Quotes about remembering where you came from

100+ Best Don’t Forget Where You Came From Quotes 2023

There’s a distinction between forgetting and moving on from the difficult portions of your experience. Never forget who you are and where you come from. Some of the world’s most successful people come from tough family situations and cultures that most people would find difficult to comprehend.

In life, we all have a lot of dreams. We’ll have to do several things to realize our ambitions. We must travel and work diligently. Life frequently leads us in unexpected directions.

Many times, we must leave our origins and travel to new places. You must remember your past whether you are going to accomplish your ambitions or for any other purpose.

Every person’s roots serve as a source of inspiration throughout their lives. We’ve compiled a list of renowned Don’t Forget Where You Came From Quotes in this post. You will understand the essential importance of roots in everyone’s life after reading these quotations.

3 Reasons Why Is It Important To Know Where You Came From

1. It is Part and Parcel of You.

Your story is yours. Although your past doesn’t define you, it is part of who you are today. I hope you enjoy that person. Yes, I do. If I look carefully enough, I can see which aspects of my life have shaped me.

She’s stronger because of what she’s gone through. For example, my diabetes is a constant reminder about where I was and where I am now.

2. It Reminds Us of The Places We Must Not Return.

I can remember where I was in the last two years of my childhood. Although she wasn’t necessarily a bad person, in the end, she was much whinier than Rachel today. She was also a selfish girl. She was a selfish little girl.

She was more focused on herself and her needs than she was on others. She was smaller than me. She put God in a box. Her innocence is what I miss most, but it’s not much else.

3. Your Past Glorifies God Because You are Still Alive and Well.

Eliza Schuyler said, “The mere fact that you are alive is a miracle.” While I am certain she said it because she believed it was a miracle that no one had killed her husband, I know it also applies to people who don’t hate you. (Yes, there is no shame in my “Hamilton” references.

If your past has changed you, being open about it is a way to tell others how faithful God has been throughout your life.

Top 60 Don’t Forget Where You Came From Quotes

It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you have, what you don’t have. The only thing that matters is that you set a goal and you just dream, live, and fly. – Barrington Irving

Remember that it is not where you come from, or not even where you are; it is where you are going that matters most -Bo

Don’t we all have moments we’d rather forget, and thoughts we wished never came to us? We say things too awful to remember. – Randy Susan Meyers

I know I can act and it doesn’t matter where you come from. – Boris Kodjoe

Shape? Does a fog have a shape? Does the twilight? Does the onset of darkness? – A.P.

There’s no point apologizing about where you come from. – Colin Greenwood

There are real facts in my poems, but facts mixed up in the perverse stubborn stew of imagination, add a pinch or two of revenge and retribution, a dash of amplification and reparation. – Philip Schultz

It doesn’t matter where you come from or who you think you are, we’re all human beings with beating hearts. -Demi Lovato

Don’t ever forget where you came from especially if you don’t even know where you are going. – Sara Marie Hogg

Knowing where you come from is one thing, but it’s suicide to stay there. -Dennis Covington

Why do you want to touch me? I’m nothing. I’m no one. – T.M. Frazier

As artists, it’s our job to delve into the uncomfortable, the difficult, and the challenging. – Jared Leto

Believe in yourself, Anything is possible no matter who you are, or where you come from. Find your path and stay on it, if you want something bad enough, nothing can stop you. -Eddie Spears

In Britain, you never get away from the fact that you are a foreigner. In the USA, the view is it doesn’t matter where you come from. – Aasif Mandvi

It’s good to know where you come from. It makes you what you are today. It’s DNA, it’s in your blood. – Alexander McQueen

She was as lovely sleeping as she was dripping in sensuality at the fundraiser – Kailin Gow

We don’t forget … Our heads may be small, but they are as full of memories as the sky may sometimes be full of swarming bees, thousands and thousands of memories, of smells, of places, of little things that happened to us and which came back, unexpectedly, to remind us who we are. – Alexander McCall Smith

Remembering Where You Came From Quotes

More and more I understand that it’s very fine not to know where you come from. – Amelie Nothomb

It’s always good to remember where you come from and celebrate it. To remember where you come from is part of where you’re going. – Anthony Burgess

you can’t just let people down, dammit. – Hanif Kureishi

My mother gave me one piece of advice that stuck with me. She said don’t forget where you came from. – Eva Longoria

It’s not about where you come from, it’s about heart. -Eric Thomas

Don’t forget that love is all you came here for, not anything less. Need I say more? – Brett Dennen

Don’t forget who you are and where you come from. -F. Scott Fitzgerald

Don’t forget where you came from, but always remember where you’re going. – Luke Taylor

As a kid, this is what I wanted my life to be. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever dare to dream that it would be this. – Smokey Robinson

Sometimes stereotyping happens not because of any nefarious reasons but rather because people don’t know who you are or where you come from, so they go for the broad strokes about you, your culture, your faith, all that. -Faran Tahir

Where you come from does matter but not nearly as much as where you are headed. -Jodi Picoult

If you don’t know where you come from, then you won’t know when you’re being taken back. -Joseph Lowery

Remember who you are and where you come from; otherwise, you don’t know where you are going. -Karolina Kurkova

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from – if you put quality work out there, it will be appreciated. -Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

How can the face that welcomed me into the world be the face I’ll soon forget? How can the body I came through be the body I don’t really know? – Michelle Carithers

Girls,” their mother interjected, “you must both stop being strange – it is unattractive. And don’t forget your hats. It would be absolutely the end for me if you two came down with freckles at a time like this. – Anna Godbersen

I’ll never forget the day when a woman came up to me and said, ‘No, you could never be on a magazine cover. Your face features don’t work; your eyes are small, you have a small face but a big nose.’ I was only 14 and I had never noticed any of that stuff, you know? – Gisele Bundchen

It is important that we know where we come from, because if you do not know where you come from, then you don’t know where you are, and if you don’t know where you are, you don’t know where you’re going. And if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re probably going wrong. –Terry Pratchett

When you’ve said all the bad things and all the good things, you haven’t been saying, you will find that what you’ve really been withholding is, “I love you”. You don’t go looking for love when it is when you come from.” – Werner Erhard

2 Corinthians, 4:9, says ‘Persecuted, but not forsaken: cast down, but not destroyed:’ You see God kept me standing for a reason. – Michele L. Waters

A kid came up to me the other day and said, ‘Hey, you’re the guy on Scrubs!’ Kid, I am Scrubs, and don’t you forget it. – Zach Braff

I’m living proof you can excel regardless of where you come from. -Keith Swea

I think what I’ve learned out of this lifetime is you should be proud of where you come from. –Kid Rock

It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, or how much money you got in your pocket. You have your own destiny and your own life ahead of you. _ Lady Gaga

Your days are short here; this is the last of your springs. And now in the serenity and quiet of this lovely place, touch the depths of truth, feel the hem of Heaven. You will go away with old, good friends. And don’t forget when you leave why you came. – Adlai E. Stevenson

You and I were different. We came from different worlds, and yet you were the one how taught me the value of love. You showed me what it was like to care for another, and I am a better man because of it. I don’t want you to ever forget that. – Nicholas Sparks

Do people normally wear boxers under their pajamas? – Phil Lester

Quotes About Don’t Forget Where You Came From

You can dream big and it doesn’t matter what you look like, where you come from. -Misty Copelan

A political convention is just not a place where you come away with any trace of faith in human nature. -Murray Kempton

Return to the root and you will find the meaning. – Sengcan

Fence straddlers have no balls. In compensation, however, they enjoy a comfortable seat and can retreat swiftly, when danger threatens, to either side of the fence. There is something to be said for every position. – Edward Abbey

We all came from our mothers’ bellies. We all have hope in our veins. We don’t want history to forget us, but the dead look after the afterward. – Henri Cole

If you talk in your sleep, don’t mention my name. If you walk in your sleep, forget where you came from. – Elvis Presley

“If you know where you are from, it is harder for people to stop you where you are going. ― Matshona Dhliwayo

Don’t forget where you come from Don’t die holding on to your words Cause you know you got a whole world to change But understand who you got to change first. -Macklemore

The technology can help the artist work in a different way and the artist also helps define what the technology should be. They call for the tools that they want to be able to tell their story. I thought that was really exciting and interesting. – Christopher Kenneally

No one knows what he can do till he tries. – Publilius Syrus

Home is where you come to when you’ve got nothing better to do. -Margaret Thatcher

Things that came before, people and things and experiences – that does mean something to me. It doesn’t mean I don’t embrace the new, but I don’t forget the past, either. – Vera Wang

Assimilation is really a psychological process where you come to identify with a new country as yours. The ease of overseas travel and information access interferes with that. -Mark Krikorian

No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, you are beautiful. -Michelle Obama

They said no future forget it

You came from the wrong side of town

I said don’t listen don’t let it

Let it bring you down

Make you wear a frown – Dieter Bohlen

Will sex between humans ever lose its endlessly repeated history? – Samuel R. Delany

Never Forget Where You Came From Quotes

Never ever forget where you came from.

I plan to eat with the people I starved with.

Never forget who you are. – The Lion King

Set a goal and make a commitment to meet that goal. Do the best you can, but never forget your roots, never forget where you came from. After you have succeeded, look back and see if there are others that you might help to achieve what you have accomplished. – Larry Holmes

Always be humble. No matter how wealthy, successful, or famous you become. Remember, you didn’t get there alone. There was always someone there, inspiring you, cheering you on, providing advise, lifting you up, giving support. Now, it’s your turn. Be the one who inspires others, lifts them up, and provide support. Never forget where you came from and how you got where you are. – Joseph Andrus

Never forget where you came from. It’s easy when you achieve any level of success to believe you are solely responsible for that success. It’s easy to forget all the sacrifices other people have made to get you where you are. Burn all of your bridges and you’ll have no human connection left. In that internal cave of isolation, you’ll lose your mind and identity, becoming a person you never intended to be. Humility, gratitude and recognition of your blessings keeps your success in proper perspective. You couldn’t do what you have done without the help of countless other people.

Never forget where you came from, when you’re at the top.

I’ll never forget my friends and where I came from. – Romario

You can never forget where you from, no matter how far you go.

Never forget where you came from and who helped you get there.

Never forget where you came from… When you get rich. – Joshua

No matter how far you go in life, never forget where you came from.

Never forget where you came from. You may have to go back someday.

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots. – Marcus Garvey

Don’t forget where you came from, even how successful you are. At the end, we’ll have same grave size. Stay humble always.

Never forget who you are, never forget where you came from and why you are here on this beautiful planet. – Euginia Herlihy

Never forget where you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you. – Tyrion Lannister

Never forget where you came from. Never forget people that were there for you. Never forget your route. But don’t live in the past. – Sheroly Lee

Go where the situation takes you, but never forget where you came from, where you belong and the direction of where you entered in. – Auliq Ice

No matter how big your house is, how recent your car is, or how big your bank account is. Our graves will always be the same size. Stay humble.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou

It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, or how much money you’ve got in your pocket. You have your own destiny and your own life ahead of you. – Lady Gaga

You’ve been given status today, but never forget where you came from. You came from dirt and will return to dirt. You will be on that day as you began: just you and Him. – Yasmin Mogahed

Love the people who saw you when you were invisible to everyone else.

Never forget where you came from but strive for a place you have never been.

Never forget where you came from. It’s what made you the person you are today.

Never forget where you came from and never take your eyes off where you’re heading.

Never forget where you came from, but never let that hold you back from where you want to go.

Never forget where you came from, and the people that rode with you before you were anything.

Work hard and follow your dreams, but never forget where you came from. – Vanessa Hudgens

Never forget where you came from. That’s what I think when I walk into a cave. – Demetri Martin

Let’s never forget where we came from and we’ll find peace in our destiny. – Milton Manrique Juarez

Always be humble, never forget where you came from or who you were before you became successful.

Never forget who ignored you when you needed them and who helped you before you even had to ask.

Never to forget where you came from and always praise the bridges that carried us over. – Fannie Lou Hamer

Sometimes it is impossible to know where you are headed without reflecting on where you came from. Understanding your heritage, your roots and your ancestry is an important part of carving out your future.

You leave your neighborhood but you never want to forget where you came from, he says. I have the best of best worlds. I’m street smart and book smart. You put that together in an African-American male and that’s dangerous.

When you’ve said all of the bad things and all of the good things you haven’t been saying, you will find that what you’ve really been withholding is, I love you. You don’t have to go looking for love when it is where you come from. – Werner Erhard


What does “Don’t forget where you came from” mean?

This phrase means to remember one’s roots, heritage, and background, and to never forget the struggles, sacrifices, and accomplishments that helped shape who you are.

Why is it important to remember where you came from?

It is important because it helps one stay grounded, humble, and grateful for the opportunities and experiences that have shaped their life. It can also serve as a reminder of the hard work, determination, and perseverance that were required to reach current success.

Can these quotes be used as inspiration for success?

Yes, these quotes can serve as inspiration for success and as a reminder to never forget the experiences and people that have helped shape one’s life and contributed to their success.


While it can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day hustle of running a business, it’s important to never forget where you came from. Whether you’re a digital coach or any other type of entrepreneur, it’s essential to stay humble and always remember the people and things that helped you get to where you are today.

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35 Quotes About Never Forgetting Where You Came From

by Shubham Shukla

Often when we reach for the top, we do not look back, which is not only essential but immensely necessary.  Never forget where you came from and who helped you.

Yes, it is also important to know how they treated you and, most importantly, why they helped you.

Knowing the answers to all these questions will not only make you wise but will also strengthen your ways ahead.

Here are some quotes about never forgetting where you came from. Every time you read these quotes and never forget where you came from, you will have a fresh perspective right in front of you. Try to hold to these perspectives and ideas to distinguish your friends from the strangers you meet daily.

Table of Contents


Quotes About Never Forgetting Where You Came From

People often forget who they are and where they came from; that way, they lose the ground on which they grew up.

Life is all about your gatherings, and what you gather should never be too far from where you began.

Life’s essence and music are in knowing a few facts straight- one of them being your origin and how far you walked beyond.

You can touch the moon and move to the stars, but this earth will always be your home.

The first few steps of your life are crucial. If you take them right, you need never worry about the rest. 

Our graves and our pyres will be the same size no matter how far we travel and how much we earn.

Life is meaningless, boring, and disgusting when you do not know the value of men, and the most valuable of these men are those who never forget their roots.

Facts about life change, and chapters keep churning one episode after another, but our origins are never points that should go out of our memories, as it is always at these points that you can find the right direction.

Never Forget Where You Come From Quotes

Indeed, whatever seems to be growth and movement in our lives is, in reality, a merry-go-round around a point- our origin. We cannot truly detach ourselves from this point of origin, but with internal growth, we can elevate the value of this point.

Sometimes you never know your future without taking a step back to retrace the steps you traveled so far, and this is always the point where you know what you have to do.

Humility is all about knowing who helped you and why. We all have reasons to help others, but a man who helped you and filled their beans with your yield is bringing no help to you but to themselves.

Knowing to distinguish between help and favor is important. When a man extends his hand and lifts you from the boggy soil, it is called help. But when a man pulls you out of the boggy soil for a payment in return, it is called a favor.

Many will extend favor to you, but there are only a few who will have the spine to help you when you really need it.

Not forgetting people who helped you is humility and forgetting favors after repayments is wisdom.

Don’t forget where you came from quotes are just words but using them to attain wisdom is your work.

Whoever helps you may not be the right hand you are holding. This world is so full of people who hold your hand to merely pull you down with them.

Don’t Forget Where You Came From Quotes

Life and ideas come through many sources, and each is a promising help to you. Choose carefully, or it could not be long before you know your own demise.

The right help is where someone is trying to help you become “You” after understanding you thoroughly and not their duplicate self.

Most people are in love with themselves and so often love to be in love with their own reflections than with you. Help from such people can be a grinding force to your existence.

The man who chops off the hands of a beggar and leaves him on the streets to beg is helping the beggar as much as the man who helps him climb the stairs of life, turning him from being a beggar anymore. Learn to know the difference.

No man in this world will help you without a purpose. Most often, choosing the right person depends a lot on understanding his purpose in helping you. Only when there is a match should one accept the help right in front.

The world was never less hostile, and the right help is always a boon in disguise. Never forget those hands and faces.

Being wise means being capable of detecting the finer points of life. To act wisely, knowing which hand is right for you is always essential. 

No two men are the same. Similarly, no two helping hands are similar. Choose the ones that suit you best.

A wise man chooses people who seem to understand him, and a fool chooses people who show him the shimmering lights ahead.

Never Forget From Where You Came Quotes

You cannot change life much, and you can always choose to walk alone when you do not find the right people around you.

If you know the path to the place from where you came, you will always have a place where you can fall back when things go wrong.

Knowing where you came from signifies the ideas and the facts you grew up with, and never losing yourself in this time tunnel would mean holding on to the threads.

We are nothing but our ideas, teachings, principles, goals, visions, and dreams. If you want to be close to home, never forget your right teachings, even when there are a thousand people around you teaching different versions of your right teachings.

Close your eyes and breathe deeper every time you meet people who pull you away from where you came from. 

Believe in yourself more than in anyone, as you are enough to save yourself from the timidities that the world asks you to project within you in the name of change and life.

Do not betray the soul within, as it is the quickest way to reach the place you came from. Remember, tendrils can never stand strong storms. 

When you are trying to find the right help for you, check the intentions of the people to find out who is right for you.

Never forget who you are.

– The Lion King

No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, you are beautiful.

– Michelle Obama

The Bottom Line

These pearls of wisdom come from experience and if you are right now at a crossroads worrying about what is right for you, read these quotes on never forget where you came from. People cannot rise high by forgetting who they were and who helped them in the process.

But people cannot also rise and shine if they do not know the finer points of life and living. Merely helping people is not enough, but the intentions matter too.

If someone is helping you to help themselves, they are merely passing you a favor, but does it mean those whose help seems real will not also ask for something in return? They will, but that return will not be anything that will cost you, you.

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Quotes from the book “You were promised to me” by Elchin Safarli – Litres

Everyone forgets differently. Someone seeks salvation in vodka, someone in illusions, someone in the past. If I'm looking for salvation, does that mean I still believe? Or is it just a temporary pain reliever?

* * * * *

No strength to make a choice. Moreover, in reality there is no right choice - there is only the choice made and its consequences.

* * * * *

I fall asleep in the illusion that the files with the past are locked. Although thoughts, great traitors, still originate from the events of that time.

* * * * *

Loneliness laughs at those who hide from it in illusions. Anyway, we will return to it sooner or later, disappointed to the last drop of blood.

* * * * *

In relationships with people, we like to give roles. Require actors to strictly follow our interpretation. And at the same time we play selflessly. Then, sooner or later, someone will want to be themselves for at least an hour, and not a character. And in that moment everything falls apart.

* * * * *

Often I want to believe that I am in the last stage of recovery, when a critical perception of reality takes precedence over nostalgia, memories.

* * * * *

In life, people periodically crumble into pieces, and then they are collected, and a new picture is obtained. I don’t know what kind of picture I am, I’m all the time in pieces. Sometimes they are larger, and then I feel better, and it seems that some kind of harmonious prudence is about to come. And sometimes they are so small that I don’t understand at all what to do with these crumbs. Exhausting.

* * * * *

Now I hate it. Such quiet hatred when you want to hurt even at a distance.

* * * * *

Both people and dogs have the same desire - to be loved.

* * * * *

When a woman decides to give herself to a man, she certainly wants to know his origins. Surrendering is not a single physical action, it is a process, germination into what becomes the most dear. A woman needs it: to know what his day was like before now their day.

* * * * *

Support is not to be found in a friend or a cigarette. In myself.

* * * * *

When asked if the glass is half full or empty, I prefer the answer “there is water in the glass”. The main thing is that there is still water. Encouraging realism?..

* * * * *

And why is the past such an infection that it doesn't disappear at all, even when it's vital?

* * * * *

At a certain period of life we ​​meet a certain person who is needed in this particular period. Such a strange law of attraction, such a mutually beneficial salvation. We spend some time together, then we will definitely part. Because each of us needs to go further, enter a new, next period of our destiny. Marriage is designed for the lazy, who find it easier to stop halfway than to go further.

* * * * *

First I fall in love with the very thought of him, then with the plus sign of the dough, the pod with arms and legs, and then with the chubby little man who puts his feet in his mouth. Feelings for him change quickly. In the first year it seems: well, you can’t love anymore. Then this love expands, deepens, multiplies in some absolutely incredible dimensions. And every new day becomes another step on a long journey. Now mom is already a companion, hand in hand, and not just shelter and food.

* * * * *

What good have I done for the universe that it is so generous in giving me you?

* * * * *

Everyone around is sneezing and complaining with one voice about poplar fluff. Just like small children, so many extra words. Poplar fluff is not that evil, but just such an obvious fact of life as heat in summer or snow in winter. It flies, it will torment you for a week, it will stop, but then relief will come.

* * * * *

Happiness is a property of character. Some have it in their nature to wait all the time, others continuously look for it, and others find it everywhere.

* * * * *

After all, women are much better than men. We are brainless selfish, narcissistic whiners. Too much we do for the sake of public opinion. And women believe in us to the last and, I am sure that many, if I shared my thoughts with them, would say: “No, mine is not like that!” They are able to find excuses for us - that is their absolute advantage.

* * * * *

We should collect our thoughts, but I'm afraid not a single thought will come to the meeting.

* * * * *

Silence is your best friend. Verified. She doesn't want anything from you. She just sits next to him, charges with peace. Just don't confuse silence with silence.

* * * * *

You know, I must have waited so long for summer to miss autumn again. Through slightly cold air and sad twilight. Wrap yourself in a scarf, keep your hands warm in your pockets... I'm crazy, right? All year I hurried summer, it has come and that's it, I'm burning out. And it's not the heat, I don't get tired of it. It's just that I'm more like autumn in character.

* * * * *

They say that there are no miracles left in the world, that there is no more a single unicorn, not a single dragon, and dryads with elves have sunk into the distant past. I myself sometimes believe in the disappearance of all this. But then I remember my childhood, as it is now, and everything again seems two-sided, like a wizard's hat - reality and a fairy tale. It’s just that everyday life with its kicks makes us believe that life has one layer.

* * * * *

It's easy for others to say, "Don't take it to heart." How can they know what is the depth of your heart? And where is close for him?

* * * * *

Without you there is no way, without you there is no need.

* * * * *

In summer, I crave sweets more than food.

* * * * *

A man is pleased to know that a woman is saddened by his absence. We cherish our selfishness.

* * * * *

As a child, I loved coloring books. I could not draw, there was no spatial imagination. Therefore, with pleasure I decorated the finished drawings. So it is with life. It is given to us colorless, with clearly defined contours and a general pattern. We decide with whom or what to start and what color to paint. This is what we define. You tried to get away from it by throwing your pencils aside. Then your coloring remained nothing, gray. As a result, dullness surrounded you from all sides, you began to merge with it. You can not do it this way! You have to choose your own colors. First, color the sun yellow. Or, if you like, green!.. True, sometimes strength runs out, pencils are erased. But they came up with sharpeners for that ...

* * * * *

If a woman receives attention and care from a man, even a friend, she involuntarily thinks about the possibility of being together.

* * * * *

All life consists in freedom. Only this does not mean allowing yourself what you cannot afford for some reason, a taboo. These are not drugs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And do not seek salvation in the arms of unloved people. Freedom is the ability to move in any direction. Go and listen to your desires. Do not think about money and the notorious moral duty, conditions, circumstances. It would seem that such freedom cannot be afforded - it looks too reckless. But it's easy if you want. You just need to understand everything and take the first step. Forward.

* * * * *

Happiness does not have a session schedule, it may start even after turning off the projector. Therefore, it is foolish to run after what should happen anyway, as well as to run away from it.

* * * * *

Everything that, from my point of view, defies explanation, I call either "bullshit" or "love."

* * * * *

We sit on the curb of the square with plastic cups of coffee, stretch our legs. Nothing is thought of. We feel good in this most ordinary weekday. The beauty of life is in an instant. We, the former children, have forgotten how to see it. Children wake up in the morning and perceive the new day as a miracle, like the first day of their life. Most adults don't know how to do this. We can't stop thinking about tomorrow, we can't leave the past behind. We constantly sigh, regretting something. It's time to relearn.

* * * * *

Sooner or later we all come to the point of saturation with all kinds of human relationships. It could happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, next year or in a few years. This state is called maturity. For me, it's too pretentious. Everything is simpler: you understand that everything that has happened and everything that can happen will no longer penetrate so deeply into you. Not because of the increased armor. It's just that you have so many all kinds of relationships that there is no room for new ones. And then you pass them, yes, filled to the throat and wounded to the bottom, but strong in your own wealth.

* * * * *

We women of the big cities have become too masculine. Weaned ourselves from the desire to trust the opposite sex, to show the weakness that is in us by nature, no matter how we argue with it. We are afraid to admit to ourselves how sometimes we want to hug someone and bury our nose on the cheek. Life is beautiful when someone's cheek needs your nose.

* * * * *

You no longer give your all to people. You separate a piece from what you can share, you extend it to someone who is worthy and truly needs.

* * * * *

Blows to the back are most often delivered by those who are defended with their chests.

* * * * *

I fell in love with the eyes, did not think about what awaits me with this person. Love, like a sponge, easily absorbs not only everything beautiful, but also all human dirt - lies, betrayal, humiliation.

* * * * *

Drink one big mug of coffee for two, buy ugg boots of the same color, hide your frozen chin in your scarf, run in the rain in short dashes from cover to cover. To live through the winter with thoughts of summer Italy, then finally break out there to bypass cafes in sunny squares and gorge on cheese ravioli.

* * * * *

I thought I would never forget him, and I would live with this disability in my heart. But it turned out that he played only a cameo role.

* * * * *

It turns out that the feeling of happiness inside can always be present, and its especially bright splashes appear in moments.

* * * * *

Sometimes love cannot endure even a short separation. Too fragile feeling, for which neglect is often fatal.

* * * * *

In love, there is no precise definition of anything except the fact of love itself. She either exists or she doesn't. Everything else is pictures with a subjective alignment of feelings and the possibility of consequences. Especially when it comes to the feelings of a woman. We are in love, no matter how we shout about pride and feminism, we think about the whole, and men about themselves.

* * * * *

I'm sorting through the photos and I think: it's good that there are memories. They are, of course, connected to the past, which we often get angry at. But without him, we wouldn't be here today.

* * * * *

Memories are not part of us, it's better to let them go with us. They have their own right to travel. Believe me, memories know when to move away, to disappear for a while. Complain about their constant presence, those who themselves locked them in themselves.

Quotes from the book “Act! 10 Commandments for Success” by Yitzhak Pintosevich – Litres

Quotes 256

All people want something. Desires move us through life. There are two basic desires that govern the life of mankind. They are hidden in the depths of all other desires: the desire to receive pleasure and the desire to avoid suffering. Most move through life intuitively, focusing only on these two signals. Pleasure and pain. Or rather, on their internal ideas about what will bring pleasure and what will bring suffering. But, unfortunately, we only see what is under our noses. Therefore, a person suffering from obesity does not refuse an extra portion right now. It would be a pain for him to refuse her. He does not see the great suffering that awaits him ahead when the weight steps over 100 kg. He does not see early death from cardiac overload and obesity. He sees only the pleasure that he will now receive, and thinks only of the suffering that he will now avoid. This is how our emotional mind works. It creates chaos in life.

Either you write the plan and script of your life yourself, or you play the role of extras and extras in someone's play. Only the responsibility still lies with you, even when other people control your life. And just because you wrote in your short script: I WILL DO AS OTHER PEOPLE TELL ME. The next cue of artists of this kind will be: NOTHING DEPENDS ON ME. THEY ARE GUILTY ... Everyone chooses a role to their liking. Some sit on the podium, while others play on the court. Both those and others die, and sometimes ahead of time and always earlier than you want.

Life Purpose Exercise No. 2

This exercise is recommended by Stephen Covey in order to write down your life mission, your constitution, in accordance with which you will act. You need to be guided in life by a program that you create for yourself. This gives inner balance and strength. Sit comfortably, take a piece of paper and a pen. Close your eyes and imagine that you are at a funeral. There are many people around. You approach the dead. You look into his face and see ... that it's you. You've lived long enough. Many people came to your funeral. Now the farewell speeches will begin. Describe what kind of person the deceased was. The wife / husband, children, friend, neighbor, people with whom the deceased worked will perform. What will they say? What would you like them to say? Imagine in detail their speeches and write them down.

You cannot have a new life and stay the same. Today you have something that exactly matches your image. What you have is the consequences of how you act, think, believe and what is important to you. Change - and your environment will change!

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future. What seems like a utopia today will become flesh and blood tomorrow.” Victor Hugo

First they ignore you, then they start laughing at you, then they start attacking you, then you become a winner. Mahatma Gandhi, politician, philosopher

How to do it? How to learn to get out of the “comfort zone”, push it apart so that all actions are comfortable? First, at the level of logic, you need to get rid of the fear of failure and the fear of looking bad. That is, remember everything that is written in this book in the chapter “Overcome fear”. Then you need to transfer understanding to the level of physical sensations. The solution is to experience pleasure when you leave your “comfort zone”. You begin to move through life, guided by common sense and enjoying everything new. There are very happy people who develop rapidly and are always one step ahead. They reprogrammed their worst habit. "Normal" people are used to coming back, while extraordinary people enjoy the fact that they realize new opportunities, make new acquaintances, etc. How to do it? There are three ways to enjoy getting out of the "comfort zone". You need to apply them, and preferably all three at once, at EVERY moment of discomfort from NEW actions or changes for 49days. In this case, I guarantee you a new sense of life, self-confidence and freedom in a way that you, dear reader, could not even imagine in your wildest fantasies! Just remember: the “comfort zone” can only be expanded little by little. Do not immediately jump far into the "stress zone". Feel a slight discomfort, which indicates that you are out of your "comfort zone", and immediately begin to enjoy.

We do things that harm us. We do most of the time (80% according to the Pareto law) empty things. There is no time to dream. No time to plan. You have to work, respond to the near threats of suffering and try to get momentary pleasures.

The main thing is to start telling the truth about yourself and your life. Then you will make the correct diagnosis and be able to cure the disease. It was you who made yourself poor, sick and lonely, or rich, happy and healthy. Your actions lead to such deplorable or magnificent results. The results don't lie. If you are fat, then it is not the diets and doctors that are to blame, but the way you eat. Which diets YOU CHOOSE. The doctors you choose. Once you say it, you can win. After all, the reason is in you, and you can control yourself!

Most people who don't achieve their goals say they don't know how to act. Where to start? Nobody taught them business, success. How can a person born in a family where parents divorced and then divorced one more time know how to build a happy family? How to get divorced, he knows perfectly well, but how to build relationships - no.

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