What to do when your husband leaves the house

Relationship Real Talk: When Your Spouse Abandons You

Spousal abandonment, when one person leaves without warning, doesn’t mean you’re doomed to live in a perpetual state of bewilderment and grief.

Knowing what to do when your husband abandons you, your wife picks up and leaves, or your partner suddenly calls it quits can be challenging.

Not only might you be facing the typical pain associated with a relationship ending, the situation can feel surreal with all of the:

  • confusion
  • denial
  • a lack of understanding

Both parties typically see a breakup coming when a relationship goes through a sustained period of conflict or “rockiness.” But partner abandonment or even an abrupt end to an affair, occurs without warning — real or perceived.

Here are just a couple of possibilities for the relationship ghosting:

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the level at which you recognize and empathize with emotions.

Research from 2018 suggests low emotional intelligence may contribute to the likelihood someone may abandon a relationship without warning.

Trauma response

May Han, a licensed marriage and family therapist from Beaverton, Oregon, says their abandonment could be due to a past trauma being activated by something in your relationship but, “that may have nothing to do with the current partner.”

She indicates someone who’s been through abuse or bullying, for example, may be hypervigilant of acts that minimally resemble betrayal. Not knowing how to express their feelings safely, they may, in turn, leave as a means of avoidance.

It’s not that unexpected

Sometimes the warning signs of an unhappy partner are there, but you may not clearly see them.

“As hard as it might be to hear, there might have been some ongoing issues that had not been dealt with, which is why it might seem ‘unexpected’ for one partner, but it has been brewing under the surface for a while,” says Diana Garcia, a licensed mental health counselor from Weston, Florida.

Life changing circumstances

Life can throw some major challenges your way. Sometimes, experiences that create lifestyle overhauls can put new, unexpected strain on relationships.

A common example would be a major medical illness. A 2009 study found women living with life threatening illnesses were more likely than others to experience spousal abandonment.

There’s no right or wrong way to grieve a relationship, but there are ways you can help yourself and find closure.

1. Ready your support networks

According to Han, finding that connection in family and friends quickly can be very important, especially if children are involved.

“I have a client who went to their parent’s house with their young child after going through a brutal abandonment in their marriage, and they told me it was the best decision they have made,” she says.

“If children are involved, people in your network can offer as surrogate caretakers for your kids so that you can have some time to heal and recover from the hurt.

2. Get away from self-blame

Han cautions against falling into the trap of self-blame. She explains it’s natural to feel guilt, as it’s the body’s way of making sense of something unfathomable.

“We can, for sure, take this as a learning experience about ourselves and our relationship needs. However, when the reflection becomes self-berating and criticisms, it maybe adds more pain to an already painful situation.”

She recommends practicing self-compassion, and treating yourself the same way you would treat a friend going through the experience.

3. Allow grief expression

Even if your spouse returns, the relationship as you know it may have changed, and it’s OK to express grief:

  • verbally
  • in journaling
  • or through expressive arts

“You’re grieving the loss of this relationship, what it meant to you, and the role this person played in your life,” says Garcia.

4. Avoiding instant gratification

Feeling an onslaught of negative emotions may make you want to reach for things that can immediately make you feel better.

Kasey Scharnett-King, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Fort Worth, Texas, suggests being wary of impulsive decisions.

“After breakups, we are known to cut our hair, move to another state and make quick decisions based on a temporary emotional feeling,” she notes. “We have seen these in all of the breakup movies.”

While cutting your hair may be regrettable, more harmful decisions may result in challenges down the road, such as substance misuse.

5. Skip out on the rebound relationship

One way you may seek fresh validation and appreciation might be through a new romantic partner.

Scharnett-King warns this rarely works out. “This is a way to avoid your hurt and not deal with your emotional health. In addition, not dealing with your feelings of abandonment can create dysfunction such as anxiety and jealousy in future relationships.”

Marriage abandonment can be the result of many factors, including:

  • trauma responses
  • lifestyle upheavals
  • low EQ

If you’re wondering what to do when your husband or wife abandons you or your partner suddenly leaves, turning to family and friends for immediate support can be invaluable.

If you feel stuck in your grief, or if holding onto hope a spouse will return is preventing you from moving forward, speaking with a mental health professional may help.

9 Kick-Ass Things To Do If Your Husband Leaves You

Adulting isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially when painful adult experiences throw you back into an emotional childhood. If your husband leaves you, for example, you may feel the somatic eruption of memories from long ago. Abandonment. Disapproval. Rejection. Being unwanted… and the last to be chosen (if chosen at all).

It’s remarkable, really, how instantly a painful experience can connect the dots separated by a veritable lifetime.

Your psyche, though, never forgets. It stores the most affecting memories in every cell of your body.

Even if your husband leaves you and you have no point of reference for the emotional flood, the abandonment will still be all-consuming.

And with that abandonment and the litany of emotions tied to it comes a wave of destruction to all that is self-defining.

Your self-esteem, your self-worth, your self-confidence, your dreams for the future, your belief that you can survive…even your identity. They all take a beating.

Perhaps the most egregious feeling that comes from abandonment is powerlessness. 

With the swipe of one person’s actions, you become helpless to control a huge part of your own life. And you’re left standing alone with that new reality.

Is there anything you can do to re-empower yourself if your husband leaves you?

You know, don’t you, that we are here to restore the inherent yes in your life?

This is the place where others who have already earned their stripes are going to surround you and lift you up with a resounding “Absolutely!”

  1. Be TOO proud to beg.

    It doesn’t matter what your husband has done or why he has chosen to leave. In the movie Where the Heart Is, Ashley Judd’s character says to a young mom-to-be (Natalie Portman), “I know [he] left you. But that’s what makes him trash, not you.”

    If your husband leaves you, he does so with forethought and planning. And trust us, you are above begging for that kind of base energy to come back into your life.

    Do. Not. Beg.

  2. Document, document, document.

    This isn’t about revenge – although success and happiness earned through integrity make for the suh-weetest revenge!

    This is about being smart and protecting yourself and your children.

    If you’re going to have to look out for yourself going forward, the time to rehearse is now.

    Save everything. Documents, emails, texts, voice messages (let your voicemail pick up instead of answering your phone), pictures, everything.

    Keep a dedicated journal for documenting dates, times, communication, and financial actions.

    Basically, be a grown-up Girl Scout: Be prepared. You’ll reap the merit badge in the battle to come. Read our “If You are Thinking About Divorce: Important Steps to be Prepared.”

  3. Think like a lawyer, but hire a really good one.

    This isn’t the time to DIY your future. There is too much at stake if your husband leaves you.

    Chances are he has been preparing for a while, and that means you have catching up to do.

For both healthy and smart things to do if you are thinking about divorce, or not wanting to be taken advantage of, read our “36 Things to Do If You are Thinking About Divorce.”

It’s important that you learn to separate your emotions from the pragmatics of this severance.

By researching how to find a divorce attorney and in particular the right one for you, you will learn how to prepare for the most advantageous outcome.

  1. Join a support group, or two… or three.

    This is a time when you need support. You need the professional support of legal and financial experts. And you also need the emotional support of others who have been where you are.

    Be prudent about where and with whom you share this journey.

    Consider hiring a female divorce coach to keep you on-track through this painful and confusing journey.

    And join a group or two (one online and one in person, perhaps) to give you a sense of empathetic community.

    Annie’s Group, for example, is an online divorce support group and program for women who are thinking about or just beginning divorce. What a godsend opportunity to surround yourself with assurance, compassion, and guidance in a confidential place.

  2. Keep the details off social media.

    As I mentioned above, prudence is key at this time. You want support. You need support.

    And you also probably want to drag your husband through burning coals, literally and figuratively.

    But let’s review the previous two points: Think like a lawyer…and seek support in the right places.

    It’s all part of the next point…

  3. Take the high road.

    Remember Michelle Obama’s famous tagline? When they go low, we go high.

    Politics and political preference don’t even matter. It’s an awesome mantra to live by, no matter what the circumstances are.

    Taking the high road has nothing to do with acquiescence or playing weak.

    It has everything to do with staying out of the muddy trenches and connecting your energy only to people and choices of integrity.

    Never, ever, ever doubt that staying on high ground will deliver the best results.

    You may feel the temporary agony of delayed gratification, but stay true to what is right and good.

  4. Protect your kids and prepare for their future.

    If you have difficulty standing up for yourself or fighting for what you deserve, think about your kids (if you have them). How you navigate the aftermath if your husband leaves you is about more than just getting through the divorce process. You need to look far down the road while also checking your rear-view mirror.

    Children are expensive. They need health insurance, food, clothes, tuition, activity fees, college funds, and on and on.

    This is one of the most important reasons to build the strongest professional team you can afford.

  5. Find a new place to live.

    No matter how much you love your home, clinging to it will only keep you attached to someone who has abandoned you.This is the time to recreate yourself and your life.

    Give yourself permission to enjoy the creative process of choosing and nesting in a new place that belongs only to you (and your kids).

    Sure, you may have to downsize for the time being. But that just means less “stuff” to take care of while you do the following…

  6. Take really good care of you.

    If your husband leaves you, he may or may not ever look back.

    While it’s natural to want him to miss you and regret his actions, you are now in the process of clearing out his negative energy.

    Practicing self care is no longer about making his head turn in desire or regret.

    It’s about stepping out of rejection and abandonment with limitless energy, health, and self-confidence.

    Your kids need you, your friends need you, you need you.

    So, whatever that self-care looks like—exercise, good food, sound sleep, continuing education, spirituality/religion, hobbies, social gatherings—do it.


Abandonment is a vile, passive-aggressive form of rejection. It hurtsdeeply. And the wound doesn’t simply “heal” with time.

While there is no panacea for that kind of betrayal, one truth will ground you so you can step forward into healing:

The only abandonment with the power to destroy you is the abandonment of yourself.

And the only vow that must unequivocally last a lifetime is the “I do” you say to you.


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how to behave as a woman? Objective reasons that prevent divorce

The departure of a husband from the family is not a reason to believe that life is over. First of all, the wife needs to determine the reasons for the breakup. The correct behavior of a woman in this difficult moment will help her maintain her dignity and begin a new life stage. The advice of psychologists will reveal the reasons for the departure of men from the family, help deceived wives understand themselves and their feelings, survive a difficult period and decide what to do next. nine0003

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Why husbands leave the family

Passion and stormy love relationships cannot last forever. Over time, the sharpness of sensations becomes dull. However, some spouses live together until old age, while others get divorced. Psychologists define several reasons for the departure of men from the family:

  • a woman is too protective of her life partner;
  • no common hobbies;
  • sexual interest disappears;
  • there is no mutual understanding, there are regular quarrels;
  • wife stops taking care of herself, looks bad;
  • household problems jam;
  • Another woman appears.

What to do if the husband has another woman

It is no coincidence that the appearance of a rival is in last place in the list of reasons for men to leave home. The representatives of the stronger sex are usually conservative and do not want to change their lifestyle. Many of them are satisfied with family life and simultaneous romances on the side. A woman should choose the right model of behavior if she finds out about the appearance of a rival spouse in her life. How to behave in this case: nine0003

  1. 1. If the husband has decided to leave, you should not hold him back. Opposition from his wife will only increase his desire. Men are accustomed to appreciate what they get with difficulty. The more obstacles will be in his way, the stronger will be his desire to be with his beloved. The wife should not ask him to stay. By doing this, she will not achieve what she wants and will lose the remnants of pride.
  2. 2. You can't look like a victim. Men cannot stand tears and try to avoid them. If the wife at parting looks calm and even slightly joyful, this will make the man begin to doubt his decision. nine0016
  3. 3. There is no need to ask the unfaithful husband questions why he does this, why the other is better and what he lacks in their family. Most of the time, he doesn't even know. And the questions will only piss him off.
  4. 4. It is impossible to blackmail a husband with children: ask him to stay for their sake or threaten that, having left the family, he will not see them again. Even small children are individuals with their own interests and desires. They should not be a bargaining chip in the relationship between mother and father.

Coping with the loss of a spouse nine0011

Many women have no idea how to cope with the departure of their husband from the family. Life seems to be divided into two halves: before and after. The deceived spouse is overwhelmed with anger, resentment, hatred, despair, fear. According to psychologists, if you behave correctly in such a situation, you can get out of the situation with dignity and build no less happy relationships in the future.

A woman left without a husband should not feel sorry for herself and assume that everyone around is to blame for the current situation. Moreover, one should not think that the husband left because he had a bad life partner. Nobody is to blame for what happened. This blow of fate should be accepted with dignity, and then the situation will soon be resolved successfully. No need to call the fugitive and demand that he return home. Experts do not advise sorting things out with the new lover of a cheating husband. By doing this, a woman will only expose herself to ridicule. If it’s very hard on your soul, you can break the dishes in the house or talk frankly with your best friend, sharing your feelings with her. However, you do not need to turn it into a tradition, so as not to get stuck in a state of depression. nine0003

Start of a new life

Even if a spouse leaves after 20 years of marriage, a woman always has the opportunity to start life anew. It would be more correct to look at the situation from a different angle: not "I was abandoned", but "I became free and independent." You can plan for the future. It can include both daily small things, for example, going to a cafe with friends, buying a beautiful dress, and large ones: a trip to a resort, changing jobs, and meeting a new partner.

In order for life to sparkle with bright colors, you need to completely change the situation in the house. Then nothing will remind of the former marriage. If there is not enough money for new furniture, you can buy curtains, make the apartment with flowers or re-paste the wallpaper. It is worth finding a hobby: dancing, fitness, learning a foreign language, driving or design courses. An interesting hobby will help you take your free time and forget your unfaithful spouse. At the same time, a woman will acquire new knowledge and skills.

Psychologists warn you not to dwell on your feelings. The world does not end with a husband, no matter how wonderful he may be. You don't have to live in hope of rebuilding your relationship. It is necessary to strive for something new and remember that there are many close people around who need love and care. These are children, parents, friends and even pets. Love given to others always comes back. nine0003

A woman's behavior after her marriage breaks up also depends on the reasons that made her husband leave home. If a man decided to leave not because of the emergence of a new love, then you should try to meet him from time to time in the company of mutual friends, while looking stunning. Smiling, you can invite your spouse to pick up the remaining things. If there are children in common, the father should not be prevented from communicating with them. Their joint trips to the cinema, theaters and walks will not be superfluous.

If a man left because his wife offended him, there is no need to ask for forgiveness. It is better to show your remorse with deeds, kind words. A man will understand that his wife has changed, because he feels a change in the relationship. nine0003

Trying to get her husband back: is it worth it?

When a man leaves his wife for a new lover, you need to call him to a frank conversation in order to find out his intentions. During the conversation, you can understand whether he still has some feelings for his wife or not. If the ex-husband is happy in a new family and is not going to return home, then there is practically no hope for the restoration of the family. A smart woman in this case will wish good luck and try to maintain friendly relations.

If a guy doubts his new feelings, then there is always hope for the restoration of relations. Statistics show that husbands return at 90% cases. Whether or not to accept the head of the family depends on the woman.

Often a man begins to rush between his former and current woman. For several months, and even years, it goes away, then it comes back. In this case, the legal wife should clearly indicate her position, asking if he wants to live with her and whom he loves. The woman must declare that the guest marriage is not included in her plans, and if the spouse has not filed for divorce, he needs to decide what to do next. According to experts, if a man delays his departure, he cannot decide with whom he wants to stay. In such a situation, a wise wife can restore relations and return her husband, if she sees fit. nine0003

Not all marriages deserve to be fought for. Before trying to return a relationship, a woman should think carefully about whether she needs it. Maybe you should start a new life without your ex-husband. After all, it is difficult to live on with a traitor, fearing that he will do so again.

And a little bit about secrets...

I was fascinated looking at my husband, and he did not take his admiring eyes off his mistress. He acted like a lovesick jerk...

Many women are interested in how to live on if the husband left for another. Often women come to the conclusion that life ends, because. only bad wives are abandoned by spouses for more accommodating, kind and sympathetic. But both partners are responsible for a healthy psychological climate in the family, so one cannot place the entire burden of guilt on one person.

Why do husbands leave the family?

There are a number of such reasons:

Before leaving the family, a man carefully considers everything. His decision is rarely impulsive. nine0003

Signs that the husband wants to leave for another

There are a number of such features:

  1. He withdraws, becomes thoughtful, often spends time alone and is not interested in your affairs. Often men want to be alone with their thoughts, especially if it was a difficult day, but at the same time they explain their condition to their spouse, and do not silently withdraw into themselves.
  2. He doesn't plan for the future. Previously, you could fantasize for hours about your joint future, the name of unborn children, but now he does not want to make plans even for the upcoming vacation. Most likely, mentally the man has already put an end to your relationship, but for some reason he still cannot take the last step. nine0016
  3. He stopped caring about you. Love is manifested in small things and care: a meeting from work, a delicious dinner. If at some point you notice that in your relationship care comes only from you, this means only one thing - the man's feelings have faded.
  4. Without hesitation or remorse, he admires the appearance of other women in your presence, while belittling your obvious advantages and emphasizing your shortcomings.
  5. Taunts his wife, rudely pulls back in a dispute at the household level. nine0016
  6. Avoids intimacy, he is not aroused by underwear or new sexual techniques and positions in sex. This means that someone else has taken over his thoughts.
  7. He often came home drunk, blaming you for all his troubles and lost youth.
  8. He's got secrets: hides his phone, puts a password on his computer, and dodges your questions about who sent the 3:00 a. m. message. These changes only indicate that a man no longer considers you a part of his life and wants to expand his personal space. nine0016
  9. Often irritable. He is ready to flare up over any little thing, and after that he does not even think to apologize. It is worth being wary if earlier the husband was courteous, tactful and helpful.
  10. Looking for a reason to quarrel. If a man does not have the courage to end the relationship first, he will do everything possible to make the breakup supposedly happen through your fault. It is useless to have long discussions in search of a compromise. The wife will always be wrong, because the main goal is to get her to leave on her own. nine0016
  11. You no longer feel loved. You begin to suspect the presence of another woman. Become restless, self-esteem decreases.

We all dream of a strong home front and a reliable soul mate who will not betray and support you in difficult times. However, life sometimes makes its own adjustments, and now the moment has come when the husband left the family, how to behave?

First reaction

The most typical female reaction to the departure of a beloved man is hysteria and subsequent despondency. Sometimes it develops into a real depression. Our task is to prevent this. The first thing you have to do is to analyze in detail the problems for which the husband left the family. It is important to remember: two are always to blame for any quarrel, so do not rush to accuse the faithful of all mortal sins. Try to save face, that is, behave with dignity. In no case should you beg a man to stay - let him remember you as sane. nine0003

Psychologists advise you to start by taking a piece of paper and writing down all the possible reasons for the breakup. Once you analyze the mistakes, you can make a decision: is it worth fighting for the relationship, or did they weigh both of you.

An erroneous decision is to go with the flow, "maybe it will blow over." After all, in this way you will only sign in helplessness - and you will lose, perhaps, the last chance to improve relations, at least with this person.

Basics of correct behavior

Below we have collected some advice from a psychologist on how to behave after a breakup.

  • Forget about revenge in the form of infidelity or looking for a new partner if you don't want to break off relations with your husband forever.
  • Do not let your girlfriends, neighbors and relatives into family problems, pouring dirt on the faithful. Thus, you expose yourself in a bad light, but not him.
  • Stay open and don't try to burn out all the light in your soul. Perhaps your family is really broken, but there are still many days ahead, and each of them is a chance to meet a real destiny. nine0016
  • Do what you love. Surely you have a hobby, a favorite job, friends, your own interests, which you often had to sacrifice for the sake of your family. It's time to remember them! After all, you are, first of all, a person who is interesting to himself.
  • Don't try to get your husband back by feeling sorry for yourself. This also includes threats, pressure attempts, intrusive calls and other ladies' tricks. All this arsenal will only alienate a man from you. It is especially important not to involve children in the disassembly. They should feel the love and support of both parents, despite your personal relationship with their father. By the way, during subsequent meetings of children with dad, you can talk again, but in a calm atmosphere and miss each other. nine0016

If a man left for another woman, there is a good reason for it anyway. It may well lie in a lack of attention and love on your part. But even if you were an ideal wife, cooked your spouse's favorite dish every day and never suffered from a headache - do not blame your loved one. It happens that people meet a new love and rush into the pool headlong. And you can't write anything here.

But what if a man decides to return after some time? This question, dear ladies, will not be answered by any, even the most qualified and experienced psychologist. In this case, you will have to put that same comma in the phrase “you cannot accept, you can’t part.” The only thing that can be advised: think at the moment of making a decision not about children, not about infringed dignity, and not about lost illusions. Think about your feelings around this particular man. After all, only feelings are the foundation on which the family is built. nine0003

Once again, having heard a call for help, she decided to sit down and express her thoughts on the topic: “How a wife should behave at a time when the husband is deciding whether to leave the family for his mistress or stay in the family. ".

Here is an anonymous guest's commentary on my monologue " THE FIRST WIFE'S MONOLOGUE TO THE NEXT" :

“You all wrote about me. But my husband hasn't left yet. My husband's mistress is a psychologist by profession. Taking care of our twelve-year-old son, she pulled out all the money from the family. It's been dragging on for a year now. At first she wanted to take her husband, now I do not know her intentions. Is it because she “posed the question point-blank” before him, but they quarreled with her husband. He is unhappy. Wants and cannot leave. My mistress is 16 years younger than me (she is 34). Of course, it's hard for me. I am patient and rarely scandal, but I already broke once. I don't know what I want. I don't want to see him and I can't live without him? What to do? Please advise. I started looking for a job, nothing. How will I be with children without money? I don’t even know what is more difficult: without money or without it? nine0003

Since this is a very common case, I decided to bring our dialogue up for discussion and invite everyone who wants to help the lady to exchange views. Now I'll just try to express my own, subjective. And you, my dear readers, correct me if something is wrong.

I am writing only what I myself would advise, given the story that has already been created: It is clear that at this moment the last thing you want to do is take care of his well-being. Today, fear for your future and for the future of your children fills you completely. And you should always understand and remember that even after a divorce (if this is destined to happen), your “former” will remain the father of your children FOREVER. nine0003

Over time, when the passions subside, you will understand that it is better if your children have a successful and happy father than an alcoholic, degraded loser or, even worse, a stroke, a heart attack... a corpse.

"Go away, I don't need someone else's!" "Husband left. Will he come back or not?"

LAW: If not for the sake of your husband, then for the sake of your own happiness and the happiness of your children, you should always wish him only the best!

BE PATIENT! THIS IS NOT YOUR KEY POINT. nine0006 It's too early for you to make any decision yourself. Your husband created the situation and he himself must resolve it. You can formulate it to your husband briefly and calmly: “I want us all to be happy. You decide what you need to be happy. Think and make a choice. And I need time to understand what I want.

"Have pity on him, have pity on your beloved."

You really need time to understand whether you want to somehow adapt to this "triangle", whether you can adequately lead the family out of the crisis (whether you see the point in this), whether you can understand and forgive your husband, whether you want to cardinal changes themselves. ..

In the meantime, believe me, it will be easier and more correct to discuss the situation with him less. It's useless, at least not yet. Most often, at such moments, even many strong men show cowardice and lack of will. And we are ready to shift the decision to women's shoulders. They are confused. On the scales, on the one hand, life adjusted over the years, a certain certainty, comfort (native sofa and slippers) ..., and on the other hand, a young (still) desired body ... In a year, I began to get used to it, became attached ... Making a choice is very difficult. Leaving everything as it is is the dream of any man. But life forces, sooner or later, to make a choice. And the sooner the better. Otherwise, it is already beyond the bounds of civil and universal law. Bigamy! If the state does not punish, then the Universe certainly does. nine0003

"Let your husband go to his beloved."

But to wait until women (wife, lover, mother) take some action and "resolve" the situation, created to a greater extent by the man himself, this is a sign of male lack of will! And they should not be allowed to do this, first of all, for their own sake, because when they lose respect for themselves, then they are a complete kayuk. Let them make their own choice. Just don't drag out the decision for years...

LAW: If the relationship with the mistress drags on for months and years without completely destroying the family, then this indicates that the family is already on the verge of destruction (crisis). And "love" relationships "on the side" is also a temporary phenomenon, nothing serious there. Real feelings force a man to make a choice very quickly, because when you love, the decision in someone's favor is made easily and naturally. nine0003

And this means that if this has been going on for a year, then it is stupid to be jealous of a husband for his mistress. It was interesting to him as long as it was easy, new and unconstrained. Today he is burdened by her no less than you. But he can't refuse. This must be understood! But, frankly, there is nothing to rejoice here... "I had two of them: a wife and a mistress..."

TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN HEALTH. Breathing exercises, prayer, meditation, yoga, long walks to the water or to the park. .. will soothe your inflamed brain and overwhelmed nerves. Conversations with a soul mate or participation in psychological training, drawing lessons, a swimming pool ...

Help yourself in every way you can... Cry a lot! After cleansing tears, there is a moment of relief and often clarity. Shed tears like a river, sob like a beluga ... And if someone dares to interfere, trying to console or shame, move him aside. So, he just never left.

If you have the opportunity to leave, leaving your husband with children, for a week or two - this is ideal! It doesn’t hurt to change the situation and unwind, and the husband needs to be with the children, take full responsibility for them and figure out his priorities ...

FORGET ABOUT YOURSELF AND THINK OF OTHERS. How do we live? By and large, we see only our own life, and only it worries us. When trouble happens, and today it seems to us that it is trouble, and only time will tell how wrong we were... So, when trouble happens, we turn around to face the people and see that we are not the only “victims”.

And the empathy that we will experience for others will push away our pain and expand our consciousness to the understanding of very many important things. nine0003

At the time of my divorce, I met and interacted with a lot of people. I will try to briefly retell the conversation with only two ladies from the “opposite camp” (lovers). I listened to their stories and it made me see things differently.

One “took” a man away from a family with two small children. Or rather: the wife, having learned about her husband's affair and about the pregnancy of her mistress, broke off the marriage. They gave birth to a joint daughter, but the lady's eldest daughter (from her first marriage) died, which she cannot forgive herself for ... Her husband soon somehow quickly grew old and his character deteriorated. And when he retired (military), he generally lay down on the sofa and treats her with his jealousy ...

I sincerely sympathized with the lady, still young, but so dissatisfied with her fate and blaming her husband's ex-wife for all her troubles: “Why did you send me away! He is like a husband to me, and I never needed . .. ".

The second lady has been in a relationship with a married man for fifteen years. She also does not want him to leave the family for a long time. But she got used to the conveniences that he provides her. At her service is his car, he will always take to the country. And he solves any male problem. And since his wife is aware of his love affairs, he has an open war at home, mutual hatred. He also pesters his mistress with control (you have to pay for everything), every 15-20 minutes a phone call: Where are you? With whom? Afraid to lose. Relations are bleak and even unbearable. A lady in a natural fur coat, on stilettos 12 cm, with extended cilia ... not from a good life she gnaws her nails until they bleed. You don't have to be a psychiatrist to understand this...

And these are just two situations. One has only to go out into the public and open your eyes, ears, heart, as a stream of such stories will rush to you, where there are no guilty people, everyone around is affected. Where lonely and deceived in their expectations are not only those who were betrayed, but also those with whom they betrayed. Because we don't know what we're doing!

WORK!!! It is desirable to work more during this period than it would be worth. And, if there is no work, then make it your job to find a job. But be patient! Remember: you will not find a job until you yourself understand what you would like to seriously do in the future, where to apply your strengths and skills. nine0003

As soon as your environment (friends, acquaintances, neighbors...) receives the initial information from you, then the Universe will select something for you, maybe temporary to start, or maybe something interesting to raise your self-esteem...

I confess that sometimes in my impatience I reached despair, but I always pulled myself together and set myself up for success. And the job I ended up getting was an unexpected reward and consolation.

Focus on your desires and abilities. Remember what you already know how, and you can develop further, and what activity gives you great joy?! Let the world know what you are looking for. Information will certainly come. Be patient. If you want it, then it will work! And you get ready to act bolder. Do not forget that there are labor exchanges where you can complete free courses. Knock and you will be opened. nine0003

CHILDREN ARE OUR ALLIES. It is possible and necessary to seek support from children, if they are not of primary school age, but at least of middle school age. Adolescents, if they do not see, then feel that the family is in trouble. Today's teenagers are quite aware of "mid-life crises" and have already discussed divorce in other families. Of course, you shouldn't dump all the details of what happened on them.

Suffice it to simply say that you have problems in your relationship with your father, that it is very difficult for you and your father, and that you count on their moral support. ..

If you are smart, then you will have enough tact, endurance and culture not to say a bad word about their father. Not a word!

Even if the husband resorts to insults and provokes. Move away from the conflict, do not throw tantrums. Remember that children are drawn to the side where they behave with dignity, where they themselves are more comfortable to be. Try to whine less in their presence. You must remember that they themselves will not soon be able to give a fair assessment of what is happening, it will come to them only through their own experience. In the meantime, do not break down on children and with children! As soon as the “roof breaks”, we go outside and breathe deeply. nine0003

Our task is not to lose contact with children, but on the contrary - to strengthen them! It is easier to endure any hardship if you are hugged by children.

KEEP SURE. This advice was given to me by my son. Many women (including me) tend to look for the causes of all troubles in themselves.

Self-digging: “I did something wrong”, “I became not good enough, smart enough, modern enough”, etc. etc. lowers our self-esteem completely.

Yes, cheating on your husband is a great reason to take care of yourself, your hair, wardrobe, style... But without any far-fetched feeling of guilt, please. nine0003

If you get divorced, then two partners “who failed to keep their happiness” are to blame. But we will analyze what is happening a little later, when the head “cools down”.

In the meantime, let's say to ourselves: This is not my fault! I didn't do anything wrong! I deserve respect! And this is true! Straighten your back and stay confident.

LAW: A confident, calm, smiling person is attracted to his own children (!), people and good events are attracted. It will be easier for you to get a job, find like-minded people if you look like a confident person. Don't sag! nine0003

Remember sometimes that you are not alone, and which women have been cheated on: Catherine Deneuve, Juliette Binoche, Inna Makarova, Valentina Titova, Maria Alexandrova. .. Perhaps it is easier to list who has not yet been cheated on.

But, if your emotions need an outlet, then it's better to cut his shirts and shorts and throw them out of the window, leave him hungry, without clean socks... but just don't humiliate yourself in front of your husband, don't look pathetic. REMEMBER: MEN NEVER FORGIVE A WOMAN THE HUMILATIONS THAT THEY HAVE FORCED THEM TO GO THROUGH . Hold on with dignity, no matter how hard it is for you. nine0003


THE MOST IMPORTANT - UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU WANT! You write: “I don't know what I want. I don’t want to see him and I can’t do without him?” Your task is not to make any decisions until you understand yourself.

Analyze whether you were happy with your husband before the appearance of a lady-psychologist? What got in the way of your happiness? Do you have common interests with your husband today? You have a lot to think about.

I have already written a lot on this or about this topic. I'm probably repeating myself. But maybe these posts of mine will help you too:0003

"Treason. Condemn or understand?" "Treason. Trying to understand"

Or maybe you decide to use other tips, such as:

"Real advice on how to "revive" the family."

I also have several of them.

Do not look for truths here, but only topics for your own reflections and conclusions.

Trust only your intuition - it is your Guardian Angel.

Think! Ask questions and let's think together. Your anonymity gives you the opportunity to open up. I wrote this material in one breath, trying to give an answer as soon as possible. I will post without proofreading. I understand how much you need support right now. Maybe later I will make additions and corrections. I look forward to your questions. And I wish you wisdom, courage, patience and good luck. Sincerely, Love. nine0003

The illustrations are not randomly chosen by me. Let all the elements come to your aid: water, air, earth, sun. Surround yourself with good music and relaxing pictures. Help yourself. I was supported by Chopin's nocturnes, views of the sea, deserted halls and frescoes of churches... And the answer came!

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If the husband left for another woman, he can be returned if desired. Although psychologists advise not to humiliate yourself, forget the traitor and start building relationships with someone more worthy of love. Whatever feelings women may have towards unfaithful husbands, they should always preserve their own dignity. nine0003

There are several reasons why men leave their wives. Even being an ideal mistress, a woman can lose her husband. Men sometimes behave selfishly and treat loving wives unfairly. Although their decision to leave the family always has a good reason - hurt pride. Even an inadvertently thrown offensive word can deeply sit down in the mind of a husband and subsequently give impetus to a break in relations.

Why do husbands leave home:

  • frequent quarrels in the family; nine0016
  • the woman is not interested in her husband's work and hobbies;
  • wife harasses her husband with constant nit-picking and showdowns;
  • tries to control her husband, constantly commands him, treats him with disdain;
  • the wife is busy with the child, does not take care of herself, constantly reproaches her husband for lack of money;
  • disappears in a man, she ceases to interest him as a woman;
  • the husband wants to live his own life, so that no one interferes with him, no one has to account for his actions; nine0016
  • a man fell in love with another woman, with whom it is more interesting to spend time.

Husbands rarely leave the family to be alone. Most often they leave their wives because of another woman. It also happens that the new chosen one outwardly is no better than the spouse. However, her husband is fine with her. He feels comfortable living next to a woman who does not try to re-educate him, does not demand anything from him, does not blame him for anything.

How to behave if the husband left the family: important advice from a psychologist nine0011

The departure of a husband from a family is a real shock for many women. Whatever the relationship between spouses, after their breakup, people always experience powerlessness and emotional emptiness. Psychologists do not advise keeping all your feelings to yourself. You definitely need to speak up. You can talk about your problem to relatives, friends or a psychologist. In such crisis situations, the help of an experienced psychologist-hypnologist Nikita Valeryevich Baturin will not be superfluous.

What to do if the husband left for another woman - advice from a psychologist:

  • one should not keep one's spouse, ask him to stay, humiliate himself;
  • during parting one should remain calm and look cheerful;
  • not to ask her husband why he is leaving, what he lacks in the relationship;
  • not to take revenge on an unfaithful spouse with the help of children, preventing them from seeing their father;
  • one should concentrate one's attention not on the husband, but on oneself and one's children.

How to live if the husband left the family:

  1. Cultivate yourself. Pay attention to your appearance, update your wardrobe, go in for sports.
  2. Go headlong into work, improve your skills, sign up for courses, enter a university.
  3. Visit psychologists' trainings, normalize your state of mind.
  4. Go to the sea, relax in another city, go to a museum, theater, sit in a cafe with friends.
  5. Take care of children, give them maximum attention. Give them all the warmth of your heart. nine0016
  6. Do not speak negatively about the father in front of the children, allow them to see him.
  7. Do not take an interest in the life of your ex-husband, do not compare yourself with his new wife, do not listen to the advice of "well-wishers" and do not try to take revenge on an unfaithful spouse.
  8. See the good side of being alone. Pay more attention to yourself. Do what you love. Find a new love.

A beautiful woman confident in her abilities can make an unfaithful spouse doubt the correctness of her decision. An offended, suffering ex-wife always evokes a feeling of contempt in a man and a desire to run away from her. No matter how hard it is, a woman needs to come to terms with the situation. The main thing is to remain calm, suppress your real emotions, act carefree and fun. nine0003

A huge blow to a man's pride is the appearance of a new partner by an abandoned wife. Often husbands, leaving the family, deliberately hurt their spouses. They do not spare their feelings, demonstratively showing tenderness to the new chosen one. Thus, men are trying to punish the former for a bad, in their opinion, attitude towards themselves. They enjoy the position of a mentor, in a similar cruel way, raising a new wife and punishing the former.

If an abandoned woman finds the strength not only not to suffer because of betrayal, but also to fall in love with another man, such a situation will turn out to be a real shock, and for some time he will feel deceived and unhappy. Perhaps the man will even try to renew relations with his ex-wife. True, only in order to quarrel with her new partner. nine0003

How to get back a husband who left his family?

If a woman wants to get her husband back, she needs to forgive him and never remember the betrayal. There are a number of ways to help rekindle a relationship. It is possible to return an unfaithful spouse if a woman feels that she loves him, understands that her husband is confused and succumbed to a fit of passion. The wife must also be aware of the fact that her ex cheated on her because she behaved incorrectly. If a woman changes herself and changes her attitude towards her beloved, she can return him. At the same time, you need to be patient, act tactfully, and avoid old mistakes. nine0003

How to fix the situation and get your husband back:

  1. Tell your ex-spouse about problems Ask for his advice on any issue. Ask for money to buy the children the necessary things.
  2. Invite your husband into the house so that he can spend more time with his children. During such visits, you can treat him to his favorite dishes. A woman can take the initiative - invite her ex-spouse and children to the cinema, cafe, on an excursion.
  3. Do not throw away your husband's old things. On the contrary, buy him gifts for his birthday or just like that. nine0016
  4. Try to call your ex more often, talk about your children's achievements or problems. Such calls can lead to conflicts in the new family. A man may not like this, and he will go to a woman who is more calm and does not make any scenes.
  5. Constantly communicate with the husband's relatives, congratulate them on the holidays, give gifts. Get invitations to joint parties where you can meet with your ex-spouse.
  6. Always radiate positive, do not remember a man about his betrayal. Not to notice his new chosen one, not to utter a single word about her appearance. nine0016

During each meeting with her ex-husband, a woman should act as if nothing had happened. At the same time, the abandoned wife should look well-groomed, neat, balanced and cheerful. Coming to visit the former, a man should feel that he is loved and expected here. The slightest discomfort in a relationship can nullify all the efforts of a woman. If an abandoned spouse wants her unfaithful husband back, she needs to treat her relationship with him like a kind of exam. It is important not only to do everything right, it is necessary not to make any mistakes. nine0003

How to forget an unfaithful husband forever?

It also happens that a woman, having weighed all the positive and negative aspects of the relationship with her ex-spouse, decides to cross him out of her life forever. True, it is not so easy to do this. Everything around reminds of the former: mutual friends still call, the children constantly want to see their father. Women do not always know what to do to alleviate their own and not harm their children in any way. If an abandoned wife wants to forget her unfaithful spouse, the advice of a psychologist will come in handy. nine0003

How to forget your ex-husband:

  1. Do something to diversify your free time. Constantly be on the move. Walk more, meet friends more often. Go in for sports, enroll in a gym, swimming section.
  2. Drive away despondency, do not allow sad thoughts to completely take over consciousness. Think positively, enjoy every day, humbly accept everything that life presents.
  3. Pay attention to other men, get to know them, go on dates. nine0016
  4. Never call your ex-spouse, do not communicate with him about your problems or troubles related to children.
  5. Get rid of things of an unfaithful husband. Throw away all his gifts. Change the situation in the house, change the furniture, interior items.
  6. Seek help from a psychotherapist who can help a woman find peace of mind.

Left alone, a woman should devote more time to her relatives and children. She can give all her love to people who are more worthy of such a feeling. You should not feel sorry for yourself and constantly think that with the departure of your husband, life will become worse. Many women after a divorce managed to successfully marry, get rich by creating their own business. nine0003

Not all men deserve to be fought for. It makes no sense to renew a relationship with a person who does not know how to appreciate love and care. There are many other men in the world who suffer from loneliness and cannot find a worthy companion. The faster a woman switches her attention to a new partner, the faster the emotional wounds will heal. You can find happiness if you do not dwell on old grievances, but boldly go forward, meet new people, build relationships with them.

There are interesting videos on the YouTube channel by N.V. Baturin, which will help women cope with the psychological problems associated with the departure of her husband.

What to do if the husband leaves

What to do if the husband leaves? Married life is often replete with unpredictable events that can deal such a crushing blow that a woman is not able to come to herself soon. Often a marriage falls apart unexpectedly at the initiative of a man. It seems that everything was fine yesterday, well, there were quarrels in the family, like everyone else, and suddenly the husband suddenly packed his things, declaring that he was leaving for another woman. nine0003

What should I do if my husband leaves? The advice of psychologists on this subject aims to understand the reasons for the husband's departure from the family, since often a man takes such a step deliberately. Often women cannot understand: “Everything was fine with us, why did my husband leave? What should I do now?” Just like that, no one really leaves, and before making such a decision to part with his once beloved wife and children, a man weighs all the pros and cons. And only after a plan for leaving the family has been drawn up, the man accepts the decision to notify the spouse about this.Therefore, if after a quarrel a man grabs a jacket and leaves, slamming the door hard at the same time, you should not be afraid of such a departure. The probability that after a few days the spouse will return is very high.Such quarrels do not destroy the family overnight. Short-term clarification of relations between spouses only prepares the ground for further severance of relations and parting.But the final decision to leave the family of men is made on a sober and cold head, and not rashly.The fact that soon the wife will be left alone, she, as a rule, even and does not suspect, because she is used to the care and attention from her husband, and she herself often does not even try to understand, listen and become an assistant for her husband. those wives who are accustomed only to “take”, but they don’t know how to “give” in return. nine0003

Husband left for another woman, what should I do? Husbands leave the family due to lack of attention, affection, care or intimacy. Men are drawn to places where they are loved and appreciated. Wives often tend to blame their men, who are tired of working all day and not hearing a single kind word from their women. Before you assure yourself and others that everything was fine, but the husband left anyway, and the woman now does not know what to do, it is worth working on her mistakes. Parting with a spouse is a good chance to realize the mistakes made and avoid their repetition in the future. nine0003

Maybe some of the women will find the topic of psychological paradoxes of life far-fetched or insufficiently substantiated, we will refrain from proving their existence and will only consider their psychological impact on life. A woman lives, makes mistakes, suffers, experiences dissatisfaction. Often making mistakes in relationships, and then, analyzing their causes, there is a desire to break out of this vicious circle. This does not always work out, but if so, then new problems come in place of the old ones. This is the psychological paradoxes of life. A woman begins to feel that life is going somehow wrong, the rest brings less and less joy, children begin to annoy, endless problems overcome. And then the husband left, and what to do the woman no longer knows? And it's so hard to live, and then the husband set me up at the most inopportune moment and left. Why is this happening? From ignorance of male psychology, unwillingness to please a spouse, due to the depreciation of a man in the eyes of a woman, obsession with oneself and many other reasons. nine0003

If a woman has already found out and knows that her husband is not going to return, then in this situation it is very important to behave correctly. You should stop blaming yourself, even if a woman initiates her husband's departure from the family.

Now the main task is to become a wise woman who has realized her mistakes and does not plan to repeat them. The main mistake of women whose husbands have left is the desire to bring them back to the family with all their might. Persuasion, threats, promises are often used, but often none of this works. And then women turn to friends, relatives of a loved one, fortune tellers or psychologists for help. Abandoned women are trying to fix everything until their loved ones have completely cooled off in relation to them. This tactic is correct if the husband's departure is not carefully thought out. nine0003

It is quite easy to return a husband who left in a rush, offended by his wife's refusal or blackmail, but in the case of a planned departure, it is no longer possible to change the situation with any tears, persuasion, promises.

What not to do if the husband left - advice from psychologists

You can not constantly call your spouse, look for meetings with him, write messages after him, sort things out, who is right and who is wrong. Such behavior of a woman will not lead to the desired results. A man pursued by his ex-wife will begin to feel like a “driven game” and will try, by all means, to move away from her even further. Some wives still manage to return their husband back to the family, but for this it is necessary to maintain self-esteem. nine0003

One should not cry and feel sorry for oneself, cherishing one's loss. Making herself a victim and considering her husband's departure as the end of the world, a woman drives herself into a depressive state with her own hands. It is required to try to calm down and remember that "when one door closes, the second one will surely open." What is a great misfortune for a woman now can serve as the beginning for other happy relationships in the future. Now you can not give up, but you should continue to take care of yourself. According to the previous schedule, you should visit a hairdresser, beauty salon, gym, swimming pool. Any activity that a woman is interested in will allow her to escape and move away from sad thoughts. nine0003

You should not take revenge or threaten your ex-husband, you should not blackmail him with joint children, because he left for his mistress. These actions will not bring anything good, but they can act as confirmation of the correctness of their decision. You should not try to reason with the rival to whom the man left. You don't understand her - she's different.

It would be superfluous to explain to everyone the reason for leaving your husband or tell all sorts of nasty things about him. If, before his departure, he arranged for his wife, and there were no complaints about life, then why now from the outside one wants so much self-pity and condemnation of the spouse. nine0003

It is necessary to be strong and not pay attention to rumors that will spread very quickly around a woman.

No matter how much you would like to hear support in your address, you should not discuss your personal life with colleagues, neighbors and girlfriends. They will not advise anything good, but information about the misfortune of a woman will quickly spread to everyone.

You should not look for a replacement immediately after your spouse leaves. It is necessary to realize why the woman did not please him, so as not to repeat previous mistakes. nine0003

You don't need to start a new relationship to make your ex-spouse jealous.

My husband wants to leave the family, what should I do in this situation? No need to panic, cry, drink sedatives and tearfully beg to stay. You should find out for yourself why the husband wants to leave the family, and whether it is worth keeping him. It is necessary to understand that a man does not just leave, there is always a reason for this, but to keep him or not depends on this reason. Perhaps a man is not made for a family and he has already left, and then returned. If a husband throws himself headlong into a new romance, forgetting about his family, and then, having satisfied his passion, returns, you need to think about whether such a relationship is necessary? Is it worth fighting for such a man? Will he set you up again when you need help and support in the family? nine0003

It is very difficult for a wife to realize that her husband met another woman, cheated on her and leaves the family, but if this happened, is it worth maintaining this relationship if the wife was openly told that they preferred another woman. In this case, it will be better to preserve women's pride and self-esteem. Apparently, fate specifically removes this man from the life of a woman in order to give new relationships filled with happiness in the future.

According to statistics, after five years of marriage, women look at their husbands differently, treat them differently: they are not so caring, attentive, affectionate, they stop appreciating men and treat them as a means of earning money or a personal driver. Women forget that feelings should be fed, and not blamed on husbands for the fading of love. Women resign themselves to the fact that there is no more passion in intimate relationships, but men do not want to agree with this, so it’s easier for them to leave than to change something in a relationship. nine0003

Therefore, the first thing to do if a husband wants to leave the family is to transform.

The husband must remember whom he is losing: a new wardrobe, hairstyle, make-up, manicure.

Next is a conversation - better on neutral territory - a cafe or a restaurant. During the conversation, we do not blame the husband, this will only spoil everything. Let him speak out that he is not satisfied with the relationship.

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