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All these tests are personalized to your preference and full privacy is assured. The quizzes are usually 8-12 questions long. The original lovetest is a bit longer and offers more features. Usually every month, there are new quizzes added, so make sure to come back to the site very often to see what’s new and exciting.

Take one of our personalized love tests. The questionnaires of these tests are personalized just for you and additional features are available as well.

The Original LoveTest

answer 42 questions and get advice about your relationship as well as compatibility information.

Love Thermometer / Calculator

the love thermometer calculates how hot the romance with your heartthrob can be. Several test options to choose from.

Love Fortune Teller

Did you ever want to get more information about yourself? Then ask the Love Fortune Teller for more insights. It’s fast and a pretty accurate…

Love Compatibility Analysis

This is our newest love analyzer… enter your birthday and the birthday of your partner to find out how compatible you are on the astro-birth level.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

A quick glance, a friendly smile – sometimes it clicks immediately between two persons. Other people take a bit longer to fall in love. Are you the kind of person to fall in love at first sight? Take this test and find out…

Have you found your perfect match yet?

Is your heart pounding like crazy when you see your heartthrob? I bet you want to give him or her a big hug and hot kisses and never let got again. Let’s be honest! Are you really sure that you were made for each other or is it just a little crush?

Do you know how to kiss right?

Do you know how to kiss right? Actually, it doesn’t dependent only on you, but also on your partner. There are lots of different kisses: wet and sloppy, warm and sensual, hot and arousing, sweet and short. Do you have the right feeling when it comes to kissing? Is your partner happy with your experience of kissing?

Are you good at flirting?

A quick glance, a friendly smile, an affectionate gesture – sometimes sparks are flying immediately when you are flirting. However what can you do when your heartthrob hasn’t caught fire? What’s your approach? Do you take the first step or do you wait for the other person to make the first move?

Will you find true love this year?

How was your love life in the last year? Still haven’t found your true love yet? Maybe everything will be different this year. Take this 8 question love quiz and find out what awaits you in the next 12 months. You’ll see if you find your soulmate easily or if you have to work a bit on it…

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About LoveTest |

Hi there!

Thank you for visiting the original Internet LoveTest.

The LoveTest started out when I was still in High School. A couple of love and romance tests circulated in our classes and we were quite interested in knowing the results of how we matched to our dream girl/boy. Being a teenager was hard enough, but not having any clue about your dream partner was even worse.

Our lunch breaks were not long enough to allow everybody to take the tests. That’s when I decided to write a small program which would help us to analyse the results of the tests.

The first version of LoveTest was a very simple program which was written in February 1991. It asked the different questions on the computer screen and my friends entered “Yes”, “No” or “Don’t know” to each question. This was used to calculate the one sentence result.

The next version got more sophisticated. It also allowed the test-taker to enter his/her name and the name of his/her dream-person. These names were used to calculate the compatibility between the two persons using numerology.

This program allowed us to calculate the results for virtually all classmates. It was great fun. After the success of the program at school, I decided to write an international version of it in English and to give it to my friends and my father’s customers. Unfortunately, the last version of this offline LoveTest, which was localized in 4 languages, was lost during a harddisk crash.

When I got my own Internet connection in 1994, I only used it for web surfing and to send e-mail to my friends from around the world. Then in June 1995, I got my first web pages online. After a while I got bored by these plain web pages and decided to add some interactivity. In December 1995, I started learning how to write CGI programs for Macintosh computers. CGI programs are small applications which run on a web server and are operated through a web browser anywhere on this planet.

At the time I remembered that I still had the LoveTest somewhere. After scanning about 400 floppy disks, I found it again. Yes! That’s when I decided to convert the offline LoveTest program into an online LoveTest CGI.

The online LoveTest has all the features the offline version had, plus a couple of new additions. The online LoveTest also includes information about the zodiac signs and how they are compatible. The original LoveTest site went online on Friday, February 23rd, 1996.

When I put the site online, I didn’t know what I started. Since that date, more than 650 million tests were taken. I received a lot of suggestions and made many improvements to the site.

Right now, you are looking at the whole new LoveTest site. It has a lot more information, it is faster and contains many more features and tests. I’m very grateful to my sponsors and especially AstroServices Inc., the publishers of AstroMate and AstroAdvice. They allowed me to include even more astrological information for your enjoyment.

Once again, thank you very much for visiting the “Original Internet LoveTest”. I hope you are enjoying your visit. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards;

Jochen “Joe” Savelberg

PS: See the awards we’ve received!

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How jealous are you?

Are your couples compatible?

Sexual Orientation Test

How vulgar are you?

What type of guy suits you?

How much are you in love?

Do you have real feelings for him?

Does a man love you?

How sexy are you? Test for girls

Are you able to excite a man?

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Tests about love and family especially often occupy the minds of young girls. Do you like him? Is it love? What does he feel for you? These and many similar questions girls ask themselves all the time. And in order to get some kind of answer and calm the raging thoughts, you should choose the love test you like and take it right now. In addition, in the category "Love and family" there are tests for children.

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    26.02.2023 at 21:00 the ability and attitude of the characters towards youQuestion 1. Hello sunshine! Tell me about your character...

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