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How to Train Your Boyfriend

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"You can't change a man" is one of the oldest clichés in the book. Well, we just discovered some news that challenges that notion, and it comes from an unlikely source: animal trainers.

"Males are card-carrying members of the animal kingdom, and they exhibit a lot of the same behaviors as many other mammals," says Amy Sutherland, author of What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love, and Marriage: Lessons for People from Animals and Their Trainers. "So they're likely to respond to some
of the same training techniques."

Sutherland is speaking from experience. After spending a year at an exotic-animal training school, watching students in action, she successfully applied the techniques to her husband. In less than a few months, she was able to curb some of his undesirable traits.

We know you so want in on this. That's why Cosmo uncovered time-tested methods used by the most successful animal trainers on the planet. Then we got top psychologists to show you how to apply those techniques to your guy. Read on and you will soon be able to teach him some new tricks.

BOYFRIEND BUMMER 1: He's Allergic to Chores

Indulge His Playfulness

As Used on Chimpanzees

These primates are big mischief makers, so getting them to calm down can be a real bitch. Luckily, if you indulge their silly side, you have a good shot at getting them to pay attention. "When we need the chimps to perform a task, we get on their level and play with them for 5 or 10 minutes," says Eugene Cussons, rescue director on Animal Planet's Escape to Chimp Eden. Once they've had some fun, they're more willing to heed commands because they instinctively know it's their turn to return the favor.

Apply It to Your Guy

No matter how old they are, men never quite lose touch with the playful, naughty boy within. Too bad they often pick the worst times to bring out that brat — like when you're running late for work or need them to do something around the house. To get what you need done, "indulge him with a few minutes of acting goofy," says Anthony Riche, PhD, author of Finally! How to Stop Dating Losers Forever. Then tell him you'll finish playing with him later, as long as he takes out the trash or does whatever else you need him to do. Since his mind and body are now surging with feel-good chemicals from your brief, fun exchange, he's less likely to wrinkle his nose at the request, says Riche. Use this technique consistently and, over time, he'll be less likely to associate chores with drudgery.

BOYFRIEND BUMMER 2: He Lacks Social Graces

Reward the Good, Ignore the Bad

As Used on Dogs

Pretraining, a pup will sniff
crotches and paw at people's
legs. The instinct is to shoo it
away, but that only makes it want
to sniff and paw more. "Instead,
trainers reward the dog when
it behaves and ignore any actions
they don't like," says Sutherland.
Since dogs crave affection,
they slowly begin to avoid bad
habits and opt for good ones.

Apply It to Your Guy

Perhaps your man could use
some finessing when it comes to
social situations too — say, to curb
his habit of telling off-color jokes.
When he engages in unseemly
behavior, your immediate reaction
might be to tell him to knock it
off already. But that tactic
invariably falls on deaf ears.

"Men don't want to be treated
like children, and if you correct
him, he'll feel like you're mothering
him," says Patricia Covalt,
PhD, author of What Smart
Couples Know.
Instead, ignore
him when he's being obnoxious,
and give him some PDA (think
a kiss or a tap on the butt) when
he's acting sweet. Since guys —
like dogs — aim to please, he'll
instinctively begin to avoid the
behavior that makes you freeze
him out. One caveat: Timing is
crucial. Be sure to reward him at
the exact moment he engages
in a positive behavior; otherwise,
he won't be able to make the
appropriate connection.

BOYFRIEND BUMMER 3: He Bolts When You Argue

Keep a Cool Head

As Used on Horses

Beneath the powerful stallion exterior lies a skittish animal. "That's why
they generally respond well to a calming voice and touch from trainers,"
says Patricia Barlow-Irick, PhD, equine-behavior specialist in New Mexico.

Apply It to Your Guy

Like horses, men seem to be hardwired to want to bolt at the first sound
of irritation. So even if he's been working your last nerve, try to
approach him in a cool, collected manner (remember, as hard as it
sounds, this is all going to benefit you in the end). For instance, if you are
pissed that he hasn't been planning enough date nights or can't stand
when he forgets to call while he's out, your instinct might be to yell or
get huffy. Instead, keep your composure by taking a few minutes alone
before you approach him, then speak in a quiet, even-toned voice.
"Calmly telling him what he did wrong will make it easier for him to tune
in to what you're saying," says Covalt. Touch also plays a crucial role
in this scenario: Place your hand on his as you speak. Not only does this
buffer the blow of your words, but it also mimics the comforting way a
trainer strokes a horse's mane to calm the animal down.

BOYFRIEND BUMMER 4: He Stands His Ground

Use Proper Body Language

As Used on Cougars

When trainers want a cougar to bend to their will,
they find a middle ground. "Instead of trying to submit or dominate a
cougar, trainers try to form a cooperative relationship," says Sutherland.
They walk tall with squared-off shoulders. This stance ensures that the
trainers don't look like prey but they're not threatening either.

Apply It to Your Guy

Even the most liberated guy can feel emasculated by a fearless chick. So
when you're having a sticky conversation with him, he might be unconsciously
bristling at your body language. "If you're standing really close to him with your
hands on your hips and your feet wide apart, he'll get defensive and
instinctively want to fight back," says body-language expert Patti Wood, author
of Success Signals. Similarly, if you stand meekly and tilt your head while
talking to him, he might take it as a sign that you're too submissive. "The best way to stay on equal ground is to stand with good posture, your head up, and
an open frame so he sees you as being on the same level as he is. This
way, he'll be more apt to want to talk things through with you," says Wood.

BOYFRIEND BUMMER 5: He Won't Drag His Ass Off the Couch

Approach Him at the Right Time

As Used on Lions

Lions are, in a word, lazy. According to trainers, they sleep for up to 20 hours
a day and only move when they see it as beneficial to themselves. "Trying to
get a lion to do something when it's in resting mode can be very difficult and
even dangerous," says lion wrangler Dave Salmoni, host of Animal Planet's
After the Attack. "That's why we make use of the animal's active time instead
of trying to force it into doing something it doesn't want to when it's chilling. "

Apply It to Your Guy

A man in veg-out mode is unlikely to move his rear no matter how much you
try to engage him. "You have to gauge when he's in a productive mood and
then pounce to get him to do what you want," says Riche. If you notice that he
prefers working out in the morning, that's a good time to ask him to help you
clean when he's finished. If you need something done during his downtime
and don't want to wait, bribe him. "Motivate him by making it worth his while,"
says Riche. When you feel like you haven't been able to have a heart-to-heart
but he's in a coma in front of the TV, try plying him with his favorite snack. If his
cravings for the food outweigh his interest in the TV, he'll eventually cave.

BOYFRIEND BUMMER 6: He's Not Romantic

Take Baby Steps

As Used on Elephants

These mammals can learn a variety of tasks but only
on an incremental time line. "A trainer would never
expect an animal to learn something without teaching it
how to do it," says Sutherland. For example, if trainers want an elephant to
paint as part of a circus act, they'll first show the animal how to curl its trunk
around the brush. Next, they'll have it dip the brush into the paint. Only then would
they show it how to create brush strokes. Animal trainers call this process of
using small steps toward learning a new behavior successive approximations.

Apply It to Your Guy

The average guy is plenty romantic, but he's not hardwired to plan out the little
details. So if you can't remember the last time he put together a sexy night in
for you both, you'll have to show him the way. Start by staging your apartment
with cues that get you going, like candles and a sultry soundtrack. Have your
favorite chilled wine on hand so you can ask him to open it before dinner. This
creates a ritual in his mind. Eventually, not only will he get a sense of what your
romantic needs are, but he'll also start making a game plan of his own.

Bethany Heitman Bethany Heitman has spent 15 years producing content for women; she is the former editor-in-chief of PeopleStyle and has held senior leadership positions at Cosmopolitan and Seventeen.

10 ways you can train a man just like a dog; Down boys: New book tells girls how to control partners.

WOMEN can tame troublesome partners by treating their men like dogs, says the author of a new book.

American Karen Salmansohn makes the controversial claim in How To Make Your Man Behave In 21 Days Or Less Using The Secrets Of Professional Dog Trainers.

Her techniques include withholding affection from a man when he misbehaves - just like resisting those puppy dog eyes.

And rewarding a man when he's good - but always keeping him on a firm leash.

Karen, a 30-something former advertising executive, says she discovered her man-training skills by accident while trying out dog-training techniques on her cats.

She explained: "I lived in a building which didn't allow dogs so I got two cats and figured the next best thing was to train them to be like dogs - to do tricks, sit up and beg, stuff like that.

"Sadly, my efforts had no effect on the animals. However, I noticed a marked change in my boyfriend's behaviour."

New Yorker Karen gave up on her cats and switched to training her boyfriend without his know ledge. "It really worked," she claims. "I was amazed."

Although Karen is no longer with that man - "I had him put down," she jokes - she has used the same methods in her other relationships and is now engaged to the man of her dreams.

"He thinks the book's hilarious," she says, "but that's probably because I have him trained to laugh on command.

"But, all joking aside, taking the time to train a dog really shows that you care - and I believe the same goes for men.

"And the rewards with a well-trained man are far greater than with a dog."

Basic rules of man-training, according to Karen, go something like this:

1. To keep him on his best behaviour, fill his bowl halfway so he's always yearning for more.

2. If he is running away do not give chase. Do something to catch his attention - maybe flaunt a colourful plaything. He'll soon come trotting back.

3. Until trust is built, keep him on a leash. If that trust is in question, advance to a choke collar.

4. Gentle strokes and playful petting will keep him on his best behaviour.

5. Always say "No" clearly, so there's no mistaking that you mean it.

6. Punish directly after misbehaviour by immediately rubbing his nose in the mess he's made.

7. Never be nice to a man in the hope of winning him over. Refuse to play with him if he's disobedient, resisting the lure of his puppy dog eyes.

8. If he's panting after things he can't have, teach him that forbidden temptation equals intense emotional pain.

9. Don't make a habit of yelling or in time he will never listen.

10. Find out his favourite treats then promise him one if he does as he is told.

Of course, the older the man, the harder he is to train, but Karen's book promises results within 21 days.

Madonna is said to be among the fans of this book - which is perhaps why Guy Ritchie is often seen trotting along behind her wherever she goes. To see how easily the book's advice could be put into practice, the Sunday Mail caught up with Jon Eriksen, 29, and his girlfriend Kirsty Mullen, 20, pictured above

She bravely put the techniques to the test to find out whether the author is barking up the wrong tree.

The couple, from Abronhill, Cumbernauld, have been an item for two years.

Jon said: "I'm really into the stroking idea, but not so keen on the punishment."

Care assistant Kirsty said: "Jon is very loyal. The book recommends you keep your man on a tight lead, but I don't think that would work for us."

So confident is she of Jon's loyalty, she's happy for him to hit the Highlands with a group of mates this weekend.

But loyalty isn't the only striking similarity that Jon has with man's best friend. The full-of-fun estate worker claims he follows Kirsty all around the house.

"Maybe he is simply marking out his territory," says Kirsty.


ASIDE from her advice for attached women who are already in relationships and want to improve them by training their men, Karen offers tips to single girls on selecting a suitable 'breed' of man in the first place, and evaluates their behavioural characteristics. She lists them in five main categories.

The Terrier

Aggressive, but a loyal companion. Consider how much time and energy you are willing to put into a relationship.

Male equivalent: Bobby Carlyle.

The Sporting Dog

Needs a lot of daily exercise and attention. Unhappy if kept indoors. Easily bored. Likes playing games with you.

Male equivalent: David Beckham.

The Hound Dog

A hunter by nature, instinctively driven to chase. Has great stamina. Tends to be noisy and playful.

Male equivalent: Rod Stewart

The Working Dog

Strong, territorial and protective over whoever takes him home. Tends to be quiet, independent and anti-social.

Male equivalent: Harrison Ford.

The Toy Dog

Bred mainly for show. As loving with others as with you. Often inspires strangers to pet him.

Male equivalent: Hugh Grant.

Obedience of a wise wife - Psychologos

March 09, 2017, 19:10

Author: Korepanova Julia, University of Practical Psychology

I have a wonderful family, but I still really need this Distance exercise. The tasks that I set for myself:

The film "What kind of wife should be"

  • We discuss serious issues together, and on trifles I do everything the way my husband says, even if he is wrong.
  • I am learning to appreciate my husband, I use phrases more often: Yes, dear. As you say, so I will do. Lord, how smart you are!
  • I agree easily, without melancholy and inner protest. If I am told, I do it right away, not when it becomes comfortable.
  • If I have an internal disagreement, I first do what I was told, and discuss later: in a calm atmosphere, when there is time for this.
  • When my husband wants to take responsibility, I kiss him. I like to make my husband the head of the family.

I fix on a 10-point scale where I am at the beginning of the exercise and where at the end of the study regarding this statement: “An obedient wife: easily, without internal protests, I accept my husband’s decisions and carry them out, only in serious matters can I act like this, as I consider the most beneficial for solving the problem; I easily express my admiration for my husband.” In addition, I use my husband’s expert opinion - I ask what he thinks of my obedience at the beginning of the exercise and after working through.

I managed to catch a few minor “disobediences” in my house. This is a joy, because a whole field has opened up for establishing even warmer and more harmonious relations in our family. For example: we are in the store, shopping. I have a bag on my shoulder, empty, but voluminous. Passing by shelves with some bottles, I must have touched one of the bottles. The husband says: "Be careful, you touch the bottles." The first reaction is none. It flew into one ear .... Even somewhere there is irritation - they say, nothing has fallen, why is he talking? But then I realized that this is what manifested itself - "disobedience in small things." Obediently, she took off her bag from her shoulders and said to her husband, “And, indeed, it’s also much safer and you don’t hurt anything or anyone.”

Before doing the exercise, my husband gave me a grade of “9” on a scale from 1 to 10, after working out I got a “ten”

My thoughts that I found curious:

When I started this exercise, I saw the image of a nun in a kerchief with her paws folded. But then I decided that I would not just be obedient-and-point, but active and obedient, cheerful and obedient. Came the image of a pioneer-to all-guys-example. So it became more fun and easier to work out the exercise.

Maryana Shmelkova, also a student at the University, contributed to this topic. She wrote the Manifesto of a woman's obedience, but in fact she formulated her requirements for a man to whom she would obey. Well, not every man a smart woman will demonstrate obedience?


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I obey a man who gets up before me, thinks through his day, including taking care of himself, family, children, his business. He knows how to keep himself in a resourceful state and can teach this to others.

I obey a man who informs me about his plans, values, aspirations, I am ready to support him in everything. I know exactly what time I should have breakfast, lunch, dinner ready, because in the evening he asked me about it, I obey him. I understand that there may be deviations, because he can change his plans and he is responsible for this.

I obey a man who cares about his health. He definitely does morning exercises, introduces children to this.

I listen to a man who values ​​time and knows that every day you live gives a result that serves as an investment in tomorrow.

I obey a man who jokes, is easy to communicate, but at the same time follows the format and clearly knows what should be the result of such communication. I obey a man who is the best “warmer” for me, made me think and who knows how to say it with great love and care, showing his understanding and support.

I obey a man to whom I am infinitely grateful for what he does for me, my children, my parents and relatives, who takes care of me, about my happy old age, who expresses his love to me and I constantly feel his participation in my life, who finds time to communicate with me, he himself tells me a lot and rejoices when I share something with him, he is always on my side. He notes that I do all the same points to him easily and joyfully.

I obey a man for whom the word “I don't care” does not exist, because he always knows exactly what he wants, what he needs, what he will get in the end.

I obey a man whom I infinitely love and respect, whom I can "reproach", for whom I am ready to do a lot, represent his interests, educate myself, and he sees this, he appreciates it and strengthens it in me.

Reply to comments

Is it really pleasant to play pioneer in adulthood (and if you decide to start a family, then a person should be mature)? Yes, and get marks "for good behavior" ... No, well, to each his own, of course .. there are girls-wives, until old age in bows, and it's scary to say a word across - what if they don't approve? IMHO this is the consequences of parental control in childhood. The girl grew up, but looking back at the elder remained. Maybe that's just easier to live? It is only interesting, but how to raise children, if you still need the constant approval of your husband?

N.I. Kozlov

I answer: it's nice to play pioneer. Try it: peppy energetic intonations, lively eyes - it's great. Just an exercise - about something else and for other purposes. Obedience to a wise wife is an exercise for those women who want to be married to worthy men and want to be able to love such - very worthy! - men. And being married to a high-level man is not easy. Firstly, there are not many such men, but there are many women who want to be with him. And you should be his choice. Further: worthy men are demanding, they do not forgive stupidity, indiscipline and a scattered lifestyle - traits characteristic of a mass personality. He always learns himself, and in order to be on a level with him, a woman must also always learn.

If you want to work in a high position, you must qualify. You must learn both professional skills and professional etiquette, and most importantly, you must become a person who will look appropriate next to other high personalities. You should have a clean and competent speech, good posture, you should stop objecting and not weaving a little, learn to listen carefully, smile pleasantly and compliment - and also be able to clearly formulate your thoughts and requirements (note - to formulate right away, and not in the process of a long conversation, until she herself understands what she wanted to say), to be able to control herself and her emotions, to be able to subordinate and obey. All this needs to be learned. Including - to learn subordination, and this is not easy.

It's not easy, but necessary. The fact is that worthy men agree to only one type of family - a family where they are the head of the family. They are leaders and they deserve it. Why do they need something else? And a woman who wants to be married (read carefully: FOR a worthy HUSBAND), next to this will be happy.

Dear women! Do you want to be free and live without obligations? You have the right. But who needs you then as wives? And if you choose to be really FOR THE HUSBAND, then you need to learn this. Happiness to you!

  • Distance exercises
  • obedience
  • Material relations
  • Wife

Comments (16):

Ivanova S.V., February 21, 2017, 16:16

I am very for cooperation in the family, I am very well And, of course, I think that the husband is the head of the family. But the attitude to "obedience" should not be in the family. This is not an army, not an educational institution and not a judicial-executive body. In addition, obedience implies not only a hierarchy, but also some isolation, belonging to different groups. Obedience to the confessor presupposes not only the revelation of thoughts, but also the distance of respect in front of the confessor.



Guest, March 25, 2020 at 12:30 pm

Obedience is an expression of a wife's love for her husband. This is cooperation.

Guest, April 09, 2020, 18:11

It's good that you consider your husband to be the head, since God has established this order in the family, it is written about this in the Bible. “I also want you to know that Christ is the head of every man, the husband is the head of the wife, and God is the head of Christ” (1 Corinthians 11:3). But it is worth mentioning that it also says how a husband should exercise headship. “So husbands should love their wives as their bodies: he who loves his wife loves himself. For no one has ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and warms it ...” (Ephesians chapter 5)

Guest, February 24, 2017 at 12:34 pm

And I prefer not obedience, but respect. Thank God, a woman in a family can be on an equal footing. March 17, 2019 "Obedience" is not humiliation and spinelessness. At least in this text. Obedience can mean the ability to cooperate, make concessions, treat kindly.

Guest, March 02, 2017, 01:47

Is it really pleasant in adulthood (and if you decide to start a family, then a person should be mature) to play pioneer? Yes, and get marks for "good behavior" ... No, well, to each his own, of course. IMHO this is the consequences of parental control in childhood. The girl grew up, but looking back at the elder remained. Maybe that's just easier to live? It is only interesting, but how to raise children, if you still need the constant approval of your husband?



N. I. Kozlov, 05 April 2017, 07:22

Answered directly in the article.

Guest, April 12, 2017, 10:59 PM

Is it nice to play pioneer????? I don't think. This is a big strain, internal, in fact. It's the same as babysitting. You must be honored, become like this little boy, so that everything goes smoothly for you. But - I tried. It takes so much energy and it is also a game, but morally, it is difficult, not the right word. It seems to me that the French have correctly distributed their family obligations. No one bugs anyone and does not require a game. Everyone remains the same, the main thing is to learn simple rules of behavior so as not to irritate your nearby man or child ...



Guest, Mar 05, 2020 10:17 AM

Apparently, when you tried, the answer didn't come back as a real male concern. Fully agree with the article. A decent man needs just such a woman. Well, I fed him in the morning, well, in the evening, I take care of children, I don’t argue, I agree, God bless him! But I don’t work at 100 jobs, I relax all day long, go in for sports, work, children, charity, he buys cars for me, gives me apartments, pays for travel! He protects and provides for us. It's really nice for such a man to be obedient ;)) And for 60 years I'll be a beauty simply because I'm not busy with work, like, unfortunately, many other women, and, most likely, have a house given to him somewhere in Bali ;) 9November 12, 2020 She sometimes BREAKS out to the sports club for an hour. And she complains that it is very difficult for her to go out somewhere, because. husband immediately: "And who will look after the house?" And I remember the wise words: "A woman should be economically independent."

Guest, May 02, 2017, 05:17

I am happy for Yulia's success and absolutely agree with the position of Nikolai Ivanovich! I live with a decent man and it's really not easy, but the results are pleasing. My husband very often said to me: "Well, when will you start to hear and listen to me?" And you know, I’m all so-so-so-so: with a higher education, interesting work and self-sufficient, loving to enter the man’s area of ​​\u200b\u200bresponsibility and beat my chest with my fists, that I can do everything myself. After I began to independently study the issue of relations between spouses (by reading books and articles by Nikolai Ivanovich), everything became different in my family: the words addressed to my husband “yes dear”, “well, let’s do as you decided” sound constantly. And he is extremely happy. He feels very confident in the family and in relationships with other people. In most cases, women deprive their husbands of the opportunity to be the head of the family. I recently heard this phrase from a young girl: "I will never be under a man"! But this is a substitution of concepts. How many more women are there?



Guest, March 04, 2019, 03:24

My joy!. But where have you seen such an ideal one? To obey him and forget about your mind? Well, maybe she is happy while he is alive, and if he leaves, then who will command? Son? The very practice of decision-making and responsibility does not exist. And children to quote dad, in his absence? It is very pleasant for a man when a woman is nobody. A high-ranking housemaid. And only running to the grave is suitable, on occasion. Not waving a bag is not obedience, but sanity. A man wants to be always right - that's all. And if a woman is smarter, then bend her personality, cut it to fit her standards. There is no wisdom behind this, only a hierarchy in the herd.

Guest, March 25, 2018, 12:59

This type of behavior of a woman in a family, I think, is suitable for a family where the husband is a high-ranking leader, an oligarch, with an authoritarian type of character who does not tolerate objections. And his wife is a young girl. Family type - "daddy-daughter." An instruction for such wives on how to live peacefully with such a husband. He decides everything for her, she obeys him.



Guest, Mar 05, 2020, 10:20 am

No, you misunderstand. Nothing of the sort ;) You just have to be smarter and wiser. When a man is worthy, he will not allow such a scenario. It will not come to this, but with the bulk of men, yes, it can happen. 9November 12, 2020 The article describes the technique of manipulation. And what stands behind "Yes, dear, you're right" - a granite foundation or quicksand - a "status man" is not interested.

Guest, May 23, 2021, 11:35 AM

Obedience is my main character trait. As a result, she was married three times and three times she made monsters out of normal people. When all the time with his head down or with enthusiastic eyes, then the husband is eager to either patronize or rule. As a result, you turn into a shadow and live with quiet hatred. In general, the article is not for everyone. For driven people like me, obedience is taboo.

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getting started and how to achieve obedience

Congratulations! It's time to take home a puppy! You know how important social interaction and good behavior are to a pet, so it's in your best interest to start obedience training at home as soon as you have a puppy. Plus, training helps create a strong bond between your dog and your family. But where do you start?

From this article you will learn:

  1. What is obedience training?
  2. What behavior of the puppy should be paid attention to;
  3. How to conduct obedience training at home;
  4. What is the help of a professional trainer.

What is puppy obedience training?

Obedience training will help your pet understand his role in your family and in the world around him, and learn all the skills necessary to interact with dogs and with your family members or other people. Training is the first step to learning good behavior and avoiding bad. Dogs are usually trained with simple commands like "sit" and "next" and can later be taught more specific things like sitting quietly in the cage and not whining or begging and patiently waiting for the family to finish dinner.

The biggest advantage of home training is that you can tailor a program to suit your dog and your lifestyle. There is no such thing as a necessary or unnecessary skill to start with. The most important skill to teach your dog is the ability to listen and follow your commands.

Behavior to watch out for

It is important to understand what you want to avoid in order to instill good habits in your dog from the start. Some pet owners want to prevent excessive barking, while others are concerned that their dog will chew on inedible items (dangerous houseplants or shoes). Other trouble spots that pet owners want to avoid in the future are digging, begging, stealing food, and defecation in the house.

Your puppy's body language

It is usually difficult to teach obedience to your puppy during a family meal. You are the leader of the pack for him, devouring delicious food, and he looks at you with his huge puppy eyes that you can’t resist. At these moments, you need to control yourself and not feed him scraps from the table. This will help the puppy avoid excess weight and teach him that he will not achieve anything by begging. It is important that the whole family abide by this rule. Indulging in bad habits with even one family member can put all your efforts in raising a puppy down the drain.

Signs of aggression and submissiveness

If your puppy feels a surge of courage or aggression, he will try to become bigger by proudly raising his head, tail and ears up. He will also put forward his chest, and the hair on his neck and back will be reared. The puppy can growl and slowly wag its tail.

Submissive dogs, on the other hand, try to appear smaller and behave like puppies. This is because an adult dog will “scold” a puppy, but will not attack him. Submissiveness of your dog will be expressed in the fact that he will fall sideways to the ground, tail flattening, but wagging it. She can also lick the face of a dominant dog or person and even ride on her back.

In any case, you need to help her get rid of this behavior. Either reducing aggression, or helping her feel more confident, and not be afraid of everyone and everything.

Barking or whining

Of course, barking and whining can be a little annoying for you and your neighbors, but don't forget that this is a natural dog behavior and part of his communication. Therefore, it is very important to teach your puppy when to bark and when not. After all, you want your dog to bark when it sees a stranger entering the house, not every time it sees a squirrel.

Don't encourage whining either. When a dog whines and you comfort him, you are encouraging the behavior and he will whine for you to come and comfort him. In this case, you need to ignore the puppy's whining - yes, it will be very difficult, but you will be rewarded when the whining stops and you can finally sleep at night.

Finally, being around children and other animals is the main reason why you should start training your puppy. In order for you to invite guests to your place and take the dog "to people", you must be sure that she will be able to communicate calmly, without posing a danger to her four-legged brethren and people of different ages. Usually, pets become very playful around children, therefore, teaching a pet to behave around children is an integral part of training, even if there are no children in your family. Your dog may run into children on a walk, and it is important that their sometimes unpredictable or cocky behavior does not upset or frighten the puppy.

Even if you only care about one or two problems, it is important to work on the behavior and socialization of the dog as a whole in home obedience training. If you have an idea of ​​what you want to focus on, this is a good start. But don't forget to address all kinds of problematic puppy behavior during training.

Home training at the training school

Dogs are ready and eager to learn, so you need to start training as soon as you bring the puppy home. Every time you let him misbehave can set you back in puppy training, so get him off to a good start. Here are some tips for home obedience training your puppy.

Training sessions should be short

Puppies' attention span is not very long, so training sessions should be short. Practice one command five times during training and after training, when possible. Your dog can only perform one action at a time, so focus on one skill and only move on to another when he has mastered it. You should also always end training on a positive note so that your pet looks forward to the next session.

Be consistent

When you were in school, what helped you memorize the spelling of words and the multiplication table? Practice! Consistency is the foundation of your puppy's training. Not only does he need to practice commands with you over and over again, but he also needs you to be consistent in your approach to training. This means constantly practicing commands, even if you are tired or busy. For example, you are cooking dinner and your dog is giving you a sign that he needs to go outside to do his business - turn off the stove and take him outside immediately. Use the same command words that you use when training simple commands such as "sit" or "beside" or "no". This will help to remember that each word is associated with a specific command that you want to teach her.

Reinforce learned commands wherever you are

If you want your puppy to follow commands in a variety of places and situations, don't limit training to one room or area in the yard. Reinforce commands at home, in the backyard, in the front garden, in the vicinity of your home, in the forest, park or any other place that you visit with your pet. There are many different distracting smells and sounds in new places, and you want the dog to still follow learned commands under various environmental conditions. Also, while it is good for one adult to act as pack leader, every member of the family should also train your dog. Part of training a puppy for obedience is just remembering where he is in the pack, so everyone should be involved. This will help your dog follow the commands of all people, not just one leader.

Reward your puppy

Dogs are very motivated by awards and rewards. Create pleasant associations in your puppy with following your commands with verbal encouragement or with a handful of healthy dog ​​treats. Rewards not only make the training process much more interesting, but also give the dog an incentive. Just make sure that treats make up no more than ten percent of your dog's daily calories so he doesn't gain weight.

The joy of the owner is a great motivation for the dog, but try to find ways to reward your pet. However, as soon as the dog begins to perform a certain command, wean it from the treats. This will give her confidence to carry out commands on her own and teach her that not every good deed will be rewarded.

Consider training with professionals

Some pet owners prefer to have their dog trained in social interaction after home training is over. Specialized puppy classes often focus on training dogs between the ages of eight to ten weeks and five months of age. In these sessions, they, along with other adult dogs and puppies, reinforce the good behavior skills that they have been taught at home. A puppy's early interactions with people and other dogs will help him understand what is acceptable in the big world outside of your yard.

If you have any problems with obedience training at home, or you just need a piece of advice from someone more experienced, a professional trainer will help you. He can work with your dog at your home or at his training base. Before hiring someone, check if this specialist has sufficient qualifications. Just talk to him about his training methods to make sure they match the way you would like to train your pet. If you need advice, ask your veterinarian or a friend who has recently given a puppy for training.

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