How often does the average man masturbate

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How Often Do Men Masturbate & Can You Masturbate Too Much?


Medically Reviewed How Often Do Men Masturbate & Can You Masturbate Too Much?

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How Often Do Men Masturbate & Can You Masturbate Too Much?

November 23, 2020

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Share on: How Often Do Men Masturbate & Can You Masturbate Too Much? How Often Do Men Masturbate & Can You Masturbate Too Much? How Often Do Men Masturbate & Can You Masturbate Too Much? How Often Do Men Masturbate & Can You Masturbate Too Much? How Often Do Men Masturbate & Can You Masturbate Too Much?

It can be hard to tell whether your personal masturbation habits are within the range of what's normal because people don't tend to talk about this stuff openly. So here's how often men masturbate, plus all your FAQs about male masturbation, sperm concerns, and jerking off regularly.

How often men masturbate.

Some men masturbate weekly, some men masturbate daily, some masturbate a few times a month, and still others hardly masturbate at all. All of these masturbation frequencies are considered within the normal range for men.

Here's how often men between ages 25 and 29 masturbate, according to 2009 data from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, as collected by FiveThirtyEight:

  • 17% had not masturbated in the past year
  • 15% masturbate a few times per year to monthly
  • 25% masturbate a few times per month to weekly
  • 23% masturbate 2 to 3 times per week
  • 20% masturbate more than 4 times per week

In comparison, a 2008 study of British people between ages 16 and 44 found 73% of men had masturbated in the past four weeks, compared to 37% of women. (Here's our guide to how often women should masturbate, for reference.)

"There is a ton of variation in how much people masturbate, and it fluctuates throughout our lives due to things like health, stress, schedule, desire, partnerships with others, and so forth," sex and relationship therapist Shadeen Francis, LMFT, tells mbg.

How often you should masturbate.

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"There is no set standard for frequency of masturbation," board-certified urologist Jamin Brahmbhatt, M.D., tells mbg. "Daily, weekly,'s personal preference."

Masturbation is a common and very low-risk habit, and in fact, masturbation comes with many health benefits. In general, people should masturbate as often as it feels good for them. "You should masturbate whenever you want to and have the time and privacy to do so," Francis says. "Pleasure is healthy."

A 2016 study found men who ejaculate 21 times a month or more were significantly less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer, compared to people who ejaculated four to seven times per month. That isn't to say everyone must masturbate that often; it's just a signal that regular masturbation can be beneficial to overall health.

Can you masturbate too much?

In general, most people don't have to worry about masturbating too much. Of course, even healthy habits can become unhealthy if done in excess or in extremes, and that's as true for masturbation as it is for habits like exercise and hand-washing. How much masturbation is too much will vary from person to person.

"There is no objective measure of how much anyone should masturbate," Francis explains. "Your health is an individual consideration. If your masturbation habits are causing you mental, emotional, relational, or physical distress, that is an indicator that you may be masturbating more than is currently healthy for you. "

Here are a few signs your current masturbation habits may not be serving you, according to Francis:

  • Masturbation feels like a need instead of a choice.
  • Masturbation no longer feels pleasurable due to pain, numbness, or a loss of pleasing sensations.
  • Your masturbation is interfering with your ability to have a satisfying sex life with partners.
  • You're struggling to keep up with your responsibilities or daily life because of how often you masturbate.

In general, there's no set amount of masturbation that's considered "too much" across the board. Some people masturbate several times a day without any negative consequences. If a person is satisfied with how often they masturbate and doesn't feel like it negatively affects other parts of their life, then that's the right amount of masturbation for them.

What happens if you jerk off every day?

"There are no known downsides or major side effects to daily masturbation," Brahmbhatt says. The same goes for daily ejaculation and daily sex, he adds.

The biggest risks of frequent masturbation have more to do with how a person masturbates than how often they do it, Francis explains. For example, she notes there's a chance of tissue damage or skin irritation if a person masturbates really vigorously without enough lubrication. (Soreness, tenderness, swelling, or bruising would be signs if this were the case, she adds.)

A person can also get used to a particular type of stimulation or stroke. "If a person enjoys masturbating in a specific routinized way (e.g., always sitting in a chair, or to pornography, or with a tight fist) and only masturbates in that way, they may notice difficulty maintaining their [erection] or reaching orgasm in partnered sex if it doesn't mirror what they do when they're alone," Francis explains. "To avoid this potential risk, men can try switching things up every so often in their masturbation practice, and they also could add in some of their solo play activities to partnered sex!"

Can you run out of sperm?

You cannot run out of sperm from frequent masturbation. Adults with penises produce new sperm every single day and will continue to do so their entire lives, barring any medical complications.

If you're currently trying to conceive and begin a pregnancy, masturbation can affect sperm count and quality. As Brahmbhatt explains, if you've recently ejaculated, your next ejaculation may have a lower volume of fluid, a lower sperm count, and a lower concentration of sperm because your body may not have had enough time to build back its sperm (and sperm fluids) just yet.

"When patients have to give us a semen sample, we ask them to refrain from ejaculation for two days prior to giving us a sample," he notes. "If you have a normal system, you should always have some sperm in your ejaculate, even if you have emptied five times in one day. You may just not have a high count of sperm."

Benefits of masturbation.

There are many physical and mental benefits of masturbation, including:

  • Stress relief
  • Improved mood
  • Increased energy
  • Higher pain tolerance
  • Reduced risk of prostate cancer
  • Relieving period cramps
  • Improved pelvic floor strength
  • Improved sleep
  • Can improve libido
  • Can help people with penises last longer during subsequent partnered sex

Benefits of not masturbating.

Some people choose not to masturbate for personal, spiritual, or religious reasons. "Some feel controlling their desire to masturbate helps their mental focus and other aspects of their life," Brahmbhatt explains.

For some people, some potential benefits of not masturbating may include:

  • More self-control
  • More self-awareness
  • Better sperm quality in your next ejaculation
  • May make it easier for people with penises to reach orgasm during partnered sex if they haven't ejaculated recently
  • May be linked to increased testosterone, according to some studies

Abstaining from masturbation can be part of semen retention, a spiritual sexual practice wherein people avoid ejaculation because they believe semen is a source of "life force energy.

The bottom line.

There's a lot of variety when it comes to how often men masturbate. Some men masturbate daily or more, others masturbate rarely or never, and still many others fall somewhere in between.

In general, masturbation is a healthy, safe, and normal habit, and most people don't have to worry about masturbating "too much." If your masturbation habits are causing you any physical or emotional trouble, reach out to a professional who can help. You may also want to consider adjusting your masturbation frequency if you're trying to conceive, to last longer in bed, or to reach orgasm more easily. Otherwise, whatever feels good to you probably is good for you.

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How Often Do Americans Masturbate?

According to Thomas Lacquer’s 2003 book, Solitary Sex: A Cultural History of Masturbation, masturbation as we know it was invented in 1713. By that, he meant that while masturbation may have always existed, it was only in the early 18th century that the phenomenon was named a new “disease,” creating a “nearly universal engine for generating guilt, shame, and anxiety.” 

Today, masturbation is much more openly discussed, and some of the stigmas around it have lessened. With the dawn of the internet age, it’s hard to ignore the fact that 20% of mobile searches are for pornography, for example. According to WebMD, masturbation is now regarded as a normal, healthy sexual activity that is pleasant, fulfilling, acceptable, and safe, and many have even written guides on how to do it. Plenty of research has shown that masturbation has multiple health benefits.

With all of this in mind, we wanted to take a look at the state of masturbation today in the United States. How do we do it, and how often? What do masturbation and monogamy look like together? Where do our feelings around masturbation stand? 

To find out, we conducted a survey of 1,040 adult Americans, asking them a variety of questions on their masturbation habits. Our respondents included individuals of various sexual orientations, sexual experience, relationship statuses, and genders. Read on to discover our findings.

How Often Do Americans Masturbate?

First, we wanted to know how often Americans masturbate. Overall, the answer is about 12 times a month on average. This number is consistent when considering just heterosexual people but was slightly higher for homosexual respondents, who reported masturbating 14.2 times per month.

We also found that men masturbate almost twice as much as women: 14.8 times per month versus 7.8 times per month. Additionally, virgins tend to masturbate less frequently than non-virgins (10.5 versus 13 times per month), and single people tend to masturbate much more frequently than those in a relationship (16 versus 11 times per month). 

Who Do Americans Fantasize About?

While masturbating is often a solo act, we wanted to know what kinds of people come to mind most often for our respondents. The most common answer, it turns out, was celebrities, with 34.4% of people fantasizing about them. Close behind was ex-romantic partners (33.6%)  and friends (33%).

Pornstars (28.8%) and missed connections (21.5%) are also common fantasy material. Some even enjoy fantasizing about others who are more taboo, such as coworkers (18%) and teachers or authority figures (10.6%). Overall, about 25% of people only fantasize about their partners.

How Do Americans Feel About Masturbation?

As we mentioned before, masturbation has been stigmatized for so long that we wondered how much of those negative feelings remain. Luckily, our statistics show some improvement in feelings toward masturbation over time.

31.6% of our respondents thought masturbation was shameful when they were young. However, there is a narrow difference between that amount and 31.3% of respondents who thought that it was healthy or natural. Many (28.2%) had no perception at all or were neutral about it.

We are happy to report that most people experience positive emotions after masturbating. Most people said that they felt relaxed and ready to sleep (34.8%), in a better mood / feeling good, energized (10.2%), or empowered (8. 8%). 

7.8% of people said they feel guilty or ashamed after masturbating. Others said they’re still wanting more (6.3%), none of the above (5%), or other (2.6%).

How Often Do Americans Use Sex Toys When Masturbating?

We also decided to look into the use of sex toys during masturbation. As it turns out, 49.4% of people don’t use sex toys ever when masturbating. Comparatively, 7.9% of people use a sex toy every time they masturbate. 

For many people, sex toys are an infrequent occurrence in their masturbation habits. They reported using them less than 25% of the time (13.3%), about 25% of the time (8.3%), about half the time (10.1%), or about 75% of the time (11.1%). However, 29% of people usually use lube while masturbating.

Things Americans Admit to Doing While Masturbating

Now, what do masturbation sessions look like for many Americans? How often do they involve communication with someone else? Our “Select All That Apply” survey question revealed some insights. 36.1% of people admit to texting or sexting someone while they masturbate, and 34.1% admit to being on a phone call.

Similarly, 31.1% of people have been on a video call while masturbating, and 21.9% of people have watched or interacted with a “camgirl” or a “camguy.” Of course, many people might not find these things to be a turn on, or just haven’t tried them yet, as indicated by the 35.6% of people who have done none of these.

The Porn Preferences of Americans

And finally, as we discussed in the introduction, it is virtually impossible to separate discussions on porn and masturbation in the 21st century. We asked our respondents about their porn preferences and pulled out our most interesting insights.

We learned that 1 in 4 people watch porn every time they masturbate and that men are 1.8x more likely than women to do so. In fact, 22% of women say they never watch porn, while only 6% of men say that. Porn is also more popular with people who are not currently in relationships, who are 1. 3x more likely to watch porn every time they masturbate.

Some other interesting porn preferences included: virgins are 2.2x more likely to primarily watch solo performer porn, and 18% of homosexuals indicated that they primarily watch straight porn when masturbating.

What We Learned

Overall, this survey was an interesting exercise in uncovering masturbation habits and preferences in current U.S. culture. Similar to our study on coming out experiences, many Americans seem to have benefitted from the decreased stigma in our culture surrounding this topic and are able to have a positive relationship with their own sexuality as a result. 

We are always interested in making sure there is abundant, readily available information online teaching everyday people how to make sexual decisions safely. We hope this survey helped you learn something new.

How many times a day can you masturbate? Urologist debunked men's myths


Anastasia Ospanova, a urologist and andrologist, doctor of the highest category, winner of the "Altyn dariger" award, maintains a popular blog on Instagram, where she shares tips on men's health. In an interview with EK, she debunked some myths.

- In The Wolf of Wall Street, Matthew McConaughey's character advises a newcomer, the character playing Leonardo DiCaprio, to masturbate twice a day so he doesn't "get his threads off." But in the CIS there are entire "online sects" calling for refraining from masturbation. So how do you deal with this thorny issue?

– Yes, indeed, there are such myths that masturbation can lead to male infertility, blindness and other diseases, says Anastasia Ospanova. Some people think it's a big sin. As for doctors, we consider this the norm during certain periods of puberty. That is, when the boy begins to mature and hormones boil in the blood, he begins to masturbate. And this is the absolute norm. There are no specific limits on how many times you can do this, and how many you can’t. It depends on temperament and hormonal activity. Over time, masturbation should be replaced by sex, when the boy becomes a guy. In some cases, when sexually mature men do not have the opportunity to have sex, we allow and even recommend masturbation. But, of course, when a mature man lives with his wife in the same house and is fond of masturbation, then this is not normal.

In general, masturbation is the norm for a certain period of a man's life. Basically, this is a youthful period and when there is no permanent partner.

- In the latest ranking, Kazakhstan ranked 63rd in the world in terms of the size of the genitals. The average length of our penises was 13.46 cm when erect. Do urological problems depend on the size of the "little brother"?

– In 2012, the average length of Kazakhstani penises was 12.7 cm. What can I say that we have grown a little in nine years. This, of course, pleases, but Asians in general cannot boast of the large size of their genitals than, say, citizens of African republics. But I want to assure you that there is no difference whether it is very long or less long; this does not affect urological diseases in any way. Equally often or rarely, both large manhoods and small ones get sick. Therefore, whatever the size, the main thing is that the sexual organ be healthy.

- We live in Nur-Sultan and it's quite cold here. I personally spent the whole winter in two underpants. Am I doing the right thing? Because there are men who reject them, supposedly it makes them fat.

- Regarding the cold season. My main recommendation is to always dress appropriately for the weather. If it's -25 outside, and you are wearing light sneakers and thin jeans, then there is a very high risk of chilling your manhood.

View this post on Instagram
Publication from UROLOGIST-ANDROLOGIST ASTANA (@urolog_androlog_astana_)

And the majority of patients who come with complaints of prostate disease sin that hypothermia has taken place. Therefore, those who do not wear underpants in winter should understand that there is a high risk of developing prostatitis. Therefore, do not look at fashion, but look at the weather. Dress warmly.

- You blog a lot about problems with premature ejaculation. Does such a problem exist?

- Yes, indeed I write about this on my blog a lot, because this is a very popular question. The duration of sexual intercourse worries many men and young guys. This is a very important factor in the development of a guy as a man who begins to have sex. The fact is that by the duration of sexual intercourse, women judge the experience of men.

Premature ejaculation is divided into three categories. The first is when a guy is just starting to have sex, of course, there is a factor of excitement. Firstly, the head of the penis is very sensitive, plus he has little experience. I always compare this to the fact that when you are hungry, you immediately pounce on food. The same thing happens in sex - young guys very quickly reach orgasm due to an overabundance of sensitivity. In the process of regular sexual life, the duration of sexual intercourse will increase.

It also happens that the duration of sexual intercourse suits you, but suddenly at some point it becomes short. This is due to external factors. It can be stress, worries, inflammatory diseases, for example, of the thyroid gland. Therefore, it is worth considering when everything was fine with you, and suddenly it became very fast. Then you need to see a doctor.

And the third option is when, regardless of experience, sexual partner and the regularity of sexual life, sex, alas, is short-lived. This suggests that the glans penis is a very erogenous zone. One has only to touch it - and it turns out an orgasm. In such cases, urologists intervene and carry out a number of certain procedures in order to reduce the sensitivity of the head and increase the duration of sexual intercourse.

– There are very few public toilets in the capital. Isn't it bad for men and women to endure home?

- Indeed, there is one big problem in the capital - a small number of public toilets, and in some places - their complete absence. To endure sufficient time is harmful for both men and women. Urine is a waste product of the body, it must be excreted on time, so this problem must be solved. Many women start going to the toilet in advance, because they know that on the way they will not meet a public toilet anywhere, which is quite harmful for their body. People should go to the toilet on call.

- Lately it has become very fashionable to talk about prostate massage. Glamorous women's magazines write about him, some dubious massage parlors provide such a service. Is it a panacea for men's ills?

- I want to say that back in 2005, the European Association of Urology issued a resolution in which it was clearly and clearly stated that there is no evidence base for prostate massage as a medical procedure. That is, the best and most effective for a man is when the prostate gland is completely emptied during intercourse. Therefore, the doctor's task is to establish the patient's sexual life. And now modern urologists no longer do prostate massage.

View this post on Instagram
Publication from ASTANA UROLOGIST-ANDROLOGIST (@urolog_androlog_astana_)

As for the prostate massage offered by various masseuses who do not have a medical education, this is a kind of sex service. I think that this is not necessary. Yes, it may be present as some kind of sexual game, but in moderation. You don't need to abuse it. It is possible to damage the rectal mucosa or the prostate gland by improper handling and doing it without indications. Moreover, this cannot be done during an acute inflammatory process.

A man who agrees to a prostate massage, even as a sexual foreplay, must be sure that his prostate is absolutely healthy.

Harm and benefits of onanism to an adult man after 50 years

Hello readers of the site Today, we really need to understand what are the harms and benefits of masturbation for men.

The word masturbation or masturbation comes from the Latin manu and turbatus (to excite with one hand). Its harm and benefit have been argued for many years. Some hypotheses are not based on scientific facts and are simply lies. So somehow not all pseudo-scientific sources can be trusted. There is also a special religious attitude towards masturbation. I will not check this position. It is in this sea of ​​information that the truth lies why the statement about the "harms and benefits of adult masturbation" is gaining momentum among people, and why this issue bothers men so much, I will try to understand why.

Can masturbation become a prostatitis prevention

Opinions are divided. The main argument of masturbation proponents is the determination that masturbation prevents congestion in the reproductive system, including prostatitis. There are many questions and studies on this subject by people who are called scientists.

Contrary to this argument, the human body is not designed for aggressive and regular stimulation of the genital organs, and the fact that the body takes its countermeasures, in the form of contamination, when it is necessary to remove excess sexual secretions.

Masturbation as a treatment for prostatitis

Can masturbation cure prostatitis? Answer No. The healing of inflammation requires a comprehensive treatment prescribed by a doctor, and during the period of treatment, frequent masturbation should be avoided so as not to irritate an already inflamed organ.

Masturbation - a method of fighting depression

Next, advocates of masturbation argue with antidepressants about the effect of ejaculation on the body. It turns out that during ejaculation, the brain releases a large amount of hormones that stimulate a sense of well-being. The deceived organism encourages the natural fulfillment of the function of reproduction and "rewards" the person with the release of hormones.

This glow will not adversely affect irregular ejaculation. However, if this is repeated frequently, especially for an avid masturbator who may masturbate several times a day, it can exhaust the nervous system and deplete the body's reserves. This is why men feel overwhelmed and overwhelmed when they masturbate. Masturbation is followed by a period of recovery of the body from the stress it has experienced, and the repetition of such actions inevitably drives even deeper into the dopamine-dependent masturbation "trap".

Masturbation and hormones

It seems that some YouTubers introduce the results of the analysis of greedy masturbation for the content of hormones such as testosterone and prolactin in the body before and after abstinence on the attached abstinence channel. They show that over time, low testosterone levels increased and affected the physical condition of men. I feel like I have improved my physical strength and gained confidence. Patients with elevated levels of prolactin complain of a decrease in sexual activity. There is a fact that the content of androgens in the male body decreases, as a result of which the sexual life of the male is disrupted. If your hormones are in balance, masturbation will not be affected and your stamina will recover quickly after rest.

Sex with a partner and masturbation

Will masturbation replace a real partner? Many people might say that masturbation is a great way to release pent-up energy when you're not around, but it's also a road to nowhere. A man withdraws into himself and cannot find the strength to meet a real woman.

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They do not look attractive to women because they do not contain the hormone testosterone. Instead of masturbating frequently, you can channel your sexual energy into a beneficial direction. Here is a list of extraordinary people who put their sex life on the back burner, dedicating themselves to work.

  • Nikola Tesla was extremely popular with women, but he believed in libido suppression. He considered sexual contacts a waste of time and claimed that they hindered his achievements. His achievements are known to most people and it makes no sense to list them.
  • Isaac Newton was also very interested in women and advocated not masturbating even though he was comfortable spending time with them. As can be seen from his letters, he was often depressed and unable to constantly struggle with the "temptations of the flesh" that affected his work.
  • Immanuel Kant He was very positive about sex with women and extremely negative about masturbation. I was convinced that masturbation was the cause of male meanness. The ability to deal with one's internal destructive impulses makes a person more measured, purposeful and purposeful.

Don't give up sex with your real partner by giving up masturbation. A completely different process takes place in the human nervous system. After masturbation, a man experiences a sense of satisfaction that is incomparable to drowsiness. Tactile sensations, pheromone smells, visual touch are all absent from masturbation.

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Masturbation after age 50

As for the benefits and risks of masturbation for men, not much can be said about masturbation around the age of 50, but about the younger generation. According to the British journal Urology International, 50 years later, masturbation benefits men. Some of that sex could prevent prostate cancer, but that's only 50 years from now. Don't rely on masturbation alone, and don't forget about proper nutrition throughout your life to keep your reproductive system healthy for years to come.

So let's sum it up

It's up to you to masturbate or not, but I gave you a few arguments to make you think - is it necessary? Working for yourself and your future is the opposite of frequent masturbation. No drive or desire to make her life better. If a complete rejection of masturbation is not possible and there is no legal partner, you should limit the number of masturbations and take care of yourself and your work. The idea is that women should feel male energy and should not be deprived of female attention, so they need to change without a second glance in order to find a life partner. First of all, you need to take care of yourself and make the changes in your life that you have always dreamed of. take care of your health

I finally got ready to watch a video on this topic.

Studies show that levels of neutralizing antibodies against coronaviruses decrease over time. Review is necessary to ensure prevention. In some countries this has already begun in earnest. Nearly 18 million people in Germany received a third dose, and Israel has started a fourth dose for people over 60 and healthcare workers. I will tell you what expertise is being done in Russia.

What is revaccination and why is it needed?

The second test is the second vaccine. It is designed to restore previous levels of protection against certain infections because, over time, vaccines reduce the immune defenses (such as antibody levels) that the body makes against infections.

Today, repeated vaccinations against coronavirus raise many questions. Many mistakenly believe that revaccination is used only for coronavirus infection. But the fact that it protects against many diseases such as hepatitis B, tetanus, perthres and influenza is a breakthrough. Every year, to respond to flu viruses that change every minute, we vaccinate against Jack Paws. Therefore, the introduction of vaccines is a matter of course in the medical world.

Repeated testing increases the amount of antibodies in the body and refreshes the cellular memory of supporting the infection. Image: pikisuperstar/

Initially, there will be no repeat tests due to the coronavirus. However, a few months after the vaccination, the protection decreased and more aggressive new strains appeared, which puzzled scientists and physicians. After that, the situation became more and more appealing to the need for revision.

Is there a new epidemic Stealth Omicron Covid-19?

Will another wave of the pandemic threaten us, how dangerous are new strains of strains, it is difficult not only to transfer, but also effective methods of prevention, says Professor Oksana Anatolyevna Gizinger.

When is the best time to review?

“It's best to retake it in six months. When BAC falls below 100, antibodies should be monitored, but can already be reviewed.

For re-testing in Russia, a "satellite" is recommended, but it is better to create a complete "satellite". In this case, it is desirable to leave as much time as possible between the first and second doses. The recovery period is three months, after which the protection period is extended. A series of steps is to test for antibodies 6 months after the first vaccination. If low (most likely low), V3 (retest with first dose), check antibodies again 1 month later. If all is well, perform V4 (retest with 2nd dose) in 2 months. If the level of antibodies after V3 is still low, V4 can be done as usual after the first dose. Therefore, it is important to monitor antibodies. "


Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh, UK

Israel is the first country to start mass retesting. In October 2021, the New England Journal of Science published an article reporting the results of a large study on the effects of boosting coronavirus vaccines. The scientists analyzed data from more than a million patients over 60 years of age and divided them into groups who received booster therapy and did not receive it. They found that the booster group had 11.3 times fewer cases and 19.5 times fewer severe cases of COVID-19.

The crown never gives up, always mutating and making people reconsider. Photo

How long does the vaccine last?

There is no clear answer to this question. Here it depends not only on the vaccine itself, but also on people. The effect of the vaccine remains for more than 9-12 months, while others remain 6 months (or less). It is important to understand that all existing vaccines do not 100% prevent infection.

Vector + mRNA = effective combination

The combination of "vector vaccine" and "mRNA vaccine" is the most effective. In other words, it's best to get two vaccinations, such as "Satellite V". After six months, if you get a retest of the MRNC vaccine (Fathers/Biotech Associated with Foreign Affairs, Modena), that's enough. Vector vaccines can fully activate T cell ligand and B cell mRNA ligand. By using these vaccines together, you can get stable immunity. ""


Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh, UK

Recent studies (December 2021) have shown that the average antibody level after a second vaccination with Cornati (Pfizer/Biotech) vaccine will decrease in the first six months. It turns out that neutralized antibodies disappear faster than women. In addition, immunity to vaccines will fall as soon as 65 years of age.

Difficult to judge the effectiveness of a vaccine

The characteristics of the organism and the type of vaccine are far from the only factor that determines the effectiveness of the vaccine against the colon virus. It also depends a lot on viruses. A new system is born every day. This is the essence of viruses and viruses that often contain a variation of RNA than DNA. Corona stock written in Wednesday represents the stress that has a significant impact on the pandemic process. In fact, these systems vary by thousands.

The second "encounter" with the virus is a factor that researchers cannot understand the real effectiveness of the vaccine. In Russia, antibodies to the Corona are actively acting. And even if there is no apparent reason, many people notice that antibody levels rise after a while. This indicates that he came into contact with the virus and then triggered the immune system.

When should I get a revaccination?

The policy of this problem varies from country to country. However, in many cases, the examination period is 6 months. The Russian Ministry of Health also recommends boosters six months after receiving the second vaccination, illness and disease. Recent US studies have shown that vaccinations can protect coronas.

In the United States, a 6-month boost interval has been established in Comirnaty (Pfizer/Biontech) and Spikevax (Moderna) vaccine. However, Johnson's Johnson End Johnson vaccine requires every other month.

Figure 1. How to judge in the Russian Federation. Source of the Russian Ministry of Health

When is revaccination against coronavirus needed by Sputnik?

Sputnik V must be re-examined six months after vaccination or full course, which passed into Kobid. It is recommended to use a disposable "Citrle Light" as a booster.

Omicron is not so scary. Vaccine is valid

Vaccines and panic for the "project of omen" are not justified. No vaccine gives immunity immunity to the corona. In other words, people are infected. However, it is important to see the progress of the disease. All career vaccines and mRNAs are completely protected against serious diseases, including the case of infection with the new Omicron.

Omicrons are not as scary as many initially thought, and vaccines against them work. A very good example is England. Omicron has been around for a while since the fall, infecting the most people in the history of the pandemic. However, the number of hospitalizations and deaths did not increase. Hospitalization rates are also cyclically declining. "


Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh, UK

Which drug should I choose?

Several Covid vaccines are currently being used in Russia.

  • Sputnik V is a two-component vector vaccine.
  • Sputnik Lite is a one-component vector vaccine.
  • Sputnik M is a two-component vector vaccine for adolescents 12-17 years old (coming soon).
  • Kovivac is an inactivated coronavirus vaccine.
  • EpiVacCorona is a peptide vaccine.

Which Russian vaccine to choose for revaccination?

Kovivac and EpiVacCorona are little studied and have not yet been studied as primary vaccines or boosters. According to preliminary data, immunity does not improve after Sputnik V, so Sputnik is recommended for revaccination. "Sputnik" as a revaccination after "kobe-bak" can give good results, but "kobe-bak" with "satellite" does not increase the immune response. «


Researcher, University of Edinburgh, UK

Contraindications for revaccination

Contraindications for revaccination are the same as for vaccination. If an allergic reaction occurs after the first dose, a second dose (booster) should be administered with another drug (if possible). Anaphylactic shock (severe allergic symptoms that can be fatal) is the only absolute contraindication (lifetime contraindication) to vaccination. All other contraindications are temporary. This is:

  • Acute illness above 38°C. Vaccination in this case should be carried out 2 weeks after recovery.
  • Exacerbation of a chronic disease or autoimmune disease.
  • Severe cancer after recent bone marrow transplant or chemotherapy.
  • Treatment with monoclonal antibodies. In this case, the terms of revaccination (vaccination) are 90 days after the end of treatment.
  • Vaccination against other infectious diseases.

Preparing for revaccination

Preliminary preparation for revaccination is not required. In Russia, doctors recommend that people with chronic diseases (over 45 years old) first consult a doctor and take blood and urine tests. However, in Europe and the USA there is no such custom, and everyone is allowed to be vaccinated. In a pandemic, when medical facilities are overcrowded and there are not enough doctors to treat patients, prevaccination will be counterproductive.

Should I check my antibody levels before I get a booster?

“An antibody measurement is required before revaccination. If 6 months have passed since vaccination or illness, revaccination may be required. A revaccination may not be needed and a high antibody level will lower the titer or at least be useless.


Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh, UK

The only condition is that precautions against viral diseases are observed. Wear a mask in public, keep your distance and minimize contact. This will reduce the chances of contracting coronavirus or other SARS before vaccination.

Reviews in Russia can only recommend "Satellite V" or "Satellite Lite". Photo

Possible side effects after revaccination

In most cases, retesting (like vaccination) is carried out without side effects. In this case, individual reactions are possible, for example, allergic reactions to drugs.

The side effects of vaccination (and retesting) are generally simple and pass quickly. This is:

  • fever
  • pain on injection
  • Headache
  • Redness and swelling of the skin at the injection site of this drug.
  • Weak constitution, easy fatigue.

In rare cases, after vaccination, a person may have a decrease in appetite, nausea or dizziness.

Tell your doctor if you have one or more side effects after vaccination. Medicines are recommended to relieve painful symptoms. If symptoms worsen, be sure to visit the hospital.

Is the Omcron vaccine effective?

This question does not yet have a definitive answer. The new pedigree has just opened (November 2021) and there is not enough information about the Omicron pedigree yet. Preliminary evidence suggests that the disease is more contagious than previous illnesses but is less severe. Some experts optimistically predict that Cobitt will move into the cold class over this. However, it is too early to draw final conclusions. Due to the high prevalence of new influenza strains, more and more countries are implementing stricter regulations.

Scientists around the world continue to study crowns, including new strains of Omicron. Photo

Comirnaty (Pfizer/Biontech) is currently in preliminary trials to test the effectiveness of the Omicron vaccine.

The site provides background information. Sufficient diagnosis and treatment are possible under the supervision of a conscientious physician. Any drug has contraindications. Qualified advice is a must, as is careful management

Statistics show that about 90-95% of men and young people masturbate and this process is considered normal and even beneficial. But is it?

Sexual self-affirmation is one of the effective means of relieving physical and mental stress and energy decline.

I will definitely touch on this point. Before that, let me tell you what happens to your body and mind when you stop masturbating.

1. Manifestations of depression will decrease, stress levels will decrease

This is because masturbation increases the production of pleasure hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin, which are designed to combat bad or depressive moods.

And this is true. However!

Regular, even daily masturbation causes the brain to consume more and more of these hormones for pleasure. Masturbation as the pinnacle of pleasure ceases to give pleasure from a certain point.

In addition, the brain cannot fully appreciate other pleasures, food is not as tasty, sports are not as satisfying as before, and life becomes boring and uninteresting. As a result, general dissatisfaction with life leads to chronic stress.

10-14 days after you stop masturbating, your brain becomes sensitive to dopamine and serotonin, which positively affects your mood, attitude and, of course, your sex life.

And it's not completely cut off sex. After all, one of the most effective remedies for depression and anxiety is sex and passion, and Prof. Stuart Brody has hosted and published in the new journal The Scientist.

Two weeks of research has shown that those who follow traditional sex are more resistant to stress than those who masturbate. This small mark was away from all forms of sexual behavior for two weeks.

2. Testosterone level will increase

Immediately after masturbation, for example after sexual activity, testosterone levels decrease.

Testosterone levels actually increase by about 145% by abstaining from 7 days of masturbation and regular sex. Then this hormone decreases to its original level. This was a study done by Zhejiang University in 2003 and the conclusion was that "the optimal frequency of orgasm is once a week."

Did you find out that once a week is not harmful and beneficial? Of course it isn't.

In fact, testosterone levels also influence other important factors such as proper nutrition, good mood, regular exercise and confidence.

You don't need to have a high phrase or study. It is enough to read and listen to people who are always sure. After masturbating, they frankly admit that their hearts are going to be broken, beaten and tired. Over time, lethargy and depression only increase.

And there is a trap here too. Thanks to high-calorie foods and fast food, you begin to use bad and sexual deficiency and lower testosterone levels even more.

Motivation, thirst for victory, all this has nothing to do with those who masturbate every day. In most cases, young people, in most cases, are confident in themselves, and then feel shame and guilt. And if all this is intensified and out of fear (suddenly they see and recognize their parents), they cannot speak any confidence. However, depression can develop with such thoughts.

Sports, if you are always tired or sloppy, what kind of exercise routine should you consult? If the body, which spends a huge amount of energy and power to regenerate sperm, spends about 150,000,000,000 on ejaculation.

However, sex with sexual opponents is a completely different problem. Feel self-esteem, kindness, affection and the exchange of energy between partners not only provides satisfaction and tranquility, but also an effect on the whole body. I can expect it.

Sexuality with the opposite sex and choice of masturbation is common!

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3. Strengthen immunity

Michaelvin, author of the book on improving sexual energy for men, the average male, engraved on immunity and endocrine work for sperm reproduction, is: approximately the energy expended per day. This suggests that one third is consumed.

  • Lack of vitamins and nutrients.
  • Bones become thinner and brittle.
  • There is a problem with the spine, such as a shadow.
  • Hormone balance disorder
  • Weak and tired.
  • Skin deterioration
  • Decreased immunity

When you masturbate all day long, even twice a day, you start working in an emergency mode, since all the forces of your body are directed primarily to the removal of liquid seeds.

But you could have sex twice a day and the results would be the same,” you ask.

We answer “mandatory”. Everything needs fixing. Sex once a week strengthens your immune system by increasing the production of phagocytic cells and immunoglobulin A (immunoglobulin A protects against viral infections) during orgasm.

I ask again. So what is the difference between masturbation and regular sex?

We answer: Agree, having sex twice a day is an extremely rare and typical phenomenon, except for the initial period of a relationship.

But masturbation at such a frantic pace, unfortunately, is common to many. Also, if you masturbate every day, masturbation is a kind of "excretion" and sexual pleasure drug, so it's unlikely you'll drastically reduce this work to once a week. It's an addiction, no matter how you deny it!

Other. Also, don't forget the chronic anxiety that "chronic" masturbators fall into (sorry for the tautology). And stress, as you know, reduces the body's resistance to various infections.

Conclusion If you want to be healthy, don't calm down, stop masturbating!

4. The quality of sperm will improve

People who have a normal sexual life have a higher quality of sperm. During masturbation, this effect is absent or significantly reduced, since vigorous massage of the prostate and seminal vesicles is impossible. Gynecologist Dmitry Lubnin writes about this in the book "Project Woman".

However, it should be remembered that other indicators also affect the quality of sperm.

  • Food.
  • Food.
  • Taking certain medications.
  • people's feelings.

Therefore, if you are thinking about continuing sex, it is recommended to have sex with a sexual partner to improve sperm quality, and not with your right or left hand.

5. Sexual desire will increase

This is a story of voluntary sexual arousal, not an artificially induced infatuation with pornography or one's own erotic fantasies.

Masturbation is an easier and more affordable way to get sexual pleasure. You don't need to spend time and resources trying to win over a girl, adjusting her mood and meeting schedule, and thinking over and over again how to diversify your sex life in order to please both partners.

Findings: Decreased pleasure from sexual intercourse, problems with orgasm, decreased or loss of ability to partner.

And this is not a myth, but a fact, confirmed by a large-scale study conducted by the Italian urologist Professor Carl Forrest, who found a link between excessive viewing of pornography, frequent masturbation and the development of erectile dysfunction Established gender.

So if you don't want to stop being attracted to the opposite sex by the age of 30, stop masturbating.

6. Self-esteem and self-confidence will increase

elementary psychology. By giving up masturbation, you can devote your energy and free time to growth in search of a sexual partner and love.

I don't have time, I don't have enough effort, I don't have greed, so I indulge in this sport. Get stronger and bolder.

They will behave more like male conquerors than like weak scoundrels who have to satisfy themselves because they are unlucky with women.

Breaking free from the ranks of masturbators and mending relationships with the opposite sex will restore your self-confidence and boost your self-esteem.

7. Reduced risk of prostatitis

In fact, frequent ejaculation (20-21 times a month) can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 33%. This conclusion was the result of 18 years of research by a group of scientists led by Jennifer Ryder from Harvard University.

At the same time, the exact relationship between orgasmic volume and prostate cancer has not been established. Scientists put forward several hypotheses. According to him, when ejaculating with sperm, carcinogens and infectious substances are released from the body (the latter cause inflammation and, thus, increase the risk of cancer).

In this case, we are talking about the benefits of ejaculation in general, and not the orgasm achieved during masturbation in particular (ie, many Internet portals adhere to this version).

There are also studies on the anti-cancer effects of sex with a sexual partner.

Also don't forget to use moderation. A study published in the British Journal of Urology found that 40% of men with prostate cancer masturbate 20 or more times a month. And since many people masturbate twice a day, it was concluded that "masturbation enthusiasts are more likely to get prostate cancer."

8. Nocturnal emissions will appear

Yes, they say that not all cats are on Maslenitsa.

Nighttime defecation (or "wet sleep") is normal during adolescence, especially after prolonged abstinence.

And it is important to understand that involuntary ejaculation is not a disease or an anomaly, it is a normal physiological process that should not be feared, ashamed or guilty.

What should I do in this case? Can masturbation relieve wet dreams and tension?

Many urologists and sexologists agree that there is nothing wrong with masturbation, especially when there is an urgent need to ejaculate in the absence of a sexual partner. The fact is that masturbation becomes the norm in everyday life and does not develop into addiction.

If you want to reduce the frequency and intensity of wet dreams without resorting to masturbation, follow a few simple tips.

  • Get enough sleep (best to sleep on your back to reduce accidental stimulation of the penis during sleep).
  • Getting enough rest can reduce the risk of sleepless nights.
  • Reduce the impact of stress on your life.
  • Daily exercise.
  • Avoid spicy foods and stimulants (alcohol, caffeinated foods).
  • Avoid viewing pornographic content of a sexual nature.
  • Take a hot bath and drink sage tea before bed.

9. Spiritual development

Neither religion nor philosophy approve of masturbation as a natural, much less useful process. The only indisputable advantage of sexual satisfaction is that it eliminates the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

But let's get back to religion.

In Orthodoxy, masturbation (also known as masturbation, adultery, masturbation and unnatural adultery) is one of the seven deadly sins.

In Catholicism, masturbation is also called a sin against one's own body, which is the "Temple of the Holy Spirit".

The law, the main text of Judaism, also forbids throwing away seeds.

In Islam, most theological people believe that masturbation cannot justify masturbation.

In Buddhism and Hinduism, orgasms that receive the energy of sex without matching the energy of men and women are wasted energy. This is being considered. After all, it is the sexual energy that brings harmony with all other energy centers.

In addition, masturbation forms an obsession with material pleasure, which contributes to moral and mental decline and the birth of unusually poor offspring.

Yoga also blames sexual confidence. This not only loses seeds, which are the most valuable components of humans, but also causes various problems. In this case, sexual intercourse is not prohibited, but it is a condition for the conservation of the species. Sexual energy, redemption, Kundalini awakening.

So if you want to grow mentally, you must stop masturbating.

10. Getting rid of addiction

yes. You weren't loaded. You will be addicted in the following cases:

  • Masturbation every day.
  • I was attached to the obsession, I couldn't get a job or study, I just thought about how to go home, how to retire and how to immerse myself in a world of erotic delusions.
  • I don't want to meet girls, it's much easier to satisfy.
  • If you cannot masturbate for any reason, you may be frustrated, angry or aggressive.

There are three options for manifest development.

  1. Learn how to control your desires and masturbate as much as possible when sexual pressure levels are unusual.
  2. Choosing the Slave Path: By nurturing and raising your fantasy, it worsens your addiction to pornography and masturbation.
  3. Stand on Samurai Spikes: Masturbation is cut off.

If you do not want to be a slave to your desire, we will help you.

How to stop masturbating?

  • Admit your addiction.
  • Charge naturally. Intense sports every day consume energy and reduce sexual allure.
  • If the urge to masturbate cannot be suppressed, remove it so many times and increase your concentration (go to the store and take a walk).
  • As long as you don't block access to the porn site, eliminate the viewing of the pornographic symbol, and on the other hand, choose a chaotic password so as not to remember.
  • Let's get rid of all porn media like erotic magazines, books and records in the oven
  • Is this extreme countermeasure too early? Then update your PC or laptops in a conspicuous location.
  • Contact with the genitals is minimized.
  • Assess the action ritual. If you are used to masturbating at a fixed time, schedule a session at that time and consider a different course.
  • Even if you lie in bed at night or in the morning, wear shorts and trousers over your underwear. You're laughing? And it's useless! ? Softening with cabbage, access to the genitals is difficult.
  • Create a multi-stage reward system. If you have abstained from two days, you will be motivated to achieve your goals such as great ice cream and going to the movies for seven days.
  • If you're alone in masturbating, you can get out of the comfort zone: fill in a girl (she doesn't work all the time, but Soder Sast will smile at you) and sign a category for the class. (There are many groups that you can often find friends now).
  • Not guided by friends who masturbate. Their job is to get you back to your friends so you don't feel like you're weak and helpless pawns for masturbation. They will be convinced that everyone masturbates, which is normal and healthy. But you don't at all. Please remember.
  • Participate in the NOFAP community to abstain from masturbation and pornography for a specified period. In addition, we help others achieve their goals by sharing our own experiences.
  • If you can't handle this alone, don't be shy and ask a specialized counselor or sex scientist for help.

And don't think that the habit of masturbation will heal overnight by making a decision of your strong will. It will definitely be damaged and it will be mentally and physically painful. So that's good. So even if you lose, be patient and pass your goals! "

In the medical world, a weak erection is also called erection failure. Erection depends on many factors such as age, systemic condition, hormonal levels, neurogenic conduction, blood flow, mental state and emotions. For example, an erection is weakened and due to one or more of the effects of the above factors, such as a change in hormonal balance only and due to severe stress, stress and deterioration of blood flow to the penis.

If your erection is weakened after cancer treatment or prostate removal, read this sentence.

Constantin Anatori Evic Menshikov, Urology.

The information on this page was updated in May 2022.

Why can an erection be weak?

The possibility of erectile dysfunction increases with age. In other words, the higher the age of men, the higher the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. However, age is not the only reason for weak erections. However, accumulated conditions and disease can cause erectile dysfunction. For example, arteriosclerosis.


A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2013 found that one in four patients seeking help for erectile dysfunction is under 40 years of age.


Most men sometimes experience erection problems. Don't worry about individual cases. If you get a good rest, you can recover. However, some people suffer from persistent erections (ED). In other words, it's hard for sex to get and keep enough hardness.

If erectile weakness continues persistently, it can cause anxiety, affect confidence, and may be part of a relationship problem.

If there is a persistent problem with erection or maintenance, this is a sign of an underlying condition that needs treatment.

If you are worried that your erection is weak, consult your doctor. Even if you are shy, it will be for yourself. To keep the penis tissue in good condition, regular erections are indispensable, so be sure not to delay.

If this always happens, consult your doctor.

  • Erectile dysfunction (weak erection)
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Decreased libido

What happens to the penis during an erection?

The penis has two sponsors (Kopora), a cylindrical structure like a sponge. Sexual stimulation increases blood flow to these cylinders. When blood flows, it expands, straightens, and hardens. This is an erection.

Connection of weak erections with testosterone

Men often ask questions about the treatment of weak erections with testosterone. Of course, testosterone decreases and erectile dysfunction occurs at the same time, but does not cause the other.

Testosterone is a type of male hormone. However, the effect on the mechanism of erection has not been fully studied. A decisive decrease in testosterone levels and a violation of the hormonal balance from the background can cause an erection, but this is not the only symptom. Studies have shown that many men do not have erection problems, even if testosterone decreases due to aging.

Therefore, if there are no other signs or symptoms of low testosterone, testosterone therapy will not be performed and other causes of ED will be considered.

After age 50, testosterone levels in men gradually decrease, but this does not necessarily cause ED.

Causes of weak erections (erectile dysfunction)

Here are some symptoms and illnesses that can cause erectile dysfunction.

  • Atheromic arteriosclerosis (clogged blood vessels)
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Atherosclerosis of heart disease
  • Heart disease (cardiovascular disease, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes (heart disease, heart disease, diabetes, heart disease, diabetes, heart disease, diabetes)
  • Hyperlipidemia (high lipids and cholesterol values)
  • Hypertension (hypertension)
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Low testosterone level
  • Penis, prostate, spinal cord injury
  • Multistatic sclerosis
  • Peillonnie's disease (a disease in which there is scar tissue under the skin of the penis)
  • Prostate cancer
  • Radiation therapy
  • Removal of representative glands
  • Bladder cancer surgery

Atherosclero s-cause 1 in erection problem

Some medicines can cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect.

Therefore, please read the "Side effect" section of the Drug Use Guide. And if the listing has erectile dysfunction or decreased libido, tell the doctor who prescribed the medication. Sometimes you can choose an alternative. If you cannot change or stop the drug, another erectile dysfunction should be considered.

Medicines that can impair erection power

  • Antihypertensive drug (blood pressure drug)
  • Antiandrogenic agent (drug used to treat prostate cancer)
  • Antidate agent (medicine of depression)
  • Synopsis (drugs that make you sleepy)
  • Ulcer treatment
  • Antihistamine (cold or allergic drugs)
  • Appetite suppressant

In addition, the following addiction may cause erectile dysfunction.

  • Smoke
  • Too many drinks
  • Too many drinks

Calculate how many of these elements negatively affect your blood flow and erection.

Psychological problems and emotional disorders can also cause weak erections. 1) fear of sexual insufficiency as a reason for lack of sexual excitement 2) anxiety 3) depression 4) Small issues such as misunderstanding, communication, clash, etc. stress activity) can be considered. Psychologists and psychotherapists are good at dealing with these problems.

Mensikov Konstantin Anatori Evik, urology, urology and genital surgeon

How to treat a weak erection

Erectile dysfunction is treated by a urologist or andrologist. During the examination, doctors ask questions to determine the nature and cause of erectile dysfunction. Inspection of the penis and testicles to rule out or check for visible spots and to check for nerve sensations in the penis.

Treatment depends on the immediate cause. Each treatment has certain risks and benefits, which your doctor will explain.

To make a correct diagnosis, a specialist's diagnostics (equipment, methods, examination algorithms) is required. We can undergo a complete examination and get a clear idea of ​​the causes of erectile weakness. Learn more about our unique method for diagnosing ED here.

There are various methods of treatment.

Medicine (tablets). Powerful erectile drugs successfully treat erectile dysfunction in most men. These drugs increase blood flow to the penis. Examples of drugs that weaken erection

  • Sildenafil
  • Tadalafil
  • vardenafil
  • Avanafil

If you have frequent heart disease or low blood pressure, these drugs are likely to be contraindicated. Therefore, if you are suffering from any of these health problems, please consult your doctor before taking these medicines.

Other treatments for erectile dysfunction include:

  • Alprostadil injection (injection)
  • alprostadil urethral suppositories (injected into the urethra)
  • Testosterone replacement therapy (if indicated)

Vacuum pump. It is a vacuum erection device in which a hollow tube is attached to the penis and sucks in air.

Learn more