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Hi! It’s me, an average, shy girl. Once I took a quiz made by a guy (the opposite of this quiz) and found it to be really helpful, being able to get insight from the other side. I’m no love expert, but I’ve experienced multiple crushes, so I might as well be one. Note that this is from the perspective of a shy-ish girl, and while I’ll try to make it fit most girls, I’m really stuck with my thoughts here.

  • 1

    Do you ever catch her staring at you?

    I have the feeling she does...

    Yes, and she quickly looks away just when I see her.

    No, she’s always looking at her friends.

    Yes, and she starts a staring contest or does something funny when I look back.

  • 2

    Anytime y’all are talking, what’s her body language?

    Brief eye contact, but she keeps glancing down or away from me.

    She looks into my eyes, somewhere on my face, or body.

    She rocks back and forth on her feet, looks me in the eyes.

    She looks at her shoes the entire time.

    She looks at me, nods while I’m talking.

  • 3

    Have you ever had any “sparks flying” moments with her? However, this excludes any times where it was one-sided, so consider if you think she felt it too, and the evidence to support your conclusion. (I’m starting to sound like an English assignment)

    Yes, physically.

    No, I never really make contact with her.

    Yes, it was after we joked about something and ended up smiling like idiots at each other.

    No, she seems to deliberately avoid me.

    Yes, once, but I feel it’s one-sided.

  • 4

    Do you have anything in common? If you like what she likes, and she knows, she’s more likely to consider you. But this will not affect score as much, because sometimes, opposites attract.

    Yes, same sports team or music.

    She hates my interests.

    I don’t know her interests.

    Yes, we have almost everything in common.

  • 5

    Do you text or chat online?

    I don’t have her contact.

    She won’t add me on social media.

    She doesn’t have social media.

    Yes, very often. More than in real life.

    Yes, but we talk more in real life.

  • 6

    Does she look at you in the crowded hallways? This is a place where you can catch her off-guard. People are usually walking fast past each other, and if she stares at you here, she can pick you out of a crowd.

    Yes, and she greets me by shouting my name or handshake.

    Yes, and she looks away quickly or gets distracted immediately.

    Yes, and she smiles sweetly.

    No, she’s talking with her friends.

    No, she’s looking ahead.

  • 7

    Are you her type? Superficial, I know, but it contribute a tiny bit.

    Yes. She appreciates intelligence or education, and I'm focused on that. She’s always dated athletic guys, and I’m track star.

    No, she has a history of being with the bad boys, and I’m kind of shy.

    No, she has a history of liking shy guys, and I’m loud.

    No, she has a history of liking smarter guys, and I’m dumb.

    I don’t know her type/ She doesn’t have a type.

  • 8

    Do you think she is superficial compared to you? (Dig deeper on this one)

    Yes, she’s too high-maintenance. She does her nails and dresses up, but I like being more relaxed and just wear regular clothes.

    Yes, but I take care of my appearance as well.

    We are on the same level. (Either you are both into brand name, or both relaxed)

    We both like fashion, but not in the superficial way.

  • 11

    Have you ever touched before, and how?

    Yes, while teasing her, I grabbed her hand.

    Yes, it was just a tap on the shoulder.

    Yes, we danced together once (by choice lol).

    Yes, our hands touched while exchanging something.

    No, never got too close to her.

  • 12

    Have you cheated off of her test before?

    Yes, I think she knows.

    Yes, but with her permission.

    No, I’m fair when it comes to her.

    Yes, but there is absolutely no way she was aware.

  • 14

    Does she ever complement you?

    Yes, on my outfit.

    Yes, directly, on my achievements (“You’re so smart”, “You’re so good at that!”)

    Yes, indirectly. She tells her friends how good I am at something.

    No, never talked to her.

    No, she disses me any chance she gets.

  • 16

    Have you ever successfully flirted with her? For example, teased her to a positive response, always hold the door open, complemented her?

    Yes, much of the above, or similar.

    No, I’m too shy to.

    No, she made things awkward in a negative vibe.

  • 17

    Does she act clumsy or weird when she knows you’re around? Note that she has to be aware that you’re in the same room or space as her.

    Yes, some drops things and gets flustered easily.

    No, she’s normal. (Includes if she’s also normally clumsy.)

    Yes, she laughs a lot or exaggerates actions.

  • 18

    Does she blush/get red when you look at her in a conversation?

    We don’t talk.

    Yes, her ears get red.

    She’s normally like that.

    No, she’s cool when we’re talking.

    I’ve never noticed. (Look for it next time! It’s a big giveaway. Tease her once and then check if her ears start getting red, even for a moment.)

  • 19

    How’s her voice around you?

    It gets higher, “girlier”. Sometimes it makes her sound kind of ditzy, to be honest.


    Lighter, more sweet.

    Deeper, relaxed. Like how she’d talk to her best friends with.

Does She Like Me Quiz (Free Test)

Practical Psychology

Feelings are tough, and expressing them is even tougher! Even when two people have romantic feelings for each other, they may hold off on sharing them. The fear of rejection or losing a friend can be devastating, but the payoff of being together with the person you like might be worth the risk. Likely, you are here because you want to minimize the risk and see if the girl you like, likes you back! 

This test can’t tell you for sure, but it can give you insight as to whether she is displaying behaviors similar to someone who has a crush. If the following signs sound like her, she probably likes you and is too nervous to share her feelings. If she’s not displaying any of these signs, she still would like you, but it’s best for you to have an honest conversation about her feelings before making any assumptions. The best way to find out whether a woman has a crush on you is just to ask! 

Signs That She Likes You 

  • She makes an effort to see you or hang out with you.
  • She asks questions about your personal life, hopes and dreams, etc. 
  • Her friends, family, and other people in her life want to get to know you, too. 
  • When you talk, the conversation flows easily.
  • She puts you on her social media feed and stories. 
  • Her body language is open and inviting when she’s around you (arms open, eye contact, leaning toward you, smiling genuinely, etc.) 
  • When you tell her things about yourself, she remembers and repeats them back to you.
  • She goes out of her way to make you smile or happy.  
  • She shares personal thoughts about relationships and sees a future with you. 

Consider the context of these signs. Is she making eye contact because she feels obligated to show respect to you, or is she excited to hear what you have to say? Are you pressuring her in any way to share her feelings? Even the results of the quiz may vary slightly depending on the relationship between you two, but these signs give a pretty good idea of whether she likes you as more than a friend. 

The Best Way to Find Out If She Likes You? Ask! 

Humans are complicated. People may display these behaviors even when they do not have romantic feelings. They could have romantic feelings and be too scared to show any signs of affection! Everyone is influenced by different motivations, past feelings, and other factors that determine their behavior. 

How to Ask A Girl If She Likes You 

The best way to find out if a girl likes you is to ask her. Set aside a time where the two of you can talk honestly and openly about your feelings. This isn’t a conversation that you can have over text. Honestly tell her that you would like to have a serious conversation about the two of you. If she is hesitant, that may be a sign that she would like to be friends and not change your relationship. If she is open, find a time that you can set aside distractions and focus on each other. If you know her love language, consider incorporating that information into your conversation! 

If you like her, start by getting vulnerable and telling her how you feel. Then, give her space to share the same. Even if you want the answer to be one way or the other, leave room for all possibilities. If she feels pressured to say that she likes you, your relationship may not start off on the right foot. 

What Happens If She Does Like You? 

If you both share the same feelings for each other, wonderful! Make sure that she knows how you feel. From there, you can decide where you want to take your relationship. Another person may be involved in a love triangle. Treat them as you would treat anyone: with honesty, respect, and kindness. Be open and honest with all parties as you navigate your relationship and figure out your next steps. 

What Happens If She Doesn’t Like You? 

If she tells you that she doesn’t have romantic feelings for you, accept her answer. There isn’t much that you can do, and trying to persuade her otherwise won’t make her fall for you. Give her the space she needs to process the conversation and ask her how she would like to proceed in your friendship. 

If the news that she doesn’t like you hurts, give yourself space to grieve the relationship. Take care of yourself. Talk to friends and family. Then, remind yourself that this conversation is helpful, even if it’s hurtful. Healthy relationships begin with two enthusiastic parties. You will find someone who likes you, even if it doesn’t seem like it right now. Take comfort in the fact that you are looking for a healthy relationship and not settling for someone who doesn’t feel the way you feel about them.  

How To Get a Girl to Like You 

If you find yourself running into many situations where you like a girl and she doesn’t like you back, take a step back. Are you showing interest in a way that makes girls feel special? Are you respectful, kind, and provide a safe space for her to be herself? 

These tips will help get a girl to like you – but they might not be the tricks that you hear from pick-up artists. Being an independent person, having your own hobbies, or being vulnerable can be just as effective as any pick-up line or smooth move. 

For more in-depth information on the psychology of attraction, consider the Psychology of Attraction course! This course uses information from psychology and sociology to teach you what attracts women to men, and how you can become a more attractive guy. This isn’t for lazy guys or womanizers – just genuine men who are more interested in how they can get into the long-term relationship of their dreams. 


  1. Has this person directly told you that they like you? 
    1. No, I don’t know how they feel about me. – 2 
    2. No, they have told me that they are not interested in me. But maybe they’re playing hard to get, right? – 1 
    3. Yes, they have told me they like me! – 3 
  2. Let’s say you have asked this person to hang out but she’s not available. Does she follow up with a time and place when she is free to hang out? 
    1. No. – 1 
    2. Yes. – 3 
  3. Has she asked you questions about your personal life: parents, siblings, hopes, and dreams? 
    1. No, but she’s pretty shy. – 2 
    2. No, but I’ve told her a lot! – 1 
    3. Yes, frequently she asks me about these topics! – 3
  4. Has she introduced you to her friends? 
    1. No. – 1
    2. Not yet, but she talks about them a lot. – 2 
    3. I know them, but not through her introducing me. – 2
    4. Yes! – 3 
  5. Does she ever send you a message just because she’s thinking about you? 
    1. No. – 1 
    2. Sometimes. – 2 
    3. All the time! – 3
  6. Have you ever heard about the trials of her romantic life? 
    1. Yes, she complains to me about people she’s seeing a lot. – 1 
    2. No, we haven’t really talked about that much. – 2
    3. No, but I suspect it’s because she’s talking to people about me when she talks about her romantic life. – 3 
  7. Is she single?
    1. Yes. – 3 
    2. For the most part, yes. – 2 
    3. No, but it’s complicated. – 1 
  8. Be honest with yourself. Do you really think she likes you? 
    1. Yes, I do! – 3 
    2. I don’t know, that’s why I’m taking this quiz! – 2 
    3. Probably not. – 1 
  9. How quickly does she get back to you after you reach out? 
    1. She gets back really fast! – 3 
    2. It might take a few hours or days, but I know she’s busy. – 2 
    3. Her responses are pretty sporadic, and she only texts when she needs something. – 1 
  10. Has she ever teased you in a way that hurt your feelings? 
    1. Yes, but she immediately apologized. – 3 
    2. Yes, but our senses of humor seem to be pretty different. – 1 
    3. No, we don’t joke around too much. – 2 
  11. Do people often remark that she is very shy? 
    1. Yes, she is known amongst our friends as being shy. – 3 
    2. She doesn’t open up about personal stuff but can talk to new people with ease. – 2 
    3. No, she is certainly not known as shy! – 1 
  12. Why are you doubting that she likes you? 
    1. She hasn’t brought up her feelings. – 3
    2. She has rejected me in the past, but I’m worried she’s just playing hard to get. – 1 
    3. She’s pretty hard to read. – 2 
  13. How easily does conversation flow between the two of you? 
    1. We can talk for hours about anything without stopping! – 3
    2. Sometimes it feels forced, but we’re both a little shy. – 2 
    3. Our conversations are usually about where we’re going to meet. – 1 
  14. Do you know if she is looking for a relationship? 
    1. Yes, she is. – 3 
    2. We haven’t really talked about whether she wants a relationship or not. – 2 
    3. She is hesitant to be in a relationship. – 1 
  15. Have you been physically intimate with her? 
    1. Yes, she usually initiates it. – 3 
    2. No, but she likes to take things slow. – 2 
    3. No, she hasn’t expressed interest in that. – 1
  16. If you go to her place to watch a movie, what is most likely to happen? 
    1. I haven’t been invited to her place yet. – 1 
    2. We would enjoy the movie, but not much else would happen after that. – 1
    3. We would end up “Netflix and Chilling” if you know what I mean. – 2
    4. We’d probably talk for hours after until the sun comes up. – 3
  17. Has she ever made you anything, like a mixtape or a gift? 
    1. No. – 1 
    2. She’s given me a gift or bought me a drink for my birthday, but that’s about it. – 2 
    3. Yes, she gives me little gifts all the time. – 3 
  18. Does she ever post about you on social media? 
    1. Yes, I’m in all her stories. – 3 
    2. Sometimes, but I’m never tagged. – 2 
    3. No. 
  19. Would she get jealous if you were talking to another woman? 
    1. Not at all. – 1 
    2. I don’t know, we’ve never talked about my love life before. – 2 
    3. Yes, I don’t think she’d like that. – 3 
  20. If she can’t make a date, does she reschedule?
    1. Yes. – 3 
    2. No. – 1 


All Signs Point to Yes!

50-60 Points 

It seems like she likes you, but this test is not a mind reader. Be confident, but ask her for an open and honest conversation about your feelings. Allow yourself to be vulnerable when having this conversation. If you are disappointed by her answer, that’s okay. If you are excited by her answer, that’s okay too! The only way to know how she truly feels, and the best next steps for your relationship, are for this conversation to happen. 

It’s Time to Have a Conversation. 

36-49 Points 

It appears that she’s giving you mixed signals. Maybe she is just shy or doesn’t know how to express her feelings for you. She might be nervous that you don’t want to pursue a relationship with her! There is no better time than the present to share how you feel and ask her to be open and honest with you. Hopefully, she will be willing to share her feelings and you can decide how to proceed from there! Best of luck. 

This Might Not Be Going in the Direction You Think It’s Going…

20-35 Points

It doesn’t appear as though she has romantic feelings for you, but that’s okay! There is potential for your connection to deepen, or you can take this news to look for a relationship with someone who enthusiastically expresses their feelings for you. Have a conversation if you want to change the direction of your relationship. She may still like you, but know that she likely just wants to be friends.

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How well do you know me? Friendship test, questions

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  • 50 questions, how well do you know me?
  • 50 funny questions, how well do you know me?
  • How well do you know me? Questions for couples
  • How well do you know me? Questions for friends
  • How well do you know me? Family questions
  • How well do you know me? Questions for boyfriend

How well do you know me

The following two lists of 50 "how well do you know me" questions are the perfect conversation starters for any occasion. Whether you're chatting with classmates, friends, or family, these questions from completely different categories are suitable for any situation. The first list contains general questions, while the second is full of fun "how well do you know me" questions.

Best Friend Quiz

Want to test your friendship? Create your own quiz about yourself and see how well your friends know you:


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Cats are amazing and wonderful creatures. Which cat is most like you? Take this crazy quiz to find out!

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Best Friend Quiz

50 questions, how well do you know me?

  1. Who has had the biggest impact on my life?
  2. What is my favorite drink?
  3. What 3 things would I like to have on a desert island? nine0006
  4. How many children do I want?
  5. What is my favorite movie?
  6. Did I have a favorite restaurant as a child?
  7. What is the longest book I have ever read?
  8. How much is my most expensive piece of clothing?
  9. Have I ever been to a summer camp?
  10. Who do I talk to most often on the phone?
  11. What was the best day of my life?
  12. Do I like to get up early or stay up late?
  13. What does my morning routine look like? nine0006
  14. When did I learn to ride a bike?
  15. Would I ever adopt a child?
  16. What was the last concert I went to?
  17. What languages ​​do I speak?
  18. What should I be thankful for?
  19. What is my favorite series?
  20. When did I start swimming?
  21. Have I ever tried drugs?
  22. What do I love most about myself?
  23. What did I like to do as a child?
  24. Am I for Android or iPhone? nine0006
  25. Do I have an addiction?
  26. What is my favorite TV genre?
  27. What do I really hate?
  28. Did I have pets when I was growing up?
  29. What is my favorite food?
  30. What was my worst breakup?
  31. Do I enjoy meeting new people?
  32. Do I have nieces or nephews?
  33. What is my deepest fear?
  34. What does my name mean?
  35. Would I like to be a famous musician or actor? nine0006
  36. What do my parents do for a living?
  37. What is my zodiac sign?
  38. What is my favorite book?
  39. Where do my parents live?
  40. What do I think about drugs?
  41. What do I think about equality?
  42. What would I name my first child?
  43. If I were to receive a Nobel Prize, what would it be for?
  44. What would my ideal day look like?
  45. What is my full name?
  46. Where am I from?
  47. Will I ever join the army? nine0006
  48. What is my favorite sweet?
  49. What color are my eyes?
  50. Where do I live?

50 funny questions, how well do you know me?

  1. What is my opinion about pineapple on pizza?
  2. Would I eat a chocolate bar or a bag of chips in one sitting?
  3. What is the most embarrassing moment in my life?
  4. Would I be: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw?
  5. What was the most illegal thing I have ever done? nine0006
  6. Which movie or TV character reminds me of me?
  7. Would I ever go on a blind date?
  8. Which Disney character am I?
  9. What always distracts me when I study?
  10. What is my favorite chewing gum flavor?
  11. How often do I use social networks?
  12. What am I doing that makes me look really stupid?
  13. What always makes me smile?
  14. How much money do I spend each week? nine0006
  15. What word do I use too often?
  16. If my life were a movie, which actor/actress would play me?
  17. What is my least favorite genre of music?
  18. If I could have any thing, what would it be?
  19. Do I play any instruments?
  20. What do I hate?
  21. My dream travel destination?
  22. What superhero would I be?
  23. What is my most embarrassing childhood memory?
  24. What kind of animal would I be? nine0006
  25. What kind of food can I eat every day?
  26. What is my favorite computer game?
  27. Did I have an imaginary friend as a child?
  28. Which alcoholic drink best describes my personality and why?
  29. When and how did I find out that Santa Claus is not real?
  30. What will be my complete opposite?
  31. What era would I like to live in if I could?
  32. What is my opinion about hairy legs?
  33. What was the dumbest situation I almost died in? nine0006
  34. Do I prefer coffee or tea?
  35. How long will I survive the Zombie Apocalypse?
  36. When was the last time I peed/peed in my pants?
  37. What is my favorite board game?
  38. If I could live in a fictional universe, where would it be?
  39. What song would I choose if I had to sing in karaoke?
  40. Do I prefer swimming or running?
  41. Have I ever been in love with an animated character?
  42. Worst situation in which I laughed/laughed? nine0006
  43. Have I kissed anyone in the last five days?
  44. What do you think I was doing an hour ago?
  45. What strange habit did I have as a child?
  46. What do I love most?
  47. What fictional character would I like to marry / whom would I like to marry?
  48. Would I date a stupid or ugly person?
  49. What is my most annoying habit?
  50. What childish item do I still like? nine0006

How well do you know me? Questions for couples

Are you worried that your girlfriend doesn't listen to you? Or do you think that your boyfriend always forgets everything you said to him five minutes after the conversation? Or maybe you just think that you put a lot more effort and energy into getting to know your soul mate as opposed to him/her? Well, then these questions are perfect for you. Grab your partner and find out how well he or she knows you! nine0021

50 questions, how well do you know me? Questions for couples

  1. What was I like when we first met?
  2. Where would I like to spend my honeymoon?
  3. Are my parents still together?
  4. What always makes me smile?
  5. What was my least favorite subject in school?
  6. How do you know that I had a bad day?
  7. Name of my school where I went to primary school?
  8. What movie always makes me cry? nine0006
  9. What is my favorite place on earth?
  10. What is my mother's maiden name?
  11. How old was I when I had my first kiss?
  12. What is my father's name?
  13. What turns me on?
  14. What would make me jealous?
  15. Where did we first kiss in public?
  16. How many brothers and sisters does each of my parents have?
  17. What job would I never do?
  18. What is your opinion on how I deal with difficult situations? nine0006
  19. Do I have siblings?
  20. Do you think I fell in love with your thoughts or your body initially?
  21. Have I ever lived with a significant other before?
  22. What is my favorite subject at school?
  23. Did/did I play sports when I was growing up?
  24. My opinion about open relationships?
  25. Would I like my parents to live with me when they get old?
  26. My darkest secret?
  27. Who is too selective in food - you or me? nine0006
  28. What is my favorite scent?
  29. Is my family religious?
  30. What was the worst thing I did as a child?
  31. What is my most embarrassing sexual story?
  32. How much honesty do I need in a relationship?
  33. Am I more like mom or dad?
  34. Where do I want to live in the future?
  35. If I could erase one thing from my past, what would it be?
  36. What would my ideal day look like?
  37. What will my dream house look like? nine0006
  38. Do I believe that love can last a lifetime?
  39. Did I have a favorite teacher?
  40. What is my biggest nightmare?
  41. In which city did I grow up?
  42. What did we do on our first date?
  43. How often do I talk to my parents?
  44. Do I consider myself creative?
  45. What is my favorite word?
  46. If our life were a movie, what actors would play us?
  47. Who is my favorite family member?
  48. What is my mother's name? nine0006
  49. What always makes me angry?
  50. When did I start falling in love with you?

How well do you know me? Questions for Friends

Whether you're talking to an old friend or talking to a new acquaintance you've just met, we all like to think we know our loved ones well. The following questions are about personal dreams and hopes, childhood, family and loved ones. Grab your friends and take the opportunity to learn more about each other! nine0021

N e w !


50 questions how well do you know me? Questions for friends

  1. How many countries have I visited?
  2. Would I live in a big city or on a farm?
  3. What makes me nervous?
  4. Who was my passion five years ago?
  5. How old do I look?
  6. What was my first experience with alcohol?
  7. Do I like to dress up (eg in costumes)?
  8. What makes me feel most alive? nine0006
  9. Have you ever suspected that I was gay?
  10. What is my dream job?
  11. Do I have weaknesses?
  12. Who is my current favorite celebrity?
  13. What does love mean to me?
  14. How do I spend a typical Saturday evening?
  15. How did I lose my virginity?
  16. What is my favorite song?
  17. What is my favorite winter activity?
  18. Who is the man/woman of my dreams?
  19. What is my greatest talent? nine0006
  20. The story of my first kiss?
  21. How different was my life a year ago?
  22. What was the last movie that made me cry?
  23. Would I kiss on the first date?
  24. What do I like to do on a hot summer day?
  25. Have I ever lost someone close?
  26. What was the name of my first pet?
  27. Who do I hate?
  28. How old was I when I started dating?
  29. Have I ever cheated on someone? nine0006
  30. Would I rather spend the day with my parents or your parents?
  31. How long was my longest romantic relationship?
  32. Do I have brothers and sisters? What are their names?
  33. Have I ever had to repeat a year at school?
  34. What is my favorite piece of clothing?
  35. The worst date I've ever had?
  36. What do I think about politics?
  37. Where do I see myself in 5 years?
  38. Have I ever dyed my hair? nine0006
  39. What is the length of my longest romantic relationship?
  40. Am I for dogs or cats?
  41. What celebrity would I like to meet?
  42. Who was my first true love?
  43. Would I like to be taller or shorter?
  44. Am I right handed or left handed?
  45. Who was my first crush?
  46. What is my best solution?
  47. Where would I like to go?
  48. What is my favorite music?
  49. How did my last relationship end?
  50. The scariest moment of my life?

How well do you know me? Questions for the family

Are you close to your family? Not sure about the answer? Time to find out! The following questions are perfect for your parents, siblings, or even grandparents. Use the list and find out how well you know your family members and vice versa.

🤓 We offer you: 250+ questions to get to know someone

50 questions, how well do you know me? Questions for the family

  1. Where do I want to live in 10 years?
  2. Will I date someone who doesn't like music at all?
  3. Who is my favorite actress?
  4. What is my favorite flavor of ice cream?
  5. What is the most beautiful picture I have ever painted?
  6. What can I talk about all day?
  7. What do I think about climate change?
  8. How did/did I deal with my feelings and emotions as a child? nine0006
  9. Will I date someone who doesn't have books in the house?
  10. If I had to move to another country, where would I go?
  11. What am I afraid of?
  12. Name three things I did today.
  13. Do I take home leftover food from restaurants?
  14. How old am I?
  15. Would I like to lose or gain five kilos?
  16. Who is my favorite author?
  17. Am I satisfied/satisfied with my life?
  18. How did I meet my best friend/girlfriend? nine0006
  19. How much do I earn?
  20. What is my favorite restaurant?
  21. When do I usually brush my teeth?
  22. What is your oldest memory of me?
  23. What is my favorite color?
  24. Where do I want to live when you retire?
  25. How late did I go to bed last night?
  26. Do I prefer jeans or sweatpants?
  27. Who is my secret hero?
  28. What is my favorite weather?
  29. What was my favorite toy as a child? nine0006
  30. If I had to rename myself, what name would I choose?
  31. What took me too long to figure it out?
  32. How could I save the world?
  33. What would I order from McDonald's?
  34. What is my favorite city?
  35. Do I believe in the signs of the zodiac?
  36. What do I like to do on weekends?
  37. What are my hidden talents?
  38. Have I ever been in a fight?
  39. Have I ever received awards?
  40. What do I like - rain or snow?
  41. If I could work anywhere, where would it be?
  42. What is my favorite sport?
  43. How tall am I?
  44. Who is my best friend/best friend?
  45. What was my favorite TV show as a child?
  46. What is my favorite restaurant?
  47. What is my favorite season?
  48. Do I believe in aliens?
  49. Who is my favorite actor?
  50. Who was my first best friend?

How well do you know me? Questions for boyfriend

Do you think that you and your boyfriend know everything about each other? Even every little detail of your life? It's time to find out. These questions are about your first memories together, your family and friends, and your future dreams and hopes.

🤓 We offer you: The game "20 Questions" to start a conversation

50 questions, how well do you know me? Questions for boyfriend

  1. What would be the perfect birthday present for me? nine0006
  2. Was I brought up in a particular religion?
  3. Who has more appetite - me or you?
  4. Which celebrity did I like when I was growing up?
  5. What is my middle name?
  6. What are my lifelong dreams?
  7. What do you think was the first thing I noticed about you?
  8. How many boyfriends did I have before you?
  9. What makes me special and unique?
  10. Do I believe in supernatural things?
  11. What was my least favorite part of my childhood? nine0006
  12. How many former partners do I have?
  13. How much time do I spend in front of the mirror each day?
  14. Who was my role model as a child?
  15. What is my favorite part of your body?
  16. How did my last relationship end?
  17. Do I have allergies?
  18. My dream date?
  19. What is my great-grandmother's name?
  20. When is my father's birthday?
  21. What is my favorite childhood memory?
  22. Am I still friends with any of my exes? nine0006
  23. Who is my oldest friend?
  24. How do I feel about your parents?
  25. What is my great-grandfather's name?
  26. My opinion about marriage?
  27. Would I rather have a successful career or be a housewife?
  28. Where would I like to go with you?
  29. What would my dream house look like?
  30. When is my mother's birthday?
  31. What is my shoe size?
  32. How do I drink coffee?
  33. What are my favorite flowers?
  34. What was my childhood nickname? nine0006
  35. Where was I born?
  36. Have I ever gotten into any stupid, embarrassing situations?
  37. What is my natural hair color?
  38. Who in my family can't get along with?
  39. Can I cook?
  40. What's the nicest thing I've ever done for you?
  41. What do I think about toys in the bedroom?
  42. What are my life goals?
  43. In what position do I sleep?
  44. What do I love most about you?
  45. What is my favorite breakfast food? nine0006
  46. Where did we take our first photo together?
  47. Is it easy to make me jealous?
  48. How would you describe me in three words?
  49. If I could witness something past, present or future, what would it be?
  50. What do I like most about my childhood?

We offer you: “Who knows me best” questions

“Who knows me best” questions: Test your friendship

📖 Contents:

  • 🏆 Contest “Who knows me better”?
  • ✌️ 60 questions to determine who knows you best
  • 🤔 20 This or That questions
  • 📱 BONUS: Friendship Quiz

“Who knows me best” contest? 🏆

Do you want to compete? Based on these “Who knows me better” questions, you can make a fun game. All you need to play is at least two people and something to write on. Take a sheet of paper and write on it the names of your friends, here you count how many correct answers they got. Then start asking questions. Each person must answer each question. After all players have answered one question, you name the correct answer and write down the points on a piece of paper. At the end, you calculate the scores of each participant. The one with the most correct answers wins! 🥳


Which FNAF character are you?

Find out what character you are in Five Nights At Freddy's now!

Start the quiz

60 questions to determine who knows you best ✌️

Here are 60 cool questions to find out who knows you best. You can ask these questions to your friends, family members or even colleagues. Let's see who knows you the best.

1. How do I imagine a perfect weekend?

A good friend should know the answer to this question. nine0021


What always makes me laugh?

Is this a joke, video or situation? I'm sure you can come up with something.

3. What do I like more: sweet or salty foods?

Salt and sugar both act like drugs and affect our brain. What are your friends' addictions?

4. What are my goals for the next 10 years?

What do you think? Is it more career related or family related?

5. What is one of my biggest fears? nine0037

Everyone has something that makes them anxious. If you have known your friends for a long time, you should also know what they are afraid of.

6. What is my favorite food?

Are your friends gourmets?

7. What habits or character traits do some people have that annoy me?

This question also includes small oddities such as chewing food loudly. For me, it's when a person says "um" 10 times in every sentence.

N e w !


8. Am I an early bird or a night owl?

Thank God I don't have to wake up early. My productive time usually starts at 11 am. 😂

9. What am I interested in?

It could be a topic, an activity, or something else.

10. What was the most embarrassing moment in my life?

Nobody enjoys awkward moments. However, looking back, the funniest stories about such moments can turn out. nine0021

11. Do I prefer dogs or cats?

If you know your friend doesn't like animals, you can skip this question. However, who the hell doesn't love animals?!

12. What bizarre habits do I have?

More often than not, you don't even know that you have any quirks. The people around you probably know better that you have some strange habits.

13. How many brothers and sisters do I have?

This should be an easy question. nine0021

14. When is my birthday?

Actually, many people don't remember birthdays well. These days, you can easily set your smartphone to remind you of upcoming events.

🤓 We offer you: Funny questions - Funny conversations - Interesting questions


Why do I have a secret weakness/passion?

Unhealthy diet, smoking or some other bad habit?

16. What do I absolutely hate?

There are things that no one likes, such as lying or cheating. However, there are often things that you absolutely cannot stand, but most people have no problem with it. Can you think of anything? nine0021

17. What is the happiest moment of my life that I am proud of?

This is a difficult question. You have to be very good friends to know the answer.

18. What is my favorite sport?

Watching Netflix does not count.

19. What is my favorite season?

It could be a holiday, a vacation, a season, or some other special day.

20. What am I really good at?

Surely your friends can name more things you are good at than yourself. nine0021

21. What am I really bad at?

Don't be afraid to answer this question. If you are good friends, you can bear the truth.


Am I jealous in a relationship?

Most people get at least a little jealous in a relationship, except for my boyfriend (I don't know if that's a good sign 😅).

🤓 We offer you: ❤️ Questions 99+ couples Trivia

23. Do I like being the center of attention?

Is your friend an introvert or an extrovert? If you know this, you can guess the correct answer

24. How often do I exercise?

What is your friend's physical condition?

25. Do I want to get married in the future?

Have you talked to your friends about your plans to start a family in the future?

26. What TV show can I watch over and over again and never get tired?

For me, this is “Office”. I highly recommend watching!

27. Which celebrity do I like?

There are so many of them. 🤩

28. Is there anything I would like to change about myself?

Would you like to change something about your friend?

29. Where would I prefer to live: in a small town, a big city, or in the countryside?

Where do your friends feel most comfortable?


What is my favorite book?

If you don't know your friend's favorite book, do you know your favorite author?

31. What are my basic morals in life?

Only your best friends can answer this question. nine0021

32. What job would I absolutely hate to have?

For me it would be accounting or something related to finance.

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33. Do I prefer planning or being spontaneous?

After a few hours of talking to the person, you should know the answer to this question.

34. What is my favorite kind of music?

Do your friends prefer twerking or headbanging? nine0021

35. What is my favorite video game?

Are you and your friends gamers? Then this is the perfect question for you.

36. Have I ever done anything illegal?

I hope not. 🙈 However, in my opinion, some illegal things should be legal.

37. Do I have allergies?

House dust, peanuts, pollen… This you must know.

38. What is my favorite sports team?

If your friends love sports and talk about it all the time, then this question will be easy for you. nine0021

39. Have I ever broken a bone?

When I was two years old, I fell off the washing machine and broke my arm. What's your story?

40. Am I more of an optimist, a realist, or a pessimist?

It can also be a combination of two (or three, if you like; however, it is very unlikely that it will be all three).

41. What is my favorite animal?

Everyone has a favorite animal, right?

42. What is my favorite meal - breakfast, lunch or dinner? nine0037

I think it also depends on whether you are a morning person or a night owl.

📖 We offer you: Friendship Quiz Questions

43. Who was my first crush?

This is a difficult question. However, if you are childhood friends, you should know this.

44. Which app do I use the most?

Instagram, TikTok, Twitter…? What are your friends addicted to?


What is my favorite band?

It doesn't have to be a group. A singer/songwriter would be fine too. nine0021

47. If I could time travel, would I travel to the past or the future?

Can you guess?

48. Who is my best friend?

Just say your name!

49. How do my parents work?

Do you talk a lot about your parents with your friends?

50. Who is closer to me - mom or dad?

Mother's boy/girl or father's boy/girl?

51. What did I want to be as a child?

As a child, I had many dream jobs. Hairdresser, veterinarian, singer, actress, …

52. What is my favorite vacation spot?


53. How do I like to relax?

What type of people are your friends? Do they enjoy playing sports to relax or watching TV shows?

54. What is my favorite film genre?

You can also choose more than just one genre.

55. What was my first job?

The older you are, the more difficult this question is.

56. What do I like to do most online?

Watching cat videos, shopping online, looking for symptoms… There are so many possibilities.

57. What is my pet's name?

You can fool your friends by asking this question even if you don't have a pet.

📖 Here are 250+ questions to get to know someone

58. Do I believe in an afterlife?

The answer may surprise you. I think that every person has their own opinion and idea of ​​what happens after death. nine0021

59. What would be the first thing I would grab if my house was on fire?

Assume that all people and animals have already been saved.

60. How much time per day do I spend on my phone? (average)

You can check on your phone how many minutes or hours per day you spend on social networks.

61. If someone gave me a million dollars right now, what would I spend it on?

Will it be something tangible, or will you invest it in something else? nine0021


What was the bottom of my life?

A good friend will know this.

63. What is my dream job?

Does your friend already have his dream job?

64. What can I talk about all day long?

What are your friends really into?

Want more questions? Here you will find a list of over 200 questions to find out how much your friends, partners and relatives know about you: 👉 How well do you know me?

20 questions “This or That” 🤔

This or That questions are a great way to get to know someone better and test your friends. Let your friends answer these questions, and then you will find out who knows you best.

1. Pop or rock?

Shake booty or head?

2. Winter or summer?

Sweating in summer or cold in winter - what would your friend choose?

3. Cats or children?

Which is cuter? Fur or human children?

4. Carbonated or still water? nine0037

I would choose something in between.

5. Partying or watching Netflix?

Are your friends partygoers or stay-at-homes?

6. Anime or Disney movies?

You'll get an extra point if you can name your favorite anime or Disney movie.

7. TikTok or YouTube?

What do you think? Do your friends prefer 30 second or 30 minute videos?

8. Introvert or extrovert?

No one is exclusively an introvert or an extrovert. However, is your friend more of an introvert or an extrovert? nine0021

9. Shower or bath?

A quick shower or a relaxing rubber ducky bath?

10. Android or iOS?

It's easy!

11. Netflix or TV?

Which streaming platform has the best original content?

12. Spa hotel or campsite?

Cool off in a jacuzzi or sit by the fire?

13. Music or podcasts?

Do your friends listen to music or podcasts more often?

14. Coffee or tea? nine0037

Drinking tea always makes me feel so refined.

15. Harry Potter or Star Wars?

Which MCU is cooler?

16. Day or night?

Early bird or night owl?

17. Calls or SMS?

If your friend is under 30, chances are he hates calls.

18. Work alone or work in a team?

What gives you more pleasure? And what are your friends better at? nine0021

19. TV shows or movies?

Watching TV shows or movies one after the other? Can you watch movies like this? 🤔

20. Big party or small meeting?

Both options have their own charm, don't they?

BONUS: Friendship Quiz 📱

If you liked these questions, then you will love our true friendship quiz. The cool thing about this quiz is that you can personalize the questions. If you don't like the questions asked, write your own. You can personalize it by using cute emojis and choosing colors for each question. Once you have finished creating the friendship quiz, you can save it and share it with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter.

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