How to prove someone you love them

15 Sweet Ways to Prove You Love Them & Show Someone How Much You Care

If you’re having relationship issues, you might need to know how to prove you love someone and smooth over the cracks. It’s much easier than you think. 

Sometimes, words just don’t do it. You can tell someone that you love them, but if your actions don’t marry up with your words, they’re going to be disbelieved. Whether you’re having relationship problems and you need to show someone you care, or you just want to let them know in general, understanding how to prove you love someone isn’t all that hard.

Sometimes we lose sight of the basics in a relationship, such as trust and communication.

We think that everything has to be elaborate and grand, but really, the small things are far more valuable.

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Why should you need to prove your love?

Before we get into how to prove you love someone, let’s explore why you might have to do it. Or want to do it.

For sure, your partner should feel loved but that comes down to how you treat them and what you do.

For instance, if you say that you love them but you act in a way that screams ‘I don’t even respect you,’ how can you expect them to believe you?

Or, perhaps in the past you made a mistake but your partner has chosen to take you back. Despite the fact you’re together, they may need some reassurance of your devotion. [Read: How to deal with guilt & drop the baggage weighing you down]

It could also be that your partner had a bad experience with an ex. If they were treated badly before, it’s entirely possible that they’re a little emotionally scarred when it comes to love. They may need a little extra TLC and proof that you’re not going to hurt them in the same way. They may get that from you proving your love for them.

There are a million and one reasons why you might need to prove you love someone, but should you really ever have to?

Surely it should come from your actions every single day? True, but we’re human, right? So, if you feel like you need to prove to your partner that they’re the only one for you, let’s check out a few ways you can do that. [Read: 13 small yet powerful gestures that show love in the biggest ways ever]

How to prove you love someone beyond all doubt

If you want to prove that you love someone, here are a few things you can keep in mind to do just that. It’s not always about words, sometimes it’s more about actions and the small things in a relationship.

1. Always be truthful

Be truthful about your feelings and voice your thoughts. The easiest way to prove you love someone is by expressing your opinions about this special person.

Also, by keeping lines of communication open, your partner will feel more comfortable and more relaxed in your company. They won’t feel like you’re unable to tell them something or that you’re hiding anything. [Read: How to stop lying to yourself and to your partner]

2. Support your partner and be a shoulder to lean on

Stand by your lover, in the good times, and more so in the bad times.

All of us have our ups and downs in life. Be the shoulder to lean on and give your partner the courage and strength to take the next step by letting them know that you’re right by their side.

3. Know the difference between love and lust

While infatuation revolves around sex and lust, love doesn’t. Love is a deeper emotion that transcends physical appearances. If you truly believe that you like your partner for who they are as a person, and not because of how much they arouse you, that’s true love.

How do you prove it? By complimenting them on a regular basis and reminding them why you’re in love with them, for the person that they are, and not just because of how they look. [Read: How the kind of words you use can make or break your relationship]

4. Don’t be materialistic, value experiences instead

Money is fickle. It’s true that money can give you a lot of happiness, but your love should not flicker with the winds of wealth.

Your partner will feel that you love them if you’re more focused on spending quality time together and creating memories through experiences. All of this is far more valuable than showing off with your credit card. [Read: How to be a less materialistic person and value yourself more]

5. Romantic gestures, every now and again

Indulging in happy romantic gestures is one of the sweetest ways to let someone know that you truly love them. It’ll make your partner feel loved and you’ll feel warm and happy on the inside.

However, don’t overdo it. Don’t buy gifts just for the sake of it otherwise it will mean nothing. A flower you’ve picked from a bush on the roadside is just as thoughtful and valuable as a fancy piece of jewelry. [Read: 25 sweet romantic gestures for everyday life]

6. Put their needs before yours

Love your partner unconditionally and selflessly. Put their needs before yours, and focus on their happiness more than your own.

Unconditional love is tricky though and these expressions of selfless love should never be one-sided in the relationship, or it will eventually lead to a painful breakup. [Read: A cute true story of unconditional love]

7. Show that you respect them at all times

Respect is key in any relationship and you need to show your partner that you truly respect them as a person. Any type of disrespect is a sign that a relationship is on the rocks.

Of course, they should respect you in turn, but focus your attention on R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

8. Make them feel secure in the relationship

Playing games never works. Don’t attempt to make your partner feel jealous or try to make them feel on edge. It will only backfire on you and cause you to have to prove your love even more.

Make your partner feel secure and comfortable in the relationship by letting them know that you only have eyes for them. Manipulation has no place in any relationship. [Read: How to deal with jealousy in a relationship & learn to overcome it]

9. Make sure you do as you say you’re going to

There is nothing worse in a relationship than there being a huge discord between words and actions. You can’t truly trust your partner or feel like they love you if they say one thing and do another.

Make sure that if you say you’re going to do something, you do it. Also, be sure that your actions are always honest and true.

10. How to prove you love someone? Be their cheerleader in life

You need to be your partner’s number one fan. Cheer them on and encourage them to go after their dreams and fulfill their potential. There is no space for greed, selfishness, or jealousy in a relationship.

Their success should make you happy. Just as yours should make them happy too. [Read: 10 signs your partner is truly supportive of your goals]

11. Fully commit if you say you’re going to

Learning how to prove you love someone isn’t that difficult a subject. It really comes down to being a decent person. If you say you’re going to commit to someone, do it. Don’t be just half in. Make sure that you’re all in and don’t leave your partner wondering what’s going on.

12. Be proud of your relationship

Hiding a relationship isn’t going to make your partner feel loved or respected. That doesn’t mean you need to go all out on the PDAs, but it does mean that you’re open about your relationship and that you’re proud to show it off whenever you need to. [Read: How to make a relationship official without relying on social media]

13. Forget the huge, grand gestures and focus on the small things

If your partner is honest, they don’t really want you singing about how much you love them in front of a crowded room. They don’t really care about massive gestures of your love at a football game. It’s likely that they’re not at all bothered about grand gestures at all.

Most people simply want the simple, but genuine, things in life and relationships. Forget the show-off side of love and focus on making your partner smile every day instead.

14. Random acts of kindness

You don’t need to do something for a reason, you can do it ‘just because. ’ So, if your partner seems tired, why not make them breakfast in bed one morning? Maybe your partner looks stressed; why not surprise them with flowers and a back rub?

Small acts of kindness, even tidying up for them when you know they’re overloaded with work, all make someone feel loved. [Read: How to show love – 15 gestures that hit way harder and deeper than words]

15. Tell them you love them and mean it

Of course, words only go so far, but you need to say them. Don’t tell your partner you love them every single day unless you really want to. The reason is that sometimes when you hear something too often, it loses its special meaning to a degree.

Wait for a special moment, perhaps when they’re looking less than perfect and they’re tired. Then, tell them that you love them and do it with eye contact and meaning. There’s no better way to prove you love someone.

Prove your love, but only if you really feel it

Young lovers constantly want their partners to prove their love by indulging in huge gestures, like undergoing pain or risking something they love dearly just to prove their love for someone.

It’s cute and very romantic, when both lovers go to great lengths to sacrifice pleasures and moments of happiness so they can let someone know just how much they mean to them.

Go on and indulge in it, after all, love does drive you crazy. It may have worked in the days of the knights and damsels, and it still does work to this day.

But don’t try to prove your love for someone by doing something you don’t want to, or something you know you’ll end up regretting. [Read: How to be true to yourself and start living your life on your terms]

Things you should never do to prove your love

As much as you may want to prove how much you love someone, avoid doing any of these things. It’s not love, you’re only being used if someone you care about expects these things from you, in the name of love.

1. Have sex or get physical with your partner when you’re uncomfortable with that thought.

2. Break the law just to appear cooler or get something for your partner.

3. Do something you don’t want to or don’t feel comfortable with.

4. Go against your moral principles that you’ll regret later.

If your partner loves you, they would never ask you to harm yourself, put yourself in the way of embarrassment, or make yourself truly uncomfortable.

If they do that, you have to question whether they’re the ones who should be proving how they feel to you.

How far should you go to prove your love for someone?

If your lover constantly wants proof of your love all the time, question why. If it never changes and it drives you crazy, you have to consider whether you want to end the relationship. You’ll always feel like you need to do more to prove your love and your partner will never be happy.

Love is mutual and effortless. Both of you have to prove your love in little ways every day and build trust around the relationship. [Read: How to build trust in a relationship and make it last]

Romantic gestures, gifts and poems don’t prove your love. It’s just a way to express the overwhelming rush of happy emotions you feel for someone.

If that’s what your lover wants, indulge in it. But don’t do anything more. It’s not necessary to prove anything when your lover behaves like an immature child who wants proof for everything you do. A partner who asks for proof of your love far too often may just want to exploit you the easy way.

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Understanding how to prove you love someone is easy if you understand how love works. It’s something that has to be felt inside, and not something that can ever be proved by any other means.

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How To Prove You Love Someone: 7 Special Ways

I’ve met so many couples whose main relationship complaint boils down to not feeling appreciated by their partner.

It’s so easy to take each other for granted and to get caught up in a pattern of not expressing your appreciation of each other. Next thing you know, the person you love so much feels unloved, unseen, and unappreciated.

So what can you do to prove your love and really show appreciation for everything your partner does?

The first step is to think about all the special things that your partner does for you (and even better, how about making a list!) — not only physical things like taking out the garbage or making your favorite dinner. How about the way that they are sensitive to your feelings? Or makes an effort to be a great parent? What made you fall in love in the first place?

It’s all the little (as well as the big) things that count. They help define our relationships, and remembering and mentioning those things can help prevent your partner from feeling taken for granted.

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Once you have all these things in mind, it will be really easy for you to appreciate your partner and to show them how much everything they do for you means to you.

After all, there is no better way to prove you love someone than to show them that you see them and every little thing they do to make your life— and your life together — better.

7 Ways To Prove You Love Someone

1. Say 'thank you'... a lot.

Make a point of always saying ‘thank you’ to each other, each and every time that your partner does something thoughtful for you. Not just the big things, but the seemingly little things, too.

Did you see him pick up the dirty sock that fell out of your kid's hamper? Say it!

She grabbed your favorite snack on her way through the grocery store? Thank her!

2. Lay on the compliments.

Everyone likes to have positive reinforcement. Complimenting your partner on specific kindnesses will definitely let your partner know that you appreciate them. Don't just thank her for organizing all the holiday gifts or birthday party invitations — compliment her on her ability to keep track of so much stuff and budget so well.

If your husband works super hard to provide for your family (even if you do, too!), a "thank you" is great. But it's even better to compliment him on his commitment or how good he is at his job. This really helps him feel seen.

3. Do something that’s important to them.

Yes, it's nice to surprise your wife with flowers for no particular occasion — if she loves flowers, this will make her feel very special and appreciated. But maybe she's not that into flowers! Maybe she'd rather have you show up with cookies, or maybe ... just maybe ... she'd rather you take the time to do the dishes and let her just watch "Real Housewives" for once.

Lots of husbands make the mistake of assuming their wife would like a little gift, when in reality, that 10 minutes you spent buying the flowers could possibly be better spent taking a little burden off her shoulders.

Wives tend to think that cleaning or cooking are what our husbands would really like us to do (probably because that's what we would like someone to do for us?) but lots of guys have specific things they'd love that they've mentioned and we've ignored. For instance, has your husband ever said, "I love when we can just sit down together after dinner and watch Netflix"?

That's a hint. He wants you to do that with him more.

And even though you may have things you'd rather do (or feel you must do), tell him you know he likes it and that you'd love to do that with him, too.

Yes, make your partner happy!

4. Try to stop being so annoying.

Make an effort to work on any habits that annoy each other so that your partner knows that you are mindful of their feelings.

For instance, if it upsets your husband when you look at your phone during dinner time, make an effort to turn your phone off and put it away. If your wife hates it when you leave tea bags on the dining room table, then stop doing that!

Changing these little things by making purposeful choices to be less annoying shows you don't take your partner for granted, and is the ultimate show of appreciation.

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Say "I love you" and say it for real.

The best way to prove your love? Say ‘I love you”… with feeling! This may seem like a simple thing to do, but couples often forget to (or struggle to) say these 3 words.

Hearing them said with meaning can be a game-changer. Look in your partner's eyes, smile, flirt, and hold their gaze for an extra half a second.

6. Tell your partner why you love them.

It's easy to say "I love you", but to prove your love (and show someone you appreciate them) you need to tell them why!

You fell in love with that person for a reason. She was smart, funny, strong or he was sweet, gentle, compassionate. He makes you laugh, she makes you feel safe.

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I love you so much, you are so incredibly funny," means so much more than just mumbling "love you" at the end of a phone conversation.

7. Stick by them.

When times get tough, show your loyalty to your partner and thank them for being loyal to you.

Is your mom nitpicking your husband's bad habits? Step in, tell them both you love them, but take your husband's side. Wife annoyed with a co-worker? You need to take her side when she tells you about it. Get mad on her behalf, tell her she deserved better.

(Of course, if someone is abusive, all bets are off — get safe, emotionally and physically. You don't owe anyone loyalty if it comes at the expense of your physical or emotional health.)

If your partner gets sick or goes through a tough time, stay engaged. It can be easy to back away and even become resentful — after all, you're used to having their attention and their help —but resist that urge. You can't prove your love or show your appreciation if you won't stick by them. In fact, bailing when the going gets tough is the opposite of appreciating the person you love.

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How to prove to a girl that you love her


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Any man whose relationship lasted more than a month faced the problem of how to prove to a girl that you love her. Men and women evaluate the behavior of their chosen one differently. This causes dissension and quarrels. We will tell you in more detail how to show your love to a girl. nine0022

How to prove to a girl that you love her: ways

Having firmly decided that I love a girl, a man faces a problem: how to prove his love to a girl?

Here are some ways to do this:

  • Add romance to the relationship.

She is always over the top during the candy-bouquet period. The couple only recognizes each other, and partners strive to show their best side. Time passes and the magic disappears. We have already visited almost all the cafes, the schedule of evening movie shows and other entertainment events has ceased to interest. Relationships turn into a routine, and this becomes a reason for quarrels. nine0005

And relationships need romance, like a fire in wood. Girls need romance to feel needed and desired. Add romance to a relationship will help:

  1. Unexpected gifts . A small trinket or decoration presented for no reason will cause a lot of positive emotions in the chosen one.
  2. Flowers . In the cartoon "Just Because" (1976), the characters gave strangers a bouquet of wild flowers in order to cheer them up. Reception works great on close people. It is not necessary to buy an expensive bouquet. Simple seasonal flowers will cheer up a girl and become an indicator of deep feelings for her. nine0008
  3. Do-it-yourself dinner . A few simple dishes, candles and pleasant music will create the right atmosphere and cheer up the girl.
  4. Breakfast in bed. Getting up early and surprising her by bringing coffee to bed is a simple yet powerful way to show love.
  5. Texts . A small message with an expression of feelings, written on a beautiful postcard or a neat piece of paper, will be an unexpected surprise and will demonstrate the depth of feelings for the girl. It is not necessary to compose long poems or exquisite verses. Enough beautiful and sincere words. nine0008
  6. Drawing . An unusual manifestation of love, which is not easy for a man to decide on. To do this, you can use the help of professionals. There are many courses where anyone can create their own masterpiece in a few hours under the guidance of an experienced artist. The girl will appreciate such an unusual gift.
  7. A date in an unexpected place . A well-prepared romantic date will evoke positive emotions in the girl and show that she is not indifferent and feelings for her have not faded. nine0008
  • Pay attention regularly.

In the candy-bouquet period, a man strives to show his best qualities. In a regular relationship, he does not try to hide his shortcomings. Therefore, there is a simple recipe for how to prove to a girl that you need her - to behave every day like on a date. It will take a little effort: regularly monitor yourself, be careful in everyday life, control your bad habits.

Here are the main ways of showing attention:

  1. Gallantry . It is difficult for a man to be a gentleman, not only on holidays. But it is worth remembering that a girl appreciates care and attention. To do this, you do not need to swagger and, like the hero of a cheap melodrama, cover a puddle with your cloak so that the girl can pass. It is enough to open the doors in front of her, let her go ahead, move a chair in the restaurant.
  2. Attachment . The feeling that arises on the basis of mutual sympathy becomes an important part of a long-term relationship. To demonstrate your affection, it is enough to consult about joint plans for the next weekend, vacation, holidays. This will show the girl the seriousness of intentions. nine0008
  3. Support . It is important for a girl to know that a man can be relied upon. Even the most independent and accomplished woman wants to feel a strong male shoulder. Therefore, it is important for a man, without imposing help, to demonstrate his support by all means. Listening with interest to how her day went, saying that she will succeed when she doubts herself, and so on.
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How to prove to a girl that you love her: advice from a psychologist

Psychologists say that there is a significant difference in the assessment of relationships by representatives of the stronger and weaker sex.

Thus, men consider the very fact of a relationship to be a sufficient demonstration of their attitude towards their chosen one. For women, it is not the fact that is important, but the depth and intensity of connection with a man. Therefore, they need to constantly receive evidence of the seriousness of the guy's feelings.

Reasons why proof of love is important for girls can be:

  • Low self-esteem requiring constant external confirmation of one's own importance.
  • Unfortunate experience of previous relationships, which the girl transfers to the current ones. The partner did not show emotions, which was the reason for the break. Therefore, in a new relationship, the girl requires a demonstration of feelings in order to avoid psychological discomfort.
  • Increased emotional excitability requiring constant feedback. The girl in her thoughts invents problems for herself and wants her partner to dispel her doubts. The situation is well demonstrated by the cartoon "Kikos" (1979). The heroine, having approached the well, imagined in her thoughts that she would get married and her son, having matured, would fall into this well. She starts hysterical, which is transmitted to the sisters. Only the father of the family could calm the girls down.
  • Attention deficit disorder . The girl did not receive enough attention from her father in childhood and now seeks to compensate for the lost love, demanding the full attention of the chosen one.
  • Jealousy . Owners are not only men. Women also tend to delineate their territory and demonstrate the exclusivity of the rights to the chosen one. For this, it is important for her that he publicly shows attention in every possible way. nine0008
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Answering the question of how to prove love to a girl, psychologists advise:

  • Recognize the need for dialogue.

Often a man, preoccupied with problems at work, is immersed in his own thoughts and withdraws into himself. Without explanation, for a woman, this is an unequivocal signal of detachment, and therefore problems in a relationship. Therefore, it is important to understand and learn how to regularly conduct a dialogue with a partner.

  • Master the basic rules of dialogue.

Love language also needs regular practice, just like a foreign language. It's no secret that men and women use different numbers of words to convey information. Therefore, in order to maintain a relationship, a man needs to learn how to say pleasant words and compliments to his chosen one regularly. The norm, as a rule, is set in the candy-bouquet period. Any deviation from her, a decrease in compliments, the girl considers as a loss of interest on the part of her partner and the beginning of a relationship crisis. nine0005

Here are the basic rules for conducting a dialogue that psychologists advise you to learn:

  1. Do not forget to regularly express your admiration for the chosen one and what she does. So the girl will feel that interest in her has not faded.
  2. Find time to listen to the chosen one. This will serve as a signal that her problems are important to the partner.
  3. Be sincere about your thoughts and feelings. So the girl will understand that her chosen one takes her seriously and is ready to share her innermost with her. nine0008
  4. Discuss joint plans. This will show the seriousness of the guy's intentions, which extend not only into the present, but also into the future.
  • Adhere to the right tactics of behavior.

In addition to words, the second important component of relationships is behavior. Words backed up by deeds will be a signal that the chosen one plays an important role in a man's life. Therefore, it is important for guys not only to know, but also to adhere to the unspoken code of conduct in relationships. Among his rules, psychologists call:

  1. Search for common interests . People are comfortable with each other if they share common values. The latter are based on common interests. Therefore, it is worth finding an activity that will appeal to both. The more common hobbies, the stronger the relationship.
  2. Thanks for her attention . The girl is pleased to show attention to the chosen one. This can manifest itself in small things: an ironed shirt, a cooked breakfast, a made bed, questions about the past day. It is important not to take the manifestations of such signs for granted and to thank for each manifestation. nine0008
  3. Accepting her identity . Even in the most intimate relationships, partners need personal space. Therefore, it is important to learn to recognize such needs and not object to the girl's desire to spend time alone, in the company of relatives or close friends. And remember that you need to accept it with all the shortcomings and not try to fix them.
  4. Creating positive strong emotions . Quarrels and showdowns also give strong feelings, but they are unlikely to demonstrate love for a partner. Therefore, it is important to give her positive feelings. A joint trip to the mountains, deep diving or parachute jump will be remembered for a long time by your beloved girl. nine0008
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Maintaining a relationship is a science, having mastered it, you can become happy yourself and give it to your chosen one. Relationships are serious work and should be done carefully and with full dedication.

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Original article: nine0005

how to prove to your loved one that you love him. How to prove to a girl that you love her

Some people are not used to expressing their feelings, emotions . This can lead to the fact that the second half will no longer believe that she is loved.

Women are especially often offended by their chosen ones. The fair sex is sensual and sentimental.

Most women need proof of love, at least occasionally. Otherwise disagreements appear in the relationship nine0202 . To find out how to prove to a girl that you love her, you should turn to the advice of psychologists.

Why do people need proof of love?

Most people believe that love relationships are an expression of devotion, love and care .

However, it is not uncommon for a person to think otherwise. It begins to seem to him that they do not like him at all, they treat him differently.

He begins to look for signs that love has passed instead of enjoying a relationship with a significant other. nine0005

There are several reasons for such thoughts:

  • unsuccessful past relationships;
  • low ;
  • lack of attention;

All these factors provoke negative feelings and thoughts. A person begins to feel that love does not exist at all. It requires more and more attention and care.

He wants to make sure that he is really loved very much, and that the feelings experienced are not fiction. Erroneous conclusions push to quarrels with loved ones nine0202 .

In this situation, it is important not only to prove your feelings, but also to be able to establish a dialogue, learn to trust and listen to each other.

How to prove your love? Psychologists believe that you can prove love in many ways . There are several proven methods to help build relationships.

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How to convince a girl that you love her? nine0005

In order for a girl to feel the love of a chosen one, it is necessary to talk to her more often about the future .

We need to make joint plans, talk about the desire to have a beautiful home, children.

Usually women have this picture already in their head, she will be glad if hears similar desires from the lips of her beloved . The girl will understand that she is valued, they want to start a family with her.

Do not be afraid of frank conversations. Any fears, disagreements should be discussed immediately. nine0005

Before going to bed in a comfortable, relaxing environment, you should calmly talk heart to heart, dream together. This brings people together, destroys any fears . The girl will trust the young man more.

One should ask a girl how she sees her future, whether she considers herself happy. The guy should ask what she expects from life, what prospects please and inspire her the most.

This will show that the chosen one is serious nine0202, it really matters to him what his beloved dreams of, what he wants to achieve in the future.

Love must necessarily be nourished by deeds. The girl follows in every possible way. It’s great if a guy, with or without a reason, gives a bouquet of flowers, invites you to a restaurant, or arranges a romantic evening at home.

You can organize a picnic, go on a trip, breaking out of the routine.

And of course, the chosen one must make compliments: nine0202 thanks to them, she will glow with happiness, feel tenderness and care.

No need to hide the surging feelings. If you want to hug a girl, kiss, squeeze closer, you should definitely do this.

The second half will be delighted with such manifestations. It never crosses her mind that she is not loved. She will be sure of her beloved .

How to get back a beloved man after parting? help you!

How to prove your love to a girl? Learn from the video:


How to show a guy that you love him? You can show your chosen one love with the help of praise, pleasant words . You need to praise the guy for his achievements, the results are important for your beloved. He appreciates and admires him.

Feelings can be expressed through food . You should find out what dishes the chosen one prefers and cook them. It is necessary to surprise him, pamper him with delicious food. This will strengthen the relationship and become an expression of attention and care.

It is important to spend time together, watch, go for walks, go on trips.

This will prove that the people of are willing to spend time with each other.

It's great if a girl watches his favorite sports program with her boyfriend, or fights him in his favorite computer game.

A young man will understand that his beloved shares his interests, he will appreciate it.

You can express love with kisses and hugs, especially when the guy doesn't expect it. He will be very pleased, the couple will get even closer .


How to prove to a girl that you love her? To prove love to a girl, should be very careful . You need to be interested in her favorite activities, movies, music. Communication should not be limited to only . It is necessary to call the girl for a walk, to the cinema or to a cafe.

The boy must seem interesting to her, so you should not be silent and . Need to find similar interests, talk about them, be interested in studies and achievements in this area. nine0005

Girls tend to like boys with a great sense of humor. You need to joke, to amuse your beloved.

You can surprise a girl with gifts . You don't have to give something expensive. Let it be some trifle, but pleasant. For example, a loved one will appreciate a heart-shaped card with declarations of love or a beautiful bracelet or pendant. This will cause delight and will not go unnoticed.


How to show a boy that you love him?

Tender words and affectionate nicknames can show love .

This should be unobtrusive and should not be repeated too often.

In addition, the boy will be pleased if you ask about his favorite computer games, hobbies, praise him for his academic achievements , sports competitions, or some important events.

Communication should be open and trusting. This will be the key to a strong relationship in the future. We need to learn to trust each other, to find similar interests. nine0005

If it's a boy's birthday, give him a present . You can ask his friends in advance, or himself, what he wants to get for the holiday, what his preferences are.

Boys like girls who smile often and are always in a good mood. You should laugh more often at his jokes, be cheerful.

Positive will be an excellent addition and will help to express sublime feelings.

For wives

How can I prove to my husband that I love him? nine0005

First of all, you should talk about your feelings more often, hug and kiss your chosen one. This is the right way to say love .

Not only women, but also men need pleasant words, tenderness. He will also be pleased if at an unexpected moment a message arrives on the phone with words of love.

A husband will appreciate not only his wife's favorite dishes, but also diversity in intimate life. You should buy beautiful erotic lingerie, periodically take the initiative yourself, do not be afraid to experiment, trust your husband. nine0005

Such surprises will delight him and only strengthen the relationship.

If the husband is fond of sports, supports a certain football team and very soon there will be a match with her participation, you must definitely buy a ticket and give him .

He will be even more surprised if his wife shares the trip to the match with him. If this does not work out, you can arrange a romantic evening.

You can plan a trip to the country that your husband wants to visit. nine0201 Rest and explore a new culture together is a pleasant pastime that will have the best effect on relationships. Increased attention to the chosen one, caring for him is much better than words of love.

How to show your love to a man? Tips:

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How can I prove to my wife that I love her? Women need words of love, tenderness and affection nine0202 .

These beings are by nature very penetrating, emotional and sensual.

If they do not notice manifestations of love in their chosen one, they begin to think that they are no longer loved .

For a wife to believe in love, one should compliment her, praise her every day for the comfort created in the house, for delicious dishes. The husband must be very caring.

If he notices that his wife is sad, thinking about something intensely, he should talk to her, hug her and calm her down. Hugs, kisses, gentle strokes will help. nine0005

Proof of love is planning future plans together . If there are no children in the marriage yet, you should talk about them, express your desire to become parents. Serious conversations and the ability to listen to each other are the key to a strong relationship, where there is no place for misunderstanding and resentment.

It is very good if a man decides to cook breakfast and brings it to bed, or gives flowers, sweets, plush toys for no reason.

If a movie is shown at the cinema that she would really like to see, buy tickets and invite your beloved . She will be glad. You need to surprise your wife, make her happy.

What needs to be done so that evidence is not required?

In order for the second half to have no doubts, it was not necessary to prove love, one should trust each other , do not withdraw into yourself.

One should be interested in each other's aspirations, hobbies, and spend free time together.

Gentle, affectionate words for no reason will be a great addition. nine0201 caring attitude , the ability to accept the opinion of a loved one is also relevant. The second half should feel that she is accepted for who she is, that she is heard and appreciated.

Selfish behavior, frequent quarrels and inability to listen to another person will be the first steps towards separation, so they should not be allowed.

A loved one should feel that he is dear, they love him very much and are afraid to lose him . Daily care for the second half and a gentle attitude towards her - sometimes this is all that is needed. These are true proofs of love. nine0005

Love, family relationships - it is always work, work on oneself and caring for a loved one . Tenderness, love and affection are reliable companions, so it is necessary to show them in relation to a loved one.

Many girls puzzle over the question: "How can I prove to him that I love him?" Even the most sincere feelings are sometimes difficult to express in words and actions. If you cannot make a decision on your own, the advice of psychologists, as well as other girls, will help you show your love. nine0005

If you are not together yet

Oddly enough, modern men are less likely to show initiative in building relationships. This makes the girls think: "How to prove to him that I love him?" If you decide to take matters into your own hands, pay attention to the following points:

  • Look is the main female weapon. Psychologists say that a person in love looks with special tenderness. Visually, this change may not be noticeable, but the object of your adoration will certainly feel a special warmth during your communication. nine0008
  • Every woman is a bit of an actress, so voice manipulation should not be difficult. Pay attention to the tone you use to communicate with others. He's probably quite tall and resonant. But in communication with a young man who is attractive to you, you need to switch to a lower tone. The voice should be gentle and languid.
  • Show interest. A person cannot remain indifferent if someone starts to live his life. Visit the same places, try to enter his circle of friends, show interest in his hobbies. But don't be intrusive. The strategy of behavior should be built on the basis of his reaction. nine0008

If you are a couple

If you think that the game ends after you have formalized your relationship, then you are deeply mistaken. Very often women are interested in: "How to prove to my husband that I love him?" There are several ways to express tender feelings during a life together:

  • Show joy when you meet. Even if you have been living together for a long time, you must show that his return from work is a holiday. Show it with words, look, attitude and all sorts of pleasant surprises. nine0008
  • Try to do everything the way he likes. Study his preferences in food, music, fragrances, clothes. It will not be difficult for you, and the man will be pleasantly surprised by such a manifestation of love.
  • "How can I prove to him that I love him?" - girls often ask. Be involved in all areas of his life. Sincerely rejoice in his successes and sympathize with his failures. This will not go unnoticed.
  • Don't forget to talk about your feelings. nine0099 Psychologists assure that words of love for a man are especially important, because the stronger sex does not understand hints very well.

Not in words, but in deeds...

Many girls ask themselves: "How can I prove to my beloved that I love him?" It is generally accepted that you need to show your feelings first of all by actions. Try the following:

  • Be cozy. Even if you don't live together yet, he should feel comfortable around you. For example, grab breakfast not only for yourself, but also for him, take an interest in his life. nine0008
  • Be interesting to him. If you are not interested in sports or other hobbies of your beloved, find your own hobby in which you can show yourself well.
  • Take an interest in him. Even if you do not understand anything about his studies or work, always ask about them and listen carefully to the answer.
  • Don't forget to give gifts. They don't have to be expensive. These may be minor trinkets, but with meaning. nine0008
  • Be by your side in difficult times. Even if you can't help, just support with a kind word or hold the hand.
  • Don't make a scene. Of course, no one can forbid you to be jealous. But you don't have to show it.

What to say?

"How can I prove to my beloved that I love him?" - this question is asked by many. Despite the fact that many talk about the insignificance of words, no one refuses to hear pleasant things. In addition to confessing your feelings, say the following to your lover:

  • that he is an interesting and pleasant conversationalist;
  • that he is handsome;
  • that he is a good and merciful person;
  • that he is a good friend, and many other nice things.

"How can I prove to him that I love him?" No wonder so many girls ask this question. The fact is that men are less sensitive than women, and therefore, in order to demonstrate their feelings to them, certain measures must be taken. Your friends might suggest the following to you:

  • One of the most eccentric ways is to get his name tattooed. Of course, any guy is pleased with such attention, but try to find out in advance his attitude to the drawings on the body. In addition, appreciate the seriousness of your own feelings, because it will not be so easy to remove a tattoo.
  • If your lover doesn't notice your feelings, talk about them. Loudly, in a whisper, or in writing, it doesn't matter. The main thing is to convey information. Words of love will not go unnoticed, even if they are spoken in passing. nine0008
  • Not only girls love extraordinary things. Guys are also not averse to receiving something unusual as a gift. For example, if your boyfriend is into cars, give him a car-shaped cake.
  • You need to pamper your boyfriend. Find out as much as you can about his passions (food, movies, music, sports). Try also to love all this in order to be on the same wavelength with him.
  • Men are very sensitive to their belongings. Show that you like them too. When visiting a guy, put on his shirt, wrap yourself in his blanket, drink from his cup. But watch out for reactions! If you notice even the slightest tension, then this is not your method. nine0008

Does love need proof?

Many consider it inappropriate to ask: "How can I prove to a person that I love him?" Indeed, feelings are not a theorem. True love is more than just an outward manifestation. Real feelings can't be confused with anything. People feel those invisible threads that bind them, and will not exchange them for any external manifestations. Many even see falsehood in some beautiful deeds. However, you should not completely abandon them. nine0005

One should not perceive a beautiful and noble deed as an attempt to prove something. If you really love a person, then no stereotype will keep you from doing something nice for your soul mate. His sincere and genuine joy will fill you with vital energy and inspire you to new achievements.


"How can I prove to a man that I love him?" There is no unified answer to this question. If a person is really dear to you, your heart will tell you how to act. Despite the fact that men are the stronger sex, they also have some predilections and weaknesses. Even the strongest and most independent person will never refuse reverent care and pleasant surprises. nine0005

How can you prove your love to a man? How can a guy believe in a girl's love? Way. Actions that prove love.

Such strong love that the heart breaks and the soul sings. You dream of conveying your love to him, but words and feelings are not enough. You want to prove that you love with your actions. Well done. Surely, you are one of those who do not throw their words to the wind. Words, appreciating this, will thank you, making up a mosaic of clues.

How to prove love? How to prove your love to a guy, a man? nine0202 - Here's how:

  1. Don't raise your voice at him. Don't justify yourself. It is necessary to restrain a raised tone if you communicate with a loved one. I understand that there are times when it is very difficult to do this. But just because it's difficult doesn't mean it's impossible.
  2. Smile as often and sincerely as possible. If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, then the smile is the reflection of the mood. Reflect your good mood so he can catch it.
  3. Don't give him a reason to be jealous. He himself will find him when he wants to be jealous. nine0008
  4. Don't tell him about your past "adventures". Wouldn't it be nice for you if he starts to dedicate you to what, how and with whom he had before you?
  5. Talk and write to him about love. Remind him that you need him, that you are looking forward to meeting him, that you miss him. Men are very happy when they are repeated this without sparing words.
  6. Prepare the most delicious meals for him. Remember all the things he loves to eat. Believe me: if you cook everything, putting your soul into cooking, then he will appreciate it, and will be glad if you cook for him every day. nine0008
  7. Don't do what he doesn't like. If he asks you not to come home too late, do so. Do not linger at parties and bachelorette parties. He is worried. Even if he cannot always meet you, this fact will not affect the degree of his excitement.
  8. Call him, at least once in a while, to find out. How he is doing at work, or where he is at the time of your call.
  9. If you are jealous, try not to annoy him with scenes of jealousy. Men really don't like it. You will say, remembering, that they themselves are no better. But you are not them. Be smarter: if a man wants to be with a woman, he will be with her without going to the left. nine0008
  10. Don't force him to go shopping with you unless he is a shopping lover. Choose something yourself to please him. You, after all, know what he has, approximately, the taste for what you wear.
  11. If he asks, take a shower or bath with him. If you don't like the idea, get over yourself. It doesn't have to be done every day. He will appreciate one such evening. Rub his back, caress him, if you know that it pleases him.
  12. Give him souvenirs and gifts. Do you know how nice it is to receive something from a dear person? You know! He gave you gifts quite often. nine0008
  13. He asks to delete the contacts of all the men he knows? Remove. You can stealthily keep a copy. The important thing is that you will not disregard his request. In general, try, as rarely as possible, to talk to him about members of the opposite sex.
  14. Returning to the fad above, I will say that you should not remember, in his presence, about all your ex-boyfriends and real admirers. It infuriates and annoys almost all men. Tell him about your rich past only when he himself asks you about it, or asks you something. nine0008

How to prove your love to a guy? - Do you love him? Then he feels it. The heart of a man is large and sensitive. Take care of the heart of the one you care about. Do not upset him, do not bother him, for nothing.

Deeds that prove love. -Don't blame him for not being able to devote much of his time to you because of his job. You love it when he buys you some beautiful and necessary thing. Therefore, you must understand very well that money, instead of rain, does not fall from the sky. nine0005

He is in no hurry to introduce you to his parents and relatives – don't rush him: the time will come. Besides…. Do you really need his family? You have your own - through the roof. Insatiable what, you look!

Do not irritate him with your chatter if he is not in the mood for communication. He may be very tired and wants to be alone. Haven't you had moments like this? There were many. Don't pretend you don't remember them at all.

Don't go through his things. Otherwise, he will decide that you do not trust him. This will hurt and offend him greatly. An offended man is worse than a burning fire. He may, later, because of your act, not talk to you at all. nine0005

When he asks to be with him, don't ignore his words. He needs you. And when he pronounces this “need” out loud, he needs you doubly. Be prepared for the fact that he will tell you something that worries him for a very long time. Be patient and do not get angry if he will, for a long time, collect thoughts into words. Wait: it's harder for men to communicate. Than beauties - women.

Don't think that he doesn't love you. Loves. You can not ask fortune tellers about it! And how much he loves - look in his eyes. Everything is there, any answer to any question. nine0005

Always try to look beautiful and well-groomed. Even while you are with him within the walls of the apartment. It's important that you look after yourself, not where you are with him.

Love him if you really love him, exactly (and exclusively) as he is. Changing men is a useless undertaking. You can spend your whole life on it. And she won't be enough. Men are not amenable to global changes and changes.

Don't compare him to other guys. He may feel "not so" and flawed. You will erase all his self-confidence into a powder of doubt. Don't doubt him! And if you notice, suddenly, some shortcomings - keep silent about them. You yourself are imperfect. Ideal people simply do not exist. They are only in films, in dreams or in dreams. Not enough ideality - go to sleep, to the cinema, or to book expanses of pages. There you will surely find a hero who will be positive from head to toe. But remember, you can't revive him. nine0005

Don't make a fuss about the fact that he, once again, accidentally left an unwashed cup on the table. Found a reason for scandals! If you love him, decide everything peacefully. It will be unpleasant for him to listen to reproaches and hints about how sloppy he is. Unwashed dishes are such a small trifle that, calmly, you can ignore.

Just love to do everything for your loved one with love!

Love is a pure and bright feeling. Love and be loved!

K articles..., continued nine0201 follows:

How to prove your love to a girl? Surely every second male representative, having heard this question, will wave it off and say that there is no need to do anything like that, because she already knows everything. However, dear men, this is not so at all. Love is everyday work, where you get exactly what you put in. Surely you appreciate your soul mate and love her more than anyone else in the world! Then make her feel it!

Remember, at the very beginning of your relationship, you thought every minute about how to please your girlfriend. And then, especially if people have been dating for more than a year, the relationship changes somewhat. No, you don’t need to think about how to prove it, for sure by this time she already understood everything. However, remember how fire is maintained! If you do not throw firewood or twigs into it, it will go out and it will be very difficult to light it. So in the case of feelings, if you do not think about how to save them and make them stronger, they will fade. nine0005

Life consists of pleasant little things, surprises. Here's to making your soul mate happy. And in this article you can find some tips and recommendations on how to do this.

Surprise your beloved, think about how to prove your love to the girl. For example, tell her beautifully about how you love her. No, not by phone and not in person, but in a different, new way. For example, ask those acquaintances whom she has not yet seen to help you. Buy some flowers and some postcards. Write beautiful words of love on them and give them to your friends. Do you know how expensive your chosen one usually goes to work or college? Let your friends take turns giving her flowers and cards. And only in the last write that these flowers were from you. The original way, right? nine0005

If you're still wondering how to prove that you love a girl, here are a few more ways. Tell about your feelings in several languages ​​of the world, writing all this on a large paper. Tie it to balloons filled with gas or helium and send a confession to the window of your beloved. Imagine she is sitting in a room, reading a book or preparing for an exam, and suddenly she receives such a wonderful message from you. Surely your chosen one will be delighted. Or if you don’t like this method, write a declaration of love with chalk under her windows at night, and call in the morning and ask her to look out into the yard. nine0005

Flowers are a banal way to prove your love to a girl. It is known that each of them expresses some kind of feeling. Choose in the store those that can most clearly express your feelings and go ahead with a bouquet for your chosen one. Try to choose unusual "talking" plants and tell your chosen one about what each flower expresses. And you need to do this not only on a holiday, but also on a normal one.

You can also surprise a girl with a romantic dinner prepared by your hand. Find out what dishes she prefers, what kind of music she likes. Put it all together, create a romantic atmosphere with balloons, candles, incense sticks and flowers. And do not forget that after dinner you need to invite her to dance. Well, if you are going to ask her to marry you, then this will be a great way. Go to a candy store before dinner, ask the salesperson to pack the ring box among the candies so that it is barely visible. And at dinner, offer her candy. Surely this will also become an example of how to prove your love to a girl. nine0005

Remember that feeling will wither like a plant if it is not watered and cared for every day. And such gentle creatures as girls need your care and affection. Try to surprise them, give them tenderness every day, showing attention and romance.

"True love does not require proof" - these words belong to the famous German writer Erich Maria Remarque, and do not need clarification. Indeed, if you love, then do you really need to prove something to someone? But, unfortunately, there are such cases. Why "Unfortunately? Because if there is a need to prove the sincerity of your feelings, then we are talking about distrust, doubts. Usually a person who is deceived and burned on this feeling does not believe in love. And if a girl comes across a man who is cynical about love, then she should try to prove her love. People who have been married for many years need proof of love because they feel like their partner's love has grown cold. A man who sees evidence of his woman's love is inspired by them for noble deeds. There are many reasons to prove your love. nine0005

It is much easier to prove feelings to a man: it can be done with some crazy act or a gift. For us women, this is more difficult. We cannot serenades under his windows or give bouquets of a hundred and one roses. Therefore, all that remains for us is to daily prove our love with words and actions. There is no answer to the question of how to prove your love. It is impossible to prove feelings with one act, unless, of course, we are talking about an emergency situation when you need to sacrifice your life. Love must be proved gradually, day after day, instilling confidence in the partner in the sincerity of your feelings. nine0005

Words as evidence of feelings

Of course, the main thing is actions, not words, often words turn out to be an empty phrase, but they can also be used to prove love for a guy. After all, the need for communication is the main evidence that you want to be with a person, hear him, see him. Therefore, we just want to call and talk for no reason.

In a heart-to-heart conversation, you can also express your feelings. If you trust your boyfriend, reveal your soul to him, share secrets, then your sincerity will be obvious. nine0005

Praise is another way to prove your love to a guy. Any person is pleased when he is praised, and even more so if a loved one does it. Praise him for no reason, just so that it does not look like a comparison with someone, for example, with an ex-boyfriend.

And, of course, simple declarations of love. Often you don’t need to confess your love, so as not to devalue the words. But in touching moments, when there is an opportunity, utter words of love - this is the best way to prove love. nine0005

Surprise your boyfriend by sending him unexpected tender voice or video messages. Just remind you that you miss and love. Let him spend the rest of the day looking forward to the meeting.

Of course, when proving your love with words, it is important not to overdo it. You don't have to be pushy and pushy. You don't have to mess around with a guy. Do not bring the situation to the point that the guy will just be sick of your confessions.

We prove feelings by deeds and actions

Deeds and actions, of course, the best way to show your boyfriend how strong your love is. Signs of attention will be pleasant to any person, no matter if it is a guy or a girl. So, what actions can be taken to prove the sincerity of your feelings. nine0005

  1. Don't be afraid to give your boyfriend a romantic surprise, an unusual date, a candlelight dinner or just a souvenir that symbolizes your love.
  2. Take care of your boyfriend. All men, no matter how independent and strong they are, need warmth, affection and care. Caring is the best manifestation of your feelings. Cook his favorite meals, take care of him if he gets sick - these simple steps will prove how dear he is to you.
  3. Share his interests. Even if you hate football, keep the guy interested in it. Give him gifts related to your favorite business, freely let him go to football matches, fishing, men's gatherings. And whether he really is where you let him go can be checked with the help of cunning tricks. Of course, the ideal option would be to share his hobbies - watch football with him, catch fish. But if this is not at all interesting to you, you do not need to force yourself. nine0008
  4. One of the first places, among the important things in a relationship, is sex. It is in moments of intimacy that you can show your love with sensuality and tenderness.

But there are also things that are completely unacceptable if you want to prove to your man that you love him very much and also respect him.

  1. You can't disrespect a guy, humiliate his dignity, let alone insult him, even during a strong quarrel.
  2. You can not run your appearance and look unkempt. The guy should see that for him you are trying to be feminine and beautiful. nine0008
  3. You can't talk bad about your boyfriend's family. The best option is to establish friendly relations with everyone.
  4. You can't move away from him, from his hobbies. Support always and in everything - you must adhere to such a principle.
  5. You can't compare your boyfriend to anyone else, like your girlfriend's boyfriend, or worse, your ex-boyfriend.
  6. You can not openly show your jealousy, control calls, check his phone, e-mail. The scandalous girl will quickly get bored. The main qualities that men appreciate in a woman are femininity and tenderness, so try to match them. nine0008
  7. You can not put pressure on a man and demand from him some actions, gifts. The main weapon of a woman is her wisdom and cunning.
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