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10 Ways To Improve a Marriage Without Love

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If you are in a loveless marriage, it may seem hopeless and you may feel helpless. Instead of wondering how to stay in a marriage without love, you should focus your energies on improving the dynamic between you and your partner.

Remember, you once loved this person and they loved you, but now that has gone away and you are left with a shell of the relationship you once had with no love in the marriage.

What is a loveless marriage?

Over the years, married couples can sink into indifference and apathy. They may feel paralyzed with hopelessness, joyless relationships, lack of passion and monotonous existence. 

It is not uncommon for married people to feel that they are sacrificing a hope of ever having a love life and paying a dear price for their financial and emotional stability and the well-being of their children.

French Philosopher Michel Montaigne claimed that love-stricken people lose their minds, but marriage makes them notice the loss. Sad but true – marriage carries such an overwhelming dose of reality that it can be life-threatening to the illusion of love.

Many married couples claim that their feelings of “love died.” Sometimes feelings change significantly and someone’s love can unexpectedly drop dead. But often, romantic love changes into something else – unfortunately much less exciting, but not worthless.

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What do you do when you are in a loveless marriage?

When you are in a loveless marriage, broadly speaking, you have three options. You can either stay in the marriage while letting the resentment build between you and your spouse. You can work on making things better or choose to end the relationship and go your separate ways.

If you continue to stay in a loveless marriage, it can hurt your mental well-being and that of your spouse. The frustration and resentment might increase over time if you ignore the problem by staying married but not in love with your spouse.  

If you choose to end your marriage because you see no hope for improvement in the state of things, you will be giving yourself another chance. 

However, a middle road offers couples the chance to address the issues and try to revive the love in their marriage. It can give your marriage the boost of energy and warmth that it needs to retain its loving nature. 

Can a marriage work without love?

The definitive answer to the question, can a marriage survive without love, is “it depends.”

Some couples regard their love as an independent creature that can come to life or die of starvation at any time, regardless of the lovers’ actions. That is almost always not true. 

Nobody has a right to claim that a nurtured love will last forever, but a neglected one is doomed from the very beginning.

Often people hear a clichéd and nauseous remark: “Marriages are hard work.” As annoying as it is to admit, there is something to it. “Hard,” however, is an overstatement. It would be fair to say that relationships take some work and a certain amount of time should be invested in them.

If you are both dedicated to making the marriage work and want to fall in love again, you’re already a step ahead of the game. It might take effort and dedication from both parties, but you can improve things and be happy together again.

Something caused you to stop feeling the love, and it could simply be just life circumstances.

Though you may fear losing each other, it’s a matter of reintroducing yourself to the person you chose to marry. Searching for the cause behind the discord can help you figure out how to bring love back into a loveless marriage in a constructive manner. 

It is important to note that it means you both have to work at things and you both have to be willing to fix things—but you can find that love again and make your marriage better than ever before.

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10 ways to improve a marriage without love

For those looking at fixing marriages without love, try to go in with an open mind and a positive attitude. If you are both willing to try, you can improve a marriage without love and get things back to normal again.

Learn how to fix a loveless marriage and get it back on track with these helpful tips:

1. Start communicating

Communication is one of the most critical elements of making your marriage work again. Somewhere along the way, the two of you stopped talking effectively.

Life got in the way, children became the priority, and you became two strangers that just passed each other in the hallway. Start making communication your mission and begin to talk again.

Make it a priority to chat with each other, even if it’s for a few minutes at the night’s end. Talk about things other than the mundane tasks, and you will start to see each other in a whole new light.

Communication is at the epicenter of a successful marriage, so start talking and see how this helps to improve things for the two of you.

2. Get back to basics

If marriage without love is stifling your happiness, try to recapture who you were when you were first together. Something made the two of you fall in love with each other, and you need to find that again.

There was a time when you were happy and in love, and you need to think back to that time. 

Transport yourself mentally to the early days when life was great and you were carefree as a couple when you were only committed to each other and loved each other above everything else. 

If you want to improve a marriage without love, you need to fall in love with each other again.

Mentally think through the early days of your relationship and marriage, and use those positive thoughts to move you forward. It can help you fight the lack of affection in marriage. 

It’s easier to be happy with each other when you reflect upon what brought you together in the first place!

3. Add excitement and spontaneity

It’s easy to feel you’ve fallen out of love when you go through the same boring routine each day. In a marriage without love, add a little excitement and work at the physical intimacy one night. Plan a date night or a getaway for no reason at all.

When you add that spark and make things a bit exciting, no matter what else you have going on, then it can work. You get to reintroduce yourself to your spouse and remember why you got together in the first place.

This is exciting to plan, and you’ll likely want to take turns, and it keeps you both on your toes positively and cohesively.

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4. Make each other a priority

To break the unhealthy patterns in a marriage without love, you need to make time for just the two of you.

Sometimes life gets in the way, and it’s up to you to make each other a priority. Sure, you have a lot going on, but when you stop to take the time to make each other a true priority in life, then it makes the other person feel appreciated and cherished.

When there is no love in marriage, make time for just the two of you – whether it’s a good chat, snuggling in front of a favorite show, or going out on a date.  

Ways to improve marriage include making each other a priority and finding ways of connecting is truly the secret to fixing a marriage without love.

Think of why you married each other and celebrate that as often as possible, and your relationship will blossom because of it.

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Watch this video by Relationship Coach Susan Winter to learn how to become a priority in your partner’s life:

5. Have realistic expectations

It is impossible to have butterflies in one’s stomach forever. Make peace with it. 

Extramarital affairs provide people with some excitement, but the price is usually too dear. The excitement is temporary, while the devastating blow to the spouse and children is likely to become permanent. Not to mention the butterflies will end up disappearing anyway.

6. Tiny signs of attention 

Try making their favorite meals once in a while and buying presents. Simply asking, “How was your day?” and listening are easy things to do, but they make a huge difference.

If you are trying to learn the steps to a better marriage, remember that the magic is in the small gestures. Leave them a love note, surprise them with a vacation or remember the little things about them.

7. Spend quality time together

Having quality time alone is crucial for any married couple. Once in two or three weeks, get rid of the kids and have a date night. It will be an excellent reminder of the early stage in a relationship – a mind-blowing new love.

When there is no affection in marriage, avoid talking about kids, chores and financial issues when you decide to have a date night. Build the affection by really paying attention to your spouse. 

8. Express gratitude

It is not a good idea to take one’s spouse for granted. Express your gratitude and let them know that you value their actions and presence in your life. 

If you don’t let your spouse know that you see and appreciate all that they do for you, they will feel underappreciated and unloved. And not feeling loved in marriage can destroy a person’s confidence and faith in their marriage. 

So, start repairing your marriage with a simple “Thank you.”

9. Dress up for them

When young people go out on dates, they make an enormous effort to look their best. How come after they get married, often husbands and wives dress up for work and completely neglect their looks at home? 

It is vital to look decent in front of your spouse and avoid the temptation to get into old sweatpants just because it’s comfortable.

10. Sexual healing

Sometimes the problems in a marriage get aggravated due to the lack of intimacy that a couple shares. 

It is easy for negative feelings to take root in your marriage and transform it into a marriage without love if you are not satisfied sexually.  

You can address sexual frustration by initiating sex and finding new ways to make things exciting in the bedroom. Try something new and transform your sex life by working towards making marriage better for you and your partner. 

How to live in a relationship without love

In such a scenario, you either walk away or if you choose to stay, you look for help on how to stay in marriage without love, ways to be happy in a loveless marriage and redefine what you want from your marriage.

Children, financial reasons, mutual respect and care for each other or the simple practicality of living under a roof – can be reasons why some couples choose to live in a marriage without love.

In such an arrangement, couples are beyond seeking answers to how to fix a marriage without love.

The marriage is functional, where the partnership requires cooperation, structure, equitable distribution of work and responsibilities and a sense of agreement between couples.


Staying in a marriage without love stunts the growth of two married individuals as a couple.

No love in marriage spells the death blow for relationship satisfaction. Unfortunately for some, life’s circumstances thrust them into living in a loveless marriage.

If you have already walked the path to bringing love in marriage, but see no tangible improvement, then living without love in a marriage is a bitter reality.

Should I Marry a Guy I Don't Love?

(Image: Bridget Flohe)

“Dear Celes, thank you very much for your wonderful blog. I feel that you are very sensible woman. As you have found your true love, I have decided to ask you for advice — should I marry a very decent guy if I don’t feel anything more than respect and friendly feelings to him?

The reason I ask is that I’m 28 but I haven’t had any relationship before this. I’ve fallen in love several times before but the guys either turned out to be married, not interested in me, had a very unstable mind, or were irresponsible and let me down…

I would love to listen to my heart but even till today my heart is used to making the wrong decisions…

Now I met this guy and he fell in love with me immediately. He is very responsible, caring, perceptive… But I simply don’t feel anything for him…

I’ve told him that already but he asked me to give him a chance and to see if I would change my mind… I’ve given him that chance but I simply don’t feel emotional or physical compatibility… I just can’t imagine having a spousal relationship with him…

Should I give him a straight-up “no” and continue to wait/search for someone while living my life? Or is there a chance that love will come after marriage?

Thank you in advance.” — M

Hey M, I read your letter and knew that I had to respond to you right away. I hope this reply reaches you in time.

Some people will give you a straight up “NO YOU SHOULDN’T MARRY HIM!!” as they believe that marriage should only be based on love. These people are the hardcore romantics and idealists, which I am too in a way.


On the other hand, you have the more realistic and pessimistic of people who will tell you to just marry and settle because it’s hard for a good man to come by and this guy seems exactly that. “Even if you don’t love him,” they will say, “at least he’ll take care of you. You can work on cultivating the love after marriage, over time.” Such advice is particularly common in Asia, where one’s self-worth can be tied to their relationship and marital status.

But rather than give you a straight “Yes you should marry him” or “No you shouldn’t marry him,” the more important question here is: “What is the role of marriage for you?” Because your answer is directly linked to your decision.

Why Marry?

While I used to think that a marriage should only be borne out of love, I’ve realized over time that this isn’t necessarily the case for everyone.

For example, some people marry for companionship. This could be out of fear of being lonely or just wanting to spend your life with someone. For such a person, it doesn’t matter if he/she doesn’t love the other party. As long as the other party is sincere, reliable, and loves him/her, he/she is okay with marrying him/her. I knew someone who married her then-boyfriend under this exact circumstance, though ironically he had an affair later on and they got divorced. Most people in my parents’ generation married for companionship and then worked on cultivating love after marriage (though whether they succeed or not is a different thing altogether).

Some people marry with the sole goal of having kids. I have a friend who is one of them (I mentioned him before here). In my friend’s case, he really wants to have his own kids — and he doesn’t think that he’ll be able to find his match in the coming years. Since he’s not getting any younger, he’s totally okay with getting a mail-order bride just to have kids by a certain age. After that, he says both him and his wife can go the Ashley Madison route (i.e. have extra-marital affairs) — he really doesn’t care either way.

Then there are the people who marry because they feel that they have to. To them, marriage is a rite of passage, a necessity of life, and a fundamental part of being human. They even have a target on when to get married and they strive to realize that! Hence, the significance of marriage comes from its very occurrence by a certain time frame rather than who they are marrying. As such, they don’t have overt expectations on what their partner should be like. As long as he/she looks okay, falls within a suitable age bracket, comes from the same social strata, and has the same religion (all external factors by the way), they are okay with marrying that person.

Last but not least, you have the people who marry for love. These people marry because they love the person they are with and they want to be with him/her for the rest of their life — not because of societal pressure, not because they feel like they are at a marriageable age, and not because they want to get a house (which some Singaporeans marry for). Thus, they are okay with remaining single for life if they don’t find someone they love. It’s more important that they marry someone they love rather than getting locked in a marriage with someone they don’t love.

Marrying Out of Love

Now M, if your expectations of marriage is to have a life-long companion — someone who will be with you and take care of you even when you’re old with white hair — then this guy seems to fit the bill. To quote you, “he’s reliable, caring, perceptive,” not to mention that he seems really patient and sincere because he still wants to be with you despite you not sharing the same feelings for him! Assuming that nothing changes after marriage, then it seems that this guy is a keeper.

However, let’s say your expectations of marriage are that it should be based on love. You can’t imagine being with someone you do not love.

If so, we have a problem. Because not only do you not feel a physical compatibility with this guy, but you don’t feel an emotional compatibility either. Not to mention you said you can’t imagine having a spousal relationship with him! All these point to a very fundamental issue and I’m not sure if you should be talking or considering marriage with him until this is resolved.


What Happens When You Marry Someone You Don’t Love?

So let’s do a little scenario planning now, which is also method #1 of my article How To Make Hard Decisions: 3 Decision Making Methods. Say you marry this guy despite not having feelings for him. Two possible scenarios can happen.

The first scenario is that everything happens the way you hope it would. He treats you very well after marriage and he is exactly the man he was before the wedding, if not more. He continues to be responsible, caring, perceptive, and most importantly, loving. You get to know him more as your husband, and you begin to see him in a way that you never have before.

Touched by his love for you and impressed by the man that he is, you begin to fall for him. Since both of you are now in love, your problem of a loveless marriage is now resolved.

The second scenario is that you don’t fall for him despite his efforts. Try as you might, you simply have no feelings for him, and feelings can’t be forced at the end of the day.

What do you do now? Do you pretend to love your now-husband so that you won’t disappoint him? Do you let him know that you still don’t love him but continue being in the marriage out of guilt and fear, as you don’t want to face a backlash from your family and friends? Do you divorce him and try to find love again?

Deep Implications

Obviously, the second scenario has some very sticky implications.

A divorce isn’t as simple as breaking up with a boy/girlfriend — there are legal proceedings to go through, families involved, and fees to be paid. There are also prerequisites that need to be fulfilled before a divorce can be filed.

For example, in Singapore a marriage needs to be at least three years long before you can file for divorce, and even then you cannot file a divorce based on “irreconcilable differences” unlike in the United States. You must have proof of adultery, spousal desertion for at least two years, unreasonable behavior, or at least 3 years of physical separation with your spouse before you have any grounds to file for divorce. In some countries, it may be impossible to get divorced because the law is designed to keep marriages together, even if the individuals are no longer happy together.

Length-wise, a divorce proceeding doesn’t just happen overnight — they can stretch on for quite a while, ranging from six months to over a year. That’s not even talking about the emotional drain that happens with such proceedings.

Let’s say you don’t divorce and you want to stay on in this marriage. The questions then come to these:

  • Will you be happy in this one-sided marriage?
  • Will you be betraying yourself?
  • Will you be thinking ‘what if’s’ every other day?
  • Will you feel regret from marrying this guy back then?
  • Will your husband feel any resentment or hurt?
  • Even if not, will you be fair to him by marrying him when you don’t love him — even though (I presume) he’s okay with it?

So many questions but no straight answers. For sure, this will not be an easy situation to work through. You would be trapped into a dungeon that you created for yourself, with no way out but to continue through. You will have to continue to live in this marriage with a man you don’t love — for the rest of your life.


The Future has Yet to Come

The great thing now is that Scenario A or B have not happened yet. You are here in the present moment and you have yet to marry the guy. There is still a chance to think over this carefully and make a conscious decision.

I believe the biggest reason why you are having this dilemma now, M, is because you aren’t sure if you will ever meet the perfect guy for you. Deep down, you may feel that if you pass up on this chance to marry this guy, you may well never meet someone else that comes close. What would I do then? you may wonder.

I can’t tell you whether you’ll meet your perfect match or not, M. What I do know is this: When you agree to marry someone, you should be doing it because you genuinely want to marry him and because this is the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with. You shouldn’t be considering marriage because you are fearful of the alternative — being alone, not being able to find your perfect guy, and not having anyone to take care of you for the rest of your life. To do so would be to make a decision from a fear-based, scarcity mindset, and decisions borne out of this thinking rarely have a positive outcome.

I also know that it’s never a wise move to marry in hopes or expectation that something else will happen, which in this case is love. That’s because if what you are expecting never happens, then what are you going to do? Are you going to deny that the marriage has ever happened? Are you going to go back on the vows you made during your wedding day? Are you going to let the other person down?

My Advice: Hold This Off

Marriage is a serious lifelong commitment, M. Not only is it serious for you, but it also involves others and deeply impacts their lives.

My recommendation is to hold off making a decision and give the relationship more time to play out. This may be three months, six months, or even a year — however long you need to get a definite answer.

  • If you realize that he’s the one for you after X amount of time, then you can agree to his proposal and get married.
  • If you realize that he’s definitely not the one for you, then both of you can go your separate ways. No real loss here except for the X time invested in the relationship — even then, this time doesn’t compare to potentially making a life-long commitment that you will regret.
  • If you’re still undecided after a long time together, than maybe he’s not the one… for now. If love can blossom, it would have blossomed long ago. You don’t need to wait for two, three, or even five years to decide if someone is the one. Unless something dramatically changes in you, him, or between you and him, chances are your feelings will remain the same no matter how long you wait.

If he is the good and understanding man that you say he is, then I’m sure he will be okay waiting for a while for you to assess and make up your mind about the relationship. If he gives you a timeline and ultimatum (e.g. “I can only wait for a month; if you still don’t have an answer, then I’m afraid we’d need to break up”), then he probably isn’t the guy for you.

If this relationship doesn’t work out, then it may well mean returning to the dating field. Sure, dating may be frustrating sometimes. Trying to meet new people and find your right match can be draining too. But I guarantee you that nothing will ever be as terrifying, heart numbing, draining, and unhappy as being stuck in a marriage with someone you don’t love.

That’s all I have to say M. I hope you’ll find this post useful. Let us know your choice and how things work out for you. ♥

Why getting married without love is not such a bad idea: psychologists

Skeptics point out that a "marriage of convenience" has no chance, that's just the matter of an alliance for love, when, as they say, with a loved one is paradise and in a hut. That's how it is, but, according to experts, soon after the start of a relationship, the hut ceases to suit and you want something more impressive. This is where the resentment and misunderstanding begin. The chosen one quite reasonably wonders what is wrong, because before everything suited you. And it is good if in the end we manage to find a solution to the problem and move forward together towards a common future. Otherwise, the chosen one may simply leave, considering that you are showing him too high expectations that he is not able to fulfill. As for "by calculation", then there are also some pitfalls. Yes, many moments can be avoided precisely because everything will be discussed at the very beginning of the relationship. But at the same time, you need to be aware that you will have to spend a lot of time with a person for whom you do not have strong feelings. Yes, love can develop over time, but for this you will have to work hard for both of you. nine0003

“No rose-colored glasses and disappointed expectations”

As they say, you don't take a pig in a poke (just like your partner), you clearly understand what you expect from your partner and what he, in turn, expects from you. Here we are talking more about partnerships, about the exchange of equals for equals, and not about emotional attachment, when in the heat of feelings you literally cannot breathe on your chosen one and you think that he belongs entirely to you, without a trace. This, according to psychologists, often leads to disappointment and deceived expectations (for example, the second half at some point may rebel and show that she is completely independent and independent). In a relationship of convenience, this is a priori excluded. Two mature individuals voluntarily enter into an alliance, understanding what obligations they will have and what personal boundaries they will not have to violate in any case. nine0003

“Instead of turning to the left, common values”

As experts say, love lives for three years, and if it doesn’t transform into something deeper and more valuable, then there’s no point in torturing each other and waiting for a little more, and a miracle will happen. Alas, if the passion has died down and nothing else binds you, then it is unlikely that you will be able to rekindle the flame and return the state that you had at the very beginning of the relationship. Then many couples either begin to practice trips to the left, or take a break in the relationship, or completely scatter, as if nothing connected them. Another thing is if you gradually approached each other, slowly getting to know each other and revealing those character traits that appeal to you. Yes, it may happen that negative points also come up, but you can calmly weigh everything and find a solution that suits both you and your chosen one. The main thing is that you have a common goal and an understanding of how to achieve it. And you also have similar views and values, which makes your union (even if calculated) more durable and promising. nine0003

“The opportunity to agree on the shore”

Entering into a relationship “by convenience”, you have the opportunity to discuss with your partner all the critical moments in advance, so that later it will not come as a surprise to you, and at the same time find a compromise in contentious issues, if such suddenly arise . This, according to psychologists, will help to avoid conflicts and disputes in the future, which necessarily arise at the time of grinding between lovers. It also often happens that relationships that began "by calculation" gradually develop into true love and affection. After all, you spend a lot of time with a person, get to know him from one side or another and ... fall in love (but not with an invented image, but with a specific person, with their own advantages and disadvantages). nine0003

“Rationality, not emotional impulse”

Psychologists say that if your brain is not clouded by love and passion, you can make informed decisions, and not succumb to momentary weaknesses and desires. Therefore, you approach the idea of ​​creating a family more rationally, understanding what pros and cons await you in a “marriage of convenience”. On the other hand, you will have no one to blame if suddenly everything turns out differently than you originally imagined. In this case, you will have to rely only on yourself and your wisdom (well, and on the adequacy of your partner, who will also try to make every effort to make your "marriage of convenience" comfortable and promising for both of you). nineYou are you can calmly develop each in your own field, without interfering with each other and without being jealous of a partner for his hobbies, as is often the case between lovers. You are sure that each of you is a self-sufficient person who needs a certain freedom and the opportunity to do what you love. nine0003

"Conscious choice and support"

When there are no emotional swings and disappointments that the partner did not live up to your expectations, there comes a time of acceptance and mutual respect. In other words, you initially do not build any illusions about your partner, and therefore do not experience mental anguish if something suddenly goes wrong. Both of you have consciously made your choice and are ready to support each other in any situation, because you know that this is the key to a mature and strong relationship (and not ardent confessions, scenes of jealousy and endless showdowns about who loves whom more and why ). nine0003

Marry without love? Tips for a Successful Marriage

Every girl dreams of “great and pure love” from childhood. So that he is smart, and rich, and good-looking, and a jack of all trades, and made happy, and fully provided women's happiness. But as the years go by, the thought of marrying without love comes up more and more often. Let's try to figure out: is it worth waiting for your chosen one at least at 40, at least at 50 years old, or agreeing to a more or less acceptable option, and how to get married successfully if love is not expected. nine0003

The most important misconceptions

First, let's try to dispel the “myth about a man”. The main problem is that many women are dissatisfied not so much with their unmarried personal life as with their social and financial situation.

And now, they think, he will come, a fabulous man. And he will make her a wife, and ensure a comfortable life, introduce her to the right people, and make her the happiest.

And women simply think that such love (great, rich and comfortable) will come to them by itself, but this is another myth. Such, just, on the road does not roll. To begin with, you need to work on yourself, and after that, build relationships. nine0003

I can't bear to get married, but are you all alone? Take a look around: what is wrong with your colleague, or an old unmarried friend, or an eternal boyfriend?

As they say, with your beloved and in a hut, paradise. But they are all “not right”: they have little money, and they are not so good-looking, and they never came on a white horse.

Love is not the only component of a successful relationship. Many can't even explain what that feeling is. Especially those who are under 30. Now it is customary to confuse love with passion. Jumping out to get married, and then, having enjoyed plenty of sexual pleasures, suddenly realize that marriage was a mistake. So do not be afraid, marriage without love is not the worst option if the person is worthy. nine0003

Do you still need advice on how to get married? Read the famous novel by Frederic Begbeder about how love cannot last more than three years. Getting married after 40 is normal. Just understand the purpose of marriage - to be married, to confirm emotional attachment, or to live the life of a chosen one.

Why can't you marry a person who you openly don't like?

Everyone's situation is different. Some people are just terribly afraid of being alone for the rest of their lives. Others are forced by their parents. Others looked at their friends. But how to get married for love (and on time and quickly) if no one likes you and there is not even the slightest sympathy? No way. So you don't need it now. nine0003

Focus on career, hobbies, friends. Even tomorrow you can easily and quickly get married, but this is unlikely to make you a happy wife. Every day you will understand more and more that you made a mistake. This is if you do not touch on the emotional experiences of the partner. Cases where people get along in such a marriage are rather an exception. Therefore, it is better not to marry without love. No matter how unbearable it may be.

What is important for a successful marriage?

You shouldn't get married for convenience also because the lack of feelings and emotions for a person will eventually change to a negative perception of him. nine0003

Feelings are the fuel of relationships.

Without them, the marriage machine will simply stop and stall forever.

You can start attending seminars and courses that reveal your femininity and help build a family life, even go to a psychologist together, but this will only slightly increase the duration of your marriage. Any professional can explain to you how to get married successfully or how to work on relationships, but think about what the concept of a “successful marriage” means to you. nine0003

Benefits of Marrying Late

This item is for women who are frustrated about not getting married after 30.

  1. Opportunity to focus on work, professional skills and promotion. As a rule, after 30 years, unmarried girls already have a stable income, their own property (a car or even real estate) and a good professional background.
  2. Great life experience. A woman already knows what she wants, how to take care of herself and pay attention to her partner, how to behave with a potential husband, how to control her emotions. And this is very much appreciated by the male representatives. nine0073
  3. Communication skills are developed. But communication is the most important component of a future successful marriage. The future bride knows her pros and cons.
  4. Sexual preferences already formed. In addition, the girl boasts some kind of sexual experience, which is appreciated by men. So getting married after 30 (or 40) years is quite the right strategy.

We hope that now you will not be sad about your late marriage. Many people get married after 40, and after 50 or 60 years, they are waiting for their chosen one. And then they live a long and happy life. But to marry completely without love, if it is not expected, do not rush to go. Before looking for advice on how to get married, decide what this marriage is for you.

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