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The 4 Best Light Therapy Lamps of 2022

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In testingOct 2022

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We’re testing the new Bright Health 24-Inch Light Therapy Lamp—a cylindrical option from the makers of the Carex Day-Light Classic Plus.

So far, we’re impressed with this bright and aesthetically pleasing lamp. We’ll update this guide with our complete findings.

Shifts in the number of daylight hours—due to changing seasons or long-distance travel—can have varying effects on people. For some, limited daylight hours can sap energy. For others, the effects can be more serious. After putting in 33 hours of research—including reading two books and five comprehensive studies on the subject and interviewing one of the scientists who discovered seasonal affective disorder (SAD)—we've concluded that the Carex Day-Light Classic Plus is the best light therapy lamp to treat SAD symptoms.

Although many people might catch a case of the blahs when the weather turns colder and the days get shorter, that’s far different from a clinical case of SAD, which should only be diagnosed and treated by a medical professional. You should use a SAD lamp or light box only under medical supervision, as it is in fact a medical device.

Our pick

Carex Day-Light Classic Plus

This light has all of the specs our expert sources recommend, as well as a reasonable price and a generous warranty.

The Carex Day-Light Classic Plus meets all of the criteria necessary to be considered therapeutically effective and safe, and it’s cheaper than many of its competitors. The lamp’s “99.3 percent UV-free” LED light and 10,000-lux light intensity, combined with its large, 15½-by-12½-inch face, mean you won’t have to sit in front of it for more than 30 minutes (the minimum length of time that experts recommend) to experience its physiological benefits. It has a color temperature of 4,000 Kelvin.


Also great

If you’re willing to pay a bit more for one of the sleekest large light therapy lamps we looked at, or if our pick is unavailable, we recommend the Northern Light Technologies Boxelite. With a minimalist, rectangular design, the Boxelite is the lamp we’d like to put on our own desks. Its light face is about the same size as that of our top pick (15 by 12 inches), and it provides 10,000 lux of fluorescent, “UV-free” light. The Boxelite also has a warmer color temperature (3,500 Kelvin) than our top pick, which may better suit your taste. As with our top pick, you have to sit in front of it for only 30 minutes to benefit. But the Boxelite isn’t adjustable, unlike the Day-Light Classic Plus.

Budget pick

Verilux HappyLight Luxe

The compact HappyLight Luxe shines brightly in multiple color temperatures and has an automated shutoff feature. It’s the best sub-$100 lamp we’ve considered. However, its light is less powerful than that of our other picks.

At nearly half the price and a quarter of the size of our top pick, the Verilux HappyLight Luxe provides 10,000 lux of “UV-free” LED light, according to the manufacturer. Its 9-by-6-inch light surface has three color temperatures to choose from (3,000, 4,000, and 5,000 Kelvin, more choices than on our top pick or our also-great model), and it comes with a useful countdown timer. However, it isn’t position-adjustable like our top pick, and its small overall size and light face mean you may need to get creative with positioning to ensure an effective angle during use. And in a side-by-side comparison using a commercial luxmeter, we found that the HappyLight Luxe’s light appeared less powerful than that of our other two picks.

Everything we recommend

Our pick

Carex Day-Light Classic Plus

This light has all of the specs our expert sources recommend, as well as a reasonable price and a generous warranty.

Also great
Budget pick

Verilux HappyLight Luxe

The compact HappyLight Luxe shines brightly in multiple color temperatures and has an automated shutoff feature. It’s the best sub-$100 lamp we’ve considered. However, its light is less powerful than that of our other picks.

The research

  • Why you should trust us
  • What is seasonal affective disorder (SAD)?
  • Who should (and should not) get this
  • How light therapy lamps work
  • How we picked and tested
  • Our pick: Carex Day-Light Classic Plus
  • Also great: Northern Light Technologies Boxelite
  • Budget pick: Verilux HappyLight Luxe
  • What to look forward to
  • The competition
  • Footnotes
  • Sources

Why you should trust us

We looked at 50 lamps for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and eventually tested 15 top-rated best sellers. We spent a weekend reading Winter Blues by SAD expert Norman E. Rosenthal, MD, and spoke at length with Alfred Lewy, MD, PhD, one of the first doctors to report on SAD in 1980. We also reached out to psychologist Elizabeth Saenger, PhD, who was then the director of education for the Center for Environmental Therapeutics, and Teodor Postolache, PhD, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Additionally, we read through many research papers from the past three decades.

What is seasonal affective disorder (SAD)?

Many people experience some emotional or physical changes with the arrival of new seasons, especially winter: Your mood may swing, your eating habits might shift, and your energy levels may rise or fall. Some people are less able to cope with these changes. SAD is a seasonal pattern of major depressive episodes as diagnosed by a physician according to criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR). 1 This diagnosis can be made only by a medical professional.

For many people, seasonal shifts in their mood and energy might be unpleasant or annoying, but they’re fairly simple to manage.

Other people feel the weight of these changes in a more serious manner. Maybe the symptoms aren’t quite severe enough for them to seek a doctor’s opinion, but the effects certainly make it hard to get out of the house in winter. It’s what folks sometimes informally call the winter blues.

A third group experiences these changes so severely that their lives are seriously disrupted. If you have true SAD, the darker months may feel like a physical exhaustion that will never end.

It’s important to note that not everyone experiences SAD symptoms at the same time or in the same way. In Winter Blues, Rosenthal writes, “Just as the degree of seasonal difficulties may vary from one person to the next, so may the timing of the problem. For example, one person may begin to feel SAD symptoms in September, whereas another will feel well until after Christmas.

Who should (and should not) get this

Therapeutic light boxes are not the only available treatment for seasonal affective disorder (SAD). If you think you’re among the roughly 6% in the United States who suffer from SAD, talk to your doctor to figure out your best course of treatment (which might include anything from more time outside to cognitive behavioral therapy or medication).

For most people with only mild seasonal mood disorders (some 14% of the US population), the risk of using a therapy light is relatively minimal; eyestrain and headaches (especially in migraine sufferers) are the most commonly reported side effects. However, as New York Magazine reported in its 2016 article on SAD lamps, people with a history of clinical depression or bipolar disorder may suffer an exaggerated response while using a light box and should consider this therapy only in close consultation with a physician.

How light therapy lamps work

In 1980, Alfred Lewy published the finding from a small study indicating that sufficiently intense artificial light suppressed humans’ nighttime production of melatonin—a hormone linked to the regulation of the sleep cycle. According to interviews with Lewy, prior to that moment there was more or less uniform agreement among medical professionals that artificial light had little to no effect on people’s circadian rhythms. As it turned out, most experiments up to that moment had not used lights bright enough to induce a measurable change in human melatonin or circadian physiology.

“[Dr. Robert] Sack and I realized that humans really don’t have seasonal rhythms like animals do, like breeding and hibernation and reproduction,” Lewy explained over the phone. “We proposed a ‘phase shift hypothesis’ that is still the leading hypothesis for how bright lights treat SAD, which is that in the winter, with the shorter days, most people’s circadian rhythms drift late with the later dawn, out of phase with their natural sleep-wake cycle. It’s like having jet lag for five months. With morning bright-light exposure, those rhythms are pushed back earlier, back into phase with their sleep.”

Today, “bright light therapy is recommended as the first-line option” for the treatment of SAD, according to a 2003 review (PDF) in the journal Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience. Far from being a fringe or “alternative” purported remedy for SAD, light therapy has been clinically shown in many studies to work to alleviate symptoms.

How we picked and tested

Photo: Rozette Rago

When you’re shopping for a SAD lamp, to ensure that you receive the full therapeutic benefits of the light, there are a few important factors to consider, namely how much light it delivers and how close to the lamp you need to sit for the treatment to be effective.

First, know that the FDA does not test, approve, or regulate light-box devices. As such, you should not use one without a physician’s guidance. We based our picks on research, customer feedback, and product specifications—including optimal sitting distances—provided by manufacturers, as well as conversations with experts who study and prescribe these units.

A light box should deliver between 2,500 and 10,000 lux. A lux is a unit that measures 1 lumen per square meter. The more lux a light delivers, the less time you need to spend positioned in front of it. For most 10,000-lux lights, 30 uninterrupted minutes per day, preferably in the morning, should suffice. “If you’re going to sleep too early and want to stay awake longer, a little bit of light therapy in the afternoon can help mitigate that,” said Teodore Postolache, PhD, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

We also looked at how close to each box you need to sit to score the maximum results. Light intensity is subject to the inverse square law, which says that the intensity of light falls off by the square of the distance that you move away from it. For instance, if you are 2 feet away from a light source, you see a fourfold decrease in intensity. The farther away a person is able to sit from a lamp and still receive 10,000 lux for maximum efficacy, the more flexibility they have in terms of what they can be doing and how they can be sitting during treatment. “I insist, absolutely, that any reputable, reliable manufacturer has to tell the consumer what the distance it should be from the eyes to achieve 10,000 lux,” Lewy said. “If a light box doesn’t have that information, I wouldn’t use it.”

The FDA does not test, approve, or regulate light-box devices.

The larger the surface of the light box, the better. In Winter Blues, Rosenthal notes that the lights “used in almost all research studies … have an illuminated surface that is at least about one foot square.” For that reason, and the fact that smaller therapeutic lamps have not undergone the same kind of rigorous study that their bigger cousins have received, we strongly recommend light boxes with the largest surfaces. (We do recommend a smaller lamp, the HappyLight Luxe, which we think is a serviceable option if you don’t have the space or budget for one of our larger picks. However, our top pick has a longer track record of efficacy in home and academic use, and in a side-by-side comparison that we performed with a commercial luxmeter, the HappyLight Luxe’s light output did not seem as strong.)

We avoided any lamps that did not have a plastic filter to remove most if not all ultraviolet waves (which are potentially harmful to the eye), and we avoided those with incandescent bulbs, which can build up a lot of heat, as well as models that used blue LEDs, as there’s still some controversy over whether blue light, which is different from blue-enriched white light (PDF), is harmful to the eyes.

Rosenthal notes that the lights “used in almost all research studies … have an illuminated surface that is at least about one foot square.”

Although many SAD lamps fit the above specifications, we discounted a number of them because of their high price, overly cumbersome design, too-small size, or dubious claims about features like “ion therapy.

Because we are not qualified or equipped to evaluate SAD lamps for efficacy, we focused instead on how easy they were to use, how much space they took up on a tabletop, and whether they met their stated specs, including their total size and weight, light-face dimensions, cord lengths, and approximate light intensities. In a nonscientific test, we compared lux readings obtained with a commercial luxmeter to check for any significant inconsistencies between stated light intensities and real-world readings.

For this review, we focused on light therapy lamps. We did not consider dawn simulators, sunrise alarm clocks, or so-called light therapy glasses.

Our pick: Carex Day-Light Classic Plus

Photo: Rozette Rago
Our pick

Carex Day-Light Classic Plus

This light has all of the specs our expert sources recommend, as well as a reasonable price and a generous warranty.

The Carex Day-Light Classic Plus has the largest light face of all our picks and an impressive record of efficacy, as reported in customer reviews and academic research alike. This lamp projects 10,000 lux of “99.3 percent UV-free” LED light from its 15½-by-12½-inch lamp face, the same amount of lux as all of our other picks provide and the minimum lux that any SAD lamp needs to be therapeutically effective according to the doctors we interviewed. The lamp face mounts to a weighted horseshoe base by way of an adjustable arm. This arm allows you to adjust the lamp’s angle and vertical position, reducing overall glare and increasing the flexibility of where and how you can use the lamp. For instance, you can set up the Day-Light Classic Plus in such a way that it allows you to read a book beneath it while keeping most of your face positioned well within the therapeutic 12-inch range of the lamp face. In contrast, to read in front of lamps that sit directly on a desk, you would need to either place the book upright between you and the lamp, which would shield you from some of the light, or lay the book down in front of you, possibly extending your position outside of the lamp’s therapeutic range.

The Day-Light Classic Plus is designed to let you read or write in front of it while still keeping within 12 inches of the light source, the recommended minimum effective distance. Photo: Caleigh Waldman

Assembling the Day-Light Classic Plus is easy and takes less than five minutes. An on/off switch on its side powers the lamp; when switched on, it starts illuminating instantly, in one of two intensities (7,000 or 10,000 lux). Fully extended, the Day-Light Classic Plus is 28½ inches tall. The lamp angle can swing approximately 65 degrees from fully vertical to nearly horizontal, which adds flexibility, though this design makes the entire lamp more cumbersome to move around compared with other lamps we’ve tried.

Compared with the cooler tones of other lamps, the Day-Light Classic Plus emits a pleasant, warm light with a color temperature of 4,000 Kelvin. You can also adjust the intensity, choosing between a high setting (10,000 lux) and a low setting (7,000 lux). Unlike on our also-great pick, this model’s cover, which protects the LED lights, creates an airtight seal, which makes the lamp easier to keep clean. The lamp comes with a standard AWG 6-foot grounded power cord, which is plenty long enough for most people’s needs and interchangeable if it gets lost. That interchangeability also means you can buy a longer AWG cord and use that instead if you need to.

The Day-Light has been used for years by scientists and physicians who study and treat SAD. The Center for Environmental Therapeutics, a nonprofit collective of scientists and clinicians dedicated to research and education about environmental therapies, has recommended the Day-Light for years. According to psychologist Elizabeth Saenger, who was the CET’s director of education at the time of our interview, it’s the go-to light for many clinical trials that aim to study the effectiveness of light therapy. In October 2017, former CET board member Dorothy K. Sit, MD, and her colleagues used the Day-Light in a study described in an American Journal of Psychiatry paper, “Adjunctive Bright Light Therapy for Bipolar Depression: A Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial. ” A January 2016 article in New York Magazine also touted the Day-Light Classic Plus, quoting psychiatrist James Phelps’s description of it as the “official research rig.”

Flaws but not dealbreakers

The Day-Light Classic Plus is unwieldy and, some would argue, unattractive. The weighted base has a large (12-by-16-inch) footprint, so this lamp is not ideal for smaller spaces. If you don’t like the way it looks, you may prefer the simpler design of our also-great pick or our compact budget pick.

Like any heat-producing device, the lamp should be used in an open, ventilated space (a company spokesperson said to avoid putting it on a desk with a hutch, for example).

Carex’s five-year warranty for the Day-Light Classic Plus does not apply to “use other than for personal, family or household purposes and excludes shipping and handling charges.”

Also great: Northern Light Technologies Boxelite

Photo: Rozette Rago
Also great

If design is your priority, we like the Northern Light Technologies Boxelite. This lamp is more expensive than our top pick but looks the sharpest on a desk or table. Similar to the Day-Light Classic Plus, the Boxelite provides 10,000 lux, and it emits light from a 15-by-12-inch face. According to Northern Light Technologies, the light is fully UV-free, a slight enhancement over our top pick’s “99.3% UV-free” claim. The Boxelite provides an even warmer light than the Day-Light Classic Plus, with a 3,500-Kelvin color temperature. The Boxelite is not adjustable, but its slim, basic design helps it look the least obtrusive of the lamps we considered.

An on/off switch at the base powers the lamp. The bulbs take a few seconds to illuminate, but that is normal for fluorescent bulbs. The lamp also comes with a 7-foot cord, the longest of any of our picks.

Our favorite aspect of the Boxelite is its sleek design. The Boxelite has a picture-frame setup, minimal design with few accents, and clean edges. The back of the Boxelite is contained in a single smooth, black panel. It also comes with a seven-year warranty, longer coverage than for our pick. Note, though, that this warranty (PDF) covers everything but the tubes, and the customer is responsible for the shipping costs to send faulty units to Northern Light Technologies.

Our main two issues with the Boxelite are its lack of adjustability and its higher price, although it does come with that seven-year warranty. Also, since the Boxelite’s plastic cover does not feature an airtight seal (unlike on our other two picks), dust and grime easily slip into the hard-to-clean space between the cover and the lights.

Budget pick: Verilux HappyLight Luxe

Photo: Rozette Rago
Budget pick

Verilux HappyLight Luxe

The compact HappyLight Luxe shines brightly in multiple color temperatures and has an automated shutoff feature. It’s the best sub-$100 lamp we’ve considered. However, its light is less powerful than that of our other picks.

In side-by-side comparisons, the light output of the Verilux HappyLight Luxe was significantly lower than that of our other two picks. However, this small lamp is a solid option for newcomers to light therapy who don’t have the space or the budget for our top pick or also-great pick. At less than a foot tall and 7½ inches wide, it also packs easily for travel. The HappyLight Luxe’s 9-by-6-inch light surface still shines brightly, though not as brightly as those on our other, larger picks. According to Verilux, the lamp’s claimed 10,000-lux, “UV-free” light projection is adjustable from 3,000 to 5,000 Kelvin, so you can pick the light warmth that feels best to you. This model also features a countdown timer that lets you set the lamp to stay on for five-minute increments up to an hour; when the timer is done, the lamp shuts off automatically.

The HappyLight Luxe has the appearance and approximate size of a Kindle or a tablet, and unlike our other two picks, it comes with a detachable stand that can also serve as a wall mount. Its small footprint makes it easy to adjust and move around for proper, effective placement and for making sure it is within the company-reported therapeutic 24-inch range of the lamp face, which is twice the distance allowed by our top pick.

Like the cover on the Day-Light Classic Plus, the HappyLight Luxe’s cover, which protects the LED lights, has an airtight seal, so the lamp is easy to keep clean. The HappyLight Luxe comes with a three-year warranty that excludes bulbs and parts, which are covered by only a 30-day warranty. At 67 inches long, the cord on this model is shorter than those of the Day-Light Classic Plus and the Boxelite. This lamp is also non-returnable on Amazon, though other retailers, such as Nordstrom Rack and the manufacturer’s site, offer 30-day return policies.

What to look forward to

We’re evaluating a new light therapy lamp from the maker of our pick: The cylindrical Bright Health 24-Inch Light Therapy Lamp emits the same 10,000 lux of 4,000 Kelvin light at 12 inches and is covered by the same five-year warranty as the Carex Day-Light Classic Plus, but has a smaller overall footprint and feels far less clunky in our living space. So far, we’re impressed. (The Bright Health lamp comes in a 14-inch-tall version, but we think most people will find the taller lamp easier to position for maximum efficacy.) We’ll update this guide with our complete findings.

The competition

If our top pick is unavailable, or if space is a concern, consider the Carex Day-Light Sky, which is a slightly smaller version of the Day-Light Classic Plus. Both have a long neck and swivel head for custom positioning. The Day-Light Sky’s base is teal.

For smaller spaces, Carex's TheraLite Aura is a serviceable budget option with a reported 10,000-lux output at 12 inches. Its overall footprint is less than half the size of our top pick’s; its light surface, in particular, is significantly smaller. This lamp is also less adjustable, allowing only repositioning of the light surface’s upward/downward angle (you cannot adjust the height). The smaller size and reduced adjustability limit your positioning options.

In 2020, Carex came out with three new TheraLite lamps, all of which reportedly project 10,000 lux of light and have interesting features, but their one-year warranties aren’t competitive with our picks’ longer coverage periods. The Halo includes Qi wireless cell phone charging and six levels of brightness, while the Radiance includes a built-in alarm clock plus Qi wireless cell phone charging and five levels of brightness. The Aura Qi is an updated version of the Aura and includes a built-in alarm clock plus Qi wireless cell phone charging and four levels of brightness. In our tests, however, after 30 minutes of use it became very hot to the touch, reaching 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Circadian Optics Lumine Light Therapy Lamp is extremely small, with a light surface of only 6 by 6 inches, which makes it difficult to achieve the optimal distance for therapeutic benefit.

Northern Light Technologies’s Boxelite-OS seemed like a promising alternative to the comparatively clinical-looking Carex Day-Light Classic Plus, but we found its two-legged adjustable design unwieldy. We also discovered that the light surface quickly collected dust and put off a considerable amount of heat (including for quite a while after we had switched the light off). The Day-Light Classic Plus, which we tested in a side-by-side comparison with the Boxelite-OS, seemed to produce much less heat when it was on and became cool to the touch just moments after we switched it off. Although both models have rather large footprints, we found it easier to position a laptop beneath the Day-Light Classic Plus than under the Boxelite-OS, especially within a small workspace.

The Aura Daylight Therapy Lamp, which regularly costs more than our top pick, has a streamlined design like our also-great pick’s with a slightly smaller footprint. Although it’s typically less expensive than the Boxelite, you need to sit much closer to this lamp to receive 10,000 lux of light, the manufacturer says (positioning yourself no more than 8 inches away from the light surface). The Aura Daylight also has a shorter warranty period—two years—than our picks.

We dismissed the Travelite and the Luxor, both by Northern Light Technologies, for their smaller light panels and lesser reviews, respectively. The company’s Flamingo lamp, affixed to a 4-foot-tall floor stand, regularly costs more than twice as much as our top pick and almost $100 more than our also-great pick.

Although the Alaska Northern Lights NorthStar 10,000 meets the recommended criteria for a light therapy lamp and has excellent customer reviews, at a typical price of $300 it costs over two times as much as our top pick.



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Best SAD Light Therapy Lamp for 2022

Many people like me, who live in more overcast climates, deal with seasonal affective disorder (aka SAD) or seasonal depression. This is brought on by the shorter and colder days of autumn and winter and can have a huge impact on my energy level and overall mood. With the end of summer slowly creeping toward us, I can look forward to several months of feeling sluggish, depressed and lethargic. 

When the days get shorter and darker, we get less exposure to natural sunlight. Doctors believe that the lack of sunlight can trigger a chemical change in the brain, which can make you feel sad, unmotivated, sluggish and, essentially, depressed. When my psychiatrist diagnosed me with SAD, she recommended light therapy, one of the most popular treatments and one that's backed up with a ton of documented research.

Light therapy lamps try to mimic the extra hours of sunlight from spring and summer that we don't get in fall and winter. For this, you need a lamp that emits about 10,000 lux of light, which is higher than the artificial light from your home's fixtures and other lamps. A bright sunny day exposes you to about 100,000 lux or more, while you might get only about 2,000 lux of light exposure on an overcast day. A light therapy session can mimic the experience of a sunny day -- minus the ultraviolet rays -- if only for a few minutes.

I've tested and evaluated some of the most popular light therapy lamps on the market. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to selecting a light therapy device -- they vary in intensity, and some even offer adjustable brightness. Because I'm not a physician or psychiatrist, I can't tell you if these lamps will be effective for treating your depression, winter blues or SAD symptoms. However, as someone who experiences SAD symptoms and seasonal depression and has used light therapy as a treatment, I can suggest which lights may be worth your money.

Light therapy isn't for everyone, so it's important to check with your doctor before trying it. Only your physician can diagnose you with SAD, a mood disorder, or depression and prescribe the correct treatment for you. This list is updated periodically.

Read more: Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses of 2022  

Light therapy lamps

Price Extra features Size of light panel
Verilux HappyLight Luxe VT43 $70 4 brightness and 3 color temperature options, 1-hour timer with 5-minute intervals 6 x 9 inches
Verilux HappyLight Lumi VT31 $40 3 brightness options 4. 5 x 7 inches
Circadian Optics Lumos $50 3 brightness options, adjustable stand 1. 37 x 6.25 inches
Northern Light Technologies Boxelite $179 Lightbulbs you can change 12. 25 x 15.25 inches
Circadian Optics Lattis $70 3 brightness options 2. 75 x 8 inches
Verilux HappyLight Alba $50 4 brightness and 3 color temperature options, 1-hour timer with 10-minute intervals 5. 5 x 6.5 inches
Theralite $45 Built-in cover/stand 5 x 8 inches
Carex Day-Light Classic Plus $130 Adjustable stand and two brightness options 13. 5 x 15.5 inches

Sarah Mitroff/CNET

Verilux HappyLight Luxe

Overall best light therapy lamp

Verilux is one of the biggest names in light therapy lamps -- you'll find them all over Amazon and the company has a large catalog of models. The HappyLight Luxe has a simple design with a large light panel that takes up nearly the entire lamp. Simple is not meant as an insult here -- the Luxe light therapy lamp has everything you need at a fair price.

Most experts recommend using a lamp with a large light panel -- ideally 12 by 15 or 12 by 18 inches -- to get the full benefits of light therapy. A smaller light therapy lamp can provide the same benefits, but you might need to move it closer to your eyes and leave it on for longer than you would with a large panel. At 6 by 9 inches, the Luxe's light panel gets close to the recommended size without taking up too much space.

It offers four brightness settings and three color temperature settings, which allow you to make the light warm, neutral or mimic daylight. There's also a built-in timer you can set at 5-minute intervals, up to 1 hour. You can mount the light panel on the wall, or use the included stand, which tilts the lamp at an angle. You can also remove the stand and conveniently hook it to the back of the light panel for travel.

You're receiving price alerts for Verilux HappyLight Luxe

Sarah Mitroff/CNET

Verilux Happy Light Lumi VT31

Best budget light therapy lamp

If you're not sure if light therapy is right for you, start with a smaller and less expensive lamp. This is the light therapy device I bought for myself back in 2019 and tried out for several months. It's just like the Luxe light therapy lamp, but more compact and with fewer features. This LED bright white light therapy lamp comes with three brightness levels. Bright light therapy can improve sleep, boost mood and increase energy.

The three brightness settings, each delivering slightly different amounts of lux -- 5,000, 7,000 and 10,000. Like the Lux, it comes with a stand that sets the light panel at an angle. The simple design takes the guesswork out of using a therapy lamp. Just set it on a surface close to your face and turn it on.

The VT31's light panel is around 4.5 by 7 inches, so you may need to use it longer than the Luxe to get the same effects. At around $40, it's a good introduction to light therapy.

$40 at Walmart

$67 at

You're receiving price alerts for Verilux Happy Light Lumi VT31

Sarah Mitroff/CNET

Circadian Optics Lumos

Best light therapy lamp for small spaces

I liked this lamp out of the box. It's slim enough to fit in any tight space or crowded desk, and it feels solid. It has a modern look to it that doesn't scream "I am a therapy light," and it folds down when you're not using it. It has a simple power button that cycles through three light levels: low, medium and high.

What makes this lamp different from the rest is that you can fold and rotate the light many different ways to get the perfect angle. You want the light to be at eye level and this lamp makes that easy to accomplish.

The only knock I have against the Lumos is that it has the smallest light panel out of all the lamps I tested, at just 1.37 by 6.25 inches. Again, consult with your doctor on how long you should use a therapy lamp each day -- with the smaller panel on this light, you might need to use it longer.

Can't decide between the Lumos and HappyLight VT31? If you want a therapy lamp that you can keep out all the time that you can position perfectly, get the Lumos. If you want a lamp that you don't have to fuss with, get the VT31.

$50 at Amazon

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Sarah Mitroff/CNET

Northern Light Technologies Boxelite

Best large therapy lamp

Depending on where you live, how many hours of sunlight you get each day and your individual mental health needs, your doctor might recommend you get a large light panel. In that case, get the Boxelite. 

It's a 12.25 by 15.25-inch light therapy box that's one giant light panel. Despite its size, it manages to be sleek with a design I don't feel compelled to hide in a closet when it's not in use. The Boxelite light box doesn't have any frills -- there's just an on-off switch -- and I don't mind that at all. What's unique about this light therapy box is that you can change the bulbs when they burn out.

I see this as a good buy for someone who lives far north of the equator in winter, where you get 8 hours of daylight or less, and needs to use a light therapy box daily during fall and winter, year after year.

$190 at Amazon

$260 at Walmart

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Sarah Mitroff/CNET

Let's be real, you buy the Lattice because you want a light therapy lamp that's stylish, not utilitarian. The Frank Lloyd Wright-esqe design is meant to blend into your decor -- even up close, it doesn't look like a light therapy lamp. The light panel is on the smaller side of the options on this list, but I do like that it's up a bit higher to better align with eye level.

Like the Lumos, this has three lighting settings, but that's it for extra features. The light panel measures at 2.75 by 8 inches, so it's on the smaller end. The design is pleasing to look at, but otherwise the lamp feels a bit plasticy for the price. 

Unless you really want a therapy lamp with extra style, you're better off buying the HappyLight Luxe, which has a bigger light panel and more features for the same price.

Also tested

Sarah Mitroff/CNET

Verilux HappyLight Alba

HappyLight Alba is the latest therapy lamp from Verilux, and it offers the same features as the HappyLight Luxe in a smaller size and for less money. It has four brightness settings, three color temperature settings and a timer that you can set in 10-minute intervals up to an hour.

The round shape is a departure for Verilux, which traditionally makes rectangle panels. At just 5.5 by 6.5 inches, Alba has a smaller light panel than the VT31. Given that bigger light panels are considered better for delivering as much light as possible in the least amount of time, I'm inclined to pick a bigger lamp, such as the HappyLight Luxe or VT31, over this.

However, you can't beat this lamp for features and price. For $10 more than the VT31, you get the color temperature settings and a timer that neither of those lamps have. Plus, you get a larger light panel than the Lumos. If those settings really call to you, then this lamp is a good buy. Personally, I get by just fine without them.

$50 at Amazon

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Sarah Mitroff/CNET


The Theralite has a clever design, but not enough features to blow me away. This lightweight and compact light box has a 5- by 8-inch light panel, plus a built-in cover and stand, which makes it good for traveling. However, it is considerably thicker than the other lamps on this list. It has one brightness setting -- 10,000 lux -- and a simple on-off switch. I like that you can adjust the angle of the stand, change the height of the light and rotate the light between portrait and landscape orientations.

It's not the best compact therapy light in my book, and I'm not convinced that this is the best travel light either. I'd rather make room in my bag for the Verilux HappyLight or the Lumos, since it can be folded and rotated to make it thin and compact. 

$35 at Amazon

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Sarah Mitroff/CNET

Carex Day-light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp

The Carex Day-light Classic Plus lamp is by far the largest lamp on this list, with a light panel that's 13.5 by 15.5 inches. While that's just barely bigger than the Boxelite, the lamp's larger stand makes it take up far more space, measuring 31.1 inches tall, 15.75 inches wide and a full foot deep.

There's an adjustable stand that positions the light panel at eye level or above with the light shining down, which, according to some sources, is important. Still, this lamp is a behemoth and something you'll likely need to make room for in your home. Because it's big and heavy, stashing it away when you're done using it each day isn't practical.  

This bright light therapy lamp doesn't get any accolades for style -- it looks like a 2001 flat screen TV. I could get past the dated design if the lamp felt sturdy, but the fit and finish is sloppy, with gaps between the plastic pieces and buttons to adjust the stand that are hard to press. 

It comes with two light modes: Task (5,000 lux) and Therapy (10,000 lux). Like the Northern Light Boxelite, the Carex Day-light Classic Plus is better suited for someone who gets very little natural daylight, such as someone who works in a windowless office or lives in areas that get limited natural light in the winter. If you don't mind unwieldy size and dated design, and want to save a few dollars from the Boxelite, this will serve you well.

$112 at Amazon

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How to buy

The most important features you should be looking at when buying a light therapy lamp are the light intensity and the type of light that's emitted. Research supports using a SAD lamp with up to 10,000 lux as a therapy for depression.

Another key is that you don't want a sun lamp that emits UV rays (or at least filters them out), as that can cause damage to your eyes and skin. While you're not supposed to stare directly into a light therapy lamp, you still don't want to expose yourself to daily UV radiation while trying to treat your seasonal depression.

Size is important, to a point. A bigger light panel allows you to position the light farther away while you're using it, so keep that in mind when shopping. A smaller lamp needs to be closer to your face, and set so it's at your eye level. You might need to spend up to an hour each day using a small SAD light, but just half that with a larger lamp.

As the Mayo Clinic notes, "The effectiveness of a light box depends on daily use, so buy one that's convenient for you." 

How to use a light therapy lamp

As far as how to use a light therapy lamp, you'll need to consult with your doctor or psychiatrist for their guidance on light treatment. Light therapy isn't suited for all kinds of mental health issues -- for instance, many doctors recommend that people with bipolar disorder avoid it. Light therapy can also irritate your eyes or skin if you have certain medical conditions or are taking some prescription medications.

There are, however, some general guidelines you can follow:

  • Position a light therapy lamp about 12 to 18 inches from your face.
  • Use the lamp for 30 minutes in the early morning, ideally shortly after you wake up.
  • Don't stare directly at the light.
  • Go about other activities while using it, as long as your eyes stay within 12 to 18 inches of the lamp.

Some people experience headaches, jitters or insomnia with light therapy, so that's something to look out for.

Read more: 

  • The 8 Best Sheets for 2022
  • You Don't Need a Yard to Grow a Garden: Just Do It Indoors

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

Rating of the best solar-powered garden lamps for 2022

Increasingly, solar-powered lamps are being used in garden plots and adjacent areas of cottages. From a functional item, they turned into decorative elements and began to decorate the landscape. Manufacturers offer a wide range of them. Here are some recommendations that make it easier to make a choice and understand how to distinguish a quality device from a fake.


  • 1 Selection Guide
    • 1.1 Varieties and Selection Criteria
  • 2 Device
  • 3 Best Solar Lawn Lights
    • 3.1 Globo Lighting Solar 33271
    • 3.2 Novotech Solar 357201
    • 3.3 FERON 6178
    • 3.4 Globo Lighting Solar 33839
    • 3.5 "Wonderful garden" White irises 695
  • 4 Best ground lights
    • 4. 1 Novotech Solar 357413
    • 4.2 Globo Lighting Solar 33961-4
    • 4.3 Novotech Fuoco 357991
  • 5 Wall and built-in appliances
    • 5.1 Star Trading Solar Verona
    • 5.2 Ever Brite Solar Motion Lantern
    • 5.3 Paulmann Solar Cube/Box LED 93774
    • 5.4 Novotech Solar 358018
  • 6 Conclusion

Recommendations for choosing

But quite recently, solar panels were new and were considered expensive sources of energy. At present, small panels are installed in garden lamps during manufacture. During daylight hours, energy is stored in the battery, and at night it provides power to the lighting device. You can choose the best lighting option from the samples presented on the domestic market using the recommendations of experienced experts. The first requirement: the luminaire should not only be outwardly beautiful, but also be economical and productive.

The adjacent area must have lighting for the entrance, paths and various areas.

Solar-powered lanterns are the best way to furnish your country estate. Many devices simply dig into the ground, this procedure takes a few minutes.

The advantages of such devices:

  • independence from the mains due to the influence of solar energy;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • easy installation (no wires needed, thus saving time and material resources;
  • safety models;
  • no need for daily maintenance;
  • modern landscape decoration;
  • Possibility to equip lighting fixtures with motion and sound sensors:
  • choice of any number of lamps.

Not without drawbacks:

  • during the cold season, due to hypothermia, the battery may fail, and in summer overheating is possible;
  • almost all lamps are not repairable;
  • in a short daylight hours, the battery does not charge well, and the flashlight can work effectively for only a couple of hours;
  • thieves enjoy easy installation;
  • luminous flux is not powerful enough compared to stationary lamps, so the models are mainly used to decorate the garden.

Types and selection criteria

Lanterns are divided into several types. The first large group is wall lamps. They are intended for permanent mounting. Efficient lighting makes a house or entrance very beautiful. A significant drawback of such models is the need to install such elements only on the sunny side of the building. There are huge park lights. Usually they are made of stainless steel and are bulky, the design has a high degree of tightness. Lanterns have the ability to work for a long time, sometimes several days in cloudy weather. Embedded devices can also be included in this group. They can be mounted in facade elements, such as flights of stairs.

Lawn lights are very compact and more affordable. They run on LEDs and consume a minimum amount of electricity. Such light bulbs decorate lawns, paths and garden plots. Soil varieties are also popular.

Diverse design. Trading networks represent devices that have a different shape and style. Design can be chosen depending on the landscape of the site and the exterior of the house. There are models in the form of a ball, they are suitable for lighting the entrance or courtyard. Rectangular and cone-shaped structures will help to beautifully illuminate the facade of a residential building or gazebo. Cylindrical fixtures harmoniously illuminate lawns and perfectly highlight paths

An important indicator is the degree of protection. Dust and moisture protection is determined by a special designation in the form of Latin letters IP and numbers. The larger the numerical value after the letters, the tighter the product. An IP of 44 or higher provides the highest level of protection. The motion sensor is an equally important element of the device. To ensure that the lamps do not work all night, but only as needed, the devices are equipped with motion sensors. They turn on the light when an object approaches the sensor. This allows you to save energy.


During daylight hours, lighting devices accumulate energy from the sun, and at night they use it to illuminate the territory. This is due to the following elements:

  1. The solar panel, which is the heart of the lantern: it is here that the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy takes place.
  2. Storage battery: the energy collected during daylight hours is consumed in the dark.
  3. LED light bulb - direct light source. It can have different types of glow: warm and cold. There are also elements with a variable glow.
  4. Controller for lamp regulation, battery charging. A high-quality controller guarantees good battery performance.
  5. Housing and fasteners.

In addition to the above elements, the luminaires can have light sensors, they turn on the lamps on their own at dusk. In the absence of such sensors, the devices must be turned on and off manually. To save energy, it is useful to equip devices with motion sensors.

Conventional garden models use batteries with a small capacity, in which case the stored energy is enough to work for 8-10 hours in a long sunny day, such as in summer. In autumn, the nights are much longer, so a motion sensor helps at such a moment. LED elements have a lifespan of approximately 60,000 hours, but the battery needs to be replaced sooner.

The best solar-powered lawn lights

Models included in this group are placed on the surface of garden paths, flower beds and other areas of the site, the lower part has a sharp end for convenience. Installation does not require special skills and complex fixtures.

Globo Lighting Solar 33271

Austrian manufacturers offer a lamp made in the form of a street lamp, which met in the old days. The classic design will never spoil the interior and will harmoniously fit into any garden plot. The model is mounted using a bent stand, the height of which is 68 cm. The solar battery generates electric current, the voltage is 1.2 V. This value is enough to operate a 0.05 W LED lamp. Globo Lighting Solar 33271 can illuminate an area of ​​about 0.1 sq. m. The ceiling, based on a metal case, has a rectangular shape and is made of transparent plastic. Low protection against dust and moisture (IP44) does not allow you to compete with models from other companies. The fittings have different colors, which allows you to choose the most suitable option (black, brown, bronze, copper, brass). Unusual antique appearance and simple installation attracts the attention of consumers. The reasonable price is also good.

Globo Lighting Solar 33271


  • easy installation;
  • classic design;
  • reasonable price.


  • small lighting area.

Novotech Solar 357201

High-quality lamp of the Hungarian company has an affordable price. However, this is not its main advantage. Experts most liked the versatility of the product. An elegant model in the form of a cylinder is in harmony with the elements of a garden alley or an entrance group. The chrome-plated body of the rack and the plastic white shade complement each other and look very impressive. The power of the LEDs is 0.06 watts. Illuminated area - 1 sq. m. The duration of the service is calculated 30,000 hours. In addition to the solar panel, the model is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 200 mAh. Customers like both the beautiful appearance and the affordable price.

Novotech Solar 357201


  • inexpensive;
  • stylish;
  • durable;
  • has an additional battery;
  • universal.


  • unstable.

FERON 6178

Customers are most attracted by the beautiful design and low price. The quality of the case materials for the internal parts is impeccable. LEDs emit white light. The lamp is easily installed on the beds, flower beds or in the front garden. The case does not fade and is well protected from moisture and dust. In cloudy weather, the effect of such a product is not very much.

FERON 6178


  • made of high quality non-burning materials;
  • is easy to install;
  • has a beautiful design.
  • is inexpensive.


  • none.

Globo Lighting Solar 33839

Another representative of the Austrian company is interesting because a thermometer is built into its case. The plastic cover has the shape of a cone and is mounted on a metal base. An LED bulb consumes about 0.06W of power. With this characteristic, a luminous flux of about 270 lm is provided, the illumination area is limited, only a small area of ​​​​about 0.1 square meters can be illuminated. m. Power is provided by a solar battery with a voltage of 3 V. The lamp is fixed on the ground surface using a stand 37.7 cm high. It has an affordable price, looks very beautiful, easy installation - these are the qualities that attract buyers.

Globo Lighting Solar 33839


  • built-in thermometer;
  • democratic price;
  • interesting shape;
  • easy installation.


  • small lighting area;
  • poor stability;
  • low position of the thermometer.

"Wonderful Garden" White irises 695

A worthy place in the rating is occupied by the original design "Wonderful Garden", developed by Russian designers. The lamp is a wonderful decoration of the garden plot, the flowers look like real ones. In the dark, the device serves to illuminate the area. In the ceiling, made in the form of irises, 4 LEDs are mounted, which are responsible for the backlight. The total power is 2.4 W. Housing protection against dust and moisture - IP44. Variable glow gives a beautiful effect, the kit includes a solar battery and a light sensor. Multicolor overflows are very popular with buyers.

Wonderful garden lamp White irises 695


  • beautiful appearance;
  • reasonable price;
  • the presence of a light sensor.


  • instability.

The best ground lighting fixtures

Ground lighting fixtures are used to create the effect of a courtyard area. They are necessary to give illumination to entrance groups, arbors, paths, alleys. Experts have assessed some interesting options.

Novotech Solar 357413

Hungarian designers surprised with their bright solution.
This unusual model serves to illuminate the garden area. The motion sensor commands the simultaneous activation of 28 LED lights. The lamp works at a distance of 10 m, the detection angle is 120 degrees. The operating temperature range is quite wide, it lies in the range from minus 20 to plus 40 degrees Celsius. The power of the luminous flux is sufficient to provide light to a zone on an area of ​​at least 5 square meters. A high degree of protection against dust and moisture, as indicated by the IP54 number in the passport for the lamp. The manufacturer guarantees reliable operation, the warranty period is 2 years. The total power is 2.5 watts. Due to the bright glow, the presence of a touch switch, and a high degree of reliability, the model turned out to be out of competition compared to other samples. Many buyers are not afraid of even the high cost. The lamp justifies itself.

Novotech Solar 357413


  • originality;
  • reliability;
  • brightness.


  • high price

Globo Lighting Solar 33961-4

Once again, the Austrian manufacturers made us happy. The ground model has an Art Nouveau design and can perfectly illuminate the garden and park area in a country residence. There are spikes for easy installation. The voltage of the solar panels is 3.2 V, four LED lamps have a power of 0.06 W each. The cylindrical body is made of stainless steel, it has a built-in transparent plastic cover. All this economy can illuminate a plot of up to 1 sq. m. High-quality materials, stylish appearance at an affordable price allows you to assign a high rating to the product. There is such a minus: until the morning, sometimes there is not enough charge.

Globo Lighting Solar 33961-4


  • inexpensive;
  • is made of quality materials;
  • is able to illuminate a large area;
  • is spectacularly designed.


  • Has a small battery capacity.

Novotech Fuoco 357991

The development of Hungarian designers has taken its rightful place in the Russian market. The device with a high degree of protection (IP65) combines black fittings and a white plastic cover. The model is equipped with a LED light bulb, its power is 1 watt. The case with a diameter of 12 cm is located at a height of 76.3 cm. Insufficient lighting brightness does not allow to have a palm, so the lamp lags behind the leaders a little. In the package there is only 1 lamp and a solar battery. The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty. Many people like the original design, and the affordable price plays an important role, a high degree of dust and moisture protection also speaks in favor of this design. But a modest luminous flux pulls down.

Novotech Fuoco 357991


  • high degree of protection;
  • elegance;
  • reasonable price;
  • stability.


  • insufficient light output.

Wall and built-in appliances

The proposed group is used to illuminate walls, fences, forged gratings at a certain height and divides the space into zones. All options are great for connoisseurs of comfort and practicality.

Star Trading Solar Verona

Multifunctional luminaire in vintage style. Manufacturer - Sweden. The design serves to decorate "antique" arbors, attics, verandas. The case on special supports is made of white or dark plastic. The portable system has no wires and can be mounted on a wall, on the ground or on a table. A lantern can be awarded the title of the most elegant product. 24 LED bulbs create the effect of a living flame. The set includes rechargeable batteries. Due to the light sensor included in the kit, you can save battery and work in automatic mode. The average degree of protection against dust and moisture requires care when using.

Star Trading Solar Verona


  • sleek design;
  • Availability of a spare battery.


  • low moisture and dust protection.

Ever Brite Solar Motion Flashlight

Inexpensive solar wall lamp with 4 LEDs. The design has a motion sensor, the ceiling is made of plastic. Good protection against dust and moisture (IP55) allows you to compete with other similar products. Power - 6 watts. A good option for lighting walls and approaches to buildings, gates, gates.

Ever Brite Solar Motion Flashlight


  • high protection;
  • reliability;
  • reasonable price.


  • none.

Paulmann Solar Cube/Box LED 93774

The built-in device of German manufacturers is designed in a modern style and has an inexpensive cost. High degree of protection against dust and moisture (IP67). Not many models can boast of such a value. The chrome-plated body in combination with the glass cover makes the products solid. A powerful LED bulb (0.24 W) allows you to create a luminous flux of 3.6 lumens. Powered by a solar battery whose voltage is 1.5 V. The lamp can last about 15,000 hours. Quality build and elegant design combined with durability deserves praise from homeowners. The disadvantages include bulky design and complexity of installation.

Paulmann Solar Cube/Box LED 93774


  • high quality;
  • modern style;
  • high degree of moisture and dust protection;
  • powerful luminous flux;
  • durability.


  • bulky;
  • complex assembly.

Novotech Solar 358018

Another Hungarian representative is ideal for installation on the wall of a country or country house. The device is made of high quality, has a long service life. The plafond has an oval shape. The material of the armature is black plastic.

Novotech Solar 358018


  • good moisture and dust protection;
  • quality;


  • none.


Many homeowners agree that installing solar and LED lights is convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. And what will be the design of the lantern - the choice depends on the taste of the owner.

Top 12 Outdoor Lights - Ranking 2022

Authors of the rating: Baida Ivan



  • Which street lamp is better to choose
    • Degree of protection
    • Material
    • Lamp type
    • Other criteria
  • Street lights
    • 1. Duwi Garden lamp Riga 24141 6
    • 2. MAYTONI outdoor lamp Abbey Road O003WL-01B/O001WL-01W
    • 3. Camelion Garden lamp PP4201/02 Leda (13832)
    • 4. TDM ELECTRIC landscape gardening lamp NBU 06-60-001 wall hexagon (plastic housing)
  • Wall-ceiling lamps
    • 1. Lightstar Outdoor wall lamp Paro 351607
    • 2. IEK Wall-ceiling lamp NPP1402
    • 3. Elektrostandard Outdoor wall lamp 1407 Techno
    • 4. Arte Lamp Outdoor lamp Pegasus A3100PL-1AC
    • 5. Large Tri-mode 180 diode street lamp LoyaR T180 solar-powered with motion and light sensors
  • Pendant lamps
    • 1. Duwi Garden lamp Riga 24142 3
    • 2. Garden lamp with solar battery, suspended (SLR-RB-80) LAMPER
    • 3. FAZA Multicolor lamp SLR-L01 5006911 LED

Proper lighting of the area in the country or at home is an important aspect. Subject to all the rules for the selection and installation of street lamps, they will not only create convenience and coziness, but also greatly decorate the exterior of the house. There are many different types of models on the market. To make your choice easier, we have compiled a list of the best street lights for 2022.

Which outdoor luminaire to choose

In this section, we will give important recommendations for choosing outdoor lighting fixtures.

Degree of protection

It is indicated by the index IPXY, where X is the protection against dust and fine particles, and Y is the degree of protection against moisture. The larger these indexes, the better the protection of the device. If the lantern is planned to be placed in a completely open area, then it is better to choose devices with an IP44 index and higher. For devices that are installed on the facade, under a canopy, in gazebos and terraces, a level of IP20 is acceptable.


The material of manufacture directly determines the service life of the lamp, as well as how long it will retain its appearance after purchase. The most popular models are made of stainless steel. They are quite durable and resistant to corrosion.

In second place is silumin, an alloy of aluminum and silicon. Such lamps are much lighter in weight, and easier to mold. Corrosion resistance is the same as stainless steel.

Polymer is also a fairly durable option. Such lanterns are a steel pipe, completely filled with polymer from the inside, and finished with it on the outside. Devices made of polymer are not at all susceptible to corrosion, and also do not fade in the sun and retain their presentation for up to 10 years.

Lamp type

The most common option is LED lamps. They shine quite brightly, while consuming many times less electricity than other types of lamps. And their service life reaches five years. Plus, they don't get hot. This means that in winter there will be no temperature difference, from which the ceiling can crack.

Solar-powered or motion-sensing lights are available for maximum savings. The former do not need electricity at all, while the latter only work when someone is nearby. This allows you to significantly reduce your electricity bills.

Other criteria

Additional tips for choosing the most efficient flashlights.

  • Mobile or fixed luminaires (0.5 - 1 m high) are excellent for illuminating stairs, trees and other vegetation.
  • If the climate is frosty, you should refrain from using fluorescent lamps. At low temperatures, they light up extremely slowly or do not work at all.
  • The safest lamps are powered by 12-24 V. Therefore, if you plan to supply from a 220 V network, you should purchase a step-down transformer.

Street lights

Rating of the best street lights that are designed to be placed in gardens, parks, terraces and many other places.

1. Duwi Garden lamp Riga 24141 6

Outdoor wall sconce with IP44 protection. It perfectly withstands any weather conditions and pleases with warm light all year round. Durable matte plastic is not subject to corrosion, and is also resistant to mechanical stress. The kit includes a secure mount that allows you to install the lamp in two opposite positions. The strict design allows the lantern to be used not only for street lighting, but also for decorating bars, restaurants and other places. The device is designed to work with 60 W LED lamps, with an E27 base.


  • lightweight;
  • quality case;
  • easy installation;
  • beautiful design;
  • shines brightly.


  • soft plastic.

Customer reviews

Aleksey Tsyuh Completely plastic construction does not rust. Quality ceramic cartridge and normal wire.

Igor Matveev Stylish. Two mounting options. There are sealed gaskets.

2. MAYTONI street lamp Abbey Road O003WL-01B/O001WL-01W

Recessed street lamp with wall mounting. The versatile design allows it to be combined with any interior and exterior. The luminaire is securely attached to the wall due to metal fittings, and is also not afraid of the vagaries of the weather thanks to IP44 protection. Fully transparent ceiling does not interfere with the spread of light. The lantern works from a network of 220-240 V, with a 60 W LED lamp and an E27 base. Small dimensions of 35 x 14 cm allow you to install the lamp in almost any place, it will not steal space.


  • build quality;
  • secure fastening;
  • long service life;
  • withstands cold climates;
  • beautiful design.


  • little light.

Customer Reviews

MaxQjust Antique beautiful sconce lamp for summer cottage or cottage, excellent lamp made of good durable materials. I have been using it for more than 3 years, it showed itself perfectly both in winter and summer, there is no corrosion and the condition for so long is just excellent.

Pavel L. Convenient stylish lamp. Took 2 pieces. I put LED bulbs there with a base

3. Camelion Garden and park lamp PP4201/02 Leda (13832)

Garden and park lamp with a wall mounting option. It has a plastic case, made in bronze. Lightweight yet durable material that will withstand all weather conditions thanks to its IP44 rating. Plastic is not subject to corrosion and does not fade in the sun, which will allow for many years to maintain the presentation of the device. Universal style will look good with any interior and exterior options. Operates from 220-240 V on a 60 W light bulb with an E27 base.


  • lightweight;
  • easy installation;
  • quality assembly;
  • shines brightly;
  • long service life.


  • not identified.

Customer reviews

Sergio Italiano Whole, light, antique, already set hanging like a glove. Beautiful appearance. Price quality.

4. TDM ELECTRIC landscape gardening lamp NBU 06-60-001 wall hexagon (plastic housing)

Wall lantern for façade, garden or interior lighting. Due to the universal design, it will fit perfectly in any conditions. A universal E27 base and a 60 W shade will save you from a long search for a suitable lamp. The device has protection class IP44, which allows it to be used all year round in any weather. The plastic case is not subject to corrosion and is able to maintain its appearance for years. In addition, it combines lightness and high strength.


  • glass inserts;
  • durable plastic;
  • quality casting;
  • diffuses light well;


  • easily soiled white.

Customer reviews

Alexander Worth your money! I was surprised by the presence of real glass (because it will not turn yellow) and a more or less hermetic design, even put seals. I fixed it on round fence posts - I was pleased with the view. Another plus is that it is completely collapsible and, if desired, can be painted in any color.

Natalia Lylova Excellent garden lamp - affordable price - durable, despite the fact that the plastic - glass inserts - the ability to install on poles.

Wall & Ceiling Lights

Rating of universal lights that can be attached to any surface - horizontally or vertically.

1. Lightstar Paro outdoor wall lamp 351607

A high-tech LED street lamp that will perfectly decorate any facade. High-quality wall mount allows you to securely place the lamp on any surface. The presence of protection according to the IP65 standard will protect the device from weather vagaries, and the durable metal case will retain its presentation for many years, as it is not subject to corrosion and is resistant to mechanical damage. It contains two 100W bulbs with a GU10 base, which scatter light in two directions.


  • excellent protection;
  • compact;
  • lots of light;
  • stylish design;
  • long service life.


  • not identified.

Customer reviews

Aleksey Sannikov Searched specifically for street lighting. It was important that only in two directions. The case itself looks simple but stylish. I liked the light of the lamps - it comes out so soft, scattered, does not ripple in the eyes.

Vanya V. I bought two lamps for a private house at once. They not only illuminate the surrounding area well, but are a nice and fashionable decoration of the building. Installed on the wall quickly and easily. I use halogen lamps, GU10 base, power 50 W. I liked the pleasant light, the durable housing of the ceiling lamp


IEK Wall-ceiling lamp NPP1402

Lamp-lantern with a universal type of installation. It can be placed on walls or ceilings both outside and inside. The reliable metal case not only prevents corrosion, but is also protected according to the IP54 standard, which allows you to use the device in any conditions - whether it is rain or dusty rooms. The flashlight works from 220-240 W, which allows you to power it from any network without the need to use additional devices. Supports 60W E27 bulbs, saving you time looking for the right item.


  • universal;
  • rugged housing;
  • long service life;
  • bright light;
  • easy installation.


  • not identified.

Customer reviews

Ekaterina Z Excellent lamp, took my husband to the country, did not regret that they took, bright light, everything works, happy with the purchase.

peretc1994 Suitable for industrial environments. For home. (In the loft style). For basements or garages. And street lighting. I recommend to buy.

3. Elektrostandard Outdoor wall lamp 1407 Techno

Wall lamp for outdoor use. Its durable metal body is not subject to corrosion and is resistant to mechanical damage. And IP54 protection will not allow the weather to disable the lamp. Strict high-tech style goes well with any kind of interior and exterior. Two 120W bulbs provide a sufficient level of illumination, and transparent shades do not interfere with its dispersion. The lamp works from a household network of 220-240 V.


  • bright;
  • rugged housing;
  • secure fastening;
  • stylish;
  • easy installation.


  • not identified.

Customer reviews

Mityai P. I recommend this product When buying, keep in mind that the lamp has a transparent glass, so it is better to take a matte light bulb so that it does not blind your eyes.

Name hidden Like this series. Bought a wall to floor. Shines cool, especially with retro style bulbs. The size could be a little smaller, but this is the only one in the series.

4. Arte Lamp Outdoor lamp Pegasus A3100PL-1AC

The ceiling lamp for the street will fit perfectly into the gazebo or located on the porch and veranda. Art Nouveau design with a bronze sheen will enhance any exterior. The metal case is protected according to the IP65 standard, which allows you to use the flashlight in any weather conditions. The resistance of the case to the occurrence of corrosion and mechanical stress will preserve the appearance of the device for a long time. The matte cover diffuses the light gently and does not hurt the eyes.


  • supports lamps up to 100W;
  • strong case;
  • secure fastening;
  • appearance;
  • large.


  • not identified.

Customer reviews

Irina M. We are buying the third one. Looks very good in the garden. Excellent performance and excellent quality.

Oksana T. Large, beautiful, dust and moisture protected. You can put a lamp up to 100 watts

5. Large LoyaR T180 Tri-Mode 180 LED solar-powered street lamp with motion and light sensors

An art deco style architectural lamp that will perfectly complement the facade of the house and provide a good level of illumination. Built-in LED lamps with a total power of 150 W diffuse light brightly. Protection class IP44 allows you to safely place the lamp in an open space, without fear of rain or dust storms. The presence of a solar battery and a motion sensor will allow you to save energy costs as much as possible and provide the lamp with complete autonomy.


  • three modes of operation;
  • shines brightly;
  • correct operation of sensors;
  • quality assembly;
  • reliable.


  • small battery capacity.

Customer Reviews

Victor K. We took 2 pieces for testing in our house - we liked them. I hung it on the garage, on the corner of the house, it works clearly on movement, illuminates a large area and is quite bright. I also liked that you can adjust the lighting delay mode. I later bought 3 more.

Dmitry Kirsanov I bought it in September 2020, hung it in the country, I thought it would work until frost and die, but NO I worked all winter and even in February, when it reached -36 degrees at night, I worked EXCELLENT !!! Bought three more now. I will hang it on all the buildings in the country. I advise everyone!!!

Pendant lamps

Rating of the best street lamps with pendant type of placement. They will look beautiful in a street gazebo.

1. Duwi Garden lamp Riga 24142 3

Suspension lamp in a plastic housing with a golden sheen. It will perfectly dilute the exterior of any site and effectively illuminate a large area. The case retains its presentation for many years due to corrosion resistance, as well as protection according to the IP44 standard. No precipitation will damage the device. Works from a household network in 220-240 V on bulbs E27.


  • beautiful design;
  • compact;
  • shines brightly;
  • quality assembly;
  • long service life.


  • inconvenient to change the bulb.

Customer reviews

Vladislav B. Sturdy ceiling, made with high quality, without gaps. The plastic is not thin.

zadornov-ilia An excellent option for lighting terraces and saunas. Looks great, easy installation.

2. Solar garden lamp, suspended (SLR-RB-80) LAMPER

Solar powered LED lamp. It is completely autonomous, which will significantly reduce energy costs. Due to the hanging mount, it can be placed on trees or shrubs, which will add creativity to the exterior. The metal case is reliably protected from external factors and retains its appearance even in a capricious climate. The plastic cover diffuses the light very well.


  • unusual design;
  • autonomy;
  • three light modes;


  • decorative lighting only.

Customer reviews

Elena N. A very nice lamp for my money (I took five pieces at a discount). I hung it nearby, since they are small in size and look like Christmas balls, it turns out you involuntarily remember the new year. They burn beautifully, changing color at short intervals - like a Christmas tree garland. The neighbor said that his grandchildren are delighted and ask for the same ones.

3. PHAZA Multicolour luminaire SLR-L01 5006911 LED

Suspended landscape luminaire powered by LEDs saves energy and fills the space with bright light.

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