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How High Are You Right Now?


It seems as though weed is more mainstream now than ever, but does that mean people are actually smoking it more? In a highly unscientific attempt to find out, we asked 10 random New Yorkers how high they were in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday. (WARNING: the results probably won't shock you.

Nico, 28


Are you high right now?


Ha. No. That's a good question though.


When was the last time you got high?

Last night.

Did you know it's 4/20 on Monday?


I did.


Are you going to smoke to celebrate?

**Well of course. I'll most likely be smoking regardless.

Rachel, 22

Are you high right now?

[Sighs] No.

You say that like you wish you were.

I used to smoke, like, 3 times a day. But for business purposes it's dropped down to zero times a day.

Not even in the evening?

I'm graduating, and it's right at that time when I'm getting jobs and stuff. But I totally think it should be legalized, I was thinking about that earlier today.



Can I ask how old you are?


Above 30.


Are you high right now?

Yes, on the Woolworth Building.

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Anything else, other than architecture?


When was the last time you smoked weed?

It's been a few years a least.

What made you stop?

**I didn't need it any more. Also, I always had a friend who got it for me, but he died. Not because of weed, I should say.

Omar, 18


Are you high right now?




When was the last time you got high?

I've never smoked weed.

Are you going to smoke weed on 4/20?

**No. I have a job and they could test me.

Daniel and Anna.jpg

Anna, 33 / Daniel, 39


Are you guys high right now?

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Daniel: No.

Do you remember the last time you smoked weed?

Anna: Yes.

Daniel: Two months ago.

Did you know it was 4/20 on Monday?

Anna: I didn't think about it.

Now you know will you smoke weed to celebrate?

Anna: No. We're on holiday here, so we don't have any.

If you had some, would you?

Anna: Yeah, maybe.

V, 20

Are you high right now



Will you be smoking on 4/20?

All day. Like I do every day.

****So you're not going to smoke on Monday because it's 4/20, you're just going to smoke because it's Monday? **

I think weed should be legalized, honestly. Do you guys smoke weed?

Err, unfortunately we're on the clock. Thanks for talking to us. We have to go.

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Are you high right now?


Do you remember the last time you were?

** Yeah, last night.**

****Are you going to smoke on 4//20? **

What is that, Earth Day?


No, it's Marijuana Day.

** Oh, if it's a good day for me to smoke I will. I won't do it just because it's 4/20.


I'm a reporter for GQ and I'm doing a story about weed, do you have a moment to answer a few questions?

Yeah, you can't take my picture though. You have to take a picture of my dog.

**Are you high right now? **


**Do you remember the last time you were? **

I'd say a week ago.

It's 4/20 on Monday, are you going to smoke to celebrate?


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Jamie, 25

Do you remember the last time you were high?

I've never smoked weed. My dad is a dental technician and he's pretty strict about oral health. I've never smoked anything.

Did you know it's 4/20 on Monday?

What is that?

It's the international day of weed. Now that you know that will you be smoking weed on Monday?

Probably not.

Mario, 52


Are you high right now?

** No, not right now.**

Do you remember the last time you were?

** Shit, maybe 30 years ago.**

Did you know Monday is 4/20?


Now that you know, are you going to smoke to celebrate?

** I don't really care. I'm more into beer.

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How Big Of A Stoner Are You Quiz

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Take this How Big Of A Stoner Are You Quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

You wake-and-bake on a regular basis.
If you smoke within 15 minutes of waking up every Saturday and Sunday, you may have a problem. I appreciate that working five days a week interferes with your smoking schedule, but compensating by blazing as soon as you enter your Saturday can backfire.

The only day you have to get sh*t did, and you waste it by smoking a blunt at 10:30 a.m. Instead of going to the gym or heading to Home Depot to acquire that A/C unit, you order a pizza and watch the third season of “The Wire” — extremely productive.

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You’re still obsessed with “4/20.”
This is very amateurish, but there are folks in their mid-20s that still believe 4/20 to be a significant date. Oh, it’s 4:20 p.m., so we have to smoke right now? Why? I’m serious, why are you doing this now? Do I have to smoke as much as I can on April 20th? Caring about 4/20 is like listening to Dave Matthews Band in high school; it was nice at the time, but it’s now just annoying.

There are more than three smoking devices in your possession.
A bundle of papers, a blunt, possibly a bong, and a one-hitter are all you need. You’ve gone overboard if your room has three bongs, a couple of pipes, a volcano in the living room, and a reverse gravity under the sink. Relax, dude. All of these methods will be successful in getting the bud into your system. All you’ve done is make your entire flat smell like an ashtray. Also, you must try to play this How Big Of A Stoner Are You Quiz.

Having bits all over the place starts a downward spiral that leads to half-eaten chip bags trapped between couch cushions and stale Chinese food in the bathroom trashcan. No one wants to come over anymore.

You must smoke before running errands.
I used to live with a person who had this syndrome. He only needed to smoke before leaving the crib. He’d take a hit as he walked out the door to make sure he was as high as physically possible when he got in his car. Be cautious if this is you. Going to the bank and getting your oil changed are both activities you can accomplish without smoking yourself dumb first.

And forget about going to the grocery store when you’re high. It can be a sensory overload, believe me. You suddenly realize you’ve been in the cereal aisle for 30 minutes, debating between two new types of Honey Bunches of Oats. You went in for milk and bread and came out with a two-liter bottle of Fanta and some lunchmeat.

About the quiz

To a cop, you raid your food budget.
With the current status of the job market, an increasing number of students are graduating from college and landing low-wage positions. You make $400 per week instead of $40,000 per year, and money is tight after rent. If you’re consciously deciding to eat Ramen for a week simply to cop, you probably want to reconsider your current circumstances. When you run into an old buddy, they comment on how thin you are. A new eating plan? No, I’ve just been working part-time and consuming $100 worth of marijuana per week. You will find out how big of a stoner are you.

You’re always looking for new spots to smoke.
Getting out of your apartment to smoke pot in a park or on your roof might be pleasurable. But I don’t want you trying to get me to burn in new places all the time. I’m not going to try to smoke with you at the zoo or botanical garden, buddy. The beach is too windy, and smoking in your automobile puts you in danger. Can’t we just smoke before we leave, not in the movie theater parking lot?

You’re always speculating on what kind of weed it is.
I’ve smoked a lot of pot in my time and never gave a damn about where it came from, who grew it, or what it was called. If it smells and looks like nice weed, it must be a good weed in my opinion. Nothing is more annoying than having to listen to someone discuss the type of marijuana I just purchased for $50.

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Answers to the Active Citizen quiz

Hello everyone! A new action Active Citizen "All Moscow in 35 Days" - autumn 2022 has started. If someone has already passed, share your thoughts on the answers!)
2. In 2016
3. Metrogorodok
4. In the Shchukino area
5. Stoleshnikov lane
6. Vostochny
7. Matushkino district
8. Donskoy

Moscow History track:
1. 850 meters
2. Vsekhsvyatsky passage and Prechistenskaya embankment
3. This is part of a glass bracelet
4. Paper icons
5. Archangel Cathedral
6. Spasskaya Tower
7. Pilasters
8. Polkan

"Achievements of the Capital" :
1. More than 200
2. Medical examination protocols
3. From 15 years old
4. On the ground floor
5. More than 6 million
6. Berezu
7. All of the above
8. To all of the above

Second stage:

Path "My District":
1. In Krasnaya Pakhra
2. In the settlement of Sosenskoye
3. In the Chertanovo Yuzhnoye district
4. "Prokshino"
5. North-Eastern administrative district
6. 31
7. In the district Strogino
8. M2

Moscow History Path:
1. Aristotle Fioravanti
2. Between Sretenka and Trubnaya Street
3. Device for lifting goods to the attic
4. Chernaya Mud
5. Ivan the Terrible
6. Fryazhskie or German) amusing sheets
7. Stone foundations of the Voskresensky bridge
8. Moskovskie Vedomosti

Track "Achievements of the capital":
1. Restoration of motor function in patients
2. BUS pass system for remote fare payment
3. Students of grades 7–11
4. All-Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. .AND. Gerasimov
5. Sky Park
6. At Luzhniki
7. Art, Urban, Tsifra
8. MSGU has its own symphony orchestra

1. Figure of an elk made of synthetic green moss
2. Center for Technical Sports "Moscow"
3. Savvinskoye Compound
4. Chernomorsky
5. Izmailovsky Park
6. Gagarinsky
7. Old Kryukovo
8. Northern Tushino

Path "History of Moscow":
1. About the Petrovsky Palace
2. Mytishchi water pipeline
3. Andrey Sytin's estate
4. Squares
5. St. Petersburg
6. At the Archangel Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin
7. Nizhny Novgorod
8. By car

“Achievements of the capital” track:
1. Face Pay
2. MCC
3. Confirm at the terminals at least two trips by metro, MCC or MCD, the first of which was made at the nearest station to the parking lot
4. "Vityaz-Moscow"
5. For the driver - to let pedestrians pass and pass, for pedestrians - to make sure that the car passes and cross the road
6. 100
7. All options are correct
engine starter, spare chambers

Fourth stage:

path My District:
1. Ramenki
2. 16 km
3. Northern Tushino
4. Rugby
5. Novokosino
6. Khamovniki
7. Marino
8. Sokolniki

. Sokolniki

History of Moscow track:
1. Moscow Government building
2. For 450 days
3. Boris Iofan
4. Seven Sisters
5. About Tverskaya street, then Gorky street
6. Krymsky bridge
7 Commune Square
8. 5-6 m2

Walkway "Capital Achievements":
1. "Rot Front"
2. "Proton"
3. Pyramidal
4. In 1929
5. "Moskovsky"
6. Silver
7. Wallpaper factory
8. "Well, you wait!"

Fifth stage:

History of Moscow path:
1. Alexandrovsky and Andreevsky
2. Cosmos
3. Pavilion No. 29 "Floriculture and landscaping"
4. Grotto "Belvedere"
6. 109 phonograph records
7. Food warehouses / Motor depot (???)
8. Kuzminki

Path "My District":
1. Sheremetev
2. Nikolskoye
3. Vnukovskoye
4. Severny
5. High-rise buildings
6. May 9, 1995
7. The number of leaves corresponds to five centuries of the history of the district
8. Salala Shcherbakov

“Achievements of the capital” track:
1. “My yard”
2. Extend the shelf life of books
3. All options are correct
4. Any animal
5. More than 20,000 access points
6. Removal of unnecessary things
7 90%
8. All options are correct nine0003

Geography quiz with answers: Are you ready to travel?


If you sleep and see how a fast train takes you towards exotic countries and unknown distances, get ready for an adventure. What if the traditions and customs of other nations are radically different from Ukrainian ones?

736 v.0

A trip around the world is fraught with a lot of surprises and discoveries. Pustunchik decided check if you are ready go around the world and avoid trouble. Find out how well you know the rules conduct abroad? nine0003

Quiz questions

1. Do you know how to say hello in Tibet?

2. What should I do before entering a temple in Thailand?

3. Complete the sentence: Refuse the offered cup of tea in Turkey it means...

4. How many flowers can be given to Japanese and Norwegian women, and for how many donated flowers on You can be offended?

5. In which country the flag in the window means that people are celebrating here Birthday. nine0003

6. Why, when you are going to visit a Greek, you should not praise the interior of his house?

7. Do you know how to say “no” in sign language and facial expressions in Turkey?

8. Which number is avoided in China?

9. Can you say “thank you” in at least five foreign languages?

10. Do you know how to show the direction of movement in Cuba?

11. Which head movements in Sri Lanka mean "yes" and which - "No"?

12. Name at least five European cathedrals/churches. nine0003

13. Which country has a tradition of rocking the baby has many lamps, giving each the name of a saint, and calling the child exactly the name that had the last extinguished lamp?

14. Why is it better not to walk on bike paths in Europe?

15. What part of the body is considered sacred in Thailand, and therefore not allowed to touch her?

16. Which country introduced the death penalty for importing pork her territory?

17. Why in Italy, even in extreme heat, you don’t see people cooling off in fountains? nine0003

18. In which country is it forbidden to take pictures of government buildings? and military installations?

19. Which hand is used to eat, take goods, greet and etc. in Muslim-majority countries, which hand is considered unclean?

20. In which countries is it common to bargain on the market, moreover, local traders turn it into action.


1. In most countries, show your tongue when talking considered indecent, but not in Tibet. This is the traditional greeting here. At In this case, the headdress is removed with the right hand, the left hand is “hidden” behind the left ear and . .. yes, they stick out their tongues quickly. nine0003

2. Remove shoes.

3. ... show disrespect to the owner of the house. In Turkey refuse tea is not accepted.

4. In Norway and Japan, it is customary to give even number of flowers. The inhabitants of these countries believe that the odd flower is lonely. AND here an odd number of flowers are carried only to the cemetery.

5. In Denmark.

6. According to the ancient Greek tradition, everything that pleases the guest hospitable host should give him.

7. Shaking your head from side to side is not at all worth it. You need to raise your eyebrows and raise your head up. nine0003

8. Numbers "4". In Chinese, it sounds identical to the word "die". That is why You will not find the fourth floor even in a 5-storey building.

9. For example: in German - danke, in Japanese - arigato, in Arabic - shukran, in Portuguese - obrigado, in Spanish - gracias.

10. It is necessary to stretch the lips with a straw in the desired direction.

Learn more