How to celebrate easter alone

How to Celebrate When You Are Alone for the Holidays

I hope you noticed that I didn’t title this article, “How to Survive the Holidays, Alone.”

No! This is about making sure to celebrate the holidays if you are alone.

It all started like this. One year in September, I was strolling down the aisles of Costco and came upon the Christmas decorations. This is one of my pet peeves, Christmas in September… grrr!

Suddenly, I was knocked over by a wave of nostalgia – by memories of all my family Christmases, the magical ones I enjoyed as a child, and later, the magical ones I created for my children.

Then, dare I say it, a tinge of dread crept in. Oh no! Who me, dread? This is a new one for me. I don’t do dread.

I live alone at the moment. I had a big family life, with husband, parents, children and extended family. I have always loved the holidays – the cooking, baking, decorating, shopping, and wrapping that went along with each one of them. Whether it was Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or Labor Day, I was Miss Cornball with the lights or bunting and appropriate food at the ready.

But times change of course and my children have grown and flown. I felt a bit iffy – for a moment. Right then and there, in Costco, I made a promise to myself, “I don’t want to ‘get through’ the holidays. I need to find a new way to celebrate them.”

Just as I used to plan for holidays in the past – all those lists I used to make! – I realized it is just as important, if not more important, to make a plan for being alone, and not just let the holiday ambush me. I deserve a plan for one.

Now that I no longer “have” to do certain activities or bake certain things, I’m free! In the past, I had my rituals, my kids expected certain foods, etc. Now I’m free to invent new moments, discover new ways to mark a day that can be difficult for so many of us.

So I asked myself: Liza, what do you really want to do on… fill in the blank: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day?

Then I remembered how one January, at the Sunday symphony matinee, I spied a couple I hadn’t seen in ages, “So, what did you guys do for Christmas?” I asked.

“We decided to escape from all the craziness, the parties, the food, the booze,” Grant said with glee. Clifford continued, “We went to the beach and got away from it all. It was marvelous. We drank champagne and stared at the ocean.”

The words from the Christmas carol, “Silent Night” came to me: “All is calm, all is bright.” Sounded perfect to me!

I can say “no” now! What a concept!

What I will say no to: Gatherings that I really don’t want to go to. Socializing with people I don’t feel like seeing. No to: “But Liza, maybe it would be ‘good’ for you to get out.” No to eating too much (because it’s there) and drinking too much (because it’s there). No to inviting someone over simply because I feel sorry for them or because I think it will be cheerier if someone is at my house. If it’s someone I really want to see, great. Otherwise, no thank you.

And most important, I will say no to: Wishing I had planned something. Because I will plan. For me.

I adore Christmas Eve. The day is palpable with love, desire, wishes, expectations. Just because I’m alone, that won’t change. So I will participate in the collective consciousness by doing the kitchen prep work for my Christmas Day meal.

I love to cook, not “even for one,” but rather, “especially for one.” So whilst everyone in the world is wrapping and cooking I will be too. I’ll do the kitchen prep and then reward myself with a steaming cup of tea, one of my favorite Dark Chocolate Crackles, a recipe I share every year, and a Really Good Book. That’s my idea of heaven.

In the evening, I will sip from a bottle of Very Good Wine and write a gratitude letter for the year past and a wish list for the year to come. For my Christmas Eve supper, I will sup happily on Julia Child’s French onion soup complete with all the gooey cheese and toast floating on top. How sumptuous is that? And how clever are those French for making something so sensually delicious from water and onions?!

I liked the beach idea. It feels fresh and cleansing to me. So whilst the world is sleeping late after the revelries of Christmas Eve, I will wake up early, drive to the beach and go for a long walk. I will enjoy a thermos of hot, creamy cafe au lait and delicate sandwiches of smoked salmon on pumpernickel with honey mustard as I breathe deep the fresh salt air and give thanks for all the goodness in my life.

When I get home, I’ll open a bottle of bubbly and then have a feast. No bowl of cereal for this singleton. I’ve decided to make my Christmas classic but in mini style. A mini beef wellington is so manageable with a small beef tenderloin and the Boxing Day leftovers will be wonderful. Even though he’s a scoundrel, I adore Gordon Ramsey’s recipe. Doesn’t it look easy? Guess what, it is!

You deserve to treat yourself like a queen on any holiday. Because if you don’t, who will? If you don’t honor the day, the day won’t honor you. No need to feel left out. Light the fireplace, cue up a good movie on Netflix, open a bottle of something special and cozy down. Gemutlichkeit, Hygge, it’s all about comfort.

I have never been a fan of New Year’s Eve, the false gaiety or sudden moroseness that can come upon everyone who’s trying to be of good cheer. Celebrating something so arbitrary is not my style, so I use the occasion to suit my way.

This year, I plan to light candles and sup on creamy scrambled eggs dolloped with caviar and sour cream as I watch the New Year roll around the world on CNN. The next day, I’ll have a few friends over for a big pot of comfort food, chili con carne with all the fixin’s.

Friends, all I ask is this: This holiday season, take good care of you. Wishing you peace and love, and wherever you are, whomever you are with: celebrate yourself!

What will you be doing this holiday season? We’d love to hear about your different customs and activities. And if you will be celebrating alone, please tell us your plans. Please join the conversation.

9 Fun Ways To Celebrate Easter As An Adult, If You Don't Observe It Traditionally


by Chrissa Hardy


When you're a kid growing up in a Christian, or even mildly Christian-adjacent household, you have to celebrate Easter Sunday the way your family chooses to do so. You might have to dress up, attend church, and then sit down together as a family and enjoy a giant ham. But when you're an adult, you can celebrate Easter however you choose. You can go home to see the family, but you can also stick with friends, have a bunch of Peeptinis, and create your own traditions. And honestly, the latter is just way more fun.

Not that the Easters of your past weren't fun. I mean, there was a bunny who delivered toys and candy nestled in fake grass, for crying out loud. Those were good times.

Once you're an adult living on your own, however, you have the freedom to spend holidays doing exactly what you want to do. If you don't see the family this year, at least give them a call. But then, feel free to bask in the beauty of a grownup Easter with friends, your pets, or just you and your TV.

Here are a bunch of fun ways to celebrate Easter as an adult.

1. Sleep Extra Late

If you don't observe the holiday from a traditionally religious standpoint, you don't need to set your alarm to get up early and head to church. Or go visit your aunt for a big Easter breakfast. You can sleep as late as you want. And you work hard, so you deserve this restful splurge.

2. Have Peeps For Breakfast

Add peeps to your pancakes. Dip them in your yogurt. Make your Lucky Charms extra lucky with some mini Peeps. Eat a Peep cupcake while sipping your coffee. Your mom isn't here. She doesn't need to know how much sugar you're eating first thing in the morning. This is what adulthood is all about.

3. Have A Boozy Brunch

Make a date with your besties to celebrate the big bunny and everything else Easter over omelettes and bottomless mimosas.

4. Give Yourself An Easter Basket

You know what's better than getting an Easter basket full of goodies from your parents? Giving yourself an Easter basket full of goodies that YOU picked out. And even though there's sometimes weird societal shame tied to buying yourself gifts on holidays, who cares? You deserve all the wonderful things, and who knows what you love better than you?

5. Don't Put On Real Pants

Easter is an important day for attire. It's all pastels and spring dresses and nice shoes. But being an adult includes deciding what you are most comfortable in and making your own fashion rules. So if you don't want to wear pants, or even pastels, or change out of your sweats, guess what? That's OK!

6. Make Your Own Traditions

You don't have to do what your family has always done for Easter. You can do your own thing and create your own traditions. If you want to skip the ham and eat pizza — you can! If you want to wear all black and watch You've Got Mail instead of a classic Easter flick, that's your call. Adulthood is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

7. Have An Egg Race For Money

Gather your favorite humans together, crack open some beers, and then see who can walk in a straight line with an egg on a spoon. Place bets. Raise the stakes. Make the loser do something ridiculous. Give the winner all the money. Make it awesome.

8. Dress Up Your Nails

Call it a treat. Call it self-care. Call it whatever you want to call it — just get yourself a mani for Easter. You can go all pastels, bunny ears, Easter eggs, or even just black nails if you want to boycott the spring color scheme. It's a fantastic excuse for a relaxing hour.

9. Don't Watch The News

Of course it's important to stay informed about what's going on in the world, especially right now. But it's good to get some distance every now and then. You can go back to screaming internally tomorrow. Today, just chill.

How to spend a holiday alone

HOLIDAYS 12 comments

Everyone knows that it is good to spend the holidays in the company of loving and beloved people - true friends, lovers, relatives. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that on this day everyone is busy, gone, or simply disappeared from your life. However, this is by no means a reason to refuse a holiday: even in solitude, you can have a wonderful rest so that this holiday will be remembered with pleasure even after many years. It doesn't matter how old you are. It doesn't matter what holiday you are going to celebrate alone: ​​New Year, birthday, Valentine's Day, March 8th. In any case, you can and should make this day unforgettable. nine0005

Of course, each holiday has its own specifics. So, on Valentine's Day or on New Year's Eve, you can easily and naturally make new acquaintances: it's romantic and interesting. But on your birthday, you can get a significant discount in stores, and indeed, it will only be your holiday, which no one else can claim. So, how can you spend a holiday alone in order to remember it with joy?

Option one. Gastronomic

Stay at home and order your favorite pizza, a set of rolls or other delicious food from the nearest restaurant? Why not? You can arrange for yourself a great celebration of the stomach, giving up diets and restrictions for one day and allowing yourself absolutely everything. It is quite permissible to drink a glass or two of wine all alone in honor of the holiday. Alternatively, you can go to a restaurant and eat whatever you want alone. On a birthday, it is possible that the waiters will offer some kind of discount (just don’t forget your passport!), And on the days of “general” holidays, special offers usually appear in the menu of cafes and restaurants, which you should not refuse either. nine0005

Option two. Shopping

What could be more natural than going shopping on a holiday to buy gifts for yourself, your loved one? Again, you can always count on a discount on a holiday, and on the buyer’s birthday, such discounts can be very solid. Of course, shopping is more fun in the company. However, shopping alone has its advantages. For example, you plan the route yourself, no one confuses you with critical remarks, no one pulls you to other departments where you don’t need to at all. You can calmly and slowly choose a gift or several gifts for yourself, without worrying about money - it's a holiday! nine0005

Third option. Salon

This option is ideal for women. Devoting all day to your appearance - isn't it wonderful? It is advisable to choose the most favorite and pleasant procedures: for someone it is a massage, for someone it is a regular or infrared sauna, for someone it is a manicure, for someone it is cosmetic procedures. You can not leave the salon at all, pampering yourself in turn with all possible services (in such situations, many salons make big discounts). It's nice that with this way of holding a holiday, not only the process, but also the result pleases. nine0005

Fourth option. Cognitive

There are a lot of interesting short (from several hours to a couple of days) workshops where you can learn something not too serious, but extremely exciting. For a holiday, for example, a wine master class is perfect, where experienced sommeliers will talk about the intricacies of wine tasting, about the right choice of drink, about which wines are suitable for which dishes. It is worth noting that such master classes incredibly bring listeners closer to each other - in this way it is quite possible to find friends. It is also interesting to work out in various culinary courses, for example, in the preparation of sushi or cakes. The results of your training can then be eaten with appetite. For creative individuals, master classes in soap making, perfumery creation, decoupage and various handicraft techniques are suitable. Or maybe you are interested in psychological training? In any case, you will not only have a great time, but also acquire new knowledge that will never hurt. nine0005

Option five. Excursion

To some extent, this option is a kind of cognitive. It is enough to choose an interesting excursion, pay for it and go to learn something new, admire previously unknown places, photograph unfamiliar sights. You can go to another city, or you can go to the nearest museum on your own - the choice is yours. The main difficulty is to choose a really interesting excursion.

Sixth option. Entertaining

You can have fun not only in the company, but also alone. Of course, one cannot play tennis alone, but it is quite possible to ride in a zorb (a huge transparent ball). Also at your service are instructors in horseback riding, parachuting and other interesting activities. You can contact companies that offer "adventure as a gift", you can entertain yourself on your own. In any case, you will never forget such a holiday. And why not arrange a personal photo session for yourself, feeling like a professional top model for a couple of hours? The photographs taken can be admired on long winter evenings, remembering how great you had a time, they can be shown to friends and girlfriends, listening to compliments. Entertainment doesn't have to be extreme. For example, you can just go to the cinema or to the theater. If the film or performance is interesting, then you will not have to regret the absence of a satellite. nine0005

Seventh option. Lazy

Such a rest is ideal for those who are tired. Turn off all phones, stock up on CDs of your favorite movies or interesting books, and lie in bed all day lazily sipping hot chocolate (or another drink of your choice). This option goes well with the "gastronomic" - you can order your favorite food at home so as not to cook it yourself.

Eighth variant. Natural

Why not take a walk in a park or forest area if the weather permits? Golden autumn will give you a bouquet of colorful leaves, summer and spring will give you aesthetic pleasure from the beauty of blooming nature, and in winter you can fashion a “friend” out of snow and have fun.

Ninth option. Romantic

If your heart is free and you are risk-averse, then this is not the worst way to spend a holiday. You can register on a dating site, or you can go to a romantic party. According to statistics, many couples get acquainted on some kind of holiday. Perhaps you will be lucky too. The main thing is not to take this event too seriously. If the love of your life does not meet on this day, you can still have a great time in an atmosphere of romance and flirting. nine0005

Tenth option. Wellness

Of course, going to the dentist on your birthday is quite an extreme way to spend the holiday. But doing fitness or yoga, visiting a swimming pool or gym, drinking oxygen cocktails is very fashionable, original and, most importantly, useful. Why not try? Look, you'll like it, and over time it will become a habit. As a result, you will become healthier and more attractive - and this is a great gift, right? nine0005

This, of course, is not all options for spending a holiday alone - there are many more. The main thing is not to follow the lead of your own complexes and feel lonely and abandoned, but, on the contrary, treat yourself to something pleasant and spend the day with benefit.

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"Don't lose the meaning of what is happening": how to celebrate Easter?

On Sunday, April 24, all Orthodox believers will celebrate the most important holiday of the church year. Easter is one of the few Orthodox holidays that is loved and celebrated even by those who do not go to church.

“There is an amazing feature in the perception of any holiday,” says Candidate of Cultural Studies, Orthodox teacher Anastasia Abramova , author of the book “Introduction to Tradition”. – From childhood, an emotional response remains in my memory: an unforgettable multi-colored krashenka, vanilla taste of Easter cakes, and red candles for Easter. Each holiday has its own color, even smell, its own special sound, its own music.” nine0005

We tell you how to celebrate Easter correctly, as well as what you should and should not do on this day.

Rejoice and rest

In Hebrew, the word "Passover" means "transition from death to life", that is, resurrection.

“It is important to remember the meaning of the holiday – the victory of Christ over death, evil and the division of this world – and try to share this joy with others,” says Priest Georgy Kochetkov. - Nothing sad on this day should not be. Of course, you can’t quarrel, be offended and offend, sin.” nine0005

According to the priest, the easiest way to make the holiday joyful is to exclude from the diet alcohol, television and all other types of escape from reality, which destroy communication between people so much. “And remember Christ, think about how the Lord works in your life, thank God for this and share joy with friends and loved ones,” notes Georgy Kochetkov.

The priest reminds that on Easter it is not customary to do ordinary household chores. After all, God created man free, not to work, not to be in bondage to domestic and worldly affairs, but to communicate with God and people. It is with this that the tradition of celebrating holidays at a common table is connected, which in many cultures symbolizes communication, participation in each other's life. nine0005

However, freedom from everyday affairs does not mean idleness or revelry, since truly communicating, entering into the meaning of the event of the Resurrection of Christ or helping other people in this is also a serious matter, only it is not physical, but spiritual, internal.

Help yourself and treat, but do not lose the meaning of what is happening

There are no restrictions on any food on Easter and throughout Bright Week. After a strict fast, it is good, of course, not to overeat. But it is even more important to share festive dishes with guests, friends and those in need - this is an ancient custom. nine0005

In the early church, after the liturgy and communion, an indispensable continuation of the festive service was a joint meal - agapa. People at that time could not imagine that they rejoiced, took communion - and went home. Therefore, after the service, they gathered at the table to celebrate a common holiday. They shared with each other treats, joy, and also told how the Lord worked in their lives. And then they went to the deeds of mercy in order to share the grace that they were filled with during the festive divine service and the agape meal. Now this tradition is being revived in some churches: after the festive liturgy, tables are set for all parishioners right in the open air near the church. nine0005

The priest reminds that the division of the Easter cake symbolizes peace, unity and communication between all participants in the meal. Plentiful and tasty food for Easter - Easter cake, cottage cheese, eggs - one of the expressions of joy and exultation about the victory of Christ over death and hell. But the most important thing is that the meaning of the celebration is not limited to the external symbols of this joy.

In church tradition, a festive meal is also a continuation of the divine service. And, in order to fully experience the joy of the Resurrection of Christ, for a believer on this day, of course, it is important to be in the church for the liturgy and pray with all your heart. nine0005

Traditionally break the fast right after the Paschal liturgy. They treat each other and congratulate with the words "Christ is risen!", Or, in Slavic, "resurrected." It is customary to answer this: “He has truly risen!”, that is, to testify to one’s faith that this victory over death really happened. And not only in the life of Christ, but also in the life of man himself – victory over spiritual death.

“It's a pity when people pronounce these words formally, without thinking about their meaning and how this meaning is embodied in reality,” says the priest. nine0005

Easter is also the most traditional time for baptism, for new members to join the church.

Even Great Lent was originally associated precisely with the tradition of long-term preparation of people for baptism, which in ancient church communities took place only three times a year - at Easter, Epiphany and Christmas.

Easter is celebrated for forty days. This is a time of special joy for all believers.

What should not be done at Easter? nine0100

It is forbidden to fast and be sad on Easter and Bright Week. Therefore, the church charter cancels, for example, prostrations to the ground, symbolizing repentance before God.

Before the end of Bright Week, it is not customary to get married and get married, because the main thing at this time is another event - Christ's Resurrection. Church charter weddings are allowed only from the next, St. Thomas' week, or, in the popular way, from Krasnaya Gorka.

On Easter it is allowed to drink some wine, but just a little. You should never get drunk, and on Easter it is simply unacceptable. nine0005

Also, don't visit the cemetery on Easter and mourn for the departed.

“The Church never forbids praying for the dead,” says Father Georgy Kochetkov. - But it is more appropriate to do this not on the day of the celebration itself, but on Radonitsa, the ninth day after Easter. Radonitsa is simply “joy” in Russian, which we share with all the departed, who are dear to us and whom we remember.”

But even then it is not necessary to bring Easter cakes, eggs and other food to the graves. This is a pagan custom. nine0005

Bright Week

Bright Week following Easter is also a special time, extremely loved by children and adults.

Learn more