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Anger Management Online Class

In this course, you will learn...

  • What anger looks and feels like, and where it comes from, so you understand how anger shows up in your life.
  • How to loosen the grip of anger, so you can get your life back.
  • How to develop emotional intelligence, so you can have healthier and more fulfilling relationships at home, at work, and in the world.

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The course material was great. I found it useful and frequently utilized and reflected on the course material during the day. The bottom line is the course clearly helped me, genuinely helped me, with the emotional struggles I had been experiencing. My supervisor and one of the employees I supervised myself both commented to me without prompting that I was dealing with work issues in a more balanced, open-minded manner.

— Shawn

I am very pleased with the courses you offer. The Anger Management course has literally changed my life for the better. I now know how to control my inner and outer anger and think before I act or speak. Thank you for having these courses to follow and revisit whenever I need a refresher.

— Angela

I never write reviews, but I feel obligated to because of how much Open Path's Anger Management course has helped me to understand myself. I also never use the word "blessing," but I feel that the word pretty much describes what OP has done by making these resources available at such a low cost. I continue to use the tips I've learned every day and I try to help others with when I can. It has changed my life and my relationships.

— George

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Duke University / Dartmouth Medical School

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Start today by registering. Your registration will immediately direct you to our payment gateway. For a one-time payment of $4.99 you will gain access to all of our courses. This will also give you access to a Proof of Enrollment letter and all of our courses.

Each lesson in a course is equivalent to one hour or one week of class. So if you need 52 hours of Anger Management, you would take all 52 lessons of that course. If you are not sure how many hours or weeks were mandated by your court, please contact your attorney, probation officer, or court representative to learn this information.

We keep the registration fee low so that as many people as possible can afford to take one or more of our online wellness courses. Open Path is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing access to affordable mental health care and education. You can learn more about our mission and our affordable psychotherapy program at

Our course readings, assignments, and quizzes are offered for a one-time payment of $4. 99. If you need a Certificate of Completion to prove that you have taken any one of the courses for a judge, probation officer, employer, or other third party, you will be required to make an additional payment. Certificate pricing can be found on the individual course pages. Hard copy certificates are also subject to a shipping & handling fee.

If it has been court ordered, or you are otherwise required to take one of our courses, you will most likely be required to prove your enrollment. After creating an account for a one-time payment of $4.99, we will provide you with access to a letter that can be either emailed or printed, and given to anyone requiring proof of your enrollment. You can download or email the enrollment letter from individual course pages.

If you need proof of completion, you have the option of purchasing a completion certificate after finishing the required number of class modules.

Our courses are entirely online. You may start, and stop, whenever you would like, and work at your own pace. There are no scheduled meetings, and you won’t check in with a supervisor, but we truly believe that you get out what you put in. As such, we highly recommend working with a trained therapist as you work through your course. Discover more information about working with a therapist in our network.

Yes, in almost all cases our program will meet court requirements. We’ve been accepted by judges, employers, and probation officers throughout the United States. Once you have registered for $4.99, you can print a Proof of Enrollment letter to show to your probation officer, judge, or other authority to ensure that our program is acceptable. If our program will not be accepted by the court in question, we can refund the $4.99 registration fee.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee for the registration fee. If you are not satisfied with the online courses for any reason during the initial 30 days of using our site, we can issue a full refund of your $4.99 registration fee. We only offer refunds on certificates of completion in the case that the court did not accept the coursework. In order to process the refund, a judge, attorney, probation officer or other judicial authority will need to contact Open Path directly in order to confirm that the course certificate was not accepted in court.

Once you purchase your certificate and pay for shipping and handling, it can take up to 2 business days for us to ship your certificate. Please be sure to complete your course and purchase your certificate in advance of the date you require the certificate for court.

No, you cannot share your account with another person. Each account can only be used by one student.

Open Path does not offer progress reports. If you need to show progress in the course, you can purchase a certificate for the number of hours that you have completed thus far. After completion of the full course, you can request a refund for the lower-level certificate.

Counseling - Open Paths


Open Paths Now Offers EMDR
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (Drop Down Box)


Everyone struggles at some point in their life. Most of us will experience depression, anxiety, trauma, anger, grief or loneliness, for a variety of reasons. Open Paths’ highly-trained, diverse clinical team is here to help you through these times by providing compassionate, culturally-affirming counseling. Most of our services are offered in Spanish and English. While all of our therapists have LGBTQ+ affirmative training, some have additional specialization in working with LGBTQ+ and/or QTPOC identified clients.

Open Paths Counseling Center is a nonprofit agency that exists to
serve Los Angeles residents who have historically been unable to
access counseling due to financial, geographic and/or cultural barriers. In order to ensure the affordability of our services, fees are set using a sliding scale based on family/household income.

For Counseling Services, please call 310-258-9677 or email [email protected]

Intimate Partner Abuse (DV)

Another way seeks to eliminate intimate partner abuse and violence by directly addressing its causes through group, individual and (when safe), couples and family counseling. Our approach is to work with clients, both those who cause harm, and those who have been harmed, to explore, understand, and process past traumas and learn healthy communication and relationship skills.

For those who are or have caused harm, the process also includes fostering personal responsibility and accountability for one’s own actions. Through psychoeducation, our therapists teach strategies to identify, manage and de-escalate strong emotions. Clients are then provided with the necessary tools to understand and engage in healthy relationships and stop causing harm to their partners, thus ending cycles of abuse and violence.

For Counseling Services, please call 310-258-9677 or email [email protected]


Open Paths offers a variety of support, psychoeducational and process groups. Most of our groups are offered in Spanish and English.

Social Anxiety Support Group

For those who are uncomfortable or afraid in social settings. Learn tips and tools to gain confidence in a safe and supportive environment. Offered in English only at this time.

Cost: $15 / session, $20 intake fee

Positive Parenting Classes - Court Approved

A 10-week, educational support group focuses on developing nonviolent parenting skills that foster honesty, responsibility and self-discipline within children while deepening the parent’s connection to their child/children. Enrollment is ongoing and certificates of completion for these classes are accepted at Los Angeles County courts. Classes offered in English and Spanish.

Cost: $15 / session, $20 intake fee

Women's Empowerment Group (IPAV-DV Survivors Group)

Therapeutic support group for women who have experienced abuse by an intimate partner. Offered in English and Spanish.

Cost: FREE

Anger Management Classes

This class teaches tools to understand and manage your anger in appropriate ways. Duration of classes are flexible based on court orders or your needs.

Cost: $25 / session, $50 intake fee

Batterer Intervention Programs

Los Angeles County Probation Approved 52-week program for people who are abusive to their intimate partners. Through this process, clients are given the tools necessary to engage in healthy relationships and end the cycles of family violence.

Cost: $25 / session, $50 intake fee

For Counseling Services, please call 310-258-9677 or email [email protected]

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing—or EMDR for short—is a short term intervention to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other forms of trauma. It was pioneered by Dr. Francine Shapiro, who was a psychologist and researcher. Much research has been produced regarding its effectiveness. Today’s internationally renowned trauma expert Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D, and others, have deemed EMDR an important treatment modality when working with trauma. Open Paths uses this therapeutic modality to work with clients struggling with chronic toxic stress, discrete traumatic episodes, and/or Complex Trauma: a series of significant traumas that have accumulated without having been mitigated by protective buffers, such as a strong support network; therefore remaining unprocessed.

For Counseling Services, please call 310-258-9677 or email [email protected]


Open Paths Counseling Center’s Community Partnership Therapy Program offers culturally affirming, trauma-informed therapists to social service and educational organizations serving low-income, under-resourced communities in Los Angeles at their location, our location, or via Telehealth. Open Paths has become a preferred provider of psychotherapy for nonprofits serving marginalized, under-resourced, communities due to the diversity, quality of care, and professionalism of our clinical team.


Open Paths Counseling Center partners with Title 1 schools to provide free therapy to students in need at their school site.

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How to manage your anger? 7 useful tips - Knife

Every person experiences anger from time to time, and it's no secret that there are a lot of problems from this. However, you can learn to deal with anger in order to minimize the damage from it to your life and to the lives of others. Let's figure out the easiest way to do this.


A few words about anger

Although we are taught from childhood that anger is an extremely harmful and even destructive feeling, in reality this is not entirely true. Anger and anger are absolutely natural reactions for a person, they are included in the set of "basic" feelings, which we simply cannot help but experience from time to time. It is clear that society has imposed a ban on these feelings, since uncontrolled aggression is indeed dangerous for others. However, at some point, things went too far, and it became indecent and wrong to simply experience and articulate anger. nine0003

As a result, we have a situation where a person taboos the very idea of ​​anger, but since it is impossible to exclude it from his life, he does not even know how to deal with it. For someone, without a “transitional” stage of awareness, it can result in open physical violence, while for someone it can accumulate for years, making a person a passive aggressor, which is bad both for others and for himself.

In addition, anger is a kind of "signaling" system that gives us signs that someone violates our boundaries and interests or does not notice. By blocking this feeling, a person also loses the corresponding indicator, as if the owners themselves removed the locks and alarms from an apartment in a criminal district. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to defend one's views and desires - there is no necessary tool for this. It is worth adding that anger is an important source of energy: it is this emotion that gives us the strength to change something around us. nine0003

Another thought that many psychologists hold is also curious. Anger, as a strong emotion, can to some extent help to get closer to a person if we are talking about friends or relatives. The fact is that people who do not hesitate to express their dissatisfaction with each other, even in a very aggressive form, will not be shy and show the opposite feeling - sincere love, sympathy and understanding.

Tips for dealing with anger

Be honest with yourself. First of all, it is important to admit to yourself that you are currently feeling angry. And don't be ashamed of it, even if you're angry with your parents or partner. The main thing at this stage is absolute inner sincerity.

Verbalize anger. When you realize that you are angry, it is worth describing your anger in words. How angry are you, what caused this reaction? Try to formulate all this in one sentence and, if you like, write down the result on a piece of paper. Conscious anger is much easier to control than internal chaos. nine0003

Be honest with others. After you have described your feelings, you can share your observations with the person responsible for the anger, if the reason lies in the behavior of another person. Try to convey, for example, to your partner, without undue aggression, what exactly you don’t like about his behavior and why. As a rule, such a method of dialogue works between close people, and the conflict situation goes away if there is a desire on both sides. But with ordinary acquaintances, this approach, alas, is not very effective. nine0003

Be the "master" of anger. An important point: when you examine anger in yourself, it is worth saying not “they make me angry” or “he drove me crazy”, but “now I am furious” or “I feel great anger”. In this way, you will take one more step towards controlling anger, realizing that it is you who is its owner, and not some stranger.

Small quarrels are better than a big war. Another curious fact: do not be afraid of quarrels, especially when it comes to minor disagreements with loved ones. The fact is that such a "let off of steam" allows anger not to accumulate inside, and arguing with a partner is much better than an open war with him. Of course, you shouldn’t quarrel just for “therapeutic purposes”, however, you shouldn’t scold yourself for every minor conflict either, because getting angry is normal. nine0003

Learn to take a break. The old advice about deep inhalation and deep exhalation is still relevant and will allow you to get the better of your anger and manage this emotion wisely. Also, for example, if you had a fight with someone in the evening and feel angry, it is better to try to sort things out only in the morning - it is more likely that the conversation will turn out to be much more meaningful than in the heat of rage.

Channel your anger correctly. As we remember, anger gives a person energy and additional strength. In order not to waste all this wealth, and even worse - on showdowns with loved ones, it is better to do some physical exercise: sports help a lot to cope with anger and take control of the situation without unnecessary consequences for the psyche. nine0003

Anger - Psychologos

Film "Anger Management"

Anger is targeted aggression through open direct pressure on a partner. The world is hostile.

Anger is usually expressed by an energetic, powerful cry.

Related concepts

  • Indignation is a surge of energy expressing strong feelings, active discontent, indignation and vivid emotional protest. Outrage is surprise and rage. The word "indignation" people denote a variety of experiences: resentment and anger, envy and jealousy... nine0064
  • Anger - a state when you want to kill everyone, spoil everything, destroy, destroy, take revenge. More politely, this state is called anger.
  • Resentment - an alternation of protest, accusations, aggression and suffering, used to attract attention and pressure on a partner.
  • Rage - an advanced degree of anger, an extreme form of manifestation of anger.

What are we angry about?

Anger is caused by a wide range of situations - those that a person evaluates as outrageous, ugly, terrible, inappropriate. nine0003

Meaning of anger

Anger is done to cause fear, shame and submission. Anger, as a rule, creates negative motivation in the one to whom it is directed. At the same time, anger worsens relationships.

How anger is made

Facial expressions and plasticity: an angry person is aggressive. The eyebrows are lowered and brought together, vertical folds between the eyebrows. The upper eyelids are tense, the lower eyelids are tense and raised. Mouth closed, lips compressed. The jaw is forward, the movements are sharp, in order to capture space. The eyebrows are drawn together, the voice is usually raised or, on the contrary, ostentatiously quiet. nine0003

Internal text: Why are they all freaks scoffing! (option: that's not fair!)

Situation-picture: The world is evil, but not very strong - it's not scary to fight with it.

Learn more