for you.

Masturbation relieves stress, helps you sleep better, promotes a healthy self-image, reduces cramps, strengthens your pelvic floor and even helps lubricate your joints!

Truth: Masturbation is healthy and is associated with various physical, emotional, and psychological benefits.  

Taking the time to pleasure yourself has many many health benefits. Masturbation relieves stress, helps you sleep better, promotes a healthy self-image, reduces cramps, strengthens your pelvic floor and even helps lubricate your joints! Masturbation is self-care. Those of us who grapple with trauma around sex and intimacy can use masturbation as a way to heal our relationship to pleasure and develop different ways of being in our body.

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Basically solo-sex, flicking the bean, masturbation, erotic self-love whatever you call it, is good for your emotional, physical, psychological, sexual health and for your relationships, especially the one with yourself. The myths listed here are just four out of the countless myths that stigmatize pleasure, after all they have developed over centuries of patriarchy. So next time you come up against one just take a step back and ask yourself who you are hurting by giving yourself a few minutes/hours of self-care? The answer is nobody. Because everybody deserves care and touch and pleasure and there is nothing more empowering than giving that to yourself.

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52 Masturbation can make you blind. Size matters?! And 69 more debunked myths about sex


Masturbation can make you blind

People spend too much time worrying about masturbation. It is believed that masturbation can cause all kinds of harm. Popular rumor scares that masturbation will make you grow hair on your palms. If you masturbate too much, you can go crazy. Masturbation can make you impotent. Masturbation will cause your penis to become curved. Masturbation will prevent you from having an orgasm during regular sex. Masturbation will deprive you of your virginity. Masturbation will drain your strength. All these representations are myths! nine0003

There is ample evidence that masturbation does not cause blindness or hair on the palms. Lots of people masturbate. Back in the 1940s, 94% of men and 40% of women reported masturbating to orgasm. These numbers are only increasing, and the percentage of women reporting that they masturbate has increased to 70% or more. In one US study, half of American women reported using a vibrator. Masturbating is okay.

And although many, many people masturbate, not many people in the world are blind. Even fewer people have hair growing on their palms. While mental illness is a real and common problem, it has nothing to do with masturbation. If masturbation really caused any of these problems, you would see a lot of crazy blind people with hairy palms around. This simply cannot happen. nine0003

Even people who masturbate much more often than others do not experience problems because of their addiction. The researchers looked closely at people who masturbated an average of four or more times a day over many years and found no more disease than those who masturbated less frequently. As we discussed above, masturbation will not deplete your sperm supply. People who masturbate don't have to worry about their fitness in sports or power competitions. Having sex or masturbating will not affect how well you can run an athletic distance, nor will it change your strength, balance, response, or lung capacity. nine0003

Masturbation does not deform your penis. Many men have curved or not quite straight penises. This is completely normal and has nothing to do with whether they masturbate or not. Masturbation should not negatively impact your sexual experience, although we recommend talking to your doctor if you have any concerns.

Masturbation can be a perfectly normal, healthy practice, whether or not you have a regular sexual relationship. Enjoying yourself sexually in this way is probably the safest form of sex. Moreover, knowing what gives you the most pleasure will allow you to have better sex with your partner. Masturbation cannot ruin your sex with another person. On the contrary, it can enhance your sexual relationship with your partner. nine0003

This text is an introductory fragment.

Pros of Masturbation

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Maybe gynogenesis, maybe not. Annam stick insect (Baculum extradentatum) women do not need men. They breed without their help, although if a man is nearby, they will not refuse his services. If they reproduce themselves, then only girls will be born, if with the help of men, then children

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52 Masturbation can make you blind

52 Masturbation can make you blind People spend too much time worrying about masturbation. It is believed that masturbation can cause all kinds of harm. Popular rumor scares that masturbation will make you grow hair on your palms. If too many

Degradation rules - Ozzy Osbourne

Degradation rules

Degradation rules

Twisted little fantasy
Gambling with tragedy and doom, and doom
Addicted to debauchery
Staring at the ceiling in his room, in his room

Degradation rules

Pulling on his memories
He’s ready for the pearl to hit the sky, the sky
Used up all his energy
He wakes up with twinkle in his eye, in his eye.

Degradation rules
Degradation rules
Join the other fools

Sticky little magazines
He locks the door and crawls into his mind, in his mind
Stuck inside a dirty dream
The hand that feeds you also turns you blind,
Turns you blind

Degradation rules
Degradation rules
Beating on your jewels

Degradation rules
Degradation rules
Masturbating fools
Watching RedTube rules

Perverted little fantasy,
Gambling with tragedy and doom and doom.
Addicted to debauchery,
He looks at the ceiling in his room, in his room. nine0003

Degradation rules.

Playing with his memories,
He is ready to shoot the pearl into the sky, the sky.
Has used up all his energy,
He wakes up with a gleam in his eyes, in his eyes.

Degradation rules.
Degradation rules.
Join the rest of the fools.

Sticky magazines,
He locks the door and gets lost in his thoughts, in his thoughts.
Stuck in dirty dreams. nine0073 The hand that feeds you also makes you blind,
Makes you blind.

Degradation rules.
Degradation rules.
He is polishing his jewels.

Degradation rules.
Degradation rules,
Masturbating fools,
Watching RedTube rules 1 .

Translated by R BlackOut
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