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Do you suffer from a loss of memory, otherwise known as memory fog? Over lockdown especially, more people than ever have been experiencing symptoms of memory loss whether on a small scale from forgetting what day it is, to more serious symptoms that could be a sign of an underlying health problem which needs to be addressed with a Doctor. 

Feeling stressed out every once in a while is completely normal, but if you’ve been feeling tired and lethargic for two consecutive weeks and are finding it hard to think clearly, you might need some additional support. 

We’ve put together some top tips on how you can boost your mood naturally to reduce stress and at the same time increase the grey matter in your brain.


1) Meditation improves grey matter

Proven to help people relax and feel calmer, the benefits of meditation are far reaching. A study from Harvard University even found that long term meditators have increased the amounts of grey matter in the brain (within the insula and sensory regions and the auditory and sensory cortex). 

Meditation is also a valuable tool which is not only free, but is also proven to alter your brainwave patterns. By restoring energy and helping you relax, you will be able to sleep better and feel more physically and mentally rested. 

Try meditating twice a week for twenty minutes. Find somewhere which is quiet and calm, surround yourself with aromatic essentials oils, and watch as your breathing steadies and you feel a sense of relaxation and peace. 

You can even upgrade your experience with a meditative exercise like Yoga! Check out these yoga essentials.


2) Physical activity increases grey matter in the brain

Along with the health benefits associated with physical exercise, working out is scientifically proven to increase the amount of grey matter in the brain. According to a study found in the Journal of Gerontology, ‘aerobic exercise training increases brain volume in aging humans’.

In fact, cardiovascular fitness is associated with enhancing the central nervous system. Particularly in older adults, exercise can help to improve the cognitive functioning of the human body and is a simple way to increase the amount of grey and white matter in the brain.

Try going up and down the stairs at home a few times today, or even a walk around the block during lunch. Additionally, you can try these free online exercise classes which you can do at home! 

Also, be sure to use our Harmoni desk to increase the grey matter in your brain. By opting to stand to work, you will be more active and therefore improve your brain’s cognitive function.

3) Video games increase your attention span

Whilst most people would assume that playing video games is bad for your health, there is actually scientific evidence which suggests that video game users have an increase in grey matter in the brain.

According to a study produced by the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and the Marcquarie University of Sydney, video games alter the structure of the brain; heightening the connectivity between certain subregions in the insular cortex, and causing a larger surface area and volume of grey matter. 

Enjoy playing guilt free! It’s supposedly healthy after all!

4) Fasting improves grey matter

We’ve all been told that a balanced, healthy diet is important for our nutrition and health, but have you considered fasting before? 

Proven to increase the production of the brain neurotrophic growth factor, a protein that promotes neuron growth and makes us more resilient to neurological stress; fasting reduces neurodegenerative disease and is proven to increase grey matter in the brain.

Additionally, fasting also helps existing neurons to survive while encouraging the growth of new neurons and the development of synapses. This helps to prevent conditions which are linked to Alzheimer’s and cognitive impairment. 

5) Sleep is beneficial for brainwave patterns

It’s no secret that sleep is incredibly important for the human body! In fact, lack of sleep, also known as sleep deprivation, is a well known cause of cognitive impairment. Sleep deprivation causes disruptions in the neuronal networks of the brain which in turn makes it harder to think and also remember. 

In order to optimise the amount of grey matter in your brain, aim for eight to nine hours of high quality sleep each night. Also, try wearing blue light blocking sunglasses before bed or even removing any screens an hour prior. Just like any habit, building a healthy night routine into your day will take some time, but the benefit is that you will feel more relaxed and refreshed the next day. Who wouldn’t want that?


Improve the amount of grey matter in your brain today with these five simple steps. By taking a holistic approach to your wellness and incorporating some new habits into your dya, you will be sure to not only improve your memory, but also feel more energised and positive as a result. 

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email - [email protected] 


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