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As a kid, sleep terrified me. I had nightmares. For years. Like pajama-soaking-wake-up-gasping nightmares. I would tuck in my legs and arms tightly under my blankets, making sure there were no missed openings. No legs or hands hanging over the edge of the mattress. Ever. In my child’s mind, I believed that if I was completely covered, nothing could get me. On the really bad nights, I covered my head, too, like a cocoon. Even in the heat of summer. And I didn’t come out until I could see the morning light.

Waking up was only a little better than the nightmare. I’d startle awake…shakened. It seemed so real. Wait – was it real? I’d lie there in total stillness with eyes clenched, trying to silence my breaths so if it was real that “something” or “someone” wouldn’t hear me. Throughout the day, flashes of the nightmare would play back in my mind.

There’s one particular nightmare that’s stayed with me. I was eight years old when it happened. To this day, I can recall the details vividly. In it, I was standing in my childhood home wearing jeans and a blue top with tiny pearlescent buttons dotting a scalloped white collar. It was raining. Hard. And I was in harm’s way. Suddenly, a small, sparkly orb whisked by me, gradually growing into a six-foot tall, brilliantly glowing being. One by one family members who had passed appeared alongside the orb. They spoke in unison, though I couldn’t make out the words. I knew they were there to help. That was one of my earliest memories of an Angel visiting me.

The Angels have many, many ways to show you that they’re around. Sometimes, these Angel signs appear during unexpected or difficult life events when you’re in special need of hope, comfort, encouragement and connection. These highly vibrational beings are always with you to guide you safely on your path. And they’ll send little clues to let you know they’re by your side. All you have to do is ask for help and keep a lookout for these signs so you can fully appreciate their Angelic messages.

Here are the 14 most common Angel signs

1. Dreaming of Angels

Some say dreams are windows to the soul. Others argue that the soul is more “awakened” when you’re dreaming. In the dream state, you’re more receptive to receiving messages and premonitions. That’s because we don’t have the blockages and distractions that we do when we’re wide eyed.

Having Angel dreams? These divine beings may be sending reassurance that they are indeed watching over you. They may also be delivering important messages or guidance you may be seeking or needing.

Tip: Can’t remember your dreams? Before you go to sleep, ask your Angels to visit in your dreams and for their assistance in helping you remember their message. Say to yourself or out loud:

Angels, please come to me tonight in my dreams and allow me to be open to receive the divine insights I need to help me with [current situation]. Please help me recall this message upon waking and give me the guidance, courage and confidence to apply in my life. Thank you for your ever-loving support.

Keep a small journal or notebook and pen by your bed so you can jot everything down. With practice, you’ll be able to improve your recall.

2. Angel orbs

Have you ever taken a photo only to discover later that there’s a strange-colored orb? Ever look up and see brilliant specks of light dancing around you (and you’re not staring into the sun)? It’s long been rumored that these glorious light phenomena are signs that your Angels are near.

3. White feathers

Finding white feathers on your path is a classic Angel sign. Now if you’re visiting the zoo, seeing feathers doesn’t count. The trick is finding an unexpected white feather in an unlikely location. Interpret its presence as a reminder that you’re not alone.

4. Sweet scents

If you happen upon a beautifully sweet smell (and a cupcake isn’t nearby), it may be confirmation that your Angels are here. The Angels will often use scents – such as food, flowers, perfume – to reach out to you.

5. Babies see something you don’t

Angels, babies and animals share a natural connection. Angels are said to comfort both. So, if you see little ones staring up at the corner of a room, clapping their hands and pointing, or smiling at something you can’t see, it could be an Angel.

6. Pets see something you don’t

Just like babies, pets can see and sense Angels around them. I’ve personally watched as Fiona, my Kerry Blue Terrier, followed a glowing orb with her head as it floated from one side of the room all the way to the other.

7. Angel clouds

As kids, we’ve all lain on the grass, trying to make out images in the clouds. When Angels are trying to communicate with us, they may send us meaningful symbols and shapes, like hearts, in the form of clouds. Or you could see wings – even a full Angel silhouette.


Angel numbers

First you see 11:11 on the clock. Then a street sign, followed by an airline ticket and the license plate of the car in front of you. Well, your Angels may be trying to grab your attention. The Angels use repeated number sequences to alert you to their presence and communicate important messages to you.

There are endless Angel numbers out there, and each combination means something very different in your life. The one thing that every number has in common? They all suggest that the Angels are present and looking out for you. Pay close attention when you see repeating Angel numbers to discern their unique divine message meant just for you.

9. Sudden temperature changes

Did the room turn inexplicably cold? Warm? An Angel’s presence can affect room temperature. Unexplained and drastic fluctuations could indicate that your Angel entered the room or is by your side.

10. Angel voices

Yes, you can absolutely hear an Angel talking to you! The voice may sound like it’s coming from inside your head or outside of you, as though a physical person is speaking to you (but no one is around).

You may hear your name, helpful advice (“Take Oak Street instead of Spruce”) or just muffled voices.

Tip: If you can’t make out what they’re trying to communicate, simply ask your Angels to speak louder and clearer. Trust me, they don’t mind.

11. Physical sensations

If you’re experiencing tingling at the crown of your head, your Angels are close by. Some believe that the crown of the head is loosely correlated to an Angel’s halo, and that the Angels use this sensation to subtly communicate with us humans.

Or perhaps you notice a light touch on your hand. Or someone gently patting your hair when you’re feeling down. The Angels may be stopping by to reassure you that you’re not alone and they’re watching out for you.

Tip: What do you when you notice these sensations? It’s perfectly fine to acknowledge them. Say to the Angels:

Thank you Angels for revealing your presence and showering me with your never-ending love and support.

12. Music

Music is a popular vehicle the Angels use to communicate with us. Why? Humans are musical beings – we love songs. Have you ever heard anyone say they don’t like music? Me neither. That means we would be very open and receptive to messages sent via song. Sometimes a song may merely suggest the Angels’ presence. Other times, the Angels may be sending you a specific message you need to hear in the form of lyrics.

Funny story. I asked Archangel Gabriel to send me a message, a sign, that he was near. For one week straight, I heard Angel of the Morning by Juice Newton every single morning on different radio stations on my way to work. Well played, Archangel Gabriel…message received 😊.

13. Coins

Coins are a super-fun way for the Angels to pop into your life. Have you been asking for financial help? The Angels may place money, especially coins, in your path to let you know that they’re on the job and abundance is on its way. Finding a group of coins that include an “11” is an extra special blessing (think 11 cents, $1.11). The Angel number 11 is considered to be one of the most profound of all the Angel numbers. It’s associated with higher purpose, enlightenment and intuition.

So next time you find coins in the parking lot, pick ‘em up and thank the Angels for working their magic.

14. Unexpected interactions with animals

Animals such as hummingbirds, butterflies and dragonflies are commonly associated with the Angels. If one of these winged beings crosses your path unexpectedly, it could be a sign from the Angels. Each creature conveys a powerful spiritual meaning for your life. Like the white feather, it’s important to keep perspective. If you’re visiting a butterfly preserve, seeing a butterfly doesn’t necessarily denote an Angelic connection. However if a bevy of butterflies creates a unique formation before you, well now we’re on to something. Read more about the spiritual meaning of butterflies.

How many of these Angel signs have you encountered? Share stories of your Angel experiences below.

With love and light,


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15 Signs Your Guardian Angels Are Near -

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We all have at least three guardian angels, they will have chosen to work with you from your inception, they will have guarded over your soul throughout your mothers pregnancy and at the moment of birth they step in to guide you from the realm of spirit into the physical world, which for some souls can be a frightening process, but your guardian angel will be there to gently support you.

Because time doesn’t exist in the angelic realms they can be everywhere at once and they remain energetically connected to you throughout your life, waiting patiently by your side, whispering in your ear to guide you, leaving you little signs to show they are there, and folding you in their wings when you cry. They never leave you and you are never alone.

They will also be the ones who will guide you back to the realms of light when it is your time to leave the physical plane behind, they will be there to walk you back there and you will instantly recognize them. Angels don’t have a physical form but they have the ability to appear to you in a form you would recognize so as you don’t feel afraid; They are actually just pure white loving energy with the purest of hearts, vibrating deep, deep unconditional love. People who have experienced being visited by their Guardian Angels have described the experience in many ways.

I personally have had experiences with my Guardian Angels that I know for certain twice in my life. When I was young maybe 12 or 13, I was crossing a major street and was struck by a pick up truck. They say my head went through the pickup’s windshield. Had no evidence of it though, just a whole in the windshield. I did have a fractured pelvic bone and was told I would never be able to have children because the bone could be put in a cast and so it would heal by the muscles wrapping around the fracture. I had 3 girls with no complications!

But I remember laying on the ground from being hit, people around me in the distance fading in and fading out, when a woman with shoulder length brown hair came to my side and held my hand. She told me I would be okay, my mom was on her way, (I have no idea how she was contacted, no cell phones back then), the ambulance was on their way. She was so soothing and calm when everyone else around me was in chaos.

When I finally came back to normal at the hospital I asked about the woman, where she was, and was told the only woman who was there was the woman who hit me and she never touched me. No one on the scene touched me except for when the ambulance arrived and the paramedics were male. They had no idea what I was talking about and wondered about how the impact impacted my brain. The other experience I had was with a male Guardian Angel. They are real and here to help when you need them!

How your guardian angel works with you

Guardian Angels don’t all work in the same way. They seem to adapt their approach according to their personality or ours. Some angels are more hands-on than others. They like to make it clear that they are with us. Some are gentle and prefer to stand back and wait to be invited in. But they are always around us, they are energetically linked to us so they know immediately if we are in danger or when we are sad, and they celebrate with us when we are happy. At great moments in our lives it is said that the angels come together as a magnificent choir with golden trumpets and they sing to us. I feel that this happens particularly at the birth of a child. Most angels use signs to show that they are with us. It’s hard for them to manifest fully into our dimension. Their world is so different from ours. Our human eyes find it almost impossible to see them, so they use other means of communicating their presence.

1 White feathers

This is the most common sign that angels are around us and the most widely reported, the feathers can appear in the most unusual and unlikely of places and usually turn up when we are going through distressing situations or left for us just to reassure us that they are there. I had seen these a lot after my father passed, almost daily.

2 Messages

Angels have many ways they can communicate messages to us if they want us to be aware of something. Sometimes this is in the form of a piece of music which you keep hearing in the car or in the bar, and sometimes they can even use the power of modern technology to let you know you need to listen to it, you have to work out why you need to listen to it. Quite frequently I wake up to a song in my head. The one that stands out the most is when I recently had a friend die. I went to bed asking Jesus and the angels how she was doing, if she was okay, was she happy, etc. I woke up the next morning with the lyrics of Trampoline by Shaed “I’ve never felt so loved” (I didn’t know the song and I had to research it.) Another round of tears came pouring out of me and I felt love wash over me. There is no way to express the love felt by the Divine, it’s so powerful and can bring you to your knees. No human could ever match it.

Here are some more common and maybe uncommon signs that your guardian angels are more prominent than usual in your daily lives.

3 Scent-perfume/cologne a passed down loved one wore, your favorite flower and it’s not in season, etc

4 Shapes in the Clouds

5 Babies and Pets can see them

6 Coins- Pennies

7 Sparkles of Light- colors of light, beams of light, Angels are beings of light.

8 Rainbows- fun fact, not everyone can see them!

9 Temperature changes in the room- warm to cold

10 Your able to “feel” them- feel their presence around you

11 Billboard signs, ads on TV, magazines- someone saying “Oh I just heard that or someone just said that!”

12 Voices- hearing whispers or words and thoughts splash across your mind

13 Numbers- Very well known- Repeating numbers- Look them up. Messages are there for you

14 Animals Cardinal Bird, Butterflies (not only meaning of transformation), Rabbits- ancestors, loved ones coming into your vibration

15 Dreams

When experiencing any of these signs repeatedly ask them:

What are you bringing me?

What are you trying to tell me?

Really think about it. The answer will come and the first answer is always the right answer, don’t doubt! Make sure to thank them!

The message I’m trying to make to you is that your Guardian Angels whisper gently in your ear, nudging you to make choices for your higher good and to hold your hand while you take a brave step that can sometimes feel like the hardest step to make. They will not let you fall, trust, have faith.

Much Love,

Awaken the Oracle

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How to understand that a guardian angel is nearby: nine simple signs


Christians believe that guardian angels are entities assigned to a person at baptism until the moment of death to protect and help in good deeds. Others believe that these are the souls of deceased loved ones who remained in this world to protect and warn. nine0012

Like it or not, it's nice to know that there is someone or something that protects each of us from troubles and dangers.

  1. Feather
    The very first and surest sign is a feather. Feathers of any color are a wonderful reminder that your protectors are near, love and support you. A particularly strong sign if you find feathers in very unusual places!

    Seeing a feather in an unusual place is a reminder to ask your guardian angels for help and guidance, and not fight alone with a problem. nine0005

  2. Ringing in the ears
    This is a very common way of communication between angels and man. Ringing in your ears can signal that angels are nearby and ready to comfort you if needed.

    Ringing in the ears also indicates that your actions and thoughts at this moment are correct and important. If you feel this sound, know that the angels tell you that you are on the right path.

  3. Rainbow
    If, while solving an important issue for you, you see a rainbow, you can exhale calmly - you have found the right solution! And if you think about your angels and ask them to give a sign, then the rainbow you see after that will be the answer that they are nearby and hear you.

  4. Coins
    If you find coins or any paper money, this is a sign that the guardian angel is supporting you. Maybe someone gave you a coin or you found it on the way, pay attention to the date on the money. Is she talking to you about something? nine0008 Have you asked your angels for financial help? What were you thinking before you noticed the coin? The coin can also be a sign.

  5. Temperature
    The sudden sensation of pleasant warmth spreading through the body can be the soothing embrace of a guardian angel.

  6. Electricity
    If a light bulb suddenly turns on, the light blinks or the TV turns on and off by itself - this is a sure sign that angels are nearby! nine0008

  7. Clouds
    When a person is confused, sad or depressed, he just needs support from above.

    It is at this moment that seeing a cloud in the shape of a heart is a wonderful sign that says that love and happiness are already on your horizon. You just have to believe in it, and everything will work out for the better!

  8. Scents
    If you suddenly feel a sweetish pleasant smell for no particular reason, this can also be a sign of the presence of an angel nearby. nine0008

  9. The signs themselves catch the eye
    Have you ever thought about something and accidentally received an answer in the form of a song that started playing or a magazine cover with screaming lyrics? Personally, this happens to me quite often!

    The coincidence of the signs sent by the other world only convinces you that you are on the right track. Be more attentive to your feelings, listen to the world around, tune in to interaction, and it will become much easier for the guardian angel to reach you. nine0005

There are many ways for angels to make their presence known, you must have experienced them in a different way not described in this list. However, realizing that they are nearby, you can tune in to the right wave and act on the signs that you receive from them.

Pay attention to the signs! This will give you a sense of security and support, which each of us needs so much. But it happens that a black stripe comes in life and it seems that the angel was offended and left his master. nine0005

As the saying goes: “What you think, it doesn’t seem to you. This is true!"

If a person has committed a bad deed, sinned by accident or on purpose, or dark forces have taken possession of his soul, the guardian angel may not find his ward (there is bureaucracy in heaven too), lose power and not signal his presence. What should I do to make the angel come back and start helping?

First, we must sincerely repent. Go to church, confess and ask God for forgiveness for your actions: nine0005

"Oh my God! Forgive me and my spiritual children all sins, voluntary and involuntary.

Read this prayer daily for your guardian angel and ask him for intercession.

“The angel of God, my holy guardian, given to me from heaven from God for preservation, I earnestly pray to you: enlighten me now, and save me from all evil, guide me to a good deed, and direct me to the path of salvation. Amen". nine0005

As soon as you make contact with your angel, you will receive assistance in overcoming life's difficulties. You will understand that you have an invisible assistant and protector who is always there.

And when you are not sure about the decision you have made, you can always ask the angels for a sign to confirm your thoughts. Signs from guardian angels help us feel a direct connection, strengthen our intuition, and give us the confidence to move forward. nine0005

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Guardian Angel is by your side to help you fulfill your vital duties in this life. Its job is to make sure you are in the right place at the right time. He is the one who helps you meet the people who are supposed to meet you on your life journey and much more. From all this comes his name - Guardian Angel. In order for him to complete his task through you, he will always find ways to contact you. He does this when you need to get a message, distract you, or encourage you at a time when you lack courage. Because of all this, there are times when you may receive strange signs or messages that are thrown your way in life. Sometimes these messages can appear very often, but sometimes less often. It all depends on whether you can listen to him or whether he will have to work hard to clarify something for you. The signs are often visible even when you are asking the Guardian Angel to reveal himself and give his guidance. nine0005

I have previously written extensively about angelic messages in which the angels create opportunities to communicate with you through numbers. In addition to the world of numbers, there are other ways in which Angels communicate with us. However, if you are interested in Angel's messages sent by numbers, you can find all of my interpreted messages HERE . But in addition to numbers, there are other signs that Guardian Angels use to communicate the most. I will write down for you the most widely known ways that the Guardian Angel will hint to you. nine0005

1. Touch or sudden cold air behind the back of

Your personal guardian angel can touch you so that you will feel it. Maybe you have felt a knock on your back, you are watching and there is no one there. For example, you have felt a cold wind when it is not possible, or you feel that someone is hugging you. Such things are experienced and not in vain. Your Guardian Angel wants to send you a message. nine0005

The moment you feel a gentle touch, you may receive a message from your Guardian Angel that everything is fine, don't worry, I'm here! However, if you are under pressure, you may be in danger, and the Guardian Angel will want to warn you in advance. The moment you feel an inexplicable cold wind, know that it was at that moment that the Guardian Angel entered your Aura field. Do you also know that the Guardian Angel is not with you all the time? This is also the reason why he is not always in the right place at the right time and why you cannot reach him at any time. But you can make this connection stronger and invite him to the Aura field more often. Tips on how to do this are at the end of the article. nine0005

2. Messages through music

A Guardian Angel who does his job well always finds ways to reach you. One way is to direct you to listen to music/songs that contain the message you need to know. Another way is that if you are deliberately not listening to anything and somewhere in the background, for example, a radio is playing, you will hear certain lyrics. The Guardian Angel helps to get your attention. It seeks and selects the thoughts you need to know. To me, this is one of the most common ways that a Guardian Angel reacts to my thoughts. Maybe you've been in a situation where you're thinking about something and then you hear a song on the radio talking about the same topic. In this case, this is confirmation from your Guardian Angel. nine0005

3. Energy circle or light

Guardian Angel can get into your photo, leaving a strange glow or light around you when you take a picture. He can also save himself in a photograph as a strange collection of light. Many people have their Guardian Angel in the picture. It always looks strange, inexplicable and raises questions. This is a sign that the Guardian Angel is very active around you and wants to contact you. When creating such a photo, be especially active in communicating with the Guardian Angel himself. Send him your thoughts and at the same time listen to your intuition. Intuition is his channel through which he can contact you. nine0005

4. Man without a face in a dream

One of the most common ways for a Guardian Angel to contact you is to visit you in a dream. He will appear without a face, or you will not be able to remember his face in a dream. In this case, your personal Guardian Angel most likely appeared in your dreams.

In this dream, he must give you an important message. Usually this dream haunts you so that you can interpret it for yourself. nine0005

If your Guardian Angel contacted you in a dream, remember if you remember his message word for word or if it confused you. It all depends on how open you yourself are to the world of dreams. I recommend keeping Celestine Geode and Labradorite in the bedroom to better connect with the Guardian Angel in your dreams. Seeing feathers For example, every time you go for a walk, a feather flies in your path. The feathers will find their way to you if the Guardian Angel wants to contact you. For example, he wants to send you a message so that you know he is there. Seeing the feather constantly, be thankful that it is by your side and will help you on your journey. I also recommend that you send him messages at this point, ask him for something, and be sure to ask him for protection. At the same time, you should listen more to your intuition. Through it, he communicates with you, and when you listen to your voice, you also hear his messages in this voice. nine0005

6. Letter messages

The Guardian Angel will find any way to contact you if he needs it. So he can write messages on your way. How can he do it? It either uses thoughts that have already been written down or draws your attention to something that resembles a particular word or symbol. Guardian Angels always stand out when they talk to you for some inexplicable reason. For example, you may notice how the word "yes" is made up of clouds, or you may see an angelic image there as you search for the message supported by the universe. You may also find yourself in a situation where you are focused on love, you have lost hope and wonder if love is meant for your life. After that, when you go shopping, you only notice books about love. Guardian Angel finds ways to communicate messages to you through objects that have text about you or remind you of certain messages. nine0005

Make your Aura field the best place for your Guardian Angel to be, so he can contact you more often and help you more if needed!

Guardian Angel can reach the Aura field faster and more often if your Aura field is more favorable for Angels. This is facilitated by faith in the Angels, in oneself and in the Guardian Angel. Faith opens doors for Angels and should not be underestimated. There are energies that you can discover and create using your own power of thought. nine0005

If you want to establish contact with the world of angels, I advise you to light a blue candle at home. Use it so that you hold it in front of a mirror. If you have Angelite , Opalite or any angel crystal at home, use it for this as well. So you open the portal of angels in your house! This will help you get in closer contact with the world of angels, and in this way they will protect your home and your family!

Wearing Angel Crystals as jewelry helps a lot. For example, long-term wear Serafinite , Iolite , Blue Lace Agate , Opalite , aura crystals and other crystals that promote contact with Angels. They will open the door for Angels in your Aura field.

It is also very useful to burn Heavenly incense, which will help cleanse your Aura field from the energy blocking the connection with the Guardian Angel.

Learn more