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"It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages." ‒ Friedrich Nietzsche.

Relationships don't come on a standstill or fall apart because both partners stop loving each other. They fall apart because there is a lack of communication and trust. Of course, there are other factors involved and mistakes on both sides but it doesn't have to be the end. There can be a second chance and you might learn from past mistakes and try to make things right this time. You can start over when you and your partner agree to give this relationship another chance. Talk to each other and learn how to start over in a relationship whether you are married, in a long-term relationship, or simply dating. This article will help you out in starting over in a relationship.

How to Start Over in Your Relationship

Starting over isn't easy but we've got your back. Here are a few things you can do to understand what went wrong and how to make it better this time.

1. Identify what you value about the relationship

Starting over means that you want to make a fresh start and leave all the negative things behind. The question is- how to start over a relationship. Before you start to make amends, look back on your experiences and identify what you value about the relationship. Was it his adventure-loving nature that attracted you to him or was it your humor that brought you two together? But these things were forgotten when you fell into the trap of the routine and stress from work. Look back and see what can be the binding factor for this relationship. How can you make time for each other instead of repeating the same mistakes? Reflect deeper and talk to your partner about the good memories and things that make this relationship special.

2. Understand what went wrong

After you have thought about the good parts of your relationship, try to figure out where things went wrong. Think about why the misunderstandings occurred. Either it was because you didn't spend time together or you started arguing more frequently over little things. Whatever the case might be, talking to a marriage counselor will help you and your partner to understand the root cause of the mistakes you both made. It will also help in clearing up a lot of misunderstandings and grudges you held in your heart without fighting.

3. Get support from mutual friends

Involving family members may not be a good idea since they might take sides and it may exacerbate the situation. Instead, try asking any mutual friends you trust to support you and your partner during this patch up. They can give you moral and emotional support or actively talk to both of you when you need someone to clear the misunderstandings. Make sure that you take help from friends who are close to you and your partner and they don't take sides. Having someone by your side when you are feeling down can make you feel better and help you understand how to start over in a relationship.

4. Acknowledge the changes

When you go through life experiences, you change with time. Maybe you were spontaneous and straightforward when you started dating but your experiences shape your personality. So, your outlook on life and relationships changes with time. Accepting that you and your partner were different the first time around will help you in understanding the nuances of starting over. Take each other's maturity and change in a positive way. Get to know each other once again.

5. Freshen up your relationship

As you are beginning to make a fresh start, freshen up your relationship by making new plans or going somewhere together. Take it as your honeymoon period and try to rekindle the romance that was lost somewhere along the way. It can be simply taking the weekend off to dine out together or going to a picnic. Try to incorporate different activities in your life on a weekly or at least monthly basis. It will help you and your partner to come closer and understand each other in a much better way.

6. Let go of any hard feelings

The most difficult thing to do is to let go of your anger and resentment when you want to start over in a relationship. It will create difficulties for both you and your partner. Let go of all the negative feelings you have. Only then you can succeed in having a good relationship.

7. Respect and kindness

Treating your partner with respect and kindness will help you in building a stronger foundation for this relationship. Usually, we forget that the person we love deserves our kindness even when things go wrong. So, the next time you have an argument, be the first one to let go of your ego and reach out to make things better. It doesn't mean that you don't have your self-respect. It simply means that being kind to each other will strengthen your relationship and you will not have to struggle like you did the first time.

8. Don't ignore the red flags

While you have taken an important decision to start over in this relationship, don't ignore the red flags when you are trying your best. If you ignore things like lying or making excuses to stay away from you, you need to think over your decision. Is it just you trying to make amends? If your partner has gone back to the same old habits and routine that affected the relationship badly, think about getting out for good.

Focus on Each Other

Many relationships suffer due to a lack of communication and friendship. You may need a break for a while to figure out what you want to do. If you and your partner decide to get back together, try to let go of hard feelings. Understand what went wrong and learn from those mistakes. Make a fresh start and come closer to each other in different ways. Focus on each other and be friends first. Chances are that you'll have an amazing relationship this time.

How To Start Over In A Relationship: 6 Simple Steps | Melissa Fritchle

As a couples therapist, I work with many couples who want to begin again after a recent betrayal or years of disappointment or distance.

Yes, couples can effectively learn how to start over in a relationship, but it takes a commitment to forgive and to develop new patterns and memories together.

This process is certainly not easy. Pain caused by someone close to you is a huge burden. The guilt can eat you up and make it almost impossible to have room to heal.

The good news is that almost nothing is irreparable. The realistic news is that it takes work. And the bad news is that some couples can't seem to put that work in to get there.

But there are some couples who can. It's really up to you and how badly you want to repair the relationship.

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Many people probably want to go back to the way things were before there were problems. But you can never do that.

As a couple, you have experienced a lot more and have grown. So, you shouldn't want the same old couple back, but a new couple that's ready to take on the world together.

It's hard to do on your own. Asking for help can be really beneficial, especially if you're having problems communicating altogether. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness, as some people might think.

You're strong enough to accept every bit of help you can get because you want the relationship to work that much, and you're willing to work through the emotional steps involved. It's the best thing you can do.

How to start over in a relationship

1. Identify what you value about the relationship.

When we are hurt, it's tempting to focus on the difficult and less-than-appealing elements of our partners and our relationship. But couples who work through difficult times keep their eyes on the positives, and can clearly say why they want to stay with this person and what they love about them.

This step can also give you clarity. If the only reason you can think of to stay together is that you dread the task of separating, that may not be enough to get you through.

By clarifying what has worked in your relationship, you can build on those things and stay motivated to do the repair work needed.

2. Get support for the relationship.

If it was easy to just press the reset button and get over the hurt, you would just do that. The truth is, if your friends and family have heard you complain about your partner month after month, they may support you but find it hard to support the relationship.

Also, if you and your partner are trying to be the only support for each other, you may find yourselves in a pattern of constantly having difficult talks about past hurts and how you're feeling.

Therapy is great because it gives you an unbiased, experienced support person, and it allows you and your partner to focus time together outside of therapy on having fun together again, which is critical.

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3. Take steps to make sure the behavior that hurt you won't repeat.

This step is not about being naïve. This step is about figuring out what you and your partner need to change to convince you that the patterns that happened before are not going to happen again.

Couples that recover from relationship wounds can point to the things they each did to address the problems and make changes. They have a plan to address future problems before they grow. Folk wisdom tells us that we can't forgive injuries that are still happening to us.

It's hard to start over when you're in the same old patterns. Both people have to be willing to change.

4. Make clear promises to yourself.

One of the fears people have is that if they forgive their partner this time, then maybe they will never stand up for themselves again. The big fear is actually not that their partner will take advantage of this; the big fear is that they can no longer trust themselves to set limits and enforce them.

In this step it is important to allow yourself time to reassess your own limits. So, maybe the things your 20-year-old self thought were unforgivable, are forgivable after all. This does not mean you have lost all right to relationship boundaries.

This is a conversation you need to have with yourself. The step to take is to forgive yourself for being someone who can get hurt and then to trust yourself anyway.

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5. Re-balance the power.

Couples who create fresh starts for themselves have moved out of the blaming, punishing, reactive dynamics. They recognize that to move forward neither person can be stuck in the role of victim or bad guy.

An ongoing pattern of making amends or being the long-suffering martyr is not sustainable because it feels awful for both people.

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You cannot move forward feeling like one person owes the other. You cannot move forward with one person being the vulnerable one.

At some point, the past wounds need to be put in the past, not to be forgotten, but to be taken out of active play, meaning that they will not be brought up in every new argument, they will not be thrown in anyone's face, and that you feel you have genuinely worked through them and have resolution.

Then, you move forward as equals again.

6. Make a choice to start again.

Beginning again with a partner means making a clear choice to do so, to let the past rest, to take the risk of trusting again, and to love them more because you appreciate the work you have each put in to stay in relationship and you acknowledge the risk.

Will you ever have the starry-eyed "nothing will ever come between us" love again? No. Will you have the same relationship you had before? No.

But couples who give themselves a chance to restart find ways to value the depth of the relationship they have now. Ultimately, you unbreak your own heart by choosing to let it heal.

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Melissa Fritchle, LMFT, is a holistic psychotherapist, sex educator, and author.

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June 4, 2014 1:00

"Let's start all over again!" - says the former, and already in this very phrase there is a contradiction. How to start over what started a long time ago? You can't step into the same river twice, says the proverb. Or will you come in?

It's never too late to glue the broken boat of love together. The main thing is to feel that both of you want it. nine0004

One day Alina and Misha, who had lived together almost happily for eight years, had a quarrel. Misha had a crisis with work, while Alina, on the contrary, things were going uphill. Misha wanted a child for a long time, and Alina reasoned soberly: “Your situation is already unstable, and if I also go on maternity leave, what will we live on?”

They quickly moved from sober reasoning to global generalizations. Generalizations led to logical errors. At the end of the discussions, Alina was labeled “prudent and mercenary careerist”, and Misha was labeled “weakling, rag, potential gigolo, egoist, unable to think beyond his nose, the child requires expenses, but instead of ...” In general, the tablet was Alina's collected works on the topic of what she thinks about Misha, in eight volumes. nine0004

They solemnly departed. Long live freedom!

Alina began to look for a worthy, confident and firmly standing man, suitable for reproduction. The years are running out - she realized this immediately after the divorce, casually looking at the date of birth in the passport. But it turned out that worthy, confident and firmly standing men with whom you can create a family have already created it.

- You have to go abroad for suitors! - said one friend. - They marry late, there are many bachelors. nine0004

- I have a good fortune-teller! - said the other. - She knows how to put a decoy on the right guy.

- No, it's a sin, I have an astrologer, he determines by the natal chart when you have the best period for dating! - advised the third.

- An astrologer is also a sin! retorted the first. - It is better then to the psychotherapist! You need to remove the internal blocks. Injuries to work out...

Alina forgot herself on a talk show with her friends, until one day one of them blurted out: “How is Misha doing?” nine0004

Something clicked in Alina at that moment, and she understood why she was consumed in the evenings by a sucking melancholy when she turned on the TV and watched the news. Usually he and Misha watched them. He was so funny about everything. And now she turned on the news herself and tried to copy Misha. But it didn't turn out funny. It began to dawn on her that, in general, they lived well ...

And what was Misha busy with all this time, while Alina cut circles in dating clubs? Touched to the quick, Misha focused all his attention on working successes. And they were not slow to materialize. Misha quickly took a good position in an international company, bought a lot of expensive suits and began to go out with a brand new tall blonde from the secretariat. The blonde did not care about her career, she looked with admiration at the witty Misha and with special tenderness - at the advertising of diapers. nine0004

When Alina saw Misha, found out about the blonde (dress size XS), she realized that her love for him had not died, she was alive! It remains only to awaken it in Misha.

From points A and B towards each other

The task is not easy. Two exes can meet, but will they then go to the same destination, holding hands? There are no statistics on how many cracked couples managed to reanimate relationships, and how many failed. In the cinema, most often nothing sticks together with the former, while in life each of us has at least a couple of good examples of how they broke up, and then connected and healed no worse than before. nine0004

There are several reasons for starting over.

1. The reboot was successful. That is, the two loved each other. But something in each was wrong, something was broken. This made it difficult to move forward together. In order for them, roughly speaking, to be repaired, it was necessary to part and walk through life alone. As in the case of Alina and Misha. She realized her desire to become a mother and the importance of family ties, she began to appreciate men more. And Misha was able to take place, matured, ceasing to hide behind Alina's back. Of course, when they figured it all out and said all this, they soon connected, and now they have a chubby baby growing up. nine0004

2. Completing the gestalt. This buzzword refers to something that still binds the former. Some unspoken words, actions not taken, debts not repaid... In general, in this case, the former are somehow looking for a way to continue the relationship and even confuse the attempt to complete the gestalt with sexual attraction. However, it happens that the attraction is not completely killed. One gestalt is closing, but several others will open ka-a-ak!

3. Peace is only a dream. There are people who grew up in an atmosphere of stormy showdown, almost theatrical passions and other special effects, where slamming the door is an everyday reality. They live in peace just boring and depressing. They need adrenaline, swing their arms and legs. For them, parting for a while, then the heroic return of a loved one and various incredible scenarios “And he? And she? What are you doing!!!” - this is such an emotional acrobatics that there is meaning in life. nine0004

Operation "glue the broken"

A good plan is the key to success. The algorithm is this.

Preparation stage

1. Determine your motives. Ask yourself an honest question: “Do I really want to get my ex back and why do I need it?” Honest questions must be followed by honest answers, and the solution of the problem depends on their honesty. If this is love, then you can not even hesitate. And if self-esteem, the desire to prove something to someone, the preoccupation with some other destructive motives, then it is better to go straight to a psychotherapist (well, or to an astrologer with fortune-tellers, who cares). nine0004

2. Lay it out on the shelves, you can even paint it on paper for clarity: for what reasons they broke up, what grievances they still gnaw at, what they are ready to put up with, and what they are not ready to endure for anything. It is you, as it were, clarifying for yourself the terms of a possible future “contract” with a former partner.

Stage of action

1. You really need to start a relationship from the beginning. That is, to live the romantic stage to the maximum - flowers, walks, theater, cinema, wine and dominoes. When people break up, they have the illusion that everyone knows about each other, even years later. And they rush to jump over romance when they want to connect. But the experience of separation greatly affects the personality, a person is always changing. Both really have to get acquainted again with the one with whom "I remember all your cracks." Do not rush to move on to cracks. nine0004

2. Conclusion of a new contract of love. In any relationship, we have an unspoken contract, what we expect from each other. The main, most important points need to be discussed before flopping into the pool of passions. It is especially important to talk about those moments that once led to a break. This is where the awareness in the preparatory period comes in handy, what do you want from your loved one, what has changed in you, what are you ready to put up with now, and what is still unacceptable.

Fixing stage

Decisiveness should be reinforced in action. Realized that this is your favorite for life, make an offer - and in the registry office. No living together and getting used to. You have already rubbed yourself to bloody calluses. Correct the mistakes of the past. For example, if the last time the proposal was not made romantic enough or was not done, then this time you can rewrite everything in a clean copy. The second time you need to enter the water with a clear confidence that this is exactly your water and you will not spill it again. There is no certainty? It is better to look for another ocean, do not muddy the reservoir. nine0004

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What you need to know before rekindling a relationship with an ex

Love and sex dinner at a restaurant, going to the cinema or going out of town to visit mutual friends. And then once - and you again wake up together. "What's next?" - a natural question that you silently ask each other, meeting eyes. nine0004

The rest is up to you. You can pretend that nothing special happened, say goodbye and mix what happened in the daily routine - in fact, you are modern people. You can also start over. Yes, this is probably for sensitive weaklings, but what is it, if not love, since you want to be together again?


This is not uncommon at all. People often start relationships over after months or even years of separation, and such relationships have a unique advantage. “You already know what attracts you to this person, what joys and problems will return to your life with him,” explains psychoanalyst, relationship specialist Irina Zhukova. nine0004

Besides, practice is a great thing. While you're apart, you have a chance to realize your mistakes by meeting new people - on dates and beyond - and figure out who you are and what (whom) you want. As 28-year-old Kirill Mets, who returned six years later to his school love Alena, says, he realized that the breakup saved him from obsessing over the ideal version of the romantic relationship that he considered the only right relationship when he was a teenager. They got married last year and are happy that they decided on a reunion. nine0004

However, experience can both recreate and finally destroy what was and is between you. “It is very important to consider what has changed for you and your ex-boyfriend,” advises researcher and psychotherapist Atina Manvelyan, promoter of the “art and science of love” (@ask.atina) . — You must have clear answers to the questions: How has the situation evolved? What are you willing to give each other now? What have you learned and how will your experience help you avoid making past mistakes?”

30-year-old Oksana says: “When Max and I decided to get back together, we acted like adults – we sat down and talked frankly. We discussed the past, our “stumbling blocks” and everything we wanted in the future. The big problem was that he had a business trip to another country - terribly promising, but for six months. Trying to get our connection back while we were apart seemed like a mission impossible. In the end, they accepted the “come what may” version, and it drove me crazy - I did not want someone who had already disappeared from my life to leave again.

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