What zodiac signs are empaths

The 3 Most Empathic Signs


By Alise Morales

Published Sep 24, 2019

Most of us are constantly, if unknowingly, picking up on the emotions of those around us. Body language, microexpressions and tonal changes are subtle ways that people alert one another to their true feelings, whether or not they ever articulate them explicitly. These are normal human experiences, but if you are a person who actually feels the pain or joy of others, you might be what some would call an empath. Empaths feel the emotions of others more intensely, even going so far as to take those emotions on themselves. Sometimes, an empath might even be unsure whether the feelings they are feeling are their own, or someone else’s. While this can make them amazing friends and confidantes, it can be exhausting for the empathic person and they often need to work hard at differentiating their emotions from the emotions of others, as well as for protecting themselves from others’ bad energy.  

Think you might be an empath? Are you the person who can tell something is up, even after one text? Are you that friend who knows if someone has had a good or bad day with one look? Feel overwhelmed around large groups? Astrology can tell a person a lot about where they fall on the empath scale, with some signs being more naturally empathic than others. Of course, any sign is capable of being an empath, it’s just a matter of opening yourself up to those around you. Here, the top three most empathic signs in the zodiac.

1. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces are extremely empathic signs, who almost can’t stop themselves from taking on the feelings of others. They can always tell how a loved one is feeling, making them some of the best friends you could ask for. Unfortunately for them, they can suffer from burnout or emotional exhaustion as a result of their empathic nature. Pisces have to work hard not to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. They should take care to protect themselves from Debbie Downers, Bad Vibes Brads or anyone else that might be a drain on their gifts.

2. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac, so it’s no wonder that they can lend that sensitivity out to other people. If you need someone to relate to your problems, Cancer is your sign. Cancers tend to be highly emotional, and their tendency to “feel all the feelings” means they always know how to relate to the emotions of others. Cancer’s felt them all! Sometimes this can lead to Cancers being perceived as “moody” as they try to process not only their thoughts and feelings, but the thoughts and feelings of those around them.

3. Scorpio (October 22 – November 21) 

Scorpio has earned a bit of a rep for keeping guarded, but behind that wall is an empath well versed in not only their own feelings, but the feelings of others as well. Scorpios are more likely to feel overwhelmed by their empathic nature, which is why they prefer close-knit groups and small gatherings over wild parties or concerts. They’re intense, but only because they’re dealing with multiple sets of feelings at once.

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6 Most Empathic Zodiac Signs Who Feel Too Much, According To Astrology

Let's get something straight: empathy is a trait we can all cultivate. It's part of what comes with being human.

Some people have more empathy, and some have less — and those who are empaths are especially open to the emotional output of others.

What is empathy?

For the empathic zodiac signs in astrology, it's something they don't question.

Empathy is the ability to pick up on and understand the energy of others, which can be joyful or dreadful.

True empaths (who make up only 1-2% of the population) feel the emotions of others and process them internally.

Fake empaths post memes on Facebook telling the world how sensitive and risen they are with the feelings they are feeling.

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Real empaths take it all in and feel the pain, or pleasure, of the world, while fake empathy makes statements that require applause afterward.

Empathy is the pure sister of sympathy; it takes sympathy to the next level. Where sympathy allows us to feel sorry for another, empathy allows us to understand, relate to, and emotionally bond with another.

We all have this to a degree, while some of us have more than others. Empathy allows us to experience the feelings of another, and for the true empath, that can be a nightmare of feelings.

Which signs are usually empaths? Surprisingly, Scorpio is one of the normal empaths alongside the empath zodiac signs Pisces and her fellow water signs. But according to astrology placements, sun signs are first and foremost when dealing with empathy, then moon signs.

Most Empathetic Zodiac Signs

1. Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

Pisces is the winner when it comes to empath signs.

It's hard enough being such a people pleaser, but you also happen to be a true empath, and between those two things, you're basically in a nonstop state of agitation and anxiety.

You know when members of your family are in emotional pain, and you hover by them to drink in the negativity — not because you want it, but because you are compulsive about wanting to help. Once Pisces feels the pain their innate ability and need to help arises.

Most of the time you are wanted as your presence tends to be very calming and peaceful. You feel the weight of the world, and you try very hard to not let other empaths know you are burdened by it.

Pisces is also the most empathetic moon sign as well.

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2. Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Are Taurus empaths? That's a question many may be thinking and they'll be surprised by the answer.

You wouldn't automatically assume that the sign that is symbolized by the Bull would be graceful enough to move through the emotional circles, but that stereotype stops short at Taurus.

Taurus is incredibly sensitive to the emotional output of others, even psychically in tune with those around you. You recognize this in you and you don't show off about it.

You merely allow yourself to be there for others. You take their pain, and your good nature and desire to be helpful really does come through. You're the best friend anyone could have because you're a true empath and you know how to soothe with love and kindness.

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3. Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

You've been torn all your life between being the hardened perfectionist and the absolute mushball of an empath that you are.

One of the reasons you became so cold and hard is because you had to protect yourself; you pick up on everything, and it all hurts way too much.

As a survival mechanism, you come off as cold and non-accepting; however, this is really only a facade. You feel everything very deeply, especially when it comes to animals. If an animal is in distress, you can barely breathe.

Empathy is deeply embedded in you, and it is also torturous.

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4. Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Another zodiac sign that usually implies so many other things that have nothing to do with sensitivity. The irony here is that, while being known as the harsh and violent Scorpio, you're also sensitive and the most zodiac sign there is.

You want to help, you want to make people happy, and sometimes you push the envelope a little too hard to help.

When you feel a friend is in trouble, you go all out to be there for them. But the thing is, you're not always right. You feel the emotions of the world, but pin-pointing it on one person isn't your ultimate talent. You are empathic, but you are often times off-base with your own emotions.

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5. Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Are Aquarius empaths? Yes!

Your empathy is profound, and you treat the world around you like a parent treats a child. You are ultimately concerned for those around you, and if there's pain being felt, you want it over and done with.

You can't stand the idea of someone being left out or sad, and you spend years trying to make people happy; you sense it when they're not. Aquarius is one of the most compassionate zodiac signs.

Sometimes, they want your help and that makes you happy, but when your empathy goes unappreciated, you tend to get angry. And your anger is the issue here. Anger dulls your empathy and makes you less receptive to those around you.

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6. Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

You are a true empath, Gemini, and it's not always easy to be this way. You take in the feelings of others and, sometimes, while it's processing in your own psyche, it starts to feel worse than it is.

You have been known to shy away from people simply because it hurts to pick up on the pain and anxiety of others, but should someone reach out to you, you will be a stand-up person and come through for them.

You're not likely to stay in the position of "helpful" because it really is too much for you. However, you do your best — for both yourself and for the others involved.

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Least Empathetic Zodiac Signs

7. Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer is the zodiac sign you should go to if you want someone to relate to what you’re feeling right now.

A lot of the time, Cancer’s moodiness is seen as a negative trait, but it also makes it a lot easier for her to relate to what you’re going through, as well. Cancer is one of the most emotional zodiac signs, making her naturally empathetic.

Cancer can understand how you’re feeling and be empathetic to you because there’s a good chance that’s she’s felt it all before. She knows how to handle heartbreak, anger, and even give you advice about temperamental partners because she’s a pro at reading thoughts and feelings.

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8. Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Libra is happiest when the people she loves are happy. And when someone needs a friend to rely on, Libra is there no matter what. That's why this sign is the kindest of the zodiac.

One of Libra’s best traits is her gentle nature. She knows how to approach any kind of problem and, even if she can’t solve it, she always knows how to cheer you up.

She’s the type of person who is better at helping others with their problems (and not so much her own), but she truly does find happiness when being there for the people she loves; she does it all with empathy.

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9. Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Leo is empathetic around the people she cares about the most. She might seem a little intimidating at first, but once you get to know her, you realize what a good friend she really is. And if you’re her BFF, she’s going to make an effort to relate to you when you need it.

Leo tends to reserve her empathetic nature for those who deserve it. It’s not that she’s mean or rude if you’re not her friend, but she also knows when people really care about her and when they don’t.

She can be super lovable, but you have to prove that you’ll mirror her empathy.

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10. Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries is one of those zodiac signs that need real-world examples for anything to make sense to her. Sure, she’s an amazing friend, but if you come to her with problems she can’t relate to, you probably won’t see much empathy from her.

Don’t get me wrong, Aries certainly tries to make you feel better when you’re not feeling like yourself, but don’t be surprised or disappointed if her advice is to just shake it off and try again.

It’s hard for her to connect with things that aren’t in her wheelhouse, so empathy isn’t easy.

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11. Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius is more than happy to have deep, thought-provoking conversations with you, but when it comes to sharing feelings, she’s not as into it. It’s not that she won’t listen to you talk about what’s going on in your life, but don’t expect her to be fully engaged either.

Sagittarius gets a little freaked out talking about feelings and emotions because it feels like a trap to her. Instead of giving her the option to open up on her own time, she may feel overwhelmed, like she’s being backed into a corner where she has no other choice but to flake on you emotionally and be debbie downers.

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12. Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn is one of the least empathetic signs in the zodiac.

You try to treat everyone equally, which is great in the general sense, but when any other normal human would opt for empathy, you go in for the kill. You are a very unforgiving sign because you feel that if you can handle problems and deal with your mistakes like an adult, then anyone can.

And when people ask you for forgiveness or a little understanding, you get a bit condescending sending out bad vibes.

You see, Capricorn likes to choose when and where to express emotion. It’s not that she doesn’t trust you to accept who she is; it’s almost like she gets hyper-focused on what’s going on inside her head that she forgets to listen to her heart, which always makes her seem more serious than she is.

She could be seen as the most unemotional zodiac sign.

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Ruby Miranda is a New Yorker who learned astrology, I Ching and all types of cartomancy and numerology from her crazy, gypsy mother. She currently writes for a wide range of esoteric publications.

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The 6 Most Empathic Zodiac Signs Who Feel Everything

Some have more empathy and some have less, but being an empath doesn't make you special; it simply means that you are open to other people's emotions.

Empathy is the ability to perceive the energy of others, which can be joyful or terrible. True empaths feel the emotions of others and process them internally.

We all have empathic tendencies, some more than others. And so, let's find out about the 6 most empathic zodiac signs that everyone feels.

1. Pisces (February 19 - March 10) instagram.com/mirenalos/

You are a true empath who is in a state of constant anxiety. You know when your family members are in emotional pain, and you try to always be there for them in those moments - not because you want to, but because you are compulsively trying to help.

Most of the time you are wanted, as your presence is usually very peaceful.

2. Taurus (April 20 - May 20) instagram.com/pollunaa

Taurus is incredibly sensitive to the emotional bestowal of others, even mentally attuned to the emotions of others. You acknowledge it in yourself and don't brag about it.

You simply allow yourself to be around others. You accept their pain, and your kind nature and desire to help is really indispensable in difficult situations. You are the best friend anyone can have because you are a true empath and you know how to console with love and kindness.

3. Virgo (August 23 - September 22) instagram.com/saltyluxe

You've been torn all your life between being a seasoned perfectionist and the absolutely perfect empath that you are. One of the reasons why it became so difficult for you is because you had to protect yourself; You understand everything, and it all hurts too much.

You feel everything very deeply, especially when it comes to animals. If the animal is in trouble, you can barely breathe. Compassion is deeply embedded in you, and it is also painful.

4. Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) instagram.com/selingga

Known as the sharp and fierce Scorpio, you are also the most sensitive, caring and empathic sign of the zodiac. You want to help, you want to make people happy, and sometimes you try too hard to help.

When you feel that a friend is in trouble, you go out of your way to be there for him. But the fact is that you are empathic, but you are often at odds with your emotions.

5. Aquarius (January 20 - February 18) instagram.com/cmcoving

Your empathy is deep, and you treat the world around you the way a parent treats a child. Ultimately, you worry about those around you, and if you feel pain, you want it to go away.

Sometimes people want your help and that makes you happy, but when your empathy is underestimated, you tend to get angry. And your anger is the problem here. Anger dulls your empathy and makes you less receptive to others.

6. Gemini (May 21 - June 20) instagram.com/imwendyduran

You are a true empath, Gemini, and it's not always easy to be that way. You perceive the feelings of other people, and sometimes, when they affect your psyche, you begin to feel worse than you are.

You are known to shy away from people simply because it hurts you to catch the pain and anxiety of others, but if someone turns to you for help, you are always ready to drop everything and run to the rescue.

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most empathic signs of the zodiac • musanews

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Lately we have been hearing a lot about the concept of empathy , also defined as one of the most important human qualities and gifts. However, not everyone knows what this skill really is.

First of all, the term "empathy" has a very ancient origin. It comes from the Greek, from the compound " en - pathos ", which literally means " to feel/perceive within ". So when you hear that the definition of empathy is the simple ability to put yourself in another person's shoes, it's certainly an understatement.

In fact, although there is a certain connection, it includes, first of all, the thoughts and moods of a person with which the empathic person is in contact. Once this "connection" is established, those who feel empathy stop focusing only on his emotion and his feelings, perceiving those from the other.

So when empathy comes into play, one begins to see the reality below. a different point of view from her, which actually corresponds to the vision of the interlocutor with whom she was talking. This happens exchange is never complete and never without control. An empath can always recognize their own vision of reality and their perception, but all this leads them to understanding understand emotions and opinions altrui without judgment .

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There are gods signs of the Zodiac who demonstrate this talent more than others. If you want to know what they are, browse the gallery and find out the most empathetic zodiac signs!

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Ideal zodiac signs for long love stories

© iStock

The first empathic sign of the Zodiac is Pisces.

© iStock

Pisces are able to feel what people feel before they show it openly.

© iStock

Even in situations of increased anxiety and stress, Pisces are able to soothe others by listening to their needs.

© iStock

Pisces' high level of empathy means that they sometimes experience a significant load of arousal, even if they don't show it on the outside.

© iStock

The second most empathetic zodiac sign is Taurus.

© iStock

Taurus is known for his shy and reserved nature, but not everyone knows that he has a strong empathy for others.

© iStock

Although he doesn't express much of what he thinks, Taurus is always there when you need him and can connect strongly with those in front of him.

© iStock

Taurus is always ready to listen to others, make their problems their own and understand their emotions.

© Unsplash

Another sign with a lot of empathy is definitely Aquarius.

© iStock

Aquarius is known as one of the signs that strives for greater freedom, trying to break free from problems and restrictions.

© iStock

However, Aquarius is always there when someone they love needs them.

© iStock

When someone you care about is sad, they will go out of their way to make their problems their own.

© Unsplash

Aquarius just needs to be careful if their sympathy is not understood ... a big tantrum can be just around the corner!

© iStock

Mother's sign is also par excellence very sensitive.

© iStock

Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, and this makes them very empathetic too.

© iStock

The riot of feelings and emotions experienced by Cancer is more difficult for him to understand than for others. Therefore, he is an excellent listener and adviser.

© iStock

Taking responsibility for the perception of others, Cancer sometimes has to withdraw into his shell to process everything, and then return to serenity in the company.

© Unsplash

After Taurus, another empathic Earth sign is Virgo.

© iStock

Virgo's empathy can slip if we dwell on her cold "armor", which, however, hides a high level of sensitivity.

© Unsplash

This breastplate does not stop Virgo from demonstrating the strong harmony she manages to create with others.

© iStock

Thanks to his empathy, he feels everything that others feel, both people and animals.

© iStock

Scorpio is another very empathetic sign.

© iStock

The Scorpio is known for its swiftness and toughness. In fact, this is one of the most empathetic, caring and even empathetic signs.

© iStock

In any difficult situation, Scorpio seeks to help those who need it.


Feeling so many other people's emotions, Scorpio tries to "keep up his guard" to protect himself. Needless to say, this is not always possible.

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© Unsplash

Finally, another empathic sign is Gemini.

© iStock

Gemini is another sign whose empathy makes them take responsibility for the emotions of others.

© iStock

He takes in so much what others feel that he makes those feelings his own.

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