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Best Death PvP Pets - Final Bastion

In this series, I will be looking at what pets are the most popular among overlords. I will give an overview of what your best pet options are.

Today, we’re looking at Death. Jeremy Ravenhunter’s favorite school! A difficult school, however, there really aren’t many good Death pets around!

This article is based on the data I collected in November and December of 2017. I collected screenshots of the pets of a total on 307 overlords. However, when divided per school, the data is too limited to draw wide conclusions about the subject. I only have 33 Death pets, for example. That’s a pretty small amount. Where the data isn’t complete, I will add my own pet suggestions.


1. Enchanted Armament

I think you won’t be surprised if I say the Enchanted Armament once again steals first place. All schools have the Enchanted Armament in the top three. No doubt its three sharpened blade cards are very useful when blade stacking. Of my Death overlords, five were using an Enchanted Armament. One of those Overlords was an Adept, one a Legendary and three were Champions.

Why is the Enchanted Armament a Good Pet for Death?

These Sharpened Blade cards can allow for nice bladestacking strategies. Death’s Deadly Minotaur and Skeletal Dragon can do some serious damage with a couple of extra blades.

Level range: Any
Playstyle: Offensive or bladestacking


2. Wildwood Yeti

With three overlords, the Wildwood Yeti is fairly popular. I found one Magus, one Legendary and one Grandmaster Death wizard with a Wildwood Yeti pet. This is definitely is one of the cutest Death pets around.

Why is the Wildwood Yeti a Good Pet for Death?

This pet comes with two cards: a Deathblade (which is always useful) and a Bonetree Lord AoE attack. Death gets Scarecrow very late: only at level 48. In addition, Death can learn Deer Knight, but this requires either a lot of Lore farming or a lot of luck with packs. Honestly, I can’t really see the appeal of this pet. Bonetree Lord is a really cool looking spell, but it’s a lot of pips and you don’t even get your health back like with Scarecrow (which costs one pip less).

Level range: Any
Playstyle: Any


3. Red Ghost

Two overlords chose a Red Ghost as their pet: one was a Magus and the other a Legendary wizard.

Why is the Red Ghost a Good Pet for Death?

Death lacks a damage bubble, which is especially annoying at lower levels. The three Red Ghost item cards this pet gives solve that problem. In addition to a little damage, this spell will change the bubble to a Death damage bubble. The only tricky part is that, if you’ve been blading yourself already, you will lose your blades casting this spell.

Level range: Any, but especially lower level
Playstyle: Any


4. Vampire

Two Death overlords were sporting a Vampire pet: one was a Legendary and the other an Exalted. Both were running an aggressive strategy.

Why is the Vampire a Good Pet for Death?

I’m actually not all that sure! I’d prefer a Red Ghost or an Enchanted Armament over the Vampire. The Vampire does come with three item cards, which is always better than just one. Still, both the Legendary and the Exalted wizard using this pet have the trained version of this spell, so why do they need the item card? It’s a mystery to me!

Level range: Any
Playstyle: Any

5. Ghulture

This newish lvl 118 pet is not popular just yet, but it shows promise if you ask me. None of the overlords I ran into was using this pet, so I see it as an honorable mention.

Why is the Ghulture a Good Pet for Death?

The Ghulture comes with three item cards: a Deathblade, a Feint and a Death pierce/crit bubble. Of these, the blade is the most useful of course. Still, the Feint can come in handy for the damage tick of Skeletal Dragon. The bubble solves Death’s lack of a bubble at low levels pretty well even though it costs 4 pips.

Level range: Any
Playstyle: Any



6. Avenging Fossil

This pet is similar to the Ghulture, except that it comes with an attack card instead of a bubble. None of the overlords I ran into were using this pet.

Why is the Avenging Fossil a Good Pet for Death?

Just like the previous pet, any Death wizard can benefit from both an extra blade (always) and a feint (occasionally). The third card, the Avenging Fossil, is less useful because it’s front-loaded so hitting into shields is pretty useless. I guess with the right strategy, you could make this work.

Level range: Any
Playstyle: Any


7. Gloomy Eye

Here’s a personal favorite of mine! None of the overlord Deaths I found were using this pet.

Why is the Gloomy Eye a Good Pet for Death?

In addition to being SUPER CUTE (am I the only one who likes giant floating eyeballs?), this pet comes with some useful cards. Just like the previous two pets, it comes with a Deathblade item card. In addition, it has a Colossafrog, which does 265-325 damage to all opponents for 4 pips. It’s basically the AoE attack spell Death is missing. The damage is on the low end, sadly. The third card is called Petrify, which is a two pip spell that stuns all opponents.

Level range: Any
Playstyle: Any


8. Shadow Beast

Another honorable mention, because none of the overlords I took screenshots of were using this pet. It’s here for old time’s sake, I remember loving this cute pet so much when it was new.

Why is the Shadow Beast a Good Pet for Death?

The one Deathblade item card this pet has gives some extra oomph to Death’s hits. Of course the two previously mentioned pets come with this same item card AND two other cards in addition to it. In comparison to those, this pet is less useful. I do think you’ll probably be able to find a good Shadow Beast more easily than one of the previous pets though!

Level range: Any
Playstyle: Any


As you can see from the table at the top of the page, overlords have many more pet options than I have mentioned here. These pets are the ones that I consider the best, but you can of course choose yourself. Just like Ice, some Deaths have particular strategies with for example a Balance mastery, combined with a Flamenco Tocador (3 overlords) or a Clockwork Paladin pet (2 overlords). These specific strategies are not included in this article.


Do you know of another good Death pet?

Let us know in the comments!


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Pet Guide For New Players


JeremyAugust 19, 2021

3 6 minutes read

Pet Guide for New Players

Table of Contents

  • Pet Guide Introduction
    • How to Obtain Pets?
    • The Hatching Kiosk
    • Selecting Pets
    • Best Pets for Each School:
      • Best Ice pets
      • Best Fire Pets
      • Best Storm Pets
      • Best Myth Pets
      • Best Life Pets
      • Best death pets
      • Best Balance pets
    • Pet Talents
    • Best Pet Talents

This Pet Guide is ideal for a new player. It’s tough looking for a “good” pet in wizard101. What pet should I get? Where do I get pets? What are ‘good’ talents? How do I get a pet with all the good talents in it? All of these will be answered in detail, throughout this pet guide.

How to Obtain Pets?

Pets can be obtained in various ways throughout wizard101, you can purchase them for both crowns and gold, you can win them from events (example deckathalon), you can redeem them from bundles/gift cards, you can obtain them from boss drops, quest rewards and from packs. This pet guide contains it all for new players.

The Hatching Kiosk

Selecting Pets

Some pets give cards, whereas some do not. You would ideally want to choose a pet based on the cards that it gives. Some give cards at baby only and some give more cards the further you train it. Pets must also be selected based on the 5 talents (at mega) that you would like to have. (Talents will be discussed further in the pet guide).

Best Pets for Each School:

The following pets from this pet guide can be found in the Hatching Kiosk:



Best Ice pets

1. Frosty Eye
This pet gives an ice blade card, a blizzard card (100% accuracy) and a stun AOE (area of effect) card. Ice blade is useful since ice gets their blade at level 38. Blizzard is also useful as an AOE, and it’s 100% accuracy so no fizzling.

2. Lord of Winter
This pet gives an ice blade card, balefrost card and also a 7 pip Lord of Winter card that does good damage.

Best Fire Pets
  1. Ornery Kookaburra
    This pet gives a fire blade card, a meteor card (100% accuracy) and a power link card. No fizzling with the 100% accuracy meteor card.

2. Sun Serpent
This pet gives a fire blade card, a fuel card and a 7pip sun serpent card. Sun serpent is a very good damage card for 7 pips when starting off.

Best Storm Pets
  1. Frankenbunny
    This pet gives healing current cards that are very useful for low level wizards as storm had no good healing spells and has very low health. You do obtain this spell later on but it will be available for 3 pips whereas this pet gives up to 3 healing current cards at mega costing 2 pips each

2. Rain Core
This pet gives a storm blade card, a thunderstorm spell card and a darkwind card. The thunderstorm spell is useful as you can build up pips and deal tons of damager since it is an X pip spell, if you need to kill a boss with high Health.

Best Myth Pets

1.Wandering Eye
This pet gives a myth blade card, a stun AOE card and an 8 pip humongofrog spell that deals a ton of damage and stuns all enemies.

2. Mythdactyl
This pet gives a myth blade card, an earthquake spell card and a gargantuan spell enchant card. The gargantuan spell enchant card is very useful as it can be used to enchant your humonofrog spell (or other spells) and deal a lot of damage. Gargantuan Tc’s (treasure cards) are only available at level 58+ but with this pet you can use it from level 1.

Best Life Pets
  1. Kookaburra
    This pet gives a life blade card, a leaf storm spell card and a regenerate spell card. The leafstorm spell card is very useful as it is an AOE, life gets their AOE (forest lord) at a high level so this spell can be used in the meantime. Regenerate is also a useful 5 pip healing spell.

2. Timberland Yeti
This pet gives a life blade card and a 7-pip forest lord spell card. You get an 8-pip forest lord at a higher level but with this pet you can get a 7-pip forest lord from level 1.

Best death pets
  1. Gloomy Eye
    This pet gives a death blade card, a colossofrog spell card, and a stun all enemies card. The colossofrog spell is a good AOE for death as they get their first AOE (scarecrow) late in the game. This spell can be used in the meantime.

2. Acid Rain Core
This pet gives a death blade card, a supercharge card, and a doom and gloom card. The supercharge is a blade per pip spell (x pips) so you can one shot bosses that have high health. Doom and gloom might be a useless card though.

Best Balance pets
  1. Noble Kookaburra
    This pet gives a balance blade card, sand storm spell card and an availing hands card. Sandstorm is a good AOE and availing hands is a good healing spell.

2. Opossum
This pet gives a balance blade card, bladestorm card and a dragonspear card.

  1. Enchanted Armament
    This spell gives 3 sharpened blade spells at mega. This spell can be used on your blade to make it deal more damage. You can now blade stack and deal more damage.

2. Blaze Fox
This pet gives 3 balance blades cards at mega. Balance blades can be used to boost the damage of any school.

Pet Talents

There are many pet talents in the game, some are useless whereas some are useful. Some are useful only when it casts (may cast talents) and some are always useful such as stat talents. In this Pet Guide, I will focus mainly on stats and may cast healing talents.

Stat talents are usually the best, because they provide better stats overall at all times and are very useful in both PVP and in PVE. Some may casts can be useful such as healing may casts… example: may cast unicorn, fairy, sprite, healing current, life bats.

The best talents would give both damage and resist only. These are simple fundamentals in order to both stay alive and be able to kill enemies. There are 2 resist talents in the game, spell proof and spell defy. The damage talents you need are pain giver, (‘school’) dealer and (‘school’) giver.

Spell proof gives up to 10% universal resist and spell defying gives up to 5% universal resist. Make sure you have max stat or closest to in the strength and agility stats. Max stat for strength and agility is 255 and 260 respectively. Then ensure to feed your pet, pet snacks to fill the bar. If the agility or strength is low, for example, your spell proof number might display 9%; you want to capitalize and get the most resist possible.

Pain giver gives up to 6% universal damage, (‘school’) dealer gives up to 10% damage to a specific school and (‘school’) giver gives up to 6% damage to a specific school. Make sure you have max stat on will and strength stats for the pet. The max stat for will is 260. If any of that stat is too low, for example, your fire dealer talent might display 9% instead of 10%; you want to capitalize and get the most damage possible. (note life school has life ‘bringer’ and not a ‘dealer’ talent)

Best Pet Talents

In this pet guide, for the best combination of talents, you would have those 5 talents together, let’s use balance for example. On a desired pet, you would have the following talents: Spell proof, Spell defying, Balance dealer, Balance giver and Pain giver. With max or close to max stats, your pet would give you 15% universal resist and 26% balance damage EXTRA by just equipping it.

These pets are very popular, it is called a triple damage and double resist pet, more commonly known as a “triple double pet”. If the stats are maxed it is known as a “triple double 2.0 pet.” This pet guide would thoroughly explain everything pertaining to this.

There are jewels and even pet talents which will increase the max number of stats you can have. The most popular jewel/talent for triple doubles pets is known as “mighty” which adds +65 to your existing strength stat on your pet. When this is added you can increase your resist and damage talents. Spell proof goes up to 11%, spell defying goes up to 6%, Dealer goes up to 11% and giver goes up to 7%.

Another good combination of talents will include those mentioned earlier in the pet guide, mixed with may cast healing talents such as may cast fairy, unicorn or healing current ONLY. May cast sprite can be useful but it doesn’t heal much end game when you have high Health. May cast tower shield and legion shield is also useful. These may casts mentioned can be VERY useful to a new player, especially when doing difficult dungeons and bosses as they can keep you alive.

By following this pet guide with step-by-step instructions, you’re sure to get a perfect pet to suit your needs. Everyone would be in awe that you have such a great pet at a low level.

Pet Hatching Guide

Wizard101 Rarest item cards



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    New World Reveal: Karamelle Prequests

    August 12, 2020

How to survive the loss of a pet: 5 healing rituals

Olesya Akhmedzhanova

Dealing with the death of a pet is sometimes incredibly difficult. Whether you are an adult or a child, it doesn't matter. Rituals can help you deal with loss, says psychoanalyst Jeffrey Moussieff Masson and author of When a Friend Leaves. Talks about some of them.

Why grief does not subside

Geoffrey Masson says that he always had a reserved attitude towards ceremonies and rituals. Therefore, it was not surprising that he did not take any action to honor the memory of his animal friends. He grieved, and sometimes very deeply, but outwardly it did not manifest itself in any way. But then Masson began to have doubts: perhaps the departure of his beloved pets needs to be accompanied by some kind of ceremony. But what?

Psychoanalyst Jeffrey Moussieff Masson and author of When a Friend Leaves. Retrieved

This is what Masson read in an article by Margaret Renkle in The New York Times.

“I'll tell you what happened when Emma, ​​our fifteen-year-old dachshund, died last month, and you'll see how we bond with the dog in our lives. Three of our friends bought flowers. One brought chocolate, the other brought homemade strawberry pie. Another prepared a barbecue and an unusual poem. Two little girls who loved Emma made candlesticks. (“I need water, some glue, a jar and lots of glitter,” the seven-year-old told her father.) One hundred and fifty-eight people on Facebook expressed their condolences.”

Masson decided to ask his Facebook followers how they immortalized their favorite animal. He was amazed that people immediately responded. Everyone was unanimous: it is possible and even necessary to honor the memory of your friend in any way. In an hour, the psychoanalyst was sent a lot of various and very interesting options. Here are some examples.


Some religious denominations hold animal blessing ceremonies every year, to which people bring and bring their pets. Susan Porto, one of the initiators of such ceremonies, said that “they are popular not only with parishioners, but with everyone who wants to. We ask participants to talk about their departed companion animals. In the eleven years during which such ceremonies have been held, we have heard many stories that make those present cry, laugh and inspire.”


Caroline Meyers says:

“Three of my dogs died last year. Two from cancer, one from an autoimmune disease. We buried each one with her bedding or favorite toy. We held mourning ceremonies, remembered the best features of our dogs, what we will miss. Shared the funniest, most enjoyable or funny moments. A few days later we went to the shelter and rescued a dog from euthanasia. But still, we exchange videos and photos of our departed pets with friends. On the anniversaries of their deaths, we hold commemorative ceremonies."

Julie Govegan shared this story:

“I cremated my cats when I died. I had two of them. One, Paddy, is a boy. When water spilled on the floor, he looked at her as if hypnotized. And that's fine, because everything else scared him to death. He was an incredibly cowardly cat. I scattered his ashes in a quiet and calm lake. His sister, Kitty, died a few years after him. She wasn't afraid of anything. We took her with us to both oceans, and she stood in front of the boundless waters and did not run away, even when the waves rolled. So I scattered her ashes in the ocean. She lived for twenty-four years."

Other animals

Teresa McClhannon Rhine said that she adopted another animal in memory of her beagle who died of cancer.

“Almost six years ago, our beagle, whom we once rescued from the hands of breeders, died of cancer. In memory of him, we adopted another unfortunate beagle, a girl, for overexposure, and we realized that nothing heals wounds like another animal. As a result, the girl stayed with us forever, and when she died a few months ago, we again became "foster parents". And immediately with many children: over the past few months, we have had three dogs living in overexposure, one of which we left (she reminded me of the first pet, and besides, because of her age: she was already eight years old, she was sick, and the chances of finding her house was small). We may not have chosen the most extraordinary way to honor the memory of a pet, but we know that it is very important and valuable.”


Adopting or adopting a dog from a shelter will not only save its life, but will also make you feel connected to your departed pet.


Dara Lovitz laid beautiful tiles in the kitchen with pictures of her animals. She put the urns with the ashes on the shelf and remembers her pets every time she passes by.

Many people plant a tree in the forest in memory of a dog or a cat. In Germany, an action is being held to encourage people to leave commemorative signs on trees in the forest - mostly drawings or photographs of an animal. But still, it is better to plant a tree, watch how it grows, and, returning to it, each time remember your friend. Richard Jones said that he planted a small pine seedling in the forest, and now the tree is already as tall as him.


Animal advocate Patty Mark wrote a story about an often forgotten animal:

“My beloved Prince died a few weeks ago and I still haven't come to terms with it. This cute little lamb was born in a slaughterhouse. It was brought to me two days old, and we spent ten whole years together. I moved out of the house where I lived for thirty-six years, just to provide him with a paddock. When the Prince died, my friend came with an excavator and dug a grave in the front garden of my country house. My son arrived, and together we buried our beloved four-legged friend. As soon as the ground settles, we will put a large concrete flowerpot on his grave.”

Cristina Scalfo admitted that the day her dog Rock died was the worst day of her life.

“I made a memorial album with photos. It turned out to be very therapeutic. Every time I flip through the album (the last time last week), I cry. I miss my boy."


Tattoos are another way to honor a deceased pet. Julie Ward Bourget admitted that she got tattoos all over her body in memory of her pets. Daniela Castillo did the same to preserve the memory of her cat.

“She was always with me, both when I was in veterinary college and when I went to Australia for my master's degree. Someone poisoned my cat, and I, the veterinarian, could not do anything. I have a huge tattoo on my back, and bodily pain has forced the pain out of my soul.”


Ronnie Richmond also shared his story.

“Over the years I have found and lost many, many pets. I save domestic rats, but, unfortunately, they live very little, on average two to three years. It's amazing how much love their short lives contain. My long-liver Faith lived three years, four months and twenty-four days. I know his birthday. He died the day before my birthday. Like many, I got a tattoo in memory of him.

Tyler Zee also got a tattoo of her rabbit Jack on her arm. Tyler once rescued him from a meat farm. They lived together for several years.

Dreams and sensations

After the death of beloved animals, strange things often happen: unusual dreams occur, visions occur, various sensations appear for which there is no explanation. If you talk to people about the death of their pet, you will hear very unusual stories. At the very least, this is food for thought.

A good example is the story of Grant Menzies. Her dog Jessie has been uniting family members and running the house like a real princess for eighteen years. But then it started to fade away. First Jessie lost her hearing, then her sight. Dementia descended on her like darkness. Day and night, Jessie lay in front of the fireplace, unable to climb the stairs to her bedroom.

“As soon as it became clear that Jessie's life had turned into suffering, we prepared her favorite dish - baked beef - and took her ashore to breathe in the sea, which she loved very much. And then we went to the clinic, to the kindest, most compassionate veterinarian in the world. When Dr. Bass gave the injection, Jessie, whom we held in our arms, turned and looked at us with an unexpectedly clearer look. Her eyes shone with gratitude for what we had done, and for some reason it hurt us more than her death.


Before entering the house, which was as empty as our soul, we shrank inwardly. But something unexpected happened. Already from the threshold it seemed that Jessie had not left us at all. You probably know that in a house where there is a dog, there is a special atmosphere, a special energy. And we felt this energy and atmosphere, as if Jessie followed us down the street from the vet and now runs around the rooms. This prompted me to think about the ritual. We took a bowl of water from which Jessie had been drinking just an hour ago, and a piece of meat that she had not eaten, put them on the mantel rug along with a collar, leash and toys. For a whole week, we acted as if Jessie never left her tired and tormented body. At the end of the week, something changed: we woke up and immediately felt it. “She left,” I said. In the afternoon, we received a call from the clinic and were told that they were ready to bring Jesse's ashes."

It's amazing how many people, not even believing in an afterlife or in the possibility of communicating with the dead, turn to mediums in the hope of hearing something about their pet in the afterlife. Here is the story of Kate Holmes.

“We buried Dudley, our bobtail, in the back yard near the swings. He loved to sit here and bask in the sun. We laid a beautiful stone and put up a small metal cross. With Dudley's death, a huge part of me also died. I was talking to a friend who communicates with the souls of dead animals. She reassured me and added that Dudley had reached his destination and was safe. Whether I believe in it or not is not important, but I was pleased to hear it.”

Rituals are important

All of these stories remind us of the importance of expressing sympathy to people who have lost an animal and letting them know that we share their pain. When a person dies, we do it automatically, but in relation to animals we often forget about it.

Kind and merciful deeds in memory of a beloved animal is the best thing we can do.

The ritual does not replace, but helps to fulfill a long-standing promise to bring a modicum of comfort to animals in the world.

Based on the book When a Friend Passes Away

Cover: pexels

How to survive the death of a pet - we will tell in our article

The realization that the last days of a furry friend's life are coming is one of the most difficult periods owner. Whether your pet is dying of old age or has been diagnosed with an incurable disease, it is important to surround the dog with love, attention and care, to minimize any discomfort and brighten up the remaining days of his life.

As a pet's health declines and its condition worsens, the owner is faced with a difficult choice: care for the animal to its last breath or put an end to its torment by euthanasia. It is very difficult to let go of your friend, but in this situation you cannot give in to emotions and think only about your feelings, it is important to realize how physically difficult it is for a dog in its last days.

It takes tremendous courage to take on this last responsibility and at the same time the responsibility for a beloved pet that has given unconditional love and caress for so many years.

Before making a decision, you should consult with your veterinarian about alternative methods of relieving your pet's pain and suffering. Do not blame the problem only on your shoulders, share it with your friends, your family and find the only right solution for the current situation. The bitter truth is that if your pet is terminally ill and suffering, then he will most likely die in agony.

About Euthanasia for Animals

Every pet owner hopes that a dying pet will be treated lightly, ideally in their sleep. Animal euthanasia provides a painless humane death by intravenous injection of a special substance. During the procedure, the veterinarian will inject the pet with a sedative. The animal will not feel anything, the process is similar to the introduction of anesthesia and takes less than half a minute.

You can call the veterinarian for the procedure at home or take the dog to the clinic. To be present at the very moment of injection next to the animal or not, everyone decides for himself. If it is very difficult emotionally to watch your beloved pet leave before your eyes, you can say goodbye to him and wait in the next room.

In no case do not show your emotions to the dog, because for him this is an ordinary trip with the owner, and he does not know that you will have to return back alone.

How to cope with the loss of a pet?

Everyone handles the loss of a beloved animal differently: someone comes to his senses faster, others have to get out of a protracted depression. It is important to remember that your feelings are completely normal. Grief and anger are natural responses to the death of a pet. Do not blame yourself for helping the animal get rid of pain and suffering. Performing an act of mercy, do not reproach yourself for it.

Relief of mental suffering will come, every day the pain becomes less. There are no universal tips to help cope with the feeling of loss, but you can try to ease the mental anguish.

1. Fill the void

You got up early every morning to walk the dog, spent a lot of time with him. Find something serious to do during this time: you can go jogging in the park, go to the gym, enroll in a dance school, get an extra job. This will help you relax.

2. Remember death

While you mourn your pet, life passes by, you do not notice the joyful events around. Death is a natural part of existence and no one is immune from it. It is not known how much is given to each, and it is not worth wasting time on grief.

3. Talk about your feelings

Do not keep emotions in yourself, tell relatives and friends about your feelings. No need to try to seem stronger, give vent to your pain. If there is no one to talk to, write a letter to your departed friend, on paper you can express everything that has accumulated in your soul.

4. Preserve Memories

Put bowls, toys, bedding, dog pictures in a box and put away in a back corner. Someday you will be ready to take it out and indulge in pleasant memories with a little tinge of sadness.


Get a new pet

In the early days of grief, you won't even be able to think about replacing your beloved friend. This step should not be regarded as a betrayal. Just give your soft fluffy ball some love and care. With this, you can fill a giant hole in your life.

How to bury a pet?

In large cities there are specially designated places for the burial of pets, you can even set up a small monument. There is nothing unnatural in this, in civilized countries such a service has existed for a very long time. It’s not normal just to wrap the corpse of a pet in a bag and throw it into the nearest trash can.

You can cremate an animal and bury an urn with ashes. If you live in an area where such services are not provided, you must remember that it is forbidden by law to bury animals within the boundaries of settlements.

If the depression associated with the loss of a pet has been prolonged and the pain of loss does not decrease over time, you can seek support from a specialist.

Learn more