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7 Surprisingly Easy Things Men Can Do to Look Better | Tiege Hanley

There is no guy on the planet who doesn’t want to look good.

Sure, you may not base your entire self-worth on how attractive you are, but let’s not kid ourselves–you definitely care about your appearance.

And why shouldn’t you?

Being attractive is commonly associated with bigger paychecks and higher social status.

As a guy, it’s in your best interest to elevate your appearance in any way you can.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of easy ways to do just that.

Whether it’s by taking care of your dry skin or wearing slim-fit jeans, there are tons of little things a guy can do to look better than ever.

Here are three things guys should know about how to look better:

  • A new haircut is one of the easiest ways to improve your appearance
  • Form-fitting clothing is more flattering than baggy clothing
  • Small and simple changes can lead to massive improvements in your appearance

How to Look Better for Men

You don’t need to make drastic changes to start improving your appearance.

Below, here are seven simple ways guys can look better.

1. Get a New ’Do

There’s a reason why people tend to get a haircut after they break up.

Haircuts can dramatically change your look and make you feel like an entirely new person.

If you’ve had the same hairstyle for ages, consider switching it up with a trendy hairstyle, like a short pompadour or a faded French crop.

Word to the wise: Don’t go to the mall for a haircut.

Do your research and splurge on a barber who knows what they’re doing.


2. Take Better Care of Your Skin

Want your handsomest face ever? Get on a regular skin care routine.

It doesn’t need to be as elaborate as your girl’s 10-step routine.

A few basic products will do the trick.

Start by washing your face twice a day with a mild facial cleanser (read: not bar soap), followed by a nourishing moisturizer.

Use a face scrub (no more than twice per week) to remove dead skin cells from your face, and you’ll have clear skin in no time.


3. Ditch the Baggy Jeans

Unless you recently lost weight and haven’t gone shopping yet, there is absolutely no reason for you to own baggy jeans.

Sure, they might be roomy and comfortable, but they’re not doing your professional image any favors.

To upgrade your look tenfold, swap out your baggy pants for slim-fit jeans that conform to your body.

Buy several pairs—preferably, in dark wash denim—and pair them with your favorite button-down shirt for a business-casual look that you can wear to the office, date night and beyond.

4. Master the Manly Art of Shaving

Nothing ruins a perfectly smooth shave like breaking out in red, irritated bumps.

To achieve a better shave, you always need to do three essential things: prep the skin, go slow and use a fresh blade every time.

If you still find yourself dealing with shave irritation, refer to these expert shave tips from the American Academy of Dermatology.

Even if you have sensitive skin, a pain-free shave can still be yours.

5. Grow Out Some Facial Hair

Shaving not your thing?

Skip the hassle of shaving altogether by growing out a beard.

Although you’ll still need to trim and shape your beard on a regular basis, growing out your facial hair will reduce a significant amount of shave irritation.

And, depending on your facial hairstyle, it could make you more attractive to women.


In a 2016 study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, women considered men with heavy stubble as being more attractive compared to their clean-shaven and full-bearded counterparts (see claim: “…with heavy stubble being most attractive followed by light stubble, then full beards and clean‐shaven faces being least attractive of all (Fig.  2).”)

6. Invest in New Shoes

Make no mistake, you are getting judged for your footwear.

You may not realize it, but the people around you do notice the tiny scuffs on your sneakers and your poorly made dress shoes.

If it’s been a while since you bought yourself new shoes, go out and treat yourself to two new pairs: a casual pair for everyday use and a classy pair of dress shoes.

And don’t be cheap!

Your feet deserve much better than the sale rack at your local department store.

7. Groom Your Brows

Great eyebrows are the sign of an extremely well-groomed man.

It’s one of those areas that many guys forget to manscape until they’re veering dangerously close to unibrow territory.

If you want to get great brows, you can get them professionally waxed or tweeze them yourself at home.

Thinking about going the DIY route?

Read our Eyebrow Grooming Guide before you go anywhere near the tweezers.

Little Changes = Big Improvements

If you want to start looking better, tackle the low-hanging fruit first.

Wash your face every day.

Try a new shampoo.

Get your favorite suit tailored.

At the end of the day, it’s the little things that can make all the difference to your appearance—and your confidence.


Dixson, B. J. W., et al. “The Masculinity Paradox: Facial Masculinity and Beardedness Interact to Determine Women’s Ratings of Men’s Facial Attractiveness.” Journal of Evolutionary Biology, vol. 29, no. 11, 2016, pp. 2311–20.

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5 Ways To Transform Yourself – OnPointFresh

Here’s a secret you might’ve not known – big companies think men just don’t care about their appearance.

And they’re not wrong to assume that, a lot of men simply give up looking after themselves due to laziness, that’s why such a thing as a 13-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, etc exists. But that’s starting to change.

Many men have realized the huge advantages in their social life, dating life and professional life being well kempt and groomed has, and they’re hungry for information.

When you want to start looking better as a guy, it’s so hard to find quality information and guides on how to do so, but don’t fret, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

The truth is, if you want to look better as a guy, you have to start taking care of yourself. From top to bottom.

1) It starts with your hair

You need to ditch the $5 haircuts and start going to a barber that treats you as a bespoke client. We all have different head shapes, face shapes, bump and lumps on our head that requires a professional to tell us what kind of hairstyle would work for us and what will not.

Learning to ask for the hairstyle you want also doesn’t hurt.

Finding a good barber that actually cares can be tough, but with social media it has become a whole lot easier. Look up the different barbershops in your city and look at their website and social media accounts.

Look at the type of haircuts they do, are they modern? do they look good? Does it look like they care about their client’s needs?

What kind of hairstyle do you personally think looks good? Do you prefer fades or a more medium length hairstyle?

Read reviews, visit multiple shops if the first one doesn’t suit you – it’s a process, but hair can be extremely important for how you look, and it’s worth finding a good barber that helps you with the process.

2) Taking care of your skin

Having healthy and clear skin is one of the biggest ways to showcase your handsomeness and vitality to the world, which in turn makes you look miles better than most guys out there that don’t do a thing for their skin.

What I recommend: Start simple.

Adding a whole bunch of products onto your skin right away can be a recipe for disaster. This is a learning process.

Start with a simple facial cleanser and a facial moisturizer.

Something to wash your face with and clean the dirt and impurities, and something to moisturize and return the plump and moisture to your skin after you wash it.

1. Kiehls: Face wash & Moisturizer 
2. Jack Black: Face wash & Moisturizer
3. Cetaphil: Face wash & Moisturizer

3) Your hygiene routine

Your hygiene should be something that becomes routine to you. I like to have a set routine where I take care of certain things at the same time. For example, every 3 weeks I will get my eyebrows groomed and get a haircut on the same day.

Having a routine like this will simplify your hygiene routine.

Here’s a list of hygiene essentials you should be taking care of:

  • Keep your finger and toe nails cut and clean
  • Groom your eyebrows / get them groomed by a professional
  • If you have a beard, line it up and groom it.
  • If you like a clean shave, consider wet-shaving. Otherwise a quality electric shaver works great also.
  • Take care of your oral hygiene. (Brushing, flossing, tongue scraping).
  • If you haven’t been to the dentist in a few years, go get a cleaning.
  • Find a nice cologne you can call your “signature scent”.
  • Don’t skip out on using a deodorant. Ever.
  • Groom your body hair so it’s not out of your control, I highly recommend owning a Philips Norelco

4) Fitness and aesthetics

Let’s be completely honest here, before we move onto clothes and fashion, we need to talk body.

It’s no secret that a fit body makes you look better and more attractive, and also healthier. I don’t want to drill into this too hard, but if you got a few pounds to lose, or live a sedentary lifestyle, incorporating some strength training, calisthenics, and cardio to your day will make you:

  • Look better, with clothes and without
  • Feel better, mentally and physically

Your diet is also extremely important, cut out sodas, fast food, chips, chocolate, etc.

You don’t need to eat like a rabbit, just clean it up a bit.

We’re not a fitness website so we’re not going to give you a diet and routine. There’s a ton of websites that provide quality information on those topics. Seek them out and get active, it’s worth it.

5) Upgrade your style

Finally we get to my favorite step.

Style is fun, it’s a way to express yourself to the world. That’s what 90% of our site is about, so I won’t go in-depth about it here. Instead I will link you to some of our best resources.

  • How to build a basic wardrobe
  • 12 Outfits For Men
  • Summer Fashion / Winter Fashion

| 10 tips on how to look good for a man

Everyone wants to look good. It is believed that this helps to build relationships with girls and even earn more, as you become more self-confident. There are thousands of different male care products, but not all are effective.

We have already written about male habits that spoil the appearance. Now BackStage shares with you 10 useful tips on how to look good for a man. Just follow them and you will see results! nine0003

10. Change bedding more often

Pillowcases should be changed at least once a week. If this is not done, then the pores of the skin will become clogged with dust and dirt, acne or pimples will appear. It is especially important to change bedding if a girl has been in your bed: she probably left the remnants of cosmetics and hair styling products on the pillowcases.

09. Wash your hair no more than once a day

Ideally, you should wash your hair several times a week, but not every day. Otherwise, the hair becomes dull and faded. But if you train hard every day and can't help but wash your hair, do it in the evening if possible and use a good hair conditioner. nine0003

08. Take care of your teeth

Floss every day, whiten your teeth every six months. Whitening agent can be bought at a pharmacy. But in pursuit of a snow-white smile, do not overdo it: your teeth should look natural. By the way, a week after whitening it is better not to drink red wine, coffee and not to use soy sauce, which can spoil the result.

07. Get a haircut every 3-6 weeks

Keep your hair trimmed, so watch your hair grow back. Find your stylist who cuts your hair the best and visit him every 3-6 weeks. The frequency of visits depends on the type of haircut you have and the rate of hair growth. nine0003

06. Shave after showering

While you are in the shower, a sauna effect is created. The pores open, the hair becomes softer and more manageable. Shaving after a shower helps to avoid ingrown hairs and irritation. If you don't have time to shower, at least make a hot water compress.

05. Take care of your skin

Use facial cleansers and moisturizers. Apply skin cream around the eyes. Use lip balm every morning. If you have skin problems (such as acne), buy a gentle cleanser with 2% salicyl. It is good if the moisturizer contains SPF filters and protects from the sun. This way you prevent premature aging of your skin. Lip balm is also desirable to buy with UV protection. nine0003

04. Watch your diet

To get rid of facial puffiness, eat foods rich in lean proteins and healthy fats; choose vegetables, slow-digesting grains. If you have problem skin, then you need to give up sweets and simple carbohydrates.

03. Sleep 7-9 hours a day

If you spare time for sleep, then your nervous system will not have time to recover. Traces of lack of sleep will quickly appear on the face. If you get enough sleep, you will feel more alert and fresh. No puffy eyes or dark circles. nine0003

02. Drink more water

Drink 8 glasses of pure water a day, maintain an optimal fluid balance in the body. So you can delay the appearance of the first wrinkles and you will feel better. Do not get carried away with coffee and alcohol, because because of them the body loses a lot of fluid. If you don't drink enough water, your skin will become dry.

01. Exercise

Physical exercise is the main thing that allows a man to maintain an attractive appearance. Training helps to slow down the aging process, improve skin condition, increase self-confidence. You will just feel much better. During the morning exercises, more fat is burned, you get a large dose of endorphins at the very beginning of the day. Due to physical activity, blood circulation improves, the skin becomes ruddy and healthy. Girls will definitely notice this. nine0003







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Shopping Moda Italia | How can a man look good and expensive?

In: Men's stylist, About style and fashion, Stylist's advice, Stylist's services, Shopper's services, Shopping in Italy

A man who devotes enough time to himself is always attractive and popular with women! How does a man look good? - Find your own style and skillfully emphasize your success! A personal stylist will help you with this, but there are also the basics that everyone should know and do on their own, taking care of their appearance. Read also about how to save on shopping - SALES IN ITALY IN WINTER AND SUMMER 2017-2018.

Don't be lazy - pay attention to your body! nine0079

Care must be taken to maintain physical fitness by going to the gym. All parts of the body are an integral part of the image, so they require constant care. If you have problems with your teeth, then do not hesitate to visit the dentist, as a beautiful smile is a powerful weapon.

Pay attention to the nails, which should be neat and trimmed on the hands and feet. Keep an eye on the condition of the face so that it does not have acne. A man definitely needs to visit a hairdresser once a month and then the haircut will be neat, the hair must be kept clean. nine0003

Bad habits, nutrition

A man can look great at any age if he does not resort to bad habits. Minimize or completely eliminate cigarettes and alcohol, as a result - the signs of aging will be less noticeable. This fact is easy to verify by placing next to 2 representatives of the stronger sex of the same age, the one who does not drink alcohol and does not smoke will look younger.

Products that affect your body

An important aspect is a balanced diet, for the sake of beauty, give up fatty foods. You can look great using cosmetic preparations created specifically for men. Anti-aging creams for the face and skin, peelings, if desired, a visit to a beauty salon, will make you younger, regardless of age. nine0003

Simple tips on how to look good for a man at 40:

  1. Buy a bicycle and, going to the places of youth, it will turn into a time machine;
  2. Fall in love. The desire to please disciplines a person;
  3. Do not eat after 6 hours. On this occasion, Tom Ford said: “At forty, after six, only peasants and plebeians eat”;
  4. Get at least 8 hours of sleep;
  5. Relax at least 2 times a year at sea;
  6. Rejoice in everything, for example, warm weather, blooming lilacs. Don't complain about anything. Give flowers for no reason. nine0163

Advice from professionals

1.5 - 2 kg extra in the body due to excess fluid ages a man Daniel Murray - head of the experimental center (USA) recommends removing it by taking twice a day in capsules 1g of dandelion root and horsetail or 12 drops of extract in 200 ml of liquid 3 times a day. You should resort to this advice in emergency cases, if you need to be in the form the next morning .

Moisturize the skin by doing it according to the recommendation of a beautician Tamara Markus spray of equal parts of mineral water, adding 3 drops of geranium, lavender or chamomile oil. The face is sprayed with a spray bottle. The bottle should be kept in a cool place. Dry skin is perfectly moisturized by cocoa butter with the addition of citrus juice.

It is possible to reduce the biological age by 8 years through regular sex, which heals blood vessels, increases blood flow, and supplies the skin with O2.

How can a man look expensive?

Status accessories - watches, cufflinks, as well as a wardrobe will become a reliable assistant. It is important to wear only clothes made from natural fabrics and suitable in size. This will help you become more confident and look more attractive and younger. Prefer classic or smart casual, suits in gray and dark colors, shirts and ties should have a regular pattern. Casual style - socks, trousers, shoes should be solid (no more than 3 distinct colors). More complex sets are often impossible for men to assemble on their own. nine0003

If you feel that you are not up to the task of compiling sets of clothes and accessories, contact your personal shopper-stylist who, accompanying you to shops that suit your price and style, will create a functional wardrobe for you for every day and special occasions. This investment pays off many times over with confidence in its appearance, time savings and quality assurance.

A man will look stylish a pair of dress shoes , do not look at the high price - quality and comfort will bring results in the future. It is also necessary to have at least one expensive suit in the wardrobe, choose a classic single-breasted suit with 2 buttons in dark gray or blue. It is better to have white and blue cotton shirts (according to statistics, this is 90% of those sold in the world).

What does an ideal man look like?

What an ideal man looks like - he always achieves his goals, and this can be read in his eyes. The firmness of character helps to keep the promise and keep life in order. The family is the roots of a man, so he enters into a relationship first and provides for his children. nine0003

A man's sexuality is in his style, accessories, inner strength.

What a man should look like - irreproachable in order to be an object for imitation. How to look younger for a man - wear a dark polo shirt instead of a polo shirt, and you will look presentable and free.

Inner confidence and attractive appearance are the main companions to present yourself sexually in the eyes of the fair sex. How to look attractive to a man - dress with taste and lead a healthy lifestyle. nine0003

To create stylish and fashionable business and casual sets for men, you can contact me - stylist and shopper in Milan and Rome!

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