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10 Simple and Beautiful Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

In this blog post I share how to connect to your spirit guides by following 10 steps. I believe we all have spirit guides, and when you cultivate a relationship with your spirit guides you will receive clear, wise  guidance to help you in every area of your life.

In this episode of Dear Gabby, I  help you connect to your spiritual guidance system and support that is always around you. When you cultivate a relationship with your Spirit Guides you will receive clear and loving guidance to help you in every area of your life. If this concept is new to you, trust that you’re on this page for a reason. Press play below and expect miracles. 

Now, follow these steps to help you establish a relationship with your spirit guides!

My experience with spirit guides

Since I was very young, I’ve felt a presence of spiritual guidance within me, around me and connected to me.

In my book Super Attractor, I open up about spirit guides in a way I never had before. I’d written about Universal guidance and God, but until I sat down to write this book, I’d always held myself back from sharing about the presence of my nonphysical guides.

For many years I was always worried I might freak people out or make someone feel like they had to share my beliefs. But when writing Super Attractor, I felt called to push the metaphysical envelope and speak openly and unapologetically about the spiritual realm. I knew the world was becoming ready to open up to new forms of guidance.

When we become willing to see a world beyond our physical sight, then life becomes easier, we feel safer and we can access our true power.

I’ve grown to rely on these nonphysical guides in every area of my life. Knowing that there is a presence always supporting me has given me unshakable faith and strength. There have been countless moments in my life when I’ve witnessed the divine intervention of my guides.

In my newest book Happy Days, the Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace, I describe how my spiritual practice supported in some of my darkest times.   “It’s faith that got me out of the darkness, and it’s faith that keeps me in the light,” I write on page 134.

We all have spirit guides

Here’s what I believe:

I believe there are beings of the highest truth and compassion working on our behalf to guide our thoughts and energy back to love. They’re not physical and aren’t bound by the natural laws of this world. They’re spiritual beings.

These beings come in many forms and they have different purposes, but their common goal is to help guide us back into alignment with the love of the Universe.

When you get stuck in a fear-based thought or pattern you can turn to your guides to help lead you back to love. When you want to receive their guidance, all you have to do is be willing to surrender your fear and see with spiritual sight.

We all have our own spirit guides. We have guides that are ancestors and deceased family members. Some spirit guides may have names. In some cases you may have a group of guides that all have the same name, like with Esther Hicks and Abraham.

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If you haven’t connected to your spirit guides before, I welcome you to keep an open mind. These 10 simple, beautiful steps will help you cultivate a connection to your spirit guides and deepen your relationship day by day.

If this all sounds a little trippy to you, let me reassure you that your guides are loving and wise. They’re here to support you, and connecting with them is a comforting and joyful experience.

How we experience our spirit guides

Once you begin inviting in your spirit guides, there are different ways you might experience their presence.

Inner knowing

You can experience a spirit guide as an inner knowing. You may feel or sense your guide’s presence, or “hear” a voice within, like a strong intuition or realization. Some people audibly hear (or see) their guides.

Sparks of light

Sparks of light are another indicator of a spirit guide’s presence. Sometimes when I know my guides are with me, I see little sparks of light. It’s so cool to see that light and know there’s a presence with me at that moment!

Books falling off the shelf

When books fall off the shelf, your spirit guides are the ones who are kicking them off for you! I can’t tell you how many people have written to me or spoken to me at an event and said they discovered my book because it literally fell off the shelf in front of them. You can experience this kind of guidance! It is available to you.

Free-writing after meditation

Another way you can experience the presence of a spirit guide is through writing. You can call on your spirit guides through meditation, and following your meditation you can free-write and allow the voice of your guides to work through you.

Connecting to your spirit guides is about learning to rely on the voice of love. The reason these guides are here is to constantly bridge your thoughts from fear back to faith, forgiveness, love and light. They present you with creative solutions and beautiful opportunities.

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10 steps to connect to your spirit guides

If you’re ready to invite in that voice of love, follow these 10 steps to connect to your spirit guides.

Step 1: Get into the habit of asking

The first step to connecting with your spirit guides is to get into the habit of asking.

We often forget that we have guidance within us and around us. In the busyness of day-to-day life, it’s really easy to forget this connection.

When we forget that we can call on spirit for help, to call on, we start to rely on our strength. That’s when fear sets in.

Therefore, the first step is to get into the habit of asking your spirit guides for help. The more you ask, the more you receive — period.

Think about all the things that you need help with. Maybe you need help conceiving, or making more money, or healing a relationship that’s struggling.

Make a list of what you need your spirit guides’ help with

Make a list of the 5 to 10 biggest things you need help with. You can do this now, or you can come back to this exercise after aligning with your inner wisdom through prayer or meditation.

Once you make this list, your next step is to offer up everything you need help with and invite your spirit guides to reveal solutions.

Say, “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing the solutions to these problems.”

Then go through your list.

Some examples…

  • “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for offering solutions to my issue with my health.”
  • “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing the solutions to the problems I’m having in my marriage.”
  • “Thank, you guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing the solutions to my struggle with finding a career I love.

Just go one by one asking the guides to help you. If you want to get really laser focused, you can choose just one and offer it up daily for a while.

Only call in the guides of the highest truth and compassion

Remember always to call in the guides of the highest truth and compassion. You don’t want to invite the funky guides to the party! Be very specific and clear about what kind of guidance you’re calling in so you don’t get any riff-raff coming through.

As with the human world, there are lots of different characters, and we don’t always want to invite every character over for dinner. The same goes for spiritual relationships. We want to open up our consciousness, space and energy only to the guides of the highest truth and compassion.

Don’t worry about this too much. You call the shots, so don’t fear those other beings. They can’t come in without your permission.

You can call on your guides anytime

You don’t have to wait for a problem to crop up in order to call on your spirit guides. Every time I give a talk, the first thing I say backstage to myself is, “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for speaking through me.”

Whenever I say this silent prayer to call on my guides, I know the words that I need will come through me. The simple act of asking is all that’s required for the guidance to show up.

Step 2: Listen

The second step in connecting to your spirit guides is to listen. The way to do this is by meditating. When you meditate, you quiet your mind so that you can hear the wisdom of the guidance that’s within you and around you.

We have to slow down our vibration to become aligned with the presence of these guides. When we attune our energy to the frequency of love and peace, we can more easily connect to the vibrational messaging of our spirit guides.

Align your energy through prayer and meditation

You can say a prayer such as, “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion. Thank you for showing me what I need to know. Thank you for leading me in the right direction. Thank you for whatever it is that I need.”

Then you can sit in meditation for 5, 10 or 20 minutes. This can be a very simple meditation. You can simply pay attention to your breath, becoming mindful of the sounds and sensations around you. I also have a spirit guides meditation to help you connect.

Step 3: Write with your spirit guides

Once you’ve meditated, your next step is to write with your spirit guides. Open your journal or just grab a few sheets of paper. At the top, write an invitation to them, such as:

  • “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing to me the solutions to these issues.”
  • “Thank you, guides of the highest truth and compassion, for revealing to me whatever you want me to know.”
  • “Dear guides of the highest truth and compassion, I welcome you to write through me now.”

Then simply let your pen flow.

Just riff onto the page, allowing whatever needs to come through. Ideas, stories, topics, inspired visions, things that you may not have thought of on your own, will begin to come forward. Don’t second-guess yourself or edit a word. Just write.

Your guides may speak directly to you

You may find in this writing experience that your guides begin speaking to you directly. Instead of writing in the first person you may begin writing in the second person. When I am channeling my guides they often say, “Dear sister…”

In some cases, your handwriting might even change. You might feel a presence of energy moving through you. That means that there’s a presence that’s working through you to give you direction.

Step 4: Ask for a sign

Your guides can play fun games with you! They like to show you that they’re present. So get playful with them and ask them for a sign.

Have you never asked for a sign before? Or have you asked but not known whether you received it? Learn how to ask for a sign and know when you’ve received clear guidance.

You’ll be blown away when you start to ask your guides to show you signs! It will rock your world.

Watch this video for more on asking for a sign:

Step 5: Pay attention to the guidance you receive

It’s one thing to ask for guidance. It’s another thing to witness it, to really take it in and relish in the presence that’s supporting you.

When you pay attention to the guidance you receive, you’re letting yourself be in the awe and wonder of all the love that is around you. It’s a big deal. This beautiful feeling is available when you truly let yourself witness of the amazing support that is always with you.

The practice of paying attention to guidance isn’t about demanding. You don’t go around all day asking, “Where’s my guidance? Where’s my guidance?” Instead, you simply allow yourself to be open to the wonder of that guidance.

Your guidance may show up in cool and unexpected ways, even in ways I haven’t mentioned here. Your guidance can show up as a song on the radio, a billboard on the freeway or somebody saying to you exactly what you needed to hear.

Our guides often work through other people. They work through doctors, friends, children and even strangers. Spirit guides love to work through technology, too, which is something I talk more about in Super Attractor.

Step 6: Stay in an energy of gratitude

As I mentioned in step 5, you want to thank your guides. Rather than being in a place of neediness, you want to be in a place of gratitude and appreciation for their guidance and love.

Shift the way you talk to your guides. If you find yourself thinking things like, “Guides, why haven’t you given me this yet?” or “Guides, I don’t believe in you. Why haven’t you shown up for me faster?” — you’re showing your distrust of them. You’re telling them you’re not really open to their guidance and that you want to be in control.

Your gratitude keeps your relationship strong

Instead, you want to be thanking your guides, appreciating them and feeling deep love and gratitude for them.  When you receive any form of guidance, thank them. Just say silently, “Thank, you guides, for showing me this solution.” Or, “Thank you, guides, for this sign.” And when your guides give you a spiritual assignment, thank them for that as well!

Your gratitude keeps the relationship so strong and keeps those guides present with you all the time, because they know they’re welcome.

When you open your heart to offer your guides gratitude and appreciation, they boomerang that energy right back to you. It’s hard to describe what it feels like to be in this place of constant love and gratitude with your guides. It’s a tremendous and beautiful feeling. And it’s available to you.

Step 7: Release the outcome and trust in a plan better than your own

Your guides have a plan that’s better than yours. They’re loving and wise, and they want to bring you to the right relationship, the right career, the doctor you need, the experience that will help you.

We get in the way of that guidance. I’ve often avoided divine guidance by trying to control situations. I’ve obsessed over how things should go and tried to manipulate outcomes to get what I thought was best. Inevitably, this only pushed my guides away.

But… when we let go of our plans and trust in a plan that’s much greater than ours, we start to truly feel like we’re being led. When we surrender, we can feel our guides leading us to the next right action.

We must release outcomes in order to truly be in co-creation with our spirit guides.

Step 8: Be more childlike

If you have young kids in your life, you may be aware that many children can still see their guides. They may even speak about them. Usually around the age of 7 the veil starts to close and we shut down to this guidance system.

To lift that veil and reconnect with your guides, be more childlike! Do things that bring you joy. Jump on a trampoline. Go for a run. Paint. Swim. Cook. Whenever I’m cooking, I feel the presence of my guides around me.

Do the things that bring you joy, and that guidance will just show up fast. You’ll feel it. Remember, joy is the most powerful vibration we can embody!

Step 9: Ask your spirit guides for their names if you feel called to do so

You don’t have to do this step. But if you feel called to ask your guide’s name (or multiple guides’ names), ask them to reveal it to you. The first name that comes to mind will be the name of your guide. Even if it sounds strange, you can trust that what you hear is correct.

One of my guides is a guide called Lily, and she came to me many years ago. I just knew her name was Lily. After several years of knowing Lily, I had a medium give me a reading. At the end of the reading, she said, “Lily wants me to tell you thank you, because she loves working with you.” I hadn’t told the medium about Lily or written about this guide. The medium just knew she was there.

Step 10: Trust in your own psychic ability

Believe in yourself and  in your capacity to call on this presence. Trust in your ability to connect to these guides and to feel that support. Know that you have an ever-present energy of love that is always within you and around you supporting you and guiding you.

The more that you trust in your own psychic ability, the more you’ll be able to hear and the more you’ll allow this divine guidance to lead you to the highest good.

Allowing spirit guides into your life is a great gift. Not only will they support you, but they’ll also help you help others. They’ll support you in being a light in the world.

We need this presence of light to support us right now, in the chaos, drama and violence of these times. We need this presence to bring us back to love.

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How to ground yourself after connecting with your spirit guides

When you tune into the spirit realm you may feel your energy shift. It’s important to take time to ground yourself after connecting with your spirit guides.

You want to always remember that you are having a human experience and you’re here on this planet in a body. To ground yourself back into your body you can do a few simple things:

  • Stomp your feet to ground yourself into the earth.
  • Sit on a rock to feel connected to the earth.
  • Take time to sit in stillness and drink a cup of tea or eat a snack. Do something that is consciously caring for yourself.
  • You can also zip up your energy. Imagine there’s a zipper at the bottom of your feet and zip yourself up all the way over your head and back down to your ankles.

Follow any one of these practices to get grounded after connecting to your guides.

Connect with your spirit guides regularly

The more you talk to your spirit guides, the more you’ll rely on this ever-present guidance system. As you ask for and surrender to divine guidance, miracles will occur more and more often. (For more, check out my blog post on angels and archangels.)

Your spirit guides want to connect with you. Follow these 10 simple steps to open up the conversation.

How To Find Your Spirit Animal + A Spirit Animal Quiz


Learn about the animal connections in your own lineage

The term "spirit animal" descends from Native American spirituality, and it is important not to divorce it from this history.

Many Indigenous people request that non-Indigenous folks do not replicate their traditional animal imagery from totem poles and pictographs out of respect for their culture.

Instead, to engage with the spiritual meaning of animals in a way that is true to you, take the time to investigate what different animals represent in your culture.


Pay attention to your dreams

Our dreams are intimately connected to our waking lives, so every time you see an animal in yours, write it down the next morning. Is there any particular animal that comes up again and again?


Think about your past connections to certain animals

Think about your favorite animal from growing up, a beloved pet, or just a wild animal that you always crossed paths with when you were younger.


Journal about the animals that you feel drawn to

Sit down and do a quick 5-minute meditation to get quiet and make room for your intuition. Then, consider one animal that has a special significance to you. Ask yourself: If this animal were my guardian, what lessons could it be trying to teach me about my personal power and inner strength? Spend a few minutes journaling on the answer.

Complete this exercise multiple times for as many different animals as you wish. Then, come back to your journal after a few days away and see which animal and lessons resonate the most with you.


Take a quiz

If you've already spent time researching, journaling, ruminating, and dreaming of animals and still don't know which one most resonates with you, taking mbg's spirit animal quiz (below) might give you some new ideas.

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Animals often emanate certain traits and strengths that we can use more of in our own lives. For example, if you feel called to a crow, you may benefit from channeling the tenacious hunter's energy it represents.

One way to remind yourself of the qualities of your animal is with a physical representation of your guide—be it a photograph, statue, or painting that you love or cherish.

Every time you are touched by your spirit animal—whether you interact with it in real life, see it in a photo, or hear someone else talk about it—you can use it as a reminder of the importance of its unique qualities.

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Here is a brief introduction to the qualities of some common animal guides:


The bear is deeply emotional and feels a connection to the earth and the outdoors.


In many cultures, the butterfly is a symbol of transformation and development. It is incredibly adaptable and approaches all changes with ease and grace.


The cat often symbolizes curiosity, adventure, and independence. It has also mastered the art of patience.


The deer is a sensitive, highly intuitive spirit guide. It strikes a balance between confidence and success and gentleness and grace.


The dove represents peace, blessings, and new beginnings. It is a hopeful and optimistic animal.


The dolphin represents playfulness and wisdom. It is a master communicator and unifier.


The elephant symbolizes wisdom, gentleness, and spiritual understanding.


The frog is often thought to help heal physical and emotional wounds. This animal speaks to the importance of checking in with oneself and healing from the past in order to live in the present.


The fox is the guide of camouflage. It has mastered the art of detachment and growing with surroundings.


The horse is the guide of passion and drive. It's incredibly productive and goal-oriented.


The hawk represents perspective and the ability to see things from all sides. It is an extremely compassionate and empathetic animal.


The lion represents heart and courage. It's a natural-born leader with a deep sense of authority.


The mouse represents the importance of details and scrutiny. It reminds us not to overlook the smaller stuff in life.


Owls have the ability to see what others miss. They know the deeper meaning of things and discover the hidden treasures in life.


The peacock represents resurrection and reinvention. It knows it's never too late to change course.


The turtle is a highly spiritual animal that represents the journey toward wisdom, truth, understanding, and peace.


The tiger represents raw feelings and emotions. It is highly intuitive and great at following instincts.


What is the magic word that can make you rich?

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Image copyright Thinkstock

Forget investment, hard work or the lottery. What if you were told that there is that one cherished word in the world that can make you richer than you could imagine in your wildest dreams?

It turns out that such a word exists, and more than one!

We turned to the Quora Q&A site to find out which words users thought can make you rich or plunge you into poverty.


Mira Zaslav (whose slogan is “everything can be negotiated”) writes that people who become rich have the gift of persuasion and inspire confidence. "What's one of the best ways to get people to do what you want? Use "because." ", - she advises. Then say "the magic words" because ", and even more people will most likely answer you in the affirmative, - writes Mira Zaslav. People want to see meaning in what they do. This, in her opinion, means that it is "people who are able to convince, pull ahead and become rich."

The Tightrope Walker Phenomenon

Lawyer Brett Senkas says that if he had to choose one single golden word, it would be the word "balance", that is, balance.

According to Senkas, success is more about balancing different approaches than choosing any one solution. "I am ready to agree that there are people who become rich by working without rest. However, if such a mindset and way of life undermines his personal life and family relationships, how can such a person be called truly rich?" he wrote.

Senkas added that, in his opinion, a rich life should be full and comprehensive. "This is another example that proves the need for a balance in life between ideas, approaches and attitudes. "

Wealth is alone

Bill Stein, an advocate for patients with multiple sclerosis and himself a sufferer from the disease, chose the word "lonely". Stein wrote, "Don't get married. Don't have children." In this case, he continues, although you will be richer, "of course, you will be poorer in terms of quality of life."


Entrepreneur Dakota Lim is more optimistic. She chose the word "reliable" and wrote that if you are such a person, customers will want to do business with you and will pass word of mouth to friends, relatives and acquaintances about the excellent quality of your services and products. "Big money flows to those who inspire confidence."

Be perfect. In at least one thing

Fred Campos, who is a professional parent counselor, chose the word consistency.

"Most of the wealthy people I know personally have one quality that I don't see in others. They focus on one thing they do very well and stick to their chosen path almost to the extreme, - wrote Campos, "I know very wealthy non-college mechanics who fix cars better than anyone else and have always done just that."

Image copyright Thinkstock

Image caption

Do only what you can do best

Campos believes that almost everyone can become an expert in any field and make a fortune if they are "more consistent in their pursuit of excellence."

Read the original of this article in English is available on the website BBC Capital .

Money magic: incantations, mantras and prayers to attract good luck in trading

But what is money? How many names do they have? Grandmas, cabbage, bucks, candy wrappers, banknotes. According to the number of definitions - comparable to life, death, man, woman, sex. That is, with something basic, the main thing that human life consists of. Therefore, it is important to learn how to attract more money into your life. Question: "How to do it?" - excited and excites people in different countries and cultures, and in all historical eras. Especially for you, we have studied magical rituals, traditions and folk signs that bring good luck in trading and attract money to you.

New Year's advice. How to attract financial success in business

In Italy they put on red shorts and eat caviar, and in Japan they decorate the house with cat figurines. In Russia they say: “How you meet the New Year, so you will spend it!” It is not known exactly, but sometimes coincidences do happen. By the way, that very long-awaited year of the horse will happen only in February. There is time to practice and choose the most correct and exciting path for you personally.


To attract good luck, you need to wear red underwear to celebrate the New Year. Therefore, in December, the windows of many stores are decorated with red panties hanging in different corners and photographs of girls in red stockings. And in order to have a lot of money on the table, there must be caviar, which you need to eat with spoons, and lentils.


On the New Year's table, the Japanese always have mochi - rice cakes. They attract prosperity and wealth in the new year. And so that the god of the next year, entering the house, takes care of the owners, it is customary to decorate the house with three bamboo sticks on which these very cakes hang, only baked in the form of fish, flowers and fruits, tangerines.


To celebrate the New Year in Spain, as well as Portugal and Brazil, it is necessary to wear white clothes. Then luck will surely notice.


The symbol of good luck in France is the mistletoe branch. And the French believe that flowers also bring happiness and prosperity. And so they decorate the whole house with bouquets.


The country from where Peter 1 once took over the tradition of celebrating the New Year in Russia. Here it is customary to put a shoe with a carrot or hay on the threshold. And put notes inside with a wish for a gift and wealth.

The power of thought and advice from psychologists

"Wanda-Leipzig-Jadran": what could be bought in the shops of the countries of the socialist camp in the era of total shortages

Countries are countries, and our people are used to turning to magic in case of unresolved financial problems or difficulties in business. They go to grannies-midwives, to magicians-sorcerers. And miracles do happen. Want to try? As psychologists say, THE POWER OF THOUGHT? Well, let's try! Below are the most common tips from psychologists for catching financial luck.

How much money do you want to have?

You need to decide on the amount. If you want to earn a certain amount, but now you are only earning a tenth of what you want, you don’t need to immediately set such a big goal. Increase the amount gradually. When you reach your next goal, set a new one.

Know what you want to spend (invest) money on

You need to know what good the money supply will bring to your life. After all, money does not like to lie idle. You need to decide in advance what you will do with them. For example, spend on buying a car, or on a trip to New York or some other country. Or you can invest them somewhere so that old money attracts new money.

Powerful Technique - Visualization

Imagine that you are a rich person and that you have everything in life that you dream of. Do not think during visualization that you are moving towards the goal and what difficulties you encounter, but think that you already have everything you want. For example, imagine that your house is located on the seashore, that you live in prosperity and happiness. Visualization must be practiced constantly, every day, and 10 minutes is enough for this. Visualization over time can lead to the fact that everything that you visualized about will appear in your life.

Folk signs

Don't borrow on Monday, don't lend on Tuesday, and don't repay on Friday.

Give and lend in the morning.

The best time to ask for a raise is Wednesday afternoon.

In general, try never to borrow, it is better to lend.

Signs are signs, but we need it for sure! So that I read some kind of conspiracy and ONCE - the business went uphill. Sales increased, customers flocked. In general, whatever one may say, one cannot do without Vanga's fortune teller. We must strengthen, so to speak, the success we have achieved earlier.

Vanga had her own recipes for good luck in business: she offered to use her conspiracies for good luck in business, sales and business endeavors. They must be read in the event that luck is needed, or circumstances have developed for you in a very unfavorable way.

The best time to read the prayer will be early morning, or the first half of the day, however, no later than 12 noon. For the ritual, you will need a glass of clean, preferably spring, water, over which a prayer is read three times aloud or in a whisper: “Voditsa-voditsa, let me drink, let me wash. great sea of ​​happiness. I close the key, I wash it with water, let everything come true according to my word. Amen. "

More signs

If you are not too lazy to go to the forest, look for ants, speak a comb, or maybe brew a potion, then try it! Especially for you, we have selected tips for all occasions in business.

Sell "stale" goods

To sell stale or slow-moving goods, you do not need to arrange promotions and sales, first try the following steps. Go to the forest, find an ant house there, take a bunch from it, putting it in a bag or a scarf. Take your booty to the place of trade and sprinkle the contents on the goods, saying: “As many ants in that house, as many buyers went to me, God. Amen".

Conspiracy from the envy of competitors

How to turn a city delivery into a rocket in a year

Healthy competition is the key to good trading. But sometimes envy takes precedence over common sense, and in this case, you can expect trouble. It often happens that your neighbors in the trade envy your lines, incomes and a constant influx of buyers, whom you lure not only with a quality product, but also with your courtesy, sweet smile and tactful communication. This does not please everyone, so some are jealous, while others are dirty, using the simplest magical rituals.

To protect yourself from the negativity of competitors, make yourself a charm. Take a handkerchief, comb and pin that you have not used and will not use for its intended purpose, that is, new ones, and say to them:

"Oh my God,

I stand before you

Please keep me strong

Protect this amulet.

I ask the holy army

Protect me from evil spirits:

Ivan the Long-suffering

Ivan the Theologian

Ivan Postitel,

Ivan the Baptist

Ivan the Headless

Michael the Archangel

Nicholas the Wonderworker,

Archangel Gabriel,

Praskovya the Great Martyr.

Faith, Hope, Love

And their Mother Sophia.

I stand under your protection

For you to protect me.

In the Name of the Father and the Son

And the Holy Spirit. Amen".

Always carry the amulet with you, do not show it to anyone, and even more so - do not tell anyone about it.

To make a profit

Dirt is taken from the place where there is livestock or animals. Hot coals come out of the stove, onto which dirt rushes. This should be done around noon, when the service is being served in the church. After that, the coal is taken out of the doorway, and they themselves quickly return to the house, saying three times: "As these animals walked and ran a lot, so I could not count the profits, I could not redo the work."

Conspiracy for good luck in trade

This plot is read before trading. You should read it, wiping your face with a handkerchief, this handkerchief should be with you all day.

Learn more