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4 Types of People and How to Influence Them

For today’s #thankfulthursdays I would like to give gratitude to Sifu Dan Lok for teaching me this.

You know how they make you take those personality tests like DISC?

And then once you determine your personality type and that of your colleagues and team members, supposedly it will allow you to be able to work together better, since you already know the personality of each.

The problem there is that if you’re speaking with a client, or a visitor, or doing an interview with a potential hire, it’s very difficult to gauge their personality without having to have them take the DISC test.

So when it comes to figuring out how to best persuade potential clients, influence stakeholders, motivate your team, or gauge the personality and team fit of a potential new hire, there has to be a better way of gauging their personality quickly, so you can adjust your approach accordingly.

What Dan Lok has taught me is that there are 4 Personality Types, which can be described as gems – Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Pearl. He dives deep into each type, and explains what motivates them.

That way, you’ll be able to quickly gauge the personality of the person you’re speaking with, while you are having a conversation with them.

Here’s how.

It’s a bit lengthy at 45 minutes, but I assure you, you will get more value out of this that applies on the real world than if you just bum around and watch an episode of your favorite show.

I hope you found this to be useful, as it has been to me.

I know there are a lot of gurus teaching the exact same methods, and this may or may not even have originated from Dan Lok. But so far from what I’ve seen, he has the best explanation of this method, which has worked well for me.

In fact, I’ve used this within my team to help each member appreciate one another even more.

I’ve also used this to gauge stakeholders, and this has allowed me to have more meaningful conversations, and allowed me to quickly get their buy-in for certain initiatives.

Lastly, I’ve used this with great effect when interviewing potential hires.

I just ask: “What motivates you most? I will give you 4 choices, and you can tell me which one you can relate to or fits your personality the most.”

Then I go an explain each:

  • (Ruby) Are you motivated by a challenge? Like if someone says “it can’t be done,” you’re the type who would say “watch me.”
  • (Sapphire) Are you motivated by fun? Like if someone tells you to do something, and tells you it’s going to be a lot of fun.
  • (Emerald) Are you motivated by analysis, data, facts, and figures? Like if someone tells you to do something and presents you with data and analysis as to why it makes sense.
  • (Pearl) Are you motivated by a being part of a bigger cause? Like if someone tells to do something because it will be for the better good of our clients, customers, and employees.

Their answer to the above would allow me to gauge how and where they would best fit in the team, if we decide to them.

Give it a try! And let me know how it goes. Reply with a comment. I would love to hear if it was effective for you.


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How understanding the 4 personality gems will help you close more deals

When it comes to closing high ticket services or products, the most important lesson I’ve learned is that not all people are the same. If you want to be a strong closer, the best way to do that is to understand what makes a particular prospect tick.

In other words, instead of “ramming a square peg into a round hole,” where you are treating every prospect with the same generic approach, you need something more effective.

Attempts at ramming square pegs into round holes are not only exhausting, but you also will not be able to do that in terms of closing without turning into one of those green-eyed monster salesperson types that send prospects running in the other direction.

So, instead of approaching each prospect with the same generic approach, use your understanding of the below personality gems to creating that individual yellow brick road for each prospect.

What I’m going to show you are the 4 different personality gems and some tips on how to manage each and be a stronger closer.

Personality Gem - Ruby

Rubies are highly motivated by winning. They work hard. They go hard. They don't like having their time wasted and move quickly, taking swift action and making swift decisions.

They are confident, concise and calculated and like to get to the point. They generally have strong personalities and see anything standing in the way of their goal as something of an annoyance to be steamrolled. They see themselves as winners. They are motivated by winning.

They like to be commended for their successes as they work hard for their achievements, often forgetting to eat or sleep because they are so focussed on working to achieve their goals.

Make sure you compliment them on their nice Rolex watch, superb choice of high-end restaurant, sexy car and smart decision making.

Rubies tend to subscribe to the term 'if you need something done properly, you have to do it yourself'. They can tend to be lone wolves but they do need help. So find a way to be effective and reliable and you'll go a long way to closing a Ruby.

Tips for handling Rubies:

  • Tell them success stories - if someone else can do it then they are damn sure they can.
  • Keep the process of the close moving - don't waste their time. Time is money.
  • They fear losing control - be the guide in their heroic journey.
  • Ask their opinions and ideas, validate them.
  • Be results oriented always.
  • Rubies love to be the best - show them a challenge
  • Use reverse psychology - subtly question their ability (but don't insult their intelligence).

Personality Gem - Sapphire

Sapphires are motivated by fun. They are outgoing, extraverted and usually the life of the party. They love to be the centre of attention and love telling their wonderful stories. They want to be remembered for spreading happiness wherever they go.

They are passionate and love people. They get their energy from others. They believe life should be fun, full of good times and lived to the fullest.

Sapphires can be slightly disorganised and get bored with essential details. But their personalities are powerful and they more than make up for these mild shortcomings with their energy and magnetism.

Sapphires see the big picture. They are powerful visualisers of their ideas and are creative and imaginative, forever seeking inspiration in life.

Sapphires tend to be a little flighty and can be easily distracted. They need someone to keep them grounded and focused on the necessary work required to achieve their big visions.

Tips for handling Sapphires:

  • Keep it simple & stay positive - don't bore them or be a downer.
  • Tell lots of stories - they will place themselves right inside of them.
  • Focus on their goals - avoid going into the pains about all the steps they need to get there.
  • Don't talk about winning or being the best - they consider it a turnoff.
  • They fear missing out on the fun - subtly threaten to take it away from them.
  • Paint a vivid picture for them - get them excited and inspired and they'll do what it takes.
  • Be firm but friendly - they can bounce around a lot and you need to keep them focused on the task at hand.

Personality Gem - Pearl

Pearls are motivated by helping others. They are thoughtful, insightful and empathetic. They put others first and make wonderful listeners and loyal, reliable friends.

Pearls cherish their family over anything and are often motivated by the impact their decisions have on their loved ones. Pearls prefer the comfort of their close friends in a nice quiet setting to a raucous and loud party where you can't hear people properly.

Pearls are softly spoken and value close connection and trust. Pearls will never let you down. They worry about upsetting others and avoid conflict like the plague. They hate uncomfortable situations and would rather avoid confrontation rather than waste energy on something that upsets them.

Pearls value trust above all else. Don't abuse it as this is extremely hurtful to them.

Never take advantage of a pearl. They have extremely long fuses but if that fuse reaches its end, their fury can be unexpected and breathtaking.

Pearls can sometimes get to feeling a little used up and may be sceptical of you abusing their good nature, make sure they feel supported and most importantly heard.

Tips for handling Pearls:

  • Tell them you will support them no matter what - don't make them feel like a means to an end. Respect their decisions.
  • Ask them how their decision affects their family - show them how they can make a positive impact.
  • Listen with intent - they do it for you and expect the same in return.
  • They fear upsetting others - show them the importance of standing up for themselves.
  • They love a personal touch (hug).
  • Lower your voice and speak like them - never be loud and rambunctious when speaking to a Pearl.
  • Understand their need to help others - while making sure they understand you are there to help them.

Personality gem - Emerald

Emeralds are motivated by common sense and logic

They are possibly the most essential asset in any good business or happy group of friends.

Emeralds are the gel (or gems) that hold everything together. They are the ones ticking all the boxes, keeping everything organised and making sure things get done in an efficient and effective manner.

If there is a social occasion, an Emerald is usually organising it. If there is a business strategy, an Emerald is usually writing it. If there are finances to be managed, an Emerald is usually handling it. If something turns out to be successful, an Emerald is usually the critical cog that drove it.

Emeralds are the Watsons to the Sherlocks and the Alfreds to the Batmans. The Donnas to the Specters.

Emeralds are productive and diligent. They dislike what they perceive to be wasted money, time or resources.

Emeralds pick up what the others miss. They are honed in to the finer details, working diligently in the background to cover all the bases and have necessary contingencies in place.

Emeralds can be hard to close. They need to know the details and need to feel secure that they are making an educated decision. You'll rarely close an Emerald on the spot so don't try to. Just give them what they need to make their own educated decision and never make them feel rushed or forced.

Tips for handling Emeralds.

  • Validate why it works - don't focus on painting visions or big pictures.
  • If there are flaws, point them out - don't let them find out something they should have known about or they'll view you with suspicion.
  • Talk about if it “Makes sense”.
  • They fear a loss of money or time - this means they fear the opportunity of making money more efficiently.
  • Can they live with the downside? Make them assess their own situation.
  • If you don't know, be honest and tell them - let them know you'll look into it and come back to them.
  • They are security driven and don't like change - tread carefully or scare them off for good.

If you want to help people, it helps to understand them. Remember, closing is all about your prospect and how your product or service is going to make their lives better, not your wallet thicker.

What personality type are you? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

Which Blue Prison: Blue Lock character are you?

Blue Lock: Blue Lock In 2022, based on the manga, an anime series of the same name will be released.

Tells about how the Japanese, having decided to win the World Cup, create a training camp for Blue Lock football players, more like a prison. All participants compete for the national team and the winner should be the most capable and aggressive of them. Among the participants is the protagonist Yoichi Isagi, who at first loses a lot in selfishness.
Although most of the Blue Lock characters are cold logic, each of them can be assigned to one of the 16 MBTI personality types. To find out which of them you are similar in character, take one of the tests and make sure the result exactly matches your personality type. Then find a character with this psychotype (it is indicated under their image).

To obtain an official Personality Passport from Relaza. com , please confirm your type under the description.

When you click on the picture, a psychological portrait of the selected character will open, when you click on the name, a personality type passport.

Blue Lock Blue Lock Character List:

Ryusei Shido


Michael Kaiser


Hyoma Chigiri


Rin Itoshi


Ikki Nico


Ryoske Kira


Shoei Baro


Aiku Oliver


Meguru Bachira


Seishiro Nagi


Reo Mikage


Jinpachi Ego


Yoichi Isagi


Otoya Eita


Sae Itoshi


Renske Kunigami


See here for a typology of characters in other works

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"If You Don't Want SUCCESS, Then Don't WATCH This Video!" | Dan Lok - Video Explode

Now if you don't want success then you
don't have to watch this video you can
watch you can watch other videos
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one key one key that unlocks
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the motivation to watch the top 10 with faith
the nation
he is Dan Locke and here is my take on his
Top 10 Rules for Success Volume 9 Enjoy
okay let's start with rule number
don't follow your passions don't
follow your passion you heard me right I
said don't follow your passion I
say don't follow you again
passion now what i'm saying
you hear all this time you could
talk about what i should find your passion to do
what you love is very north american
thing let me talk to you about asian
culture we're not talking about growing up
a concept we're not talking about all of you
must find your passion you must
must find what you love not in Asia
culture first you focus on creating
living you have no right talk
about passion before making a living
it's a whole different philosophy now, I'm
not saying someone is good or bad or
they're just different if you think
about it if you can't pay your bills, if
you don't provide for your family
you're not a husband, that's nothing
their wife, they support your kids
what can kill them through schools
they support your parents, then you
didn't earn the right to follow your
passion when i started, let
I'll tell you this the first few years
my career I worked my ass I was
in front of my computer 12 14 hours
I called, I worked there a lot
there was no passion
there is not a single piece of what I like
Do you think I want to be in front of my
computer learning learning is growing to do
things caught getting rejected
meeting people doing their best
work I don't like one minute of it but
that's what it takes
it's not about to follow your passion
following your passion does not mean
you will have a successful life
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you do what is comfortable
good, i think that's what i like to do
I'll do it, it's easy for me to do it
there is not what you think success is now if
you don't want success then you don't want to
you have to watch this video you can watch
you can watch other videos go watch
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you have to donate once i make enough money
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genius now i have earned
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i like to do things how can i teach
to do it but in the beginning for you
young guys there you have not yet earned
the right to follow you know pay
accounts you know make a living to do it
first rule number 2 reinvent yourself i
remember when i first started
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their job was losing a lot of money
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consultant for all the clients I was
writing copy for sale and I was making
very good money as a young guy 20
a few years, so I brought you
to know two hundred and three thousand dollars
is a very, very good money
and most people will stay on this
pace stay in the same place for a long time
time, but I did it
I knew that in order to go to the next level
I had to invent myself and that
it means even we invent ourselves
I will tell you exactly what it means
it means that you have to let go of what
one has done up to this point and let go of
and go to that next level which is
the hard part is one thing to let go of
things that don't work for you but
is a completely different thing to let go
things that worked for you so there is
you here don't get you there
so I made good money I had all
these clients and one day I made
The solution I didn't want to do is
more I had to go from
just copywriter or marketing
internet consultant
entrepreneur i had to make a shift to
my identity and i call all my
clients one day and i fire all my
clients overnight not knowing whats next 9The 0009 step would look like but I knew deep down
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to do, how many of you have ever had a
opportunity that it requires you to take some form of
action to make that jump
faith but deep down you know that
is scary but that's the right thing to do
and i did it and i served my clients
and i started and continue my full time
career as a rule internet entrepreneur
number three get a mentor why am i able to
accomplish what i achieved at
young age instead of 50 years old 55
and 60 and that is learn from a mentor
learn from someone who was there
and did it and continues to do so it is
imagine if you are an athlete you want to
learn to play basketball yes you can
learn from yourself yes you can kindly
play basketball with your friends but
if you want to be a professional guess
what you need to get mentor, you get
trainer to show you exactly what to do drills
you have to practice daily
get better what are some of the
exercises you have to do and he is
trainer he is looking at you he is
correcting you right he is shaping you he is
sculpts you he helps you get
to that next love
is the strength of a mentor i where
i today yes i made a lot of mistakes
absolutely i learned from
other people my peers yes but i where
I am today because of my board of mentors
number four get more exposure one
key one key that unlocks wealth in
business distribution distribution
what actually unlocks wealth in business
ask yourself this question if you are in
act straight now
selling a product in a cell service
you are selling online offline it is not true
think about your bottleneck that
stop you from moving on to the next
i think there is a chance that its spread
it means you are not getting enough
exposure and attention in
market right now in attention
correct type of attention new
currency if you are not getting attention
you are not attracting customers and
buyers of your business are now thinking about
even for a franchise, say
franchise chain like McDonald or
maybe even like Starbucks that
they have many many many many
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