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Ria Persad

Ria Persad

Founder & Chair, StatWeather | Chief Scientific Officer, NatureAlpha | Global AI Ambassador, SwissCognitive

Published Nov 22, 2015

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SECRET #1:  To become a winner, you have to think that you ARE a winner. People who consistently win think of themselves as winners.  If you think you’re a winner, then you’ll act like a winner.  It is a virtuous cycle:  you win, and that fuels your self-image that you’re a winner, which causes you to win some more! Whether they admit to it or not, people who consistently win are of the opinion that they are the baddest hombres in town.   They know that they’re a 'badass', and they don’t guilt themselves for thinking that way.  Consistent winners shine and exude a winning attitude.

SECRET #2:  Winners focus upon and go after what they want.  It may seem obvious, but this can be very difficult to do! Winners consistently imagine, visualize, and dream of themselves winning.  They claim it.  Whatever it is they’re trying to attain, they learn everything about it.  They find the best experts and go learn from them.  They feel it, breathe it, dream it, and live it; it seethes inside of them like a living passion.  They desire it powerfully and do just about anything it takes to get there.  Their consistent, intense desire activates a magnetism which draws them to solutions.  The mind of a winner is on fire with inspiration, creatively thinking about how to do it better.  They make their bodies follow the conviction of their minds.

SECRET #3:  Consistent winners have a strong purpose and objective for what they do.   Their purpose is what drives them and drives the support that they receive.  Their purpose drives the outcome and ultimately the success of what they do.  The purpose or objective could be anything from “doing it to impress one’s beloved” to “doing it to accrue rewards in heaven.”  Whether the purpose is thought to be noble and ethereal or selfish and primal, a consistent winner has to have a WILL to win, and that WILL hinges upon the strength of his or her purpose and motivation.  Behind every consistent winner is a REASON to win.

SECRET #4:  People who consistently win have strong instincts, or intuition, that tends to be accurate.  In any competition—whether competing as a business in a tough market, competing as a sports player, or competing as an actor for Hollywood roles—innovation and creativity become the bedrock of not just winning, but surviving.  Decisions need to be made constantly in the heat of competition, and the sink-or-swim equation boils down to whether you made the right or wrong decisions.   Rarely does anyone have sufficient hard data to make a truly “logical” or “completely rational” decision.  Risk is indigenous to competition, and a consistent winner will be a master at seeing through the risks and making decisions that are consistently on point from the vantage of their values, their philosophy, their faith, their conscience, or their “gut” feelings.  Consistent winners have a consistent track record of making excellent “gut” decisions in the face of risk.

SECRET #5:  True winners are ethical, honorable, and honest. Genuine winners don’t cheat, steal, or tell lies in order to win, otherwise the "win" is obtained as a counterfeit.  A real winner believes that good overcomes evil, despite the temporary gains of corruption; as Mahatma Gandhi taught, all evil things will eventually fall, with only truth and love being permanent.  Virtue can provide a sense of providence as the wind behind the back of the winner propelling him or her forward.  If the standard is to behave ethically and do the “right” thing, it naturally follows that winners don’t just follow the herd.   They might be unpopular at times, even hated, and they will follow the dictates of their own conscience rather than what people think that they should do.  Winners are often rebels, because they will take a stand on what is right, even if the masses think that they are wrong.

The 5 secrets of consistent winners:  they S-C-O-R-E:

S - Strong in self-image

C - Convicted and passionate

O - Objective-driven with a purpose

R - Risk savvy in decision-making

E - Ethical and honest

BIOGRAPHY OF AUTHOR:  Ria Persad is the Founder and CEO of StatWeather.  In December 2014, Ria was ranked among 7 "Lifetime Achievement" Leaders in the Platts Global Energy Awards 2014 at the Waldorf Astoria.  Her company, StatWeather, was ranked in the top 10 "Rising Star" companies around the globe.  Her company was also ranked in the "Top 5 Most Innovative Companies in America" by MeetAdvisors, and currently won international recognition as the #1 Data Provider of the Year (2015) by Energy Risk Awards.  In November 2013, Ria was the recipient of Renewable Energy World and Power Engineering Woman of the Year Award. Ria won the Highest Honor from the Society of Women Engineers and obtained Citations from the U.S. Senate (Sen. Edward Kennedy) and the U.S. Secretary of Energy (Hazel O'Leary) on Scientific Achievement.  She was a Harvard Scholar (top 5% of Harvard's incoming class) and won the 1st Place Award at the MIT Science Competition for 2 consecutive years for her original research in mathematical analysis.  She was the Valedictorian of Boston Latin School and has won numerous other awards, including a National Silver Medal in Latin and the "Promise of the Future Award"-New England.  Ria was winner of the 2010 Bradshaw and Buono International Piano Competition.

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The Big Secret to Winning at Life that Most Don’t Realize | by Christine Parma | Thrive Global

The secret to winning at life is to be happy with where you are

What if you were suddenly transported inside a video game where the only way to get more points and to win was to first feel happy about the points you already had and how far along in the game you already were, whether that was at “start” or much further down the path to the “finish line”?

Could play that game and win it?

I bet you could because the whole point of playing a game is to have fun, right?

Sure, winning is also great, but when you’re sitting on the floor with your kiddos playing Monopoly, I bet your goal isn’t to beat the pants off them.

It’s to spend quality time with them and to fully enjoy it. You’re happy just playing.

Here’s the kicker…

The game I asked you about at the beginning?

That’s the game of life. :-)

And one of the secrets — probably the BIGGEST secret — to “winning” and succeeding at it is to be happy (or at least at peace) with where you are — no matter where that is — even while you work toward the bigger vision you have for your life.

In spite of whatever circumstances you may find yourself in, until truly feel okay with where you currently are in life, you’ll be largely unsuccessful at trying to get further down the path toward having more money, success and whatever else you think will make you happy once you get it.

And it won’t be much fun along the journey, either.

Think of it this way…

If you’re a parent, I’m sure you can remember a time when you’re kids have pestered you for more ice cream or have complained that they’re not happy with the 15 toys they got for their birthday, and you probably told them some version of “Be grateful for what you’ve got.

But how often do we not follow our own advice? (*cue sheepish hand raise here*)

With the constant barrage of “bigger-better-more” from society, it can be easy to fall into the trap of discontentment with what you already have, even if it’s a pretty darned good thing by most standards.

Even if on the surface, it looks like it’s a big old steamin’ pile of not-what-I-want, in that pile is hidden value (valuable life lessons, anyone?).

And don’t get me wrong…

I’m NOT telling you to give up on your dreams, goals or ambitions!

Quite the opposite.

I’m telling you that the EASIER way to make your dreams happen is to feel peace, gratitude and joy for the relationships, money, good health and all the other amazing things already in your life… and use that good-feeling place as the rock-solid, good-vibing foundation on which to build your future.

And isn’t joy, peace, love, freedom and all those other awesome feelings really what you’re after when you think about why you want your goals? Aren’t those the things you’re ultimately after anyway?

Why not decide to create it in the NOW, too?

Not only will you manifest your dreams and all those goodies you want even faster, you’ll have way more FUN in the process of doing it.

Call it being happy or showing gratitude or being in the flow… whatever you call it, the same Universal Law applies: What you focus on and appreciate expands.

So when you focus on feeling love, joy, gratitude and fun right now… that’s what you’ll get more of both now and in the future.

In fact, you’ll get a lot more of everything you want flowing into your life with grace and ease when you ditch the complain-shame-blame-self-judgment game, focus your energy on the good around you, and stay in eager anticipation to see what comes next.

And I’d say feeling joy, love and peace right now IS winning the game of life….

Wouldn’t you agree?

Here’s to noticing more shiny, happy things to celebrate right where you are.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this article, you can find more at, where I write about mindset, spirituality and entrepreneurship.

The Secret of Victory - Teacher's newspaper

Outside the windows, snowflakes are already flying and a snowstorm is blowing, and in the warm classrooms-laboratories of the Voronezh regional center "Orion", lit by the bright light of lamps, thin stalks of delicate green plants sprout. High school students in protective gowns and caps leaned over the tables, the guys were absorbed in experimental work, and only comments from teachers or the need to urgently run to the microscope could distract them.


I saw something like this when I visited the Voronezh regional center for identifying, supporting and developing abilities and talents in children and youth "Orion" at the semi-finals of the All-Russian competition "Innagrika". 160 high school students from 37 regions of the country came to Voronezh to present their projects in agrogenetics, try to win and be among the finalists of the competition.

"Innagrika" is the first All-Russian competition in agrogenetics, organized for schoolchildren in grades 9-11. The main purpose of the event is to show the prospects of modern agricultural technology and help high school students to gain a foothold in choosing their future profession. It is clear that the competition brought together guys who are enthusiastically studying chemistry, biology, genetics, the more interesting for them are the tasks prepared jointly with agro-industrial companies based on real industrial requests. nine0005

For three days, Innagrikka participants, united in teams, solved problems of varying complexity. Ninth-graders analyzed the DNA of animals to determine the quality of meat products, studied the prospects for using a microbial fuel cell in agriculture, and selected methods for determining the geographical area of ​​honey collection. The tenth grades analyzed the productivity of different strains of microorganisms in the process of food production, compiled a genealogical tree of valuable animal breeds with a proposal for a further crossbreeding scheme, and selected the best methods for DNA extraction for the determination of phytopathogens. And teams of 11th graders faced even more difficult tasks, such as analyzing the genotypes of agricultural plants to identify gene modifications or conducting varietal identification by genotyping. nine0005

Here is how the Director of the Orion Center Natalia Nikolaevna Goleva commented on the work of the contestants:

– Of course, it is very good when children in their region are engaged in practical work and scientific research, they develop, communicate with each other. But, for example, the Voronezh guys already know each other, understand who is working on what project, what are the achievements. And when you go beyond your region or region and start communicating with children from other regions, you get new knowledge, new information, you see what the guys are working on there. It enriches children! We are very glad that schoolchildren from other regions came to us and saw the Orion laboratories. Today, not everywhere there are such classes and such equipment. We even heard how the guys, having seen all this, said: “That's it, we are moving to the Voronezh region!” And we will be glad to see them, smart kids who want to promote science and do it, we really need it! But they are also in demand in other regions and republics, because the future of agriculture, science, and genetics is built on them. We also understand this very well and are happy to set an example, share everything that we have, and feed on their knowledge. We are ready to hold events of various levels and scale, but it has already been determined that the final will be held in December in Nizhny Novgorod, 50 people selected by the jury here, in the semi-final, will take part in it. nine0005

We would like to add that according to the results of the semi-finals, five people from schools in the Voronezh region were among the Innagrik finalists: ninth-grader Maria Gorozhankina, tenth-graders Alexander Osipov, Alexander Krupin and Valeria Tynyanova, as well as eleventh-grader Egor Yanyshev. According to the organizers, the finals of the All-Russian competition "Innagrika" will consist of two parts: an individual test, where participants will demonstrate in-depth knowledge in the fields of animal husbandry and crop production, and the second, final stage, where the guys will present their projects. nine0005

About how difficult it is today to prepare a capable student to participate in such a competition or in a subject Olympiad, we asked the head of the additional education department, teacher of Olympiad courses in physics and astronomy at the Orion regional center, Tatyana Valerievna Voronina, that's what she said :

- We understand that we are dealing with motivated children with a good knowledge base. And we say a big thank you to the school teachers for giving the children such an excellent base. But the problem is that the program of the Olympiads is very different from the school program, there are many topics that, in principle, are not included in the first one. Therefore, if a child is simply a good student, he, starting approximately from the level of the regional stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren, is in a disadvantageous position. nine0005

The student will work on tasks that they have not encountered in class. Perhaps it will dawn on him and he will understand how to solve it, but in most cases the subject Olympiad is like a big sport - it is important not only to know the subject, but also to be able to concentrate, overcome your fears. In our regional center, we prepare children as a team: psychologists work with us to help the child learn self-control. The same specialists also advise teachers, for example, on a particular student, what are the possible risks. In Moscow and some other regions there is a coaching staff where not one teacher works with an Olympiad child, but a whole team of mentors. We try to organize our work in this way. For example, if I have questions about chemistry, I take the child by the hand, and we go to the chemists, and they show us everything and tell us everything. After all, there are a lot of related issues in physics and chemistry, and we generally come to mathematicians all the time. Because mathematics is the language of science, and without a good knowledge of this discipline, you cannot show high results in exact subjects. This is how we gradually form a coaching staff, and I hope that we will be useful to children. nine0005

Another important point. When a child studies all the time with one teacher, it is good, they understand each other perfectly. But it must be taken into account that an external jury will evaluate the knowledge of the child, and its requirements do not always coincide with the requirements of the school teacher. Therefore, it is very important that the child has the experience of external evaluation, so that he communicates with a large number of people related to the Olympiad movement. Then he will have more experience, and therefore, there will be more chances for a good result. nine0005

We also cooperate with the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, they conduct online intensives for our children. Last year, the chairman of the subject commission came to us and held master classes for children in person. Many of our students are participants in the MIPT Network Olympiad School project, where they complete specialized assignments and receive an opportunity for external evaluation. The guys get used to the fact that you need to arrange the problem in such a way that the jury understands how you solved it. This is also very important, because children at the Olympiad have a lot of unexpected questions. First: what to write and what not to write? The child says: “And I indicated this on the draft!” But no one checks the draft, and these entries are not taken into account. In other words, there are many points that can be conditionally called the rules of the game, and in order to get a good result, the child must know about it, he definitely needs to be told about it. In general, the Olympiad is a good thing, but I want the student not to immediately despair after the first attempt, so that he does not give up if something does not work out. The main thing is that the student understands what he has already succeeded in, and what still needs to be worked on. nine0005

In addition to the All-Russian Olympiad, there are also listed ones, which also give advantages when entering universities. And if we are talking about top universities, such as the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, then it is often not enough to have one hundred points in the Unified State Examination to enter prestigious faculties, there is a competition among Olympiads, and list competitions are real help the kids get there. Thanks to such Olympiads, our students from Orion were able to enter these and other very good universities. Two words about what it is. There is a list, which is annually approved by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, it includes all competitive competitions, including university ones. And each Olympiad is assigned a certain level depending on various parameters. nine0005

In general, we would like, first of all, that the entrance to the qualifying rounds be more massive. Indeed, often children do not participate in olympiads simply because they do not know about their holding. Usually, those who take risks either find out about them themselves, or they are helped by their parents, who also follow the competitive movement. There is a resource in the public domain, where you can get all the information, but few people know about it. Another important point: this year we waited a very long time for the list of Olympiads, approved and signed by the Ministry of Education, and received it at the end of October, when the process had already been launched. I would like the approval to take place at least in the summer, so that we can plan participation in advance. Also, most of the Olympiads start at about the same time, they are not distributed throughout the year. And it turns out that the busiest months for children are October and November. It would be better to unload the first half of the academic year and, perhaps, somehow distribute the Olympiad competitions for the entire period of classes, so that the guys would feel a little easier. nine0005

Tatyana MASLIKOVA, Voronezh Region, photo by the author


State Agrarian University - Moscow Agricultural Academy named after K.A. Timiryazev. The general partners are also the government of the Voronezh region and the government of the Nizhny Novgorod region. Voronezh State Agrarian University named after Emperor Peter I provided great support in holding the semi-finals of the competition.

K. Simonov. The secret of victory - Yaroslav Ognev — LiveJournal

K. Simonov || "Red Star" No. 183, August 6, 1941

"The Red Army, the Red Navy and all citizens of the Soviet Union must defend every inch of Soviet land, fight to the last drop of blood for our cities and villages, show courage, initiative and estimate peculiar to our people " . (I. Stalin).

# All articles for 6 August 1941 years old .

Dedicated to the fighter Nikolai Terekhin

When they grow up,
People will recognize them.

If such a friend is already friends, —
Then to death, to the end.
If he fights, -
Then without lowering his face,
If he got into trouble, -
Anyway, he goes forward,
If it dies, -
And takes the enemy to the grave.

Was Nikolai Terekhin
One of these guys,
It's easier to die,
Than to step back.
One day, it was barely dawn,
Pulling on his helmet on the run,
He flew out on alarm
To cut across the enemy.

Enemies flew a lot,
But ours is no stranger.
He got to share
Three "Junkers" to drive away.
Terekhin went after the first,
Caught up with him on the fly,
Settled himself comfortably
To the "Junkers" tail,

Shot him with a flurry,
One and another,
So that the black ship of pirates
Send, finally, to the bottom.
But, apparently, the enemy was stubborn,
He did not want to go to the bottom -
All smoking from holes,
"Junkers" was still flying.

Terekhin came closer,
So, to be sure,
And the black vulture fell
Down under the clouds.
But two still remained,
They had already gone far,
A field swirled under them
In the black pillars of the earth.

They threw bombs
Anywhere, in a ravine,
But we will pay for these bombs
The enemy will pay with blood.
But the machine gun, as if for evil,
Started and fell silent -
Terekhin shot everything on the first plane

He does not have a single cartridge
with him.
According to all military regulations -
This is no longer a battle.
But when the car
Suddenly stopped shooting,
You see how the enemy is leaving.
Here you can forget the charter.

Terekhin with a short shadow,
Hanging on the wings of the enemy
And, calculating the fall,
Crashed onto the Junkers, down.
With the edge of the wing, he flew
Slashed at the tail,
And the Junkers fell on its side,
Having lost height.

It would be time to jump -
Perhaps the parachute will save,
Pilot, ramming the enemy,
Risking crashing the plane.
But until the last second
Delaying the jump,
Terekhin his car
Could not leave one.

The wing was broken,
But the car was intact,
It miraculously made it to landing
Could still hold out.
If such happiness is
No one will reproach you -
According to all military regulations
Hurry up and land the plane.

But the third Junkers is leaving,
We must knock him out!
Terekhin decided to get victory at the cost of his life

Not even on gasoline -
Gasoline for half a dash,
Like Chkalov - on pride
Terekhin caught up with the enemy.
Losing the last speed,
Falling like an iron ball,
He rammed the third "Junkers"
With his broken hawk.

Stunned by a blow,
Burned his face by fire,
With a last effort of will
He pulled out the ring.
In the hospital Terekhin
Didn't stay even two hours.
- Airfield air
I'm better than all doctors!

Lying on the airfield
In armbands, in white bandages,
Watching his guys
Go above him in the clouds.
I lay in bed for seven days, strengthened myself,
I envied all my friends,
I sat on the eighth in the car,
I led the squadron myself.

And at night he said to the guys:
— How can we beat the Nazis?
What is our secret of victory? nine0073 - In being stubborn,
In that, no matter how bad -
Not half a step back!
And if you really think about death -
It's only about the death of the enemy.

— The brave have only immortality.
The brave have no death.
If you don't want death, be brave!
That's the whole secret for you.

Konstantin SIMONOV . ACTIVE ARMY. (By phone from our special correspondent).

☆ ☆ ☆

08/06/41: I. Ehrenburg : The baron is going on a campaign... || "Red Star" No. 183, 6 August 1941 years old
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08/06/41: M. Shaginyan : German landlord thieves || Pravda No. 216, August 6, 1941

08/05/41: P. Pavlenko : Rabid Beasts || "Red Star" No. 182, August 5, 1941 **
05.08.41: I. Ehrenburg : Dreams and reality ("Red Star", USSR)
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05. 08. 41: A.Leontiev : The Nazis will find their "living space" in the grave ("Red Star", USSR)
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08/03/41: Brothers Tur : Doctors at the forefront ("Izvestia", USSR)
08/03/41: Railway workers will honorably fulfill their duty to their homeland ("Izvestiya", USSR)

08/02/41: Iron unity of the front and rear ("Red Star", USSR)
08/02/41: The Germans are more afraid of partisans than fire** || "Red Star" No. 180, August 2, 1941 **
08/02/41: B. Andreev : Brilliant operation of the Nth Infantry Division ("Red Star", USSR)
08/02/41: M. Ruzov : Fascist "reminder" for marauders ("Izvestiya", USSR)**
02. 08. 41: Sh.Dadiani : Gamarjveba || "Izvestia" No. 181, August 2, 1941
08/02/41: Quickly train skilled workers ("Izvestia", USSR)
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08/02/41: F. Wolf , A. Bukhvalov : The insides of cowardly scoundrels* ("Pravda", USSR)**

08/01/41: Always and everywhere in the forefront - the law of the political fighter ("Red Star", USSR)
08/01/41: I. Ehrenburg : Turkey || "Red Star" No. 179, August 1, 1941 **
08/01/41: Monstrous atrocities of brutal Nazis ("Red Star", USSR)
08/01/41: V. Ilyenkov : Tanker Khakim Depuev ("Red Star", USSR)
08/01/41: E. Gabrilovich : Partisans ("Red Star", USSR)
08/01/41: V. Bredel : Chains (Izvestiya, USSR)**

July 1941:

31.07.41: N. Tikhonov : People and automata || "Red Star" No. 178, July 31, 1941 **
07/31/41: Skillfully maneuvering, destroy enemy manpower and equipment ("Red Star", USSR)
07/31/41: P. Lukonin : Experience in combating bombers with enemy tanks and infantry ("Red Star", USSR)
07/31/41: M. Sholokhov : In Cossack collective farms ("Red Star", USSR)
07/31/41: Al.Surkov : Hatred ("Izvestia", USSR)*
07/31/41: "Lightning War" does not work* ("Pravda", USSR)*
07/31/41: G. Aleksandrov : Sermon of misanthropy and atrocities** (Pravda, USSR)*

07/30/41: The German soldier is tired of the war || "Red Star" No. 177, July 30, 1941
07/30/41: The Russian people will never be a slave to the monster Hitler ("Red Star", USSR)
07/30/41: A. Tolstoy : Why Hitler must be defeated (" Red Star", USSR)
07/30/41: Jean-Richard Block : Fascist Gretchen ("Izvestia", USSR)*
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07/30/41: A. Tolstoy : Why Hitler must be defeated* (Pravda, USSR)**
07/30/41: G. Bondarevsky : Drunkard Lei* (Pravda, USSR)**
07/30/41: Our rebuff to the enemy is growing and will continue to grow ("Pravda", USSR)

29. 07.41: I. Ehrenburg : Knights with a master key || "Red Star" No. 176, 29July 1941**
07/29/41: A. Tolstoy : Several corrections to Goebbels' reports ("Red Star", USSR)
07/29/41: Front-line Komsomol member, always be ahead, fearlessly fight with the enemy! ("Red Star", USSR)
07/29/41: L. Kazarinsky : Prisoners ("Izvestia", USSR)**
07/29/41: Great Friendship of the Peoples of the USSR* ("Pravda", USSR)*
07/29/. 41: M. Shaginyan : Fascists hunt for the wounded* (Pravda, USSR)
07/29/41: V. Kruzhkov : Hitlerism destroys the culture of the Slavic peoples* (Pravda, USSR)*

28.07.41: D.Zaslavsky : Crusader knights of the knife and the master key ("Pravda", USSR)*
28.07.41: A. Tolstoy : I call for hatred* ("Pravda", USSR)*
07/28/41: Hitler's Borodino ("Time", USA)

07/27/41: Diary of a fascist non-commissioned officer || "Red Star" No. 175, July 27, 1941 **
07/27/41: Combat duty of signalmen of the Red Army ("Red Star", USSR)
07/27/41: V. Simonenko : How we surrounded and destroyed the enemy (" Red Star", USSR)
27.07.41: N. Bogdanov : Thunderstorm "Heinkel" Arseny Dmitriev ("Red Star", USSR)
27.07.41: I. Ehrenburg : Troubled days in Drossen ("Red Star", USSR)
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07.27.41: Workers of science and culture against Hitler's barbarism ("Pravda", USSR) *
07.27.41: Em. Yaroslavsky : Revolutionary vigilance everywhere and in everything * ("Pravda", USSR)*

07/26/41: Contempt for death gives birth to heroes and ensures victory || "Red Star" No. 174, July 26, 1941 years old**
07/26/41: L. Vysokoostrovsky : Tanks are not afraid of persistent infantry ("Red Star", USSR)
07/26/41: E. Gabrilovich : "I took Thermopylae" ("Red Star", USSR)
07/26/41: Strictly keep military and state secrets ("Izvestia", USSR)
07/26/41: E. Kriger : Sappers fight with tanks ("Izvestia", USSR)
07/26/41: E. Borisov : The death of the fascist "aces"* ("Pravda", USSR)*
07/26/41: D. Zaslavsky : Permanent nonsense* ("Pravda", USSR)*

25.07.41: F.Gladkov : Fascism is the mortal enemy of the Russian people || "Red Star" No. 173, July 25, 1941**
07/25/41: We will take revenge on the Nazi monsters for the atrocities against our people ("Red Star", USSR)
07/25/41: B. Lapin , Z. Khatsrevin : Letters from the front. Where they were ("Red Star", USSR)
07/25/41: V. Shevchenko : What the first month of air battles teaches ("Red Star", USSR)
07/25/41: K. Simonov : People from the fascist rear (Izvestiya, USSR)**
25.07.41: Will, character, steadfastness of the people of our fatherland (Izvestia, USSR)
25.07.41: P. Belyavsky : Test by combat || "Izvestia" No. 174, July 25, 1941

07/24/41: A. Kukushkin : Adventurism of German generals in the use of tank troops ("Red Star", USSR)
07/24/41: D. Zaslavsky : Theory and practice of General Guderian || "Red Star" No. 172, July 24, 1941**
07/24/41: Stalin's program of action for commissars and political workers ("Red Star", USSR)
24.07.41: M. Gromadin : Failed Nazi air raids on Moscow ("Red Star", USSR)
24.07.41: V. Ilyenkov : Heroic division commander ("Red Star", USSR)
24.07. 41: S. Dangulov : Winged hero ("Red Star", USSR)
07/24/41: Work for everyone for two, for three! (Izvestia, USSR)
07/24/41: N. Petrov: Military commissars (Izvestia, USSR)
07/24/41: L. Perepelov : Hero of the Soviet Union Nikolai Totmin (Izvestia, USSR) nine0005

07/23/41: The example of heroes calls for new feats || Krasnaya Zvezda #171, July 23, 1941
07/23/41: Glory to the heroes of the Patriotic War (Izvestia, USSR)

07/22/41: Stalin will lead us to victory || Red Star #170, July 22, 1941
07/22/41: Sixteen days behind enemy lines || Izvestia No. 171, July 22, 1941
07/22/41: Under the leadership of Stalin - forward to victory! (Izvestia, USSR)
22.07.41: Yu. Skakovsky : We are going into battle with the name of Stalin! ("Izvestia", USSR)
22.07.41: M. Stupin : Some fascist tricks of aviation ("Red Star", USSR)

21.07.41: Russian land* ("The New York Times", USA)
21.07.41: Under the leadership of Stalin - to defeat the enemy! ("Pravda", USSR)
07/21/41: M. Bazhan : Ukraine will never be a slave of German fascism** ("Pravda", USSR)*
07/21/41: Vl. Stavsky : Fascism brings suffering, slavery, death* (Pravda, USSR)*

20.07.41: I. Ehrenburg : Contempt for death || "Red Star" No. 169, July 20, 1941
07/20/41: D. Zaslavsky : 19th auto-thief corps of the German army ("Red Star", USSR)
07/20/41: V. Panyukhov : Close combat is a weak point of the German infantry ("Red Star", USSR)
07/20/41: Battle-tested Soviet soldiers ("Red Star", USSR) go to the party of Lenin-Stalin
07/20/41: F. Gladkov : Features of a Soviet person ("Izvestia ", USSR)**
07/20/41: A. Surkov : The wolf pretends to be a sheep ("Izvestia", USSR)
20.07.41: K.Simonov : Hot day (Izvestia, USSR)
20.07.41: Br. .Ehrenburg : Ukrainian dumplings || "Red Star" No. 168, July 19, 1941**
07/19/41: Atrocities of the Nazis in occupied Poland ("Red Star", USSR) USSR)
19.07.41: B. Lapin , Z. Khatsrevin : Letters from the front. On the N direction ("Red Star", USSR)
19.07.41: K.Simonov : Two German photographs (Izvestia, USSR)**
19.07.41: V.Kataev : Paints of Goebbels (Izvestia, USSR)
19.07.41: I .Bachelis : Cannibals ("Izvestia", USSR)
07/19/41: Combat missions of metallurgists, oil workers, coal miners ("Izvestia", USSR)
07/19/41: Call for Soviet patriots* ("Pravda", USSR)*
07/19 .41: K. Fedin : Confessions of captured Germans* ("Pravda", USSR)*

18. 07.41: Morale of the Red Army* ("The New York Times", USA)
18.07.41: I. Ehrenburg : Brown louse || "Red Star" No. 167, July 18, 1941 **
07/18/41: I. Aleksandrov : Adventuristic tactics of the fascist infantry ("Red Star", USSR)
07/18/41: For combat, selfless work, comrades commissars and political workers! ("Red Star", USSR)
18.07.41: V. Ilyenkov . Battalion commissar Stafeev ("Red Star", USSR)
07/18/41: M. Osipov : Fascist degenerates - sworn enemies of the Russian people ("Izvestia", USSR)**
18.07.41: Vs. Ivanov : Stories of the wounded ("Izvestia", USSR)**
18.07.41: Military commissars of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army ("Izvestia", USSR)
18.07.41: R. Karmen : The battle continues ("Izvestia", USSR)
07/18/41: Combat missions of military commissars* ("Pravda", USSR)
07/18/41: Y. Kupala : German fascism is the worst enemy of the Belarusian people* ("Pravda ", USSR)

17. 07.41: I. Ehrenburg : How repp Ehlers got to Moscow || "Red Star" No. 166, July 17 1941 years old
07/17/41: K. Gruzdev . Under the blows of the Soviet "hawks" ("Red Star", USSR)
17.07.41: A. Tolstoy : Who is Hitler and what does he achieve ("Izvestia", USSR)**
17.07.41: A. Korneichuk : Hitler is a fierce enemy of the Ukrainian people* (Pravda, USSR)**
07/17/41: V. Rudny : Friend in battle || "Evening Moscow" No. 167, July 17, 1941

07/16/41: I. Ehrenburg : Diary of a German non-commissioned officer || "Red Star" No. 165, July 16 1941 years old
07/16/41: Red Army soldier! Beat the fascists with a bullet, grenade, bayonet ("Red Star", USSR)
07/16/41: P. Ogin , S. Sapigo . Pilot Dmitry Zaitsev ("Red Star", USSR)
07/16/41: M. Ruzov : What the prisoners are talking about + Br. Tour. In pockets and knapsacks (Izvestia, USSR)
07/16/41: Courage, courage, fearlessness in the fight (Izvestia, USSR)
07/16/41: E. Vilensky : On the battlefield (Izvestia, USSR) )
16.07.41: Vs.Ivanov : Fascism is the enemy of the Slavs (Izvestia, USSR)
07/16/41: V. Vasilevskaya . We will fight for the life and honor of our people (Izvestia, USSR)
07/16/41: G. Aleksandrov : Cannibal Bible* (Pravda, USSR)*
07/16/41: The Soviet people are united and united, as never!* ("Pravda", USSR)*

15.07.41: A.Leontiev : Monster Hitler is the worst enemy of the Slavic peoples ("Red Star", USSR)
07.15.41: Fight to the end and win! || "Red Star" No. 164, July 15 1941 years old
07/15/41: Turn your weapons against a gang of Nazi assassins! ("Red Star", USSR)
07/15/41: A mighty coalition that will destroy fascism ("Izvestia", USSR)
07/15/41: M. Khozin : Fascist Germany in the face of a struggle on two fronts ("Izvestia", USSR)
07/15/41: A. Tolstoy : "Blitz krieg" or "blitz collapse"* ("Pravda", USSR)*
07/15/41: United front of peoples || Pravda No. 194, July 15, 1941*

07/14/41: The struggle against Nazi Germany will be brought to a victorious end (Pravda, USSR)

07/13/41: German soldiers are driven to fight for the hated fascism ("Red Star", USSR)
07/13/41: P.Rolin : The first results of the battles with fascist aircraft ("Red Star", USSR) : V.Ilyenkov : Armed people || "Red Star" No. 163, July 13, 1941
07/13/41: I. Zvavich : German Lie Factory ("Izvestia", USSR) *
07/13/41: Combat unity of the peoples of the USSR in battles against fascism ("Izvestia" , USSR)
13.07.41: K. Demidov : Monster Hitler is a fierce enemy of the Russian people* ("Pravda", USSR)*
07/13/41: Destroy spies and saboteurs! + I. Ehrenburg: Who are they?* ("Pravda", USSR)*

07/12/41: Atrocities of fascist barbarians in the occupied areas** ("Red Star", USSR)
07/12/41: Stronger resistance to the enemy, soldiers of the Red armies! ("Red Star", USSR)*
07/12/41: V. Grossman : Brown bugs ("Izvestia", USSR)**
07/12/41: A Soviet soldier knows what he is fighting for ("Izvestia", USSR) )* nine0073 07/12/41: Our resistance to the enemy is growing and getting stronger || "Pravda" No. 191, July 12, 1941
07/12/41: Schuler photo concoction of German fascists * ("Pravda", USSR) *
07/12/41: V. Ilyenkov . A. Gutman : Hero of the Soviet Union Mikhail Zhukov ("Red Star", USSR)

07/11/41: The whole world admires the heroism of the Red Army ("Red Star", USSR)*
07/11/41: I. Ehrenburg : Hitler miscalculated || "Red Star" No. 161, July 11, 1941
07/11/41: D.Zaslavsky : Fascism is the sworn enemy of all peoples ("Red Star", USSR)*
11.07.41: I.Zvavich : Executioner Himmler || "Izvestia" No. 162, July 11, 1941
07/11/41: Y. Kupala : Belarus has risen || "Izvestia" No. 162, July 11, 1941
07/11/41: Vs. Vishnevsky : Sea hunters || Pravda No. 190, July 11, 1941
07/11/41: A. Bukhvalov : False rumors are a poisoned weapon of fascism * (Pravda, USSR) *
07/11/41: Reorganize the work of collective farms on a war footing (Izvestia ", USSR)

07/10/41: B. Lapin , Z. Khatsrevin : Letters from the front. Captured || "Red Star" No. 160, July 10, 1941
07/10/41: P. Krylov , P. Pavlenko : Captain Gastello ("Red Star", USSR)
07/10/41: Better death in battle than fascist captured ("Red Star", USSR) *
07/10/41: Train skillful and valiant warriors in reserve regiments ("Red Star", USSR)
07/10/41: Ya. Tsvetov : What they write about from the German rear * ( Pravda, USSR) *
10.07.41: D.Zaslavsky : Leaders of Nazi Germany* ("Pravda", USSR)*

09.07.41: A. Tolstoy : Army of Heroes || "Red Star" No. 159, July 9, 1941
07/09/41: D. Zaslavsky : Brown Plague ("Red Star", USSR)
07/09/41: Winged Heroes of the Patriotic War ("Red Star", USSR)
07/09/41: Glory to the falcons of Stalinist aviation! (Izvestia, USSR)
07/09/41: N. Podorozhny : Fascists are afraid of the Soviet bayonet (Izvestia, USSR)
07/09/41: I. Erenburg : Cowardly warrior Benito Mussolini ("Izvestia", USSR)


: Know no fear in the fight, bravely and courageously go to the enemy ("Red Star", USSR)
08.07 .41: P. Pavlenko : Monsters and cannibals || "Red Star" No. 158, July 8, 1941
07/08/41: V. Vasilevskaya : Red Army soldier ("Red Star", USSR)
07/08/41: B. Galin : People's strength || "Red Star" No. 158, July 8, 1941
07/08/41: B.Lapin , 3.Khatsrevin : On the military road ("Red Star", USSR)
07/08/41: M.Tolchenov : Destruction of units of the 39th German tank corps ("Red Star", USSR)
08.07 .41: I. Zvavich : Ober-swindler of German fascism (Izvestia, USSR)*
07/08/41: Higher revolutionary vigilance! ("Izvestia", USSR)

07.07.41: Y.S.-K : Hitler's colonialists in Slovakia ("Pravda", USSR)
07. 07.41: A mighty people's militia to support the Red Army ("Pravda", USSR)

07/06/41: Higher vigilance! ("Red Star", USSR)
07/06/41: I. Ehrenburg : Rabid wolves || "Red Star" No. 157, July 6, 1941
07/06/41: I. Ehrenburg : Cannibal || "Izvestia" No. 158, July 6, 1941
07/06/41: S. Gergel : Do not believe, Hungarian! || Izvestia No. 158, July 6, 1941
07/06/41: The Soviet people defend every inch of their native land (Izvestia, USSR)
07/06/41: Peoples' liberation war against fascism (Pravda, USSR) *
07/06/41: M.Markov : The Finnish people are against the war with the USSR* ("Pravda", USSR)
07/06/41: I. Selvinsky : Stalin's voice ("Literaturnaya Gazeta", USSR)
07/06/41 : L.Leonov : What did you do for victory ("Literaturnaya Gazeta", USSR)
07/06/41: P.Antokolsky : Victory will be ours ("Literaturnaya Gazeta", USSR)

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