How to intimidate someone

Pro Tips from Drug Dealers, Hostage Negotiators, Bouncers, and Drag Queens

It started in the playground, where that sweaty bully dished out bad insults and made you feel like a putz. Years later, you're still being intimidated: on the street at night, in job interviews, at pickup basketball games, when someone says something nasty to you in the bar—in all these situations you're stuck being the victim rather than the aggressor, the one who has to back down while your tormentor makes that shit-eating grin at you. Don't you wish there was a way to shut him or her up, to force that clown into a humiliating retreat? Not by throwing a punch, of course, since that could end with you in a jail cell or badly beaten or both. You're going to win this fight without it ever becoming a fight.


The problem is, not everybody has a natural knack for intimidation. Practice makes perfect, but since firsthand research in this field can be slightly hazardous, I thought I'd get some pointers from a group of individuals who are skilled in getting the bullies of life to back the fuck off.

VICE does not advocate the use of violence or illegal activity, nor do we advise you to put yourself into a position of danger.

Click through below to read intimidation tips from:

The Gangster

The Homicide Detective and Hostage Negotiator
The Bouncer and Former Soccer Hooligan
The Supermarket Security Guard
The Drug Dealer
The Drag Queen

Jimmy Tippett Junior (right) with Dave Courtney (left) and Jimmy Tippett Senior (center)


Crime family member Jimmy Tippet Junior counts some of Britain's most notorious villains among his drinking buddies. His dad, Jimmy Tippett Senior, presided over his turf as the "Governor of Lewisham" from the 60s to the 80s. Jimmy Junior got out of jail last year after serving time for his part in a £250,000 ($400,000) jewelry heist and is currently staying clear of the guns, money, drugs, and crime that have characterized his life so far.

Do you know what it is [that intimidates people]? It's being really nice. Now, I would be as nice as pie if I was trying to intimidate someone, 'cause the more horrible you are the more it doesn't work. People who scream and shout threats—"I'll shoot you! I'll break your legs!"—I laugh at people like that. I would be the most charming, nicest guy possible. That person will go home, google me and the people around me, and see all this bad shit.


When I was in my late teens I was a nasty, vicious little bastard. I wouldn't think twice about sticking a knife in somebody or cutting them. If I wanted to intimidate someone I'd find out who was the biggest, hardest man in that area and then use extreme violence on them so everyone knows who I am. I wouldn't do that now, but that's what I used to do.

"Forget brawn—confidence is number one."

All the bad things I've done have made me the person I am now. I'm very confident; I don't worry about anybody or anything, anytime or anywhere. Forget brawn—confidence is number one. That's why I'm nice when I do things. The history you've built up makes the person. I'd turn up and be like, "Listen, this is how it is. You know who I am." I'd do it that way rather than threaten somebody.

If I was going to see someone and they had a large sum of money and I had to recover that money, I would turn up on my own, buy them a coffee, and be really nice. But in the background there would be two big lumps—scary motherfuckers—just standing in the vicinity. So the person would see all this going on, go away, and do his homework on me. It breaks his brain down.

It's like Tetris—whacking away the bricks. I've always turned up with a result, and it's never failed me. Life is a game. Every day you wake up and get dressed and you're going onto a stage—a platform—to do what you gotta do to better yourself.


I'm very headstrong. I refuse to lose. I'll go all the way. No one will ever beat me. If you beat me with your hands, I'll come back with a bat. If you beat me with a bat, I'll come back… well, now I don't get involved in things like that.


Bob Bridgestock was a heroic cop who talked people down from the tops of buildings and persuaded maniacs not to shoot their captives. During his 30 years on the force he took charge of 26 murder investigations, as well as investigating drive-by shootings, kidnappings, and extortion schemes.

The golden rule is treat people how you want to be treated. But sometimes you have to take control. You are a person in authority. Some people will not listen to a single word you say. Whether they're in the right or in the wrong, they just won't listen. They try it on to start with, to test what reaction you have. Will you take a step backward? Will you stand your ground? If you stand your ground they've got a problem. It's talking to people, but you've got to be firm.

Hostage negotiation is a totally different level. In some respects, if they're threatening to kill somebody, it's like the person is threatening to jump off the bridge or stick the knife in their own neck. I've been to people where they're bare-chested, have a bandana around their head, and are leaning against a samurai sword, and they say, "If you come through the door I'm gonna push myself straight into this sword." You say, "Well, look, I've got an ambulance outside. If you do that you're going to be in a lot of pain. You might not die, and if you do that I'll have to come in. I'm not going anywhere."


"He's got a firearm, and he's shouting and screaming that he's gonna turn the gas taps on and kill himself and everybody else."

I've been in armored trucks where we've driven right up to somebody's window. He's got a firearm, and he's shouting and screaming that he's gonna turn the gas taps on and kill himself and everybody else. You could easily give up, but you don't. It's a case of, "Look, we're not going anywhere; you're not going to do that; the gas has been turned off in the street so that isn't going to work. The truck is armored; you're not going to injure anyone in here." Eventually, you wear them down.

Fortunately, I've never been in a situation where I've lost somebody—whether to suicide or kidnapping or anything like that. I don't know how I'd have coped.

Interviews are different again. Part of the interview technique is silence. It makes people uncomfortable. I've known [lawyers] to kick people under the table when they start to talk to remind them [to shut up].

Illustration by Cei Willis


Part-time bouncer and ex-football hooligan Phil "just likes scrapping." He says that age, injuries, and the need to keep a steady job have taught him how to navigate conflict without resorting to fisticuffs—sort of.

Make it look like you're fearless and up for anything. A few years ago I saw a guy while I was on a night out who had a reputation for being quite hard. I was coked up, so I started giving him shit.


I tried it on with his [girl] in front of him, and when he got pissy, I asked him what he was going to do about it. He left it, so a little later, when I saw him at the bar, I pushed him out the way, picked up his drink, and poured it all over his shoes. Then I just stood there, smiling.

He walked off again, and I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, until he smashed a bar stool over the back of my head while I was sitting down. He got dragged out before I could get hold of him, but I was shouting at the cunt that I was going to find out where he lived.

[At this point in Phil's story I remarked that his tactics seemed to have failed miserably. But he insisted that they proved the guy was scared to fight him face to face, and that I should shut up and just let him carry on with what he was saying.]

I saw him a few weeks later around town when I wasn't on drugs. I didn't feel like starting on him again, so I walked over and told him to buy me a pint, which he did. When he handed me my pint I said that I was so happy we were friends I felt like burning my own house down. That seemed to do the trick.

If you're working the doors, you should get to the gym and make sure you're stacked. It's better to look big and have some power behind you. Learn some takedowns as well, and get in a few fights beforehand so you've got some confidence. Take up MMA or something. Don't be afraid to invade people's personal space, push them around, and stand in their way.


Freaking people out and saying weird shit can also help. Like if someone's arguing and getting in your face, ask them what their star sign is—but shout it at them. Then ask quietly how big their cock is.

Whoever was doing a security job in Woolwich Lidl circa 2007 was evidently doing it pretty well.


Danny came to England from Nigeria on a student visa to better himself and now works in a supermarket in an overcrowded and impoverished part of London, where arresting shoplifters is low on the list of police priorities. The supermarket was a long way from the run-ins he had in Lagos, but after a short time on the job he realized his own brand of Nigerian justice would come in handy.

This fella, he come in every now and then, nicked a few things, and run off. One day he got me into trouble, which I didn't find funny. He put a few things in his basket as normal—tomatoes, rice, and whatnot—as well as a bottle of whiskey down his pants. I was watching on the camera, and just as he went up to the till I came out of the office. By the time I arrived, he'd run away. All the items were on the till except the drink. The manager was fuming, but I was like, "He'll be back again."

A few weeks went past, and he showed up. Same old thing—he grabbed some whiskey. I didn't even wait for him to go by the till. As soon as he put it in his pants I walked up and was like, "Yo, can I get those things?" He was like, "I'm gonna put it back on the shelf." I was like, "Uh, uh, uh. Do you have the money to pay for the ones you took before?"


Me and the other guard took him to the manager's office. We searched him, and he only had a couple of pennies. I said, "How you gonna pay for a bottle of whiskey with pennies? I'm gonna have to take something. If we get the money back, you get your stuff back." So I said, "I like your shoes." He was being a dickhead, so I said, "I like your trousers, too—with the belt on—and if I have to take them off you I'm gonna knock you out first 'cause I can't be struggling." I wanted to take his socks as well, but they weren't my type. He took them off and I was like, "Are you gonna come back with the money?" He said he'd be back in a minute. This was January, and it was freezing cold. I was like, "Off you go."

Another guy came around a different day doing the usual—stealing items and threatening people. I got him back. In the office I said, "Have you got payment on you?" Obviously not. When I searched him all he had was his passport, so I took it. I think it still might be in the manager's office. I never saw him again in my life.

Photo by Giorgi Nieberidze


Marlon is in his 30s and a career drug dealer. Intimidation has been part of his day-to-day existence since he started selling weed on the banks of London's Grand Union Canal in the 1990s.

If you're dealing with a street punter [buyer], there is a balance of power. Intimidating someone who has already made himself vulnerable by buying illegal drugs is easy. Most of the time, putting the shits up someone is more about the threat of violence than violence itself. It depends on who the target is. I used to have some right curtain-twitching neighbors, but they were sorted out easily—I just told them to fuck off, keep their curtains closed, stay inside.


My business depends on controlling the lines of credit I give out to my customers, and I use different stages of intimidation. The first stage of getting to people is friendly. I'm just like a bank or a debt collector. It's constant phone calls and text messages. This will normally nudge the average middle-class kid to pay up. Then, if that doesn't work, I'll threaten the fuckers with violence. That usually reels in the rest.

"If a dealer owes me money and he can't pay, he will expect a slap."

Most people freeze in the face of cold-blooded violence. Just a slap around the chops is well outside their comfort zone. It's the speed and ferocity with which you turn from a friend to a foe that catches people off balance. I've seen grown men well up with fear.

If a dealer owes me money and he can't pay, he will expect a slap. If someone steals from me, he can expect to get battered. It's not as random as it might appear. But this doesn't even come close to dealing with my rivals over turf. It's not purely about numbers or firepower, but about reputation, acting with confidence—you need an element of surprise; that is what intimidates people.

Power is people knowing I won't back down. The last time someone tried to muscle in on my game we went to war. Within hours we had kidnapped two rivals and blown out the windows of a house of a close relative of a third with a sawn-off shotgun. We just continued to hit them until they surrendered.


But intimidation is not just about violence. If you are holding personal information about someone you can dangle them from a thread. In this game it's about threatening to tip off police or immigration services, or threatening families overseas. It's dirty; we all know it.

This section by Max Daly


By day, Mercedes Bends supervises construction workers; at night she's part of the Brighton drag scene and has dealt with her fair share of leering drunks and horny men. She likes to deploy a non-gender-specific array of weapons to combat haters, whether she's at her job or in the bar.

Drag queens can be really scary. I can do it. Obviously I don't do it for the sake of it, but I can turn it on if I have to. There's something unhinging about someone who looks so girly but has the physical aggression of a man. Women are good at mental torture, whereas a man will punch. The combination of the two creates a powerful effect.

I used to work in a bar in Brighton that catered to [bachelor and bachelorette parties]. Straight guys who would normally mock gays would come in. Without my drag, they would have the ability to intimidate me. The drag was like an armor that gave me the upper hand.

"I'll flatten you with one line, sugar-tits."

Building sites can be really aggressive places, too. But it's just about baring your teeth bigger than they can. A lot of people who work in manual-labor jobs and want to cause trouble are quite simple. All I have to do is use a word with a couple more syllables, and they're mentally intimidated.

Mostly it's the delivery. I've got the sort of attitude where I'll go straight in for the kill. I'll flatten you with one line, sugar-tits. When I first started on sites I'd get a lot of comments, but I'd be so quick with the comeback that I'd kill them with humor.

When someone pretends to try it on with me, which has happened so many times, I just turn it around on them. I've never been retiring about it. "Come on then, darling. Let's go do it. Get it out." They turn into nervous little boys. For example, there was a black guy on site; he came up behind me and started touching me up. I turned around to him and said, "I've never been with a black guy before. Do you fancy it?"

I've caused whole pub brawls because people have been intimidated by the sexual element. Once, at the Brighton bar, a guy came in with a group of his mates. He ended up taking a real shine to me. Next thing I know, there's a brawl. His brother kicked off 'cause he was paying me too much attention. He was shouting: "My brother's not going home with a cock in a bra." The barman got involved and started lamping people, and I waded in there in full drag.

5 More Ways to Be Assertive with Intimidating People

In the previous piece about being assertive with people who intimidate you, we talked about clarifying your values, starting small and shifting your thinking about the intimidating person. That is, we can change our perception of the person, so we no longer feel intimidated by them. We can choose to feel secure.

Today, we’re talking about other tools you can use. Because that’s the great thing about being assertive: It’s a skill we can learn and practice. And there are many ways to approach it.

Dealing with intimidating people can shake our confidence and trigger self-doubt, said psychotherapist Michelle Farris, LMFT. Sometimes we find them intimidating because these individuals dominate the conversation, express their opinions as facts and expect others to back down, she said. They might be used to getting their way and have strong personalities, she said. “[T]hey may not see that their behavior creates emotional distancing in their relationships — unless someone speaks up.”

So how do you speak up?

Below, Farris, owner of Counseling Recovery in San Jose, Calif., shared five helpful ways.

1. Validate what they’re saying.

According to Farris, let the person “talk — but not dominate — the conversation, and validate what you hear. ” For instance, you might say: “I can see how you feel that way,” or “What I hear you saying is …” If they feel heard, they might relax a bit, she said. (Because all of us, no matter our differences, just want to feel heard.)

2. Be firm and direct.

If you’re dealing with someone with a strong personality, they might keep pushing if you’re backing down, Farris said. However, “if you state your opinion firmly, they often back down.”

The key is to express yourself without attacking the other person. When we’re truly assertive, “we focus only on ourselves without making the other person wrong,” Farris said. So you might use “I” statements, she said. This is different from starting sentences with “you,” which can put people on the defensive. It’s also important to be firm, direct and clear. She shared these examples of statements you can say:

  • I feel …
  • I need …
  • I feel uncomfortable about what’s happening and I need to leave.
  • I appreciate the feedback but I don’t agree.
  • That doesn’t work for me.
  • Let me get back to you on that.
  • Here’s what I can do …
  • I understand your position; here’s mine.

3. Don’t take their behavior personally.

Farris suggested applying this saying in 12-step programs to your situation: “You didn’t cause it, you can’t control and you can’t cure it.” That is, what the other person is saying or doing isn’t about you. When you realize this, it makes it easier to be assertive.

4. Find the lesson.

“Ironically, you can learn a lot about boundaries from [these individuals] because they are skilled at getting what they want,” Farris said. In other words, they’re not afraid to put their needs out there. Even if they communicate these needs ineffectively at times, we can still learn from them about being bold in stating our opinions, she said.

5. Practice. A lot.

Like learning any skill, being assertive with intimidating people takes practice. And like learning any skill, the more you practice, the better you get at it. And in this case, the more confident you’ll feel in relationships, Farris said.

Being assertive can feel a whole lot less overwhelming when you start small. Start practicing this skill in less significant situations. In the previous piece, psychotherapist Diann Wingert, LCSW, BCD, suggested being assertive with people such as “the barista who always seems to get your coffee order wrong or the co-worker who monopolizes every conversation in the lunch room.” Then work up to individuals who are closer to you or situations that are more challenging.

Understandably, it’s tough to be assertive when you’re dealing with a difficult person who takes over the conversation, always thinks they’re right and has a strong personality. But it’s important to remind ourselves what being assertive is really about: expressing our truth. Which “is when we are our most authentic,” Farris said. And when we act from our most honest, sincere place, life becomes more meaningful and satisfying.

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Psychology - How to scare a person with a look.



Second part of Psychology: We have only useful and interesting material. Dear readers and psychologists! We invite you to publish your work (articles, essays, etc.) in our history for only 100 rubles, but on condition that ...

# life # interesting # identity # everyday life # psychology # philosophy

from gad1oo



1. First you need to train a strong willed look. At the same time, train your inner spirit, calmness and self-confidence. To begin with, try to make the person feel in control and superior to him. Imagine yourself much bigger, taller and stronger than him. Imagine that you give commands to him, and how he carries them out. Present and expect submission. The look should be from top to bottom, calm and commanding. As you practice this, you will feel a decrease in resistance and a person's desire to obey.

2. To know how to frighten a person with a look, you need to perform the following exercise: imagine something black, heavy and terrible coming out of you, from your chest and through your eyes, as a black cloud falls on the head of the victim and begins to choke and crush on her. We look directly into the eyes, making the face blurry. Make the person see only one eye and feel guilty. When performed correctly, you will achieve a feeling of fear, confusion and depression in a person. Fear is intensified due to the fact that a person does not understand the causes and source of the very feeling of fear.

3. There are other ways to scare a person with a look without any special tricks. Suddenly appear in front of the person, making a frightened look. Arouse fear in yourself and look at the interlocutor. Without knowing the reason, a person is afraid of the unknown in advance. You can put on special lenses with a scary eye expression applied and look into the eyes of your victim. Fear is guaranteed to you. It is not recommended to look at yourself in the mirror in such devices.

4. Train facial expressions. Eyebrows should be furrowed. With a good-natured facial expression, the most terrible look can turn out out of place. Any training of the gaze leads to superiority over the interlocutors. And reinforcing the look with an inner mood and projected images will allow you to achieve any of your goals.

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How to intimidate a person

How to scare a person with words, 10 frightening expressions and words

Author: Site Administrator | 10/13/2015

To scare a person with words, try using a selection of 10 proven expressions in practice. Fear comes from a sudden threat.

No matter how sarcastically it sounds, but the first thing that comes to mind is to put a terrifying mask on your head, and, sneaking up unnoticed, yell from behind.

In general, for a civilized intimidation of a person, words have long been invented that are pronounced seriously or jokingly.

When frightening a person for real, in well-thought-out words, not an empty threat must be hidden, for which you yourself can get in the teeth.

Yes, and intimidation, if my memory serves me, seems to fall under criminal liability.

For this reason, this publication should not provoke you to its practical use.

* Miron, you yourself know why I am silent. I'm not used to arguing with a cancer patient. Don't be scared - everything will be fine.

* I'm not scaring you, but I'm giving you valuable advice. You can accidentally disappear, and not a single dog will find you.

* There is no point in scaring me. As a reasonable person, you must understand that you do not live alone in a family.

* You are a cowardly and frightened dog. And aim for queens. Better call home, it's not all right there.

* Zhanna - you are not a flight attendant, and Presnyakov is not your friend. Open your mouth, and you will regret that you did not listen to useful advice.

* As soon as I find out that you are stealing from the treasury, the guys will arrive in a minute, and you will be afraid to go to the potty.

* Well, you know, fool, that my boys can scare. By putting your hand into the “common cauldron”, you will be left without fingers.

* Listen, Max, return someone else's, earn your own. Otherwise, leave it naked.

* My words do not reach you. You have to be scared. Get out of the way, otherwise you will stretch your legs.

* Choose your expressions, sucker. I'm giving you 3 days to keep the money on my table. I do not scare, but I take your life under special control.

How to scare a person


Nothing is so much afraid of a person as the unknown. This feeling also affects our behavior among other people. The nature of our movements on the street, at work, in a restaurant, in transport is largely determined by this fear, the fear of the unknown, which frightens us.

Fright is a sudden feeling of fear. It occurs when we are in danger. We test it while we hope for salvation. If this danger is somehow avoided, the fear disappears. When a person is frightened, he becomes irritable, cannot concentrate, gets nervous, fusses, etc.

Such a person is easy to manage. It can be used to your advantage - to manipulate. It is important to remember that you can instill fear in people only if it corresponds to the direction of their needs and interests. These can be messages that cause negative emotions, messages that can induce the interlocutor to a certain action.

The main thing is not to forget to use the skills of effective interaction: the ability to control oneself; the ability to know the interlocutor; ability to listen to the interlocutor; the ability to hear the interlocutor; word skill. Watch your interlocutor. Pay attention to his mannerisms, postures and facial expressions, to his gestures. Understanding the language of gestures and facial expressions will allow you to more accurately determine the position of the interlocutor, to feel his reaction to what you say. In order to frighten a person, to influence him, you should often be in his comfort zone. The comfort zone is defined by the behaviors, goals, attitudes, stimuli, and ideas that a given person accepts, applies, and operates with. You should also treat people ritually, trying to avoid intimacy in relationships and a predicament. Distraction is another effective way to manipulate the interlocutor. This can throw the interlocutor off balance. However, the content of such a message is also important, since only strong arguments are needed. Also, the creation of psychological barriers that affect human relationships can help to frighten, disarm. They can manifest themselves as - indifference, aggression, excessive nervous excitement, shyness, isolation, etc. Psychological barriers themselves by their nature depend on the personal characteristics of a person, on the situation of communication and the message itself. Try to find the mistakes of your interlocutor, so that later you can use them for your own purposes. If there are none, organize them yourself. You can understand whether it was possible to frighten a person by the following signs: tapping on the table with your fingers, clicking the cap of a pen, rubbing your palms, crossing your legs, straightening clothes, scratching, etc. All these are typical gestures that indicate a state of mental imbalance. Such gesticulation shows us a strong fear, excitement that the interlocutor experiences in connection with the current situation. Fear can affect a person, causing a sharp decrease in the organization of behavior, inhibition of actions, their slowdown up to stupor. Alternatively, fear suppresses the processes of perception and thinking, disrupting the reception and processing of information, which can lead to the adoption of the wrong decision in the future.

How to scare a person with words

Clever phrases to shut up a person - Maybe we can switch to you? And then it’s inconvenient to give you in the face.

Listen, you've become quite nervous! You need to... calm down. Can you go somewhere?... In the jaw, for example...

Apparently, one phrase can't get rid of it... Therefore, I'll tell you two: go lead the column, which marches in unison.

You will open your mouth at the dentist.

Didn't you scare Babayka as a child?

Go lie down. preferably on rails.

Teeth are not hair, if they fly out, you won't catch them.

You are not beautiful enough to be rude to me.

I would offend you... but nature has already done everything for me.

Your right to your own opinion does not oblige me to listen to nonsense.

Dump into the fog and hide behind a cloud...

You have so much shit in you that even your eyes are brown!

You see, public opinion is the opinion of those who are not asked. I place your point of view in this category.

Why are you so angry today? Did you fall off the broom, or what?

Please note - plinth. And remember, this is your level.

You will open your mouth at the level of my fly.

Don't worry…whenever you say the thread is funny.

You should have put on a red blouse. The color of your eyes.

Do not touch my virtues, with your shortcomings…

With you, every time, as in an embrace with a toilet bowl…

A stapler is crying over someone's lips.

I would send you, but I see you are from there.

Are you getting into my life because yours didn't work?

The only thing you can think of is turning a cigarette into ashes.

There's one good thing about you, it splits your ass in half.

I look at you and understand that man actually originated from a monkey….

Baby, I'm not scaring you, I'm not a mirror.

Are you sick or do you always look like this?

Just don't take the headphones out of your ears. A draft will chill the brain from the inside.

Another whistle from your platform and your dentition will start!

You remind me of the ocean... You make me sick too.

What the hell is wrong with life? Or can we run fast?

I gave your opinion rotation, and my reproductive organ was the axis.

Yes, beauty will not save the world.

Give me your photo, I'll put it in the cupboard so that children don't climb for sweets.

Buy yourself a piece of chalk “Mashenka” and chew on it. What if, indeed, there will be fewer cockroaches in my head ...

You decided to lay siege to me? Did you forget to save before that?

Dry up and crumble the herbarium!

Your mother must have hugged you a little as a child, why are you so angry? Come to me, I'll hug you...

Don't take too much interest in my life. It can be so interesting that you will be disappointed in yours.

Clever words to shut up a person with one phrase.

Phrases and quotes from various sources

This article contains expressions, quotes and phrases to respond to insults, without swearing, funny and in rhyme. The above quotes will serve as an answer to the question - how to humiliate a person without a mat, with clever words and at the same time do it beautifully. Terms of use: use these phrases only for self-defense purposes! :=) not for humiliation, so to speak - to send a person culturally and politely ... So the first phrase on the list: I don’t scare you, I’m not a mirror. (short and clear), so let's continue...

  • To really shock me, you would have to say something very smart.
  • Do you know that words can hurt a person very much? Well, I can do things too...
  • I would offend you very much... but nature did everything for me a long time ago.

Themes of the collection: how to respond to rudeness smartly, statements for self-defense, sayings for witty polemics, aphorisms for a dispute, quotes from conversations, rhyming phrases, how to humiliate a person without a mat, clever words or abstruse phrases to shut up a person. The phrases given in the selection are suitable for answering a boor to his insults. Now you know how to troll a friend in VK or minecraft!

Sources: Clever phrases to shut up a personHow to shut up a person without swearing? Smart phrases and words for conversation will help with this.

Phrases and quotes from various sources did it for me, No manicure or conscience, I would send you, but I see - you are from there!

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How you can ruin the life of a bad person

Betrayals, insults, quarrels - all this is an integral part of a person's life. But it is always unpleasant when the offender is left without punishment, and there is a natural and fair desire to punish him. There are dozens of ways to ruin a person's life, they range from the most harmless to the extremely dangerous.

Ways to ruin life

One should be guided by the principle of justice before taking revenge on a person. After all, if you really decide to harm someone, you need to be aware of the extent of the harm, the damage that will be done. No need to poison a person if he took your place in the parking lot. You can arrange a kind of court session, where the guilt of the criminal has already been proven, and you only need to pass a verdict, which should be fair.

There are several ways to harm the person you hate. It is worth immediately discarding everything related to magic and rituals - this does not make any sense. We need real actions that cause real damage.

This damage is often done through:

  • The use of social networks or the Internet.
  • Active actions to damage property (smear the front door with paint, break windows).
  • Moral humiliation of a person.
  • Use of a telephone number.

These are not even ways, but categories. Each of them is unique and includes dozens of options. Using the principle of justice, you can choose the type of revenge that suits a particular case. For example, if someone insults you at work or school, you can humiliate the person in return. This will not create a reputation for you as a vindictive and unscrupulous dirty trick, unlike methods that involve damage to property.

However, the majority will still choose the property damage option, although it is as pleasant to watch the shame of a morally humiliated enemy as to hear him scream that someone broke the window of his car.

And also an extremely unpleasant (for the offender, of course) way would be to use his phone number. You can really get on the nerves of the enemy by constantly calling him at night. You can even download a special program and go to bed peacefully - it will do everything by itself.

Do not forget about such ways that can really scare. For example, intimidation, which includes not only anonymous threatening calls, but also good old notes under the door. Collectors use similar methods, you can adopt a couple of options from them.

Damage to property

Damage to property is the most common option. But you need to remember that it can become a crime if you cross the line. You don't need to set fire to anything, you don't need to blow it up either.

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The following options are commonly used:

  • Pierce tires. A banal and easy way to annoy if the offender has a car. If you puncture a tire, you will cause a lot of inconvenience, including a material one, forcing you to buy a new set with your actions.
  • Damage the door with paint. Here it is worth giving free rein to your imagination - you can draw anything on the door - from insults to simply smearing the door. In both cases, you can try using permanent metal paint or industrial markers.
  • Use superglue. Superglue can be poured into the keyhole - there is a high probability that this door will no longer be possible to open. We'll have to call people to open the door. And, most likely, you need to change the lock. Both money and nerves will be well spent. You can also pour superglue into the keyholes of your car.
  • Breaking windows is an easy way to do harm. Get to the enemy's house at night and throw a couple of stones. This cannot be done if a person lives too high.
  • Arrange dacha sabotage. An interesting and unusual option would be to arrange a rout at the dacha of an enemy. Knowing where his site is located, you can get there and "blow up" the garden, spoil the flower beds, break the fence.

The main thing, as in principle with other methods, is not to get caught.

There will be no criminal punishment for such methods of revenge, but administrative punishment is possible.

There will also be rumors, and all this together will put you in a bad light, despite the fact that the initiator of the conflict was another person.

Harm via the Internet

Everything that happens in the modern world immediately gets into the global network and is actively discussed. Even if the information is false. You can use it for your revenge. And there are a huge number of options for what disgusting things a person can do.

But you should pay attention to the following:

  • Order spam SMS. This service costs mere pennies, but will bring a sense of satisfaction. The offender will constantly receive messages that he cannot get rid of, because sms are sent from different numbers. Some services may give you the opportunity to come up with a message text that the offender will read.
  • Placement of an ad on the website of an online store. You can place the current product on the marketplace by indicating the number of the enemy. For example, a large pack of diapers, setting a price slightly below the market price. For greater efficiency, you can put up an ad in another region - so that both in the evening and at night the enemy's phone is torn from calls.
  • Placement of an ad on a dating site. Another way to get revenge on a phone number. It seems to be a harmless thing, but it depends on which site to post. You can place an ad on a site where people of non-traditional sexual orientation meet, indicating the number of the offender. This will definitely make him nervous.
  • Send defamatory information. Having compromising evidence, there is no better opportunity for everyone to know about it than the Internet. For example, send information to everyone who works with an enemy. Now everyone has their own mailbox, and your letter will not go unnoticed. Sidelong glances and ridicule at work to your enemy are guaranteed.
  • Hack the page. You can also use the services of hackers. For example, prices for hacking Vkontakte vary from two to five thousand, but as a result, you will get full access to the enemy's page. There you can already do whatever your heart desires - study personal correspondence, post some compromising photos. You don't have to hack a page just to write insults, since you pay quite a lot of money.

The Internet provides quite creative and unusual ways to harm a person. Knowing the phone number, you can use it for revenge. But there are also other ways that can be much more unpleasant for the offender.

We use the phone number

In addition to posting ads on dating sites, marketplaces, you can use the phone number in other cases. You can intimidate a person, or you can draw the attention of law enforcement agencies to him.

To intimidate means to express a direct threat to the health or life of a person. This can lead to undesirable consequences if the offender wants to go to the police. So it's worth knowing how to intimidate a person anonymously. You can use Skype for this. It is often used by the famous Ukrainian prankster Volnov, who not only caustically mocked the victims of the pranks, but also threatened some. This program allowed him to remain anonymous. It is designed for calls via the Internet, but also has a function for calls to the phone. The main thing is not to indicate your number anywhere.

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In addition, you will need a program to change your voice. All calls will be made through the computer, so a microphone is also required. When you speak into the microphone, this program will transform your speech. Thus, the girl will be able to speak in the voice of a weak old man.

Having these utilities, it remains only to think over the pressure line.

It is not necessary to directly threaten to kill or injure a person, then he will definitely turn to the police.

You can simply state your demand, for example, that the abuser resign, and then back up the demand with calls at night, leaving messages on the door, and you can also break his windows with stones with a note attached.

The second option is to attract the attention of law enforcement agencies. It is necessary, wherever possible, to leave the number of an enemy indicating that drugs are sold here. You can write on fences, houses, using a can of paint. A bold move would be to do it in front of the police station. The main thing is to spread over a large area. And then this number will either be called by drug addicts who want to get a dose, or the police will pay attention to the owner of the number.

The nuances of revenge

Problems can come from anywhere: someone you love has abandoned you, your boss is a tyrant who ruined your career, noisy neighbors. When an ordinary person who has not caused any inconvenience is subjected to vile blows, his desire for revenge will be completely justified.

But it is worth remembering that one must act justly, no matter how vilely the enemy has acted. No need to be like him, it is better to act on the principle of "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

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