Marrying at 50

6 Money Myths About Marrying After 50

By Lisa Rabasca Roepe, Next Avenue Contributor 

Marriage after age 50 is a wonderful thing, but it has some financial challenges, too. There is plenty to take into account, and plenty of money myths, if you plan to tie the knot in midlife — especially if your spouse-to-be has children from a first marriage.

Here are six common myths:

Myth No. 1: Prenups Are Only For The Rich And Famous

Actually, if you’ve been married before and have children from a previous relationship, a prenuptial agreement is essential to ensuring that property will pass to children from the prior marriage, says Christine M. Searle, certified internal auditor and owner of Searle Business Solutions in Arlington, Va.

And, she says, even if you’re getting married for the first time, chances are you’ve accumulated significant assets by this point in your life (and perhaps even some debt). So you’ll need to plan how to handle those if, sadly, this marriage doesn’t work out.

Don’t think of a prenup as prearranging your divorce, Searle says, but more like writing your will. “If you don’t have certain things arranged,” she says, “the state gets to make decisions for you and that’s like dying without a will.”

After 50, the focus of a prenuptial agreement should be on protecting your children and grandchildren. “The context of a prenuptial should be how to do we provide together for our extended families,” says Carla Dearing, CEO of Sum 180.

For instance, in the United States, states can let a surviving spouse claim his or her “elective share” in place of what was left in the decedent's will. A prenup allows your spouse to waive the elective share so you won’t need to fear your estate plan will be challenged by your surviving spouse, says Philadelphia divorce lawyer Linda A Kerns.

Similarly, many states automatically give spouses some rights to life insurance or retirement benefits, but a prenup would let your spouse give up their rights to them. Kerns says that if both spouses have substantial investments, they might want each of their own children to be the beneficiaries.

Myth No. 2: Never Discuss Estate Planning With Your Stepfamily

Estate planning is essential if you have children from an earlier marriage, Kerns says. Otherwise, your entire estate could pass to your new spouse and not to your own children.

Kerns recommends having frank conversations about your estate planning and prenup with your adult children and your new spouse. Grown kids are sometimes wary of their parent getting remarried because they are concerned about how it will affect their inheritance, Kerns notes.

Also on Forbes:

If you have concerns about providing for a new spouse and children from a previous marriage, you can get creative with your estate planning, says Kelley C. Long, CPA, a Chicago financial planner with Financial Finesse. One of her clients created a formula for how much money he wanted his new wife to have when he died; the amount fluctuated based on their wealth and age. He also had regular meetings with his new spouse and his children to discuss how much each could expect to receive when he was gone.

Myth No. 3: Holding Assets Jointly Is Always Best

The older we get, the more set we are in the way we spend and save money, says Kerns. So it becomes increasingly more challenging to combine households and money.

Before getting married, couples should decide: Will we have separate or joint accounts? Will one of us sell our current home? Will we change the deed to a house?

It’s not uncommon for one spouse to sell a house and move into the other’s, says Kerns. But before doing this, she advises, be clear about whether the one keeping the home will add the other’s name to the deed. That’s especially important if you plan to use money from the sale of one house to renovate the other one. Otherwise, Kern says, the spouse whose home is sold will spend money on a house he or she doesn’t own and will have nothing to show for it.

Instead of automatically selling a house, Long suggests considering renting it out and using the rent money to pay for any renovations on the home you move into.

Myth No. 4: Your New Spouse’s Debt Won’t Affect You

In fact, debt can be a significant issue in second marriages, says Dearing. That’s why spouses should be upfront about how much they owe before marrying so they can decide together how they’ll handle debt that’s still on the books. It’s a good idea for each person to see the other’s credit report, too.

Dearing recalls a 69-year-old client who had a sufficient retirement income and a comfortable life but thousands of dollars of credit card debt, too. “If something happened to him, his retirement wouldn’t go to his second wife, but all his debts would,” she says. Dearing recommended he buy a life insurance policy that would, after he died, provide enough money to pay off his debts and get their son through college.

Myth No. 5: It Always Makes Financial Sense To Get Married

Well, not always. It depends on your personal and financial situations. For instance, a spouse receiving alimony or child support from a first marriage can’t assume that will continue after remarrying, Kerns says.

Getting married can also reduce your Social Security benefits, Long notes — especially if you didn’t work while you were married the first time and can claim spousal benefits that are significantly higher than your own Social Security benefits. For instance, if you were married at least 10 years, are at least 62 and are currently not married, you can collect a spousal benefit equal to half your spouse’s Social Security benefit, even if your ex-spouse is remarried. In addition, Long says, an ill partner on Medicaid might want to remain unmarried so he or she can continue to qualify for that federal program. A combined marital income might be too high for your partner to qualify for Medicaid.

Myth No. 6: Your Spouse Can Automatically Make Your Medical Decisions

Without an advance health directive that spells out your wishes regarding end-of-life care, there’s no guarantee your new spouse will be able to make medical decisions for you or tell your doctor what treatment you’d prefer.

“You need to be very clear in writing what your wishes are so your new spouse and your adult children don’t end up at odds over your care,” Long says. Although your spouse is generally who your physician would look to for information about this, it can’t be assumed that your spouse will make such decisions, she says.

Long recommends talking with your new spouse and your adult children so they know your wishes and setting up an advance health care directive at File it electronically so your physicians will have easy access to this key document.

Second Marriage After 50: Topics to Discuss

By Jackie Pilossoph, Creator and Editor-in-chief, Divorced Girl Smiling site, podcast and app, Love Essentially columnist and author

A member posted this message on the DGS Facebook Group page, regarding second marriage after 50:

What topics should you make sure you and a partner discuss before you consider a second marriage after 50? I’ve read articles but they all address a first marriage when you’re young. I’d like topics to make sure we discuss at this stage in our lives. We are both 50 years old, we both have careers, and we both have older kids.

Here’s my advice:

Second marriage after 50! Wow! Isn’t it wonderful? Just a few years ago, you got divorced, and probably never dreamed about a second marriage. Well, here you are: excited and giddy and happy, yet I have to believe that every divorced person walks into a second marriage with a little bit of skepticism, a certain amount of fear, and on a positive note: a lot more wisdom.

A lot of divorced couples find a happy, healthy romantic relationship and stay in it for years and years without feeling the need to get remarried. There is certainly nothing wrong with that, and if others start pressuring you, just smile and say, “We’re really happy.”



But let’s say you now have a ring on your finger and second marriage is imminent. Let me answer my reader’s question and address what topics you should discuss before jumping back into marriage.

Here are 5 topics you should discuss with your partner before getting into a second marriage after 50:


1. The finances.

I would have to say that finances are the number one thing needing to be discussed when going into a second marriage after 50. First, sit down and have a detailed conversation–as uncomfortable as it may be, about who is paying for what. What happens if one loses his/her job 0r is unable to work? Having all the details worked out before the nuptials will take all the pressure off and avoid any surprises and/or potential arguments.

“What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine,” is a really really bad attitude in a second marriage after 50. Once you have the somewhat awkward conversation, everyone knows what to expect and goes into the marriage with no unrealistic expectations.



2. The kids-no matter how old they are.

What if Joey (who is 27) needs to move back home for a few months? Is the other person OK with it? What if Jenny wants to have dinner with her dad once a week without you? Will that work for you? Kids, no matter how old they are, sometimes have issues with step parents. You have to be ready for that and know going into the marriage that life when it comes to his/her kids, might not always be rosy.

Remember that when you marry him or her, you are marrying the kids, too. If you truly love him or her, you will put up with the sometimes bad behavior that step kids can exhibit, and appreciate them for who they are, without unrealistic expectations.



3. The household.

Who is doing the cooking? Who is cleaning? Are you OK with his wet towels on the floor? What can you ABSOLUTELY not put up with? Tell him now or forever hold your peace! Actually, that’s not good advice. When you do move in together, if something is bothering you, tell him or her in a nice way, immediately. Don’t let things fester and build up resentment.

Also, who is doing what chores? Lastly, have a conversation about what your daily life is going to be like. Tell her now if you think you need a little alone time after dinner or during the weekend. Remember that the newness is going to wear off, and you will be married to the real him or her. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just reality.

4. Retirement.

Having a conversation about retirement is huge! Does he know when you want to retire? Do you have this idea about moving to Florida in a few years? If so, better to bring it up before the wedding, so just in case he says “Let’s move to Arizona,” and you hate extreme heat, you don’t find yourself in a relationship that is geographically undesirable! Also, it’s important to share retirement funds. Knowing how much each person has in their retirement savings will help you know what you are getting into.

Then, you have to talk about who will be supporting who and if you are OK with that. Also, what happens if one of you gets sick or gets to the point where you need full-time help (meaning a caregiver)? Many couples decide to take out long-term care insurance that will pay for a caregiver or for the person to live in an assisted living community. It’s a horrible thought, but better to be prepared!




Will and Estate Planning.

Perhaps the most uncomfortable discussion to have is the one about your death. But, it’s also very very important! First off, both people getting married should have an updated will and trust. That’s a given! Secondly, let’s say you are moving into your new husband’s house and his name is on the deed. You might want to have a document drafted about him allowing you to live in the house for the rest of your life, should he die first. It’s OK if both of you decide to leave everything else separately for each of your kids. But, it’s a discussion that must be had. Helpful hint: have the discussion over a glass of wine or two, and make it a positive one. Remember that being prepared is everything!


In closing, the case for second marriage after 50 is strong. There are tax benefits, insurance benefits, and social security and pension plan benefits. Also, God forbid one person gets sick and/or is hospitalized, the other person can make medical decisions that someone who is just a girlfriend or boyfriend cannot.


I am a huge fan of second marriage after 50, IF (and this is a big IF) the situation is right, the timing is right, and the people are getting married for all the right reasons.

How do you know if you are getting married for the right reasons? Ask yourself these 10 things:


1. Does this person make me happy 97% of the time?

2. Does he or she respect me and vice versa?

3. Do we have fun together?

4. Is this relationship easy?

5. Do I like him or her?

6. Do I adore him or her?

7. Do I like myself when I am with him or her?

8. Do I trust him or her?

9. Would I take care of him or her in sickness and vice versa?

10. Do I want to grow old with him or her?


If you can answer yes to all of these, then you are with the right person, whether you have a ring on your finger or not.



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“It's good that we met”: what happens if people get married at 50+

Veronika and Mikhail

When it comes to marriages concluded in adulthood, I recall the Soviet comedy “For Family Circumstances”. Her ending remains ajar: her grandmother, her husband, mother, father, granddaughter and dog run after the train, which takes the heroine of actress Evgenia Khanaeva with her elderly fiancé to his homeland, but what is there, behind the scenes? Will grandma get married? Will she be happy?

If we translate the history of the film into the dry language of statistics, we will understand that everything shown is an almost unique case. According to Rosstat data for 2016, in our country, marriages in the 50+ age segment are entered into infrequently: 5.2% of grooms out of the total number of those who marry, and even fewer mature brides enter into them - only 3.7%. In the 60+ group, the figures are 2.5% and 1.5%, respectively.

As a rule, for both spouses these are repeated unions, after a divorce or the death of the previous spouse. Although the first weddings for older people happen - but there are less than a percentage of such unions.

But in the West now there is a boom of mature love. For example, in the segment of dating sites for people over 50 years old, an avalanche is developing:

according to data over the past decade, their total audience is about 60 million people from all over the world (mainly developed countries: USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Europe ), while the majority of users are set for a serious result - more than 35% of the pairs that have developed there since 2009By 2016, they officially got married.

We are still far from such results, and older people in Russia get to know each other not on the Internet, but mostly in the good old way: on the street, in transport, in common companies. It often happens that the bride and groom already knew each other before, but were officially married, and paid attention to each other only after the divorce or death of the spouse.

“I wasn’t going to get married at all”

A similar story happened to the volunteer of the “Mercy” service Veronika Malova: on October 1, 2017, she got married to a man whom she knew from her youth. The bride was 54 years old, the groom - 52. Veronica's friends, volunteers, relatives and friends were walking at the wedding.

“I didn't want to get married,” says Veronika, “although my friends and acquaintances advised me to “look for it.” Veronica herself saw a completely different path. She was a widow - her first husband died in 2011 under tragic circumstances. The trouble brought the woman to the temple, where Veronica stayed, then quit her prestigious job and began working as a volunteer coordinator in the Mercy service. This became her meaning of life, and also a daughter and a little grandson.

“I hardly spent the night at home when I was not at work – I helped my daughter,” Veronika explains. And the personal, it seemed, was all in the past.

“I didn't even go to prayers for starting a family. Although she advised her younger friends and colleagues in the volunteer movement.

Bishop Panteleimon (Bishop of Orekhovo-Zuevsky – ed.) conducts them with us. I thought why would I? And when I was tormented by the conversations of friends and relatives that I should also find a husband, I asked my confessor: “Maybe I really need to? Maybe you should pray for me about it?” He smiled and said: “Veronica, you didn’t get married, did you?”

“I was looking for a wife”

Yes, I seem to have made some money, Veronika decided. And then there was a meeting. Although at first glance, everything looked banal. Veronica and Mikhail met in the company of mutual friends. The future spouses had known each other for a long time - they studied at the same faculty, the Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University.

Sometimes they saw each other at friends, he was married, she was married, no more than a casual acquaintance. And then suddenly something happened - something that is sometimes impossible to describe in words.

By that time his wife had already left Mikhail for 14 years, he raised his son and daughter alone: ​​the children did not get along with their mother's new husband and came to live with their father themselves. He, unlike Veronica, thought about creating a family, and seriously. By the time he met Veronica, his son was already 24 years old, and his daughter was 16.

“I suddenly realized that the children would soon grow up, and I would be left alone.

But it's impossible to live for one's own sake: it's senseless, stupid. I needed someone I could take care of, someone I could love. I was sure that I would find someone. And so it happened! he says now.

How everything happened that evening at a party - both are silent, keeping their secret. But the next day, Mikhail called Veronika - he found out the phone from those same mutual friends - and invited him to a restaurant. She was a little surprised, even called a friend with a question - why, they say, what is all this for. But she went to the meeting. And there both realized that they were suitable for each other, that together they were good.

I talk to Veronika and Mikhail separately, but they talk about that most important meeting in the same words. “I immediately felt so good with him, it immediately became clear that this was my man,” this is Veronica. “Somehow I immediately felt her sympathy for myself, I take the liberty to say this. Or rather, not so. Not me, we felt it is mutual, ”- Mikhail. They cannot explain why they fell in love with each other. But both are sure - it was not love, but love at once.

“We were blessed to wait a year”

Literally two weeks later, Veronica told her daughter and son-in-law: “I will probably get married soon.” And a month later, Michael made an offer. “I didn’t try to win her beautifully - we had so many things in common: outlook on life, general education, interests. The ability to listen to each other and be silent together.”

But there was also an obstacle: when Mikhail found out that his future wife was a believer, he said that this did not bother him: Veronika would go to church, and he would go to the gym at that time. “He probably didn’t understand then that I couldn’t marry an unchurched man, with whom I couldn’t share the most important thing. And I decided to introduce Misha to Bishop Panteleimon.”

The conversation was not easy, and after it the potential groom took a break for three days to think. And then something almost imperceptibly began to change: gradually Mikhail began attending Sunday services, went to confession to Vladyka several times, and last year he took communion for the first time.

But there was also a condition: Vladyka Pantelemon blessed the couple to get married not earlier than in a year: to take a closer look at each other, to get to know each other better. Arguments that the bride and groom are “no longer young”, and they decided everything for themselves, did not work. In anticipation of the wedding, Veronika and Misha visited theaters and exhibitions, went on a pilgrimage to Valaam together, and then the turn came to prepare for the wedding.

“I didn't want a big party. I thought we would get married quietly and go on a trip. I didn’t want a white dress - I thought it would be blue or green, ”recalls Veronica. But the dress turned out to be white - the colored ones did not fit, and the traditional wedding color really suited the bride. And the celebration was noisy and crowded: Veronica's friends, volunteers, intervened.

“The son said: “Well done, dad, get married!”

And then… life began. And it turned out that in this simple life with its everyday worries and trifles there is a place for happiness. “I never tire of thanking God for sending me such a husband – caring, kind, generous. I didn't even expect this to happen. Maybe, of course, the euphoria will pass, but in the first six months of marriage we never had a fight, ”Veronika shares and immediately adds with embarrassment that everything is so good that it’s even scary and a little unusual. “After all, my first husband and I fought all the time. Both before the wedding and after. I thought it was normal, everyone is like that. Now God has decided to show me, perhaps, that it is different.”

Usually, when discussing a mature marriage, they say: why is this necessary, everyone already has children, or even grandchildren, suddenly there will be jealousy, conflicts, division of property?

It seems better not to start, so as not to get upset again later. But all the issues of relations with the children of Veronica and Misha, all the issues of everyday life were adjusted as if “by themselves”. First, they agreed that the newlyweds would live with Mikhail, with his children and an elderly mother. Veronica doubted, but followed the advice of the confessor to obey her husband. And suddenly Mishina's children themselves persuaded dad to move in with his wife. Then, just a few months later, Mishin's eldest son married and began to live separately. And Misha's daughter from her grandmother moved to live with her father and his new wife.

Veronica was worried - could she become a good stepmother?

How to make it comfortable and cozy? “What I was afraid of, this did not happen! There are, of course, conflicts between father and daughter - because of their studies, for example. He grumbles at her, teaches life - like all fathers. I try not to get involved." And Mikhail admits: it was very important for him that his daughter and wife get along. Having already decided on marriage, he continued to worry: what would the children say? “The daughter did not have a relationship with her stepfather, and I really did not want her to experience the same thing again. It was important for me that my beautiful wife and my beloved daughter have a relationship, and it happened. It was a relief! The last doubts were dispelled.

As for the older children, the daughter of Veronica and Mishin's son, they immediately supported their parents, carefully protected their romance until the wedding, asked how things were going, looked forward to the wedding… Now a large family is just getting used to living together, starting to establish their own traditions. So far, Veronikin's grandson has become the plot-forming component - the boy is almost five years old, he often visits his grandmother, and a large family gets together.

It turned out that having found each other, Veronica and Misha also found new relatives.

And what about everyday life? So you are used to living alone, hanging towels in a special way, putting your toothbrush at the right angle, brewing tea this way and not otherwise - and then someone bursts in with his own ideas about the “correct”? “With age, people become more flexible, tolerant of other people's habits,” Mikhail objects. - If something could annoy me at a young age, now you already understand everything and treat the little things more calmly. It is not important".

Veronica adds that it is better to discuss some details “ashore” – after all, everyone is an adult, any remark can be made calmly and just as calmly accepted.

It's like a manual for a washing machine - you just need to explain to each other what will happen if you press this or that button, what will be the reaction.

In any case, can't two accomplished people come to an agreement?

"I'm taking off to heaven"

And what is the main thing? Why should you marry as an adult? Yes, in general, for the same, for which and at a different age. Because there is love. And it is bad for a man to be alone, - so God said in paradise to Adam and introduced him to Eve.

“You know, I had a stereotype that women always fall for the same rake, marry the same men, and are unhappy with them in different ways. But now I met a completely different person.

I cannot describe the feeling of happiness in which I live. God showed me that there can be so much happiness in family life,” says Veronika.

Her husband explains more thoroughly: “But I think the opposite is true – at a young age, maybe you don’t need to run down the aisle. People do not quite understand yet what family life is. And at our age, if you already understand that you have met your soul mate, this is more conscious. You can already see the difference between falling in love and love.

Perhaps everything worked out because Veronika and Mikhail have the same view of what marriage is, the roles of a man and a woman in this joint project. “I have always believed that marriage is primarily a mutual responsibility. A woman creates comfort, takes care of her husband and children. The spouse is responsible for the base, well-being. Unfortunately, my first husband lived for some of his own goals, not related to the family - to write a dissertation, for example. He said: “Whether you want it or not, I will go to graduate school.” And these were 90 years, sometimes we had nothing to eat. I had to spin for two, ”says Veronica.

Mikhail understands his role in marriage exactly as his wife sees it: he cares not only about her and the children, but also about his elderly mother, which earned Veronika great respect. “Everything he does is for the family,” she says.

“It has always been important for me that a person be smart, kind, generous, that it be interesting to be with him. But looks don't matter. Although, probably, I would not have looked at my husband earlier because of my short stature, although I myself am not tall, Veronika adds. “And today I thank God every day for our meeting.”

Of course, in a situation where the marriage is not the first one, one cannot do without comparisons, analysis and attempts to avoid the mistakes already made earlier. Our heroes say that it was easy - due to the fact that the movement towards each other was mutual, and this smoothed out possible friction. And there are almost no reasons for claims to each other.

“I constantly sawed my first husband, and then I felt guilty for frequent quarrels. And now it has become softer, and Mikhail is in many ways going to meet.

But there is a nuance - it is better not to talk about the past with each other. Our newlyweds told each other about what happened before they met, only once, and never returned to this topic.

Another secret ingredient that is the cement of any marriage is mutual support. Having this precious gift, it is not difficult to support each other, just as it is not difficult, for example, to go for a walk together, to concerts, to travel. “With Misha, I take off to heaven. All the time I think: I must be in a dream - this does not happen. Although I saw excellent examples of families among my friends, I even kindly envied some of them. But my husband was the best. I just think: why didn't we meet earlier? After all, we were so close to each other,” says Veronica.

“It doesn't matter if we meet sooner or later. It's good that we met after all, ”Michael remarks rationally, but correctly, in response to her.

Photo from the Family Archive of Veronica and Mikhail

Love after 50: Some get married, and some so

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Society: Family affairs

Natalya Barabash

9000 Our columnist - about why the question is: is it necessary to go to the registry office? - often destroys the idyll in relationships

As it used to be thought - life is lived. At least female. But now the terms of life - including the most active one - have increased. And new couples, even at 70 years old, are not uncommon. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS

Now I’m not talking about those cases when wise men, recollecting themselves (“So what? Is this where my life ended?”) Run to marry young people. There, as a rule, one cannot do without a magnificent wedding. The bride has everything for the first time, and she wants to demonstrate her increased resource.

I'm talking about something else. When love inadvertently descends on peers. And they are over 50, or under 50.

As it used to be thought, life has been lived. At least female. But now the terms of life - including the most active one - have increased. And new couples, even at 70 years old, are not uncommon. That's just the question: is it necessary to go to the registry office? - often destroys their idyll.

Several of my friends are now in this situation. Moreover, thank God, everyone managed without human sacrifices in the form of abandoned spouses and upset children. But one common problem loomed.

Men do not want to marry the women they love. That is, living together - yes, but in the registry office - no.

- Come on, make people laugh! - a friend tells me: his girlfriend just cried into my vest that at 48 she couldn’t drag her beloved to the altar.

Three years ago a friend fell in love with a young girl. Divorced. And the wife seized the property. Lawsuits, hassle, no money...

This is where the young love for our friend suddenly ended. Here it was yesterday, and today - like snow in the spring, it took and melted.

And the acquaintance, having licked his wounds, after some time realized that the woman of his dreams was completely different. Coincidentally, the lawyer who handled his divorce proceedings. (By the way, in addition to cemeteries, it’s good to get to know each other at divorce proceedings. I don’t know this story for the first time). And they began to love-carrots. And only the children of a friend stood up as a wall:

- Don't you dare sign with her! She will sue the rest of your property! She's a lawyer!

And the peasant is afraid.

- I don't need his property! says the female lawyer. - I myself have that property ... We can at least draw up a marriage contract. But status is important in society. I do not want to walk in eternal mistresses! After all, there is still a whole life ahead of you!

And on this basis scandals and strife began among them. And although there are no contraindications to happiness, except for this damn stamp in the passport, the couple does not have how the story will end - it is not known.

- This is stupidity: to climb into the yoke a second time. We live well without any registry office! - tells me another friend, from whom his wife left about five years ago. And now she is unhappy with her Romeo from the neighboring office. And the man is absolutely happy with the district doctor. Well, that is, he is absolutely, and she is relatively. She wants to get married, she has never been there before.

- Marrying at 50 is indecent! And there is no need! - says a friend. We won't have kids anymore. Well, why should I inform society about my intimate affairs? The whole civilized world lives like this.

- Well, - I say, - the civilized world now lives in such a diverse way that you can't keep up with it. And for us, aunts, without a wedding - like a marriage is not real. We understand: if anything, the stamp in the passport will not stop anyone. But we are somehow calmer with him. And the old traditions again say: without a wedding - it's like in sin ...

- Don't confuse with the wedding, - the man is angry. - But I haven’t dragged myself to church yet in my old age. And after 50 - what's the sin?! Do not invent! Nobody cares today.

But, it turns out, he cares. A woman of any age needs a wedding. Well, for a man to swear: from now on, I am forever yours to the grave. Even if it's not that far from that board. And the whole wedding is to sign and drink a glass of wine together at home.

Yes, and men are cunning. For them, too, this stamp means a lot. Obligations - these are the burning letters they read in an ink print. And they, who escaped from a past marriage, want to leave for themselves at least the illusion of freedom. Hence the conflicts. True, there are stories with a happy ending.

Our friends - a lovely lovely couple - recently invited us to a wedding.

Both are under 50, but they look 40. He has never been married: cheerful, witty, easy darling of fate, an eternal child. She is a widow, two children, grandchildren. All in him, in his desires and mood swings. Looks great: gym, strict diet, massages, beauty injections.

They have been living together for 10 years, twice she quit her job for him and moved to another city. And he loves her, appreciates her, plays with her grandchildren. But he doesn't make an offer.

She was joking. And she was worried. Offended. She spoke in her hearts:

- Listen, don't you think that at my age it's a little funny to introduce yourself as your girlfriend?

He found thousands of reasons.

And so it happened.

- Look, how do you like this dress? - she shows me a thick catalog for brides - the fifth in a huge pile. - I think we should choose the color of ivory. And this diadem in the hair. And the shoes - she takes another catalog - I would like these, with webs ...

- Two weeks! - picturesquely sighs the groom. We haven't eaten anything for two weeks! We don't clean the house! Choosing an outfit...

- What will you wear? I ask him.

- I don't know yet! She doesn't tell me anything! Darling, what am I going to wear to the wedding?

A friend looked up from a thick catalogue. She looked closely at her fiance.

- It doesn't matter at all. Your task is to remember! Just come and sign up!

How many women of all ages are ready to join these golden words.

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