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It’s already difficult for introverts to find their niche in a world that predominantly values extroverted tendencies. As a result, introverts’ needs don’t get enough attention and aren’t talked about as much. This includes the way that they function in the love department. Are you dating an introvert? Here are 10 things that we need in relationships for you to consider:

1. Meaningful conversations

We look for depth in a partner —someone who can keep up with us when we talk about possibilities and theories. If there’s one thing we never get tired of, it’s the mere entertainment of ideas. Ask open ended questions instead of dead end ones that result in single one word answers. Don’t be afraid to enlighten us with your knowledge and wisdom. Be cultured. And be aware. Intelligence is sexy, classy, and timeless.

I tend to gravitate towards men who are excellent conversationalists. And I’m not talking about your cliche smooth sweet talkers. I have a lot of respect for men who can challenge me on an intellectual level. Chances are, if you’ve ever gotten me to question what I thought I was once so sure of, I can guarantee you’ve landed yourself another date with me. The person I’m with right now never fails to enlighten me with his perspective. We bicker and debate a lot, but it’s all in good fun. It’s an interesting mixture —how incredibly different we see things, yet somehow we can meet on a common ground. I think it’s our mutual desire of wanting to understand the way things work that pulls us together. Curiosity can be a magical thing.

2. Less stimulating environments

We’re sensitive to external surroundings. You won’t find us going to every social party. Small gatherings and places where we don’t have to shout to hear one another are more our cup of tea. It’s not about what we’re surrounded by that matters; it’s about the company we’re choosing to spend our time with.

I prefer dates that take place in less crowded locations. As someone who gets overwhelmed easily, simplicity is what I aim for. If someone has to constantly be doing something or is prone to boredom susceptibility if he’s not doing something new, then I already know I won’t be able to build anything long-lasting with him. It says a lot about a person by the places one prefers to spend his time in; therefore, intimacy is very subjective. Where we choose to spend time with our romantic partner influences deeply how people build connections to establish what closeness means to them.

3. Slow steadiness

A slow and steady pace wins the race to our hearts. We’re careful about who we let in. We like to gather as much information as possible about people before we display more affection towards them. While that might make us seem less exciting on the surface with our self-control, there’s so much more we can offer in a relationship that isn’t based solely on the factor of impulse. Don’t take it the wrong way if you don’t get a kiss from us on a first date.

While others perceive me as bubbly and enthusiastic on first impressions, it actually takes time for me to warm up to someone romantically. I always tend to explain to people that I don’t want them to misinterpret my subtlety for indifference. Building trust is a slow dance for me, but I feel fortunate that I’m with someone right now who learned how to step in rhythm with me.

4. Sensitivity

As introverts, we tend to internalize a lot, so we’re prone to bottling things up inside. We need someone who is sensitive and considerate of our feelings, because we don’t enjoy starting conflict. That’s not to say we’re necessarily afraid of it. It just means we’re more careful about what battles we’re willing to fight.

The biggest turn-offs for me are those who are judgmental and quick to dismiss feelings. What often attracts me in a romantic partner is someone who is very much in tune with understanding human motives. People who can analyze actions and can make meaning of what is happening even within the worst of conflicts. I trust people who are capable of these skills, because it means that they see me for my flaws, but still want to stick around to watch me evolve and grow from my mistakes.

5. Help us get out of our heads.

We’re prone to analyzing and over-thinking. It’s hard for us to stay in the moment when our minds dart back and forth with thoughts and concerns. We don’t even mean to do it, and it might create distance and misunderstandings as a result. Just try not to take it too personally. Chances are, we’re probably ruminating over what next move we’re going to make, because we care about how the relationship is growing, or maybe we have a lot of other things going on in our lives. Play the best friend role and provide support. It’ll help us ease up and we’ll appreciate you more than ever.

The person I’m with always talks about headspace with me. He knows how much I like to indulge in it. He’s also familiar with the way I tend to build walls, because I don’t know how to get out of my head. When we’re watching movies, sometimes my hand will tighten up because my mind will go elsewhere. He’ll place his hand over mine and ask, “You with me?” It’s such a simple action, but it’s reassuring. It helps me stay in the moment.

6. Read between the lines.

We invented the art of subtlety, so we’re not usually outwardly flirtatious. The way we communicate is very nuanced. Pay close attention to what we say and how we say it, too. Sometimes, even the smallest phrases can have large meanings behind them.

I’m not the most direct person, but I’m trying to communicate better. I admire the forthright manner of the person I’m with. This is because I can always count on him to say exactly what he means. The manner in which we communicate is almost as if we’re on opposite sides of the spectrum, and yet he’s good at handling the personality of someone like me. Slowly, I’m learning to be more directly affectionate.

7. Be respectful to our need for space.

While we may like you, we also have a need for space. We need to go off on our own to recharge. It’s important to not be overbearing or suffocating. This will only add more to our stress levels and may cause us to retreat within our shells even more.

I make time to see the person I’m with once a week in between our busy schedules. Sometimes when I’m overwhelmed, though, I need time to go off and be alone before I see him. He understands that part about me, because he’s wired the same way, too, with both of us being introverts. We’re never pushy with each other and respect each other’s boundaries. It’s refreshing finding someone who just gets it.

8. Quality time

It’s not about the amount of activities we end up doing. It’s about the way we interact with each other. Spending quality time with us is crucial. Although it may seem as if we like to go off and be on our own as introverts, at the end of the day, we still crave meaningful human interaction. Learning to make the most out of time spent together creates a strong bonding experience.

No matter how busy my schedule may get, I will always make time to see someone I’m interested in. This is usually the biggest giveaway that I’m catching feelings for someone, because I’m pretty selective with who I choose to spend my time with. Although I’m fairly open to learning about people in general for the most part, I’m particularly careful about who I choose to learn about me. Spending quality time with someone puts me in that vulnerable position.

9. Be mindful of who we are and don’t try to change who we are.

We live in a culture that is obsessed with self-improvement, always striving to be better. As introverts living in an extroverted world, ever since a young age, we were seen as individuals who can be molded and conditioned to love being in the spotlight. Because “better” somehow always translates to “extroversion,” which is pretty dehumanizing. And we certainly don’t need that sort of baggage hanging over our heads in the realm of dating. When we’re trying to build and maintain stable relationships, we don’t want to waste our time with people who see us as potential projects they can fix. If we wanted that, there’s plenty of self-help books out there.

The last person I was seeing was an extrovert and a natural networker being a social butterfly. He was charming. An actor. Had everyone around me fooled. And had me especially fooled. But overtime, slowly but surely, I watched his performance slip. I didn’t pick up on how controlling he was until it was too late. Then, I wondered why I was hurting so much. Looking back, I don’t think he ever saw me for who I was. He was far too obsessed with his mental checklist of his perfect mate. I was just this trophy he could show off to and talk about to his friends and family. Then one day, he dropped the bomb, telling me that I wasn’t enough for him. There was this overwhelming pressure to change. Believe me when I say that any relationship based on image and ego will die because self-absorption can’t dish out love.

10. Don’t assume anything.

Always ask questions and communicate with us. The thing about silence is that it can often be misinterpreted for plenty of things —anything but the actual truth. We might be slow to reveal things because communicating what we think doesn’t come as easily or naturally, but that’s not to say we’re incapable of such tasks. Mind-reading should never replace difficult conversations.

The person I’m together with right now often communicates his concerns and needs with me. I appreciate his honesty, because it shows he cares instead of just slipping them underneath the rug. When he tells me what is bothering him, I take the time to reflect on what is happening between us, and then work on it. I respect someone who isn’t afraid of raising things that may lead to disagreements. Working things out together instead of just making assumptions about the other person brings two people closer.

What are your experiences with dating an introvert? Are you also an introvert? Do you agree? Psych3Go would love to hear your thoughts! Please be sure to leave a comment down below!



Granneman, J. (2015, July 7). 12 Things to Know About Being in a Relationship With an Introvert. Retrieved October 29, 2017.

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Top 10 Qualities an Introvert Looks For in a Partner

By Team The WisdomPost & Sophia in Relationship

This is a noisy world and dating can be a challenging mission, especially dating an introvert. The society has programmed us to think that it is ideal for people to be loud, outgoing, and sociable. Of course, not everyone is a party-goer and has an outgoing trait. And in recent years, the idea of the introvert raided the internet and people started to take note on it.


      • What Is An Introvert?
      • The Qualities An Introvert Looks For In A Love Relationship
        • 1. Having Personal Space
        • 2. Quality Time Together
        • 3. Becoming A Good Listener
        • 4. Make Good Use Of Instant Messaging
        • 5. Sharing Deeper Conversation
        • 6. Silence Can Be Golden
        • 7. Go Slow
        • 8. The Feeling Of Safety
        • 9. Have The Patience
        • 10. Learn And Understand Each Other

There is nothing wrong being an introvert or someone quiet. And if you an extrovert and you are looking to date an introvert, you have to understand the characteristics and traits of an introvert and how to deal with it to make your relationship flourish.

One key idea to remember is that introverts get their energy from within, while the extroverts get their energy from other people. This simply means that introverts are drained by social situations and need more quiet time within them in order to recharge. Oppositely, extroverts are energized by things around them and they prefer to be around others and enjoy their surroundings rather than being in solitude.

What Is An Introvert?

According to the dictionary, introversion is a personality trait characterized by a focus on internal feelings rather than on external sources of stimulation. Most people look at introverts and extroverts as two polar opposite, the truth is that no one is a complete introvert or extrovert. People lie somewhere in the middle.

It is important to understand what causes the introversion because it is estimated that 25 to 40 percent of the population is made of introverts. According to experts, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert is caused by your reticular activating system for regulating arousal levels.

An introvert has a higher arousal level and tends to seek activities and environment where they can escape from overstimulation. On the other side, an extrovert has a relatively lower arousal level where they can accept the activities and attention from their surroundings.

When it comes to a relationship, you have to understand if you are dating with an extrovert, or an introvert. Below are some clear signs of an introvert that can help you understand someone better:

1. Being around people drains your energy. When you or your partner feel exhausted after spending time with a lot of people such as going for a party, you know that this is a sign of introversion.

2. Love being in solitude. Do you or your partner love to be in solitude? An introvert loves being alone quietly in their own world. Introverts enjoy quiet time such as being alone in the afternoon, walking in the woods, reading a book and so on.

3. High self-awareness. This is because an introvert tends to be more inward-turning, an introvert can spend a great deal of time examining their own internal feelings and experiences. If you feel like you have a good understanding of yourself, your emotions, and your motivation, you might be more of an introvert.

4. Having a small group of close friends. While it is true that introverts do not like socializing, they do enjoy being together with a small group of close friends. Instead of joining a big party with a large crowd, they prefer to stick with their close friends.

5. Prefer jobs that involve independence. When it comes to dealing with work, an introvert prefers to work independently rather than being in a group. Introverts enjoy work such as being a writer, computer programmer, pharmacist, artist, or an accountant.

These are some of the clear signs of an introvert. Thus, are you an introvert? Or are you trying to date an introvert?

The Qualities An Introvert Looks For In A Love Relationship

Understanding yourself and your partner can be extremely important if you want to build and grow and successful love relationship with your partner. This is especially true if you are an extrovert, but your partner is your opposite, an introvert.

Many conflicts can occur because of different traits and point of view. Therefore, it is important to know which type of personality you and your partner cling to. If your partner is an introvert, below are the top 10 qualities that your partner will look for.

1. Having Personal Space

Introverts prefer to have personal space, a lot of it. In fact, scientific evidence has shown that introverts need to have time alone. As what you have learned from above, introverts tend to have a higher level of arousal, meaning to say that they will try to get away from socializing and find their own private space.

And if you are dating an introvert, you must take note on this. There is nothing wrong to be alone in solitude. In fact, many studies have also shown that people who love to spend time alone will have a higher level of creativity and peacefulness. Thus, the next time if your partner asks for some space and time to be alone, it does not mean that they abhor you, it could mean that they need some time to be with themselves.

Plus, it makes sense that introverts function better without a crowd or away from a noisy place. And sometimes, people will prefer to have their own quiet time, even for extroverts.

2. Quality Time Together

An introvert prefers to spend quality together and this does not mean that it has to be partying or drinking with a group of people all night. If you date an introvert and you want to make the relationship work, you have to understand what it means by spending “quality time” together.

For introverts, a quality time can be time spend together walking in nature. For an extrovert, a quality time can mean a totally different thing such as hitting a party, drink and have fun with music blaring in the background. While there is nothing wrong with both, you just need to understand what it means by quality time.

What happens if you are an extrovert and your partner is an introvert? Remember that nobody is a complete introvert or extrovert. The keyword here is moderation. An introvert can go for a party once awhile and an extrovert can pay a visit to the bookstore too. Both party, you and your partner must understand moderation and make it work.

3. Becoming A Good Listener

Another important quality introverts will look for in their partner is that introverts love a good listener. Introverts have a good reason to want a partner who is a good listener because they spend most of the time alone and they will want to express their thoughts with their partners.

Introverts think a lot and will have deeper thoughts most of the time. They have their own point of views that they would want to share with their partner. And if you are a good listener, you can make up a good relationship with an introvert.

Asking an introvert what they are thinking about will cause goose-bumps all over their bodies. However, make sure you have the patience to listen as their answers can be long. Studies have discovered that people who are a better listener will have a better relationship because it gives a sense to their partner that they are important when expressing their thoughts.

4. Make Good Use Of Instant Messaging

Instant messaging has become part of our daily lives due to the convenience of technology and the accessibility via our mobile devices. And for introverts, they treat texting as part of socializing and most of the time, their replies can be slow.

And if you are those avid texters and you use a lot of instant messaging to talk to people, beware, because texting with an introvert can be tiring. Imagine you send a text asking an introvert, “How are you?” But you do not get an immediate reply or perhaps you get the reply after 5 hours later, you are not going to have much fun with an introvert.

Introverts might have seen your message, they appreciate it, but they just do not feel like replying you immediately. They prefer to continue to spend time in their own world and reply your message whenever they want to. Do take note that this does not mean that you should not text introverts at all, you just need to understand that not everyone is in the mood of replying you instantly.

5. Sharing Deeper Conversation

Introverts think on a much deeper level and because of this, they will prefer their partner to have a similar characteristic. If you are dating an introvert, you have to understand how to carry out a deeper conversation than just the shallow “Hello” and “How are you”.

This is because introverts spend a lot of time thinking and being in their own world, they will develop a lot of ideas and hobbies that they would like to express and share with their partner. For extroverts who love partying, any conversation will be fine as long as it is fun. Conversely, things may be a little different if your partner is an introvert. Your partner will prefer a deeper and more insightful conversation.

Now, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to start a conversation with introverts. All you need to do is to listen to introverts and what they have to say, and then express your own opinion about it. You don’t need to be Picasso or Albert Einstein to strike a conversation, just be yourself and express your ideas will be sufficient.

6. Silence Can Be Golden

Introverts love quiet and silence time. They hate to be in a noisy place like a bar or a club, and they prefer to be in a quiet place like a coffeehouse. Therefore, do not feel awkward when your introvert partner chooses to sit in silence and fall into their usual deep thinking. Introverts are observers and listeners, and not every moment needs to be littered with noises.

If you want to be an ideal partner for an introvert, learn to understand the power of silence. Silence can be good at times, but an introvert partner will also prefer to express their opinion at times.

7. Go Slow

There is a saying that if extroverts are the hares, then the introverts will be the tortoises. Introverts are slow to open up and they need a lot more time to warm up than the extroverts.

Also, introverts may be slower to reach the relationship milestones, like expressing and saying, “I love you” for the first time or proposing to get to the next level in the relationship. You have to understand that introverts are timider and thus, they need more courage and time to prepare things like these.

This is because an introvert used to think more deeply and they will consider everything from all aspect before they make the move. They are more passive in expressing themselves comparing with extroverts who are more aggressive and proactive.

8. The Feeling Of Safety

Everyone wants to feel safe in a relationship, especially the ladies and the introverts. When you are dating with an introvert, make him or her feel safe by letting them know that you accept them no matter who they are.

This has a lot to do with the introverts’ personality of being more inward and self-focus. From the famous book, The Development of Shyness and Social Withdrawal, authors Schmidt and Buss state that that introversion does not necessarily equate with shyness.

Shyness indicates the fear of people or social situations while introverts simply do not like to spend time interacting with people. And because they focus more inwardly, introverts value the feeling of safety in a relationship more.

9. Have The Patience

One of the very important qualities that an introvert looks for in a partner in a relationship is patient. Well, you do know that introverts are slower in a relationship, they talk more deeply and they spend most of the time alone, hence, they will prefer to have a partner with a higher level of patience.

A weekend full of activities is not what an introvert wants. Extroverts will prefer every night out, but for an introvert, they prefer to go slow on things. When things are packed and there are too many activities with no time to rest, introverts will feel depleted and wanted out.

10. Learn And Understand Each Other

The secret to making a relationship work is understanding each other’s requirement and proceed with moderation. Most people do not fit perfectly into one category or the other and no one is a complete introvert or a pure extrovert. Sometimes, extroverts want to have quiet time to rest their minds and recharge their souls, and sometimes, introverts will feel lonely and want to go out or host a party too.

What is important to learn here is that you have to understand your partner and how to cope with their personalities. When two different worlds collide, be prepared for the arguments, conflicts, and misunderstandings, but that does not mean that the two worlds cannot come together and co-exist in harmony and love.


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25 things only introverts will understand

March 25, 2021 A life

To determine your temperament, it is not necessary to pass psychological tests. You are prone to introversion if you notice these oddities in yourself.

1. You don't leave the apartment until the neighbor leaves

Situation: you hear that the neighbor's door opens in the hallway or on the landing. In order not to once again intersect with a person, you calm down and wait until he leaves. Yes, it's strange, but sometimes introverts hide from even the nicest people, just to avoid having to exchange a few words with them. nine0003

2. You are secretly glad that your friends canceled the meeting

In order not to be considered a hermit, sometimes you have to go out to meet with friends. But when the general plans are canceled, in your soul you rejoice: you can stay at home and not pretend to be a sociable type.

3. You feel awkward at a party

Despite the dislike for noisy companies, there are events that you cannot avoid: a corporate party, a friend's wedding or a New Year's feast with relatives. The first thought that visits you at any meeting is: “What am I doing here ?!” nine0003


The Internet is not just a hobby for you, but a way of life

It is much easier for introverts to put their thoughts on paper than to talk. It is difficult for you to communicate live, but in social networks you feel like a fish in water. In online correspondence, you can joke, and show off your mind, and leave a well-aimed comment.

5. You shy away from sales assistants while shopping

It's understandable: it's easier to find the right model and size yourself than to keep up a conversation with a stranger. nine0003

6. You try to be inconspicuous

You are not against communication, you are just not always ready for a conversation: it requires attitude and energy. In order to be less tired, introverts unconsciously limit themselves in communications, and in order to replenish their strength, they spend time alone.

In life, it manifests itself like this: you need to get something out of the refrigerator, and at this time your neighbor with a friend or parents with guests are sitting in the kitchen. The way out is to act like this guy from the gif:

7. Instead of a noisy company, you choose solitude

You are invited to spend the weekend together, and you say that you are very busy. Everyone understands that this is not so: in fact, you will stay at home and enjoy being alone. For introverts, this is the norm: they are not in a hurry to party and are able to enjoy the time spent alone with themselves.

8. You answer questions in monosyllables

What's new? and "How are you?" you try to answer as briefly as possible so that, God forbid, a conversation does not start. Small talk about anything is easy for extroverts, and introverts do not like this format of conversation. nine0003

9. You try to sneak out of the party

And try to do it as early as possible. You have an escape plan in reserve, for this you get to a meeting in your car. This is especially true for parties that you don’t want to go to in advance.

10. You rarely answer phone calls

By default, you do not answer calls from numbers you do not know, and prefer texting to a friend or colleague.

11. You like to go to the cinema alone

You enjoy watching a movie alone or with a loved one. Afternoon sessions on weekdays, morning sessions on weekends - you try to choose a time when the hall is almost empty. Together with you, there are 2-3 more people in the hall - the same introverts who avoid large crowds of people.

12. You pretend not to notice someone you know.

Situation: after work you went to the grocery store. Everything is going well until you notice a friend between the rows of buckwheat and pasta. Your standard reaction is to turn away and quickly leave before he sees you. nine0003

13. Never open the door if you are not expecting guests

Why? You never know: a too friendly neighbor came for salt and will complain about the management company for 15 minutes, or the manager of an Internet company obsessively asks you to connect their new tariff.

14. Are you afraid to be alone with strangers

Maintain a conversation with a person you see for the first time? Never! This is what you look like when your friends leave you for a few minutes alone with their acquaintances:


Never order over the phone when you can online

Why call when you can write?

16. You don't know how to behave when people sing you the song "Happy birthday to you!"

You feel awkward and uncomfortable around people. Birthday becomes a special torture: you are talked to more than usual and paid too much attention. I want to hide under the table or run away!

17. Try to solve work issues through correspondence

While colleagues annoy you with phone calls, you prefer to solve everything by correspondence. Working in open space becomes a real tragedy: the noise and people around paralyze your work. "Please, can we have a quiet place?" - you think in especially difficult days.

18. Don't like to keep up a conversation with a stranger

You wish you could be invisible when someone in a bar or on an airplane starts talking to you. “Don’t start a conversation with me just because we are sitting next to each other,” you mentally tell your interlocutor. It's not that introverts do not like people and live communication. They are simply not ready to carry on a conversation with a stranger: this causes terrible discomfort. nine0003

19. An ideal day on the beach for you is a day on a completely empty beach.

Any person has such thoughts from time to time, especially when the beach is crowded, and you can safely swim only 50 meters from the shore. But for introverts, such a desire appears much more often: an empty beach is more comfortable for them by default than a crowded one.

20. You like to train alone

You hate personal trainers, group classes and chatters during sports because training time is your personal time. No joint runs and jokes with a trainer in the gym - why, when you can be alone with your thoughts and listen to your favorite tracks? nine0003

21. You don't reply to messages right away

Before you write a reply, you need to think about the content of the letter. Sometimes you completely forget to answer, and then justify yourself, coming up with stupid excuses.

22. You are not happy to meet new people

Even the very thought that you will have to meet new people is terrifying. This does not mean that you do not know how to make friends, it just makes it difficult for you to meet new people.

23. You shy away from too friendly acquaintances

Every time someone violates your personal space, you have an irresistible desire to disappear into thin air, disappear, run away, or give a good blow to the person who came to hug you.

24. You don't like large crowds

Concerts, parties, pub quizzes or work conferences make you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. You, of course, do not panic, but subconsciously dream of leaving this place as soon as possible.

25. You are not a misanthrope, you are an introvert

You love people and understand the value of human communication, so you quite consciously go out to parties and social events. But you are more comfortable alone with yourself: you value the time you spend alone or with loved ones.

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10 things that only introverts will understand

If you are reading this, chances are you are an introvert. Welcome to our club!

Many things that seem completely normal to ordinary people are extremely frustrating and overwhelming for introverts.

They see the world in a completely different way. It makes you feel everything that is happening around them - on a very deep level.

Here are 10 related things that only introverts will truly understand.

1. Get excited when you need to talk to someone new. nine0134

For an introvert, this is already in the order of things. Contact with someone new is worse for him than a terrible dream. Even if they don't show it, they still get nervous.

Introverts are like puppies, they will play with you only if they are sure that you will not harm them. In case you want to talk to an introvert, you first need to make him feel welcome in the comfort of being next to you.

2. Enjoy your own company. nine0134

Introverts are ready to give everything to spend time with their company, rather than in a new unknown society.

3. They blush all the time.

Talking to new people or performing in front of an audience is a huge stress for them. The pressure makes them nervous and their cheeks turn red because of it.

Everything they perceive as embarrassment makes them blush. Even talking to a local grocery store cashier named Zeena. nine0003

4. To spend quality time on the weekend.

Introverts perceive the weekend as two or more days of pure bliss and relaxation. He played TV shows, read a lot of books, drank warm tea or hot chocolate and was in pajamas all day. It may seem boring to some, but it's the perfect weekend getaway for an introvert.

5. Easily get tired of everyday conversations.

In general, everyday conversations for introverts are something overwhelming. They can enjoy it, but in their own company. Long conversations with unfamiliar or unpleasant people can easily make them feel frazzled. nine0003

6. Irritation from noisy people.

Whenever someone speaks too loudly or too fast, introverts get really upset. Why does someone want to be heard by everyone? It just doesn't make sense. If they had a choice, introverts would prefer a calm, quiet conversation, rather than a hurried and tense one.

7. Annoyance when people interrupt your loneliness.

You are sitting quietly in your room, relaxing with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. It is in this moment of bliss that someone enters and interrupts your precious loneliness. This is a real nightmare for an introvert. For them, the destruction of their world feels like you walked into a house uninvited. nine0003

8. The joy of being able to go to nature.

After spending too much time in a city full of people, introverts feel the need to escape. That is why, from time to time, they like to get away from the bustle of the city and disappear into nature. Time spent in nature calms their souls and energizes them, cut off from the big city life. Maybe that's why they love long car rides alone.

9. Wonderful feeling when you help someone. nine0134

One of the best qualities of introverts is their deep empathy. They can easily tell if someone needs help. In addition, they are excellent listeners. They will stay with you until you pour out your heart to them all. After all, introverts would rather listen to you than talk.

10. Thirst for deep relationships and personal space.

Being an introvert is definitely not easy. You crave deep and meaningful relationships, but at the same time you need independence and more time to be alone.

Learn more