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Eun Hwan-Ki is the CEO of a public relation company but he's extremely shy. Due to his personality, his employees don't know him well. Chae Ro-Woon begins work at Hwan-Ki's company. She's en... Read allEun Hwan-Ki is the CEO of a public relation company but he's extremely shy. Due to his personality, his employees don't know him well. Chae Ro-Woon begins work at Hwan-Ki's company. She's energetic and receives recognition for her work, but her only interest is the CEO. She plans... Read allEun Hwan-Ki is the CEO of a public relation company but he's extremely shy. Due to his personality, his employees don't know him well. Chae Ro-Woon begins work at Hwan-Ki's company. She's energetic and receives recognition for her work, but her only interest is the CEO. She plans to reveal who Eun Hwan-Ki really is.





  • Stars
    • Gong Seung-Yeon
    • Woo-jin Yeon
    • Bak Yoon
  • Stars
    • Gong Seung-Yeon
    • Woo-jin Yeon
    • Bak Yoon
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    Bak Yoon

    • Kang Woo-il

    Ji-won Ye

    • Dang Yoo-hee

    Hye-soo Park

    • Chae Ro-woon

    Jun Hyo-Seong

    • Kim Gyo-ri

    Eung-soo Kim

    • Hwan-ki's father

    Ye-ryeong Kim

    • Hwan-ki's mother

    Jang Hie-jin

    • Seo Yeon-jung

    Chae-Ah Han

    • Chae Ji-hye

    Hwang So-Hee

    • Assistant Manager Lee

    Eunbi Lee

    • Bit part

    Yeong-gyu Park

    • Actor Hwang

    Park Ha-Jun

    • Eun Hwan Ki (young)

    Hyuk Choi

    • Man in restroom

    Kim Mi-Kyung

    • Ro-woon's mother

    Stephanie Lee

    • Director Park

    Han-wi Lee

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    I really enjoyed this one

    It was great to see a show featuring a character who struggles with anxiety, as you don't see that very often. The story was really tragic and so aspects of it were hard to take. I felt so bad for the main guy being so misunderstood by everyone, but it was great to see him gradually come to have a little circle of people he trusted, who trusted him too.

    I think this show highlights how people with anxiety and similar conditions can so easily be misunderstood. I didn't think of the other characters as jerks, the way some reviewers apparently did - because I could see things from both sides. They had no reason to know that their boss wasn't a jerk, especially as his family worked so hard to hide the fact. There were of course plenty of moments where I wanted to shake people till they came to their senses. But every character was dealing with their own "stuff".



    • tay-sedai
    • Jun 22, 2020


    • Release date
      • January 16, 2017 (South Korea)
      • South Korea
      • Official site (South Korea)
      • Korean
    • Also known as
      • Introverted Boss
    • Production companies
      • Introverted Boss SPC
      • KBS Media
      • Studio Dragon
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    • 1 hour 10 minutes

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    Mar 15, 2017

    16 of 16 episodes seen

    Completed 4

    Story 7. 0

    Acting/Cast 9.0

    Music 8.0

    Rewatch Value 7.0

    Introverted Boss was a hard drama for me to like at first. This is one of those dramas that requires you to trust it will get better, and in my opinion it definitely did. Now that it's over, I can say that this is definitely a binge type drama, because if I had to wait days for the next episode I would have given up on this drama after episode 2. Halfway through I went from hating it to being totally invested. If you are unaware, like I was, that's because there was a major rewrite of the plot, and that strategy made all the difference. So about that plot...

    I gave the story a decent score, only because I think the transformation was pretty impressive, but it was still imperfect in a lot of ways. My first problem with the story was that it didn't know whether it wanted to be a romantic comedy or a melodrama. The main plot revealed a very mysterious and serious backstory, then went into these weird slapstick comedy scenes that just didn't work together. One moment there is a revenge story brewing, then the next moment we are supposed to care about a CEO's anxiety issues, and the obviously planned romance between him and an obnoxious new hire. Add to that the fact that the CEO is too mysterious to be sympathetic, and The leading lady is the most annoying person on planet earth. The only thing that got me through in the beginning were the "Another Miss Oh" cameos, but I listened to viewers who said the story gets better after episode 5. In my opinion things don't start falling into place until episode 7, and that's when I knew I would probably become a fan.

    The writers do a great job of justifying the previous bad episodes while completely changing the drama into something more enjoyable. Still, even with the fixes to make it better, the flaw is in how bad the story premise is in the first place. In order to like this drama you can't dwell on how unrealistic the major event of the story is, and instead you have to just go along with the characters on this journey. The characters, and their rewrites, are what made me become a fan.

    I eventually adored Yeon Woo Jin as Hwan Ki. This is, in my opinion, his best role so far. Maybe it's the fact that I relate to his shy/socially anxious character a lot, and I thought they did a good job of showing what it's like in a neurotic anxiety filled brain. I was truly impressed by how believable he was, and relatable, and empathetic, and totally unlike the ways I've seen him before. Some people may think it's too exaggerated, but I don't. I also relate to being thought of as scary and intimidating while I'm just sitting and thinking about something to myself. When it comes to his character, I think they nailed it.

    He is matched with Park Hye Soo, who's character I initially hated so much that in one scene she actually gets slapped, and I wanted to applaud. She was too pushy, too obnoxious, completely self involved, and not likable in the least. I'm sure the initial point was to create an opposites attract scenario, but they left her with no redeeming qualities, which made me think that the actress was just too young and out of his league. Eventually the rewrite calmed her down, made her more charming and less annoying, and that's when I realized that Hye Soo is really quite talented. I did end up liking them together, and rooting for them to succeed, in spite of the plot making that pretty hard to do. I started to actually see chemistry between them, and although they may not be among my favorite romance duos, I thought they worked well together. Many of their romantic scenes together made me smile, and there were no closed mouth lips barely touching kiss scenes either.

    My favorite amongst the rest of the cast was the silent monster staff. Once we were able to get to know their stories the office scenes became fun to watch. Their characters are comedically over the top, but still felt real and relatable. I just get excited seeing Ye Ji Won in anything now, but Heo Jeong Min was hilarious too... And I just rewatched "Another Miss Oh". My next favorite is Jang Hee Jin as Hwan Ki's first love, who was refreshingly different from what's often expected from that kind of role, and made that aspect of the story more entertaining.

    The problem with Yoon Park as Kang Woo Il and Gong Seung Yeon as Yi Soo is that even with the rewrites they were still stuck in a melodrama storyline that made no sense to me, so it was impossible for them to not come across as extremely overdramatic at times. They did their best, but I cringed when that storyline would reappear. Writers did make both characters sympathetic, and saved them from becoming 2 dimensional, but their actions remained unbelievable to me, so I just preferred when they were not a major part of the story. Then there's also Lee Kyu Han who plays the ultimate buzzkill. His backstory is eventually explained too, but he kinda just pops out of nowhere at seemingly random times in the story, making it seem like he was only created to be a problem.

    If I ever watched this again it would be strictly for Yeon Woo Jin. I had a slight feeling of missing the cast when it was over, but really it's just his character that I am going to miss. I really related so much to him that I just may rewatch it someday. .. or maybe just clips.

    About the music... There are 2 songs form the soundtrack that stood out to me, so in my opinion it was better than ok, but not much better.

    Obviously I am biased against the melodramatic storyline, and more a fan of the shy boss rom com storyline, which I think saved this drama from being a major flop. Still, every aspect of the story is explained, and reexplained, and the writers seemed thorough about avoiding loose ends to the very end, which i appreciated. So yes, all questions get answered, even if the answers are hard to swallow. Also, even though some of the last episode seemed like filler, I loved the last moment, and thought it was a great way to end the story... a story who's major theme throughout is being able to express how you feel!

    Overall I would recommend this drama for fans of unconventional rom coms with the warning that this story takes a loooooooooooong time to build. If you can sit through the first few episodes filled with annoying characters, misunderstandings, and over the top melodrama, you eventually get to a good story about becoming comfortable with who you are, your own style of being, and expressing how you feel, with a sweet but difficult love story as a bonus.

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    BRTD's Journal on Tumblr

    oh shield what is it all youtubers have already summed up the results of the year, but I still haven't finished my list of favorite games!)) aljay ar won made a list and johnny millennium also told about his own and now everyone will think, that I agree with them (ahhaha nunu, of course))))

    so! at that time I already mentioned one quest, but besides it, I still remember a little Edna & Harvey , both parts! they are so indie cute made, they have broken animation and graphics, many of which are quickly assembled as clipart, I was already reminded of my early days in computer science classes, when we taught the basics of coding and there interfaces were all like that, naively primitive) ))) and this is surprisingly good for the game!! in it, as if the essence is more important than the performance of roughness and its brilliance shines through the shortcomings, and this suggests that it is made with soul!)) this applies, however, only to the first part - Breakout, the continuation, “New Eyes“, on the contrary, it seemed to me somehow completely empty inexplicably . . everything is technically smoother in it, but the saturation is all gone somewhere .. and I started from the second part because I could not understand which of them was the first))))) I I saw that New Eyes is called NEW eyes and the heroine is younger in it and decided that this is a prequel, but it turned out that these are essentially quite different games, so in the end I will only leave a breakout in my memory and heart .. I must probably answer that I didn’t go very far in any of them ..

    doom new pancake I wanted to play honestly all year, but instead I only saw a stream from Mike matey BRUTAL doom and I also liked him a little, but not so much really .. I still don’t really need huge portions of superstimulation and explosions and noises)))) but pixel art is still normal of course and I played the original for the first time properly this year only .. UPDATE!! I’m writing here three days later - I finally got to start it properly and there, in short, you can run the original levels of the first and second parts through this Brutaldum engine, and the day before yesterday I remembered how I watched the let’s play with John Romero, where he showed the secrets from the first level and I was already recklessly so it began to try to explore the levels and find all the secrets on them!)) and it turned out that the number of monsters and secrets is indicated on the map and the map itself is mega useful, aaaa . . plus the same mod allows you to JUMP AND SQUIRT and look up and down with the MOUSE FINALLY, I HOPE TO PLAY!)))) otherwise everyone says that the original doom is the current clave, tkoa clave, everything .. and by the way, it is surprisingly convenient to do everything in the original !! there, the SHIFT allows not the current to accelerate super-dimensionally, but also to turn faster !! you can already instantly spin and strafe alt, it gets used very quickly .. so I don’t mind the original, but brutal doom is still dearer and more familiar to me after the first half life and stalker)))) so, I’m in the new year as a result after the bioshock of the second, I launched it here (this mod is on top of the original) and stupidly explored the second level for FORTY MINUTES, it’s written on the map, and I didn’t open all the secrets)))) as soon as the enemies disappeared from it, it suddenly became like Zelda, it’s so interesting for some reason to analyze the level design itself and check each wall . ... I was already hooked at last)))) after so many years of owning a computer, I FINALLY began to understand the joke of the DUM, ahahahh))) oh, right now I remembered such a couple .. when I was still in school, in the fifth grade, we went to the planetarium and there it was written DUM in Russian on the fence, but I couldn’t understand what it was, and my classmates were like “duh, this is an awesome game” or something like that))) ) and I myself saw him for the first time on the computer of a neighbor who lived here for some time, but it was not the original, but this action pack is later - The Final DOOM, which came out during the second doom.. I just found out now, specifically the Plutonia Experiment map is how I happened to see the doom THEN and never understand, what is the joke in it at all)))))) because in plutonia experimental shoto the complexity is unjustifiably overestimated and neither then nor now I can go further than this round room with the “sky“)) so it’s cool to finally get into -first to the original, and secondly, also manage it in the usual way)) ps but in doom 2016 still want to play hunting, eeehhh . ...

    eneles of course it should also be noted, although in the end I don’t really want to play it now ((the video card doesn’t fit in the system unit and therefore it slows down everything too and it’s so dark it’s so dull that you won’t play much ((then by the way, the same goes for lost alpha by the way!!!! since writing that article, I never returned to this game)) )) I went through it too easily and as a result there was little left to do in the game, but at least I could play for Amy in it, AT LEAST SHOT!!)) cool animations there during successful races, she lays down like that directly on the steering wheel or scoffs with the rest, xhah) I played it when everything outside became especially faded and I even increased the brightness of the screen in order to achieve maximum brilliance and that’s why it’s valuable!) damn right now I’m looking for a screenshot and I understand that there is more to write about)) there are two races sonic - second on it’s called transformd and it’s supposedly better, but somehow I didn’t like it precisely because of its excessive linearity, it’s like one big quick time event, not a race ((and the mechanics there and the controls are not so responsive too, so I I always prefer to run the first part)

    in enerchi arcade I “played” in fact much more purely in terms of time than anything (except for the game of the year, which I will describe at the end), despite the fact that this is not even a game, but just a three-dimensional desktop !! they did something experimental on the engine of the second halflife (which I don’t really care about) so that you can create online arcade cabinets, but damn it, I actually need it for a completely different purpose, I just wanted to hang reminder pictures in three-dimensional space the possibility, or even links to songs and projects, to store in it, so that it would not be so inconvenient to look for them among faceless folders! ((but the game has a different goal, because I did not find any particular practical value in it, I never even launched it in the end nothing from her. ...

    at the very very beginning of the year, I still Turks remember quite earnestly passed and he was invaluable to me, plus killing time and blood ..pixel efpees is a very interesting genre, what can I say) in blood if not To be honest, I would like to go through the complexity of it at least somewhere, otherwise I die on the second enemies)) all I remember from there now is the first seconds and a snip right away with a quote where he is like “raeven..nevemo” ..) ) life from Strange , by the way, I passed this year, but the impressions have already subsided and only fragments of memories are heard .. the ending finally killed tada, not the final itself, but the dream before the end of the game, which in fact did not occur, but in fact was emotional more impactful than the rest of the game, it's in front of my eyes now every time I think about this game....

    a! here is Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries still very pleasantly surprised, but only until I got to the gaddamn boss from this flutist of the rat controller grrr I died there a lot of times that really the whole year I could not break through further and in the end I never I saw the rest of the game ((((every time I try and nothing . . but the whole game before that was awesome, the controls and mechanics and some of this unfinishedness, indie-ness pleased me very much .... right now I even think to replay exactly the beginning. .fak, just like in the GOOD OLD, when the boss was so strong that you had to be content with what was BEFORE him .. that's why I'm fucking hating ALL bosses in general in games, this is really the worst thing that they came up with (( WHO INVENTED BOSSES IN GAMES!?IF YOU ARE READING THIS..GOF FUCK YOSELF ONASTLEY))))

    got a little chat in the venetic, but she's not very shot) that's all, this is the whole review))

    SOMA , oh, yes!! I almost forget about it)) I already wrote a review on it, but here I’ll add that it has become for me this “game that you play when you are sick.” JOYS OF THE DAY", but on the contrary, I was drawn to experience something gloomy and technogenic and unreal .. and even I once DREAMED that I was in the game, as if I were exploring a flooded station, crawling in labyrinths from ventilation shafts, panting and drowning, and they all led to frightening dead ends filled with something unimaginable ((it was strange to wake up after such a nightmare and mentally say to yourself “oh, that’s right, it’s a catfish!”. . as if the technique had already almost reached .... Shch_shch

    in armomicrog but we played with my brother when he came in the summer and she is already worthy of mention and REMEMBER for this)) it’s just that it’s essentially a continuation of never hood ?!) and I once saw the first neverhood with him for the first time when I stayed with them for about SEVEN years in general, ahahahh))))) how we then laughed at these cutscenes about a crab that ate dynamite, and of course with this fly agaric ..)) and we remember there for a very long time we could not pass the puzzle with crystals, under which it was written BOBBY)) how could we know at the age of seven that it was a hint and it meant colors - Blue-Orange- Blue-Blue-Yellow))))) and in the same spirit, in the same spirit, the riddles are more and more confusing and one room was somehow built on colors and shades, BUT WE ARE BOTH COLOR-BLIND, ahhahah))))) because it was triple especially and funny to try to guess the red from the green and use the method of poke shoto to try there . .)) here for I'm grateful for the game, but I'm not particularly drawn to playing it further, so this is just a memory, not the game of the year, obviously, hahah))

    Dark Fall - The Journal surprised and pleased me that it doesn't feel like a game from the past at all, now all games are made in a similar style, and this one has stood the test of time in this sense..*_* cool atmosphere there and the voices are all so cool, the world is perceived very real and I even return to this abandoned hotel from time to time to continue the search for threads and traces to the past .... especially since there are two more parts to be tested, so I'm glad that I discovered these horror quests))

    in MDK2 finally played properly, otherwise I last saw him in..uh..2001 by the way)) ahah, nothing like that, only fifteen years ago)) it turned out that he is not all the same and there further it is necessary not to shoot current, but also to play for a scientist and the type of quest it becomes, and then for a dog and for a FISH in general !! just like the second worm jim, where each level is like a different game . . and now I just realize that these are the same developers, heh) I don’t remember where I got to in it, but to be honest, I don’t really want to continue for now, I don’t know ..

    pitfall the lost expedition barely set it up and was able to play a bit, but uh, I don’t understand why it doesn’t catch me (it seems everything is in place and beautiful and early tridashness, as I like both the platformer and the arcade, but it doesn’t pull me to try to pass it is further in it ..

    but HOBBIT , unlike the pitfall, was not empty, but I considered them to be completely identical for some reason .. they look clearly identical, but the hobbit is controlled much cooler and somehow it is more restrained. but its main plus, of course, is that THIS IS FUCKING ZELDA ON COMP, AAAAAA .. it’s time for a long time, don’t you find it!? I always see pieces of gameplay from Zelda (in Peebee, of course, he also leads the month of Zelda, heh. ...(hmmm, and he basically introduced me to the full extent of the ocarina of time and the majoraz mask . .)), I want to be in such a setting, but launching an ocarina means playing with a joystick, and this is Meh)) so when I did get to the hobbit, it turned out that e then an awesome platformer with the need to collect crystals and the levels in it are confusing and interesting to explore them, that's purely mechanically it's cool!!!! Of course, he moves a little strangely, back and to the sides more slowly than forward, and the combat system is some kind of underwhelming, but in general it’s still enjoyable) plus it’s a hobbit!)) it’s so strange to see another interpretation of him now that all the films have come out, and it differs so much from them in tone)) here it is like the book was, not very serious)) the only thing that somehow doesn’t fit into the atmosphere is MUSIC, it’s kind of generic and empty here, knocks out of the world of the game, brr..

    BLLLLADREEEENE!! Believe it or not, I have never played BloodRayne before!! I always saw her on Dasat's computer at the age of fifteen, of course, and even rented the film, hahah, but somehow I never played it properly myself . . but then I launched it on Halloween and howley shields, she is so awesome !!! ! albeit a little twitchy control, but the engine itself is what I really like ..when each texture is what it is, when you need to do very PRECISE jumps and hits, and at the same time there are so many tricks and I WANT them all do..somehow when you play it, it is perceived at every moment as a scene from a movie..*_* well, except for the cutscenes of course, they are hilariously bad here and most of all indicate the age of the game, ahahh)) but the gameplay of this game is not at all not outdated and even vice versa pleases with its action against the background of modern less interactive attempts.... erm..what else..well, okay, I like the sounds here of course and the voice of the rain and the jokes are cool)) and the levels are so confusing long, finally- That!!!! plus there are no saves right there (checkpoints), so arcadeness is added and the stakes are inflated .... damn cool game I really liked it, so if I had nominations here, it would have received a prize for the best GAMEPLAY, hahah))

    to slain! played a little in clandestine, but I didn’t really remember them, so I’ll just mention them here for the future)) the first one I hoped to be something like wolgarr the viking, but not ((it’s simpler and more empty and the atmosphere is not the same . . but in clyndestin the control pancake galimo muscle acceleration prevents you from doing anything!!!! otherwise the game is cool, such a stealth at the stage of development of the first splinter-sells, but with blind and stupid enemies and with elements of experiment112, because here you also have to hack cameras and so on .. confusing and THAT_IS NOT_WORTH, but there is something in it ..)) also am2r launched purely out of respect for pixel art, but the metroid is not mine, so I don’t want to go far in it)) prey is also an honorable-mention / well, even though I never played it since that first launch (( there are a lot of mechanics in it and there is an atmosphere, although this blatant protagonist destroys it with his stupidity and obscenities, but the world itself is cool and constant surprises and intriguing in general, yes .. Shch_Sch

    Master Reboot such a sudden depth in her opened up, she made me feel a lot .... although right now I'm trying to remember, and before my eyes these clumsy pictures clumsily drawn, so contrasting with the main tone of the game . ... graph in her, this is exactly what I like - when everything is so unreal with only hints and at the same time emotions are heard .... all the more so, it’s about memories, but very abstract and beautiful, ohh .. she touched me not by that, what TRIED to offend, but how many other games and their sieves thanks to her, I was forced to survive ....

    in diablo the first one, by the way, also played properly only this year and from straight yes, straight norms! the second one is not very aesthetic for me, but the first one is just right)) I like it when it is all so clunky and uncouth, it has its own special aesthetic and, apparently, even unintentional ... in general, I don’t like potions in games .. I like it more when, for example, you need to heal yourself, and then replenish your mana in special places that are inexhaustible, or so that it regenerates ..))))) in the beyond oasis it’s the same in mystic islands 2.... just when you spend potions, there is a feeling that you spent them in vain or at the wrong time . ... always, if there is an opportunity to replenish somehow, I tend to use this opportunity instad ....

    and of COURSE I didn't ignore No Man's Sky, but for me this game was marked not so much by disappointment as by HOW THE FUCKING STOPS ON MY COMPUTER!! T_T, even at the minimum, everything is barely weaving.. but in general, I really remember the atmosphere and everything is the way I like it - one abstract goal and many ways to achieve it.. if my fingers didn’t hurt from typing, I would also talk about Sean Murray and why, as for me, the game actually exploded, but I don’t think that my opinion is interesting to someone, and it’s not about that right now))

    but this will be a surprise for those who know me at all, because some three years ago this game was my most hated indie game EVER!! but when I saw that there was a female character in her two-player mode, I was immediately intrigued .... and then it turned out that this character was already in the original game and he was the very first unlockable character !!!! having endured the first five days and nights for the standard terrible gloomy pis off shield, I was still able to open this awesome arsonist and arghh, the game immediately acquired a new meaning for me))))) oops, I still didn’t say what kind of game it was. . Don't Starve !!!!

    dada, I can't believe it myself)) I was FINALLY able to feel her high..more precisely, I didn't want to turn it off all the time, like when I started it earlier)) it turns out that the character has such a huge value !!!! it’s so cool to play for the arsonist, her phrases are all so funny, she reminds me of venzday from the addams family, ahahahhhh)))) but the main thing with her the nights are not so long and it turns out that the WORLD is so straight here and all sorts of trees coming to life and different biomes and that’s how the very fact of surviving and collecting everything is so satisfying and the map is interesting to explore.. ahahh, this should all sound obvious, but you have to understand that I used to hate EVERYTHING about this game, so the fact that I see so many pluses in it it’s not just for you)) I left it there for a while, but this time on a high note. .... sometimes I want NOT randomness too ..

    fff, I still played many console games, but somehow there will be a lot more to write about them here . ... so I’ll write about them separately, but for now I’ll post the ratings of the games already mentioned!)) for some reason, numbers it’s cool to give out these games .... and I’ll also write about the GAME OF THE YEAR separately and then maybe I’ll put a link here for a full review .. otherwise there’s a lot I really want to say about it so that I can take it and throw it at the end of this article. .))

    • edna & harvey - the breakout [ 64 %]
    • EDNA & HARVEY - Harvey's New Eyes [ 34 %]
    • Brutal doom [ 78 9000 %]
    • NLC7 "I am a stirred" [ 65 9000 %]
    • 9000 LOST ALPHA [9000 %]
    • Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing [ 45 9000 %]
    • ANARCHY Arcade [ 63 9000 %]
    • TUROK [ 76 9000 %]
    • KILLING TIME [] 32 %]
    • Life IS Strange [ 83 9000 %]
    • WoolFe - The Red Good Diaries [ 82 9000 %]
    • SOMA [9000)
    • 9,0005 42 %] Dark Fall - The Journal [ 75 %]
    • MDK2 [ 57 %]
    • Pitfall: The Lost Expedition [ 23 9000 %]
    • Hobbit [ 77 9000 %]
    • BLOOD0005 83 % ]
    • slain! [ 15 %]
    • Clandestine [ 34 %]
    • AM2R [ 12 %]
    • PREY [ 27 9000 %]
    • Master Reboot [ 78 9000 Assassin's Pride0219 (アサシンズ プライ プライ プライ プライ プライ プライ プライ プライ プライ プライ プライ プライ ASSHINZU Puraido ? , Literally. " Pride "), also known abroad PRIDE , Series , Series , Series , Series , Series , series Nino Ninomoto. The story follows a young assassin, alias Kufa the Vampire, who is tasked with awakening the potential of a talented young noble, Melida Angel, and eliminating her if she doesn't show any signs of progress.

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      The rank of noble is given to people who can control "mana" (マ ナ ? ) Because with their different abilities, they are the only ones who can protect those who cannot protect themselves from the monsters.

      Although it came from the famous family of the Paladin class nobles ( 聖 騎士 パ デ ィ ン ン ン , Paradin ? ), the young Melida called the “uncomfortable genius” because it never never did not know how to show signs of mana in herself; his grandfather, having doubts about his familial relationship, decides to approach Kufa the Vampire and hires him as the latter's guardian. However, Kufa is actually the killer of Jack the Raven's Guild ( 白夜 騎兵 団 ギ ド ド ・ ジ ッ ク レ イ ン ン ン , HRUKLY JAKKU Reibun ? ) whose real mission is to eliminate Melida if she can't change by proving she doesn't have paladin blood...

      By bringing his assassin's pride into play, Kufa will do everything to ensure that Melida is recognized as worthy of all and so that she can integrate into society's elite, the "Legion of the Comb" , Kuresuto region ? ) to become a true member of your family.


      Kufa Vampire
      Japanese voice: Yuki it is ( Animi ) , Daisuke it is ( 1 - I Drama compact ) , Yuichiro Umehar ( 2 g 6 355
      The protagonist of the series. He and his mother fled the night world to take refuge in the city-state of Flandor, but after his mother's death, he was taken in by the Jack Raven Guild, who turned him into an assassin. He serves as a guardian for Melida under Kufa Vampire's scythe and is tasked with killing her if she fails to rise to the rank of paladin.
      Melida Angel
      Japanese voice: Tomori Kusunoki ( anime ) , Shiina Natsukawa (ja) ( drama CD )
      The main character of the series. She is the heiress of the Angels, a powerful ducal family of paladins. However, she is ridiculed as a "talentless girl" (無能 才女 ? ) because her mana never awakened; As such, she is suspected of being the child of her mother's adultery and is taken away from the main house as she lives in another house with a few servants. She is an honest and persistent young girl.
      Eliza Angel
      Japanese voice: Yui Ishikawa
      Melida's cousin. She is often misunderstood because she is inexpressive and not very talkative, and has an introverted nature. She appreciates Melida and gets along very well with her like real sisters, which is why they are sometimes called " Angel Sisters " (アンジェル姉妹, Anjeru shimai ? ). She nicknamed Melida, "Lida" (リタ ? ), And who nicknamed her "Eli" (エ リ ー, Eri ? ) .
      Rosetti Pricket
      Japanese voice: Marina Yabuuchi
      Eliza's tutor. He is a very cheerful person.
      Nerva Martillo
      Japanese voice: Ayane Sakura
      First-year student at St. Friedeswide Girls' School0221 Sei Furīdesuwīde jogakuin ? ) . She is the leader of a gang that makes fun of Melida at school, but after reconciling later, she becomes his friend.
      Japanese voice: Toshiyuki Morikawa
      A man who wears his military uniform badly and grows a three-day beard. He is the head of the guild, Jack Raven. He accepts and educates orphans to make them agents of the organization, Kufe calls him Oyaji ( 親父 オヤジ ? , lit. "Father"). He has large caliber revolvers.
      William Jean
      Japanese voice: Tatsuhisa Suzuki (me)
      Grimfis Guild Artificial Half-Lycanthrope (ギルド・グリムフィス, Girudo Gurimufisu ? ) . He is a young man with bandages all over his body.
      Mul la Mor
      Japanese voice: Maaya Uchida
      Salaha Shiksal
      Japanese voice: Azumi Waki ​​(me)
      Black Madea
      Japanese voice: Sora Tokui (ja)
      Xinghua Flower (シェンファ=ツヴィトーク, Shenfa Tsuvithoku ? )
      Japanese voice: Asami Seto (ja)

      production and media

      Light novella

      Episode Light novels The pride of the killer ” (ア シ ン ラ イ ド ド Kei Amagi introduced a series called Ansatsu Kyoshi or junketsu o: Assassins Pride 0220 ? ) At 28- m Taishō Fantasia (JA), for which he received the Grand Prix . Kadokawa, in his publication collection Fujimi Fantasia Bunko , has been editing novels since . Twelve major volumes have been published to date; collection of short stories published on .

      List of volumes
      p o Japanese
      Header Issue date ISBN
      1 Ansatsu kyōshi to munō saijo ? 978-4-04-070817-1
      2 Ansatsu kyōshi to joō senbatsu-sen ? 978-4-04-070818-8
      3 Ansatsu kyshi to unmei hōtei ? 978-4-04-070972-7
      4 Ansatsu kyōshi to ōran tetsudō ? 978-4-04-070973-4
      5 Ansatsu kyshi to shin'en kyōen ? 978-4-04-072227-6
      6 Ansatsu kyōshi to yoru-kai kro ? 978-4-04-072230-6
      7 Ansatsu kyōshi to gōka kenbu-sai0223? ) 978-4-04-072484-3
      SP Secret Garden 978-4-04-072651-9
      8 Ansatsu kyshi to gengetsu kakumei ( ? ) 978-4-04-072485-0
      9 Ansatsu kyōshi to mayō taikan ? 978-4-04-073003-5
      10 Ansatsu kyōshi to mizukagami sō hime ( ? ) 978-4-04-073223-7
      11 Ansatsu kyōshi to kinsho kaitei0223? ) 978-4-04-073224-4
      SP2 Secret Garden 2 978-4-04-073225-1
      12 Ansatsu kyshi to hakumei hoshibi ? 978-4-04-073747-8


      A manga adaptation drawn by Yoshi Kato launches in a magazine issue. with prior publication in Seinen manga Ultra Jump , published . The chapters are collected and edited in tankōbon format by Shueisha from the first volume published in ; The series currently consists of six tankōbon volumes .

      List of volumes
      -5 -4
      p o Japanese
      Production date ISBN
      1 978-4-08-8
      2 978-4-08-8-1
      3 978-4-08-8
      4 978-4-08-8-8
      5 978-4-08-8
    • -0
    • 6 978-4-08-8-3


      An animated television series adaptation was announced during the 2018 Daikanshasai Fantasia Bunko0223? ) At . This movie was created by Kazuya Aiura at EMT Squared Animation Studio with scripts written by Deko Akao and character designs by Maho Yoshikawa and Yoshiko Saito. It first aired in Japan between and on AT-X and slightly later on Tokyo MX, SUN and BS-NTV. The series consists of 12 episodes, divided into three Blu-ray/DVD boxes.

      Sentai Filmworks has the rights to stream the series worldwide except in Asia, it streams on Crunchyroll and provides a physical release on Blu-ray/DVD in English speaking countries. In Southeast Asia, simulcasting is provided by Aniplus Asia.

      The opening song of the series called Share the light is performed by Run Girls, Run !, and the ending song is called Ijin-tachi no jikan (異人たちの4時間 is performed by Tomorisu2 時間 902 accompanied by the name of his character, Melida Angel.

      List of episodes
      N O French name Japanese name Date 1 redistribution distribution
      Kanji Rmaji
      1 Killer's Mercy 暗殺者の慈悲 Asashin no Jihi October 10, 2019,
      2 When a girl sees her world is changing 少女の世界が変わるとき Shojo no sekai ga kawara toki October 17, 2019,
      3 Beyond critical point 臨界点の彼方に Rinkai-ten no kanata ni October 24, 2019,
      4 Young girls are locked in the palace 鎖子に集う、乙女と乙女 Kusari-jō ni tsudou, otome to otome October 31, 2019,
      5 Golden Princess and Silver Princess 黄金の姫と、白銀の姫 Kogane, not him, Hakugin, not hime November 7, 2019,
      6 Gray Witch 灰色の魔女 Haiiro no majo November 14, 2019,
      7 Without any tests 上も下も標はなく Ue mo sita mo hyo wanaku November 21, 2019,
      8 Last Wills of the Skeleton ある骸骨の遺言 Aru gaikotsu no yugon November 28, 2019
      9 Eternal Contract 悠久の契約 Yukyu no keyyaku December 5, 2019,
      10 Maze Library 迷宮図書館 Meikyu toshokan December 12, 2019,
      11 Heralds of Death 死神の使いたち Shinigami no Tsukai-tachi December 19, 2019,
      12 Pride of the Killing Professor 暗殺教師の矜持 Ansatsu no kyoshi kyoji December 26, 2019,

      Notes and links

      (ja) / (en) Assassin's Pride » ( see list of authors ) .


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      • (ja) Pride Assassins at Fujimi Shobo
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