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9 Tips on How to Get Thick for Instagram – My Black Clothing

Thanks to Porsha Williams, Megan Thee Stallion, Lizzo and the power of social media, thick is in and it's her to stay!

Hot girl summer is just around the corner, which means it's time to put in the work to get that body you always wanted. 

Want to know how to gain weight and get thick? Here are 9 safe tips to do so.

(Remember to always consult with your physician before trying any of these tips to gain weight)

1) Eat Late at Night

Late night eating is a sure way to put on extra weight fast.

Eating right before bed give your burn little room to burn calories in the form digestion. As a result food is stored as fat.

The best meals to eat before bed are high caloric carbohydrate foods such as pasta, rice, bread and potatoes. These meals take approximately 6-8hours to digest. If not fully digested, they are converted into glycogen (a storage form of carbohydrate) and later stored as fat.

2) Workout Less

The equation for gaining weight is simple. Eating more and working out less will result in a weight gain. Eating less and working out more will result in a weight loss.

By working out less, you are giving your body the opportunity to store energy as fat and gain weight.

Here are few ways to cut down on your workouts:

  • If you currently workout 5 times a week, consider working out 3 times a week
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend in the gym. Aim for high intensity exercises that raise the heart rate and can be completed in a shorter amount of time.
  • Consider frequent periods of rest time time. Perhaps take a week off after every 2 weeks of consistent training.

This strategy of working out less, coupled with working out with heavy weights, and eating more carbs is known as bulking which I will describe below.



    3) Workout with Heavy Weights

    Working out with heavy weights is a sure way to increase your overall thickness.

    The reason behind it is very scientific. When you workout with heavyweights, you are putting your muscles into shock and tearing more muscle fiber in order to make way for bigger, stronger muscle to grow. This is your body's response to help you lift that heavy weight again in the future.

    Checkout this fitness model by the name Anowa (@anowaadjah). She doesn't not shy away from lifting heavy in order to get a thicker, fuller, lower body:

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Anowa (@anowaadjah) on

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Anowa (@anowaadjah) on


    In order to get most out of using heavyweights to grow thicker, focus on these key tips:

    • With any weighted exercise, ensure that you are using enough weight to achieve 8-10 reps for 2 sets
    • Don't compromise good form when lifting heavy. Ensure the weight is manageable
    • Ensure you are getting enough calories to compensate for the amount of energy lost when lifting heavy weights

    4) Minimize Cardio, Maximize Sprints

    Lots of cardio and thickness do not mix! In order to maintain a thick body, you have to limit cardio.

    This means no 5K runs or running on the treadmill for more than 5 minutes. Instead, focus on maximum sprints for a short duration of time (10 second sprints).

    Your body will naturally adapt to whatever you tell it to do. If your cardio is involved in long distance running, your body will adapt by foregoing muscle and fat in order to make you lighter so that you can keep up with cardio.

    On the other hand, minimizing cardio and focusing on maximum short burst exercises (such as sprinting) will tell your body to keep and build on muscle for maximum strength to complete such exercises.

    Fitness trainer Kristline (@kristline_) uses sprinting to grow her lower body and her physique says it all!

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by 🇱🇷 TᕼᗴᘜOᗪᗪᗴᔕᔕᖴITᑎᗴᔕᔕ 💎 (@kristline__) on

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    A post shared by 🇱🇷 TᕼᗴᘜOᗪᗪᗴᔕᔕᖴITᑎᗴᔕᔕ 💎 (@kristline__) on

    Of course, that is not to say do not work on cardio. Cardio is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. However in order to gain weight and maintain a thick body, decrease the amount of time you perform cardio exercises and replace them with resistance exercises instead. This combination will help you back on muscle which can also contribute to your thickness.

    5) Sleep More

    There is no better way to gain weight and be thick than through sleep. The more you sleep, the less energy is being used by the body to perform any sort of activities.This equates to energy being stored and weight gain.

    Think of animals such as polar bears that eat a lot of food and go into hibernation mode before winter. Their main goal is to gain as much weight as possible by hibernation in order to get them through the winter months.

    You can use a similar technique! Of course you are not going to hibernate for months to come. But you could take a nap after a meal or eat late at night so that you can sleep right away. When you wake up after doing this, you will instantly notice an increase in your weight. This is because when you eat before sleep, your metabolism slows down and allows your body to store food. 

    Take caution of this tip as doing this regularly can cause some serious health problems. It is best to couple this tip with tip #3 (lifting heavy weights) and maintain a workout schedule to prevent being uncontrollably overweight.

    6) Eat More Carbs

    Carbs is short for carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are complex sugars found in many foods. They are broken down to give the body the energy it needs to perform daily activities whether it is vigorous or not. They are high in energy and without them, you might find yourself tired and in some cases, weak.

    Carbohydrates can be found in almost any food but are high in grains such as pasta, bread, and rice.

    When we eat more of these types of foods, any excess is stored by the body as glycogen or fat.

    This is a sure way to add a few extra pounds in a short amount of time.

    A good way to utilize the full potential of this method is to eating more carbs late at night before bed. This is a sure way to tell your body to store any extra carbs to get you that much closer to your thick body.

    7) Eat Frequently

     Most of us typically eat 3 square meals a day. But did you know some body builders eat anywhere from 5-7 meals a day when they are looking for get big for competitions? It's true!

    The more frequently you eat, the less time your body has to use up your previous meals. Therefore, your body is more likely to store more food when you eat often through the day.

    The safest way to eat frequently is to eat your usual 3 meals per day and add additional meals between or around these 3 meals.

    For example you may have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But between breakfast and lunch, you may have a snack such as a bowl of salad. And between lunch and dinner, you may have a small meal such as a bowl of chilli or some soup.

    Whatever meals you choose to eat, just make sure that they are in smaller portions in order to leave me room for more meals throughout the day.

    8) Find Your Ass-pirational Look

    The best motivator is to figure our what  or who you ass-pire to look like when your weight gain journey is over.

    Here are a 5 thick girls who are naturally curvy, confident and love the body they are are in.

    Meg Thee Stallion (@theestallion) has shown us that you gotta be a thick chick to be a bad chick.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Hot Girl Meg (@theestallion) on

    Lizzo (@lizzobeeating) showed us that there is nothing wrong with having junk in your trunk.

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    A post shared by Lizzo (@lizzobeeating) on

    Shelah Marie (@theshelahmarie) showed us that you can have curves, curls, and a vibrant conscious.

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    A post shared by theshelahmarie (@theshelahmarie) on

    Kristline (@kristline_) showed us that you can be darkskin, curvy and still crack necks.

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    A post shared by 🇱🇷 TᕼᗴᘜOᗪᗪᗴᔕᔕᖴITᑎᗴᔕᔕ 💎 (@kristline__) on

    Tahiry Jose (@therealtahiry) showed us that you can be a thick girl at any age.

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    A post shared by Tahiry Jose (@therealtahiry) on

    9) Workout Before Meals

    This final tip to get thick is to workout before meals (instead of after). Working out before a meals does two things: 1) it makes you more hungry 2) it quickly restores and stores burned calories from the workout.

    Since you workout before a meal, you will feel a lot more hungry after your workout. This means you will be more likely to eat more after your workout to satisfy that hunger.

    Eating after your workout also means that your body will be more likely to store and restore used up energy from your workout.

    Combining this tip with some of the above tips will be sure to get you the thick body you've been dreaming of in no time!

    Which tip do you plan on using for your weight gain journey to wow your social media audience? Comment below!


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    “You need to perform exercises that target the largest mass of muscle,” he explains. “Thickness and width boils down to compound lifts: deadlifts, bench press, shoulder press, rows, squats.” Actually, he considers squats to be the one of the best exercises for developing overall size. Accessory lifts—like the bent-over dumbbell raise or lateral raise—are important to this whole conversation, too, but you need to involve multiple joints and big muscle groups to really transform your physique. 

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    Hit All 3 Heads of Your Shoulder

    Broad shoulders don’t just cap off a well-balanced physique, they arguably make a well-balanced physique. Bulking and bulletproofing this specific body part will make you a better, healthier lifter, and reduce your risk for injury during back and chest exercises. So, when you’re trying to add width and 3-dimensional muscle, you need to remember there are three heads to the deltoids: anterior, medial, and posterior.

    “I see a lot of people ignore the posterior and just hope it gets worked enough when they train their back, and specifically train the interior during chest and shoulder press variations; but, honestly, the medial and posterior delts add a tremendous amount of size, shape, and width to your physique,” Arent explains. Putting a good program together still comes down to doing your basic exercises (correctly!): one-arm rows, shoulder press, Arnold press, lateral raises, reverse pec deck, bent-over raises, shrugs.

    “And don’t stress about using barbells over dumbbells,” he adds. “You won’t get any bigger using a barbell versus dumbbells [or kettlebells], and your muscles don’t know the difference.  It’s all about applied resistance.”

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    Don’t Sacrifice Form for Weight

    If there’s one piece of advice you should take away from this list and implement forever, it’s this one: Don’t surrender form for the big-number lift. If you’re a beginner in the gym, take the time, effort, and money to meet with a personal trainer and learn the fundamentals of form for each major lift. And if you’ve been lifting for years, it doesn’t hurt to ask a trainer or buddy to watch your form from time to time.

    “For exercises like rows, deadlifts, and squats, it’s so important to maintain a neutral spine base to prevent injury when you go heavier,” Arent says. What that means is you want to keep the three natural curves (your cervical or neck region is bent inward, thoracic or upper back region is bent outward, and the lumbar or lower back region is bent inward) in your spine as you complete these movements. (This is where having someone watch you becomes important. If they witness your good form, and you can tell how the movement should feel when executed properly, you’re more apt to replicate that going forward.)

    It goes beyond biomechanics, too. You want to make sure you’re going down deep enough on squats, not bouncing the bar off your chest for bench press, and not jerking the bar off the ground during deadlifts. “‘Heavy’ is relative to being able to maintain good form,” Arent says. “Focus on the feel of the lift, not just moving the weight.”

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    Work 6-12 Reps Per Set

    “For hypertrophy and muscle size, there’s something very unique about training volume when you talk about reps and sets,” Arent says. That’s why he suggests completing 6 to 12 reps per set. That range works incredibly well but don’t get too hung up on it. Your end goal is overloading your muscles.

    There’s been research that shows higher rep ranges (30 reps for a set, for example) can give you hypertrophy effects, you just need to take it to momentary muscular failure. “The one caveat is that workout will take you three times as long as set where you only do 10 reps—and researchers have never shown larger reps to be better; at best, they’re just as good as heavy weight and lighter reps,” Arent explains. Ideally, it’s best to switch your reps and sets up.

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    Per Bernal

    Periodize Your Training

    Periodization is a fancy term for any plan that allows you to make long-term gains while side-stepping plateaus and injuries along the way. “When I work with athletes who are trying to build size, I tell them you can’t do the same thing all the time,” Arent says. But the same goes for any guy—amateur and professional alike. 

    “For most non-athletes, you’ll have periods of time where you go a little heavier, maybe seven reps for compound exercises, and other times where you lighten it up a little bit, getting more of a pump in the 10- to 12-rep range,” he says. This isn’t slacking off. It’s strategic. Don’t look for the perfect program. Change your exercises frequently, do more/less reps and sets, and reduce rest between sets so you’re constantly providing an obstacle and room for growth.  

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    Kinzie Riehm / Getty

    Schedule Unloading Weeks

    Every 7th or 8th week of training, take a week off to rebound and rest. Unloading weeks relieve stress from your joints, promote overall recovery, and when you come back to the gym, you’re even better than before. No days off is an ego thing, not a sign of power or peak fitness. 

    “If you’re training high-intensity and high-volume constantly, over time it adds up—even just as a mental stress standpoint,” Arent explains. “In athletic literature, we know those rebounding weeks are essential for peak performance, too: Think of lifters and how they prepare for a contest; they taper to get ready for maximal effort,” he says. And you don’t have to take the whole week off. You can unload and use about 50 percent of the weight you were lifting the week before, and keep your reps and sets the same. This will maintain what you’ve built. Arent also suggests mixing in some other activities that aren’t geared toward the weight room as a refresher. Or, cut your workout days in half, or hit the gym two days instead of 4 to 5.  

    7 of 10

    Thomas Barwick / Getty

    Perform Push-Pull Programs

    By switching to a classic push-pull split, you’re going to seriously simplify your training and see better, quicker gains—especially when it comes to bulking your upper body. Here’s why it works:

    “In between those lifts, you give your antagonist muscle groups recovery time,” Arent says. “When you go from bench press to deadlift, then back to an inclined press or shoulder press, you’ve given those pushing muscles 3 to 5 sets (in which you were deadlifting) time to recover neuro-muscularly so you can handle heavier weight. ” It’s a good fundamental routine that Arent recommends for the majority of lifters. 

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    Chris Nicoll

    Pass on the Pro-Bodybuilder Programs

    Most guys look at a program they see a pro bodybuilder using and think it’s their magic bullet to growing bigger and thicker in the shortest amount of time. Here’s the problem (actually, there are multiple problems) with that logic: “Pro bodybuilders split their body up to seven different ways, they train every day, they probably have a genetic advantage over you, as well as a chemical advantage over you,” Arent says. It’s not feasible for the everyday lifter to uphold these conditions.

    Simplicity is your best bet here. Hypertrophy is your end-all, be-all goal. Stick to that.

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    Jasmin Awad / EyeEm / Getty

    Get Sufficient Protein, But Don’t Overeat

    “Slow, chronic progress where you’re building lean mass without feeling the need to bulk and eat until you can’t any more is the way to go,” Arent says.  He recommends aiming for at least 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight. “There are studies that have shown that even slightly more than that can positively impact lean mass, particularly while trying to lose body fat,” he explains. Also, aim to eat 20 to 40 grams of protein before bed, and don’t be afraid of carbohydrates. “They’re not as evil as everyone wants you to believe,” Arent says. “In fact, carbs help spare protein. You need to fuel the machine!”

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    10 of 10

    Chad Baker/Jason Reed/Ryan McVay / Getty

    Get Some Sleep!

    “If you don’t sleep, you don’t grow,” Arent stresses. Nighttime is when all the recovery takes place; it’s when growth hormone is at its peak, and when cortisol starts to get suppressed.”  

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    How to become fat in a week. How to be a little less fat. How to quickly get fat at home

    One of the articles that I read in my time, maybe someone will come in handy.

    Model parameters for modern girls often become not just a goal, but a painful dream. Girls, in pursuit of ideals, not only lose extra pounds, but also often bring themselves to exhaustion, which is extremely dangerous for health.

    Or thinness accompanies you all your life, and the goal becomes completely different - to gain weight faster.

    This problem is also relevant for the male half, especially for teenagers who strive to look impressive, but the constitution of the body does not contain the parameters of Hercules or Apollo. So how do you put on weight in a week?

    If you are gaining mass quickly through cakes, chips and fatty foods, the result of such a diet may be more likely to be diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system. That is why we recommend starting with the observance of elementary rules.

    Diet and diet. To effectively get better in a week, you need to eat about 3-4 times a day. Moreover, each meal should be thought out so that the daily volume of your food contains all the elements necessary for the body. Remember an interesting and important rule: in order to gain weight, you should change the order of taking dishes, that is, start not from the first (soups), but from the second. Moreover, the first courses should be cooked in fatty broth.

    Large portions. Surprisingly, a serving of food for someone who wants to quickly increase body weight should be large. Breakfast must be solid. For example, a sandwich with cheese or sausage, porridge with butter, boiled in milk. You have to teach the body to eat more, but portions should be increased gradually!

    Snacks. Between main meals (3-4 times a day), try to eat something else. You can choose sweet fruits, nuts and dried fruits or muesli with yogurt for these purposes.

    Drinks. If you feel thirsty, replace sugary carbonated drinks with regular milk, and in general, you should get used to the fact that sour-milk products are now the basis of your diet. Also appropriate are balanced cocktails that can be found in online stores, they contain the whole complex of vitamins, protein and fiber.

    Sport. Regular nutritious meals are great, but they need to be combined with exercise. Moreover, for those who decide to gain muscle mass, not aerobic, but power load will be relevant. For specific exercises and recommendations for classes, it is better to contact the trainer.

    Refusal of bad habits. The key to successful weight gain is a good metabolism, and nothing interferes with it like nicotine and alcohol. Give up bad habits, and then the metabolism will return to normal.

    Stress away. If you are determined to gain weight in a week, you need to actively get rid of all sorts of experiences and stresses, because they burn calories. Moreover, excessive emotionality prevents not only rapid weight gain. That is why, in order to achieve the desired weight, it is worth starting with harmony within yourself. The first step on the way to this is a full-fledged healthy sleep!

    What foods should you "make friends" with to gain weight?

    Let's repeat: in order to gain a couple of kilograms of weight in a week, you do not need to stuff yourself with fatty pork - replace it with beef, chicken or turkey. Increase your intake of mushrooms and legumes. Load up on cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, and milk, but don't forget fruits and vegetables. To keep the water-salt balance normal, drink plenty of water. To figure out how much liquid you need, multiply your weight by 30 ml.

    Not everyone dreams of losing weight, there are those who would like to put on weight. That's just often an increase in the amount of food consumed does not lead to positive results. But there are ways by which you can increase your body weight. Learn how to get fatter below.

    How to gain weight?

    To get fat, the first thing to do is to pay attention to your diet. This does not mean that you should only eat fast food and wash it down with soda. The body must receive the necessary vitamins, otherwise health will be greatly shaken.

    What should you eat to gain weight?

    To gain weight, your diet should consist of foods that are rich in proteins. Fat should also be present, but there is no need to eat only fat. In this case, it is recommended to include fat sour cream in your diet, a rustic product would be an ideal option. So you can enrich your body with proteins and fats without harm to it.

    Boldly pounce on flour products. You can pamper yourself daily with buns, cakes, cookies, gingerbread. It is best to eat them with tea, compote or fruit drink.

    Pay attention to fig. It is considered a high-calorie product, provided that it is prepared with milk or meat broth. Make pilaf: it can be called an ideal dish, because it contains everything you need for health.

    Do not forget about butter, it is perfectly absorbed by the body and has a rich complex of vitamins and nutrients.

    In addition, it is recommended to drink 3 glasses of milk daily, but only it should be whole. In this case, you can not only gain weight, but also replenish the body with microelements. Do not like milk - cook porridge on it, and the dishes will become even healthier.

    Do not forget about fruits, but you need to eat the so-called "heavy" fruits. These include the following:

    • melons;
    • mango;
    • bananas;
    • apricots;
    • persimmon.

    Meat is a must in your diet. It is allowed to eat beef, pork, lamb. These varieties are high in protein and high in calories.

    Don't forget about vegetables. If you need to become fatter, then the diet should contain:

    • potatoes;
    • carrots;
    • beets;
    • marrows;
    • patissons;
    • pumpkin.

    It's best to cook them in pots so they're easy to digest and the nutrients don't evaporate.

    A bit of exercise

    If you decide to gain weight, this does not mean that you have to forget about exercise. After all, often fat accumulates in those places where it is not needed. It is important to work through them. Download the press, run, do push-ups, jump rope. So your body will be flexible and healthy.

    For those who want to put on fat:
    There are many people with different reasons to get fat: Some want to do it because they are too thin, some want to build up, but those people who want to get fat are closest to me intentionally, and that, I mean, is perfectly normal. Yes, there are even people who, according to others, want to spoil the figure, etc., but no! It's one thing to get fat up to 120, 130 kg .. - yes, this is already too much, and another thing is to add a little fat mass. The last kind of people who, according to inexplicable facts, look at themselves in the mirror and think that they are somehow ugly, because they are too thin, lethargic, although in fact, at a standard weight. He decides to get fat, he does this because if for many people pumping up the press means being a man and girls like him (for example), then such people believe that a man should look big and wide in order to show the girls how harsh he is. And indeed, some girls find a plump and smooth tummy, an inverted navel, to be sexy, and, you see, there is something to touch at least! I'm not hinting at any sexual perversion, it's just nature, which is so arranged that something plump is considered pretty)) . Now let's get down to the instructions: It is not necessary to eat at McDonald's and ruin your health there in order to gain body weight. Perhaps you saw on the Internet a weight loss technique “removing just one product from the diet”, and you rightly thought: this product is meat. Ordinary fatty meat, which is the key object in fattening. After all, no matter how much you eat sweet and fatty, it will be impossible to grow fat without the main building meat component of our body. So even if you drink liters of fat in its natural form in the hope of growing it, then this business will be meaningless, all this will not be postponed, but only immediately come out by any means. Therefore, before eating high-calorie foods, first eat good fatty meat or lard and the stomach will add fat on its own. Now it remains only to wait long and hard until the body acquires the desired shape, which will be comfortable for you and attract some of the opposite sex.

    2 step

    For those who want to lose excess fat:
    If you have become too fat and want to bring yourself back to normal, then, unlike the first step, you will have to become a vegetarian, that is, give up meat! Have you noticed that vegetarians are always thin? And this is a fact, since they refuse the main building material, and their weight does not increase. And you do the same: you should not deny yourself at least sometimes the pleasure of eating a delicious pie, naturally after making sure that it is without meat. But I also do not recommend that you lose weight too much, since it is still desirable to leave a little fat, you will definitely need it, so once you have passed the limit I have described in tips and warnings, you can confidently say that you have lost enough weight. And most importantly - if you are going to lose weight, then never fall for advertising of any super calorie-burning pills! It's all chemistry for extra money extortion. There is no better way to take care of yourself wisely and remove the signs of severe fat and fatness on your own, and not immediately go under the knife as soon as excess deposits have formed! Believe that putting aside any necessary thing, even fat, never hurts. Moreover, it is quite important for life. Otherwise, why, do you think, would the body put the whole thing into the subcutaneous space? So to speak, and for stocks, the benefit and the body decorates! Therefore, you should not believe everyone in a row that the body should be perfect and without fat stores! - There is still nothing perfect in the world, besides, what is natural is not ugly, as they say, so do what is more convenient for you, and not for others.

    3 step

    Also for both cases, I advise you to pay attention to the picture of the first step. There are indicated the types of obesity of the body of a woman and a man. They differ in that in a woman the body becomes fatter in the hips and the navel is retracted from the sides like a pear, while in men fat is deposited on the abdomen and sides and the navel is retracted mainly from above and below. The most interesting thing is that the psyche of people is arranged in such a way that men like the female type of obesity more, and women like the male type. It's just that many people convince themselves to consider it unattractive, but nature takes its toll!
    And finally, useful from the obesity procedure (Exactly within the limits that are described below in tips and warnings):
    - You will be more difficult to lead astray and it will be more convenient for you to push others!
    - You can walk a long distance without food, of course, under conditions of good water supply!
    - In public transport, it will be easier for you to stay still when you are standing!
    - You can take heavier bags and carry them with less effort to your home or wherever you need to go. .!
    - It will not be easy to blow you away with the wind, unlike others!
    - You will be much softer to sit, lie down and generally more comfortable to live, as if inside a pillow!
    - Swimming, for example, in a pool, you will be able to stay afloat better, and even if you don’t know how to swim, you still won’t drown, since fat tends to float to the surface!
    - And probably the most important thing, especially in the conditions of Russian frosts, you will be able to keep heat in your body longer than others and produce more of it!
    - Well, most likely you will become more resilient to everyday stress and get sick less! But this is important!
    And the only downside, perhaps, is the fact that in summer you will be constantly hot and you will often have to undress. At first, you will probably be embarrassed to show your “chubby belly”, but after a while you will understand that this embarrassment is caused by people who despise such bellies, so there is a reason to gloat over them! After all, fat is power!

    And in the end, I hope you understand me, and it remains only to wish you not to be embarrassed to take off your shirt on the beach or somewhere else, even if you have a plump belly that you like, but you think that others people will laugh at you because of it, because there really is nothing to be ashamed of, and people who consider it “wrong” are simply jealous of you. Happiness to you and health.

    • Recommended for men to have a weight in the region of 80-95 kg. (no more than 95, if you already weigh 95, then it’s better to stop obesity, since a limit of more than 100 kg will make you move more slowly and get tired faster), for an average man, 85-87 kg is the golden mean, where you don’t seem to be thin and not fat, which is the best!
    • For women, the optimal weight is likely to be in the region of 65-80 kg. (correct me if I'm wrong) and the golden mean is 72-75 kg.
    • For children from 6 years old, slight obesity is allowed within acceptable limits, and the weight of the average teenager should not exceed 80 kg. endure classes at school and get sick less often, and you don’t have to worry that in winter it will freeze so easily!

    Thinness depresses and leads to the appearance of various complexes. From an aesthetic point of view, a person with protruding bones does not look very attractive. Therefore, people suffering from underweight, trying in every possible way to increase their weight. To do this, they use special nutrition techniques that allow you to build up subcutaneous fat and some other methods that contribute to weight gain in.

    Nutrition to gain weight

    Proper nutrition for those who want to gain weight has its own characteristics. High-calorie food increases the amount of adipose tissue in the body, not muscle. Therefore, you should not run to the supermarket for products with high energy value. Gaining weight is necessary by increasing muscle mass, not fat layers.

    The diet should consist of vegetables, grains, legumes, fruits, dairy products and, of course, lean meats. You should eat approximately every 3 hours, without skipping a single meal. There should be at least three snacks throughout the day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be at the same time every day.

    Eliminate tea and coffee without sugar from the diet, and use natural juices and dairy products instead of these zero-calorie products. Replace low-calorie meals with more high-calorie ones should be gradually choosing the most nutritious: carrots and celery can be replaced with potatoes, beans or cereals, apples and oranges with cranberries or bananas.

    The daily menu should be varied. To gain weight will help foods containing a lot of starch - cereals, bread, potatoes, as well as foods rich in protein - eggs, meat, fish, beans, cottage cheese.

    To enhance the effect of proper nutrition, some simple recommendations will help, following which will bring a lot of pleasure. You need to sleep more, because it is during sleep that the hormone responsible for increasing muscle mass is produced. Deep and prolonged sleep contributes to weight gain in.

    Do not eat in front of the TV. This disrupts the proper process of digestion. You should give up smoking, alcohol and strong coffee, as they excite the nervous system, but slow down the metabolism. Walking in the fresh air and playing sports will evenly distribute the gained kilograms.

    How to be a little less fat

    Well, well, well, what do we have here? Aha! The same material that Timur promised to roll out last week, but never did. But better late than never, and therefore I nevertheless plucked up the courage and wrote the text that many of our listeners and readers have been asking for a long time.

    Breakfast will make you an athlete (well, not really).

    No miracles, nothing supernatural. Everything is very banal and simple. But it was these tips and actions that helped me at one time lose weight from 100 kilograms to 80, and also keep myself in a more or less satisfactory shape for the last year and a half. I don't claim to be an expert. I myself would never write such a thing in my life, but I was actually asked by several dozen people to do this, so I had to sit down and squeeze this text out of myself.

    ATTENTION! If you are an expert bodybuilder, you know better how to lose weight, how to get in shape, how to become an athlete, how to fly into space - I am very happy for you! Please do not bombard me with your opinion on this text, advice and other very important information through every possible channel. You liked the text, it helped - ok. Didn’t like it, you think that you understand the topic better - ok. But just keep your opinion to yourself. I hope we understand each other, dear readers. Let's get started.


    A couple of years ago, I thought that in order to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle in general, you need to go on a strict diet. And the threshold for entering this same “healthy lifestyle” has always seemed to me very high, demanding and difficult. And only after a detailed conversation over a glass of beer with Andrey Baryshnikov (host of BeardyCast) did I realize how much I was wrong. He gave me some basic principles for changing your diet, which can be very easy to fit into your life, and will also help you quickly get your metabolism in order.

    First thing to remember: DO NOT STARVE . That is, every time you force the body to feel hungry, it begins to rebuild in the following way: “yeah, they don’t give me food, so I need to start storing useful substances, otherwise I’ll suddenly continue to starve, I need to eat something” . And he stores these substances naturally in fat. What does this mean? You have to eat AT LEAST three times a day. It is desirable 4-5 times, but 3 is the necessary minimum.

    Actually, diet. You can get very confused, calculate the glycemic index for yourself, calculate the required daily allowance of carbohydrates, calories, then make a diet for yourself for a week, including the required mass of each product and the size of each serving. But for me it turned out to be difficult (very complicated aaaaaa), so I went on a simple path, which eventually helped me.

    The captain clearly reports: all food can be divided into basic components, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats. All of them are required by the body for full functioning. But at the same time, all these components are of different types and are perceived and used by the body in different ways. So, you need to consume certain proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

    Simple truths from Andrey Baryshnikov:

    • Protein is a building material for muscle tissue and organs.
    • Carbohydrates - energy to support the life support and supply of food to the muscles, their construction.
    • Fats are a store of energy.

    Proteins should be consumed both from plant and animal sources.
    Carbohydrates should be consumed mainly complex.
    Fat - not saturated.

    Again a simple truth from Andrey:
    “The key parameter is the type of carbohydrates consumed and their amount. Simple carbohydrates are absorbed by the body quickly and give a concentrated release of energy that the body has nowhere to spend. Nowhere to spend - goes to the reserve. Complex carbohydrates are decomposed into components for a long time, nourish the body for a long time.

    So, what can you eat and what should you build your diet on, especially during an intense weight loss period?

    Complex carbohydrates:

    • Cereals (buckwheat, brown rice, oatmeal, couscous)
    • Durum wheat pasta (rarely)
    • Bread made from durum wheat (with a minimum amount of carbohydrates - up to 40 g per 100 g is better)
    • Broccoli (can be boiled, stewed)
    • Cauliflower (can be boiled, stewed)
    • Carrot (can be boiled, stewed, fried)
    • Cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes
    • Avocado
    • Uncooked sweet peppers


    • Beef (roast or stew)
    • Turkey (can be boiled or fried - deodorized sunflower oil or olive oil)
    • Chicken breast (can be fried)
    • Fish (boiled or lightly fried)
    • Legumes / legumes (beans, peas, beans - can be boiled or stewed)
    • Eggs (preferably not very often - scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs)


    • Dairy products (milk up to 1. 5%, granular cottage cheese, yoghurts WITHOUT FILLING, kefir)
    • Hard cheeses (preferably over 50% hard, can be fried occasionally)

    Simple carbohydrates (moderate and rare):

    • Kiwi
    • Strawberry
    • Oranges
    • Grapefruits
    • Pamela
    • Berries

    I can say that in the end, I quite normally rearranged my diet in such a way that it does not burden me in any way. I learned how to cook deliciously turkey, beef, vegetables, pasta and so on. If you cook from more or less high-quality products, do it the way you like it, then in the end it will turn out tasty and healthy. Many things are easy to do in advance, for example, fry a bunch of turkeys at a time (0.5-0.8 kg), which is enough for the next week, just reheat in a pan with different side dishes every other day.

    In the morning you can eat porridge or scrambled eggs with cottage cheese + yogurt + a drop of jam (it turns out delicious). Portions are small. By the way, try not to buy quick-cooked cereals that are cooked in 1-2 minutes, but normal ones that need to be cooked for several minutes - more useful substances remain in them during processing. For example, I cook half a cup of oatmeal with a glass of milk. I bring the milk to a boil, then reduce the heat to half and cook the porridge there, stirring for about 5 minutes. Then you can also add a little jam to the porridge (a quarter of a teaspoon).

    For lunch, you can safely eat some business lunch or home-cooked dishes: soup (not cream and not borscht, but mostly broths) + beef, turkey, fish, chicken and side dishes (rice, buckwheat, grilled vegetables , salad).

    In the evening you can eat meat + side dish again.

    If you can still chew between lunch and dinner, you can safely eat something from dairy products or vegetables / fruits.

    And now let's move on to a difficult topic. What should be excluded from your diet and consumed very rarely. Most important - SUGAR . You will have to learn to drink tea and coffee without it. It is extremely difficult if you have been drinking hot drinks all your life in the way that I did for 28 years. It will take about two weeks to completely rebuild your receptors and get rid of addiction. But then tea even with a half spoon of sugar will seem insanely sweet.

    In addition, you will have to almost completely give up confectionery, sweets, pastries, pies and other delicious things that you have always liked so much. At least for the first one or two months of the intensive period. It is very difficult, but your body will quickly rebuild and become easier - you can easily refuse any sweets later.

    What should be almost completely eliminated from your diet:

    • Sugar in drinks (tea, coffee)
    • Carbonated drinks (Cola, Sprite, Fanta, etc.)
    • Chips, popcorn
    • Sweet pastries and white bread
    • Packaged juices (very rare)
    • Sausages, sausages, cuts
    • Prepared foods (dumplings, meatballs, pancakes, hot meals and noodles)
    • Potato
    • Pizza / Ossetian pies
    • Sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, 1000 islands and similar, MAY sometimes pesto and other sauces based on olive oil)
    • Bananas, pineapples and other high-fiber fruits

    Sometimes you can indulge yourself once a week and eat something from the forbidden list. But not all at once. For example, I eat burgers once a week - I have one of the best burgers in Moscow right next to my work, I go there once a week for lunch.

    Drink as little alcohol as possible, but if you are an alcoholic like me, then you should switch to the following drinks: dark beer (light is better not to drink, especially unfiltered), as well as white and red wine. Strong drinks, if you drink, then only in their pure form. Most cocktails should be forgotten, especially those that include cola, juices and other sugary drinks. From cocktails, it’s better to drink all sorts of “Manhattan” and gin and tonic (this one also allows, if you have already decently cleaned up before that - a proven remedy).


    So, we have dealt with food. Now the second main thing is sports. If you are the same lazy ass as I am, then it will be difficult for you to go to the gym. In order to be not very fat, I have compiled a set of exercises that keeps me more or less in shape. No, it won't help you build bitsuhi. No, you won't be running 10K marathons. No, you will not reap a hundred. But you will at least not be fat and flabby, and thanks for that.

    My complex consists essentially of three interchangeable parts that I do according to my mood / strength at home every morning. The only two things you will need are a smartphone and dumbbells (I have two 4-pound ones, if yours is heavier, you will have to do a little less sets in the beginning).

    First block - exercises with dumbbells

    • 30 sets of the first type (first 15, then 15 more, interspersed with other exercises)
    • 30 sets of the second type (first 15, then 15 more)
    • 15 sets of the third type
    • 15 sets of the fourth type

    Let me explain: the first and second exercises are made easier, because it is generally easy to do them 30 times (alternating with others), later you can do 40-50. But the third and fourth exercises are already a little more difficult, the muscles of the arms, back, and neck quickly get tired of them. There are a bunch of other exercises, you can look on the Internet. But these four have already become a daily routine for me personally - it takes about 5-10 minutes.

    Second block - press
    I just advise you to use the awesome Runtastic Six Pack app. It has a very cool program of exercises for the press, their order, as well as tracking your progress. If you have an Apple TV, it will be even better, since the application broadcasts a virtual trainer on the TV, it will be even easier to follow him and keep the right rhythm. The whole block will take you about 7-10 minutes.

    Third block - squats + push-ups
    Here I also just recommend two great apps - Runtastic Push-Ups PRO and Runtastic Squats PRO. There, progress is monitored in the same way, the load increases, and it also perfectly motivates you to do it every day. The whole block takes about 5-10 minutes.

    Fourth block - running / cycling
    If you have extra time in the morning, go for a run or bike ride for half an hour. Mostly I don't have that kind of time, so I'm doing a very stupid thing, just don't laugh. I set a timer for 5-10 minutes in front of me, turn on the music and just run in place. I was advised to do so by a friend. At first it seemed like a very idiotic idea, but as it turned out, it helps a lot. This is not a full-fledged run, it involves fewer muscle groups, but it still gives a good load. As with regular running, remember to breathe evenly even when you get tired after 5-7 minutes.

    I try to do the first and second blocks almost every day, and I alternate between the third and fourth blocks, depending on my mood, availability of strength and the degree of the day's growth.


    Once again, dear readers, I am not an expert. Just described a technique that helps me stay in shape, drinking tons of beer and leading a not the most healthy lifestyle. And just because a lot of people asked me to write it.

    By changing your diet and exercising 30-40 minutes in the morning, you can at least not be very fat and stay more or less in shape.

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