Positive effects of tattoos

Benefits of Getting a Tattoo

In scientific studies, it’s been concluded that there are numerous benefits to getting a tattoo. Especially great health benefits! Tattoos can be much more than just a form of body modification.

Benefits the Immune system

Research has proven that multiple tattoos boosts the immune system. When the tattoo ink enters the body, the immune system attacks the ink. Each time that person goes for a new tattoo, the more their body undergoes that same process again and again, improving the immune system each time.

Reduces Stress

Getting a tattoo reduces cortisol levels, (a stress hormone) which also helps improve the immune system but even reduces stress! Tattoos can be painful. However, the body battles the pain by releasing adrenaline and endorphins which leads to the person getting tattooed feeling elated.

Increases Self Esteem

Tattoos are symbolic for some. Whether it symbolizes an event from their past, an experience or emotion, or a motivational message, it makes them feel hope, inspiration and motivation. Others like tattooing their body because it boots their body confidence, and they are less critical of themselves. Studies have shown that tattoos undoubtably increase self-confidence, especially in women that have multiple tattoos.

Job Opportunities

People are surprised to hear that some jobs are looking for individuals with tattoos. Some jobs look for an employee with a spunky, energetic and self-expressive way of life, and can see that with their tattoos. These jobs tend to be jobs in the beauty industry such as a cosmetologist, a make-up artist, or a hair stylist. Especially if your tattoo could be somehow represent the company you wish to work at.

Benefits In Athletics

The reducing cortisol levels effect from tattoos is also helpful to those that participate in athletic activities regularly. It has various physical benefits because cortisol decreases your ability to heal. So, every time you get a tattoo, you are decreasing your cortisol levels. Every time you do so makes your muscles repair faster, essentially growing your muscles.


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Benefits of Tattoos: 3 Science-Backed Positive Effects

Oct 18, 2021 | brookline agency

There are so many reasons to get a tattoo. If you’re an ink fan, we don’t need to tell you that tattoos let you express yourself, and are truly a passion for those who love them. But did you know that there are actual health benefits of tattoos? We’ll cover some of the interesting research into the health benefits of tattoos.

Mental Health

The reasons for getting a tattoo cover an incredibly wide range. Some get tattoos to celebrate the most important parts of their lives, like a union with a partner or the birth of a child. Other tattoos are focused on grieving the loss of a loved one, or celebrating their life. There are tattoos that celebrate the lighter sides of life, like cartoons. Yet others give us ties to our history like tribal tattoos or family marks. But what are the health benefits of tattoos? Tattoos can increase feelings of confidence and improve self-image. Some feel that their tattoos allow them to look more like who they feel on the inside, which can be an essential component of identity. Some tattoos help us feel as though we belong to a community that’s important to us, and others help us express the ways in which we are individuals. Both the feeling of belonging and the ability to feel comfortable with our individuality bring critical mental health benefits.Instead of assuming that mental and physical health are completely separate topics, remember that studies have often shown the connection between how we feel mentally, and how we feel physically. Mental health - for better or worse - manifests itself in physical ways. So any steps that are taken to improve our mental health have the potential to improve all aspects of our wellbeing.


Interestingly, getting a tattoo may have immune-boosting health benefits. How? When you get a tattoo, your body believes you’ve been wounded. Your immune response kicks into gear, and your body acts to defend you from ‘invaders’, heal your wound, and protect you. This short burst of immune response is believed to be able to strengthen your immune system. Think of it as going to the gym - the short bursts of exercise work to build up your muscles, so they’re even stronger. It’s believed that the immune system works in the same way. Instead of thinking of a tattoo as a burden on the immune system, think of it as a strength-building exercise for your immune response. This benefit is more pronounced after your first inking experience, so it’s an extra health benefit of tattoos for those with multiple works of art. An important note is that the health benefits of tattoos are only positive if you don’t have a negative side effect, like an infection. Having an infection is not a health benefit from any standpoint, so it’s important to take steps to support your natural immune response as much as possible. The best action you can take to avoid infection is to wash your new tattoo well, and often, with a product made specifically for healing tattoos. CBD foaming soap is best for this because it is formulated to wash away the dirt and dried blood that can lead to infection.

Reduction in Cortisol

Higher cortisol levels are linked with several things we want to avoid like excess weight, high blood pressure, and headaches. And although cortisol levels generally rise with stress - like when a needle is puncturing your skin - research indicates that the body can adapt. Those who got their first tattoo had higher cortisol levels in response to the tattooing. Those on their second, third, or later tattoo, had a lessening increase in cortisol. This could indicate that getting tattooed helps the body adapt to stressful situations and potentially encourages the body to release less cortisol under future stress. Most people who get inked have no idea of the health benefits of tattoos. They know they love to express themselves in the way that tattoos allow. But when you find out that tattoos in fact do bring you health benefits, that’s even better! If you’re planning your first tattoo, or you’re a tattoo pro, consider your options for having a more comfortable tattoo experience. HUSH Anesthetic has products that can numb your skin and allow you to relax while you get your next tattoo. You can learn more about HUSH’s products here.

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The positive and negative effects of a tattoo on the body

Good to know

16 July 2021

Many people believe that tattoos are very dangerous and harmful. In some ways, they are right, because today not all masters take their work responsibly.

If the master does not follow the rules of asepsis and antisepsis, handles the instruments poorly or stores them incorrectly, then he can bring a number of infections to his client through the skin, such as: nine0003

  • HIV;
  • Hepatitis C;
  • HPV;
  • Syphilis;
  • Various types of bacteria, including staphylococcus aureus.

Increasingly, clients of tattoo parlors have become allergic to ink, which also adversely affects their health, although this is not the salon's fault. This is also a rather formidable complication of a tattoo.


In addition to having many risks, getting a tattoo has its pluses. These include a significant increase in immunity in people who have tattooed, especially those who have done it repeatedly. A pleasant bonus can be considered the fact that sweating is reduced on the tattooed areas of the skin. This may be helpful for people with excessive sweating. But you need to be careful, because if the tattoo covers a significant area of ​​​​the body, then it is extremely undesirable to stay in the sun for a long time - there is a risk of getting a heat stroke or overheating due to reduced sweating. nine0003

Effect of a tattoo on a person's mental state

Psychologically, the skin is the boundary between a person's personality and society. On the skin, a person can express what he cannot voice. Often such self-expression is used by office employees who are bound by certain rules and a dress code. Having a tattoo with a certain meaning, they can feel more confident in an official environment that is alien to them.

However, the motives for tattooing can be very different: a sense of security, memory, fashion, the fight against fears, superstition, and so on. And in all cases, a tattoo helps a person feel better. Therefore, it can be safely called a kind of psychotherapy. nine0003

The task of the master of the tattoo parlor is to help in the selection of the sketch that the person needs. It must fully suit the client, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a psychological one.

What rules should the master follow when applying a tattoo

In order for the work of the master to be of the highest quality level, only beautiful drawing is not enough. Other regulations must also be observed:

  • Asepsis and antisepsis to prevent infection of the client. nine0012
  • Ink quality control. It is necessary to monitor their condition, expiration date, and also observe the storage conditions.
  • Before starting to choose a sketch, you need to talk with the client to find out a little about him. This will help the master understand what can be offered to the client and what suits him best. You need to make sure that the client consciously makes a choice of a sketch.
  • An important part of the work is consultation on tattoo care. The master should tell the client about the features of care in as much detail and in stages as possible. Even the smallest details cannot be overlooked. You need to tell what products to use, how often and in what order to change the film, when you can wet the skin, how to behave in everyday life and what needs to be temporarily limited, and also what to do if any complications arise. The best option would be a small instruction that can be given to the client after the conversation so that he does not forget anything. nine0012

Today, tattooing has become an integral part of many people's lives. After weighing all the pros and cons, we can conclude that, subject to all the rules for applying a tattoo, the benefits from it are much greater than the harm.

The work of a tattoo artist is not only exciting, but also very responsible. The physical and mental state of a person depends on how the master copes with his work.

Why the influence of tattoos on the fate of a person can be dangerous and destructive | Health

Many esotericists claim that tattoos on a person's body can change his fate, and changes do not always have a positive effect. Some people believe that by making a certain tattoo, you can become more successful and rich, but more often than not, such actions lead to the exact opposite effect.

Most tattoos, no matter how attractive at first glance, carry negative and destructive consequences. Experts told people how tattoos affect their lives so that in the future they would think more whether they need to do body painting or not. nine0003

The influence of tattoos on a person's life

Most psychics warn people that tattoos on the body can radically change a person's life, and very often for the worse. As soon as a person visits a tattoo parlor and makes some drawings on the body, his whole fate changes.

Experts say that you should not get a tattoo, otherwise, instead of the desired happiness and wealth, you can attract troubles and troubles. Some drawings on the human body can lead to mental insanity and even suicide. nine0003

If a tattoo is negative and cruel in its meaning, then it will push its bearer to the same actions. Of course, there are drawings that can attract good luck, wealth and prosperity to a person, but only a competent specialist can pick it up. Some people get tattoos on their bodies to express themselves among others and relieve emotional stress.

Since many people sincerely and strongly believe in the power of a tattoo, which can change their fate for the better, some of them actually experience favorable changes in their lives. After all, it's no secret to anyone that with the help of faith in something, you can change a lot. The placebo effect is based on faith, so the same effect can happen with a tattoo. nine0003

It is also worth noting that experienced and strong tattoo artists are able to convey their emotional state or illness through the skin to their clients. After a certain time, a person who has made a tattoo may begin a streak of bad luck, various illnesses and difficulties in life will develop. In order for a person’s karma to become “positive”, you need to choose a good and wise master for yourself.

The impact of tattoos on people's health

According to the research of American scientists, people's saliva changes its appearance before and after getting a tattoo on the body. Experts have found that in people who have tattooed themselves, immunity is significantly reduced after the procedure. The thing is that the content of cortisol and immunoglobulin is reduced. nine0003

If a person makes several tattoos for himself after certain periods, then his body seems to harden. It increases the level of immunoglobulin, and stress hormones (cortisol) - decreases, which makes the body more resistant to any diseases. Scientists compare tattoos to going to the gym. The first hike is stressful for the body, and repeated visits already contribute to health promotion.

Despite the fact that tattoos can have a positive effect on human health, do not forget that during their application, the risk of introducing some kind of infection into the body is quite high. In addition, many inks in tattoo parlors can cause allergic reactions in humans, and they can also lead to more serious problems. nine0003

It is worth noting that American scientists have invented a special tattoo ink that can change its color depending on changes in the chemical composition in the body. Such inks will be excellent helpers for people who suffer from diabetes.

Effects of tattoos on women's health

In women, tattoos can affect their health, unlike men. For example, if you make a tattoo in the lumbar region, then such a pattern will interfere with the diagnosis of various diseases of the pelvic organs.

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