How to connect with the angels

10 Things you must do before connecting with angels

We can all talk to our angels, but why does it seem easier for some people and not others? Can you feel, hear, or sense the presence of your guardian angel whenever you call upon them? Chrissie Astell tells you how to connect with the angels for healing, abundance, protection, guidance and support in 10 simple steps:

1) Know your motivation. Ask yourself why you want to connect with angels, and with which issue or project in your life you would like help. Be very clear, as your thoughts and intentions create the energy that supports your connection.

2) Develop appreciation: A sense of gratitude towards the angels always helps maintain a connection, as it’s a two-way channel. Thank them for their presence, and for what they have done for you already.

3) Create a sacred space: Angels reside in paradise, so it’s important to create a peaceful and harmonious environment of your own in which to welcome them. Playing soft music, and lighting candles and incense all helps create the ambiance for angelic connection.

4) Make a small shrine: Gather your favourite angelic items to symbolise a connection to the angel realm. For example, a quartz crystal, a porcelain angel, some fresh roses, angel cards or pictures of the ones you wish to connect with, e.g. Raphael for healing, Michael for protection and so on.

5) Breathe more deeply: Even if you are not yet practiced at meditation, as you breathe more deeply you will become relaxed, calm and still. It is said that the time and space between the in and out breaths is where the angel connection is made.

6) Ground yourself: Imagine your body becoming heavier as you relax into your breathing. Send imaginary roots down into the Earth, and centre your focus on the area called the hara, just below your naval.

7) Say an angel prayer: Choose a favourite inspirational prayer to begin your practice session.  This is important as it sets the sacred and loving vibration and tone of your connection. Angels represent aspects of the Divine and resonate to the vibration of love.

8) Purify your inner sacred space: Visualise bright white light entering your head through the crown chakra, then filtering down through every cell of your body, cleansing and purifying any negativity you’re holding.

9) Ask a connection: Call the angels to be with you, for the reason you chose earlier, and request that they show you their presence in a way that is unique to you, such as a physical sensation, sound, sign, image or audible words.

10) Keep the faith: Trust and believe the angels love and support you, regardless of whether you can see, feel or hear them. With practice, you will be connecting with them as often as you like. Angels are always and forever, right by your side.



6 Amazing Ways To Connect With Your Guardian Angel

by linda howley | May 17, 2021 | News

How To Easily Connect With Your Guardian Angel

Ask four people if they believe in angels’ existence and what they think an angel is, and you will get four different answers. Some people believe that when we die, we will go to heaven to become angels ourselves if we have lived a life aligned with God’s will. Others believe that God created the angels as a force of spiritual beings, invisible to the human eye, gifted with special powers. 

The word “angel” derives from the Greek word “aggelos” and means “messenger”. Angels serve as God’s messengers to bring us divine guidance, facilitate healing, provide protection, and love vibration to the heart and mind of people in need. 

Perhaps you seek answers to your questions, hope to contact a loved one who passed on, seek healing for your soul and heart, or need protection. If so, consider following these seven powerful tips as you begin the beautiful journey of connecting with the angelic realm.

1. Prepare Yourself for the Meeting with your Guardian Angel

Read books, magazines, and online articles, or watch broadcasts about angels. Have an open mind about angelic forces around you. You could also follow a lightworker who use their knowledge of healing to counsel, teach, and enlighten others.

2. Cultivate an Open Mind

You don’t have to be specially gifted to build a strong spiritual connection with angels. As messengers from the Divine, they are here to serve all of humanity. Just affirm your desire to know angels and open your mind and heart to receive their messages. 

3. Raise Your Vibration

Tuning in to the angels’ vibration means you may first have to raise your own vibration to detect and receive the subtler and higher energy vibration levels. Smile even if you’re having a hard day, and notice how your energy changes almost immediately. Simply flexing your facial muscles into a smile, you have raised your vibration. Soon, you’ll be able to feel many different types of energy, even the life force of another person.

4. Develop an Attitude of Gratitude and Appreciation

Every one of us has a bag of problems. However, it really matters how each of us responds to the problem. The way you deal with troubles you encounter along your life path raises or lowers your spiritual energy and vibration. Regardless of the challenges, you may face, a loving and conscious connection with your angels means you have to start focusing on and appreciating the blessings you already have in your life. 

5. Use the Power of Intention to Connect with Your Guardian Angel

The intention is a clear and powerful declaration of something you desire to attract into your life. When you state an intention to your angels, you set forceful energy into motion. Your intention is an invisible force of energy that can turn desires into reality. Get clear about what you want, and you’ll see the rewards coming into your life. 

6. Invite Angels into Your Home

Your connection with angels can be enhanced by time spent in sacred spaces. Such places don’t have to be constructions for ceremonial purposes, but they can be spaces where spiritual beings are always welcomed. Lighting candles to create the right vibe and arranging crystals and statues or pictures of angels are very good steps, to begin with.

7. Get to Know Your Guardian Angel

From our birth to death, our guardian angels are always close by, ready to guide and protect us. Their love for us is unconditional; nothing you say or do change that. Your job is to accept that you have an invisible yet powerful companion by your side. Open a dialogue with your guardian angel just as you would with a new friend. Ask them questions, and you’ll receive answers.

The benefits of creating and maintaining a strong connection with your guardian angel are many. They can help you attract the perfect life partner or help you develop social and professional skills. In harsh times, they can calm your fears and worries and provide a guide to solutions. Your guardian angel will be always there. 

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Four ways to contact your Guardian Angel

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Many people around the world believe in Guardian Angels. Some think that each person is assigned one angel. Others believe that there are two Angels: one for the day and one for the night. Still others argue that people do not have permanent guardian angels, but God can send them at the right time. nine0013

Although the existence of Angels has not been proven, many try to contact them through meditation and prayer. Here's what you need to do to get in touch with your Guardian Angel.

1. Listen to your intuition

    Pay attention to how developed your intuition or "sixth sense". This is the main way the Angels communicate with us. If you have an important decision to make, mentally ask your Angel what to do. The correct answer will pop up in your head. This is your Angel giving the clue. nine0005

    2. Write down your thoughts

    Everything that suddenly appears in your head, your Angel tells you. Ideas and inspiration come for a reason. Over time, you can forget them, and a written book will help you save everything. If you have goals and desires, write them down on paper. The guardian angel will help you in every possible way in achieving and implementing them.

    3. Meditate

    Meditation clears the mind and helps you focus on the important things. Take a comfortable position and try not to think about anything. Greet your Angel and thank him for helping you. Then share your concerns and ask for advice. The guardian angel will definitely give you a sign. For example, you will hear a noise, see a fleeting image in your mind, or feel warmth. nine0005

    4. Believe

    Remember that your Angel is always with you. Think of him standing right behind you when you're having a hard time. This will not only give strength and confidence in difficult times, but will also let your Guardian Angel know that you need his help.

    Angels help people without direct appeal to them. But, if you are not sure that your Guardian Angel is nearby, then ask him to give you a sign. Turning to the Higher Powers is a personal spiritual experience that depends on your faith, so these methods may not work for everyone. nine0005

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    How to learn to communicate with your guardian angel



    In the Sacrament of Baptism, each person acquires a Guardian Angel - the most faithful and reliable friend, protector and heavenly patron, with the help of which one can bring a lot of good to the world around us.

    The venerable elders of the past centuries taught that these incorporeal beings devoted to God have one purpose and two functions. The goal of the Angels is to help a person, to promote the development of virtues in him, to guide him on the true path leading to Salvation, and to enlighten us through the holy Teaching of Christ. And the functions: to pray for your ward, since their prayer is much stronger and more effective than ours, and to inspire a person with pious thoughts that indicate the right direction on our difficult life path. nine0005

    By the way, Angels are assigned not only to every Christian who has been baptized, but also to entire nations and states, as the biblical book of the prophet Daniel tells about. Some churches also have them - John the Theologian told people about this, revealing the secret of the Seven Stars in the book "Apocalypse".

    The Guardian Angel saves the Christian entrusted to his care from dangers. There is a lot of evidence of how events happened to people on the eve of accidents, thanks to which they were not where they planned to be, and where the tragedy happened, but in a completely different place. nine0005

    Have you ever heard of the American researcher and sociologist James Staunton? This man, after many years of painstaking research, made a discovery published in 1958 in the American Journal of Sociology (American Journal of Sociology), the oldest scientific publication founded at the end of the 19th century on the basis of the University of Chicago. The discovery was that, according to inexorable and completely dispassionate statistics, the largest number of tickets for rail and air transport are rented precisely on those flights that crash! And these are not empty words: Staunton carefully examined all the data of transport accidents, starting from 1900 year. For decades, he studied and analyzed statistics for the 50 years preceding his discovery.

    In addition to obvious interference in a person’s life at times of danger threatening him, the holy teachers of the Church attribute to the action of angels their indication of the necessary decision in a difficult situation, help in solving problems, moments of “spiritual insight” (inspiration). Experienced confessors pay attention to the fact that angels are incorporeal spirits, and therefore they can easily enter the human heart to put a pious desire into it, or into the mind of a person to inspire a good thought, or into the physical body to heal him. nine0005

    The Guardian Angel is able to instill courage and confidence in the soul of the person entrusted to him. Cypriots, for example, when raising children, often instruct them with the words: “If you are afraid, cross yourself and pray to your Angel!” In a similar way, they teach the younger generation to get rid of various phobias and fears.

    In many situations, the spirits of Light assigned to us are able to provide help and support, but it must be remembered that they can also easily retreat from a person. Leave him because of the passion for evil deeds and the offense of others. In this case, as, again, the venerable elders testify, the angels depart from the person and await his repentance and correction, praying for his sinned soul to be cleansed, and they could approach the person again. nine0005


    Unfortunately, for an ordinary person, the presence of an Angel is invisible, since these are spiritual personalities and they do not have a material body that could be seen with physical vision. Only deeply spiritual people can see the heavenly patron, who, through many years of ascetic life and complete repentance, have been so cleansed that they have practically completely weakened their earthly essence and themselves have become similar to the same spiritual personalities as holy angels. nine0005

    When establishing communication with your Guardian Angel, you need to act extremely carefully. After all, probably, every believer knows that if he independently dreams and fantasizes, not relying on the dogmas established by the Church, then he can easily fall into delusion. The fact is that, as is known from the life of such great ascetics of piety as Anthony the Great and Seraphim of Sarov, as well as other righteous people, under the guise of luminous angels, servants of the evil one can sometimes appear to people in a dream and in reality. These dark entities can disguise themselves as anyone except the Savior and His Most Pure Mother. So, if you use the advice offered in myriad by various magicians and followers of non-Christian spiritual practices, you can enter into frank communication with just these fallen spirits who want to get and destroy the souls of inexperienced inhabitants, and become a toy in their insidious hands. nine0005

    Therefore, wishing to establish a strong “friendly” connection with our heavenly patron, let us turn to the dogmas of the Orthodox Church.

    What do spiritually experienced clergy advise their flock?

    1. First of all, if a Christian wants to start communicating with his Angel, you need to develop the habit of talking with your Angel. And besides, every day. Even twice a day, at least. Morning and evening. For this, in the church arsenal there are special prayers to the Guardian Angel, which are included in the morning and evening prayer rule. nine0005

    Here are those prayers:

    In addition to the above prayers, there is a canon to the Guardian Angel, which is read, as a rule, in preparation for Holy Communion, and an akathist to the heavenly patron, which should not be forgotten either. It would also be nice to have the image of the heavenly protector in the home iconostasis, so that it would be more convenient to refer to him.

    2. We need to listen to the voice of our Angel when he talks to us. nine0005

    It seems that many believers understand what is at stake. Indeed, as the ascetics of piety teach us, and as stated in the “Law of God” by Seraphim Sloboda, the main textbook for new Christians, the voice of an Angel constantly sounds in the depths of our hearts. This is the voice of our conscience, which reproaches us for our bad deeds and rewards us with peace and complacency for works of mercy. You don't need to silence that voice! It is not appropriate for a Christian to brush it off and not pay attention to it, because by doing so we “shut our mouth” to our Angel! This is an outrage against him, and he, speaking more and more quietly, in the end will completely stop communicating with us. nine0005

    3. You need to monitor your lifestyle. The Christian life should be worthy and pious, should be an example for others. You must always fight for your spiritual salvation, purifying your soul with prayer, fasting, good deeds, and participation in the Church Sacraments.

    4. There is also a special spiritual practice, bequeathed by wise schemists, so that people have the opportunity to enter into especially close communication with their disembodied mentors. This is the observance of fasting on Mondays, or, as the people say, "Monday". nine0005

    Monday is a spiritual austerity that has come down to us from time immemorial. A person who observes it is endowed with strength exceeding the strength of an ordinary person. His prayer is more effective than the prayer of a simple man in the street. Such a person can even sometimes pacify the power of the servants of evil spirits and, as the holy elders affirm, he will never be torn out of earthly life unprepared, without warning about it by the Guardian Angel.

    Monday, according to the Seven Church Circle, is the day of the disembodied heavenly forces, that is, all the angelic ranks, which include both our Guardian Angels and the Guardian Angels of our loved ones. nine0005

    There is a lot of evidence of how, through the prayers of people keeping a strict fast on Monday, their loved ones returned unharmed from the war and those who were missing were found. And one of the greatest fasters and ascetics of the last century, beloved by the people, Father Nikolai (Ragozin), a seer and miracle worker, to whom people from all over the former Soviet Union came for healing, blessed the “Monday” parishioners to help him during the reprimand of people tormented by demons. The fact is that not every priest can approach such people, but as soon as the parishioners who were in especially close communion with the Angels of Light approached them, they immediately calmed down, humbled their riot, and meekly did everything they were told. nine0005

    5. If there are family quarrels or conflicts with superiors, you need to appeal to the Angels of the people around us.

    Many clergy talk about this. There are moments in life when it is not possible to explain and agree with others.

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