Things to write in a love journal

31 Couples Journal Ideas: Fun + Practical

If you're looking for couples journal ideas to get you out of a creative rut, we've got 31 of them. From fun, loving, and darn right cute, to practical and thought-provoking. 

Ready to breath life into your shared journaling habit? Let's go. 

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Couples Journal Ideas for Reflection

1. Share the Story of How You Met

Whether you met your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse through friends, or at a bar, you’ll each have a version of how that first meeting went. Notice how we say a ‘version’, not the 'same version'. Because chances are, your interpretation of events will likely be different from your lover's.

That’s what makes reminiscing about the earlier days so much fun. Write about how you knew you’d end up together. And all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that flooded your body at the time.

Who nervously spilled tomato soup down their shirt on the first date? How awkward was that first kiss? Who said the ‘L word’ first? 

The Story of Us Journal

Share your sweetest memories together

Available on Amazon

2. Write About Everyday Things You’ve Experienced

It’s the little things that make a love story unique.

The tinie-tiny everyday moments you don’t bat an eyelid at. Like the look your lover gave you when you got out of the shower. Or how your heart skips a beat whenever he or she wears that outfit you like.

They may seem insignificant at the time, but those moments each hold a special memory. Whether they make you feel loved, wanted, upset, or angry, make a journal entry about the everyday stuff.

3. Review Your Relationship on a Regular

It’s surprising how quickly a year can fly by - 365 days gone, just like that. And no matter how well you think you've managed your year, there's always some area where you could have been more on the ball.

That's where a relationship check-in comes into play. Use your journal to record how couple life is progressing - the obstacles you face as a couple, the triumphs you slay, the goals you conquer.

Make it a regular thing, say every week or at least every month.

Then at the end of the year you can look back and reflect on what worked. Preferably over a few glasses of wine, beer, coffee, or whatever beverage that tickles your fancy.

Just Checking In Journal

Review your relationship each week

Couples Journal Ideas for Planning

4. Create Goals and a Vision for Your Future

Have you had the talk? You know, the one where you discuss your future in all it’s multicoloured glory. The next steps. what goals would you like to achieve within the next year? Or the year after that?

Maybe you want to start saving for a home, get married, have 2.5 kids, or adopt a sweet Golden Retriever pup. At least one of you is thinking about what couple life would look like a few years from now.

If you're wondering what to write in a journal for a boyfriend or girlfriend who you're serious about, start with your hopes and dreams.

5. Plan a Year’s Worth of Fun Date Nights

Not finding the time to go on dates? Or when you do eventually go on one, you end up doing the same thing you always do.

Reignite that romantic spark by planning intimate date nights in your journal. Then make them happen. 

6. Start a Couples Bucket List

Do you crave fun, excitement and adventure? Or do you long for cosy, romantic staycations with your best bud? Find space in your journal to write them all the things you want to do as a couple.

If you want a dedicated place to house your list, check out this couples bucket list journal. It's got over 200 wild (and not so wild) unique experiences to explore. Now what was the name of that new restaurant you've been dying to try?

Practical Journaling for Couples

7. Habit Tracker

Want to stop eating snacks before bedtime? Bounce out of bed every morning without hitting snooze? Or, develop a regular workout habit?

We’re not making any promises, but if you added a habit tracker in your journal, you'd be able to keep tabs on your progress.

And of course, keep each other accountable too.

8. Create Checklists

Checklists. Are. Everything.

And you can create them for anything. Going on holiday? Whip up a list of things you need to organise, pack and do before you go. Throwing a party?

Make a list of who’s responsible for what, which invitations you need send, what booze to stock up on. Checklists. We love them.

9. Track Your Milestones As a Couple

Start a boyfriend/girlfriend diary where you can record the major milestones in your relationship, along with the respective dates.

Here are a few ideas:

  • The day you went official/exclusive
  • The day you met the parents
  • Your first road trip
  • Your first fight where your partner admitted they were wrong.

You get the picture.

But don’t just focus on the early parts of your dating life.

As you continue to grow together, capture milestones throughout your entire relationship. From having your first baby (human or four-legged), to celebrating a retirement.

Each event is life changing for a couple.

Use your trusty diary to document those moments.

10. Keep Track of Your Finances

OK, this doesn’t sound very sexy, fun or cute.

But imagine, if you will. Your card gets declined at your favourite clothes store. That red coat with the poofy sleeves was perfect. On sale as well.

And so you’re standing at the till. Feeling confused, embarrassed and angry that you don’t have the funds to buy the thing. Later you come to find that your beloved dipped into the account and maxed out the card with some random item. What?

If you share finances, you’ll want to share a log of the coins coming in, and the coins going out. Dedicate a few pages in your journal for this. Save yourself from those ‘hide your face moments’, and angry money rows.

11. A Running List of Relationship Advice & Tips 

Throughout your relationship you’ll have everyone giving you advice. From your mum, to the friendly old geezer at the post office counter.

Keep track of those snippets of wisdom.

Even if the ‘wisdom’ given wasn’t very wise. Or even requested.

Like your great aunt Nora’s well-meaning, but totally unsolicited advice. One day, you’ll look back on those words and share a moment.

12. Document the Stuff You’re Learning

Life’s a big ‘ole learning curve. So is coupledom.

Why not make a note of what you understand about yourself, your partner, and the relationship.

Does your partner get grumpy if woken before 10am on a Sunday?

Are you more of a neat-freak (or slob) than you thought you were? 

Are you becoming more Zen?

Learning how not to sweat the small stuff?  

All good info to put into a journal for your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse.

Couples Journaling Ideas for Showing Love and Appreciation

13. List the Reasons Why You Love Each Other

Do you remember the last time you looked at your partner and said in your head: ‘man… I love this person’?

In that moment, you zeroed in on a quality or action that led to an overwhelming surge of gushiness.

If you took the time to list these little things out, they'd really feel your admiration and love.  Write about the sweet, silly, funny and cute things you love about your significant other. 

Consider this fun journal with fill-in-the-blank questions for couples. 

14. Appreciation Lists 

We often forget to thank our partners for the good stuff they do.

That's easily fixed with an appreciation list. Add this to your journal as a reminder to acknowledge each other more. 

15. Gratitude Lists

This could be a list of all the people, things, and events that you as a couple are thankful for.

16. Write Love Letters

Finding a love note in your pocket, or a note on the mirror is all good, while it lasts. Then the mirror gets wiped, and the pocket note gets lost. But when you jot these down in your shared journal, you’ve got them for keeps.  
You can write about:

  • Memorable moments you’ve shared
  • Fun dates you’ve been on
  • Comical happenings that made you laugh-cry
  • How you make each other better humans.  

Or, you could write long-hand thank you letters. That's a great way to deeply acknowledge the specifics of what your partner brings to the relationship.

17. Give Compliments or Notes of Encouragement

This is a good one if you're short on time, and you want to make a quick, supportive note. Take a page, and write a complement or something encouraging on it. 

Here's an example; your boyfriend or girlfriend has a big interview lined up.

They grab breakfast at the table and sees a journal entry from you that reads: 'You've got this babe. You're going to nail your interview today'. 

Sweet, right?

Intimate and Sentimental Journal Ideas for Couples

18. Use Couple Journal Prompts

Asking great questions is a way to reconnect with your partner on a more intimate level. The questions don't have to be deadpan serious either.

A good mix of deep and meaningful, and playful probing, is all you need to spark interesting conversation.

Not sure what questions to ask?

Here are a few journal prompts to get you started: 

  • What, if anything. would you change about the way we met?
  • Describe a time when you felt vulnerable in our relationship.
  • How well do I express what I need from you in the bedroom?
  • What does a happy relationship look like to you?
  • How will our relationship change as we grow older?
  • Describe the perfect way to start and end our day?

Find more journal prompts here: 

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19. List Your Strengths as a Couple

Together you’re strong. You complement one another.

As a couple you just work. So write about your unique strengths.

What is it about your relationship that makes it so good?


List Things You Need to Work on as a Couple

Let's be real, not everything is butterflies and daisies.

If you're struggling to communicate in your relationship, writing about your issues is helpful. 

And yeah, its scary focusing on the stuff that isn't working so well. But it's not about dwelling on the negative.

It’s about recognising what could be better and fixing that.

21. List Quotes That Have Impacted Your Life

Who doesn’t love a good, well-timed quote? From funny, to thoughtful, there’s likely been a quote that holds some meaning for one or both of you.

If you’re a bit artsy, you could even illustrate your favourite quote and write about why you love it so.

22. Share Old Family Recipes

You’ll use a notebook or journal to share so much of your life, so how about sharing your favourite family recipes? 

What about grandma’s crunchy roast potatoes.  

Or dad’s sticky toffee pudding.

Add them to your journal, along with other recipes. 

23. Record Dreams 

A vision about the future, or a recurring dream you had as a child, make good journal fodder. Yes, you might be a little worried telling your other half about that wild sex dream involving the hot guy from next door.

That’s understandable.

But what if you’ve both having the same dream (not about the neighbour)? That could be something to spark an interesting conversation. 

24. Keep Mementos

The cinema stub from your first date. The menu from your most memorable meal. The pressed flower picked during a romantic stroll.

Do you have any mementos stuffed in the back of a drawer somewhere?

Fish them out and add them to your journal.

Fun & Creative Journaling Ideas for Couples


Create a Photo Collage 

Being one of a pair you probably have a lot of photos between you.

You could add those cute pics to your journal. Along with funny captions. Maybe create your own memes.

26. Add Doodles & Drawings 

Remember in school where you would doodle the name of the boy you liked in big bubble writing?

Try doodling your partner's name in your journal. Over, and over again. 

Not in a creepy way, but in a way he’ll know that he’s been on your mind.

You could also draw pictures of the two of you, or doodle his favourite things. If you’re feeling super creative, you could sketch a comic style spread where you draw yourselves in the bodies of your favourite characters.

Okay, a little weird. But fun?

27. Write a Poem

It doesn’t have to rhyme. If it comes from the heart, it’ll be cherished.

28. Share Jokes and Riddles 

Want a break from the deep and meaningful?

All romanced out, and want to make him laugh?

Stick an inside joke in your couples journal.

Or test his brain smarts with a riddle he’ll struggle to solve.

29. Share Funny Stories

These could be real life stories from your childhood.

Or something funny that happened at work the other day. Or stuff you randomly make-up because you’re feeling like a goofball, and can’t contain your silliness.

30. Creative Top Five Lists 

Everyone has a top five list.

It usually goes along the lines of favourite movies, books, restaurants. The usual suspects, right?

So why not try creating lists that are a little different.

Making them specific, fun and creative, will add an extra flair of interest.


  • What are your top five female characters from 80’s sitcoms? 
  • Top five dog breeds 
  • Top five skills you’d use to keep us safe in the event of an apocalypse
  • Top five jokes only the two of you find funny
  • Top five songs that get you in the mood for you know what...

You don’t have to stop at five items. Make your lists as long as you’d like.

31. Throw Down a Challenge or Play a Game 

Play a game. Some ideas to get you started:

  • Spaceman (like hangman but minus the noose)
  • Squares
  • Tic-tac-toe
  • Battleship
  • Drawing with a blindfold on
  • Would you rather?
  • Finish the story - Mad Libs style 

And there you have it - 31 couples journal ideas for you to try out.

We know you can’t wait to get started, so what are you waiting for? Grab a pen, a cute journal or notebook, and start strengthening that bond.

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What Do You Put In A Journal For Your Boyfriend

Okay so you must be wondering, what do you put in a journal for your boyfriend, but not anymore.

For this blog is so full of journaling ideas you could leverage to get your boy impressed in a flick. 


Come, let me guide you!

To Start With, Why Not Put Your Special Date Events Together?

Some dates are definitely special and are worth recording.

Collate those close-to-your-heart moments with your boyfriend and put them all in your journal. He will love them.

Things You Enjoy Doing Together

What are the activities you guys love to team up for together?

It could be singing/dancing/cooking. Be it anything, just get a list of it done so that you guys know how to get yourselves cheered up whenever required.

A Humorous Day Together

Every relationship will have an unforgettable funny story to it.

If you guys have one too that you cannot get your mind off of without laughing, just get it written in your journal. Let your boy have a good laugh too!

Here is an article titled, “How can journaling supercharge your love life?” from that you might find useful!

Some Of Your Stories He Will Find Significant

In case you have some past instances crucial to share with your boy, here is a chance to let him know through one of your journal entries.

Trust me, this will help generate a better understanding in your relationship in the long-run.

Let Him Know Your Desires , Goals, Vision, And Aspirations

If you are highly ambitious about certain things in your life, it is important that your boyfriend knows about them too.

Dedicate an entry exclusively for this purpose so that he understands and starts supporting your vision too!

Ask Him To Write Down His Goals

Leave a page empty to get him to fill it with his dreams and aspirations if any.

Suppose you know them already , enlist them for him so that he is motivated time and again to work closer to his goals!

Set Challenges For Him

In case your boyfriend is an aspirer and you wish to help him achieve his aspirations, get a list of challenges created for him that could get him a step closer to his dream.

Believe me, this is one of the major life-changing journal ideas you could use to tug at your boyfriends’ heartstrings in a go.

Put Down All The Moments You Enjoyed The Most Together

Certain moments are celebratory in the company of your boyfriend that are meant to be remembered forever.

This is why you need to think about them more accurately and pen down in your journal because it’s supposed to be a pleasant reminder to your boyfriend.

A Glimpse Of Your First Meeting Your Boyfriend

Capture those very few moments you were around your boyfriend for the first time and your mindstate in that time in a small write up.

It will be the most-loved entry in the journal by your boyfriend.

A Couple Of Letters Straight From Your Heart

Your boy will definitely appreciate it if you are able to paint your thoughts and emotions in the form of letters for him.

Since these are really really personal to you two, it must be one of the special entries of your journal.

Write Down Those Relationship Tips You Must Have Learnt

It is easier to forge a relationship with another but to nourish and grow it together is the most arduous thing.

This is why you need to list down those relationship insights you must have heard/read/learnt from elsewhere in your journal. This should be done to keep you guys reminded of your precious bond together. 

Create His Habit Tracer

If you think your boyfriend needs control over his physical/eating OR any other habits, write them down in the journal.

This way the journal will keep monitoring him whenever needed.

Surprise Him With His Favourite Dish Recipes

In case you are already an expert in preparing his favourite dishes, here is your chance to get the recipes written for him in your journal.

Now he could prepare them all by himself whenever he craves them!

List Of Movies To Watch Together

Suppose you have a good number of films you wish to watch with him together, list them down in the journal.

You never know when it comes to your rescue!

Here are 16 Movie Suggestions to Watch as a Couple!

List Down The Books To Read Together In Case You Guys Are Bibliophiles

Is it funny/romantic books you love reading together?

Whatever, collate a bunch of them to get you guys engaged the next time you decide to read together.

Know these 17 Benefits of reading together as a couple

Gratitude Journal

What are those little things you feel grateful for in regards to your boyfriend?

It could be the good association you share with him OR the way he motivates you to work towards your goal, Or the way he cares for you.

Pen them all down in the journal to let him know how thankful you are for his presence in your life.

Why is Gratitude Important in a Relationship?

Write All Things You Like About Him

Prepare a list of characteristics you love about your boyfriend.

Let him experience the bliss of being recognised and appreciated for his efforts in your relationship.

Display All Your Beautiful Pictures Together

Why not make a collage with some of your heartwarming pictures together?

This gives your boy such a breezy feeling you never know of!

Here are 24 Last minute Anniversary Gifts For HIM!

Let Him Know His Strengths

Wouldn’t you love it when someone tells you what your strengths are?

Do it for your boyfriend, He will find it refreshing!

Point Out Your Relationship Issues

What kind of hiccups do you face in your relationship often?

Put them down in your journal so that you guys learn how to fix your problems easily!

How About Doing Some Poetry For him?

In case you love writing poems, create verses that better describe your boy and your relationship with him.

This is such an amazing way to connect with your boy!

Also Read : 23 Invaluable Poetry Books for HIM!

Enlist Your Dreams Together

Do you guys have a far-sighted vision about your relationship and life together?

If yes, write them down in the journal so that he is reminded of the significance of your association in the long-term.

Some Quotes And Illustrations Describing Your Relationship

It is absolutely common to come across certain life/love quotes and illustrations that resonate with your relationship.

Feel free to pen them down in the journal for your boyfriend. He will understand what it means!

In case you are interested, here are 17 Romantic Books To Gift Your Boyfriend!

Start A Travel Bucketlist 

In case you both are travel-freaks, you need to come up with a list of places you love to visit together.

Trust me, it will find its use sooner or later!

Some Mementos You Must Have Saved

Be it a ticket to your favourite movie OR your favourite chocolate wrapper, collect and stick them on the journal.

Your boy will be impressed for sure!


Journal writing for your boyfriend is sure an experience for you while a gift/surprise for your boy.

Since this is a meaningful way to enrich your bond , you must not miss doing it. 

Anyway, if you liked my journal suggestions OR you think you have some ideas to add to the above list, post them in the comments below. Looking forward to hearing from you!

How to keep a diary: 10 tips • Arzamas

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Course Why people keep diaries and historians read them Audio lectures Materials

Author Ilya Venyavkin

1. It's never too late to start

There is no specific time or age when you need to start a diary: you may need it at any time in your life. For example, first-grader Alexandra Ippolitova began to take notes directly in her school notebook. She tried to write down everything that happened to her at school and at home:

"January 17, 1984   Here and below, fragments of the diaries are given in accordance with the author's spelling and punctuation.
Today at school everyone said that we would have 5 lessons in the class. And I said to myself that we would have three lessons. Because the third lesson was 3 filmstrips and the 4th lesson was the Mosconcert. And in the 5th lesson there was a skiing physicist.
I forgot!

nine0026 A page from the diary of first-grader Alexandra Ippolitova. 1984
© "Prozhito"

And an anonymous author from Ust-Narva, whose diary is kept in the archives of the Research Center for Eastern Europe at the University of Bremen (Forschungsstelle Osteuropa), started writing notes a week after his retirement:

I know that the proportion of many who have "gone on a well-deserved rest", - this is how our sentimentally sugary newspapermen and party trade union speakers define pensioners - is unenviable: they are little by little, but still very visibly and tangibly, grow fat, go crazy, get sick and quickly merge with their mother- nature, participating with their remains in the eternal rotation of matter. Salvation is not to lose shape, to do something, to strive for something, to participate in something - while the bowler hat is cooking and the legs are being worn. Keeping a diary is a kind of such work. nine0004

2. Short notes are valuable too!

To keep a diary, one does not need to have any literary talent, nor a love for detailed descriptions or introspection - even fragmentary entries can be of value. Emperor Nicholas II kept a diary from the age of fourteen and always did it in a sparse factual manner - regardless of what was happening around - war or revolution. The last entry was made on June 30, 1918 - a few weeks before the execution:

“Aleksey took his first bath after Tobolsk; his knee is getting better, but he cannot straighten it completely. The weather is warm and pleasant. We have no news from outside."

The last entry in the diary of Nicholas II. June 30, 1918 State Archive of the Russian Federation


Use the diary for observations

You don't have to wait until something extraordinary happens in your life. Just looking around is enough. Biologist Boris Golov watched birds all his life and wrote down his observations in a diary:

May 3, 1938
Grishkov forest. I scared a jay out of a hollow. It is possible that a nest is arranged there. Last year, in the same hollow, there was a jay's nest. Two buzzards fly very low over the forest. A black kite flew by.

Diary of Boris Golov. 1938 © "Prozhito"

Ilya Melgunov, an employee of the Leningrad post office, followed the life of the ficus:

February 5, 1971 years old
Ficus is sick again. Leaves are falling. There are 9 leaves left. Today I took a ficus out of the pot, washed the ground. I planted it again not so tightly for the roots. <…>
February 18
The ficus has only 3 leaves left. I expect the latter will either fall or get better. I suspect a cat - didn’t she go into a pot of ficus?

4. Talk to the diary

It is difficult to establish who first turned to his diary as an interlocutor. One can only say that this practice became popular at the turn of the 18th-19th centuries and arose under the influence of the epistolary genre. At this time, many authors notice that an interesting and trustworthy interlocutor can be not only a pen pal, but also a diary. nine0004 Diary of Magdalena van Schinne. Cover of the 1990 edition © Uitgeverij Verloren

In October 1788, the Dutch girl Magdalena van Schinne, instead of writing and sending a letter to her friend, simply wrote on a piece of paper:

“Oh my paper, you are the only one who will hear my ideas, feelings, worries and joys. Here I can pour out my whole soul; with others, even my best friends, I want to learn how to hide my feelings, or at least I don't want to tell them about myself anymore. You are my only confidant." nine0004

Since then, the diary has repeatedly helped people in a situation where they lacked a reliable and understanding interlocutor.

5. Share experiences with your diary

The diary helps to turn feelings, worries and doubts into text on paper, and therefore look at them from the side. Sometimes it is necessary to take a breath, make a difficult decision or understand something important about yourself.

December 1, 1923 Soviet Komsomol member Valentina Sokolova wrote in her diary:

“<…> Now I only think about the future. What will come of me. Am I always going to feel out of place. After all, it is flour. I thought that I love adventures and suddenly everything was shaken. What to do? For what? Yes, and will anything come of it? Am I going to be an extra person? Let's put the last question, I solved it last year and it seems right. And now what to do?

Diary of Valentina Sokolova. 1923 State Archive of the Perm Territory

6. If you don't like to write, record on the recorder

A diary does not have to be on paper at all: it can be recorded on an audio cassette (this is what the hero of the Rewind podcast journalist Evgeny Berg did) or simply on a smartphone.

7. Or draw, stick on photos, magazine clippings, tickets and anything else you care to keep

A diary is not always exclusively a text that you yourself wrote. In fact, this is an archive of your impressions, into which you, like in a herbarium, paste everything that you do not want to forget. nine0004 Anonymous diary. 2000 © Prozhito

So, in 2000, a fan of the St. Petersburg Zenit pasted portraits of her favorite football players, drawings and a photograph of the Depeche Mode group into her diary.

August 3, 2000
Yesterday I was at Zenith with the girls. It was cool. Zenit - Spartak Alania 2:1. Zenit is a champion!!!
How cool it was.
At the 7th minute, Radimov scored so beautifully from a free kick a goal into the far nine. nine0004

Party playlist for football fans and more

Songs that Zenit fans, truckers, and teenagers in the yards listen to and sing

8. If you feel that the records are too personal and may fall into the wrong hands, use the cipher

Portrait of Samuel Pepys. Painting by John Hales. 1666 © National Portrait Gallery, London

London official Samuel Pepys, the author of one of the most famous diaries in history, used a mix of Spanish and French to make it difficult to read fragments about his love affairs. nine0004

February 17, 1667
The Mitchels and his wife paid us a visit, we drank and laughed a lot, after which - it was a beautiful evening, the moon was shining - the Mitchels and I went for a boat ride. To my chagrin, I saw how all the way ella huddles a su marido and hides manos, quando yo I try to take one de los - so this evening nothing happened to me con ella. When we landed, I, on some plausible pretense, sent my husband back to the bateau, hoping to snatch a couple of baisers from her; I took it by the hand, but ella turned away, and quando I said: “I can’t tocar te?” - with a slight modo she answered: "Yo no I love it when they touch me." I pretended not to notice this, after which I politely said goodbye, et su marido andar me almost to the micasa, where we parted. Alexander Livergant. nine0004

And the Soviet schoolboy Oleg Chernevsky used a self-made cipher from brackets, semicolons and other signs.

Encrypted diary of a schoolboy of the Stalin era

What Oleg Chernevsky wrote about in 1937-1938

9. Don't force yourself to write every day (if you don't feel like it)

The diary must not be regular. You can contact him when the need arises. For example, Leo Tolstoy kept a diary almost all his life, but in the 1870s he took a break and wrote almost nothing. Or, conversely, always carry a notebook with you and write down everything you see. So did the engineer Eduard Yanovich, who left more than 300 notebooks. nine0004 Spread from the 113th notebook of Eduard Yanovich. 1972 © Prozhito

10. Don't worry about mistakes and handwriting

Many diary authors strive for perfect handwriting and literate writing, but it is important that the internal corrector does not kill the desire to write.

Horizontal turner Nikolai Belousov studied a lot, read and was very worried about his mistakes, but still kept a diary.

nine0003 October 19, 1937
Weakness in orgonism, but does not quench the burning desire for reading, I read so much that vacationers are surprised. I see myself among them, lonely, and thinking many young women are afraid to speak with doubt, thinking that I am very proud, this can be seen from the stern look. But they, like many people, are easily mistaken when they think this about me. I don't get close just because I don't think I'm worth it."

Spread from the diary of Elizabeth Sarapik © Prozhito

Tsarskoye Selo resident Elizaveta Sarapik wrote in a completely horrendous handwriting, but Prozhito volunteers were able to decipher her notes.

other useful tips

14 tips on how to record the memoirs of grandfathers or grandmother

How to write an autobiography if you are Lev Tolstoy

How to write Russian literature: 14 Instructions

How to write on birch bark0004



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What to write about in a personal diary

Life Tips

An article with tips on what you can write in a closed diary "not for everyone" from the creators of the digital diary "Day One". Recommended reading for those who are accustomed to a constant response to their posts on the network and simply have no idea how and why you can keep records that no one but you will probably never see again. nine0004

In childhood, almost everyone kept diaries. True, I can’t say that the boys also had secret notebooks, but almost every girl had her own notebook or notebook with a cherished lock and the inscription “Personal!”. All secrets and all experiences were recorded there: tears about unrequited love, joy from a fleeting glance and constant complaints about absolute misunderstanding on the part of parents. Children grew up and gradually transferred their habits of describing their lives and their thoughts from paper to the World Wide Web with only one difference - we wrote diaries exclusively for ourselves, in order to re-read and remember those feelings later, to understand and find the causes of the present in the past, but online diaries are intended for general reading. nine0004

It has become uninteresting to write just for myself, because I want to see a response, to feel that your thoughts coincide with the thoughts of tens, hundreds, and maybe even thousands of people. It's nice, and writing just like that into the void, without getting a positive response, becomes uninteresting. But in fact, keeping a closed diary just for yourself can help you a lot when making important decisions. Many people remember either only the good or only the bad, and this is a rather one-sided point of view that makes it difficult to objectively (as far as it is possible for a person) to assess the situation. nine0004

The creators of the electronic version of the Day One diary shared their thoughts on why you should keep such closed diaries, and how to do it right.

Lifehacker has already had several publications on the topic of keeping personal diaries, it doesn’t matter if it’s paper or digital - “Why you should keep your personal diary (not a blog)”, “6 reasons to start a personal diary” and “Grid Diary is a beautiful iPhone - an application that helps to keep a personal diary. And if you are really interested in this topic, I recommend reading these articles. nine0004

Now let's go straight to the advice from the creators of Day One.

As mentioned above, the main problem in keeping such closed diaries is the question “What should I write there?!”.

Intimate thoughts

Recording very personal, intimate, one might even say intimate thoughts is the basis for keeping such a diary. When you write down all your experiences, whether it be anger, joy, longing, disappointment, love, passion, you realize all this once again more deeply when you write down your feelings on paper. And then, when you re-read all of this in a few days, months, or years, you can rethink all those emotions and understand why you made this or that decision, you can see how you evolved and developed as a person. nine0004

Things or events that influenced your decisions

Another good idea is to jot down excerpts from articles, quotes, books, or ideas you like. And then develop your thought, writing down all thoughts in a diary. After all, it is not the articles, quotes or books themselves that are important, but the impact they had on you.


If you publish your list of goals for the year on your personal blog or social networks, why not do the same in your personal diary? These do not have to be very important and long-term goals. You can also write down smaller, current goals that you would like to achieve. You can write accompanying comments to them, and then look through them and note for yourself what you managed to achieve from what was planned, what accompanied it all, and, if something didn’t work out, why exactly did it happen one way or another? This is a good way to understand where you have been, what level you are at now and where you are going to go. nine0004

Impressions from books read, films watched and music listened to

Books and films affect our desires and actions much more strongly than we think. Writing down mini-reviews of books you read and movies you watch is a good way to rethink the information you received and highlight the most important points for yourself. This applies not only to educational books, but also to fiction, which sometimes affects us much more than another book about the smart. nine0004

Such cataloging is not only useful for this. You can recommend something new and interesting to your friends, or, after reviewing the notes, decide whether it is worth revisiting this movie or rereading the book again.

Little joyful moments of life

“Dear diary, today was an incredible day!” - where else to write this, if not in a personal journal? In fact, it is from such moments, joyful and not very, that our life is formed, and if it seems to you that such records do not carry any meaning, then over time it is these records that will be of the greatest value to you. They will remind us how good we were with someone and why we spent so much time together then. They will remind us of who we were and who we are, and why things happened the way they did. And they will also warn us against making the wrong decision on emotions, when blood is pounding in our temples, fists are clenched and we only want one thing - to destroy everything and send everyone to hell, and then pick up the pieces of our lives piece by piece. nine0004

Dishes you love or have stunned

Just a few lines about something new, just to repeat the order later or maybe find a recipe you like.

Places you've been to

Let it be a short travel note that notes your first impressions of a new place. You can add geotags and photos there, and then these entries will remind you why traveling is so great, and why you should return (or never visit) this city again. nine0004

You can write anything in your personal diary, so it's rather more difficult to decide what to write there, but what entries to refrain from. Don't turn it into a junkyard and write down how many new social media friends you've made.

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