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The Golden Personality Profiler at a Glance

  • Measures personality type, traits, temperament, and response to stress
  • 5 global scales
  • 40 facet scales
  • Insights on career and major selection, team, leadership, stress management, coaching tips, and personal development
  • 125 questions / 170 scored items
  • Advanced question/item format
  • Online admin only
  • 25-30 minutes to complete
  • Ages 16 years plus
  • Free support materials, guides, and technical manuals
  • Certification Level: B, online training available to meet qualification requirements

The Golden Personality Profiler's 5 Global Scales

  • Energy - Extraverting vs Introverting
  • Information - Sensing vs iNtuiting
  • Deciding - Thinking vs Feeling
  • Controlling - organiZing vs Adapting
  • Stressing - Tense vs Calm

The Golden Personality Profiler's 40 Facet Scales

  • Extravert/Introvert: Talkative, Socially Bold, Outgoing, Participative, Quiet, Reserved, Intimate, Reflective
  • Sensing/iNtuiting: Concrete, Practical, Conventional, Traditional, Abstract, Innovative, Visionary, Trend-setting
  • Thinking/Feeling: Rational, Autonomous, Analytic, Competitive, Empathetic, Compassionate, Warm, Nurturing
  • organiZing/Adapting: Planned, Reliable, Deliberate, Conforming, Open-Ended, Casual, Spontaneous, Non-conforming
  • Tense/Calm: Concerned, Unsure, Unsettled*, Unconstrained*, Optimistic, Confident, Resilient* & Regulated*

The Golden Personality Profiler Application Settings

  • Career and educational planning
  • Personal development
  • Teambuilding
  • Coaching
  • Counseling
  • Management/leadership development

Take the Golden Personality Profiler now!

The answers to life's most important questions and challenges are formed, first and foremost, by having accurate self-insights. Administered worldwide by schools and organizations in all industries, the Golden Personality Profiler is the most in-depth personality assessments available. Golden's unique model powered by Jung's psychological type, Thurston's five factor model, Allport's trait theory, Hippocrates temperament theory and Selye's stress theory, offers deep insight into one's personality, as well as affords the ability to understand others better, making the Golden the perfect tool to guide you or your clients to better answers and solutions for life's most pressing challenges.

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Who should take the Golden Personality Profiler?

High school students, college students, coaching clients, employees, team members, managers, leaders, spouses, parents.

Who administers the Golden Personality Profiler?

Counselors, teachers, professors, coaches, trainers, therapists, recruiters, ministers, managers, leaders.

How much does the Golden Personality Profiler cost?

Prices charged depend on how and by whom it is purchased. Purchased individually, the survey, report and guidebook are $29.95. When purchased by administrators for use with their clients the cost is determined by the number of administration credits purchased. The more ordered, the lower the cost. Learn more >>


The Golden Personality Profiler Report Includes

  • Easy to interpret pages
  • In-depth personality profile portraits
  • Advanced type predictions reporting scoring
  • Temperament portraits
  • Career and educational major suggestions
  • Stress portraits and management suggestions
  • Cardinal and central trait at a glance
  • Coaching tips and suggestions
  • Two report options to choose from
  • Talent Management report Sample Report >>
  • Self Development report Sample Report >>
  • Golden Team report Sample Team Report >>

Development of the Golden Personality Profiler

The Golden Personality Profiler has a long and rich history spanning two generations of psychologists. 1960s the Rev. Dr. Edward S. Golden played an integral role pioneering and popularizing the use and research/development of other global recognized personality assessments and later funded and supported validation research. Building upon that base and following in his father's footsteps Dr. John Patrick Golden assumed leadership of the family business Golden LLC in 1995. The Golden Personality Profiler is now published globally, available in 13 foreign languages. The Golden Personality Type Profiler, version 4.0 is published under license from Golden LLC with the world's premier assessments publishers. Tailored to meet the growing assessment needs of the secondary, higher education and personal development the newest version called the Golden Personality Profiler - GPP (survey and report - version 5.0 and 5.1) is published and administered online only by Golden LLC.

Golden Personality Type Profiler - A personnel coaching and development

Help your employees understand the basis for their decision-making, how they relate to other people, gain better insight into their personal style and how they impact others with the Golden Personality Type Profiler.   Offer better coaching by assessing traits like:

  • Leadership Style
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Communication style
  • Team Preferences
  • Response to Stress

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People who succeed have an acute sense of self.  Help Individuals Perform At A Higher Level

The Golden Personality Type Profiler helps employees understand the basis for their decision-making and the way they relate to other people.  They gain better insight into their personal style and how they impact others.

The Golden Personality Type Profiler (GPTP) is a broad-spectrum personality survey that can be used for developmental purposes.  The survey can be administered to individuals 16 years and older who have at least a 9th grade English reading proficiency.  The GPTP provides information on individuals’ unique personality characteristics, strengths, motivators, de-motivators, and potential opportunities for growth commonly associated with these characteristics. Because of the insight it provides, the GPTP can be used in a wide range of contexts, including:

  • coaching, leadership, and management development
  • interpersonal and people-skills training
  • conflict resolution
  • career planning and educational guidance
  • job search and interview planning
  • teambuilding
  • sales-force training
  • relationship counseling
  • parenting
  • high school and college educational programs
  • health and wellness programs

Primary Use – Development

Assessment Type – Personality (Focused): Psychological Type

Job Level – All

Job Type – All

Number of Items – 125

Completion Time – Approximately 25 minutes (untimed)

Two versions of the GPTP are available:

Form A/Z (which labels the fourth type dimension as Adapting/Organizing)

Form J/P (which retains the traditional label of Judging/Perceiving for this dimension).

The Golden Personality Type Profiler enables:

  • An understanding and appreciation of the differences in your personal style and those of your colleagues
  • An ability to capitalize on strengths and to minimize blind spots
  • Improved communication through a better understanding of how personal styles affect interactions
  • An ability to resolve interpersonal conflict and develop improved relationships

The insights provided by the Golden Personality Type Profiler have been used by many organizations to create meaningful benefits including:

  • Improved individual and team performance
  • Effective Leadership Development
  • Increased productivity/Reduced workplace conflict
  • Reduced Turnover

This online questionnaire asks individuals to respond to 125 behavior-oriented questions, such as how one reacts to various situations. The online administration is very user-friendly and can be completed in about 20 minutes.

Unlike other personality assessments, the Golden Personality Type Profiler is unique in that it:

  • Is geared toward identifying behaviors
  • Examines both work and leisure situations
  • Reports on 36 personality characteristics within the four Global Scales, allowing specific individual personalities to emerge for a more comprehensive understanding of work style
  • Has an additional Global Scale not included on other Jungian-based instruments with two additional characteristics measuring responses to daily stressors

Administered worldwide by schools and organizations in all industry sectors, the Golden Personality Type Profiler is one of the most in-depth personality assessments available.  Powered by Jung’s Theory of Type as well as the Five Factor model of personality, Golden identifies both a 4-letter Jungian type and a 5th element for stress while offering 18 sub-facets that describe the unique personality of each individual.  Its powerful reporting options for both individuals and teams offer a great insight and better understanding of self and others making Golden the perfect tool for individual and team development interventions.

Zoom In On:

  • A person’s Jungian four-letter personality type
  • A fifth element for evaluating stress tolerance
  • Insights on leadership, growth opportunities, communication, and motivation
  • How a person relates to others

Golden’s questions relate to five areas:

  • Where you focus your energy (Extraverting vs Introverting)
  • How you gather information (Sensing vs iNtuiting)
  • How you make decisions (Thinking vs Feeling)
  • How you approach life (organiZing vs Adapting)
  • How you respond to stress (Tense vs Calm)


Assessment Description

The Golden Personality Type Profiler (GPTP) is an assessment based upon both Jung’s Type Theory as well as the Five Factor model of personality. It employs four global scales to generate a personality type with each global scale being comprised of four facet scales. The GPTP also measures a fifth factor which is associated with emotional stability. The tool has 125 behavior-oriented questions and can be completed in approximately 25 minutes.

The GPTP reports on the following dimensions:

Extraverting vs. Introverting

  • Talkative vs. Quiet
  • Socially Bold vs. Reserved
  • Outgoing vs. Intimate
  • Participative vs. Reflective

Sensing vs. Intuiting

  • Concrete vs. Abstract
  • Practical vs. Innovative
  • Conventional vs. Visionary
  • Traditional vs. Trendsetting

Thinking vs. Feeling

  • Rational vs. Empathetic
  • Autonomous vs. Compassionate
  • Analytic vs. Warm
  • Competitive vs. Nurturing

Organizing vs. Adapting

  • Planned vs. Open-ended
  • Reliable vs. Casual
  • Deliberate vs. Spontaneous
  • Conforming vs. Nonconforming

Tense vs. Calm

  • Concerned vs. Optimistic
  • Unsure vs. Confident


The GPTP Report

The GPTP Report provides a numerical and visual presentation of the candidate’s scores on each dimension, personality type profile, and an extensive narrative report with development advice.

The Individual Report includes the following sections:

  • Contributions to an organization
  • Leadership style
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Communication style
  • Team Preferences
  • Motivation and Learning
  • Response to Stress


The GPTP Team Report

The Golden Personality Type Profiler Team Report helps employees gain better insight into their personal style and will help team members apply Golden Personality Type Profiler results to develop a deeper understanding of the team’s strengths and growth opportunities, a better appreciation of team members’ personal styles, a greater awareness of how to effectively interact with team members, and a clearer picture of how the team can make the most of everyone’s talents.

Personality types | 16Personalities



Imaginative, strategic thinkers with a plan for all occasions.


Creative inventors, with a strong belief in the power of knowledge.


Brave, resourceful and strong-willed leaders who always find a way - or make a way.


Smart and curious thinkers who never turn down an intellectual challenge.



Quiet and mystical, but inspiring and relentless idealists.


Poetic, kind and altruistic personalities, always ready to stand up for a good cause.


Charismatic and inspiring leaders who captivate their listeners.


Enthusiasts, creative and sociable free minds who always find a reason to smile.



Practical and factual people whose reliability is unshakable.


Very responsible and kind protectors, always ready to protect their loved ones.


Excellent administrators, unsurpassed specialists in process and people management.


Extremely caring, sociable and popular people, always ready to help.



Brave and practical experimenters, masters of all kinds of techniques and tools.


Flexible and charming artists, always ready to explore and experience something new.


Smart, energetic and very receptive people who truly enjoy risk.


Spontaneous, energetic and tireless merry fellows - where they are, it's never boring.

10 personality types as tips for choosing interior design

Personality is more complex than trends. Therefore, what seems beautiful and fashionable to one may be ordinary or even repulsive to another. And it's normal to focus on your interests and tastes, and not on what fashion dictates, especially when it comes to the space where a person relaxes - about his house.

Publication date: 06/30/2022

How the works of psychiatrist Carl Leonhard help to choose interior design

Experts' opinions about trends in interior design may differ, but the main guideline is still a person's individuality. But it happens that it is difficult for the owners to decide on the wishes. For example, they cannot choose the right colors and textures, or there are disputes in the family about what style to decorate the rooms.

To solve this problem, designers sometimes turn to the writings of Carl Leonhard, a German psychiatrist who formulated 10 personality typologies. Leonhard divided people into groups based on their behavior in specific life circumstances and perception of the world around them.

10 Archetypes of Karl Leonhard

Let's take a closer look at Leonhard's archetypes - briefly describe the features and highlight the interior styles that are most suitable.

1. Demonstrative: hysterical "artist" type

Such people love to attract attention, they are bright, quickly find a common language with people and are very charming. Of the minuses - a quick-tempered character, a frequent manifestation of laziness. To please the "artists", you need to offer them unexpected solutions. For example, combine loft or steampunk style with kitsch style in the interior. For example, hang a mirror in a gilded baguette on a wall with a rough finish.



Pedantic type

Representatives of this archetype are accurate, consistent, and do not like surprises. Typically, such people appreciate conciseness and rigor in the interior so that the space is not overloaded. Therefore, minimalism or high-tech styles are suitable for a pedantic personality type. They just mean monochrome and neutral shades of the interior.


3. Stuck personalities

These people do everything thoroughly, without haste. It is important for them that what they have created is forever and does not let anyone down. Such individuals often choose interiors that resemble royal chambers, because it is important for them that the house reflects their status. They can choose both classic kitsch, when there is a lot of brocade and velvet in the decor, and stylish minimalism with expensive materials and bright accents.

4. Hyperthymic or choleric

Such people are mobile and sociable. Boredom is the worst punishment for them, including in the interior. Therefore, it is important for choleric people to surround themselves with bright pieces of furniture and shades. Provence, ethnic, cinematic glamor or art deco styles are closest to their liking.

On the photo is the Gorm sofa,

5. Distimist, or pessimist

From the very name of the archetype, it is read that such people are often gloomy, serious and not particularly easy-going. Dystimics have a negative attitude towards bright and super trendy interior items or furniture. Of the styles, minimalism, hi-tech, and in rare cases steam-punk, but also possible, most of all respond to their mood.


6. Exalted or impressionable

These people, on the contrary, remain naive all their lives. These are also called "the soul wide open." Therefore, with a high probability they will be pleased to live in an apartment decorated in the style of shabby chic, rustic or medieval art nouveau. The latter will remind them of their favorite fantasy setting.


7. Alarm

It is important for an anxious personality type that there are cozy nooks in the house. For example, a decorated balcony, a dressing room or a small office. From the materials they like everything natural, and from the styles closer to Japanese or Japandi - a mixture of Scandinavian and Japanese.


8. Emotive

People of this type are sensitive, you can always count on their support. Emotive personalities are good friends, it is important for them that everyone is comfortable in their house. Therefore, the interior should be beautiful, but relaxed. Ethnic style or Provence is ideal for their needs.


9. Extroverted type

People who love life in all its manifestations. Extroverts do not like to burden themselves with unnecessary problems. Their motto is: "The simpler, the better." It corresponds to loft styles or industrial design.

On the photo is the Garda sofa,

10. Introverted type

Complete opposite of the previous type. These are intellectual people who love to get lost in their thoughts and need to be quiet most of the time. They like muted shades and classic restraint. Introverts may like decadent or retro styles.


If there are signs of several archetypes

If you have found a match for several archetypes, this is normal. Human behavior cannot be static - it is impossible to always be happy or sad or want everyone's attention. Therefore, everyone transforms the domestic space, depending on the mood. As a result, housing becomes a reflection of internal states at different intervals of time.

Archetypes that resonate more are an excuse to experiment with interior styles, play with existing furniture and accessories to make everything sound in unison, and get rid of things that ended up in the house by accident.

Representatives of different archetypes of Leonhard have certain tastes in colors, as well as in decor and furniture. Therefore, when choosing a sofa - an integral element of any interior - everyone will rely on their own criteria of beauty and aesthetics.

For example, people of the "stuck personality" archetype will choose a large sofa in royal colors - gold or purple, with lots of pillows. In a completely different way, people of the “introverted” archetype will want to decorate their home. They like muted deep shades of blue, green, gray and clear compact forms.

In the photo is the Elton sofa,

The site has a large selection of sofas for every taste. So whatever your archetype, you can find your perfect sofa here with a record-breaking 5-year warranty and free shipping.


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