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7 Fun Printable Personality Tests for Students

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Are you a student looking for some fun way to spend idle time?

Or perhaps you are a parent looking for a hobby for your kids and teens to get rid of their boredom?

Maybe you are a teacher seeking an entertaining way to learn more about your students?

Whatever the case, you came into the right place. In this article, we share with you a fun activity that students can try at home or during class—answering personality tests!

Personality tests are a lot more beneficial than you might think. Whether taken at home, in school, or even at work, these tests are useful because they provide an overview of a person’s strengths and weaknesses. They help determine which path is the best to take to achieve success.

More importantly, they help build and strengthen relationships, as they provide a way to help people understand your likes and dislikes. They help you express yourself in an authentic way.

Today, we are sharing with you a few of the best personality tests out there. All of the tests on this list are free and printable.

Let’s check them out!

What You Will Learn

  • 1. Personality Quiz for Teen Students
  • 2. The 5-Minute Personality Test
  • 3. The Big Five Personality Test
  • 4. The Holland Code Test
  • 5. True Colors Personality Test
  • 6. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • 7. Narcissistic Personality Inventory
  • Conclusion

1. Personality Quiz for Teen Students

Our first personality test is from Personality Academy, which aims to develop the traits related to emotional intelligence, like empathy, motivation, and consciousness. It is based on the Jungian Mental Mechanisms proposed by Carl Gustav Jung, which can help you discover and identify your “psychological type preferences” and “personality type lineup.

This personality quiz is specifically for teens who are 13 years old and above. It contains 20 questions that assess your preferences and style, and the personality types that result are divided into four categories: extraversion/introversion, planned/spontaneous, hands-on/theoretical, and objective/subjective.

You can check out the link provided above to get straight to this test’s PDF version. Print it out and start having fun answering the questions. Reflecting and answering truthfully without hesitation is a great way to start understanding yourself.

2. The 5-Minute Personality Test

Also called the Four Animals Personality Type Test, this particular personality test compares your results with four animals: lion, otter, golden retriever, and beaver. It claims that we are all a combination of the four, but the two types with the highest scores reveal where your personality is most inclined. Your highest score is your most dominant personality type, while your second highest is your sub-dominant.

Each animal has its strengths and weaknesses, and a list containing these traits is provided at the end of the test. You will also find interpretations and explanations at the end that help explain your behavior in relation to your personality. For instance, your desires and decision-making skills are related to your animal representation.

There are only a total of 10 questions, so this personality quiz is rather easy and quick to finish. It is best suited for teens, but it can also be a fun way to introduce the concept of “personality” to young children.

3. The Big Five Personality Test

Open Psychometrics has been offering free, printable personality tests and psychological assessments since 2011. It is a very simple website, without lots of fancy colors and intimidating designs, but it provides people a good way to understand psychology and the science behind the human mind.

Personality tests help build and strengthen relationships, as they provide a way to help people understand your likes and dislikes.

One of the available resources is a PDF version of The Big Five Personality Test. If you want to find out which spectrum in the OCEAN (openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism) you are in, then this simplified, printable copy might just help.

Perhaps you already know that the “big five” is a widely referenced concept in psychology. If so, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to understand the test that goes along with it.

4. The Holland Code Test

The Holland Code Test is commonly used during career counseling and job interviews and assessments. It is most suitable for high school students who are about to enter college, or even college students who are about to start their working careers.

There are six categories that represent the different personality types. These include realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional. This is why the Holland Code is commonly referred to as the RIASEC test.

The instructions for this personality test are simple, and you can complete it without adult guidance. You just have to read the scenarios and decide which one relates to you the most, and then tally the score when done. You will then discover which personality type you have and what career path will most likely make you happy and successful in the future.

5. True Colors Personality Test

The True Colors Personality Test is one of the most popular personality tests out there. It was created by Don Lowry in 1978 using the colors “blue,” “orange,” “gold,” and “green” to categorize the strengths and weaknesses of most young people and students.

When you take the test, you will be given a series of questions that help you rate your preferences. You can either have one primary color to represent you, or you can be a combination of two. This test aims to help you and the people around you understand your innermost thoughts and desires.

Once you click the link above, a word document with the True Colors Personality Test will automatically download. The download is safe—we have already tested it. Once you get a copy of it, you are ready to print, answer, and understand yourself better.

6. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

You have likely heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). It is one of the most prominent personality indicator tests, along with the Big Five. The creators of this test are Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs-Myers (mother and daughter).

There are four categories that the test evaluates you for, including introversion/extraversion, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling, and judging/perceiving. One letter from each category is noted in your result, producing a four-letter personality type such as INFP, ENFP, INTJ, etc. (Learn more about personality types in these posts.)

The link provided above will only give you a simplified version of the personality test and an explanation of the results. If you want the full version, licensed psychologists and psychometricians can provide you with a copy, as well as a thorough explanation of your personality type.

7. Narcissistic Personality Inventory

Developed by Raskin and Hall in 1979, the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI) measures a person’s narcissistic tendencies. This is not intended to diagnose narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Instead, it indicates where a person stands within the spectrum of narcissism.

The link we provided above gives you a printable version of the original NPI-40 (1980 version) and how it is supposed to be used. However, it does not contain an exact explanation of what your score means. You will need to do further research or ask a mental health professional.


As a parent or teacher, personality tests are a good way to understand children better. They can help you understand their behavior and what needs to be done to accommodate their needs better.

As a student, personality tests are a great way to understand yourself. Knowing your personality type can make life a little easier, especially when it gets confusing.

We hope that the personality tests we shared above are fun and help you get to know yourself better!

Finally, if you want to identify YOUR personality type, then take one of these 11 personality tests to better understand what makes you tick.

Quick, Fun & Free for Work in 2022

You discovered our list of the best personality tests.

Personality tests are assessments that reveal motivations, psychological preferences, character, temperament, and beliefs. Individuals use these tests to gain a better sense of self-awareness, or just for fun. Employers use these questionnaires at work to balance teams, optimize management approaches, and for team building. This format is also knows as “personality quizzes.”

These tests can help improve company culture and may be part of employee benefits.

This article contains:

  • fun personality tests
  • quick personality tests
  • short personality tests
  • workplace personality tests
  • free personality tests
  • printable personality tests
  • team building personality tests

Let’s get to it!

List of personality tests

From Myers Briggs to emotional intelligence quizzes to political diagrams, here are the best free personality tests to encourage self-awareness and growth in the workplace.

1. Myers Briggs

The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), also called the 16 personalities test, is one of the most widely used free personality tests. The assessment classifies takers using four categories.

  • Introversion or extraversion
  • Sensing or intuition
  • Thinking or feeling
  • Judging or perceiving

Test results consist of a four-letter acronym that determines which trait prevails in each category. There are 16 possible combinations, with analyses and explanations of the drivers, habits, perspectives, and strengths and weaknesses of each.

Companies use Myers Briggs tests to determine which candidates fit company cultures and which employees collaborate most effectively together.

Many sites offer variations of MBTI, but 16 personalities is the most popular.

Take the test for 16 personalities.

2. DiSC

The DiSC assessment is another widely used assessment tool, especially in the workplace. Though DiSC often functions as a career test, many folks use it to gauge personality in informal environments too. The test breaks down personality into four main quadrants: dominance, influence, conscientiousness, and steadiness. DiSC quizzes present situations pertaining to social situations and asks respondents to rate whether or not the statement is accurate. Answers reveal truths about the test taker’s interpersonal style, which can help to improve relationships and teamwork.

Take a DiSC assessment.

3. Who Am I?

Who Am I? is a picture quiz that asks users to select the most accurate or interesting photo tiles in each category. Some questions allow for multiple answers, while others ask test takers to pick the most accurate answer. The quiz covers a wide array of topics and preferences and is a top personality test for team building. Compared to some other entries on this list, Who Am I? is a long test, but it has a reasonable payoff. In total, the quiz measures and analyzes 15 personality traits such as self-control, resilience, conscientiousness, and sociability. This broad aspect provides a detailed portrait of the test-takers temperament and motivations.

Take Who Am I?

4. Test Color

If you prefer quick personality tests over lengthy questionnaires, then Test Color is a perfect choice. The short quiz consists of only two questions: select the colors beginning with those you prefer, and choose the colors starting with those you like least. The results reveal the extent of personality facets such as introversion and extroversion, organizational ability, and emotional intelligence. Each answer contains a personality profile which includes a pie chart breakdown of various qualities like creativity, intellectualism, and decision making ability.

Take Test Color.

5. MyPersonality Test

This 100+ personality test asks quiztakers to pick a response on a five-point scale from strongly agree to strongly disagree. The results gauge users on five personality factors:

  • Emotional balance or reactivity
  • Introversion or extroversion
  • Conventiality or openness
  • Guardedness or agreeableness
  • Spontaneity or discipline

Based on the percentage breakdowns of these traits, the quiz assigns a personality type and provides a brief overview of disposition and motivations.

Take MyPersonality Test.

6. Emotional Intelligence Test

This Emotional Intelligence Quiz is a short test that evaluates users’ EQ levels, or the ability to identify and react to one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. The test consists of 40 questions with two available responses. Once quiztakers input answers, the test scores takers based on four quadrants, assigning a numerical value to each:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social-Awareness
  • Relationship Management

The results page gives a short description of each category, along with a link to a more in-depth explanation of the covered concepts.

Take Emotional Intelligence Test.

7. Berkeley Emotional Intelligence Quiz

This evaluation is another emotional intelligence quiz, only instead of responding to certain situations, respondents view 20 photographs and choose from four possible emotions. The minds at The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, devised this test. A right answer follows each question, complete with an in-depth explanation and a key to which body language indicators reveal the truth. The quiz keeps a running score of correct responses, and at the end participants receive a final score with recommendations for improvement.

Take Berkeley Emotional Intelligence Quiz.

8. Character Strengths Survey

The character strengths survey asks users to select answers from a five point scale ranging from “very much like me,” to “very much unlike me.” There are around 100 questions total. Sample statements include, “I am always coming up with new ways to do things,” “I have many interests,” and “I always treat people fairly whether I like them or not.” At the end of the survey, users receive a score ranking character strengths such as kindness, humor, honesty, judgment, humility, and teamwork. The free online personality test breaks down results into signature strengths, middle strengths, and lesser strengths, providing a clear snapshot of a user’s virtues and areas of improvement.

Take the VIA Character
Strengths Survey.

9. Big 5 Personality Test

The Big 5 Personality Test is another survey that asks participants to rate the accuracy of statements on a scale of “strongly disagree,” to “strongly agree.” The test consists of 60 statements such as “I am someone who stays optimistic after experiencing a setback” or “I am someone who is curious about many different things,” along with fields for demographic information at the end. Results rate test takers on a spectrum of:

  • Close-minded/open to new experiences
  • Disorganized/conscientious
  • Introverted/extroverted
  • Disagreeable/agreeable
  • Calm and relaxed/nervous or high strung

The survey assigns a percentile score for each of the personality types and briefly outlines the significance of high or low scores for each category.

Take the Big 5 Personality Test.


The HEXACO test measures six major personality dimensions:

  • Honesty and humility
  • Emotionality
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Openness to experience

This 100 question quiz provides prompts such as “I make decisions based on the feeling of the moment rather than on careful thought,” and “I feel like crying when I see other people crying,” and asks respondents to reply on a scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree. This format is a good personality test for team building because it covers a wide ranging of topics, skills and aptitudes.

The test breaks the result categories into subtraits like fearfulness, greed-avoidance, social self esteem, and aesthetic appreciation, and assigns a percentile score based for each, based on the results of other test takers. The test aims to give insight into basic personality dispositions, and advises the use of answers as a guide rather than a prophecy.

For those seeking further clarification, the site provides additional information on the meaning of so-called domain level and facet level scales.

Take the HEXACO test.

11. Enneagram

An enneagram is a personality model that explains an individual’s relation to nine different basic personality types:

  • Reformer/Perfectionist
  • Helper/Giver
  • Achiever/Performer
  • Individualist/Romantic
  • Investigator/Observer
  • Loyalist/Loyal Skeptic
  • Enthusiast/Epicure
  • Challenger/Protector
  • Peacemaker/Mediator

An enneagram tests measures how much an individual matches with each persona. Though there are several variations of the enneagram, a standard quiz presents statement prompts and asks respondents to rate the degree to which they agree. The results return a numerical value for each of the personality types, along with a diagram of a circle containing triangles which represents how the personas react within the psyche.

Take an Enneagram test.

12. John’s Personality Test

This personality test is a spin on the traditional MBTI or Jungean models. Instead of assigning test takers one single personality type, the test breaks down mathematically the likelihood of respondents receiving five different personality type results, giving a percentage statistic for the probability of each. One interesting aspect of this test is that it shows what other personality types are likely for an individual instead of labeling the quiz taker with only one answer, meaning that users can extrapolate similarities and differences between other personality types.

Take John’s Personality Test.

13. The Political Compass

The Political Compass presents propositions and asks users to react to each stance with strongly agree, agree, disagree, or strongly disagree. The quiz covers topics such as economics, religion, nationalism, and the criminal justice system. The results pinpoint test takers on a double axis between left and right ideologies, libertarianism and authoritarianism. For reference, The Political Compass plots points of famous world leaders. This quiz is useful for explaining or confirming one’s political inclinations and beliefs.

Take The Political Compass.

14. Sociotype

Sociotypes are similar to MBTI types, but share more in common with the direct work of Carl Jung than the Myers-Brigg tests. The theory of socionics analyzes and predicts personal relationships based on the following psychic functions:

  • carefree/farsighted
  • obstinate/compliant
  • static/dynamic
  • aristocratic/democratic
  • tactical/strategic
  • constructivist/emotivist
  • positivist/negativist
  • reasonable/resolute
  • subjectivist/objectivist
  • process/result
  • questioner/declarer

This quiz asks test takers to slide a scale between two opposing statements. Results return a three-letter acronym that categorizes the individual within a specific personality profile, sometimes combining those three letters to the MBTI acronyms.

Take the sociotype test.

15. A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods is an interpersonal communication, relations, and compatibility quiz that uses guided imagery to reveal truths about the test taker’s relationship styles. The quiz poses eight prompts relating to an imaginary walk, and asks respondents to record answers to all questions before moving on to the analysis. For instance, “There’s a house in the middle of the clearing. How big is the house? Is there a fence?” The results disclose facets of the user’s emotional availability such as openness, intimacy, ambition, and strength of current relationship.

Take the Walk in the Woods analysis.

16. Philosophical Tensions

This quiz presents 30 philosophical statements like “There are no objective moral standards; moral judgements are merely an expression of the values of particular cultures,” and “It is quite reasonable to believe in the existence of a thing without even the possibility of evidence for its existence,” and asks respondents to either agree or disagree. Then, the results analyze philosophical tensions and contradictions in beliefs. This rest is helpful for pointing out lapses in logic and competing thoughts, thus informing the test taker of possible hypocrisy or complex belief systems.

Take the Philosophical Tensions test.

17. Compass points

When taking this compass point test, you use pen and paper to answer questions and tally scores rather than receiving automatic results. The compass point quiz presents pairs of words and asks test takers to select whether A or B applies more accurately. The majority answer determines whether the individual is north or south, east or west facing. Each point on the compass corresponds to a thinking and leadership style, helping individuals determine their role within a team.

Take a compass point quiz.

18. What is your Emotional Type? Quiz

This quiz uses 18 questions and a scale ranging from “not at all true,” to “very true” to gauge how respondents feel and deal with emotion. Results reveal levels of boundaries, assigning a score and a designation of thick, thin, or medium boundaries, with an explanation of each. These scores describe reactionary styles that reveal how folks react to. This process can help test takers better understand, process and cope with pain or struggle.

Psych Central also offers other free personality quizzes such as a self-esteem test and extraversion-introversion. Please note, these tests should not replace regular diagnostic tools for psychological disorders.

Take What is your Emotional Type? Quiz.

19. The IPIP-NEO

The IPIP-NEO, or International Personality Item Pool Representation of the NEO PI-R, consists of a longer, 30 to 40 minute test, or a shorter, 10 to 20 minute version that evaluates individuals based on the big five personality traits. These traits are openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. The test results return a narrative report that scores users on the five categories, along with subcategories such as assertiveness, cooperation, and orderliness. The results page explains the significance of the scores and the definition of each category and subcategory.

Take The IPIP-NEO.

20. IBM Watson Personality Insights

Once you register for an IBM account, the basic analysis is free. The program uses linguistics research to identify a personality profile from written excerpts. These personality insights determine characteristics such as needs, values, and the big five personality traits: extroversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism. While the software can analyze snippets as short as Tweets and forum posts, the most accurate results use blocks of text around 3500 words.

Take IBM Watson Personality Insights.

21. The Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI)

The Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI) plots personality on a continuum between introversion and extroversion, stability and neuroticism. Interestingly enough, the evaluation includes a “lie score” that measures how socially compliant a responder aims to be in the answers. This quiz consists of 57 yes or no questions, with each question corresponding towards the introversion-extroversion, stability-neuroticism, or lie factors. Results outline a brief description of the significance of each category, along with a percentile score.

Take The Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI).

22. Rorschach Inkblot Test

The Rorschach Test is a famous evaluation that asks participants to respond to inkblot images by associating the forms with other objects. Survey takers describe what they see when shown a picture, and the proctor selects the statement that most closely matches the interpretation. Though the test mostly famously detects potential mental irregularities, it reveals psychological insights such as spontaneity and impulse control, open-mindedness, and independence. This online Rorschach consists of ten questions with multiple possible answers, leading towards a succinct personality analysis.

Take an online Rorschach Inkblot Test.


The High 5 Test

The High 5 Test is a strength assessment that identifies an individual’s top five traits. The quiz presents 100 prompts describing certain behaviors and asks respondents to rate the extent to which the statement applies on a scale from 0% to 100% in terms of strongly agree to strongly disagree. Examples being, “others say that I have an aura of certainty and confidence,” and “I believe the best way to achieve success is by focusing on one thing.” The results reveal the five most dominant traits with a short explanation for each. You can share the findings with others and compare results, too.

Take The High 5 Test.

Personality test questions

Here are common questions you are likely to see on personality tests. Typically, these tests present an answering system that asks respondents to gauge how accurate the statement seems or how much they agree or disagree on a scale of one to five.

  1. I have a vivid imagination.
  2. I get angry easily.
  3. I enjoy crowds.
  4. I often daydream.
  5. I worry about the future.
  6. I am always busy.
  7. I prefer variety to routine.
  8. I trust others.
  9. I use others to get what I want.
  10. I dislike being the center of attention.
  11. I like to have a plan.
  12. I solve problems with logic and reason.
  13. I try to follow the rules.
  14. I like order.
  15. I get irritated easily.
  16. I fear failure.
  17. I like meeting new people.
  18. I care about other people’s feelings.
  19. I like to tidy up.
  20. I always keep promises.
  21. I work hard.
  22. I have trouble making decisions.

Personality quizzes may have many questions or just a few. Some tests may lack words entirely, and ask respondents to select pictures instead. Or, the quizzes may have test takers respond to different circumstances. Any of these approaches can work well at work for team building.

Final Thoughts

Personality tests are not the be-all, end-all when it comes to defining character. In general, the results work best as guidelines rather than firm rulings.

Still, these personal quizzes can reveal important information, inspire self-reflection and self-analysis, and establish common ground between strangers or teams at work. Though there are many different kinds of personality tests and various approaches, ultimately, all personality tests set out to answer the same central question: who am I?

Next, check out this list of free career tests and this one on team building quizzes.

Alignment Test

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop role-playing game that describes nine types of human worldview. Over the years of its existence, it has won fans around the world.

What type of outlook do you have? For each following statement, indicate how much you agree with it.

Worldview test developed by IDRLabs. Although this test uses the Dungeons and Dragons alignment types (lawful good, lawful neutral, lawful evil, neutral good, neutral, neutral evil, chaotic good, chaotic neutral), it has nothing to do with the game D & D or its authors. This test does not infringe any proprietary rights.

An example of how you would describe your alignment: Neutral Good Alignment - People with a Neutral Good alignment are guided by their quiet inner voice and usually act selflessly, with only ulterior motives as to whether their actions are legal or conform to social conventions or customs. Neutral good have no trouble with the law and are not inherently rebellious, but they advocate the spread of kindness and good deeds by any means possible. If in order to promote the development of good, it is necessary to maintain an organized society, then this is exactly what should be done. If good can be achieved only through the overthrow of the existing social order, then so be it. For many of this mindset, supporting the law of rebellion is seen as a distraction that moves them away from their more important goal of promoting true goodness in the world.

Alternately: Chaotic good people are strong individualists who are distinguished by their kindness and benevolence. They believe in the common good and kindness towards other people, but rarely follow laws and regulations. In their actions, they are guided by their own moral compass, which, although benevolent, does not always coincide with the opinion of the rest of society. They attach great importance to freedom, not only their own, but also that of others. Chaotic good ones strive to do the right thing, but their methods tend to be disorganized and can lead to conflict when they come into contact with those who prefer clear organization and planning.

Alternately: People with a lawful neutral alignment tend to be adamant believers in ethical concepts such as honor, order, rules, and tradition, and tend to stick to their own personal code of honor. Representatives of this type of worldview advocate strict observance of the laws and maintenance of the social order of their group. That is why they tend to attach great importance to traditions and historical events. A soldier who follows orders because he believes in the rightness of leadership, or a judge who dispenses justice exactly according to the word of the law, may be examples of a law-neutral mindset. However, this does not mean that representatives of this type are immoral; it's just that for them moral values ​​are lower than what their code, tradition or law dictates.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS is a trademark of WIZARDS OF THE COAST in Renton, WA 98057. On Thursday, December 22, 2005, the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS trademark was officially registered. The US Patent and Trademark Office has assigned DUNGEONS & DRAGONS trademark serial number 76652346. The current status of this application is REGISTERED AND UPDATED. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS is represented by Chad M. Smith of Wizards Of The Coast LLC, 1600 Lind Avenue South West, Suite 100, Renton WA 98057. Trademark DUNGEONS & DRAGONS is registered in the paper products and printed materials category. The description provided during registration is fantasy adventure novels.

The developers of this free online test are graduates who have experience with numerous psychological and psychometric tests. Before taking our free online test, please note that the results are provided "as is" and should not be construed as the provision of professional or certified advice of any kind. For more information about our online test, please see our Terms of Service.

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    We bring to your attention an associative test. With it, you can unravel the secrets that our subconscious mind hides. The test results will help you better understand yourself and other people....

    The technique of drawing metaphors "My life path" is a complex method of psychological diagnostics and counseling of adolescents and adults. Designed to diagnose the emotional state of a person, some features of his temperament and character, ideas about ...

  19. Pass online free...

    Pass psychological tests on the site

    “Any kind of addiction is bad, be it addiction to alcohol, drugs or idealism,” said the founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung. We often see confirmation of this both in life and on the screen - for example, in the film "Shame" (2011), where the hero suffers from sex addiction, or in the film "Smoking Here" (2005), the plot of which, as you might guess, is built on the problem of nicotine addiction.


  20. Best psychological tests online from psychologists...

    How to pass psychological tests correctly. Popular online tests do not require special preparation. Here it will be enough just to relax, trust your own intuition and answer questions as sincerely as possible. Another thing is the psychological questionnaires that are used when applying for a job. In this situation, it is worth taking some time to prepare. It is necessary to pass the best and most popular tests on the site in advance without registration in order to know the appropriate answer in order to get a vacant position.

  21. Tests psychological

    Test Constructor ru - this is a huge number of interesting and free tests for intelligence, IQ, vision, knowledge of traffic rules, programming and much more. If you liked it, be sure to share with your friends on social networks or just a link. And you can easily create your own test and tens of thousands of people will take it.

  22. Psychological tests - download psychological tests tests ...

    Psychological tests In this section of our site you can download psychological tests. The section presents psychological tests for children and adolescents, computer psychological tests, as well as many well-known psychodiagnostic methods from the arsenal of professional psychologists. You can download any of the tests absolutely free. If you find that any of the links do not work, write about it in the comments. We will definitely fix the problem.

  23. Psychological tests online

    Depression Self-Rating Test is a self-reported depression test developed at Duke University by psychiatrist Dr. William Zang. This mental state self-assessment tool has proven to be effective for prediagnosis and screening for depressive disorder....

  24. Psychological workshop - methods tests questionnaires forms...

    Determination of the psychological climate in the organization. Test "Formation of positive group motivation" V.A. Rozanova. Assessment of the psychological atmosphere in the organization. Test questionnaire KOS. Test "Diagnostics of leadership abilities" E. Zharikov, E. Krushelnitsky.

    Questionnaire for diagnosing the motivation of the staff of a general education school. Questionnaire for determining the professional readiness of LN Kabardova. Business game "Personnel issue". "Differential Diagnostic Questionnaire" (DDO) E.A. Klimova.

  25. Psychological tests free of charge. Pass psychological ...

    Psychological tests. It seems that this phrase says it all and it is very difficult to add something. This is a whole science and there are countless psychological tests that can be taken for free.

    Most of the tests are psychology tests. Even tests from other topics (for example, an iq test) somehow belong to the category of tests from the psychology section. After all, our intellect is also part of psychological science. This is probably why intelligence tests have received the same wide development as psychological ones.

  26. Amusing psychological tests for any company

    psychological tests for the company and personal, bright character traits, psychological games, game test, association game, attitude to the world, funny tests.

    Many people like to take psychological tests. It does not matter whether we learn something new about ourselves, or whether we affirm ourselves in what is already known, or maybe we disagree somewhere. The main thing is an exciting process, which can be even more enjoyable in good company.

  27. Psychological tests for adults, children and adolescents: 30+...

    It is very difficult to assess yourself objectively and without distortion. And without an adequate assessment, it is impossible to find one's place and harmoniously fit into society. Psychological tests come to the rescue. They allow you to soberly assess your abilities, individual characteristics and mental state. I have collected for you more than 30 proven methods that you can go online for free. After passing them all, you will make a psychological portrait of your personality and receive recommendations for working on yourself.

  28. Pass tests online: psychological , IQ, educational

    Our resource contains all popular psychological tests that will tell you about your abilities, shortcomings and personality traits. We constantly check and improve the quality of tests so that they meet modern requirements for psychological methods and educational tests. You can test your child's IQ with the pictorial test, or take a comprehensive look at the drawings of everyone in the household and learn about their hidden fears and problems.

  29. Tests online: the best, interesting and popular

    More than 10,000 cognitive, psychological and entertaining tests. Take tests online - test the power of your mind and know yourself!

    Take the test and find out if you can take care of your health. Find out how well you understand what can harm your health, and what […]

  30. 10 serious psychological0008 tests that can be passed...

    The test is aimed at identifying psychological abnormalities. It consists of several stages. At each of them you will be shown portraits, from which you will need to choose the least and most pleasant in your opinion. The Lifehacker telegram channel contains only the best texts about technology, relationships, sports, cinema, finance and

    If you like an integrated approach in everything and are not ready to be content with the results of one test, you can combine them. The author of this test is psychiatrist William Zang, also known in Russian psychology as William Tsung.

  31. ][ Psychological tests

    Download PsyTest Portable | More about the program. Determination of mobility of nervous processes 1.0. The test will help reveal your resilience to perform quick (and routine) operations. It can serve as an indirect addition to professional selection.

    Socionic test 1.06 L. Test of the Institute. Carl Gustav Jung in Zurich. A simple program, nothing more, 60 questions (15 for each scale). Asks and sums up the result.

  32. Psychological tests online

    Psychological tests online at psytests. org. Free and anonymous. More than 400 professional psychodiagnostic methods. Go online on any device.

    no self-activity: professional tests used in psychodiagnostic practice and self-testing methods proposed by competent specialists are offered.

  33. Online tests | Psychological tests tests

    Try the online test for free and share the results with your friends on social networks. Will they be able to pass it too? All of our tests are free and you don't need to register, enter your personal data or send SMS to pass it.

    Not all of our tests are based on serious psychological methods, some should be treated with humor and not taken too seriously! Good luck with your testing!

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