My husband finds fault with everything i do

7 reasons your spouse blames you for everything

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7 reasons your spouse blames you for everything

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01/87 reasons your spouse blames you for everything

Marriages work when both of the partners put in equal efforts to sustain and nurture the relationship. It's all about taking equal responsibility and working hard to make it work. But sometimes your relationship comes to a position where your partner just can't stop blaming you for everything. There might be several reasons for that which you may or may not know. Here are 7 reasons your spouse blames you for everything.


02/8They have low self-esteem and confidence

A person who has low self-esteem and struggles with having confidence often ends up creating trouble in a relationship. They don't like themselves. Thus, when they are struggling, instead of asking for help, they end up blaming the person next to them.


03/8They are controlling

Some people want things to be perfect, which couldn't be the case in real life. They are hardcore perfectionists who couldn't tolerate someone going against their will. So, if you fail to live up to their perfection you are the one who is often to be blamed.


04/8They are stressed

Life can be very stressful at times. If your partner has been undergoing a lot of stress recently, they look out for a way to vent out their anger and frustration. This leads them to blame you for anything or everything.


05/8They are self-obsessed

A person who is self-obsessed and a narcissist can never ever take responsibility for anything that goes wrong. Narcissists always think that they are right and seek someone else to blame. You will always find yourself being apologetic about everything in your relationship.


06/8They are unhappy

If your partner is blaming you for everything, it means that they are unhappy with the relationship. Rather than talking through the problems in your marriage, they look out for a way to blame you for everything. Now is the time when you really would want to do something about it.


07/8They aren't ready to change

Change can be scary to many people. They most likely don't want to be involved in something that requires them to change. Instead of changing them for good, they end up blaming you for all of the shortcomings in your marriage.


08/8They don't like taking responsibility

Some people are not just ready to take full responsibility for their actions. If something goes wrong even if they are the ones who made it go wrong, they won't take responsibility for it. They often feel that they are putting more into a relationship, which might not be the case at all.


''My Husband Finds Fault With Everything I Do!'': 10 Ways To Deal With a Critical Husband

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You are not perfect, so you should expect your husband to find fault with some things you do at times.

But if your husband finds fault with everything you do, there’s a problem.

”My husband finds fault with everything I do!”

If this is you, you’re not alone.

Many women feel like they can’t do anything right in their husband’s eyes.

We’ll talk about what to do when your husband finds fault with everything you do but first, let’s consider some reasons for behavior to better understand what goes on in his head.


”My Husband Finds Fault With Everything I Do!”

1. He likes to think he’s in charge

If your husband is the type of guy who likes to be in control, he may find fault with everything you do as a way to assert his dominance.

He may genuinely believe that he knows what’s best for you and the family, so he’s constantly trying to take charge.

This is a form of manipulation, which can be very subtle or overt.

Some men use subtle manipulation by criticizing your every move.

Other men are more direct and tell their wives what to do and when to do it.

Finding fault with everything you do because he wants to be in charge will only put you down and make you feel less than adequate as an individual or parent.

The goal is to make you feel so bad about yourself that you will conform and do things his way.

If this behavior continues over time, it can become abusive because he will go to any length to ensure you conform to his wishes.

Unfortunately, some women accept this type of abuse because they don’t know how else to deal with their husbands’ controlling behavior, or they don’t want to lose their families if they leave them.


2. He’s unhappy with himself

Your husband is unhappy with himself, projecting that unhappiness onto you.

He doesn’t feel good about himself.

He thinks that if he is not happy, then no one should be happy.

He thinks that if he is not comfortable with something, no one else should be comfortable with it either.

And if he doesn’t like something, nobody should like it either.

So, if he’s not happy with his life or himself, he may try to make you feel bad to feel better about himself by finding fault with everything you do.

People who are truly happy with themselves have a positive attitude; they don’t go about finding faults with everything others do.


3. He wants to start arguments

Your husband finds fault with everything you do because he wants to start arguments.

He feels that if he criticizes you often enough, he’ll always have ammunition for an argument.

This is especially true if he’s feeling insecure about something in himself or his life.

For example, if he is unemployed and feeling like a failure, finding faults with everything you do will make him feel better about himself.

So, arguing with you could be a way for him to release some of his pent-up anger and frustration.

Or, he may just enjoy arguing with you because it makes him feel superior.

Arguing gives him a false sense of power and control.


4. He has low self-esteem

People with low self-esteem often find fault with others as a way to make themselves feel better.

By pointing out your flaws, he believes he is making himself look better in comparison.

This is an unhealthy way of thinking, but unfortunately, it’s not uncommon.

People with low self-esteem often have a negative view of themselves and the world around them.

For any relationship to be happy and healthy, both partners need to feel good about themselves.

If one person doesn’t feel good about himself or herself, he or she will either try to make the other person feel worse or put up a shield so no one can get close.


5. He’s jealous

Your husband may be jealous of you, so he’s always finding fault with everything you do.

Jealousy is often rooted in insecurity.

He may feel like he’s not good enough or can’t compete with you.

As a result, he tears you down to try to build himself up.

Think about it, what could your husband be jealous of about you?


6. Your husband’s criticism may be a sign of emotional immaturity

Your husband’s critical behavior may be a sign of emotional immaturity.

He may not know how to express his feelings in a healthy or constructive way, so he resorts to finding fault with everything you do as a way to lash out.


7. He’s angry at something else, and you’re his target of choice

Your husband may be angry at something else, and you’re his target of choice.

He’s not really mad at you; he’s mad at something else.

But for whatever reason, he’s chosen to take out his anger on you by finding fault with everything you do.

Maybe he is going through a tough time or under a lot of stress at work, or he’s dealing with some personal issues


8. Your husband may be trying to provoke you into leaving him

If your husband has been finding fault with everything you do to get you to leave him, he may be doing it because he wants you to leave.

Deep down, he may not be happy in the relationship, but he doesn’t want to be the one to end it.

So, he’s hoping that by finding fault with everything you do, you’ll get fed up and leave him.


9. He could have a personality disorder

If your husband has a personality disorder, it could be why he finds fault with everything you do.

Personality disorders are mental health conditions characterized by distorted thinking and abnormal behavior.

There are many different personality disorders, but some of the most common include borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and antisocial personality disorder.

People with these disorders often have difficulty relating to others and display manipulative, controlling, and aggressive behavior.

If your husband has a personality disorder, it’s important to seek professional help.


10. Your husband feels as though he’s not getting his needs met

Your husband may feel that he’s not getting his needs met in the relationship, so he’s finding fault with everything you do.

We all have certain needs, such as the need for love, attention, and affection.

Anger and criticism are often a sign of unmet needs in a relationship.

If your husband feels like he’s not getting his needs met, it can lead to feelings of frustration, resentment, and even anger.

He may take out his frustration on you by criticizing everything you do as a way to try to get you to change or improve.


11. You take everything personally

It’s not a bad thing for your husband to tell you when he has an issue with something you’ve said or done.

But if you take everything personally, you’re likely to interpret his criticism as a personal attack and think he finds fault with everything you do.


 What To Do When Your Husband Finds Fault With Everything You Do

1. Find out why your husband finds fault with everything you do

Find out the reason for your husband’s behavior.

This will help you know how to handle him.

If the reason the finds fault with everything you do is because he is controlling and manipulative, you’d react differently if it’s because his needs are unmet.

So, discover why he’s so critical of you.


2. Ask yourself if your husband’s criticism is valid or not

If he’s criticizing you about something that needs improvement, consider what he says and how it might help improve your life and marriage.

For example, if he says that you’re too busy cleaning up after everyone all the time, then maybe it would help to delegate some of those responsibilities to someone else in the house, such as children.

Or if he says that you spend too much time on your phone, maybe he has a point, and you should put the phone down more often and focus on him and your relationship.

Just see things from his perspective and then decide if his criticism is valid or not.


3. Talk to your husband about why he’s so critical

If you can’t figure out why your husband is constantly finding fault with everything you do, it might be a good idea to talk to him about it.

Gently bring up the subject and ask him why he’s been acting this way.

Listen to what he has to say and try to see things from his perspective.

You may disagree with why he’s finding fault with everything you do, but at least you’ll have a better understanding of where he’s coming from.


4. Don’t try to change him

You can’t change your husband, no matter how much you want to.

And even if you could, why would you want to change someone who’s finding fault with everything you do?

Instead of trying to change him, focus on changing how you react to him.


5. Set boundaries with your husband

If your husband constantly finds fault with everything you do, it’s important to set boundaries.

Tell him that his behavior is unacceptable and that you will not tolerate it anymore.

Let him know that if he can’t speak to you respectfully, he needs to walk away and cool off.

Sometimes, you need to speak up for yourself and set boundaries to get the respect you deserve.


6. Focus on the positive

It’s easy to focus on the negative when your husband always finds fault with everything you do.

So instead of focusing on his criticism, focus on the positive aspects of your relationship and marriage.

Think about all the things he loves about you and the things you love about him, and the things he does to make you happy.

No marriage or individual is perfect.


7. Don’t always argue with him

This is actually what the majority of women with critical husbands do.

If they are not ready to leave their husbands, they keep quiet when their husbands start their fault-finding.

There’s nothing new under the sun, so the wives just let the husbands rant on to their heart’s content.

They know that engaging their husbands in an argument will only worsen things, and they don’t have the energy for that.


8. Talk to someone else about it

If you’re struggling to deal with your husband’s behavior, it might be a good idea to talk to someone else about it.

Talk to a trusted friend or family member and vent about your frustrations.

It can be helpful to talk to someone who will understand and can offer helpful advice.

It also makes sense to talk to someone your husband respects and who might be able to talk some sense into him.

This is why I advise women not to marry men who don’t respect or regard anyone.


9. Focus on yourself

One of the best things you can do when your husband is always finding fault with everything you do is focus on yourself and make yourself happy.

Do things that make you happy and make you feel good about yourself.

Don’t let your husband’s behavior control your life or dictate how you feel about yourself.

You are in charge of your happiness.

The more you have other sources of happiness, the lesser you’ll be consumed by his attitude.


10. Seek counseling

If you’ve tried everything and still struggle to deal with your husband’s behavior, it might be time to seek counseling.

Counseling can help you to understand your husband’s behavior and to find ways to deal with it.

It can also help you to work on your self-esteem and to improve your relationship.

More importantly, try couple counseling.

This will help both of you work on your communication and find ways to resolve issues in a more constructive way.

If you’re both willing to work on your marriage, counseling can be very helpful.


Living with a husband who finds fault with everything is exhausting and toxic.

If you’re struggling to deal with a critical husband, I hope these tips will help you.

Remember, you deserve to be treated with respect and love.

Don’t settle for anything less.


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Why does a husband constantly find fault with his wife?

Hello ladies! I will be glad to see you on my channel in Telegram

Why does the husband start to find fault with his wife? What does he need? Why does he choose a perfect trifle and again and again "hollow"? What to do with such a man?

A little introduction to start. It happens, of course, that a man, in fact, is on the verge of normality in the field of the psyche. But then he finds fault not only with his wife, but also with other people. And, in fact, this is his constant behavior in life. He behaves like this with the leader, friends, acquaintances, etc. (Psycho, if in a simple way). What to do with such men? Treat? Leave? You decide. But it is clear that these cannot be changed and his behavior will only get worse with time. nine0005

In this article, I will write about quite normal men who find fault mainly with their wife. With other people, they behave politely, try to please them and, of course, do not find fault at all. (Examples in the article are real, slightly redone. Taken from Consultations, with the permission of the Clients).

With a wife (sometimes with other close people), they are transformed and become petty, ignoble or even low in behavior, men. They find fault with any nonsense, criticize those areas of life where it is most painful for a woman to hear criticism and nit-picking. nine0005

It gets to the point where a woman can't wait for her husband to go somewhere. To work, to friends or somewhere else, it doesn't matter. In his presence, she feels some kind of constant tension. She feels as if a man is constantly watching her actions out of the corner of his eye, and behind her words out of the corner of his ear, in order to find a reason to find fault.

Why does the husband constantly find fault and criticize? Why it happens? What to do?

There are usually 2-3 reasons and I will list them below. Very often this is a repetition of parent scenarios. I will not write about this here, you can read in the book by Anastasia Guy about the manifestation of generic scenarios and how to rewrite them and change life in book “What happy women are silent about. Or how to make a man get off the couch” . Or "How to change fate and start a new life" .

The first reason is the wrong behavior of the woman herself .

Example .

- Honey, you put the cup right here, and it should be 1 cm to the right.

— Oh, I forgot again. ( I put it like this because you didn't remind me. I put it like that because I was tired, etc. .)

This is an exemplary dialogue between a "loving" man and woman. A woman makes excuses for making a mistake. In this case, it doesn’t matter whether this mistake was real and gross, or whether it was more of a man’s notion, just to find fault with his wife once again.

Again, it doesn't matter. The man finds fault, the woman makes excuses. The defender's position is weak.

And if a woman constantly behaves like this, then a man will think something like this: “My wife admitted that I was right. So I am wise. Therefore, it is necessary to educate her more often and point out her shortcomings. It will be better for her and for the family.” .

Obviously, excuses should be removed from a woman's speech as far as possible. It is clear that this is not a matter of one day, but everything is possible. About why a man does not respect a woman and what to do so that he begins to respect her, read in article "A man does not respect a woman, what to do."

Example .

- Honey, you put the cup right here, and it should be 1 cm to the right.

- Yes, I put everything right. From today she will be here. And you generally put it 1 cm to the left yesterday, and now you are still telling me where to put it. You yourself first learn to put the cup where it is necessary, and then tell me how to put it correctly. And if something doesn't suit you, get up and do it right. And at the same time pour me tea and cook dinner. And then ish, gave orders. nine0040

(Very important here, of course, is not only words, but intonation, pressure with words)

Already much better, in my opinion, than excuses. In some situations, it may even be the best option. This is usually followed by a small scandal in the family. But I repeat, in my opinion, this is a better option than if a man buzzes and buzzes that a woman did something wrong there, she did something wrong here, but here he is right, etc.

In this case, a family is like a boiling volcano that periodically ejects lava, but it seems to me that this is better than a woman is simply rotten every day, and she is meekly silent. (I repeat - this is an example for an ordinary man who begins to become impudent if he is not periodically put in his place. If he is "crazy", then it is not a fact that it is even safe)

Another example is .

- Darling, you put the cup right here, and it should be 1 cm to the right.

— Yes, I did.

- But you put it 1 cm to the right.

— Thanks for the tip.

- Well, you did it!

— I agreed with you. Yes, I did. Why are you repeating again?

This is another dialogue option. A woman does not argue with a man and, most importantly, does not make excuses.

This is often much better than the first two options. (For some women it's harder)

It is impossible to completely solve the problem of a husband's constant nagging at his wife only with such a speech algorithm (and a mental one, of course). However, this is one way and quite effective. (If you do not place unrealistic expectations on him)

You just need to behave like this more than once. It won't work, of course. It is necessary that such an answer option be stable for some time. To do this, such dialogues need to be worked out in the imagination.

Example .

- Honey, you put the cup right here, and it should be 1 cm to the right.

- Expensive. You hurt me with your constant nagging. You act like a child. I expect support from you in difficult life situations, understanding and sympathy. And what do I get? Niggling about the fact that the cup is 1 cm to the right? What difference does it make where it stands, if I feel bad and I need your support in a difficult situation (due to the fact that there is no income stability, problems with children, parents, etc.), and you are talking about a cup. nine0040

For me it's one of the best options, but of course it also requires training and adjustment for a particular woman and a particular man. If you want to improve your relationship with your husband, read the series of letters from my free mini-course, you can sign up on page HERE.

And here let's briefly switch to the reasons for the constant criticism and nagging from the man. What is the main reason? This cause infantilism psychological development. That is, the presence in the thinking of children's or, more often, teenage, thinking algorithms. nine0005

Just ask yourself a question. Will a truly adult man (psychologically) constantly find fault with the woman he loves? What for? So that the wife can only wait for her husband to leave the house? (And perhaps not only the wife, but also the children) Of course, a psychologically adult person will never do this. Especially if hard times have come in the family, the woman is tired, she is scared, or she is constantly under stress, and, of course, she may be doing something wrong. A psychologically mature man, especially in a difficult period for a family or for a woman, on the contrary, will support her, calm her down, try to somehow distract and, if possible, solve difficulties (or help a woman cope with them)

But the infantile one will constantly find fault with his wife and criticize her . He cannot do otherwise, even if it is obviously not in his interests . If you have such a situation, please contact Consultation , I will be happy to help.

Almost by definition, a man who constantly finds fault with his wife is, to some extent, infantile. After all, “picky” behavior is the behavior of a psychological teenager, who often, like a real teenager, tends to argue on any issue, whether it is necessary for the situation or not. A teenager protests and does many other stupid things, sometimes destroying his life (at this age, for example, they usually start drinking, smoking, etc.). The psychological teenager-man behaves similarly. nine0005

Accordingly, the above example (the behavior and words of a woman) to some extent encourages the husband to become psychologically mature. To remove from his character those traits that, in fact, prevent him not only from establishing relations with his wife, but often interfere with their manifestation, not only to establish relations in the family, but in general to achieve success in life. (Not the fact that it will work out, I warn you right away. Some men do not want to grow up psychologically, since this process involves taking responsibility)

And the last way is for the woman to attack herself. That is, to find fault and criticize the man .

This method, although outwardly similar to a dispute, is fundamentally different from it in effect.

An argument is just a tug of war in the field where a man feels stronger. He already knows perfectly well that you put, for example, a glass 1 cm to the right than necessary. Many times in a joint conversation you described where the glass should be, maybe even wrote it down on some paper or in a file. And now, when you put the glass 1 cm to the right than necessary, then you "hit". nine0005

Arguing is useless. The husband will show you the contract with you, where the correct place for the glass is clearly stated. He has witnesses and written evidence where he should stand by the rules.

Your attempt to transfer the dispute to another topic is also immediately noticeable. Your husband can directly tell.

— Dear wife, don't turn the conversation to another topic. The glass was 1 cm to the right. To the right. So, you are wrong and you must admit it, then start to obey me, then admit that I am the wisest and smartest man in the world, because I know where the glass should be right. And then, of course, stop arguing altogether, because no matter how much we argue about a glass, you always turn out to be wrong. nine0040

That is, your position is obviously weak. And it takes incredible efforts to somehow put the husband in his place.

We need to act asymmetrically :). That is, you need to periodically spread rot and find fault with a man not at the moment when he starts his argument, but when it is beneficial for a woman and in those moments where a man is frankly weak.

Where can a man be weak? Sex, making money, humor, not being able to make friends, raise children, and a dozen other qualities that are obvious to a wife, hard to argue with, etc. nine0005

That is, you take some quality where a man is weak and start talking about him. For example, money. There is not enough money. Your salary is not enough to live on. In the store, try on things that are clearly not affordable for your husband. Say something like: “Now, if you were making money like Ivanov, then now we wouldn’t need to ... but we would do it ... :))

It’s not even necessary to do this in the form of direct rot. Just “share” information and difficulties in the family with a man, ask for advice. This is much easier and better than arguing or trying to answer a man's nit-picking where he considers his position strong. nine0005

Gradually rot men and do not stop doing it, at least until you correct your man's self-esteem, and he stops picking on you for the slightest provocation and without.

I must say right away that the method is working, though it requires a certain self-confidence from a woman, since a man can still snap back. But remember that rot is not a one-time action - it is a mandatory action for ANY man, even a relatively ideal one. Just for an ideal man, such criticism can be once a quarter. For a man who constantly finds fault, this is a daily “treatment” for six months. nine0005

In general, about how to put a man in his place, how to make him not only not find fault with his wife, but also so that he appreciates and loves his woman, I wrote in detail in the book “19 mistakes with men. How to make a man respect and love you”

And the last option is to slightly reduce the sensitivity to nagging .

In part, the man finds fault, because the woman reacts to these faults. She is afraid of them, and a man achieves something from a woman with the help of them. If not love, then at least not indifference. nine0005

You need to learn not to react so strongly to nagging.

How to do it?

Trying to pretend that you don't care when nagging a man usually doesn't work. Such a feeling sometimes develops that such men feel with their spinal cord that a woman cares and continue to hum until the woman explodes, cries or somehow unbalances her.

It is better to do the following exercise .

You imagine how your husband finds fault with you. Then you imagine that you don't care about his nit-picking. You treat them, if not indifferently, then as something like an unpleasant wind when walking. nine0005

At the end, imagine that the husband behaves well, does not find fault, but on the contrary, compliments, supports you, etc. Exercise should be done not one day, but a couple of months. For other exercises to improve family relationships, read the book by Anastasia Guy “What happy women are silent about” .

And of course, only reducing the sensitivity will not help matters. This is just one of the methods of working 🙂 with my husband.

A bit off topic at the end. I certainly don't know your situation. It is possible that your husband will find something to complain about, even if you behave perfectly. But maybe he constantly criticizes you for the same mistakes that you said 100 times. For example, I do not take my wife's demands to remove my socks scattered by me as a nitpick. I just learned how to clean them and that's it. nine0005

It is possible that at least some of the man's “nitpicking” is not nitpicking at all, but, in fact, the usual requirements of a partner in the family, which you just need to learn how to do once and that's it. If so, then learn to do what the husband asks. If these are still real nit-picks from scratch, when there is always a reason, then the algorithm is higher.

Let's summarize . A man who constantly finds fault with his wife is partly infantile. (In the vast majority of cases). nine0005

The worst way to correct his behavior is through excuses and arguments. (argues a little better)

Much better is ironic agreement, slander or expressing your feelings from his actions.

I won't say that effective methods will start working immediately. First, it is necessary that they become familiar to a woman. Then, in order for inertia to work and the man began to change his behavior. But this is many times better than excuses that only reinforce the bestial behavior of a man. nine0005

Try the above methods and I am sure that you will definitely succeed in reducing your husband's nagging by several times or even nullifying it.

And, of course, do not forget to work on your own self-esteem. Often they find fault with precisely those women who consider themselves in many ways unworthy of a man. But we will discuss the topic of female self-esteem in other articles. Or read and do the exercises that I wrote in my book "How to become more confident in yourself in 3 months" .

Best regards, Rashid Kirranov.

The husband finds fault at every step... Or about "little things" in family life.



#3 9000





And now, if respect does not appear on your part, this is real, the beginning of the end. And therefore - think (I understand, many have nothing, I hope you are an exception) what disrespect is expressed in. Just calmly talk about it with your husband - not for bread and crumbs, but for what respect is for him and why he thinks that you do not respect him.



It's clear as daylight that he doesn't love you, that he's vampirizing, sucking all your strength and energy out of you, that he'll poison your whole life. Therefore, before it's too late, before you make him disabled and crazy, before you kill him in a fit of hatred, send him 3 letters and leave without turning around.



as they say, what kind of love if you're an idiot???



and hiss through clenched teeth - If you, brute, at least once again make a remark to me, I'll kill the nafik! After that, he immediately tightens his tail and will never hint at anything again. Such idiots are basically complex nonentities who thus assert themselves. nine0005



Well, actually, this is an anomaly. How did you endure 3 years with such a bore? I just imagined everything that you described in your topic, and I already wanted to hang myself ... But I can’t even imagine how to live with such pressure ...

Did you read the topic? Did you understand what you wrote? nine0005


author and you are a fool, what can you stand, if you don't like it, LEAVE, then WORSE. what's the problem, love him and why? like his bullying. . well, press


And read my first post in this thread - my quick-witted.

Solid drooling and seething boils instead of just trying to figure out the reasons. With such approaches, you, little women, still need to play with dolls, and not fit into family life. nine0005

Men do not have periods, they do not suddenly change out of the blue.



Uncle read the topic. And somehow I did not find in her attempts to talk with the missus on the topic - why was he a good boy for three years, and now he began to speak for respect? What is generally in his concept of respect and what in this part does not suit him in the author.

Solid drooling and boiling shit instead of just trying to figure out the reasons. With such approaches, you, little women, still need to play with dolls, and not fit into family life.

Men do not have periods, they do not suddenly change out of the blue.

sarcastic about this is low.

And the Author will advise you to read Harry Chapman's "5 Love Languages", maybe it will lead you to some thoughts.




2. On weekends, he dares to walk in front of you in sweatpants, and not in a suit with ties.

3. Having sex in the wrong way, not as shown in films,

etc. experts

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T -shirt

Yes, he is probably Taurus)) The author was the same husband. it was terrible!! I didn’t clean it that way .. I washed the floors badly .. “floors can be washed well only with your hands” - that’s how he said. But we also had a child. Small at all. Of course, I didn’t manage to do everything around the house .. my husband didn’t work from the moment of my decree (fired) he sat stupidly at home and played on the computer. And moreover, he didn’t just grumble, but all this resulted in an ugly quarrel .. he didn’t help in anything, he just went for groceries and lowered the stroller down the stairs. Never walked with a child. I had to take care of the child alone. cook clean up and more as he sees fit. I protested and there were quarrels. Add to all this the greed of the abnormal mother-in-law that he listened to and you will understand why I ran away from him at the age of 2, dropping my slippers..

Taurus most likely

although my dad doesn’t care if the house is clean or not, but she didn’t say so - everything is a scribe

  • The man immediately warned that all the property was registered to children0005

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    .those little things that I don’t notice at all were a disaster for him! She put a ladle in the wrong place .. something dripped on the floor .. the child wrote - everything was a disaster for him, in which I alone was to blame. A bad mother is a bad wife .. I thought that if it goes on like this, then my son and I will not be respected. Because from childhood he hears that his father (husband) does not put me in anything. nine0005

    it was he who drove you away from idleness

    plus my dad asserted himself at home, everything was always in an orderly tone, it only got worse with age ((

    so they did the right thing, that they left, and even with a child in their arms




    Yes, he is probably a Taur )) The author I had the same husband. it was terrible!! I didn’t clean it that way .. I washed the floors badly .. “floors can be washed well only with your hands” - that’s how he said. But we also had a child. Small at all. Of course, I didn’t manage to do everything around the house .. my husband didn’t work from the moment of my decree (fired) he sat stupidly at home and played on the computer. And moreover, he didn’t just grumble, but all this resulted in an ugly quarrel .. he didn’t help in anything, he just went for groceries and lowered the stroller down the stairs. Never walked with a child. I had to take care of the child alone. cook clean up and more as he sees fit. I protested and there were quarrels. Add to all this the greed of the abnormal mother-in-law that he listened to and you will understand why I ran away from him at the age of 2, dropping my slippers..






    Author, my Martyr Taurus. I here wrote subject about criticism gifts. After sex, he could read on my face what a "good lover" he was. more than half of men do not know how to give pleasure. So chat there something and everything ended. nine0005

    I am a Taurus myself and my father is a Taurus and I know him very well

    I have to leave, he will not change, it is useless to tell him that he is wrong appreciates him


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      he must leave, he will not change, it is useless to tell him that he is wrong

      and by the way, strangers are always good for him, and his family is bad for him, does not appreciate him


      Who cares about the horoscope - it's Virgo. Girls, what to do with this feeling of diminishing self-esteem? When he swears, he makes you feel guilty. Damn, then all day long thoughts come into my head, like what kind of clumsy am I after all ...

      It used to be like that too, but smoothed out, and he moved away faster. Sometimes, even apologized (rarely, but it happened).

      Now some kind of horror. Tantrums are due to a grain of sand in the literal sense. Morally crushed. All wives, like wives, are waiting for their husbands to come home in the evening, but I'm afraid of this moment, what else will he find fault with...

      We don't talk for the second day. The reason was ridiculous in my opinion - I put a teaspoon on the tablecloth (which he hates, the tablecloth is unclean !!!), and then I stirred the tea with the same spoon. He became nervous: “You know that I don’t like it when cutlery is on the table, and not on a saucer or in a plate, why are you doing this? nine0005

      And that's it, after the flash, a cold tone. If during this period you approach him and say: "Let's talk calmly," he will contemptuously say: "I have not the slightest desire to talk to you, since you treat me like that, you will be treated appropriately." And that's it, even if you hit the wall.

      It's not even the notorious spoon, but the fact that I allegedly ignore his wishes... But it's not like that, just think, a spoon! And he is furious precisely because of mine: "Well, what do you think, it's not a big problem."

      By the way, we have children, two years old.


      Sex is ok. In general, when we have a "truce", everything is fine. Affectionate, gentle, excellent father. But military operations simply rival those of the Germans.

      What to do?


      Another lives with a virgin). Well, she has never eaten anything sweeter than a carrot in her life .. And even then, I think, on her last breath))). Younger than me in years, but everyone really thinks that he is the same age (he is 34). From a carefree laugher she turned into a zatyukany old woman, but with ambition)). nine0005

      The author, has he become like this just now? Really before, in FIG, everything was to him, but now it has changed like this?



      Taurus are still tyrants to explain that he is wrong

      and by the way, outsiders are always good for him, and his family is bad for him, does not appreciate him




      Is it your favorite. ..

      And this is how we live. I tell him: the tablecloth is clean, wiped it, he is for his own. Rest and all. And so in any disagreement.

      Everything is ok in sex. In general, when we have a "truce", everything is fine. Affectionate, gentle, excellent father. But military operations simply rival those of the Germans. nine0005

      What to do?

      #47 don't do it, it's unhygienic, etc.", and now it can: "You're moronic or something, put the ladle on that plate with this side, there are carrots in the same place, and you pull it out of the soup" (well, this is an extreme option, when he's not in a good mood). Maybe two children are so unsettled, but I think that this is not a reason to be rude and rude because of nonsense! Moreover, I mostly work with children. I also have cooking. But you see, it's not like that. nine0005



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