How to find love as a single mother

How to Find Love Again If You Are a Single Mother


Roger Mackenzie

The notion of getting back into the dating scene is often unnerving to some single mothers that desire to find love again. Having been through a failed relationship and with the frustration that came with it many experience uncertainty when it comes to starting a new relationship all over again. Getting on with your love life as a single mother requires a different approach as opposed to when you were not a parent.

Various crucial aspects call for your close attention that we will discuss below if you want to get anywhere with your new catch.

Prioritize your life and don’t rule out flexibility

For you to move on with your love life then you need to face the fact that this is going to be a new chapter in your life and embrace it. The fact that you are now a parent does not rule out the possibility of finding a long-term love partner. You are justified to have the affection of someone else aside from your kids thus nothing should hold you back as you are free. This requires you to balance your affection between the children and your partner and be flexible to the expected changes in your lifestyle.
You must first appreciate yourself for who you are before venturing to find love elsewhere. Your outlook towards life is determined by the fact that you are a parent who has suffered a previous relationship and is faced with nurturing. With this in mind, you will realize the values that you hold close and base the new relationship on them. The decision on future love relationships may also be based on how you were brought up, your spirituality, and your life experiences.

Plan a date to let the kids get to know your new friend

It is however prudent to realize that the priority in whatever you are getting into is your life and that of your children. You deserve to be happy and to be loved but this should not interfere with your children’s welfare. Although the affair will be between two adults, your children are going to be part of your new relationship too. It is wise to tell your partner that you have kids as soon as possible and also be honest with your kids if the question arises.
The person you are going to date must value this fact and be able to accommodate your children in his heart. When the time is right and depending on their age, you are obligated to let your children know that you are seeing someone special. The way you introduce your partner to the kids has an impact on how they will perceive him from the initial impression. This requires you to plan for the occasion and be sure that this is the person you have settled for before divulging the breaking news.

Let your partner help you and give you emotional support

The person that you settle on is supposed to recognize that you have a past that he should be comfortable with. The point at which you allow him to be a part of your life is supposed to provide you with the much-needed love and support. You may have undergone a divorce or a failed relationship thus he is supposed to uplift you emotionally and in any other way possible. The person you are with now must realize that you are dealing with emotional wounds that require time to get over with and should be patient and help you work things out. The man you choose as your soul mate should bring out the best in you.

Don’t hide your sexuality and natural attractiveness

Becoming a mother does not deprive you of your luster, elegance, or sexuality at any point. Thus said you are supposed to set yourself free and face the new dating scene with confidence. Strive to empower yourself as this will bring happiness and alleviate all forms of judgment from people. Get rid of the guilty conscience and carry on with the responsibilities of a single mother with a positive outlook without letting your past weigh you down.
This kind of approach to your new life settings will naturally attract the attention of potential suitors. You may need to sign up for dating sites or join singles groups to improve the chances of finding a compatible partner. Decide to move on and carry yourself with grace and happiness will find you.

Dating and the associated possibility of rejection can harm even the strongest person and make her doubt herself. So before you post your profile on a dating site, like, and start looking for your partner, make sure you are healed enough from your previous breakup.

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Finding Love (and Marriage) as a Single Mom

Finding Love (and Marriage) as a Single Mom | Psych Central
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Medically reviewed by Jennifer Litner, PhD, LMFT, CST — By Sarah Barkley — Updated on Aug 25, 2022

Finding love isn’t easy as a single parent, but it’s possible. Learning about dating when you have kids can help you enjoy the experience.

Dating for single parents might sound intimidating, but a time can come when you think about the idea. Finding love as a single parent is possible, and it’s an exciting part of the journey. Learning how to make it a positive experience can make all the difference, and the tips discussed here can help.

You may have many emotions when you decide to start dating as a single primary parent. It can cause negative feelings, including frustration or disappointment, but it can also bring excitement and hope.

Dating is always an adventure, but it’s an entirely different experience for single parents looking for love. They must consider their children rather than only thinking of themselves. Plus, they’re not as readily available as a single person with no kids.

Although it’s a complicated experience, a single parent deserves happiness and love. Don’t be afraid of the unknown because you can embrace the chance at a new start.

1. Waiting until you’re ready

If you experienced a breakup or divorce, consider thinking about your mental health moving forward. Experts indicate that overcoming a previous relationship can trigger depression symptoms. You can take all the time you need to grieve and heal before considering dating as a single parent.

Making sure you’re ready to handle potential setbacks in modern dating (like this, this, and this) can help you stay positive and confident. It can help you prioritize self-love, making all the difference in finding a long lasting partnership.

2. Determining where you can meet someone

Once you’re ready to start dating, consider where you can realistically meet people. Meeting new folks is essential to the experience, and you might make a few new friends during the process.

Consider attending local events or joining social outings. You can also try online dating sites to connect with people outside your inner circle. A few other ideas include meeting someone at:

  • the gym
  • single parent support groups
  • kids’ sporting events
  • work (depending on your company stance on workplace romance!)
  • community workshops


Sticking to your ‘love list’ but keep an open mind

Having a love list can help you identify what you want in a partner and relationship. It could prevent you from settling and perhaps even bolster your confidence as you find love.

Your love list can include characteristics and qualities that you want in a partner. It’s wise to keep your list short, only focusing on your core needs to allow yourself to maintain an open mind.

You can also keep an open mind about how someone can meet your needs rather than assuming there’s only one way. You may update your list as your life changes because your needs will shift, too.

4. Being honest (with prospects, your kids, and yourself)

Honesty is essential for finding love as a single parent. Consider being open and honest with your children and dates about everything. It promotes trust early on, allowing you to build on a solid foundation.

You don’t have to tell your kids immediately but try being as honest as you can when you start dating. If your children are older, you could use it as a learning opportunity. With younger kids, you might only want them to be comfortable and aware.

Being honest with your partner is essential, too. You can make it clear that you have children — it’s a big part of who you are. You might consider not dating anyone who isn’t OK with you being a parent.

When to introduce your kids to a steady romantic partner?

Psychiatrist Dr. Domenick Sportelli suggests not setting a specific timeframe for introducing your kids to a romantic partner.

Every family is different, and being mindful of your child’s feelings will help you determine when they’re ready.

He also suggests not telling your child about your romantic partner at home. Try choosing a neutral place that your child enjoys. It’ll help them relax and process the information.

Sometimes your child might feel like they will betray the other parent by liking the new partner. It can make them resist forming a connection, and it often takes time for them to come around.

Whichever way you choose to tell your kids about a dating partner, it’s helpful to ensure they know they’re still your priority in your life.

Consider whether your romantic relationship has a stable future so that you don’t inadvertently expose your child to fleeting partners.

Another thing to be honest with your prospective partner (and yourself!) about is what you want in a relationship. Here are some helpful resources to take an honest look at where you’re at and what you really want in dating:

  • How to Navigate Friends with Benefits
  • Do I Like Him, the Attention, or Something Else?
  • What Is Aromantic?
  • Am I in Love? Love or Lust Relationship Quiz
  • What Does Exclusive Mean in a Relationship?
  • Is Your Partner Jealous of Your Baby?
  • When to Move in Together

5. Tune in to your kids’ feedback and tune out unwelcome opinions

Experts describe “mom-shaming” as someone criticizing your decisions and parenting styles. And this shaming can happen to any gender of single parent. When you decide to start dating, not everyone will love the idea.

You might hear opinions from other people and comments said behind your back. There’s a way to take in constructive feedback that comes from a place of love and protection — and keep out others’ opinions of you.

Your kids might have a hard time adjusting to your lifestyle change. It helps to actively listen to what they have to say and consider their perspective. If your kids have trouble coping, therapy can make all the difference.

You might feel like you don’t have enough time or energy left, but you can still find companionship — and love if you want it. It’s not always easy, but you can enjoy the experience of finding a new partner.

Percentage of single moms who get married

Statistics show that approximately 40% of children born in the United States in 2020 had unwed mothers.

Another 2021 study looking at the living arrangements of parents with children at home indicates that just over 50% of single parents have never married. Indeed, many single parents choose to stay single.

One study shows that many people are willing to date a single parent, so you can avoid thinking there’s no chance for you. You might keep up hope of finding a partner to complement your existing family.

With many people willing to fill the role, remember not to settle because you are worthy and deserve love.

Finding companionship or romance as a single parent is possible, even as you might need to overcome obstacles. You can make it happen using these tips, finding the opportunity to enjoy the type of intimacy you may crave.

The dating journey might get complicated, but don’t lose hope because you can fall in love. If you want to find love, the person meant for your family is out there.

Last medically reviewed on August 18, 2022

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Medically reviewed by Jennifer Litner, PhD, LMFT, CST — By Sarah Barkley — Updated on Aug 25, 2022

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How to find love as a single mother

, Relationships

Like most single mothers, I had absolutely no intention of becoming one. On the contrary, I assumed that I would get married, give birth to two children, live happily ever after, as all Hollywood directors bequeathed to me...

Like most single mothers, I had absolutely no intention of becoming one. Quite the opposite, I assumed that I would get married, have two children, live happily ever after, as all Hollywood directors bequeathed to me. But my family did not start with a husband, but with a child. So I have yet to find love.

I should probably say right away that I have no regrets, and if I had to make this choice again, I would do the same. But if you, like me, for one reason or another, were left with a child and without a loved one, then you probably would not refuse to find him.

Fear is something that will haunt a woman who has gone through a divorce or just parting for a long time to come. You have experienced disappointment. Explanations with

relatives. And even the question: “Where is my dad?” Do you want to relive all this again? Well, hardly.

It is this fear of being disappointed again that you have to overcome in the first place. And most importantly, the fear of disappointing your baby again. It is difficult to deal with this fear. But you can promise yourself never to go against your heart and not stay with the “wrong” guy just to start a new family as soon as possible and find a dad for the child. After all, this is what pushes us into romances with unsuitable men.
From now on, you will have to be more attentive to your feelings, listen to yourself more sensitively, look at your fans longer.

Girl with a trailer

Do you doubt that there will be fans? I also doubted. But the first of them formed next to me when my daughter was three months old, and since then I have not felt deprived of male attention for a single day. The biggest shock for me was to read the phrase "a girl with a trailer" on one forum in the fifth year of arrogance. For five whole years, I did not even suspect that someone could call us - independent mothers - that. Is my little sun a trailer? Rather, this is my basic equipment! Am I upset? Not a drop. It turned out that a child is a wonderful filter against men who do not deserve my attention.

By the way, my friends from Germany say that in Europe, having a child with a woman is an advantage in the eyes of a man. Imagine: no pregnancy whims, no worries during childbirth, no sleepless nights at the baby's crib, no first (and therefore the most terrible for parents) childhood colds and temperatures. Ready-made family, from which you can get pure pleasure and a minimum of problems. If you are determined to find your love, always remember that there are much more advantages in your position than it seems at first glance, and do not be shy.


“Why do you need a man, now you have a child.” That's what one friend said after the birth of my daughter. It was the first fantastic stupidity in my personal collection of these very stupidities. You, too, have probably heard a lot of them. From "no one needs a woman with a child, so you shouldn't count on some kind of mythical love" to "how can you take time from your child for the sake of someone else's man."
Remember, people who tell you this are trying to make you feel guilty because it's convenient for them. They will try again and again. Mom, having let you go on a date, in a couple of hours will start calling and saying that the child is naughty, hooligan, does not eat, and in general, probably gets sick. The nanny will purse her lips and demand a raise for your evening absences. A friend who has not been able to get pregnant for many years will tell a couple of stories from her psychologist about how the children did not accept “someone else's uncle”. And each of them will make a hint that you can be a better mother. Understand that those who are trying to develop guilt in you are simply comfortable with you being weak and dependent. Be self-sufficient: you are a good mother, but this does not mean that you must stop being a woman. Sooner or later the child will grow up, and he will have his own life, his own family, his own children. And what will you have?

First dates and other troubles

In fact, the main difficulties begin after you have met a man with whom you want to continue a relationship for more than one evening. How to tell him that you have a child? How to combine work, family and a romance? How to explain to him that everything in your life is planned in advance and spontaneous dates are not for you? That the weekend is sacred, and you spend it with your baby? What do you prefer to spend the night at home, and if he stays with you, will you have to keep up appearances to the last and sleep in different rooms? That he will have to be a family friend for some time so as not to injure the child if you fail?

It's good if dad picks up the child for a few days a week, otherwise there will always be three of you in a relationship, and this really complicates the situation a little. Willy-nilly, you begin to understand married men who have mistresses, they have to get out in much the same way.

But on the other hand, all these difficulties are an excellent test of strength. If a man is not afraid of the prospect of looking for answers to all these questions together, then he is the one you need. The worst thing you can do is try to hide all the problems from him in the hope that later everything will work itself out somehow. Practice shows that "on its own" and "somehow" does not happen. So, do not be afraid to voice what worries you and what difficulties lie in wait. If a person is interested in you, he will not run away without looking back just because for some time he will have to take into account your circumstances and adapt to them. There are actually a lot of men who are ready for this, just open your heart and let someone take care of you!

They did it!

When Vadim called me on a first date, I immediately said that I would have to take my daughter with me, since there was no one to leave her with even for a couple of hours. Of course, I was worried about how things would turn out. But Vadik immediately got involved in the situation, chose a restaurant with a good playroom, fed his daughter with ice cream, despite my protests, taught her how to make boats out of napkins. In the end, the evening was a lot of fun. After that, we immediately chose places where it would be fun not only for us, but also for the child. So the three of us went on all dates, and six months later he proposed to us. Later, Vadik said that he was even pleased with this development of events, he could immediately see what kind of family we would have, whether I was a good mother and how the three of us would get along. And the result did not disappoint him, we have been getting along well for five years and now we are expecting a second child.
Ekaterina, 28 years old.

Igor was a friend of our family, but he never showed any attention to me. So I was very surprised when, after my divorce, he began to drop in on my son and me. I didn’t even immediately realize that he was caring for me, but when I realized, I laughed for a long time. He is six years younger than me, handsome, promising. And I'm a divorcee with a child in her thirties. I immediately told him that we would not succeed. But Igor did not give up, for almost a year he sought my location. Only after that I believed that he was very serious. This year we celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary.
Anastasia, 39 years old

At my new job, the first thing I did was put a photo of my daughter on the table. But the fact that I was raising her alone did not spread. For what? So, when a colleague from a neighboring department began to regularly call me for lunch, I did not at all think that there was something more than ordinary human sympathy behind this. It was really very easy for us to communicate, he asked me about my life, about the child, about my hobbies. Only the topic of her husband diligently bypassed, well, I kept quiet. And then at the New Year's corporate party, he confessed his love to me and said that he was ready for anything to "recapture" me from my husband. You know, that's what won me over, that he was ready to fight for my attention. You should have seen his face when I said that I was not actually married! I have never seen him so happy. The next day he moved to me with things, we have not parted for two years. True, I don’t want to get married yet, it’s still hard for me to believe that this happens. But Peter says that sooner or later he will still drag me down the aisle, if only in order to officially adopt our Varyushka and be her father not only in life, but also according to the documents.
Nadia, 26 years old.

Photo: Picture Press/Fotolink

Lina Botvinina

How to find a man if you are a single mother - video by Alena Nikolskaya anyone. Of course, if you need a man with a height of 2.5 meters, always blond with black eyes, dimples, snub-nosed and with a red beard - this is a problem.

Well, if you are a single mother with a child or several children from a previous marriage, who for some reason decided that her time has passed, this is ridiculous. Believe me, if you want, you can find a person with whom you will spend your whole life and grow old in one day - you just need to behave correctly.

But first, what you need to get rid of is the very fear that your children from a previous marriage will prevent you from building a new relationship. Right now, get these stupid thoughts out of your head and fill in the empty space with the right information - about how to behave with a man if you already have children.

Spend more time alone with him, think about the future

When you first meet your potential spouse, you should not immediately dump all your personal history on him. After all, it is possible that in the past everything was not always perfect for you, there were both disappointments and pain. Give your new relationship some time, let him fall in love with you, be enchanted. And when the time comes, talk about the past, but succinctly, briefly and exclusively in a positive way - only about the good. Remember, now you have a different life, a different story - think about the future.

Make it clear that he is not a competitor

If the conversation comes up about children, be sure to let the man know that, yes, you devote time to the child, but not all 24 hours a day. Your chosen one must understand that if everything works out for you, he will not be left without attention, he will not become a fifth wheel. He will certainly want to hear that both he and your relationship are very important to you. If a man feels that he is competing with a child in the fight for your attention, he will leave, do not allow this.

Look for a spouse and partner, not a dad

One of the most common mistakes made by single mothers is the assumption that the new man will definitely want to become a mega-father for their children. Such women are looking for a dad for their babies, but in fact they must look for a spouse and partner for themselves - this is how a man should be considered.

Learn more