I am not the same person anymore

I’m not the same person I was a year ago, and that’s okay. | by Kim Thuy Tu | Into The Deep


A year ago, I would have probably rejected this idea and reprimanded myself heavily for even considering it.

To me, changing was synonymous to losing one’s identity. Over the years, I fought off any indication of it. If my interests for something was waning, I would try to hold on even tighter. If I started to drift away from anyone I was close to, I would try to initiate even more efforts on my end. If I noticed that my thoughts didn’t match the perception of who I thought I was, I would make the appropriate adjustments necessary to make sure they would aligned. It was clear how rigid, unyielding, and critical I was of myself.

Without knowing it, I was heading down a path contrary to everything I stood for — honesty, truth, autonomy. Externally, I was a picture of self-confidence. Internally, I was revolting. Every cell, nerve, and fiber of my being was screaming for me to let go. Let go of the strict principles that no longer aligned with my current values and priorities. Let go of the people that no longer contributed to my life. More importantly, I needed to let go of the perceived perception I had of myself and embrace the person I was becoming. By letting go of the hold that was impeding on my desired self-growth, the bridge connecting me to the person I aspired to be started to rebuild itself.

With any personal development, it happened gradually. Sometimes it would happen so gradually that we don’t even realize it was happening at all. All we know is that — there was something magical stirring inside us, and it felt good. For me, it took four months, a four hour drive back home, and one simple question to bring the transformation centerstage. The question itself was pretty trivial, but the thoughts and feelings that followed was anything but.

What was the question? It was simply, “Did I want crawfish?” Passing through Orlando never failed to prompt that question. To any of my friends, that answer was obvious. Of course I wanted crawfish. I’ve never not wanted crawfish. I’ve never driven through Orlando without stopping for crawfish. Crawfish was my ish, my obsession, my guilty pleasure. I was the girl who drove an hour and a half to Orlando just to get a pound of crawfish (and an extra pound for the drive back) on a whim. And yet, my answer was simply— “No”. In fact, it has been a long time since I’ve said yes. That got me thinking… What else do I not do anymore? It’s easy to associate the person we are now with the things we commit to on a day to day basis. But what about the things we don’t do anymore? The things we left behind in the past in order to make way for the person we are becoming? Keep in mind I don’t mean the big things. I mean the little things. Because it’s the little things that makes up your habit, the way you think, and the way you perceive life. Last but not least, its a representation of your values. To quote Tony Robbins, in his book Awaken The Giant Within,

“Once you know what your values are, you can clearly understand why you head in the directions that you do on a consistent basis.

And why four months? Because that was the amount of time it took for me to establish my new habits and made it stick. Here’s what I learned—

Recently, I have come to appreciate a new sense of urgency in the way I think and do things. In a way, I’ve come to really value my time. That being said, I have a lot less tolerance for people and activities that I mark off as adding very little value to my life. I have very little tolerance for drama, frivolity, and apathetic people. The people who are dear to me are the ones who not only inspires, but challenges and holds me to a higher standard— much like I do for them. Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” and I believe in that religiously. I will not hesitate to walk away from a person, or a job, that I believe no longer contributes growth or value into my life.

I used to make a lot of excuses for myself as to why I shouldn’t do something. Or why I shouldn’t continue to do something when it showed the slightest sense of resistance. It was a weak mentality and it’s become something I’ve tried to eradicate. To combat this, I would have a conversation with myself and ask the following questions. Is what I’m doing important to me? Does it add value to my life? And if it doesn’t, what will I lose from not doing it? And most importantly, what can I learn from it? How will it help me grow as a person? After awhile, it becomes almost intuitive for me to call myself out if I felt like I was making some bullshit excuse. And when that happened, I would kinda just let out a laugh. Good try, self. You tried.

I used to only go after things when I felt like I was ready for it. I was complacent and cautious with how I went about achieving my ambitions. I didn’t fear rejection. What I feared was failure— and the sense of not being good enough. Because of that fear, I would only shoot for goals and accomplishments that I felt was within my reach. Sometimes I would rock the boat, but not by much. I was a perfectionistic strategist who wanted to win by playing it safe. But that’s not how you get the big piece of the pie, is it? You succeed by throwing yourself in the deep ends, in doing so, you teach yourself how to swim and stay afloat. You succeed by trying and failing— a lot. You succeed and grow by failing forward. By allowing myself to become more daring, so did my dreams. In the words of Steve Jobs, “Stay hungry, Stay foolish.”

I used to hate doing laundry. I would put my clothes in the washer, and it would stay there for a couple of days, or even a week. When I would finally came around to checking on it, I would rationalize that it’s been in the washer for far too long and deserves a second wash before I can put it in the dryer. This cycle would continue a couple of times until I was lucky enough to remember, allowing me to move the newly washed clothes into the dryer. Even when it’s in the dryer, it would stay there for a couple of days. Which by then means that it is completely wrinkled, and I would have to start the whole drying process again. Even after doing my laundry, the clothes would stay in the basket until (yup, you guessed it) it became too wrinkled which required me to start the whole washing/drying process again before I can actually fold and put my clothes away. I don’t know why the process of doing my laundry was so tedious and painful, but it was. I could wash a hundred dishes and be okay. But doing laundry, that was my kryptonite. Fast-forward to present day, the process has became rather effortless and straightforward. Now, I would wait till I have just enough clothes to wash, put it in the washer, and pushed for it to start. Immediately after the cycle was over, I would move it into the dryer. Once it was done, I would fold and hang up the clothes in peace (while it was still warm — so no wrinkles!). What would have took me a week to do, I was able to accomplish in just a few hours. Little victories, you know? This also goes to my other chores like washing the dishes. In the last four months, I’ve only left the dishes in the sink about twice. Even then, I would wash it the next morning. I made it a habit to do everything as soon as I can, and in doing so, this translated over to all the different areas of my life as well.

To me, living a minimal life means you needed less to be happy. You don’t need the latest whatchamacallit, or anything material to be content. You just needed to be present. One of the things I hate the most is being indecisive because the variable cost is obviously — time. There’s two events that takes up a lot of my time everyday; one is deciding what to eat, and two, what to wear. I solved the first issue by establishing a go-to breakfast item (half an avocado, 3 toasts, dried chili and tabasco sauce, and one egg) that was quick, easy, and delicious to make every morning. I had my lunch and dinner ready for the week by food-prepping the day before. This cut down not only time spent debating on what to eat but also money spent eating out. As to what to wear, I’ve donated more than half of my closet… reducing the options dramatically. Now I understand why Mark Zuckerberg wear the same T-shirt everyday. The other positive thing about living minimally is that your attachments to physical things also gets reduced. I’m a pretty sentimental person, but that didn’t stop me from implementing the law of “Fuck Yes or No”. To put simply, if it’s not a “Fuck Yes”, then it’s gotta go. In retrospect, I was heading down this path as early as my junior year. When I first came to college, I brought everything from home with me. My movie collections, my book collections, my game consoles, my Pokemon card binder. I wanted my room to be representative of me so I would hung up christmas lights across the walls with pictures clipped on to them using wooden clothespin. As the college years rolled by, instead of becoming more cluttered, my room started becoming more bare. Now my room is mostly white (and empty), with a window for light to shine through, a white rack parading a gradient of blush to white dresses, with small reminisce of the person I am now littered neatly around the room. Obviously some habits never dies, such as my love for christmas lights. Don’t worry, I didn’t throw away my Pokemon binder (secretly wishing that it’ll be worth several thousands once I hand them down to my grandkids) or movie/book collections. I didn’t have the heart to anyway. Instead, they’re now collecting dust in my parent’s garage.

The first two image is from my freshmen year (2012), and the last image is my room now (2017).

I’ve never been an emotional person, but there were several times where I would jump the gun on judging a situation. Either someone said something that didn’t quite sit right with me or something happened that was outside of my control— whatever it was, I did not hesitate to be vocal about how I felt about it. Over time, I’ve come to be pretty proud of my calm demeanor, but it’s not without practice. It’s easy for me to look unaffected by a situation, but internally, I cared deeply. With time, patience, and a changed perspective, I came to be more indifferent of the negative experiences and people that passes through my life. I don’t believe in having disdain for anyone because even doing that is a waste of mental and emotional energy. By directing my attention and emotions to the things that brings me joy, it gave me very little room to brood over complicated and trivial matters. In applying this mentality, I became more thankful of the things I do have in my life. It was like coming up for a breathe of fresh air.

After suffering from tonsillitis for the last two years, I became determined to take better care of my health following the recovery. My parents had always nagged me to get my tonsils removed but I never got around to doing it until my health started to worsen. In a way, I felt like I was untouchable. I don’t smoke or engage in destructive activities. I exercised from time to time so I was physically fit. I didn’t believe my inflamed tonsils would have the power to obstruct my way of living so I cast it aside. As days, weeks, and months went by, my symptoms got much more severe. I woke up everyday feeling sluggish, unmotivated, and depleted of energy— pretty much like a walking zombie. Even on days when I slept in, I would feel even worse. I couldn’t study efficiently because of the many naps I had to take throughout the day to stay awake because I was too tired to function. As a result, my grades began to suffer. With tonsillitis, my symptoms came mainly from sleep apnea. My parents worried every day of their life until I finally got the surgery. Would there come a day when I could just stop breathing in my sleep and never wake up? It was always a possibility. It wasn’t the idea of death that finally got me to do something about my tonsillitis. It was the way I was slipping away, slowly. I became lazy, unmotivated, and fragile. I also became sick a lot more easily during this time. When my grades started to drop, I blamed myself harshly for my lack of productivity. I even called myself a failure, a disappointment. This was, by far, the lowest point of my life. When I finally realized that my failing health and lack of motivation was due to my tonsillitis, I started to take immediate actions. Needless to say, I am in perfect health now after the surgery. I sleep normally. I wake up feeling fully refreshed and awake with the 7–8 hours I get a night. I haven’t gotten sick since. I am more motivated than ever. From this experience, I realized how valuable a role health played into my future success. Now, I run every morning for 20 minutes. I took up a boxing class. I don’t eat fast food or junk food (occasionally ramen, but not without cucumbers). All in all, I am determined to live a healthy, long life so that I can have the lasting strength to do everything I set out to do.

My priorities used to be myself, my career, and traveling. Now it’s my health, self-growth, success, and my family. It’s amazing how a shift in priorities can radically change the way you conduct your life. When traveling was a part of my top priorities, I spent a lot of money and time traveling to new places on my parent’s income, and the money I had earned from my part-time job. Looking back, it was really selfish, irresponsible and foolish. Yeah, I was pretty spoiled. I don’t regret traveling as much as I did because it played a role in shaping the person I am now. What I will do differently now is to travel when I am financially ready. When I have money to lavish on myself that is actually mine, and not my parents. When I can travel with ease without constantly looking at my bank account. When I have time, because right now, I have really big plans for the future that requires my undivided attention. For self-growth, I’m reading a lot more. My goal for 2017 is to read at least one book a week. As for my family, I have a nephew now. My parents are getting older. I ate dinner with them the other day and all I could think was “How much time do I have left with them?”

A couple of months ago, I asked a question that really shook the way I was looking at life. I asked myself what was the purpose of life. Wow, right? Yeah, I know. Here’s what I wrote in my journal,

“What is the purpose of life?
Are we suppose to just work and then die?
How do we manage to maintain a thirst to live?
Is that why people obsess over work? Over finding love?
Because when you don’t have either, all you have left is yourself.
Shouldn’t that be enough? Is it enough?”

Obviously I was going through a pretty tough time in my life to be asking a question as huge as this. I was in the process of changing my career from medicine to design/business. I had just gotten out of a relationship. I needed to give myself a purpose, because up until this point, I was just living for myself. I didn’t think that was enough of a motivation. The best thing about journaling is that you just let your mind wander. And what you ask, you will receive.

“What keeps us moving?
Are we always suppose to look for the next big thing?
When is it okay to just settle and be happy with what we have?
Do you need to have love? So that you can share your life with another being?
Do you need to obsess over work to feel like you’re useful?
Is there a reason for living?
Is that reason more than ourselves?
Is the purpose of living more than ourselves?
Is the purpose of loving and working more than ourselves?
Maybe our purpose in life is to be useful—
To invest in other people and leave our mark before we fade out of this world.

Kinda morbid, but I think I’m onto something here.

“Maybe to be useful means to give.
Maybe the purpose of us is to give to others.
To give love, motivation, knowledge, support, inspiration, wisdom…
When we give to others, they in turn, give it to someone else…
A continuous cycle. Endless. Intangible.
Is that the purpose?
Is that how we can leave our mark and feel fulfilled?

I would like to think so.
It makes living less daunting when you think that there is a purpose to it all.
You weren’t made just to die.
You were made to be useful.
And to be useful is to give.

Maybe the journey is— how?
To find the answer to how, to the purpose of being useful.”

After this revelation, life became a lot more… interesting. I truly believe my purpose in life is to be useful, to do something great. I want to leave this world knowing that I did my part in shaping it. This has been the fuel to my fire. I’m in it for the bigger picture that is so much bigger than myself.

There were other things I learned about myself, but this is as far as I’ll go. It’s clear to say that I have matured as much as my priorities have. I am, not without my idiosyncrasies however. I am still the girl who makes witty remarks and poorly crafted puns. I still listen to hip-hop and pretend that I can rap. I still laugh at my own jokes. I still visit coffee shops often and sit at the same table by the window every time. Chipotle and crawfish is still my ish. I still love Fruits Basket, Inuyasha, and Pokemon. Playing sports and video games is still my past-time even if I don’t play it as much as I used to. Sure, a lot of things have changed. At the end of the day, you just have evaluate and honestly ask yourself— Am I headed in the right direction? If not, what do I have to do to change? For me, I’m happy to say that I am my favorite version of myself right now. Lastly,

Change is inevitable, progress is a choice.

Change is inevitable. You meet people, they change you. You experience things, and that change you. Whether the people or the experience was bad or good— it doesn’t matter. What matters is the takeaway. What did you learn from it? And how can you use it to your advantage, and grow yourself as a person? Yes, everything happens for a reason— but only if you give it one.

Into The Deep is a collection of my misadventures and insights on living intentionally. Sometimes I also write about design.

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#3. It is no great advantage to possess a quick wit, if it is not correct; the perfection is not speed but uniformity. - Author: Luc De Clapiers
#4. I think it would be over-exaggeration to think that there are millions of viruses ready to jump on us and bring us back to the 14th century. That would be looking over a ledge that isn't there. - Author: Anthony Fauci
#5. Christendom has had a series of revolutions and in each one of them Christianity has died. Christianity has died many times and risen again; for it had a God who knew the way out of the grave. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
#6. The impersonal hand of government can never replace the helping hand of a neighbor. - Author: Hubert H. Humphrey
#7. It's quite a dangerous career move to go wilfully on making films that may not find a distributor. - Author: John Hurt
#8. Hitler emphasized again and again his belief that Nazism was a secular ideology founded on modern science. Science, he declared, would easily destroy the last remaining vestiges of superstition. 'Put a small telescope in a village, and you destroy a world of superstitions.'24 - Author: Richard J. Evans
#9. As life goes on, we accrue more and more loseable objects. Providence dictates that objects that are too large to lose, such as houses, always come with tiny little keys, specially designed to give you the slip. - Author: Craig Brown
#10. Who am I really? Am I still the same person if I'm not even technically a person anymore? Does being stronger make me different? Will it? - Author: Carrie Jones
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"I have no words," I said honestly.
He patted the spot beside him. "Want to try it out? - Author: Richelle Mead
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What to do if you fell out of love

July 1, 2021 One on one Relationship

Don't blame yourself with your partner and be honest.

You can listen to the article. If it's more convenient for you, turn on the podcast.

Love sometimes leaves. It's not about cheating, it's not about someone on the side. It's just that at first a person does not cause former joy. Then it starts to get annoying. I no longer want to rush home after work, spend time together. General jokes are no longer funny, and nicknames are no longer funny. Perhaps the feelings cool down for both partners, but at different speeds. Simply, while one is still in doubt, the other admits to himself and to the person next to him that the fire has gone out. And it hurts everyone. nine0003

When a couple breaks up, usually all the sympathy and support goes to the one they left. There are many articles with advice on how to survive being out of love. But the one who has fallen out of love often falls out of the zone of attention, although he may suffer no less. Together with psychologists, we figure out how to find out that there are no more feelings, and what to do about it.

How to understand that there really are no feelings left

The only way is to understand yourself. This can be done on your own or with a specialist. nine0003

According to psychologist Anna Smetannikova, sometimes the feeling that love has passed can cause accumulated and unspoken claims and emotions. It happens that a person is going through a crisis period, is tired in general and spreads these feelings to a partner. It may seem that if it were not for the second half, then life would be completely different. And it makes you think that love is no more. Finally, often the cause is a banal habit.

Andrey Smirnov


Often the feeling that you have fallen out of love appears when you have too close and long contact with a partner. When people live together for a long time, they get used to each other and may not notice the good that is. As they say, what we have - we do not store, having lost - we cry. This is a very true and vital statement. nine0003

Therefore, when thinking out of the brackets, you need to take out grievances, conflicts and decide whether the feelings have really faded away. Here are a few signs by which you can recognize this:

  • You no longer want to spend time with your partner. You have little interest in everything connected with it.
  • When you think about the future, do not find a place for a partner there, at least in an optimistic scenario.
  • You feel worse with a partner than without him, or at least simply no better than being alone. nine0031
  • It seems to you that there is nothing more to be expected from this relationship.
  • You notice all the weaknesses and shortcomings of your partner and are not ready to forgive them. At the same time, you meet his efforts with indifference.
  • At the thought that a partner will stop loving you or meet someone else and leave, you experience joy and a sense of relief.
  • You meet quarrels with indifference and irritation, you no longer make efforts to get around sharp corners and not offend.
  • You are sorry to waste time, money, spiritual strength on your partner. nine0031

Who is to blame for the fact that feelings have faded

In a difficult situation, one of the usual human reactions is to appoint someone responsible for what is happening. There are two participants in a relationship, so there are only two options: you can blame yourself or your partner for everything. And in both cases it will be a mistake.

Andrey Smirnov

It is useless to look for the right and the wrong. Everyone is right in their own way, but the relationship has become obsolete. It's better to leave in a civilized manner. Feelings of guilt should not be. How it happened - it happened, nothing can be done about it. nine0003

How to talk to a partner

If you are not sure that you have fallen out of love

Anna Smetannikova offers to honestly share her experiences. Note that the partner is not the problem. You just need time to sort yourself out.

Anna Smetannikova

clinical psychologist.

Only by talking to your partner can you find the best solution for your couple. Find out together if you want to keep what's left of your feelings, or if it's not worth the effort. nine0003

If you both have something to cherish in this relationship and are ready to try to save them, start as soon as possible. Seeing a family psychologist or couples relationship counselor can help. But if this option is not for you, then talk honestly with your partner about everything that has accumulated between you. Start spending more time with each other. Find out (or remember) how each of you understands love: for some, these are warm words, for some, gifts, for others, hugs.

If there were grievances and quarrels between you, but you are ready to forgive them and be together, do it. If there are circumstances that, in your opinion, cannot be forgiven, then the best solution is not to waste time on such a relationship. Although the choice is always yours.

Illustration: Anna Guridova / Lifehacker

If you are sure that you have fallen out of love

Even if you no longer love a person, his presence must be considered. And here the main thing is to remember that your partner is not your enemy, he is not to blame for anything. You spent some time together, you were probably happy, so he deserves respect and respect for him. nine0003

Anna Smetannikova advises to talk about yourself and your feelings softly and at the same time categorically. Put the person before the fact, and do not translate the conversation into a dialogue. Otherwise, the partner may begin to make excuses or make some promises in the hope that everything can be fixed.

Anna Smetannikova

It's not worth sorting things out and going over to accusations, just like making excuses. Let the person react the way they want: get up and leave or talk. But let go and accept his words and actions with a clear inner intention that this is your decision and cannot be changed. nine0003

It happens that you decide to leave, but delay the conversation: you do not know how to approach it, and you are tormented by remorse. In this case, think about how much of your time and your partner's time you are willing to spend on prolonging this agony, which as a result will still end in a break. If you are afraid, sort out your fears. You can directly write them down on a piece of paper. What are you afraid of? What's the worst thing that can happen? And is it scarier than living in an unhappy relationship for both of you? nine0003

The longer you delay talking, the harder and harder will be the consequences of your insincerity. In any case, your soul mate will have a hard time, especially if there are children, jointly acquired property, business. But the sooner you talk after you know you've fallen out of love, the better. After all, your personal happy life and the life of your former loved one are at stake. Even if for now you manage to create the illusion that nothing has changed, over time it will become more and more difficult to do this, so that the relationship will sooner or later turn into suffering for both. nine0003

What to do if after a breakup it turned out that you are still in love

After all the talks and breakups, you may realize that the feelings have not faded away. Perhaps you rushed, and now you feel an oppressive emptiness. In this case, it is worth trying to renew the relationship.

Andrey Smirnov

Often imaginary pride does not allow taking the first step towards reconciliation. It should be discarded: life is already not too long to spend it in suffering. It does not matter who takes the first step towards reconciliation - a man or a woman. And the second partner should also show understanding and generosity. Often, after such outbreaks with a break, feelings even flare up with renewed vigor. nine0003

If your partner is against it, go to the next point, it will suit you too.

Illustration: Anna Guridova / Lifehacker

What to do with emptiness after parting, even if you know that there are no feelings

Breaking up a relationship is stressful. It is perfectly normal that it will bring you a new portion of pain and doubt. You find yourself completely yanked out of your old life. The future can be scary, especially when it comes to relationships. It seems that you will not meet anyone else, and if you fall in love again, then for a short period, because you already have a bitter experience. nine0003

But this is completely optional. When you get over the loss, you will surely love again. More than 7 billion people live in the world, and among them there is someone who will light your heart with renewed vigor. Studies show that people whose first marriage failed are happier in their second. So the chances of a successful love life are much higher than if you stayed in a relationship that no longer pleases.

Have you ever been in this situation? How did you manage to deal with it? Share in the comments. nine0008

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Wisdom from life experience

Municipalities Sabinsky municipal district Thematic sections It is interesting!!! Wisdom from life experience

  • Pain can make you stronger or burn you to ashes, the choice is yours.
  • Your path will always remain your path, you can take other people with you, but you cannot have someone else walk this path for you. nine0031
  • You can fall, but no one can stop you from getting up again and continuing on your way.
  • Moving towards your goal can be long and tiring, but the most important thing is that you are moving towards it.
  • Age creates wrinkles on the body, and the rejection of a dream creates wrinkles in the soul.
  • Watch your words, you can't take them back, they can hurt, and apologies may not be enough to heal.
  • True love can grow only on the provision of freedom and the ability to forgive. nine0031
  • Maturity comes not when we start talking about big things, but when we start to understand small things.
  • If someone can't accept your worst, they don't deserve your best.
  • Live as if someone spoke badly about you, but no one could believe them.
  • Don't label other people. They may not appear to be who they really are.
  • Don't let what doesn't matter cause you to lose what matters. nine0031
  • The one who complains about everything around and does not appreciate anything can be the most dangerous enemy of your success.
  • Don't be afraid to go slowly, be afraid to stand still - that's the worst thing you can do to yourself.
  • Tell the truth. She is like a boomerang, and like a lie, is able to come back.
  • People rarely notice when something is done for them, they notice it when they stop doing it for them.
  • Ninety percent of our worries are about what won't happen. nine0031
  • Success is the ability to move from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.
  • If you have a choice between two people, then choose the second, because if you truly loved the first, then the second would not have appeared.
  • To find a new way, you need to get off the old road.
  • Only the actions of a person speak of his personality and his attitude towards you.

Don't believe the words, just watch and you will see the truth. nine0003

  • The rule to live by is to remain human in all situations.
  • We think God sees us from above, but he sees us from within.
  • If you find a person with whom you can behave as freely as you behave alone with yourself, then appreciate him as air.
  • A strong person is not one who defeats the weak, but one who helps the weak to become strong.
  • Accidents do not exist. Everything in this world is either a test, or a punishment, or a reward. nine0031
  • Life is not those days that have passed, but those that remain.
  • Where we are expected, we always turn out just in time.
  • If you want to be successful, you must look like you have it.
  • Those who read books will always control those who watch TV.
  • When you point your finger at others, see that the other three fingers are pointing at yourself.
  • The worst enemy is doubt. Because of him, we lose what we could have gained, but did not even try. nine0031
  • Do not be offended by the words when you do not see the eyes.
  • Recipe for success: study while others sleep, work while others hang around, prepare while others play, dream while others wish.
  • Sometimes one touch can do more than you think.
  • In 20 years you will regret what you didn't do more than what you did.
  • If a person is looking for the meaning of life, he will not find anything. If a person seeks life itself, he will find its meaning. nine0031
  • Life is not a zebra of black and white stripes, but a chessboard. It all depends on your move.
  • It is better to act beautifully than to speak beautifully.
  • Wherever you go, start where you are.
  • Being lonely doesn't mean you're weak, it means you're strong enough to wait for what you deserve.
  • Be attentive to your thoughts, they are the beginning of actions.
  • The one who is guilty does not always ask for forgiveness. The one who cherishes the relationship asks for forgiveness. nine0031
  • Friends we choose ourselves, but time leaves the best of them.
  • Sometimes you have to fight for happiness with yourself, with laziness, with pride and attachments.
  • Most people spend their lives in captivity, because they live only in the future and the past, they deny the present. Although the present is where it all begins.
  • The true attitude towards a person does not depend on the mood and circumstances.
  • Love is a priceless gift. It's the only thing we can give, and yet we still have it. nine0031
  • Don't rely too much on anyone in this world, because your own shadow eats you up when you're in the dark.
  • In this world, there is only one way to earn love - stop demanding it and start giving.
  • Speaking without thinking is like shooting without aiming.
  • Everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to change himself.
  • Too many people break down without realizing how close they were to success at the moment they lost heart. nine0031
  • The most cruel thing is to leave without explanation, to leave silently, leaving a person alone with hundreds of razor-sharp questions in his head, to which only you can answer.
  • Our views are like our clocks - they all show different times, but everyone believes only their own.
  • The more you try to achieve a person who does not appreciate you, the more painful for you will be the blows of his indifference.
  • To be listened to, sometimes it is enough to switch to a whisper. nine0031
  • Choose a job you like and you won't have to work a single day in your life.
  • When I'm having a hard time, I always remind myself that if I give up, it won't get better.
  • Today people have ceased to perceive each other as actually people. They are interested in everything: how you dress, how much you earn, what car you drive, but not yourself.
  • There is no greater pleasure in life than the pleasure of overcoming difficulties on the way to success. nine0031
  • Life is a series of problems, and the choice is ours to either whine or solve them.
  • In this life it doesn't matter how you fall, it matters how you rise.
  • To fly with eagles, do not graze with turkeys.
  • Never take the advice of people who do not live the way you want to live.
  • The only person you should compare yourself to is you in the past. And the only person you should be better than is you right now. nine0031
  • Imagine how quiet it would be if people only spoke what they knew.
  • Take risks, if you win, you will be happy, and if you lose, you will be wise.
  • It is not difficult to trust people, it is difficult to believe again.
  • The only recipe for any business is to be sincere. When you are passionate, do something sincerely, then everything works out.
  • People spend their whole lives looking for something beautiful, but in the end they get what they deserve. nine0031
  • We are never deceived, we are deceived ourselves.
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